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Volunteer's Voice, Jan 84 Carnegie Centre (Vancouver, B.C.) Jan 31, 1984

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~e~I<. VOICE VOL-IJtvTe-C(s J""cr.--fY < ' C) --... r\ 0\ I 1>hnrf errs Doic.e ' <: ; 1HAPPY EW YE.AR HI l 1981 , io EVE.RYON£ ~ () en VDI ANk 12 turkeys tender, 11 pans a - scrubbing, 10 music ·makers, 9 presents wrapping, 8 tables setting 7 plates a - washing, 6 chairs a - stacking 5 all around hands-4 runners running, 3 giving advice, 2 peace keepers, and a whole bunch of wonderful volunteers " ,--.' Made Christmas a happy one for the center-many thanks to you all, ou Barbara and the whole gang (otherwise known as the staff) JIO/\ •• 0/C,{5 VO LU·Nr VIEWPOINT This is a new column for the New Year. It is open to any volunteer at Carnegie. It is called Viewpoint , a column that gives the volunteer space to talk about what they feel about Carnegie, good or bad. Thi s column represents the voice and view of the volu nteer and will have nothing to do with the Volunteer Committee, the Carnegie Association or the Board of Carnegie. Carnegie must offer valuable services to the volunteer-- training, recognition, promotions and in return the volunteer must off er cer tain valua ble services to Carnegie, including relia ble and responsible job perfo rmances, like the willingn ess to work with others. Volunteers can be lumped into three distinct groups: 1. A small group of people who make things happen. 2. A somewhat larger group who watch th ing s happen. 3. An overwhelming majorit y of the people who don't have the slightest idea what i s happening. Whatever group people find themselves in, it is time to di sc uss ways for change in 1984. Any discussion for change, any opinions of volunteers that they wish to express - - this is the place to do it on paper, in your paper. Give us your VIEWPOINT. This is the Volunteer Voice and this column is yours -- express yourself. Ron Sostad, Editor VOLUNTEE,1€ voice VD l,...UI\ Volunteer of the Month Harold Johnson:-After ten months of volunteering at Carnegie, Harold Johnson, from Hay River Northwest Territories is one of our volunteers of the month. Harold stated in an interview that he has his grade 13, Masters of Applied Science and a Phd. in Forestry and Engineering. His hobbies include photography and he is a member of five pipe bands, a long distance runner and he is involved in the Theatre Guild and serves on its board. He is also involved with ·the Carnegie Crescent with the layout procedure and photography. He is also on the executive of the Volunteer Committee serving as secretary. Harold Kearney:-Harold works in the kitchen and does various other jobs around the centre. Harold works in the kitchen as a cook, sells coffee and does general duties around the centre. Born in Taeo, Nova Scotia, he has been involved in logging and worked on the oil rigs in the north. The Way Jeff Marshall I slowly eased the 65 pounds of the backpacking kit r from my shoulders and leaned it against the store front. Two 1 inch gold lettering proclaimed it to be Harrisson's General ·store, where the first of todays business had to be taken care of. I sat with my back against the pack, so while enjoying a smoke I could observe this small rural backwater come to life . . The half a dozen store fronts and less than that nl.Ullber of people were about. Mentally I went over a list of camping supplies I will need restocked for my continual journey towards the way. While my thoughts drifted back to the one question, that for the past year~ has racked my brain. How do I find the way. The ever elusive way. It has to be there someplace, but where? The nl.Ilnberl, 15, -(' r C r s:: 40, 80, 89, 90, 101 are all highways, but leading to what. Zig - Zagging · across the country, east and west; North and South, going nowhere. Here is~ -there and there is here. Only the names change. I made another smoke and while lightinJ up heard the approaching foot - falls. Before looking up I glanced at my watch. 7 o'clock on the nose. I felt safe in assl.Ulling that t he approaching person was either Harrisson, or one of his employees. I wasn't disappointed. Coming 1my way was a slightly stooped, gray haired man. Who while fuMbling with a ring of keys, would have fit either here or there, are anywhere for that matter. Only the names change. drifted my way. I' 11 be I come to my feet, hoisted the pack onto one shoulder and towards the door. "Good morning young fella" said the storekeeper glancing "Come on in. Give me two shakes to get things going and right with you." I nodded and followed him into the store. -r (1 ~ Forty (40) minutes later, finding myself standing outside ~ :he store, full y reprovisioned, I adjust ed my pa<;::k so it rode comfortably , r md set out to continue my journey. To find the way. The ever elusive C ray. Where, oh where could it have gone. It isn't here, nor was it here. Perhaps it will never be found. Have we looked everywhere? The Way ( he way to live. The way to fight. The way to die. The way. Perhaps it nly lives in a dark corner of our mind, waiting, yes waiting t o see -aylight. :;-_,~~:ar--,J'~~,...-:;-r-;::--~~~-,~,~~ ~- /\ ,10,A 00 VD LUNTeeR. VO/Ce VOLUNTEt. PREFIX It never seems to fail, it may come at a time when things are going good around the house; or it may happen at a time when things are a true mess. You send your husband or boyfriend off to work for the day and he comes home with joyous news he's received a raise in his place of employment, however before he can receive that new raise he must relocate somewhere around the city or to another province, or even another country. If the current home situation is a good one then your problems are not too many, however if things are a real mess then you really have problems in your move. Please don't hit the panic button, just take a short deep breath, and we'll get you and your belongings through this move with as much ease as possible without making it to difficult to understand. I have personally moved three times within the past year, and every time I move it comes at such a time, I thought that things would trully arrive all smashed and broken, and then I would be looking at the cost to have to repair everything that I broke, however things didn't turn out that bad and I arrived with things in tact, along with my nerves in place, so things during the move went just fine. I hope that by reading and getting use to the fact that "yes" you will know what to do, to do it in an organized manner, along with the transportation of all your legal documents. Banking is another aspect that we will be looking out for, as in every move that I have made the bank either misplaced my accounts and monies, or just forgot that I have left their fine city. Moving is not the most joyous of occassions, however it may be done with unneeded worry to the busy schedule. You don't have to, and hopefully with the publication of this material you won't have to. L • VO'--UAJTE~R Coming Event::;: Films: Shorty Films - Friday 2:30 - 4 p.m. Feature Film - Friday p.m. In the Theatre Saturday Night Films: Saturday evenings 2nd floor Volunteer Dinners Volunteers Fundraising Dinner: Sunday. All Din.~ers at: 5:30 p.m. FOR: $2.50. Volunteer Cookie Sale: Tuesdays Volunteer Committee Meeting Jan. 8th at 7: 30 p.m. VOICG 7 p.m. SO"m.e..T"ime~ I th,nK._ I hP..ve.. t-o tv\oV€.- Too ')y\uc.,h R 0 ffi ffi g ~IO/\ /\ 3JIOA ~ J .... ~ > I -J ""' ) .. s J ) VDIC E VO LUN My Life My floor it is the ground I tred My roof it is the sky My thoughts are those of pain and grief And happy days goneby. My heart is set on distant hills Where grass lies thick and green If barren wastes and unfilled land That men never see My hopes are that in years to come I'll be a better man To tear apart this bitter world And build it back by hand. The dreams I dream are those of days When pain and grief will cease And the .world will thrive and cherish all And live its life in peace. Harold Johnson r ·rvnto Volunteer Meetings I want to make a motion rodget the Motion underway Bnf get on with the meeting e ore we get too far astray. Oh, how long will this mess o Before the motion's past g on, Yes, how long will the fight How long will they last. go on. Before my next meeting I know I will be seeking A well deserved vacation Maybe some relaxation. jhe meeting has turned into a joke ust because of the wa Speak your m· d Y you spoke Even thouah ~nth'.skay_what_you think 0 in it stinks. n,01 VO L--Communication Workshop: A v ~lunteer workshop was held Dec. 11th at 10:CG A.M. in the theatre our facilitator was ~oy Crowe of the Volunteer Bureau. The topic was communication and anger. We discussed non - verbal communication (using eyes and hand signals), verbal communication (the effect of words on us), and positive a~d negative ways to relate to each other. Our last topic was rumours and how to s top the spread of them. The workshop went unt i l 4:00. There was a delicious lunch provided by the volunteer committee and prepared by Harold Johnson. According to a small questionaire given to the volunteers many f e l t the workshop was excellent and that a lot was accomplished. (Not ~o mention what a good time we had!) We came up with two major rules for better communication: 1. Before you react - thint! 2. Check out what someone is saying! Don't assume you always understand. Submitted by Nancy Sweedler, Volunteer Co - Ordinator . I/ At the Vollenteer Workshop I observed agreat deal of active willingness to partisipate and understand; this could be th~ start ... of ... making the Carnegie Family a more loving clan. A Facilitator, alows us all to take the fiirst; together! It's like pengwins, the first bird to jump into the water does'nt know how in advance if there is an orca or a sealepord waitting; so someone is bumped, if it don't krok - em," the last one in is a dirty shirt"" In closing let me say it was agood workshop except for that mouthy vice chair. Signed that mouthy vice chair. ~10/\ I 0 o,ce OLUrJ1 My Gift You know if it was possible, I would Give you anything in this world. Riches to please you and Jewels to dazzle you. Yachts and cars for your adventurous spirit. And books for your intellectual side, But those opals I cannot reach. All I can give you is Laughter to b~ing you happiness, Tears when sadness overcomes you, Anger when the torments of life upset you, And comfort when your spirits are low. But most of all I want to give you my love, 1 And this gift to You will last forever and ever. i. Harold Johnson. ON R~TH ) ) The UBC Library and UBC Learning Exchange would like to thank the following participant for his contributions to digitizing this community-generated document: Graham Cunningham This community-generated work was digitized and deposited to cIRcle, UBC's open access digital repository, as part of the Digitizing Community Memories project of the Making Research Accessible in the Downtown Eastside initiative (MRAi). In collaboration with the UBC Learning Exchange and UBC Library, the project provided training and support for community members in the Downtown Eastside to digitize and make openly available community-generated materials.  This project aimed to increase access to historic Carnegie Centre publications and preserve these unique materials for years to come.  For more information on this project and the UBC Learning Exchange, please visit learningexchange.ubc.ca  October 25, 2017 


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