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Four-hour magazine : a celebration of the Carnegie Centre's sweet sixteen Carnegie Community Centre (Vancouver, B.C.) Feb 21, 2018

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l \, i The Carnegie Learning Centre's I I FOUR-HOUR \ MAGAZINE (fLoJA~i1"rib A Celebration of (\(A ,i'7) ./ -The Carnegie Centre's Sweet Sixteen ca a r :s:cm:cui wa,oo z;;;;;wema. THE CRY FOR FREEDOM I can hear the crying of my peoply, they are crying for the freedom that they once had. As a free people they used to wancler- the? lc.:{nd, fy~,e tc, go any~,,1hf.::>l"E? they wantc?d t,:, g,:,, t,:, be what ever they want to be, they could wake up in the mor-ning, ahd see the Yising sun, or- go to ~ed at night with the stars shining in th£~ moonlit st,~y. But when the weather was bad, the animal skins would be the only roof they would ever see. This was the way they wanted to live, to be one with n,"'ture. They could hunt fish or trap a few furs, any time they felt like it Sometimes they would dan,:e all night long around a blazing - fire, and howl at the moon if they wanted to, it was up ·cc, them. To be freet is to have seen the flight of th~ great bald ~ Eagle, stretching its giant wings in the heavens above, and while he is flying around in the clear blue sky something below caught his eye, he dove towards the ground from out of the sky, down to a c0ld mountain straam, and with his 5harp talons, snatched up a sockeye while still in flight, this catch would be his noon day meal, or the feathered GOD of the sky would just gl i de along 6n the air ,:Lll"rents, and 1,:11::ik d,:,wn up,:,n hi~5 d,:,m,::1i11. The feeling of power, the feeling of f r eedo m, to do as I wish, I want to be free. And this is why my pe o?le cry, they can not break the chains that are holding them back from · the freedom they 1,:,ng fen", Sa their spirit, cries out in pain, and · their hearts are_ heavy with the sadneas of feeling _ abandoned by all mankind~ Some day, all the p~ople will cry out together, that they want to be free, - and all tc,gether with c,ne v,::iice they ji,1ill b(eak _ the chains of inJuatice, and free the peoples spirit so they can fly with the golden Eagles of the sky, and to b& able to look down upon the broken chains, and smile, I am free at last, I am free , my heart is n,:, lc,nger hc,?,:1vy, it is filled with s1.mshine, and my spirit flies with th0 GODS of the skies and I can no longer hear my people cry. I really don,t know native people in Canada very few whites felt the we can only guess what it what it was like to be as free as the ,:,n,::e where. I was b,:,rn a white man and same freedom as the native people felt -..Jas 1 i ke • E<y Harvey DLJcedr e. ., ,. -, ' \ \ ,· ...... ~---~ '\ ·--..... 0 y Well here I am once again, sitting at one of the many work tables in t h e Carnegie Learning Center on it's 16TH ANNIVERSARY, trying to put so~e thoughts I down on paper. So with pen in hand I don't know if I still can, write th e way . I they taught me to,especially now, can I keep up with the new age writers of i this century. 1 Am I to old to - k~Jtp · up with al 1 the new technology of our youth. - I d on't know whether to laug~ or cry when I look at all the changes that ha v e taken place in the Learning Center,with &11 these new modern day computers all over the place. I don't know if it's good or bad but if worst, comes to worst, I still have my pen.but as far as the renovations are conc~rned they look great. You see my mind is stuck in the past, writing about thing in the past and doing things the old fashioned way, writing with a pe .ncil or ·pen on paper wi t 0h my trusty WEBSTERS DICTIONARY by my side. and when it is all written, I get out my old Typewriter and rewrite the whole piece. Being - away from the Learning Center for nine months no w, I wonder, have I lost all of my_;creativity, my imgination, in this new world of e :lect r onic, ' data processin~. '! Does these ~achines compute all of our thoughts, does it also have imgination, can it write new and old age litterateur. Does it also have an electronic soul, so that it can p ut feelings ' into the way it processes it's data. By God I don't think so, there has not, been a computer made in any century (as of yet,) that can write with feelings,and knows how to put your heart and soul into your writing. For these machines are made of c o ld hard steel and have no heart or feelings. But the cold n-on feeling machines can help a writer in many ways, but · yet t h writer will always be the brains, behind the mechanical brain. ,. G' I would like to take time out from all these thoughts of being intimidated 0 by these so called soperior mechanical brains,to congratulate the Carnegie Learning Center on it 16TH ANNIVERSARY, and heres hoping t _J:i_at there will be another 16 years to look forward to, as far as the people working or don~ting their time, that is the people that I know by working wi t h them and them working with me are the best as far as I am concerned ,This City is lucky to have such peo p le working for them. // · 7-/,. ___ ~' /,,,---£~ J ~4i ?VI~ ~ / &-~~ -h fa,/~~-_( J'i (-1 c+-"{) UJ :r. \-c0 a\-' cL -<( 2--~! /fie Mcur·A o0 c~ I . I .... 5-roP f)[e_t:_ /,rvg vN ifiC RfSiD~TS OF; I . i~-ft__: Vou5'~Jo(J:j\/ (;!AS/StbEo Sf oP 5P/?EHDING- YouR. L( e_j \JJe f)tE Ntir Dut-t~~/ Ato f/ol!Cs! 1)RU9 Dc/f LER~ omd W~-to!~ C{-{EftfS/ (t:uc R~fpeJr ' . ' ' q 1 ·'i or THt: lliWJ:V mwN cnSrs:(rJc vo~lT ' -~ itiESE IHTN'G-S/ IF' ~u uftNtl) YouR EY r;s Noke· Af11J L Ooke:D ~R1713e T4 ft/\l !H e EA_itJ of' 16uR Nvsc Yo Ll l(/OVW ~EE THE: TRUl/l l)l/f-. /J£E G000 ~/oY)ES:T; ?EoPl t ' VJ Ho TAte ?RibE X:N I I T~ IEit car0r1uNlr(o You )\/E\J~f(G(VE -- I I l/S (4 FAik Cf-tANcE, Wt-fr;JV \iu., l-!4Cf l\)E G-fi -r/uc STok(-e-s,,' UT' TN coif½€ ;. ' Pss\s-rA Nffi -FRl!UD O{<_ 'Dru9 Ov<2rdoses lf-/F-; / I fESt ~O°'-'lb -1, S {Ale WJuJ?. Q/JMeR,JK flf\JZ) COf'-LE I"Nm oufc rve-rGHf]ow l-looD !NL /N1AkE us our ro f?e_ THE 0NcY 'PE.e>p;_c-_ \rQ Lb :,1µ s m IN Gs/ r f hrtp /R rtS cl( ( (!Ju er +IM ct TY /4Alb At~ c o ve~ Tl/0 Cu u J1rR Y Fe r2 TUA r f-14 rrcf<._ I We NEl1 ft SEE YocL ANYw~lere r!Ls E wr /16/_e To RE PO~T 1)/scrrn/,~dor:'j ·· 13uc.L s~ rro1 B~ FlirR AND f1/J;J&E We .wxLL s :op 8EirVQ s:o /WGeY j Q_J -ia OTHtf NQ.(9kb)LKl'10<0ds f!f\lb i 'I:ra ~r-8e, S!H~E \<~0D:T1N9 Oifc &f-f-er· Jv/+ _ I ,: S\t)f' I HtS-NQcylT(Vc. RAP l--\ OG-c f f-lE~ // ! o(; r< (JV a r< t j) .. ·. c;;-0-1"-J 5' I , I I , Jcv7r, o. f?. a Rcnuvve-e_ ..; - _~ · ; 9 , ~JU d,:i J ~li r~ d kl,dj, . hn ~ ;tc-z ,V}i_ a,;u:/ . .,d,dAP ~ / ;,14d-':': ktQL , ~<£ Jwvd a"t-2' eufZ -f ~ - 4//J~ . ;;tL/L,C j ~ · _,deMt-~ -c: k L9 ~ -·· /u3/z__ vl, -· ~ - a~d ~ -j :;·, ::i,: ,. /, :~· ., ,' i . I --1 /1.;c- END -I -7/4 (LT{ ~ ,~-14-' /5c;J-<>~ _,L, _;fi, /4"~ _(?A,i;;_: .fle d~ l/4/2? V'~ P/-Zj;-A'-1:aru_,,,:, ,/,J/_Ju,,d,-1,,uv ;tL :J AJ)Z,t~ , I /4 c.£;a/4 d0t!~ t ard cLr~.,,_,_, ,k; -~ ?'~~ril. 7/4_ ,/to~~ vj ;li;u,v__~ C/li:l£-!~ fhv,L/ - - -1 /L;:-/-z:lm<~ v'JA.. - t.U ,M7,d,,~v.,.~ t1 ' (._/'} I I, 7-:;;:::, ( /f 6/Z ,-ft,[} _L, .. ,-J'7( Ce_, 'f' /i_,/17 / C-- LJ? /z_t:.Qf'- -0 (/_/ a/;;z_. d~ cU~-;JaLb~-r'/14~ ft~~-/4,JZ)n-1,-- /, ''c, ; /77 4"-<::.fv ,i~ L< /,t.,,-- /'~ .-t'-cJh--' '~ /,<0 //,,'. -/;- fa,,<.,,_ ,,,~_ o-t'L -~ «~..Je. -6-f'£'-7V Jo..J ~;) r--~..-01 cc .Lt__ ,/__xe7 ,,u</Y] t c:f: 'k.4n<>-.. /~-;€rd---' ,,,,4- .?w-/'-z.., - m ~L--z _ C--aAfl ,,£6-. U.J('J(>~ N'? -0,..--t',2-L,~ · U/e_ /UU>r1-I --/2,ff~ _µ~ft ~ -fa~-lu,_,,.,__ /!,;__tz_ · /J bfl-'-e. J{ll~ ,U..f:v L~- d ief,; . . I -·??o-i';- P7 £/~ z;.x::; ' u./~ ,lfi';J'-#-'-/2~-e. . &z;: ,zt:---..,~ -~ £...t; , n ~- ,£-12 -0-,.., ~r. ;:;;I'? /021/.L'-55 1 .J /20 . .eJ'e_. lo - k (f' ~"t..-)<L'/? · £J .a,,--,.( /ze..s s &/9....Jt'n:k M~ ~-':J, _,/~ ' kJ ;f ...& dJ;,,z_.e_ . I.U~ /t,2, ...f 01~ "Z..... -~A,_c_.( / _:: •. ?: -/ ,· ~:___. 0y~ -- ~d...J /_.,j-'(--e-£ .,,-d_ .r?-f'{<:12 .J I \) JA -i Do '( 0u Dd · uJH&r0 y ourlc-13 I . Qml.,~7(.l ,1"- ·{:_c~~ ..N-~ 1¾ it-pp;u..e~ '""J~:e Cn_;vru_3ic ~_AA-, • . ·: · ..,, •' .... :\( ~} . . . ~" '-"-'* -*l~ .,o:U..A . L1r~ _u~ __;""° ~~c't.~ /4fud,. J2._ Jv:u_.~ -:tr 4 ~~tu.~ Ar ...clc- _j\- ..cu~ -.el,- ....'.ii- -.,M., ~ . ~- ~ · UJc,-wid 1 4 Jl~ 1 ..I.A.~•~ . ··~ '.) . \ r~t 4+ -*'"- . 4 - ... <A ~. ~+ .:4 .A..LJL.4-r -<t6 ~\ . ''- __c o..,v~ _clc-~+ () . 1 · A 0 (5 ' -- --- , ...)L.. 0 THANKS TO MY BEST FRIEND I Why thanks to my best friend? ,~well ~it's very easy the year is starting and people forget to thanks the Lord for many things, I saw a blind guy trying to cross the street and I said thanks Lord because I have 2 eyes and I can recognize the colors, then I stoped with a deaf and mute boy and I said thanks Lord because even that my English is not very good I can talk and heard the sounds that surround me, but through the days I saw people who can't walk, who can't discern aboutlife and things, who can't feel love and once again I said thank you Lord for make me walk, for make me flavor and taste life, for make me recognize beetween light and dark, but specially thank you Lord for make me feel that precious gift, that gift that was the reason for what Jesus died in the cross, thank you Lord for the Love and thank you Lord for being you my sweetest peace, my sweetest love, my loving Father and my best friend. Renato Rivera Jan. 20th. 1996 .-[f'\f"t'y Wet Cq {\ \ es/t- -Ga_l bQ~C h,o rt \ ~( rL S S Oauvr1 cJ(L c; T f,cc:: T 8({ Us () --1 G l(\S rz..._v e r--'i \.,J h e r--e C( v\ D-1 C( 1_{l __ 1-f q~f; 115 s- q "j Mq ri H~ every one hope you day has been a good one you'll never have it again. I am just writing a few lines to say. It's Carnegie's Anniversity, - lots of peop l e lots of fun lots of f u n. I really think the people in white look sharp, crisp and very neat. People are on the move, keeping their going, "on to the next step so 'to speak. I've been in as a -- computer monitor all this week but for today I've been arranging articles for OFF THE WALL, the student newspaper. · More fun than a barrel of monkeys. Come and see me soon maybe I just might be able to help you with something that you just got to get wr i tten. i I Since I went to Carnegie Adult Learning Centre I got to know my I money because before that I didn't know how much to give to the ' i i cashier but now I know how much to spend for apples and other things --~-_,__-;·. _:__;_,.. thanks to the Tutors they do a very good job for all of us. And I started about nine or ten years after I lost my mother we used to come by the Centre and we didn't know anything about the Carriegie -Scliool then when I came there were two women that helped me one __ was a English woman and_ the other one was a nice one and they used to get me to put my money on the table and count It like this 10 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90. and if I had three quarters that would be 95c -fl-a-AJ€.._  and if I five dollars and two more would be 7 dollars and I have to get three quarters and two dimes and four pennies that would be 99c so that is why I'm smart with my money and with the help from the Tutors that we have today. So thank you Carnegie Learn ing Centre and happy birthday. Albert Anthony. 1(0 _,,. fl I tt ;;d~ ~: I . ~~J_ ~nJ:t. _Q. Jn~ ~1 - :: .• .=. -::~ .... -.~ 17-' . - ..LOv'U.:"-9 ~i,.__ .:;ti-"'-"'---1-. -t ,,-. I J ~, ..,<:.~"tv, . ~dl°-°_ ,A ~\.J~ -G,_;:tu_ -A~ I -.d'- ~-u..,~ .· . A~ -b-F~_.:~4~~-.~ ~/4!- u--~ ~Z,d I ' .. ,.' N Ii 1>Jt < ~,/'/-.A hO w I>.\./ wt I) de~pO.i( <.\ r e rJ ''> ? f ' - I -ii 'J i 1.., f... " ·l~ 0i II '\\,HV \/\Vl' lflC\ppicA II'"\ w o(d i j - J -'.'.";"; ., 2 · ·· .•. : ~.,. , .•. ,,-. ·y.--.· , , t .. . · :.a. · 7 • ., .. ·-:z.~~~.0.:. ._.:;_-.,~·~:.i.:'':,j. _j:~·-,;; 13 06 b,Y 5 wea.f 13oUJ t for m7 dea.r bro -ti, r:'I' w /1 o f os s eel a ll)O./ rec.enfly I here is o. l,ite harse !'or, you ·to rtde ;01'1 your 11eu,1 J;urnel-__ , . .,_,"'_ _ s · {eV-. ,s -L ve , c-_---I -----~, -_·_ , ,· • 0 'I( IC K 1f. '/-iJ \' ~--< ; \ 'f-0 0 0 0 ~-' . r V · ' u \\\\ _-, ____ \ \\ \ ''--. . \ . \\, ·, "'-', , .. i '\ ~, r\~ . 1 ~? ' J-. ,J + y1 /:vlcls . 5 (tr , ec, l fYl I . GoJ I . . I . . 1 r(i. (). S , rte. if ,o.y5 i}J I , -(> 20 f -)-r"\ . LOUvo / ) . ;. ) ( / \ . WJL ut-Vu /J/4L1v1,~ r ,"YJ/ M C-vr ... )_ /-) - ')' ~- .Jc.-r,J J / }1~ J/l J f/4J-l'c;} cJi :/ . . (/ cV J.- AA,c,,-{~-;J . -. ·--ff~'?'/; Cl~ t~ Ur-a/2_1 . Jl\i'--l~. . leun c..._ ' · Gr1Jt )t,<,11\.(/) _£r;t_~wJ tL .. I --- I _J AN 2.(: ) / 99C --r / ,::) ''IO Love ui:::1:3 ---n-11<.01J..Gu LAf30uR.. 1s 10 . / . ' i/ I N-r lf.f\ A-rt;;' /,J trn LI~ Ei S IN N'(3;€ /l10S'{ St;:;qtcET' - )CAI-IL(/~"-'· -.-G i/3/ctJJJ ..:, /Hr;: RvoPf(e T ~£' s-rAt=r- Al CA;(!,A.)~6 1/;: Sfi'l:3'/V'c lo t i A.V~ 1-'0LWD T/-(!..S S'~CRJE1 · A1JD S-1-fAIC~D --,Y bJttH - YHO~E' - O~ ()..S {;JffO Al6€D 11 PtOST, ~<M~ TH/iT' ,;;_ A/. -'l G~.-A7bJ:.;LJ.l _· - 1 i fv\ D/:'~ltv~LL -\ . "'(J \;J - },. . '-'.h.L «'-CJ iJ ~~\¾ ~~CJ flG.tiJIN G !='OR C;O N\MUN/Tf , q // -_ , __ .,..~ > I \ . ·'- -- - -' / , ' I • ."fL; ' 11( \,f,,. ~. ..I I': 'it -.-"---.._ ··--·-r""'~· The UBC Library and UBC Learning Exchange would like to thank the following participant for his contributions to digitizing this community-generated document: Joseph Sparovec This community-generated work was digitized and deposited to cIRcle, UBC's open access digital repository, as part of the Digitizing Community Memories project of the Making Research Accessible in the Downtown Eastside initiative (MRAi). In collaboration with the UBC Learning Exchange and UBC Library, the project provided training and support for community members in the Downtown Eastside to digitize and make openly available community-generated materials.  This project aimed to increase access to historic Carnegie Centre publications and preserve these unique materials for years to come.  For more information on this project and the UBC Learning Exchange, please visit learningexchange.ubc.ca  September 13, 2017 


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