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Carnegie focus, no. 1 Carnegie Community Centre (Vancouver, B.C.) Jan 31, 1987

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/t i ft-__·cc-===-@_rr_O'tl_~....£~:::'.-n_®_f_:c_:o_c_LS _ 1 ~_~ ·~· Cacne;ic Centre is Car.ada ' s most s ucce~sful com~uni~y centre . The concerns, problems , ambitions and tape for a better future - increaseC fundin~ a n d 9rograms/ services - need to be looked at and talked about . Plans o f action must be mada and started no~ . Carnegie members have some im~ortant decisions to make. Who should run Carnegie? The Par ks Board is considering tak ing over, but members have said that they much ~refer a plan including Parks, Libraries, Social Planning, School aoard and the Carnegie Association. City Hall wi ll ma~e the final decisio n, so how do we convince the Council? Who to see, what p~an...! c ompos e d t-lith whom a nd ·,;i:th i•h ich people / ag_encies? City Hall is ta l k ing about ''re - allocating '' money. How d o we ensure that Carnegie can maintain its standards ar.d increase its services? Oppenheime r Park. Summer is coming and the kids i n the D~wn town Eastside are looking f o rwa r d to outdoor play . How do we g et them the pcograms that they need ? Mor~ money is needed for our programs and the success o f the Star Bingo events is a beginning . tvho, wha t, when, wher~ a nd why of fund -raising. Vo lunteers are the life - blood of Carnegie . How can j ob-trainin,; and the need for more volunteers and :.,ror !.:: be me t ? We mus t speak with a s trong, un i ted voice if ¥e are to solve these and other problems . Help keep our Spirit Alive! Friends of Carnegi e Use r s ' Society ( FOCUS) is an independe n t g r oup of members who ~ant to help through discussion of issues and b y taking action to solve our problems . Among those who initiated this meeting are : Willis S haparia , 3ill Deacon, Muggs Sigurgeirson, Conrad Eberle, Kevin Mc Gee and Paul Taylor . ~[~fi?DrII® zl~G::i'.1 §QIJrJ!J@l&W @!:.312!;?.GD~iJ ~IB@TIIB~1S1~ ~ /Ill kle/come , FREE Coffee --


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