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Volunteer's Voice, Aug 84 Carnegie Centre (Vancouver, B.C.) Aug 31, 1984

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To soar beyond self-imposed bonds again To live without pain To be free and alive again Not repressed and half-dead . To let myself go without dread. How can this be done Under our "fair" sun To differ is thought wrong But how can conformity be right? Ruth Hunt j"l;t ~·-. ---.. 3llOA•}J331Nn10/\ ......... .......... VOLUNTEER•VOICE GREETINGS TO ALL OF YOU!! I'm back again after a nice month's holiday and it's really good to see all of you. It seems that it's been a pretty quiet month (quiet for Carnegie that is). With all that beautiful weather - a fine time to be involved with outside activities and yes that bus strike!/!%?*?*. But one thirtg for sure Carnegie carries on! The August Volunteer Meeting was full of new ideas. A representative from a Board committee will come to every Volunteer Meeting to inform us of the Committee's\ ac,tfvities (next month Sam Stuart will talk about the Personel'.l 'and Program Committees), there's plans in the works for a possible camping trip in October, a car wash fundraising is planned for the 25th of August coordinated by Cliff and lots and lots of other activities and ideas were hashed about. The minutes of the meeting are always available and posted on the Second Floor. Nancy Sweedler August 13, 1984 Well I guess somebody has to welcome back your coordinator. So all I can say is welcome back Nancy Sweedler and it's nice to see your smiling face again. At least now we can argue with somebody again. That's the part I missed at the last Volunteer supper. I'm looking forward ·to preparing this next supper. Don Batemart The opinions expressed in the Volunteer Voice are those of the writers and not the Association. ])oNo7 #~c:t.lii"~f'"'4i~ lo .rh~AJ~ r~, fo-r-..1~ ~ JAtR.if1C.es ~7'/~A11iv&, K ~olf,,. < ~ "~~ ,.~.fufr-1 t,J~fk:r'-J 1. ; ~~~tt4&Jt:-k---t,/f-i ,ffvlrJ. 5 ~ ~ 0 . ~ > Dear Volunteers: ~ I am a volunteer from Canada, Carnegie Center. I am a n Chinese man. I work 1 cooking Chinese food for all J/ s i M volunteers and all friends This will tell us a great F,.. • . • .-4({ o~ deal about ourselves. Thank you Nancy S. for your n • help with my coo _king. . . Kung Shun Lau 2;;; q J.. _ ~~g ~ 3JI.OA•}J33lNn10A ~ ,~--..- VOLUNTEER•VOICE PRETE~D TH6tf»E AA.a _ Fo~ Rl'AL I !I!! ff:I' Pretenders Hanging On ! As we went to press, the vastly improved Carnegie Pretenders were in a precarious position in the DESL pennant race. This week the Pretenders lost two · nail biters 11-8 to the Warriors and 12-8 to the hard-hitting Co-Op Radio entry. m The twin defeats left our club in thirteenth spot with a 5-13 record. Since only 12 teams make the playoffs, the future appears pretty grim for the blue and white. Don Wilson (lb), Cliff Coombs (cf) and Tony . Seaver have all contributed timely hits but the double loss of Jim Maloney due to injury and Christine, made the pennant ladder too tough to climb. Center Fielder Harold Johnson's steady improvement has been noticed by league coaches . "Spiderman" picked up a number of votes as the league's most improved player (male). Sam No Menu piru,,reo are. put out) Still Of'J . E 'lf;ry S ",.J,.j ~ Time.,= 5ap.in. Price. ="~.50 rr fetflf>R, --ComMe.nt:-Verj Se-r-umptiouf>., \/erj G-oeJ ---r-ummy-Y""'. Just to let you know the next Volunteer Dinnner is August 21st at 5:00 in the Theatre. Please attend!! September is coming, a good time to pool our energies and get things done. Let's do it! _.%._ VOLU~TEER•VOICE 01' THANK YOU FRANK MERRICK Frank resigned as Secretary of the Volunteer Committee at the August 12th Volunteer Meeting. Frank has been an extremely conscientious member of the Executive Committee and has brought a lot of good faith and good will to his position. He also has been preparing the Volunteer Fundraising Dinner on Sunday nites. Also with great ca•e and expertise. His resignation was accepted with deep regret along with wishes for success in whatever he pursues in the future . David Cairns was elected Secretary. begun his secretarial duties . Good his newly elected position . He has already luck to David in - 33l0A•ll331Nn10A '· VOLUNTEER•VOI.CE ~ Hola! Como estan ustedes? Espero que muy bien, pues ~sos son mis mas sinceros deseos. A si tambien que se encuentran disrutando de estos dias de elima tan agradables y de las deliciqs que nos brinda un nuevo amanecer. Mis agrad ecimientos a Carnegie Centre por abrirme sus puertas, permitien dome ser uno masque colabora como voluntario en este centro de estudios. Mis agradecimientos muy sinceros a las siguientes personas: Olga DCeloise, Carolyn Andersen, Monte Carr, Wilfredo Barbeau. Jose Kandra, Michael Springford, Jimmy Mcaleer, Robert and Martin por darme la oportunidad de poder darles misconocimientos sobre leer, hablar y escribir el idioma Espanol. Gracias Carnegie Center Gracias Volunteer Voice Miguel Zuniga"Tony" El Nido Es porque un pajarito de la montana ha hecho en el hueco de un arbol, su nido matinal Si el arbol amanece, con musica en el pecho tal como si tuviera, corazon musical Si el dulce pajarito, por entre el hueco asoma para beber rocio, para beber aroma Ese arbol de la sierra, me da la sensacion de que se la a salido, cantando el corazon "Tony" El Salvador ~-- VOLUNTEER•VOICE Hello Volunteers The Carnegie Center is a place to be and to most a place to survive. I work in the kitchen on Sundays cooking the Fundraising Supper. Sometimes I help Rick with the baking. It's great fun, enjoyable but not least, it's got its rewards. I still listen to the peoples's ups and downs and wonder when will this bickering stop but it still goes on. If people could only work together instead of complaining so much maybe, just maybe, life would be a lot easier here. I get a lot of info. at the reception desk too. I keep it all to myself. I see a lot too, but if someone was to ask me I ~ay "no connnent." I would like to ask that we the VOLUNTEERS stick together and make this place work. If not for ourselves for the benefit of the less fortunate. Thank you, Joe Csori r Rick Raymond and I started to volunteer at the Carnegie about seven months ago. It's quite the experience! We bake in the kitchen most nites. There isn't much employment here in Vancouver so we decided to come W b h 1 to ·Carnegie. e ot iked the atmosphere, so we asked about volunteering and that's how we got started. Andrea Geddes ··-...........  VOLUNTEER•VOICE I must compliment Nancy J. and other staff members in putting so much in so compressed a package. Mainly speaking the "volunteer program." Nancy's career merits it an all Canadian story. I have one small demeanor . I am not a "retired" human being. I am a volunteer and proud of it . I never did retire and never shall retire from the human race. A Volunteer Brian K. Pastushak Thanks to our Bingo Volunteer Workers for being so faithful in coming to work for their Community. It is really appreciated. Just to inform you, at the beginning of September a slight change will be made in the prize money. · The government has informed us that the percentage that the Biugo keeps must go up therefore the prize money w ·11 go down. Sorry. Ann Wilson Childminding The Chi l dmin d ing Area is open Monday to Sunday, 5 -10 p.m .. If you enjo y playing with children, toys, or just chatting drop by anytime between the designated hours. Norman ~ VOLUtJTEER•VOICE ~ Music in the Park E z July 21, 1984, woke up rather cloudy, but by 10 a.m. -I there were almost 100 volunteers in Oppenheimer Park to get f ready for this year's "Music in the Park." By the time ' m everything was set up and the hamburgers were burning, the clouds were gone and the sun was hot. ~ The music started about 3 p.m. and was almost continuous< until 9 p.m. when it ended for the day. Then most of the volunteers went to work again taking down the sound system and hauling it acrQSs the street to Tony Seaver's hou~for overnite storage. The next mornLng everyone took the equipment over to the park from Toriy's for another day of good music which started at noon and continued until 9 p.m. The weather also cooperated Suhday. I would like to thank Tony Seaver, the organizing committee, the volunteers, the entertainers and especially the audience for making this years event the most successful one to date. Peter Golletz .cs -n '1"I I.LI u -VOLUNTEER•VOICE ~::,s:O Volunteers on a Summer Trip Yes, summer is here and may soon be over. Volunteers have also taken summer to heart~ as their number one priority. Lo and behold the Lord doth giveth and soon wil~ be taken a~ay. Let us, as Volunteers realize that summer is shors and laboured care is long and hard. To accomplish your own satisfaction of heart,and mind one must put up front endeavours of love within your soul, for the aid to be relishingly put in a perspective attitude of all commitments, to be graced forward willingly and honestly. Summer does play tricks on both good and evil_, but one must give the devil the bread, which it so may earn. I hope that when "Fall; falls upon us we will be back in full forceJ working together hand in hand, heart and heart. Give care to the caring and love to the undying who need you and your smiles. Say, "HI, I LOVE YOU .TOO A Humble Servant to all Volunteers~ Katherine Galan The UBC Library and UBC Learning Exchange would like to thank the following participants for their contributions to digitizing this community-generated document: Brookes Bayfield; Wilson Liang; Debra McNaught This community-generated work was digitized and deposited to cIRcle, UBC's open access digital repository, as part of the Digitizing Community Memories project of the Making Research Accessible in the Downtown Eastside initiative (MRAi). In collaboration with the UBC Learning Exchange and UBC Library, the project provided training and support for community members in the Downtown Eastside to digitize and make openly available community-generated materials.  This project aimed to increase access to historic Carnegie Centre publications and preserve these unique materials for years to come.  For more information on this project and the UBC Learning Exchange, please visit learningexchange.ubc.ca  November 22, 2017 


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