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Plaque in front of Hoshimine Inari shrine Keller, Matthew P.


Image taken at: Hoshimine Shrine. This plaque explains that Dakiniten saves all beings of the Six Realms as the bodhisattva Shinko ou ("Celestial Fox King" 辰狐王). The text then goes on to say that long ago Dakiniten took the form of a white snow fox and came to this place at Enryakuji. It is said she purified the sins and pollution of all people and gave them happiness and prosperity. The belief in her among the aristocrats became strong and there were many signs of the efficacy of their prayers. It is appropriate to pray to Dakiniten for success in business, the family, and in one's personal life. Stories like the Kokonchomonjū 古今著聞集 and the Genpei jōsuiki 源平盛衰記 tell of famous aristocrats performing rituals for Dakiniten.

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