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Benzaiten Shrine (Benzaitensha 辯財天社) on temple precincts Keller, Matthew P.


[1] Small shrine for Benzaiten 辯財天 on the temple grounds of Miidera. The goddess is variously known for her patronage of music and war. She is often associated with serpents and rice. Sign next to the shrine states that it was built in 1683 (Tenwa 3 天和三年). [2] This sign reads, "The main deity, Benzaiten, as an eight-armed image holds an halberd, sword, axe, pestle, iron wheel, rope, bow, and arrow. She is a goddess who brings together the arts and knowledge, even of the speech of dragons. Also, people from long ago have worshiped her as a goddess who brings together riches without end, increases people's fortune and wisdom, and causes them to gain long life and treasures."

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