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Carnegie focus, no. 3 Carnegie Community Centre (Vancouver, B.C.) Feb 28, 1987

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CC@irITTl®~il® f (lCUS --------pi-e-~- , '»-1---~-,-J"""". -You're Invited! FRIENDS OF CARNEGIE USERS SOCIETY Focus INVITES YOU TO A PUBLIC MEETING TO HELP PLAN CARNEGIE"S FUTURE. Over $700,000 will be spent on. renovations to Carnegie. What parts should be expanded or improved'? MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! SUNDAY~ 7lJOAY, 7He CRJJ5H 15 ON. All 7H£ YUPS IAJ4fJT IN, ii,.,: · 8IJT TH£ ARL:A'.5 5Tlll. ,,~ INFl357W WITH aP NE-/GH- ,L~ .. 80f!HCKXJ 7YPES WHO JlJ5T ~ - - IIJ(,tT /J(J[)(jf, ! ~ if~ We have a very important topic to discuss at the March meeting of FOCUS. It involves MONEY - and how to spend it at Carnegie. Last fall, city voters approved $700,000 to be spent at Carnegie for renova-tions. There are many areas in the building that are over-crowded . , but to expand them would mean reducing others. What areas should be expanded or improved? Can we get more programs in the same space if we redesign the building? These are important quest-ions for the future of the Carnegie Centre. If we, the users of Carnegie, don't help make the decisions, then they will be made for us. Corne to the meeting Sunday, March 1, and give your ideas. We will also be discussing other topics, including: * How to make CRAB Beach more accessible to the disabled. * Are knives making our streets too dangerou s ? * If Carnegie were open past midnight, what programs could we have? Things are starting to look up for Carnegie Centre and the people who use it. On Feb.1, more than 100 Carnegie people attended a meeting called by FOCUS to plan some positive changes for this Centre. It was, an impressive meeting and since then, many things have happened: pork boora * On Feb.9, a FOCUS delegation went to the Parks Board to in-sist that the community have a say in the planning of the new Oppenheimer Field House. We were backed up by letters from the Downtown Eastside Youth Activities Society, First Unite Social Housing, Carnegie Com-munity Centre Association, Four Sisters' Co-op, B.C. Coalition of the Disabled, Downtown Eastside Women's Centre and the owner of the Regent and Astoria hotels. Mr Kondroski of the Parks Board said yes! The Downtown Eastside Parks Planning Comm-ittee can help plan the field house. Any group or individ -ual can participate ; just get in touch with Moon Yee at Four Sisters (682-0931) or Bill Deacon in the Learn-ing Centre in Ca rnegie. city hall * On-Feb.12, FOCUS went to City Hall to address Al<l. Carole Taylor's Neighbourhood Cultural and Community Servi-ces Committee. Citing counts and numbers with the human views shared by us, Bill Deacon made a pitch for longer hours and more staff and security for Carnegie, telling them that if we were open later it would actually save them money, since the crime rate on the streets would go down. (Police agree that Car-negie provides a safe refuge). Also, Carnegie volunteers work the equivalent of $200,000 a year at minimum wage, so the City is getting a real bargain. Bill mentioned that the vast majority at the FOCUS want to stay under Social Planning un-til a five-part agreement is finalized. Our appeal was from the heart and the Commi-ttee seemed pleased by its being to the point and indepth. Bill spoke warmly of the dedi-cation and rapport that Nancy Jennings brings to the Centre and her job as Director. There were smiles around the table when Sheila Baxter said that ifancy deserves a lot of credit for the great she does! The motion brought at the con-clusion was to accept the FOCUS delegation's presentation with thanks. This means that FOCUS is now recognised by City llall as having a valid voice to speak on behalf of Carnegie Community Centre. ..,._,..- d O V [ wRONC:4 ATTITUDE J * On Feb.17, both Carole Taylor and Janet Fraser, th~ mayor's assistant, came by in-vitation of FOCUS to 'walk and talk' through Carnegie. Paul Taylor and Sheila Baxter and her grandaughter, Lea Daisy, started on the first floor showing the ladies the library and lounges. Ms. Fraser laughingly pro-tested the '40.years and over' sign on the Seniors' door, admitting that she was over 40 but couldn't yet think of her-self as a senior citizen. On the second floor, Ms. Taylor asked about the use of the gym and Paul mentioned the planned renovations. Ideas of a separate sports facility in the downtown eastside - a gym, weightroom, sauna, pool and showers - set her thinking. On the third floor the art in the gallery was especially colourful. In the Learning Centre, both ladies listened as Linda Forsythe spoke of the creativity and fun involv-ing tutors and students .. also of her work in literacy pro-jects in prisons. The difficulty with attempts to change hiring procedures was talked about, and Ms. Fraser thanked us for clari-fying. She mentioned a letter from the president of the Association that she couldn't understand. Both ladies said that our best interests would be served by staying under Social Planning until the hoped~for five part arrangement is made. Things are looking up!! All this is a good start. But we must think of more ways of explaining Carnegie's uni-queness to the powers-th~t-be. Right now, they are looking at all city expenditures to de-cide what needs to be increa-sed and what cut back. We have to convince them that the Downtown Eastside is a prior-ity need. 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111mmmmm11111111m11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 \.:.o.w .• WOMEN ON WELFARE Fe are a group of women who working together for better reforms to welfare. We believe in our own individuality; how-ever, we have a common input. We have no political, sexual or racial prejudices: EVERY woman is welcome. We do n~t accept or give abuse. We try to give each other moral sup-port and be non-judgemental. We try for a consensus on iss-ues or have a democratic vote. We believe in the abolishment of poverty and in the distrib-ution of information, Also, all work on W.O.W. is done by Volunteers. We meet every Thursday at 217 Main Street from 3:00pm-3:30pm. For more information contact the followin~ people at 681-8400: Beverly Stebner;Chairperson Sheila Baxter;Facilitator Cora Case;Sccretary CARNEGII: DIDN'T JUST IIAPPEN ALONG LIKE SOME FLOWER-GIRL IN THE BEER PARLUUI< SMfLlNG & SELLING TEDDY BEARS. YEARS OF HARD WO~K WENT INTO FORCING POLITICAL DRAGONS TO GIVE UP DREAMING ABOUT BUSINESS MEN'S CLUBS l PARKING LOTS. YEARS OF HARD WORK -TO TURN THIS STONE BUILDING INTO SOMETIIING LIKE SUNRISE. DAY BY DAY· YEAR BY YEAR MAKING IT HAPPEN DOWN HERE • . I DON ' T KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE COME & GO. - . OR HOW MA~ HOURS VOLUNTEERS WORK TO GET THINGS DONE, OR WHO'S RESPONSIBLE FOR l'/HAT BECAUSE MY MIND DOESN'T WORK -THAT WAY. BUT WE ALL TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS ~IORE OR LESS, WE ALL JOIN HANDS S.OONER OR LATER. DAY BY DAY • YEAR BY YE,\R MAKING IT IIAPPEN DOWN HERE. A CENTRE LIKE THIS IS SOMETHING THAT HOLDS THE OUTSIDE TOGETIIER A CIRCLE OF SAFETY . A POINT OF COMMUNICATION FOR ANYONE - EVERYONE, YOUNG OR OLD, SMART OR DUMB, CLEAN OR DIRTY , SANE OR CRAZY . WHERE ELSE COULD LIFETIMES LIKE THESE GET LIVED TOGETHER? EVEN WIIEN [T'S ONLY SIIARING TOBACCO & SPARE CHANG!.: ON TIIE SECOND FLOOR, READING TIIE NEWSPAPER ON THE FlRST FLOOR, PLAYING A GUITAR ON THE THIRfi FLOOR, IN TIIE TIIEATRE • ON THE STAIRWAY, LEARNING TO LISTEN TO SEE EACII OTIIER, TO RH1EMI3ER THE NANES & FACES OF REAL PEOPLE IN A REAL NEIGHBOURHOOD. DAY BY DAY · YEARBY YEAR. NO PLACE CAN 13E HEAVIER THAN HERE. NO PLACE CAN BE LIGHTER . AT THE CENTRE OF VANCOUVER , s BASE~!ENT cmtMUNITY' ·· ~HE STREETSIGNS , BARS, 6 BORING HOTEL CORRIDORS ALMOST DISAPPEAR. EVEN TllE COPS IIAVE TO BE POLITE WHEN TliEY COME IN IIERE. PEOPLE AGREE TO RESPECT ONE ANOTIIER • BUT THAT DOESN'T STOP THEM FROM SPEAKING THEIR MINDS. MAYBE YOU'D BE SURPRISED 1'/Hi\T'S ON PEOPLE'S 1-!INDS THESE Di\YS -TIIE NEWSPAPERS COULDN'T PRINT IT, COULON' T EVE!'! TELL TIIE MIOLE STORY. TIIERE' S NO OTHER CO~IMUNITY CENTRE WIIERE YOU'RE WAITING TO GET IN OH TIIE STREET AS SOON AS TliE DOOR OPENS EVERY DAY. NO OTHER COMMUNITY CENTRE TO SOMETHING LIKE TIIE DOWNTOWN. EJ\STSIDE . NO OTHER COMMUNITY BUILDING A SPACESHIP LIKE CARNEGIE -FULL OF BLACKSHEEP, ALI ENS IN A NE IGflBOURHOOD OF ALI ENS, A FAMILY OF ALIENS LEARNING TO TRUST O~'= ANOTHER, TO REMEMBER WHO WE ARE -MIO WE ALWAYS WERE, AT TIIE IIE ,\RT OF A CO~IJ\IUNITY. -rJIC: C:XPERIENCE OF JUST OPC:NING TIIE DOOR FOR C:VC:RY NEW PERSON 11110 WALKS IN OFF TIIE STREC:T IHTll ,\ TRUST IN SOBER SURVCVAL. SURVIVAL OF SOCIAL DISASTER, SURVIVAL OP PC:RSONAL TRAGEDY, SURVIVAL or- CHANGES L[KE EXPO & RESTRAINT, SllRV IVAL 01: URB,\N REDEVELOPMENT -WHERE TIIEY TRY TO IHPE OUT YOUR· PC:RSONAL 11.r'STORY & REPLACE IT l'IITII A,, ANSh'ERING SERVICE. h'C: :\R[; TllE PEOPLE - DAY BY DAY Y[;,\R BY Yl!AR - \\'E ARE TIIE PEOPLE 1-1,\KI~G IT HAPPENDO\\'N llcRc. REMEMBERING TO KEEP THE TRADITIONS OF STREET SURVIVAL ALIVE -TIIE TRADITIONS or, DOWN TO EARTH CHARACTcRS, LI KE TIIE REALITY OF EVcR\'ONE WIIO WALKS TIIROUGII THE DOOR, EVC:RYONE WHO KNOWS TIIEY' RE SIIARING SmlETIIING REAL IN AN UNREAL WORLD. YOU WANT TO BUILD A NEW WORLD Tll1\T WILL FIRE TllE IMAGINATION & r-REE TIIE HEARTS OF YOUR Cll ILDREN? BUILD [T AROUND SOMETHING SOLID, • 50~1 ETII ING REAL, LIKc TIIU CARNC:GIE CcNTRE, LIKE TIIE LEARNING CENTRE, . LIKE; I\KING UP WITll STEADY IIANDS • WITll COHEE & CONMUNICATION IN Tl!E CABARET ON TUESDAYS, WITll ' POLITICS & PAINT & WOODWORK IN TIIE BASEMENT, :-tUSIC AND TECHNICAL SKILLS, READING AND WRITING ON Tile TOP FLOOR -WITll IIEALING ENCOUNTcRS, F.-\SCINATING CllARACHRS, CRAZY CONTRASTS, GROWING STRONG l:OR SURVIVAL. STRONGER THAN THE h'ELFARE FREcZE. STRONGER THAN BOOZE. STRONGER TIIAN THE RENT INCREASr: . STRONGER THAN TIIE STREETr-RONT, WITH COMMERCIAL CLAh'S. AT THE CENTRE WE'RE BUILDrnG AN ALTERNATIVE TO LIVING ALO!\E. AT THE CENTRE \'IE' RE ~l,\KING A SUCCESS OUT OF FAILURE. DAY BY DAY - YEAR BY YEAR GROWING UP ALL OVER AGAIN 1-L.\KING IT HAPPEN DONN HERE. FROM THE ,\Sl!ES OF YESTERDAY'S TRAGEDY BURNING' IN THE STREETS -CLIMBING OUT OF THE DARK, TllE LOSER'S SCUL IS REACHING FOR SOMETHING THAT'S SO CLOSE IT' S ALREADY 1Q_OMING~ TRUE., DAY BY DAY • YEAR B'i YEAR. EVERYONE SAYS SOI-IET!IING' S HAPPEN DIG DO\,;N l!ERE -EVERYO~E' S GOT THEIR 01\7'/ I DEA ABOUT MIAT' S HAPPENING TOO. BUT CARNEGIE'S GOT SO~IE KIND OF MAGIC WITll PEOPLE MAKING IT ll.\PPEN, DAY B'i DAY - YEAR B'i YE:\R, . MAKING IT HAPPEN DOI,~ . HERE. TORA The UBC Library and UBC Learning Exchange would like to thank the following participant for his contributions to digitizing this community-generated document: Wilson Liang This community-generated work was digitized and deposited to cIRcle, UBC's open access digital repository, as part of the Digitizing Community Memories project of the Making Research Accessible in the Downtown Eastside initiative (MRAi). In collaboration with the UBC Learning Exchange and UBC Library, the project provided training and support for community members in the Downtown Eastside to digitize and make openly available community-generated materials.  This project aimed to increase access to historic Carnegie Centre publications and preserve these unique materials for years to come.  For more information on this project and the UBC Learning Exchange, please visit learningexchange.ubc.ca  November 30, 2017 


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