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Off the Wall Issue #6 Carnegie Learning Centre (Vancouver, B.C.) Oct 31, 1994

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~ ....J ' <( UJ J: I-LL LL 0 ISSUE #6 OCT 1994 . from the Carnegie Adult Learning Centre Off The Wall Michelle, Perry, and Dumont (2 days old) IT'S A BOY!!! Friends of OFF THE WALL would like to offer our thanks to outgoing editor Michelle Lebeau. Michelle will be away on maternity leave to take care of her newborn child. We the many can only hope to do half as well as Michelle. Once again, Michelle, our heartfelt thanks for a job well done! Mike Bastien Dear friends We all like to think that when the time comes to do something, we know exactly what we have to do. Unfortunatly, this aint always the case, with that in mind, we would like to take this op-portunity to send our many, many thanks to Debbie Bryant who was our outreach worker for over three years. Debbie is truly· someone who will be missed by us all. Recently, she returned to our hallowed hairs and spent t,he day showing us how to do the front and back covers, plus a whole lot more. Now that we do know exactly what we're doing, we plan to forge ahead, firm in the -' belief th,a( should we run into any kind of Ponting problem, it' s good to know that we have a fri~nd like Debbie, who will always be, just a phone-call away. Scribbles Off The Wall - - ~ -Off .The Wall* J ,/,1_,·j \,.I\,, ' ,. '--' . from the Carnegie Adult Learning Centre . AX: 684-B4 1~:2 *Off the wall: a phrase that means a little· crazy, outrageous, something said or done out of context.-Also, submissions are made to this magazine by pinning them on a wall in Carnegie's Leaming Centre. When it is time to publish a new issue, those s~bmissions are taken ''off the wall''. Well, here we are, issue #6! Some of you out there thought we couldn't pull it off, but with a little hard work and a few sleepless nights we did it. OFF THEW ALL has always been a collabrative effort, but never so much as with this edition. To all involved, congrats! · Many, many people were involved in the decision-making around and · production of OFF T:tIE WALL. However, special thariks 'go to Dora Sanders, Kevin Burton, Arvida Maki, Mike ·Bastien, Trevor Robinson, Wendy Pedersen, Rika Uto, Windy · Havens, Sharon Johnson, Dan Feeney, All>ert Anthony, ~olin Lanyon, Gary Crowder, Michelle LeBeau, Dumont LeBeau, Debbie Bryant, Mike Johnson, Ron Klassen, Mike McCormick, Leigh Donohue, Laura Stovel, Jody Horruzey, and Scribbles. · · ·· -In this issue, contributing authors can · find their names after their pieces. The following people provided artwork and photos: Albert Anthony, Mr. Ed, Windy Havens, Teresa Chan, Stanley Ch~, ·:Dean Ko, Harvey Ducedre, Tora, Colin Lanyon, and Rika Uto. We'd like to thank the Carnegie Community Centre Board of Directors for their generous support in making this issue possible. · The editorial committee decided to use the same editing guidelines as before ... so throughout the magazine you might find unusual grammatical structure or "errors". We chose to leave these intact because we believe that this better reflects the authentic voices of the individual writers. However, we have in most cases, proofread for spelling. OFF THE WALL is published by the Carnegie Adult Learning Centre. This issue consists of 1000 copies. Please direct enquiries about OFF THE WALL, c/o Carnegie Adult Learning Centre, 4pl Main Street, _Vancouver, B.C., V6A 2T7. Phone (604) 665-3013. Enjoy!!! The Editorial Committee 3 Off The Wall 4 Spare A Smile? · M.C. Hammer got nothing on me, I like to swim in the deep blue sea. I like to laugh, and live my life free, and I love living in B. C. When you call my name it's still Andy. I've got this jewel deep inside of me. I used to just let my good friends see, it's called a smile. Take it humorously, if you want to be friends then it comes free, and if sometimes we disagree, that's 0. K. just let it be. It's all a part of life you see, but in the meantime, can you spare a smile, please, after all ... it's free!? Andy Nieman Motivated To Learn Knowledge is new information for people to learn. It is having the willingness to learn more than what they already know. I was motivated to learn, and I wanted to learn more. For example, I was surprised to learn math and English by myself. Also, I was told by a few people that I should not even bother to learn math and English, because I had difficulties understanding it. I decided to study at Carnegie, because I know that I am more confident in completing school. Furthermore, I have been studying math and English on my own for about one year . I am motivated, because I remember as a child that I was motivated to go on . For example, I had difficulties in walking, because of my club feet. However, after a series of operations on my feet, I learned to walk all over again . With hours upon hours of exercise with my feet, I eventually walked straight. Finally, being motivated and having the willingness to learn will show that you want to persevere in knowledge. Bill Williams Off The Wall Upgrading I guess the first time I entertained thoughts of doing upgrading, I was about twenty years old. Already four years had gone by since I left high school. But I did have a job. Not the greatest of jobs, but it kept money in my pocket, (Ha Ha) oris that huh!; but my needs were taken care of, and a grin on my face was painted on. Well, after being nagged half to death about how important an education was, what it might be able to open, I said, ''Yeah mom, okay I'll go sign up tomorrow morning." Well, tomorrow morning turned out to be almost twelve years later. So here I am just three days into my upgrading. My head hurts. I wonder why. Could it be those damn fractions I have to learn again, or a part of my brain that I closed and put a 'gone .fishin' sign on?! Both I think. These first three days I have gone from feeling great because I'm doing something I've put off for too long, to feeling absolutely embarassed as I try to grasp once again that word which I found taboo so long ago . MATH!! I realize that I must be patient, for the brain is a complicated piece of the human body that has it's own way of operating. If you don't use it properly, or abuse it too much, don't expect a miracle overnight. Over the last fifteen years I have learned that if you don't have a grade 12 education, or a G.E.D. equivalent to that, you're not going to get very far. Doors do not open as you want them to, and · you don't very often get where or what you want. For myself, I need to open some of those doors. I know that at Carnegie's Learning Centre I'm going to get my chance. Thank you, people at the Carnegie, for what you've done to help me these first three frustrating days, and all the help you can offer as I continue towards my goal of a G .E. D. and a cooking or baking trade. The moral of this story is, "Don't put off until tomorrow , what you can do today.'' Mark Wedgewood Nova Scotia I came to Vancouver because there was no work in Nova Scotia. But it is hard to get a job in Vancouver without an education. So that is why I'm going to the Carnegie Adult Learning Centre. My dream is to take a cooking course so I can get on a ship. Then get a nice house and then meet someone. I miss my family very much but I miss my father the most because he died one year ago, Sept. 6. But some day I will go back home to see them all again. I'm from a small town in Nova Scotia. There are about 800 people in Lockeport. Lockeport has had a lot of things happen to it since 1974. First Pierce fish plant burnt down. Then two years later the centre of town burnt down. Then in 1982 National fish plant burnt down. But the people still stay there and work together. For My People ~ I look into the future For my people All I see Kevin MacKenzie is bunch of white people and First nations getting along for the first time . 4-l , / what is prejudice? you askme There's .very little among First nations Then I see my people striving for food and life How true can this be? Nacini Kim Hall Kitamaat Village Haisla Nation 5 Off The Wall A Quest He was a little boy who lived in Hunkyvill, his ,name was Billy Shane, he had a friend named Doris Gill. Now Billy-was but nine years old and Doris . was the same, every day at four-o-clock they'd meet in the park to play. A gorgeous day this Friday was, the sun was bright and clear, when suddenly a cloud took shape! It look like a storm was here . A minute passed or maybe two, and the mysterious storm cloud simple grew until it covered the entire sky Without a hint of blue. A gust of wind came from the west; it seemed like a hurricane! Now Billy wondered to himself ''Can this really be, l know we are a thousand miles from the nearest sea.'' Another minute now went by, and the cloud then disappeared, then from the cloud came a floating ship, ii; massive .orange sphere. The ship then landed on the ground - not far from our two friends, a massive_ light then came from the ship, and surrounded Billy Shane. Now Billy didn't have a clue of what was going on, and Doris Gill was less aware; this seemed just too profound!! A second light came from the ship, and surrounded Doris Gill, the two strange lights then took our friends into the orange ship. Once inside they met a being who really seemed divine, . the being said '' Be not afraid I'm here because of you." the being then puckered up a smile, 6 and then proceeded to say ''The both of you have a destiny to start a ·quest today." Then Billy Shane with a confused look asked "What quest is this to be?!' -' The being replied ''This quest is this, and this is not a joke, it is a quest of peace and love, and yes a-quest of hope! '' Then Doris Gill came in to ask "Will this quest be hard?" The being then came back to say '' It all depends on you; ih what you say and what you do, these things will see you through. '' Then Billy Shane came back to ask ''Will this quest be long?'' The being then came back to say "It will be as long as you want it to." Billy Shane had one more question he felt he had to ask ''I need to know Just who you are before I start this task!'' The being then said in a voice which sounded soft and-pure ''I have no name until this quest is finished to the end. I represent the one who created the universal sphere ; so go and seek the things you' 11 need so that you may proceed, and don't you worry I'll be with you for ever in your dreams.'' Then Doris Gill even more confused then she was before asked " What are these things that we are to seek I don't quite understand?"' The Being then said ''Of these things . they are the qualities of woman and man . If you come to a fork that lay upon your path Off The Wall sit down and think for jus t a moment then look up in the sky and ask Oh being please I am in need of guidance and a way and I assure I will appear to aid you in your day. I now must go back to the place that I was once before there is nothing more that I can say you have what you need to know; so now I will go and bid you well since there is nothing left to tell.'' Then in a flash Billy and Doris wound up back in the park the both of them then watched the ship as it soared up in the sky and both in awe of what they saw did wave a calm good-bye And everything seemed just the same as it was before except for the experience that they went through of seeing the being and the ship. As much as this seemed like a dream they knew it wasn' t so; for in their hearts they knew what they saw and they saw what they really knew. The only thing left for them to do was to find the qualities in me and you; so if you come across these two be sure your heart is true , and love and peace will always prevail in every thing that's true . Francis LeBlanc - The Lost Poet Words of Wisdom Have you ever had a day, when you actually sat around knowing you had to do something, but deep down your feeling's are different , saying no. I'll do it later , yeah but later is a tone of voice, not only that but your facing defeat. To me every body that's around you goes through that state of thinking it's only natural. When people do though, what happen' s, do they see an image, ·a flash back or is it loneliness, or are they just unsure of what to do or how to over come, .what they have to face or whether or not they should or shouldn ' t that's mixed feelings. It play' s a big role in our daily lives yes but remember, people are the same everybody's equal that's not what I believe but what I know. To me the creator not only made human being's and everything that happen's around us for nothing but for a purpose . This is probably hard to understand but look at this, if the creator wasn't around we wouldn't be around either it's that simple. Once you get to know and understand even a little because that's all he ask' s for a little faith and he'll not ·only make you see what I'm talking about, but he'll let you in, yeah and once that happen's he'll . show you the 'way. People have ahardlimeto believe this but som~ people don't as their belief and the love of the lord is something else. The way I see the lord it's like this now picture this, he's got both hand's over the world actually covering it, with his hand's, this is my understanding of what he actually is. People see him different but remember that's only one way I see him because he is my creator the lord. A word of wisdom from your ftjend, Ha,:vey Wqrd. \ .. '! A Letter of Thanks I would like to thank all the good people out there that reach out with a helping hand · to anyone who needs it. No matter what they look like or how badly they smell; -or if they' are dressed in rags, or not. ' · No matter what their religion or beliefs are, or what nationality they are, or the difference in the shape of the face, like the slanting ofthe 7 Off The Wall eyes, orthecolouroftheskin, It doesn't make a difference as long as they are in need of some sort of help. They are called do-gooders or people who stick to their noses where it doesn't belong. Or a few other not so flattering names that some people call them. But I don't care what they call them, because they are all wrong. It may sound corny but I think of them as good people. People with a conscience, pe .ople with feeling, people with heart, people that are willing to reach out and help. There are some people who are out there, fighting for rights of the poor unfortunate people in this city that can't fight for themselves who don't have 'anything or anybody, just the clothing on their backs. Thank you for the helping hands that you have given me, and ifl can help someone, some day I will do it without a thought. So keep up the good work and once again thank you for being out there and just remember, there are people out there that appreciate what you are doing for us . Harvey Ducedre Inert Firefly, Con, and Colin in the drop-in These . are the people who fight against the politicians who would sweep the matters under the rug if someone was not watching them. Yes I give my thanks to these people. If I had a glass in my hand right now I would raise it to the sky in a salute to their good health and their good work, and say thank GOD there are some good people with big hearts out there in this big city of ours. These thanks are from someone who knows what a helping hand can do (or someone who is down and out. 8 My Feeling on The New Day The day is a wet one but my heart is running wild and my mind is in the sky soaring above you all feeling giddy and gay. My heart full of love makes me want to put my arms around the world, just like the flush heard around the when the first toilet was made. Well now that I feel good and I told you I think I shall go and have P. M. S. I mean People Meet Someone. C.E.L. Off The Wall Yin/Yang There's such a gap between the living and the dead; between the living and the living-d~d. we're so concerned in this s~iety cibout who has what and how qiµch. But we forget , • I I about the little guy; our n,eighbours ... our brother. We do.so little an~ yet we have so little time. We must strive to strike a balance between sheer comfort-and pure humanity. To make the most of our lives, we must start with beginnings: for you and for me, for them and for theirs; for all and for everyone, for everyone under the sun. Shane Anderson I left school because I felt I was not getting anywhere in school. I began to skip out of school because I felt I was just wasting my time and the teachers'. Bqt as time went by I b~gan to think: and ungeistand I did need my educat\on. That's when I decided to study again . because I do need my education to get a decent job to · support myself and my children. When I was a kid I really did not have the support from my family, to keep on encouraging me to get that education that I need, but now that I am an adult I understand more now than when I was younger. An adult can tell a teacher exactly where theyareatin theireducation. Peoplewhocan't read and write well will often shy away and will not want any one to know they can't read and · write well, for they feel embarrassed about this, and feel that they are dumb, for this they will not say anything until it is found out by someone. Peoplewho do read and write well, show this in the work they do and are very proud of this. Interviewing a Native Elder Teachers ~hould be open and honest with Essay I felt smart when I passed on my tests. When I took tests, I was really unsure of myself, but when I got the results back I felt really good about myself. their students, and it should be the same with the students, students should let their teachers know if they are having problems, this way the communication between teacher and student will be good. I do not like it when teachers are or try to be superior to you, they should try and see 9 Off The Wall things from where you see things and, I don't like it when students do not try and communicate with their teachers, because they are trying to do everything fot:: them. I enjoy reading when I have some quiet . time to myself, when I can concentrate on my reading. I learn best when, the things I have to do are explained _well to me, and, when it is · quiet enough for me to concentrate on my work. I was really surprised when I made the commitment to come here to the Carnegie Hall to study for my G.E.D. and, I have really committed myself to this. Knowledge is knowing yourself and the things you can do for yourself. Knowledge comes from your spirit, your mind and your whole being . Love yourself, give in to all the knowledge around you. Why IfeelDown But look Forward I get Drunk · But I feel Shitty I feel Happy · But I am Unstoppable I get Stoned But I Think too much Darlene Eustache I don't feel Happy, or Sad, or Mad, But I Don't think All I Ask is Why Untitled Noah Sakee , I was born in China. I beginner went to study school in 7 years old. My family came to 10 Canada in the 1993 year . I have father, mother and two brother . Then is work, but I'm not work. Now I come to school study English. I'm single. Idon'thavechildren. Ilike Vancouver . Canada is good country. Liang Yue Guang The never ending road What do people think, when they hear this or when they read this? Are they startled shocked, overwhelmed or do they even bother to look? they say It's scary but why or what for or how come? Allthese come to mind, the only key is the one you carry and I don't mean looking into your pockets or on the shelf. The key I'm talking about is the one inside of you, the real you. The one person that you thought you lost but if you look deep enough and hard enough your still there. The biggest success to life is the first step and it doesn't even have to be noticed , as long as you learn to acknowledge it. Harvey Ward. I am having a head time learning how to read. I would like to write down the words that make me feel aright about myself. Think where I am.at inside. · Could I learn how to read and write. I feel offly dum at times. What could I say in my work . Ifl saw something go down I would like to find what what is going on. I only wish I could write better. Can I feel aright in my writing Nothing make sense to me. Are my aright whats going on. What can I say that make sance. Where are my inside . I need help to read. How much do I feel inside . Off The Wall What could I say to myself. Understand your writing. What are my inside. I only wish I could write better. I need to learn how to read and write. Are my making sence in my writing. I would like to side my mind up. I am 39 years old and I am still trying to read and write. Raymond .MacGillivery. Teacher, May I Call Your Name? In China, if you call someone's name, who is your teacher, or leader, or who is much older than you, it is very rude. Once when I was a third-grade pupil at an elementary school, there were about ten pupils on a lawn by the school and I was among them. As we sat playing something, a teacher passed by on the road in the front of the lawn. Suddenly, after he passed and his back was towards us, a pupil among us called the teacher's name once. The teacher was sensitive to criticism, but he didn't react at all at that moment. After that, other pupils copied the first one and called the teacher's name one by I : ' one. The teacher still didn't react except he turned his face back to have a glance. The next day, I had a bad cold and couldn't go to school. I stayed home for several days. When I returned to school and went into the classroom, I had hardly had time to take my seat when my class teacher came to me and demanded that I go to the teacher and apologize for calling his name. My classmates also told me that other pupils who called the teacher's name were all punished and one of the punished pupils told the teacher that I also called his name. Later, with great shame, I did as my class teacher asked me to do. In Canada, I often hear students calling their teacher's names. Even sons and daughters call their parents' names. When I hear these, I still feel a little uncomfortable. I don't know how teachers feel when students call their names and I don't know how teachers feel when students call their names and I don't know whether this is polite or not. I should ask once again. Teacher, may I call your name? Yue Xin Cai 11 Off The Wall The Gifted Children's Program Teresa Milden spoke to us about this particular subject. She works for the Vancouver School Board which has a program -for gifted and talented children in the elementary schools. If a student has a very intense interest in something you m_atch them up with mentors who have similar interests. They only accept students who are very interested in a particular occupation. Most mentors are very intimidated by the students as they are extremely clever. The end result is that the student must give back something to the community . Disabled students are included in this program. In mentoring the Three R's are Relationship , Reality and Responsibility. Ned Herman ~aid that mentoring increased the potential of those who worked for the General Electric ·company. One should communicate, build and take risks as we learn from our mistakes. It is very important to know the scope of what mentorship is. Mentorship breaks the centre core of an organization's values. Education is no putting back dead leaves ont he trees. By changing the inner attitude of one's being we can charige the outer aspects. Explore all of the strengths and things that are possible. Mentorship is healing. Holographic Networking Every person is responsible for knowing their own strengths. Listen for the strengths of others and link thesevaluable assets. In closing, I believe mentoring is greatly needed because of the changes in family structure and there isn't the support I had as a child with both sets of grandparents close by. Many of us are mentoring on a daily basis and do not realize it. 12 In today's society the majority of people are far too critical. There should be more encouragem ent and support. So often with our human ways, We remember the faults, but not the praise. Irene Schmidt Beginning The sky is gray The life giver is mostly hidden above Air is as cold as an unkind heart The wind blows, and blows everything that abounded once The wind blows in one's lonely heart Where does this lonesomeness come from? Is it because it's the end of everything · or is it nature's way to teach us that after the lingering torment, comes joys of beginning. Taki Sekikawa I Wish I wish I could do life over again All the mistakes I would not repeat I wish I were a little more big and strong I would like to be an Olympic competitor I wish I were a girl I would have liked shopping more I wish I were a cook I would like .eating better meals I wish I had a son He would have kept my family name Taki Sekikawa Plain and Simple I don't Believe in stress I like my mind to rest It does not Bother me when people put me to the test I may not be Formally educated as many others are Off The Wall But my heart is Full with love within me I am a star I take my smile with me everywhere I wish to go This no one will take from me it's too deep not a show There is no other way that I would rather Be And through my happiness I wish others will , see . The appreciation to be Fortunate to live on this earth Comes out in the way I treat people with respect and self worth If you have read this poem you now understand me I wish everyone world wide a Future Filled with glee Marty Lucas What I do Particularly Well I smoke, hug and give kisses. I am teaching Sharon how to smoke. Do you know how much cigarettes cost? On the street they are $5. 00 a pack and more in the store. I like to hug and kiss because I am affectionate. I like people a lot especially around here. Love Your Best Friend D.F. Is It Good Luck or Bad Luck, How Can We Know? Once upon a time, there was an old man who lived in the north of a kingdom. He fed a very nice horse. It was his favourite pet. One day his favourite pet became lost. His friends came to his house and said, ''Don't worry, you are a rich man, you can find another one.'' the old man smiled and explained, "It doesn't matter. How can we know our luck?" After a few days, the horse came back leading a pony. A lot of the old man's neighbours heard the wonderful news. They went to the old man and celebrated. "You get a small pet. What good it is!'' they said. But the old man did not look cheerful. He said, ''I don 'tthink so. How can we know? Perhaps this is a misfortune!'' Before long, his son fell from the pony and broke his left leg. The people visited the old man again and made enquiries of him. He repeated once more, ''How can we know if we have a lucky fate?" After another year, there happened to be a war in that kingdom and many young men had to join the military service. Unfortunately, most of those young men died in battle. The son of the old man, disabled because of his fall from the pony, did not join the other soldiers. Therefore, he was able to stay alive and lived at home with his old father. translated by Ha Phi Hong Jody working on PageMaker 13 Off The Wall An Unforgettable Day My most unforgettable day was my thirteenth birthday which is deeply impressed into my memory . During the Second World War, Hong Kong was occupied by Japanese Military forces. People were ruled by dictatorship; life was worthless and freedom was lost. Many people died from starvation. Only Japanese kids could have an education. On my thirteenth birthday I suddenly became mature. I did not expect I would have ~ a party or a gift, but my mother gave m~ two eggs as my birthday present It was strongly impressed upon my mind, how precious the gift was! My mother also tried her best to --~ prepare a food dinner for the whole family. But my father w.as late that night. We were ........ waiting for him for a long time and began to worry. When my mother started to cry I felt very sad. After that, he came home seriously injured and was covered with a lot of blood. He told us that he had been beaten by a Japanese soldier without reason. I was shocked, when on my thirteenth birthday, he died. I loved my father very mucn; I wished that I had ,.... died instead of him. · ~~ After a short period, my mother who followed ~y father's dying wish, took us back to our native village. Of course, I complete! y lost my education and became a child labourer, sharing the burden with my mother. 1'tt\ A War is cruel, torturous and ruinous. It completely changed my whole life, destroyed ~ my hopes and happiness. ~ Shun Feng ••• ~ ~~ ~ ~ 14 OQ Cl "Bilingual system/ Difficulty in Leaming Other Language" Stanley Chan Off The Wall SURGERY Losing it One day last week I had to have a surgery I might as well be in jail , for the amount on my left eye and the nurses got me ready for of fun I have, or should I say "don"t have" the doctor. Then when he came in they put could kill some one with boredom . Close to two some music on and there I was taking it easy. years ago I had an accident that brought me Then the doctor said, "That's finished," and close to death's door. Soon after my release the nurse took me in the waiting room and gave from the hospital I realized I was given a second me a drink and took my blood. Afterwards, I chance and maybe a third chance to make things wentto my brother-in-laws place ~------;:7 right, to walk the straight and narrow. because I had to keep my head ::~-1 f,~ :-"'-,; . Up to now I've led what I like to call up so the blood would not go to if "-· ,,:: ,\ \j(t-· ~-r~·-,·.~;,:f:·  a John Prine kind of life. Well just my head. I went home to my C ~~ ·: '\ r<,.., look at John. You can see in his face . place on Tuesday so now I had · ,r'J.·:}'"- \ that he's had one good long taste of to keep my hands away from ·. · the wild life. my eye and had to keep putting one kind of drops in twice a day and the other kind of drops in four times a day. Also, when I got to bed at nights I have to put the shield on the eye so I won't touch it. I can take it off in the daytime to read and watch television. So that is my story of my surgery. Now the other story is about the picnfo I went on with 411 this past summer down at the border and we played games and afterwards we had a nice lunch. After lunch we took a walk around the lovely garden and took pictures of flowers. Then we got on the bus and came home about 4 pm. - Well, here it is Christmas time again, the time to give thanks and gifts to the ones you love and adore and sing songs like, "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know. Where the tree tops glisten and children listen, to hear sleigh bells in the snow," and, "I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus," and, ''All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth, so I can wish you merry cl cl, oh gosh Merry Christmas.'' Merry Christmas. to all of you. Albert Anthony Having decided -to quit the nectar of gods I find I have a lot of time to do nothing, having to replace the time I spent drinking with other things would seem easy, let me tell you it's not. My first wife left me because I drank too much, and my second wife asked for a divorce because I had quit drinking and had become a bore, this told me I had one long and boring life ahead of me, quitting drinking is like learning to walk all over again, you keep falling down and stumbling, banging into things forever trying to busy oneself. · People who have abstained from drink keep telling me things will get better, when I keep asking myself, do things start to happen for this guy, when will I begin to feel it's all worthwhile? I still have the nightmares, long nights of no sleep or very little if any. I sleep with the television on all night just so I can hear sound. This helps control the nightmares. My ability to retain new learning experiences is hard to come by. Some days I can't remember one day from the next. I've wrecked two families, one by drinking and the other by not drinking. Can you believe that? It's true! 15 Off The Wall Trying to look at what good came out of not drinking is hard to see. So far it's only been small changes. Things I would not see if they weren't pointed out to me. I have a mind of my own, one not controlled by the thought of ''where's my next drinking coming from'', Although I have trouble meeting new people, the ones I have met are good for me. I guess the bad times were always there, I just never had to deal with them sober. I spent just as much money if not more being sober. The only difference is I now know where I spent it. Good times are now hard to come by so I take what I can get out of life. I was given a second chance to change things, to see what I would do different and it seems like I don't know what to do with all this new-found time on my hands, idle hands are the tools of the devil they say, so I must be one hell of an evil guy. Earl Morrisseau Lost and Found I was cleaning up, I found 2 stolen purses, a bunch ofID and 4 thousand dollars, I took the money to my Mom's, she called the police, one from Oakridge came, I showed him, my Mom, and her friend the site, the 2 stolen purses and all of the ID and handed over the money, it got onto the radio that someone with a handicapped had found it and reported it all in, it belonged to a couple of visitors up in Whistler from Japan that would not have made it home and would have gone hungry without my effort. I'm still waiting to hear back, and I'm hoping for a healthy reward because of it, knowing that I could have kept the money, and not have said anything a_s the saying goes. MB Since writing her story, MB has been contacted by the Japanese couple. She was rewarded with coffee, chocolates, and two hundred dollars. Editors Off The Wall The following submissions are from the intermediate ESL class, ''Grammar Can Be Fun''. This whole language approach to learning grammar combines the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Student participation in the actual editing of grammar mistakes is an important component of the process. These submissions are the end result of the process which means the students have written and re-written a total of four tim~s to reach the publishing stage you see here. Mikos Lambropoulos, Instructor Learning to Write People who want to express their feeling and their thinking have to use some sort of medium, they can use their emotions or make some signs. Words are the signs of ideas! Generally speaking, the English language is so common that most of the people in this society regularly use it. We try to learn through writing. ~eople could also express their ideas with body motion, speaking or making subtle gestures. Writing is still one of the best ways to communicate our emotions and ideas to each other. In some situations, people can write in the form of Letters or can express their emotions and give some information that may come from their memory. Conversation, reading, observation or research can also be in other forms of writing. Sometimes, people will make notes to record what they have discovered in their studying. Some of the treasure that have been given us through our heritage have been kept in the form of 17 Off The Wall writing for generations and generations. The literary masterpieces have invited us to the beautiful world in arts. Lyric poets and playwrights make the world more harmonious and peaceful. In fact, people may show their reluctancy to learn writing as it is hard to follow, indeed! How awful it is to practise such training with a limited vocabulary when someone has a small understanding of the English language. How can they ever overcome their boredom when they are feeling sleepy as soon as they start studying? Why should they learn to read and write? Why are people only going to practise their writing skill as the single medium to express their ideas? The fact is that by several other mediums they can also express their ideas! For example, a thousand miles away, people can just dial a number and talk ~o each 18 other by long distance telephone. They can also listen to radio statio~s that are broadcasting day and night. Television is also on every second, never stopping! People can also record their sound and images with video cameras. They . may also use tape-recorders to capture their speech. Technology is very pervasive! The question seems to be a controversial one. 'Con' or 'Pro' ideas about learning to write are complex. Janus-faced questions have to be resolved by logical conclusion. Jackson . r,. Fireworks The summer's fireworks in Vancouver really impressed me. Three countries (Italy, France and Canada) took part in the competition. Every competitor was given 25 minutes to show its best. The average coast of one minute of fireworks was about $8000. It has become a tradition to participate in the contest. Tourists from other parts of Canada, the U. S. and other countries arrived in Vancouver for the delightful fireworks presentation. The advertisement for the fireworks was widespread. Television and radio commercials as well as newspaper ads Off The Wall attracted the attention of millions of people who came to be delighted by the fireworks. A great number of spectators were present to watch the fireworks. English Bay was the most crowded place. All along it people had come early to occupy places which they thought were the best. The barge, on which there was equipment for the fireworks, was anchored in front of the English Bay change house, so the people on the opposite beach could watch them too. Before tl:te fireworks started -the commentator talked about the people who prepared the fireworks, about the cost of one minute of fireworks, how, and when and why the first fireworks competition took place. All fireworks were accompanied by amazing music. Fireworks consisted of many peautiful things. Two of them, which impressed me the most, were waterfalls and trees. I'd never seen anything like it. Thus broad popularity of this contest, participation of foreign countries, millions of spectators and magnificent views of the fireworks made that evening impressive and unforgettable. Slava Voronin Marty Marty is a Canadian who used to live in Ontario. When she was five years old, she came to British Columbia with her family, and has been living in British Columbia for twenty-nine years. Most of the time, she lived outside Vancouver. Ten years ago, she moved to Vancouver. She enjoys country life, especially her cattle ranch. Her family is in Kamloops. When she was a child, she had a long journey to go to school by bus. Along the way to school, there were grasses and field, and only a few houses in the area. In the class, there were only a few pupils, but it was fun in the school. She enjoyed her childhood quite a lot. After she had finished her high school, she came to Vancouver in order to go to an art school. She has stayed in Vancouver for the last ten years. Marty has a big family: four brothers arid four sisters . They spent their times in -the country on a farm where it was green and wet and where cowboys gathered. They played with the cattle and lived a natural life when they were children. It was a warm and unforgettable time. After studying in Vancouver, she came to the Carnegie Learning Centre as a volunteer. Later on, she got a part-time job which she has had until now. At first, she taught in the classroom. Later, being a vegetarian and good at cooking, she was transferred to work in the kitchen . Now she is a volunteer coordinator, and is always willing to help the volunteers. She set up baseball teams, walking trips, swimming trips, and she also works in the weight room. She comes to work in the Learning Centre four days a week, three days from 8:00a. m. to5:00 p.m., one day from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. She has a lot of work to do, but she enjoys her job. She meets a lot of people in her job, and she gets enjoyment from her work. She says that she is lucky to have so many different kinds of work, so she can get experience as well as make a lot of friends. She likes hiking in the mountains, canoeing on the lakes and camping in the fields. She rides a bicycle to work everyday because she says it is healthy and good for the environment. In August , she is going to have a long holiday for four months. She will take a rest for a long time, she is preparing to visit her family. Her sister will get married, so she is going to help her. She will come back to the centre in December. 19 Off The Wall She is a nice person, and she is always willing to help others. She smiles at everyone when she meets them. She is a warm and kind lady. She loves the Learning Centre, and as she has said, ''The Centre is a warm place which seems to be my second family.'' Yuet-fong Lee An Unforgettable Day When our family had decided to emigrate to Canada, I said to myself thatl mustlearn how to drive. It was a big challenge for me because I had always been so ignorant about machinery. The big and unforgettable day came. It was the day I took my driving test! I was very nervous that morning and woke up exceptionally early. I went to the driving school several hours earlier to do my last-minute practice. When the appointed time came, I reported my presence to the information centre. I was told to wait in the car for my examiner. It was such a long wait! I adjusted both the rear and side mirrors properly, and began to wait patiently. Finally, when the serious-looking examiner opened the door and sat next to me, my heart started to pound as if it would come out of my mouth at any time. I could hardly even speak when he asked for my name. My four limbs were trembling terribly when I made the first move. I managed to arrive at the spot where the examiner instructed me to do a parallel parking. It was then I discovered my first disastrous mistake. The side mirror was not in its correct position. Someone must have moved it unintentionally while I was waiting in the car. I began to panic and was at a total loss. Eventually, I gathered all my strength and pushed out my arm to adjust the mirror. At this point, I thought I must have already failed because of my carelessness. However, this helped me to regain my confidence again as I 20 did not care about the result any more. I parked perfectly, and moved on to the road. I concentrated and finished off the whole trip confidently. I made all my signals· and everything was done perfectly. I felt so relieved when I got out of the car. I really could not believe what I saw when the small piece of paper with the word "PASSED" was handed to me. I screamed like a small, happy school girl. It was such an exciting and unforgettable day, the 26th of August, 1992 in Hong Kopg. Cynthia Leung My Family And The Pleasant Reunion It was Christmas time December 25th., 1993. My home was very busy, because both families were visiting us. My eldest son's family is from Montreal and my daughter's family is from Hong Kong. We had a wonderful Christmas dinner party in my youngest son's home in Richmond. We ate turkey and other food. In Chinese families, the host usually provides the food, but my wife cooked chicken wings, my daughter bought a nice diµner ham and my eldest son bought some white wine and cake. It was Christmas dinner, so we had a lot of Wes tern food, but we also had a little Chinese food like rice. The party went from 7:00 p.m. to almost midnight. After midnight, we began to open gifts. There were four families, including eight male grandchildren at our party . The youngest one is two-and-a-half years old and the oldest one is twenty-one. The youngsters played together. The teenagers played Nintendo games and the kids played with Christmas toys and formed models. They had a lot of fun. The adults talked to each other. Sometimes we talked about the economy and sometimes we talked about old things in Hong Kong. Everybody was excited. The sixteen of us hadn't met together as a group since 1985 in Off The Wall Hong Kong. The family wasn 'tcomplete because my second son's family couldn 't join together with us. He had projects in process . He is a civil engineer working for a construction company in Toronto. We travelled to parks and visited Simon Fraser University and U. B. C .. We especially enjoyed the attractive, fabulous and huge trees in Stanley Park which are centuries old. Also we went to Whistler and Grouse Mountain where there were lots of skiers. Some were from other countries and somewere local. Most of them were naturally talented and performed gracefully, but some were beginners. . Our grandchildren enjoyed skiing a lot. Especially the two who were from Australia and who study in university .................. ~ there. They were disappointed because a few months ago they had desired to see snow, but there wasn't any in Vancouver. However, they felt that a trip to Vancouver, B. C. wouldn't be complete without a visit to the ski slopes of Grouse Mountain on Whistler. Our grandchildren enjoyed their trip a lot and said that they would visit again next year. _ C. W. Tang Women and Change Life has changed for women in China. A long time ago, women had long hours of work a day . In parts of Ch~na, this was typical day for a village woman: At 4:45 a.m. she got up, washed and ate. It took her an hour to walk to the fields and she worked there until 5 p.m. She spent one and a half hours preparing food to cook, and then from 6:30 to 8 p.m. she had to cook. After dinner, she spent an hour washing dishes and her children. Then she went to bed. Most of the agricultural work was done by women, and their husbands never helped them . It was the tradition. It hasn't changed much even now. However some of the news is very good for women . For example, some of the villages now have official organizations to improve the lives of women and a few southern provincial governments have laws to protect the rights of women. Women now can workin factories and operate machines as well as men. Some of them who have good educations even serve in offices and they receive almost equal pay for equal work . They are gradually improving their lives. It's a big change from the past of course, they also move to towns and cities. Nejaha, Wendy, and Tetugne In the past, most women in China were illiterate because at that time education was not available to girls. Often illiterate girls were the most frightened of trying to improve their lives like other women, so they preferred to stay in villages where , after getting married, they had to do most of the domestic and agricultural work. 21 Off The Wall Now their lives are changing because the government has programs for improving agricultural production, which comes down from international organizations and programs run by developed nations. Women operate machines and farming tools; everything is easier than before. As for domestic work, there are lots of appliances for women to use and it's more convenient for them. In theindustrialcountries, the educational system is better than in China, so women and men have the same opportunities to learn. Women generally work in the same positions as men. Some young couples love to live their own lives, therefore they are beginning to organize nuclear families from their extended families. But inflation is terrible today, so both wives and husbands work to make ends meet. After work, they happily do domestic work togeth~r. Life has improved for women in China and throughout parts of the world. Chan-Wan Tang The Thing That Most Scares Me When I was a child, I feared many things. However, the thing that most scared me was horror movies. For example, ghosts, vampires and monsters. If I had seen a mystery movie during the day, I would not sleep well. I would always be thinking about the vampire with the long sharp fangs or the ghost without a head or ·a body suddenly appearing near my bed. I have two brothers and one sister. I dared not go to the washroom without my sister, so I always woke her up even though she was three years younger than me. As time passed, I was not afraid of horror movies anymore and also I did not believe ghosts existed in the world. Instead the stress of studying and taking examinations replaced the fear of ghosts. Whenever I wanted to do my best, I would always feel nervous before an 22 examination. For example, I took a driving test in Oct. 1993. I passed that examination, but I felt nervous and my heart beat was faster than usual while I was waiting for the examiner . I tried many ways to reduce the stress. However, it was still bothering me. I hope I can reduce my stress one day. Finally, I think the fear of an injection from the doctor has been bothering me all of my life. It was very easy for me to get a cough and also it was very difficult for me to recover from one. However, I always insisted on medication instead of an injection whenever my doctor told me an injection was the best and fastest way to recover from a cough. I was afraid of the feeling of a needle inside of my arm and I was always thinking it would break because of my shaking. Also, I could not see my family or even a stranger get an injection . It still makes me uncomfortable. I hope one day I will overcome allthe fearful things that bother me. Kitty Lam Off The Wall Where I am From, Hong Kong I came from Hong Kong in December 1990. Hong Kong is a very small city which is an island close to the border of South China. Hong Kong is famous for many things and places such as Ocean Park, Victoria Peak, Victoria Harbour, and Aberdeen District. In ''The Pearl of the Orient,'' which is what tourists call Hong Kong, there is Victoria Harbour, which is very wide and deep. Many ships come to Hong Kong and bring in goods for transit to other countries. At night colourful neon signs light the dark sky. When we are standing on the Peak, we can see the shining lights on both sides of the Harbour which makes a beautiful picture. In ''The Shopping Heaven,'' another name for Hong Kong, there are many shopping centres. Everything is very cheap because there · is no P.S.T. and G.S.T., so we can save a lot of money. Hong Kong is one of the four '' Asian Dragons" (Powerful economics). The main business of Hong Kong is importing and exporting. Light industries develop very successfully in Hong Kong. These include textiles (garments), electronics (radios, Hi Fis, .an·d calculators), and plastics (toys, dolls, and flowers). Hong Kong is also called an '' International Financial Centre" because everybody earns money easily in Hong Kong. The stock and real estate markets are booming in Hong Kong, so they attract many investors. People enjoy the nightlife in Hong Kong for things such as Karaoke, discos, night clubs, movies and shopping. If you want to enjoy seafood, you can go to Aberdeen. There are many boat restaurants serving excellent Chinese seafood. There are many beautiful beaches in H. K. where the sand is very smooth and water is clear. The summer is always sunny, .so we can go swimming. It has about six million people. The population there is very dense, so there are many tall buildings in Hong Kong. They are beautiful and look like those of New York City. The tallest building is the Bank of China which is about 90 stories. The price of a house is very expensive, so most families live in small flats. Although Hong Kong is a small city, there are many rich people living there. Christine Li The Israeli-PLO Peace Accord The ratification of the Israeli-PLO Peace Accord on September 13th, 1993 is considered . by most observers a huge step towards a final settlement for the most complicated conflict in th.e modern history of the Middle East. Tne Israeli-Palestinian conflict started immed .iately after the declaration of the 23 Off The Wall independence oflsrael from the British Empire in 1948. In the same year, the United Nations declared a resolution for dividing the Holy Land equally between Palestinians and Jews. The Arab League's rejection to the UN resolution escalated the explosive situation into a major war which ended with a decisive defeat for the Arab League Army. Thus, the Palestinian people lost most of their share of the land contained in the UN resolution from 1948. in the early sixties, Palestinian refugees established several liberation organizations in exile to carry out a guerilla war against Israel from bases and headquarters abroad, mainly in Jordan and Lebanon. Under the aegis of the Arab League, those organizations joined forces together and formed the Palestine Liberation Organization in the mid-sixties. During the Cold War between the East and West, political polarization took place in the Middle East. While Israel preserved its parliamentary system and moved increasingly towards a stronger and stronger bonding with the West, many Arab countries lost their weak liberal governments which were swept away by a strong wave of fascism and joined forces with the Communist Bloc and the former Soviet Union. Thus, Isra~l appeared to the western world as an island of liberalism surrounded by a vast ocean of dictatorship and authoritarianism. In mid-1967, the Egyptian Navy laid siege to Israel and cut off the access to the Mediterranean Sea. Because of that, the conflict flared up again into a major war in which the Palestinians lost control over the West Bank and Gaza Strip. After a brief war in 1973, Egypt signed t~e Camp ·David Peace Treaty with Israel. Hence, the PLO lost 'its strongest ally in the Middle East. In September 1973, the Royal Jordanian Army threw the PLO out of Jordan. In the early eighties, the Israeli Defense Army ·drove the PLO troops out of Lebanon. At the end of the eighties, the collapse of Communism 24 in Eastern Europe isolated greatly the PLO from the international community. In August 1990, thePLOcommittedadeplorablepolitical miscalculation by backing the world-wide condemned Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. As a result of that mistake, the PLO lost its funding from the rich Gulf states and the traditional sympathy with its cause within Western Europe, particularly in France, Italy and Germany. In such desperate circumstances, the mutual recognition and the ratification of the Peace Agreement with Israel on September 13th, 1993 came as a tremendous relief for the leadership of the PLO. Despite the noisy opposition to the Peace Agreement from the extremists on both sides, we could say that the peace process is gaining momentum every day in the Middle East. Both Israel and the PLO have a strong commitment to the peace process. Israel is committed to the peace process because of the high price of occupation which eats up its funds and tarnishes its image in the post Cold-war world. The PLO is committed to the peace process because of the desperate situation described above, and also because the Peace Agreement gives the Palestinians self-rule right away and the best of the three following options. They may unite in a secular federal state with Israel, unite in a federal state with Jordan, or establish their own independent state. Ali A. Faraj Vancouver Vancouver is a wonderful place. It's located on the West Coast of Canada. Every year thousand of tourists flock here because there are many fantastic things to see. For example, you can tour the Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver Museum, Historic Gastown, Japanese Garden at U .B. C., Grouse Mountain, Mount Seymour,_ Vancouver Island, as well as Stanley Park and Queen Elizabeth Park where Off The Wall there are lots of exotic birds, plants and fish. When you drive through Stanley Park you will see magnificent and colourful Rose Gardens. You can wander among Original Native Indian totem poles and look at spectacular trees which are centuries old. Some visitors ride on th~ir bicycles-around the park. They feel relaxed . Also in Queen Elizabeth Park, there is a unique "Garden under Glass." The Bloedel Floral Conservatory maintains an unparalleled display of plants,Jree-flying tropical birds and colourful "Koi" fish in one of the city's most beautiful parks; 1*erything is fascinating. Sightseers enjoy it ,alot. If you aren't busy you may take a trip to Victoria. There are lots of wonderful places tQ,visit. For example, you can get on a ferry, enjoy a lot of rainforest trees on islands and breathe fresh air, visit Butchart Gardens, Craigdarroch Castle, The Provincial Museum, The Royal London Wax Museum and The UndersearGardens. You will have a lot of fun. You can taste your favourite food in Vancouver from different restaurants which are from different countries. People go shopping because there are many large department stores and shopping malls. The.transportation system is convenient. There are buses, seabuses, taxis and the skytrain that you can use. In the summers, the weather is usually sunny. People love outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, canoeing, sailing or rowing boats . They really enjoy the beautiful sunny weather. In the winter , it may sometimes snow bµt not much. M(>st of the time it rains. If you have spare time, you can enjoy reading in libr~es. There are lots of useful books to read . At home, you watch TV or listen to radio . There are many prpgrams for children or adults. The pollution is becoming bad in Vancouver, so we have to protect the environment and shouldn't forget about the three R's. We should bum less coal, gas and oil which cause a lot of CO2 and ruin the atmosphere . We should also cut down fewer rainforest trees because they can absorb CO2. The lower mainland has plans for the future; for example, to build a Skytrain to Richmond and Coquitlam, modify Lions Gate Bridge or build a new one. People say Vancouveris a really enjoyable place and I agree . Chan-Wan Tang 25 Off The Wall 26 Christmas Day on Christmas Island Almost 1000 miles from anywhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean There are some small islands that give me a notion To spend Christmas there, take a boat_ or a plane , Because you really can't get there by car or by train The main language is the islanders is Gilbertese Most of the islanders are Malayan and Chinese These clumps of coral the Kiritimati Atoll are the Pacific's largest and not too · geologically old The British and Americans would make a mess of things By doing never-ending destructive nuclear bomb testing In the same ocean is the famous well known place called Easter Island But .I'd like to spend Christmas Day on . Christmas Island Once Once you have a lot of money Now you can enjoy more Once you buy an airplane Now you can fly anywhere you want Once you buy a house Now you can think how to decorate it Once you buy a car Now you can go anywhere you want Once you buy a boat Now you can do a lot of sailing Once you have all of the above. Now you be a wealthy person Dwayne McKenzie Stephen Chan Off The Wall Photography Show Review When I was walking around the gallery, I found a favourite picture which is a man sitting on the bench. I chose it because the old man gave me the feeling of amicable. I thought the old man was sitting inside a park, because I have been there before. The old man used a handkerchief to wrap the grapes. He did not waste food. I know that he was a person who is a frugal and kind person. He made me think about my grandfather who died about ten years ago. My grandfather was so kind to me so I still remember him. This park was named in · memory of a great Chinese man, Sun Yat Sen. He was considered "afatherofChina." Every Chinese person knew his name because Chinese schools always taught about his history. This kind of park are all over the world, and the structure and the buildings of all the parks look the same. I chose this photograph because I want to tell about this special kind of park. David Leung eyes, ears, nose and mouth ... etc. All of these organs have their own function, such as eyes to see; ears to hear; a nose to breathe and smell as well as a mouth to speak and eat. In order to protect our heads, we have hair at the top of our heads. We have two hands to do everything. We can also run or walk with our legs. However, the function of all · these organs I mention above will deteriorate gradually when we are getting old. Furthermore, we shall die once our physical body doesn't work anymore. Apart from our physical body, emotions or feelings which are called psychological phenomenon, are also very important to us. We cry when we are sad and we are depressed once we meet the feelings of frustration and discontentment, etc. On the other hand, we laugh when we are happy and we are satisfied when we make a great achievement. Furthermore, we may become angry when we are Dear Alien The 51 if Per5 cl re w al tfi w1 offended. Being cared or loved is important to us, but we don't want to be bothered when we need our privacy. Nevertheless, we may be frightened or even m Although we haven't seen each other, I believe that we. belong to the same ancestor at the beginning of the universe. Therefore, we are relatives. However, our physical appearances may look different from each other because we haven't lived on the same planets from generation to generation. On our planet, Earth, everyone has their own physical structure which is called a body. At the upper part of our body, there is a head which consists of ON the , .. rater --v--, ........_ depression once we are being alone for a long time. You may think how contradictory our human beings are, but this is the truth of our 27 Off The Wall ymotions and feelings. You may be surprised at what I tell you about the human beings. I can tell you something more about the earth where we live in if you would like to know. Similarly, I am very interested in knowing what happens in your planet or how you look like. Would you please let me know in your reply. Looking forward to . hearing from you soon. Your friend from earth, Yvonne Bicycle Dreamin' I wish I could, I wish I would go out and buy A new bicycle I wish I could, I wish I would be able To afford a nice cycle I wish I could, I wish I would, it would Be an 18 speed touring cycle I wish I could, l wish I would own a black and yellow bicycle I wish it could, I wish it would have fenders Lights and knobby tires I wish I could, I wish I would ... Oh well It's out of reach right now. Dwayne McKenzie Noreen and Theresia 28 Off The Wall '· There is no Place Like Home Long time ago I went to another country to see how the people live, and when I was walking along one of the streets. There was this old man with the blood running down his face. I saw a lot more bodies lying on the streets dead some were cut up in pieces it was bad to see lots of other people were there is no place like home where you can go to bed and sleep and don't have to worry about shooting and bombs falling like some other countries. And we are lucky we have no floods and bush fires and the nice homes burning yes we are all lucky, thank God. Albert Anthony Adie Wong and friends at Fireside Holiday ;(, , •;: -~-riad asks us how to spend this holiday Mom wants to travel to Europe Grandfather thinks it will take so many days Grandmother says we could travel to the U.S. My sister says we have been there so many times My brother wants to go skiing My younger sister and brother say we don't know how to ski . My cousin asks me what I want to do I just say, ''I want to sleep.'' David Leung 29 Off The Wall The tree house in my dreams. It was the tallest tree in the forest, it took me many months of looking over the mountainous rangelands, .and forests of British Columbia to find this very special tree. This tree was so tall, _it reached up into the sky, higher then any other tree in the forest. It was high enough to look out over the tallest mountains. This will be my special tree. The tree I build my tree house in. I will b·uild it almost to the top,so that when I am in my tree house I will be able to look out over the mountain tops, and up in to the sky. and. to be able to see the Golden Eagle fly. And to watch as the clouds go floating by. They look so close, I feel as ifl could reach out my hand and touch the sky. I was high enough up in the tree so that the mosquitoes could not get at me. But the birds had no trouble flying up to the top of.the tree. To see what kind of creature that I be. And looking mecover from head to toe, seeing that lwas of no threat to them, they gave me one more distrustful look. And with confidence, puffed out their chest at me, and flew back to their nest up in the tree. And as I sat there in my tree house, I looked all around me, to get familiar with my new home, and to what was going on all around me. That is when I seen and heard the noise, coming from the branches half way down the tree. It was a very angry squirrel looking right at me, I guess that he must think that! am invading his territory and that this is his tree and not mine. And for me to get out of town before sundown. He can make as much noise as he wants to. I am here to stay, so you hear that Mr. Squirrel. No matter where you move to, you will always have at least one grumpy neighbor. As I lay in my sleeping bag looking out at the stars, with the thick green branches all around, to protect me from the wind and rain, like it has protected the tree dwelling animals that lived here for so many years. I lay there in my cozy 30 tree house, the wind slowly rocking me to sleep. It was the best sleep I had in years. All of a suden I heard birds singing. I knew it was morning. And time to wake. For there where a lot of sights to see., and early morning was the best time tQ see them. Now looking ~own to the ground I seen all kinds of sights, like the black b~ ·an:d her two cubs, eating and playing on the ~ountairi side. And not far away mother fox and her two pups making sure that mother bear doesn't see them. High up on the mountain top a herd of big horn sheep, jumping from rock to _rock and dancing around the mountain top without a care in the world. And here and there in the br~ches -of this giant tree, lived four or five families of birds. And in the top of the tree across from me, lived a family of raccoons, looking like bandits with that black stripe across ihe eyes, and sleeping all day, and roaming the forest at night like a gang of thieves looking for something to steal. Oh yes there goes the reputation of the neighborhood with raccoons living in the tree across from me. So with so many interesting neighbors, I will never be alone or lonely. It will be my home away from home. This tree house in the sky. The tree house I am talking about is a dream of course. It is the kid in all of us, to dream of things that we would have done, when we were, oh! so young. The end by Harvey Ducedre Don't See One Minus twenty-four, ''pinching cold'' as my grandmother would say, bless her soul. They should be moving around for another five hours. Off The Wall Called Bernie and asked if all was ready for the morning's events. Checked rifles, - set scopes, filled magazines, sharpened blades, made small lunch, thermos of coffee, filled truck with fuel. We've been here at least twenty times and have always made a kill. · It's really cold. out there. In order to stay warm and not freeze to death . the moose must keep on the move or die a cold death. ·We've reached the place where we pull out our portable bridge to get across to our secret hunting grounds, no one else comes here .or can come here because a bridge is needed and we hide ours when we leave. Tracks are all over, the moose must have had a convention last night. I get out of the truck, to check the tracks. If fresh the snow will tell you. If the tracks are old the snow will be hard packed. If fresh, you should be able to brush the snow away quite easy. Luck is with us I've found some fresh ones. There could have been anywhere from one to five moose stomping around here during the night. You know they were here a long time because some of them laid down, you could see the impression on the snow covered ground. I've chosen my animal I wish to track. Stepping in snow drifts up to the waist can become very trying, you begin to curse the animal for what you're going through but at last you see a dark patch up ahead, you drop to one knee and begin to pan the area still keeping an eye on the dark patch, hoping it gives itself away by moving it's head. You move up for a closer look and the dark patch gives itself away by moving, again we drop to one knee. My brother also spots his prize. Together we know we have maybe four seconds to shoot before these big guys move on. Careful aim is taken, triggers are pulled, animals are down but continue to get up, more shots are fired, animals lay still, now the hard work begins. One must always make sure the moose is surely dead, one kick with those muscle bound legs and you're counting your lucky stars you can still walk. One more shot is fired to the heads of each animal before gutting begins. The moose is pulled over on its back, a cut is made below the rib cage, this cuts loose the insides, and axe is used to cut through the ribs to the throat. The animal's large throat is pulled to make things easier, with one pull heart, lungs, guts are taken out. Once gutted the animal is now sectioned in half, sometimes four, an offering of tobacco is made for the moose. The moose is then hauled back to the truck, at a distance from the truck steam can still be seen .rising from where the animal was killed and gutted. 31 Off The Wall Bull moose are always shot duririg winter months, cows however if carrying calves are left alone, calves a year and more are shot also. The meat is used at the local school and detox center. The hide is saved and used in drum making and such, as little as possible is wasted; I hope this always continues. Ea,rl Morrisseau Freedom For all people who live on earth, freedom is very important. This is what my mother said when I was marri~d in 1950. My mother never went to school, but she was very bright, energetic and kind. In J958 my family emigrated to Hong Kong. My mother went back and forth from home to school with her grandson. She wasn't a student, but my home was near the school. She was very glad when the teacher praised her grandson, saying he was a very good student. My mother often stayed up waiting for her grandsons until they finished their homework. Her grandsons graduated from university and found good jobs very soon after. My mother died in 1980, but her grandsons still remember their grandmother and how she said it was so important for us to be free. 32 In 1989, her grandsons and granddaughters emigrated -- two to . Australia, two to Canada. In 1993, three grandsons and a granddaughter went back to Hong Kong and cried in their grandmother's tomb. Why? ''Grandmother,'' they said, ''We never forgot your teaching. We are free country citizens.'' I. wish for all people on earth to be free· in 1994. David Lo Off The Wall Oh Canada Oh Canada what a great country! stretches from coast to coast Only second to Russia with only ten provinces and not fifty states Rich in all kinds of minerals Gold, silver, diamond and the bread basket of the world A country with all nationalities of the world With different colours and religions Surrounded by two famous oceans Connecting to two different worlds Atlantic to the famous and old Europe and Pacific to the new and you Asia Ismail Ismail Canada Once known as White North, a beautiful landscape unspoiled nature In the far north the nature rules human and animals follow the order of nature ans await a short and delightful summer. The trees are still in abundance; though we have to be vigilant to protect them. The air is still clean and smells nice; though a hazy fog hangs over the city on a hot summer day . The ocean and beaches still clean; though the UV is threatening the sun worshippers. People are most pleasant and nice; although they come from many different cultural and racial backgrounds. The country is dedicated to protect democracy. People enjoy freedoms and human rights Taki Sekikawa 33 Off The Wall C.A.N.A.D.A. Can I really be here, yes lucky me always wondered what it's like to be in some less fortunate country . Not to have, not to live in what I consider the lap of (Canadian) luxury As compared to some other war-ravaged, . drought stricken, famine cursed and poverty-fill society Dispirited by the harshness of their lives, unaware of the freedom that I know And for now I will stay here because I can't afford to go "t ·' .Pw~ne McKenzie . ~ Pink, Plunk Soft snow, white snow Winter is coming! 0ance around, play snowball fights It is time to make snowmen Start with the head, end with the bottom Plunk! Snowball fights are beginning. Now!, Pink, plunk, pink, plunk! What's that sound? It's snowflakes falling down. Stephen Chan 34 Winter Leaves falling from the trees .·. Dreary and grey with a cold breeze · Sitting by the fire to get out of cold places Watching children open presents with smiles on their faces · Time to get hats, scarves and mittens on Everybody wants to play in the snow And learn to ski to show others what they know Wintertime is here again. Stephanie Blais Now and Then Once I was young and reckless Now I'm old and mature.· Once I was in a hot and tropical Africa Now I am in a cold Northwest America Once I was sad and blue . Now I am happy and glad. Once there were spring and summer Now there's chilly and harsh winter Once there was a beautiful Christmas Now is going to be another beautiful Christmas. Ismail Ismail Oh Winter Oh winter, thee come quickly Thou cover the sun and look gloomy Thou sad and blue and rainy We are happy when it'~ sunny But it's shortlived and cold again Accidents happen because streets are icy Depressed people commit suicide because of winter I wish there is no winter yearly And enjoy the beautiful sun of the summer day. Ismail Ismail Off The Wall Winter The snow is falling on the ground My first time to watch this surround Trees of my garden are still brown The little children are playing around It makes me feel like an ice-see person But I am surprised and love this place I hope I could stay here in this season The .snow lets this njght to be peace David Leung Remembering All the dead leaves you never find Because they go with an autumn wind This season is very, very cold In my hand her gift I hold · She went in peace last year -- in winter My eyes are full of tears -- very bitter A Time to Remember Canada geese honking away and being total pests. Marvin Lo Going on another outing today, to some heritage place. · Eating some kind of tortierre meat pie for dinner again. Rain beating down on the window panes again. Cars getting stuck in the snow, may have to stay the night. Cherry blossoms are out again on the trees. Wanting and waiting to go home and see my family. Stephanie Blais What is winter for me? Winter is white when everything is covered with snow Winter nights are light and winter days · are shine Winter is long with cold and winds Winter is short with Christmas and New Year Winter makes me smile when I meet my friends Winter makes me cry when I miss my child I hate winter and I like winter I wish winter comes but I don't like it lasts so long Do Ngoc Lam 35 Off The Wall 36 A woman like you There are times when a woman like you is disguised. There are many times when a woman like you has moods that question their own celebrated relics . A woman like you can be a natural sea on a invisible day or a violent blizzard from an irate heart. A man like me wonders for a little while and then escapes. Leigh Donohue Low Self Esteem I know that a lot of women have low Self Esteem, because they were in abusive relationships or they were sexually abused. Most women have a hard time talking about what happened to them, or their too ashamed to say anything so their Self Esteem has been violated or destroyed. They don't care anymore. I know I gave up for awhile, until Ipame back to the Centre, and talked to a worker, they were all very helpful. I finally got my Self Esteem back. Some women don't get their Self Esteem back. If your on welfare people think your lower than lower can be. They put you down, cause your on welfare. The Volunteer Program helps to bring up their Self Esteem. Charlotte l-lbng Off The Wall S ince we base everything on the constitution in life · Why is it then we put Madonna under the knife Just because she is blunt and pulls off some stunts Doesn't mean we have the right to stick her out front She ent~rtains that's what she does for a living This does not mean she has to be loving and giving \ The provocative acts which she displays Should not be watched if you don't like her ways You have the choice to listen or watch So you have no right to cut her down a notch TV and radio are censored so what she does is legal She is just spreading her wings and soaring, like an eagle People complain she destroys part of the teenagers mind The problem is not Madonna it maybe in the home to find People are always looking for someone to blame Instead of taking responsibility for their own shame If you take away her rights to entertain the way she pleases Then it will be only a matter of time before we all get squeezed If people could think of something to make her kind of money Provocative or not they would bring home the honey Since what she does is legal then she deserves her rights And does not have to cater to anybody its not her fight Unknown 37 Off The Wall A Grief or a Relief She was lovely looking with flawless features. In her early twenties. She had big brown eyes which seemed to look nowhere. She was a woman with no past or future. A woman lost in her thoughts. I didn't know what was wrong with her. But I had seen her chained to the veranda poles every day. She yelled, screamed, spoke to herself, responded to the voices she was hearing. Sometimes, she would sit curled like a dog dying of hunger and be very quiet. Sometimes she would be agitated and violent trying to let herself go free off her chains. Whenever they forgot to chain her to the poles, she would immediately run downtown and run aimlessly, yelling and screaming as if she was chasing some visions. The children of the town were not nice to her. They would call her names and throw stones at her. They would then run away. She would follow them throwing anything she could grab. She would tear off her clothes and run naked. Somebody who recognized her would inform my grandparents. They would then take her away and as usual chain her to the poles. They would put out food for her. Sometimes she ate but never · seemed to enjoy her food. At nights the doors of the house were tightly locked behind her. This was the routine life of my Aunt Yeshu. She was believed to be possessed by evil. There was no remedy. There was no Jesus to chase the evils out of her body. There were and are three believed remedies. She tried them all. She was taken to the river water falls which were named after the saints. The parents would camp there and let her shower twice a day for seven days. There was a story said of 38 a woman who was showering under the heavy water falls of the river and when a snake from the forest around the falls bit her breast died instantly. They said that the saints were mad at her because she was sinful. You have to be sinless to shower under the falls. · My aunt had no sins. The snake didn't bite her. But the seven days shower didn't help her either. Six strong men would tie her legs, hands and around her body. They would hold on to the ends of the rope and throw her into 30 feet deep wells. They believed that the evil spirits would get scared and leave her alone. (I wonder how scared to death she would be.) They tried different wells. But they made her worse and worse. Church grounds are believed to be holy areas. My grandparents went to different churches in the town , villages and across provinces to collect dirt from the holy grounds. They would then add water to the dirt and spray it on her head, face and the rest of her body and let her drink most of it. None of the church ground helped her. We were young and were not allowed to come near to my aunt. It was believed that the evil spirits could pass over to us. My grandparents didn't know what else to do with her. But my aunt, whenever she got the chance, liked to climb heights. She was never scared of heights. One day she climbed an electric pole and touched the wires . She fell down to her death. My grandparents didn't know whether this was a relief or grief. But to me who am in psychiatric institute understand her problems and miss her very much . I feel sorry for her and all the mentally sick people who are back at Off The Wall home and chained to the poles. They are waiting for one day to climb an electric pole and fall to their deaths. There is neither psychiatric hospital nor anti-psychotic medication in my home country. It is all believed that the mentally sick people are possessed by evil and their parents had curse on them. Zerom Seyoum When he takes his medication, Zerom is a valuable member of our society. He is a member of a church organization that ministers to senior citizens residences and has been a chemistry tutor here. Two weeks ago, Zerom learned he will be deported to Somalia. Because of his dependence on medication, this is a death sentence. Zerom therefore attempted suicide. He is now under guard at Riverview. Why can't Canada give sanc-tuary to long term residents? G. Eliot 39 Off The Wall 40 WATCHING TV I was watchin~ tv t}le outer day and th~ ~pie of discµs~ion made i;ne sick. ·Hearing how the inmates are s~ying that they are ~eing treated unfairly. Listen, they are suppo$ed to be there to do time, not be on a vacation. They complain about how their rights are being violated, well how about the rights of the people, and their victims they have violated? They don't think of them. They have made victims of ap of us. We ar~ the ones footing their stay in jail. We have to worry about our safety and well being. We should put t9gether groups to help others who have been hurt by crime. It makes me sick whether I know them directly or indirectly. But I figure most of us have enough to worry about in life than whether, if he/she is getting fair treatment in jail. Just think ofit costs $85 a day to keep 1 person in jail. For a whole year it adds up to about30,600. With this they get a roof over their head, 3 meals a day, gym, weightroom. Movies are rented for them and if possible they have a TV in their room. They live better than most of us. In fact I think the jail puts tlie welfare system to shame. There are a couple things I would like to know. Are they paying for their crimes or are we paying for their vacation? It seems to me that they are getting .everything handed to them on a silver platter, and yet they 'have the gaH to complain, at at the same tithe not mke responsibility for the pain or grief they may have caused others . Lori' felletier Off The Wall Violence and Deaths There has been 83 women killed down in this area, in the past 3 years or less. They have died violent deaths. We just had a march for all the women that were killed in the area. I've seen women come in the centre with their heads kicked in, or have black eyes, broken arms or legs. So we help these women by taking them to the police or to the hospital, or the doctors, or a Transition House. And comfort them. I just thank God that they have a Women's Centre. I got raped and beaten up pretty bad. I was almost dead. And the "f''-ingjerk only got 1 year for that. When he got out, he threatened to kill me. He also raped and beat another woman up, when he got out of jail. He got 1 year for raping her, and got 6 months for threatening me. And you call that justice!! Charlotte Wong Child Apprehension If you don't live in the high class area, you automatically have social services breathing down your back. Right away they will come to your home, even if they don't make an appointment they will still come and invade in your privacy. They make excuses, why you can't look after your own home or child or children. So they have the power to just come and take your child or children. And there's nothing you can do about it. Of course the system will believe the welfare workers. Most child apprehensions happen to Native Women. You don't see them take children from High Class Homes like everyone says (money talks) and if your on Social Assistance, you have no hope in hell, to getting your children back. I know, it has happened to me. They take half your life away when they take your child or children away. Majority of Native Women don't get their children back again. Charlotte Wong The World Around Me I see a statue in front of a building put there by the Municipality ... It probably cost them one hundred thousand or so, and it looks warped and distorted-The Child next door is hungry and hasn't had a proper meal for more than a week. They call this beauty! The corporation across the street is painted beautiful colours. I saw into one of their executive offices and their floors are carpeted with finesse while the furnishing are beautiful, elaborate antiques. They tell us they are running on a deficit and that the public must give them more money to cover their operating costs. They call this fair! Businesses boast of their new technology. As I go to work every day I notice · offices equipping themselves with bigger and better machines. They tell us with pride that one machine can do the work of scores of people-While I see around me more and more people being laid-off from their jobs. Because they have families and others who depend on them to be taken care of. I watch their frustration, anger and violence mount because of their inability to make ends meet. They call this progress! The world of Science and Medicine tell us of all the new and wonderful breakthroughs in our time and compare their abilities to times past. 41 Off The Wall New equipment, discoveries, life saving techniques for a myriad of grave illnesses. Yet, I notice cutbacks in funding, closing and ridding of wards and beds, delayed surgery and unnecessary death, What! Me worry? Medical professionals battling with politicians to prevent these things. Our politicians say - we need the money elsewhere. We need to send our political representatives here, there and everywhere. We need to cover our deficit. They call it healing and compassion! Those in key po~itions in Supplying financing for new subsidy housing keep telling us of their efforts to build and provide housing for the poor. They tell us that they are working on taking care of those who cannot afford a place to live. Yet, I read the other day of how an elderly person with 42 nowhere to live froze to death sleeping on the street - there was no place to call home. They call this hope! Our educators tell us how wonderful the school system is. How they are up-grading and . adding to the beauty of their buildings, installing up-to-date technology so that graduating students will be current when they finally join the real world. Yet, I see cutbacks in school funding, freezes on teacher's salaries, battling over union negotiations-Teachers on strike, and students wondering if they will pass the year when the feuding is over. They call this education! Will we ever learn to live in ~ce, with hope and compassion for everyone? I like to think we could say yes ... Deborah L . Kelly Off The Wall Your Death and Mine . When I was young I used to run Let go my mom's hand, Enjoy the view the natural food Of unpolluted land; Now all has changed been re-arranged And I can't understand, For want of loot why.we pollute What has come over man? Life changes fast the earth won't last Unless we start to care, Let's take a stand for future clans and strive for clearer air; If we each start to do our part The task won't seem so long A wrapper here, a bottle there We'll soon see it's all gone; Life feels so new when skies are blue When grass is fresh and green To be aware and show we care Is up to you, and me. . . Andy Nieman Another Reason For the Game Wrestling is a great show to watch. I've been watching it ever since I was little. · I remember thinking that it was real until people told me. I like watching . it. now because some of the things they do and say are pretty funny. Also, some of the costumes make me laugh. When I first started watching wrestling, my Dad and I would sit there and watch for ' two hours, but whenever they would have the messages for one wrestler from another, I was always muting it, because the way they yell was sometimes so annoying. · Some of the wrest)ers that I remember were: · Andre the Giant, King Kong Bundy, Rowdy Rody Piper, Paul Orndorf, Dusty Rhodes, Jimmy Super Fly Snooka, Rickie "The Dragon" Steamboat, Etc. There were also female wrestlers and midgets as well. I will always remember \\latching the midgets, because they were so cute running around the ring, and I do have to a.dmit tha~ they are also quite fast. But, P!ofessor Budra, seems to think that watching this will be an antidote for peoples confusion: I thinkthat if anything it would cause less confusion, yes, but more violence. The main reason that people watch wrestling is, because they love violence. . 43 Off The Wall Although wrestling isn't real. A lot of people love the feeling of reality. And a lot of people use some of the moves in everyday life to defend themselves, or just in playfighting. But what they don't know is that if the move is not performed properly, they might seriously hurt someone. But, wrestling of fun to watch, because of the action and the way the wrestlers perform for the fans. Personally, I love wrestling. Victoria Thompson Give an Inch and Take a Mile I've alway's been one for unions and the underdog. But fair is fair, the N.H.L.O.A. is outrageous in their demands. · The fans pay to watch the players play the game not the refs, who are asking for sixty percent increase in salary. Commissioner Gary Bettman and Minister of Justice Brian Binke have offered them a thirty-seven percent increase, plus bonu~es and incentives. Which as far as I'm concerned is more than enough. Currently N.H.L. officials earn approximately eighty thousand dollars a year. (That's two and a half hours a day, three to four days a year for only six months.) Bettmans offer would increase their salary to one hundred and twenty- five thousand the first year, then a substantial increase in the next four years leading up to one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars a year. All of this in a day and age when people would kill for a thirty-seven percent raise. Who do they think they are? As it stands both the N.B.A. and the Major League Baseball far exceed the N.H.L. in revenues by countless of millions of dollars. Let the N.H.L. officials insist on being paid equal if not more than their counterparts. So in my opinion they should accept the generous offer and quit whining and get back to officiating the games. Desroches Absolutes soon creep towards temporary prisons Dissatisfied rumours of ownership claim that, ''The politics of politics is nothing more than the Morning discussion group 44 Off The Wall contradictions we find in practical strategies." '' Ah, but look how gracefully they glide across the screen. " Many others say, ' 'I am still trying to understand. '' Where do the bees hum? Does spring ever linger? . We've become bus stops with bank accounts. The air was quite different once. We had curiosity and adventure in our eyes. But now we dream of pensions and expert opinions. Truly, we are deformed. Did we grieve at all? Do the young expect too much? Has materialism slaughtered our dreams? There are many rooms where the wild flowers dance. Dissonance, motivation and change. Today Today I'm gonna do it I've had it up to Here I'-m so pissed off That I could -Scream So that is why I'm gonna go And Kick The Ass Leigh Donohue Of the Biggest Man In· Creation The One Called God Almighty That Bang Will Ring Throughout Creation Echoing through the Spheres Until it finally comes to rest On the pl~ce I like the best For it is attached to Me. Dreamweaver A Little Common Sense Goes Further Faster Than all the Bucks In this World. A Sense of Wonder A Sense of Curiosity A Sense of Amazement Will one Day Be worth more than Money Ernie, Do we need him? Dreamweaver Dreamweaver One day after I'd been a tutor more than a year, I learned the Learning Centre now had a tutor co-ordinator. Hmmmph I thought contemptuously, as if I need a boss to tell me how to teach English or anything else. Someone pointed him out so I could get my ticket sheet signed, and I immediately retracted any negative thought. Tell you why. You see, it always throws me when someone I expect to dislike is pleasant. Not only did he seem very nice, he appeared organized neat and tidy, and time proved he was also punctual. These being some of the qualities I admire and expect from people I had to· admit he seemed ok. Several weeks later we were all assembled for a meeting, and learned he'd been a social worker in Manitoba . God, I thought bliss had descended. _ We can gab for hours about this: our victories, problems, mishaps - good and bad bosses. I too am a social worker (I believe I was born one) and when I had a job in that f!.eld I would pour out my day to my spouse, also a S. W. who would in turn would recount his day to me. 45 Off The Wall Ernie said he used to take his workday home with him too, but he doesn't anymore. No wonder, I found that during those years talking about it made all of us drink more, smoke more, go to the bar more often . I asked Ernie whether he enjoyed his job in the L.C. and got an unqualified "Very much". He's lucky. This way he will not likely develop ulcers and other psychosomatic disorders, nor will he feel the urge for two Zombies on the way home. (That'salllhad, in 1967, and I was not driving). So I hope he stays for a long time. Even though I don't need any instruction in the art of teaching, I have always thought a tutor co-ordinator would be a wise idea. Ernie and I haven't covered much ground, yet; I barely know him. I shall in time . It should prove to be fun. , Jonene Bicket The Final Hour. Every dog who runs every dog who carries lead in his gun into every setting sun. Just think of all the innocent ones you have done . Student Meeting 46 Power corrupts the man. Take a look at Stalin, Hitler, and Saddam. Everyone who runs. Can't escape the evil those men have done. Never in my small imagination Have I seen the likes of you. . Now who are you? What do you think of · · · ~ ' ' . when they lie dead in front of yoti? · · · · ... It's not enough to conquer the world : · · . with revolutions of fire. , The must be dead to ease your mind, and for fill your burning desire. The final hour has come The final hour will come for everyone Jews and Gentiles know, that we shall pry for an answer and hope it implies, that we don't have to question, why good people must die?. Jews and Gentiles know, . of war and peace and all the horror of war shows, apparitions revered. · "'~ Visionaries tells us the time is near, ask me how I know, Children from Mid East, they all know. Saddam Hussein wheres your pride? What would your mother have to say? She wanted you to have the world. You just wanted to blow it all away. Flowers , out there in the field Who will be your d saving .shield? Who will save _you from the ash fall? Tell me is there really any hope ·at all? by Gordon ! :~ .. ~~ :-J~ .,,-.;j' ' Off The Wall A wild beer stew. Broccoli brussel sprouts Bay Leaves ~ 2 types of pepper 1/2 pound of carrots ~ 1/2 pound of potatoes 2 Spanish onions 2 handfuls of garlic sea salt == 4 cups of fruit juice bring to a simmer and then add 6 healthy pieces of chicken. Q Let cook for 1/2 an hour then 1 container of soya chicken . ~ add two cubes of Knorr chicken stock and 1 of beef stock and finally add 1 bottle of beer and 1/2 a cup of de-caf, coffee . Mr.Ed ;..... The vision From across a crowded park ~ my eyes capture your beauty 17J and my heart races ~r Slowly I draw nearer How my lips want to caress you and my tongue ~ How it longs to delve deep inside you and as my hand takes your gentle yet soft frame Q Double vanilla with sprinkles please Summer time and soft ice-cream ~ . A man reduced to childhood delicacies Stanly Park on a Sundawhat can I say Another please. Scribbles 47 ~ ·.·. ~--CARNEGIE ADULT LEARNING CENTRE 3rd Floor, 401 Main St. (at Hastings) Vancouver, BC, V6A 2T7 Phone (604) 665-3013 Fax (604) 684-8442 T.D.D. (604) 665-2257 Hours: Mon. to Fri., 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. A-LL CLASSES FREE The UBC Library and UBC Learning Exchange would like to thank the following participant for his contributions to digitizing this community-generated document: Joseph Sparovec This community-generated work was digitized and deposited to cIRcle, UBC's open access digital repository, as part of the Digitizing Community Memories project of the Making Research Accessible in the Downtown Eastside initiative (MRAi). In collaboration with the UBC Learning Exchange and UBC Library, the project provided training and support for community members in the Downtown Eastside to digitize and make openly available community-generated materials.  This project aimed to increase access to historic Carnegie Centre publications and preserve these unique materials for years to come.  For more information on this project and the UBC Learning Exchange, please visit learningexchange.ubc.ca  October 26, 2017 


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