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Carnegie writer's spring/summer, 1997 edition Carnegie Learning Centre (Vancouver, B.C.) 1997

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CARNEGIE WRITER'S SPRING/SUMMER 1997 EDITION These writings are not an exercise in spelling and grammar -They are unedited written thoughts from Carnegie Writers. We all have different voices. We are unique individuals. We thank the Carnegie Association for funding the printing of this book, and the hospitality of the Learning Centre. signed CARNEGIE WRITER'S GROUP My greatest gift I received this mornin < is the gift of life. VISION QUEST Vision is more than what it seems -It's past, future and what's in between It gives you answers thru your dr_eams and tells you what those messages mean It helps use words to paint a scene to make ideas so crisp and clean and through it all there is a gleam of a future that's not quite so lean RW Cherokee decent Yesterday is gone Today is reality Tomorrow is a Mystery Terry Flamond Terry Flamond WEIGHT GAINED WEIGHT LOST MAYBE WHEN I STOPPED SMOKING~MANY YEARS AGO by James RoadKnight At least it seems like a long time ago. Its been six years come June 1st. I never thought I would be sitting around a table discussing diets with overweight people, at least not in my life time. When I removed the last cigarette from my mouth I replaced it with food. I used shovel, fork, spoon, shovel, fork, spoon. I was like a person who w~s starving. I ate in the morning. I ate in the afternoon. I ate late in the night. I was out of control. I did not till one day I was huffing and puffing, trying to walk up Alexander Street to my home at Rodim Lodge. I had to stop four times in one block. I had to confess after eating for six months that I'm a food junkie and needed help. Let.IL )._o V"2... ~ a. 'M€~-\,.llZl t j Ii t T~e reporter was intervi~~ing--;--pirate who had lost an arm, a leg and an eye. He asked what happened The pirate said, "I lost my arm to a shark My leg was hacked off by a pirate My eye, well a bird shit in it in the park." Reporter: "How could that blind you?" Pirate: "Well I hadn't learned how to use my hook then." Chris Laird. --- -·- -- - ---- ·-- ----7 ·-~ .. / .".,, .... \ ..# ' Outside of a dog a book is a man's best friend In s ide of a dog Is too dark to read Groucho Marx -Submitted by Earle Peach .RAIN BY ADAM ADIE RAIN COMING DOWN POUNDING DOWN SPLASHING UP FROM THE GROUND LIGHTING UP THE WORLD WITH IT'S REFLECTIONS I WANT TO SHOUT FOR JOY AND MAKE LOTS OF NOISE TOO JUST MAKES ME WANT TO BURST WITH 'HAPPENING - NESS'. FLOWER POWER I spend hours and hours Sitting here looking at flowers, Watching the April showers fill up the May flowers Virginia Rogers Haidia decent Loon Slowly the soft arev lioht of morninq dimmed the fiery stars. The air was fresh with dew and qrowinq plants. The lake was calm, the rolling hills were auiet. A loon emerqed from the silent water, its silver necklace alistenina. The lonely cry of the approachinq bird summoned me into a dream where the one who called and the one who heard entered the stillness toaether . Sandy Cameron A Bird in the bush Is worth three in a cage . Mac BALL LIGHTENING? by Dora Sanders Waking in the night to a cloudy sky Storms to the south over Washington on the other side of the mountains The black clouds parted at one place Suddenly a large ball of fire, lightening? was there in that space. It came forward Turned into a brighter ball and suddenly It disappeared by on The mountains were lit up what may have been an explos~on the other side of the mountains In that rain soaked State. I don't know if anyone else saw the ball But I know I was awake . And it may have been something else, Maybe a meteorite? BLACK BOOT by Dora Sanders There was a black cloud In the shape of a boot With a white cloud rising out of it. The white cloud took the shape of a leg, as it appeared then two legs. It looked like a giant was walking across the wind blown cloudy sky. The giant soon vanished with ~he wind dispersing it changing it to other shapes. METEORITE lby Dora Sanders I woke to see a moving star or ball of fire come toward the earth It hit the atmosphere Our protective shell and bounced It went up to one side - up again and in another direction as if trying to break through then suddenly it vanished. LOVE This is Mine Pride of me Joy of them Anger of All Feelings are true Thoughts are lies Do you see things through my eyes Nothing in a hurray all in rush life goes on Without so much as a rush Douglas James Gillett DRUGIES PRAYER To stop the Fight To win the Battle The screams have to stop I'm Back in the saddle To Begin again To fight My Battle My life is over I did not win Forgive me Lord for I am sin Douglas James Gillett Life is but a learning experience . Fred Arrance Flowering January 1984 By Jerry Jerome How the sound of spring time rings musically to any ear. It's that time of year when we think of the garden and look forward to, a · time of preparation and planting. It's a time to prepare the soil and decide what seeds we want to put in. What beautiful fun in going to places and looking around for selections of different kinds of seeds, making choice of little plants. When green starts showing above the ground, then requires tending them by weeding out any weeds and watering growing things. In the course of time how then becomes delightful watching the changing take place in the nature. Blossoms bursting out and flowering into rainbow of colours. The flowering world creates paradise which brings delightfulness and happiness to all! What we do out there is equally important what we do to ourselves, in order to bring about changes in us or in the individuals. This will transform our lives, attitudes, thought, emotions, and feeling. Like tilling the ground, similarly as we prepare the soil of our minds by weeding out negative thoughts and nourishing them. Eventually it will bring beneficial results to our lives in harmonious actions and enjoyable life. What flowering can do to our ways of lives through transformation and appreciation of all the goodness and joyous living. We can bring Spring into our lives and enabling us to see beauty. Marvel the nature and enjoy the sunset beyond. It restores the balance, the quality of Hfe. _ . . l (1 .·, ·- ·· · · - · . .. y • . ,; . ~ VENTURE Information and transformation Influences growth and. strength Serenity and encouragement Aspirations and opportunities Rely on own skills and effort Find own creativity Being open to the adventure of creation Active observation and make wise choices Express in action and unfold plan Out of the transformation There emerges a new me. JERRY JEROME MARCH 1997 / Last Call Through wall of dirt and rotting floor Despairing grief seeping in And madness knocking at the door Like a grinning nightmare peeping in Living death takes new life in strife As I drink this fatal spirit This life cuts like a knife Slashing the soul with vicious delight Suicide(I don't know why)obstructed from the mind Thoughts of help of any kind Like a mute madman wrapped and confined The heart is torn and crushed in it's grind Alcohol and anger no longer home Now unbearable FEAR I CANNOT BE WITH PEOPLE NOR ALONE! I sense death's presence flying near Today--when my faith is low or in lack I wonder how in looking back I did not die To cease upon the darkest sky (YIAC. ooiR,OTV VideHa This Head is a mess, it is a chaos, so, what to do? How to get out of the head? Only one thing is possible; Don't create ahy flight inside and don't create any effort o come out, because every effort will be self-suicidal . what can be done then? Simply watch. Be in and watch. Don't try to get out---be in and watch. This moment you are here to enjoy this moment that has been given you This gracefull moment, this beatitude that has happened to you. You are alive, conscious and such a vast world! the Human Being is a miracle on this small planet. This earth is blessed ... Enjoy this moment. because this way may not come again. This moment you are here to enjoy this moment that has been given to you This graceful! moment, this beatitude that has happened to you. You are alive,conscious and such a vast world! The Human Being is a miracle on this small planet. This earth is blessed ... Enjoy this moment because this way may not come again. Videha Videha Once upon a time, there came a time for a murderer and a thief to be judged. The man was waiting in hell, and the Buddha decided to grant him as much compassion as possible so the Buddha had to look for something kind the murderer did. The Buddha looked and saw that once long ago, in a past life, the man had refrained from killing a spider. So the Buddha had one of the spiders in paradise drop a line so the man could climb out ofthe fiery hell into paradise . He climbed, and after a long, long time the man looks down and sees that all the sentient beings had too, grabbed the line and was climbing up after him. So he says "Get off! Get away! This is mine." And the line snapped and he f ell back to where he started. The moral of the story is: A spider's web of Compassion is strong enough to hold all beings but nothing can support the ego of se l f. RIDDLE Can oranges think? No, but they can concentrate. Chris Laird The reporter was interviewing a pirate who had lost an arm, a leg and an eye. He asked what happened The pirate said, "I lost my arm to a shark My leg was hacked off by a pirate My eye, well a bird shit in it in the park." Reporter: "How could that blind you?" Pirate: "Well I hadn't learned how to use my hook then." Chris Laird. You are what you eat. Tony Margue Cassandra - woman of wisdom from ages of old child with wisdom of futures untold young girl with Beauty yet to unfold all within the eyes of those to behold Grandma Lorelei I a \ OLD METIS GRAMMA Gramma, gramma, chase that chicken. Beautiful Old Metis Princess from Riel Defense of the Homeland. Chase the chicken, Tie it to the Old Oak tree, · Cut the throat, chop the head, When it stops bleedin' and kickin', Pull the guts, pull the feathers. We will have chicken nuggets, and chicken pickins. Trust no man Cluck, Cluck, Cluck go Cluck a duck. BB Polecat POPPY He is a breath in his own nostrils He is of no account My brother is planted between the rows and rows of poppies "Why am I here?" "I rode the freights." "I ate in soup lines." "I worked in camps for $5. a month." "I went to jail, for stealing, to get money." 11 I starved in poverty and humiliation." "And here I lie. 11 "Suckered. In these rows." "I am allergic to poppies." BB Polecat Go forward _ not Backwards -in life. Denise Barena ; I w \ LANCE My name is Lance I am a baby and here I sit Chewing on paper and say zip I cry and scream I creep and crawl I am a baby And to my Mom I am it all. Douglas James Gillett 1997 (.Mita.GO HlST. SOC. General Cuater KICKING CUSTE~'S BUTT THE BATTLE OF LITTLE BIG HORN It happened in 1873 And it happened in Montana With General James Custer and he fought down there against the native people and it was against the Sioux the Cree the Black-Foot the Crow Indian and there was one more the Blood Tribe that makes five that met there and fought against the soldiers Custer lost the battle He died. by Rick Lavallie I,_ How are you? Same Shit different Pile Irene StaI=-f IUI. ANCI. tTHNOLOGY Crow Indian chief .. HOBO BOYS ( In the 30's being fed on picnic tables at the station by the local townspeople and farmers.) Big freight train a comin' comin down the line, Big freight train a comin, our boys are gonna shine. chew chew chew chew chew chew chew chew chew "Come on boys, hop off the train, grub on the table git outta the rain." chew chew chew chew chew Hallelujah to you. Townsfolk a shoutin, "Help you self, lots an lotsa, grub on the shelf. chew chew chew chew chew Hallelujah to you. "Too many young folk,they doin the crime, we gonna help you cut you time." chew chew chew chew chew Hallelujah to you. "We know you a starvin don't worry none, we 'rangin a war, you'll soon be gone (gun) choo choo choo choo choo Hallelujah to you. ta Whoooeeeeee choooooooooooo ta whooeeeeee chooooooooooo SHHHHHHHHH CH, SHHHHHHHHH CH, SHHHHHHHHHH CH, shhhhhhhhh ch, shhhhhhhhh ch, shhhhh ....... . bye mom (BB Polecat) / / / I'M NOT READY I'm not ready yet to share my many writings It hurts too much Love Natasha ,() Young woman, young woman on the edge of life's threshold They say you have to kiss a lot of toads before you find a Prince. Perhaps its better never to Kiss a toad Just wait for a Prince. Sheila Baxter ------ --- --\ SPRING Smell the flowers, Take a walk, Skip through the showers, Laugh and talk, Wear a smile, Enjoy the sun -Cause spring is here, And life's more fun! Irene Schmidt WORDS OF WIDSOM by Irene Schmidt 1. Respect the children because nothing is as infectious as example. 2. Respect and enjoy nature and fight to save it for future generations. 3. Be kind to each other. The low income people must stop fighting others who are in the same situation. They should direct their frustrations to the ones who are causing the poverty and oppression. THE CAR AND THE TREE by June Black I think that I shall never see A car as lovely as a tree. But Trees are cut down everyday To give the cars more right of way Since autos multiply so fast, I don't see how the cars can last Destroying trees that clean our air, While cars pollute - that's just not fair Especially to those of us Who wait on corners for the bus. Spew poisonous fumes but nothing's said About this stuff going in our noses When we'd prefer to smell the roses. More deadly fumes then emanate When green lights say, Accelerate!" Those in cars escape our plight, With all their windows closed up tight. We busers have more tales of woe; Grid locking cars make buses slow So while we stand and cool our feet, We come to hate the car elite, Resent the subsidies we pay Is help those killers on their way; These millstones - put the lot to rest! In better transit let's invest, Reclaim the pavement, grow more trees, Increase the oxygen we breathe, Build more paths for skates and bikes Grow more food - take more hikes -Walk car - less streets, hear far less noise, Safer play for girls and boys. No ads for cars are in the press -Forests happy, logging less, Cut commercials off T. V! A miracle, don't you · agr ee ? "A pipe dream," comes the rash reply, Too many jobs on cars rely?? But, do these jobs provide a living While life on earth they're quickly killing? Trees give shelter, life _and breath While cars bring smog and stress and death. We're in a fix Catch 22: The challenge is What shall we do? cont'd page 2 Schmidt/cars In war there's no procrastination ., We simply mobilize the Nation, Instant jobs for everyone Until the victory is won, Let's do the same to fight pollution -For all to work to fight solution Resources? Money? We have it all, Let's start right now - no time to stall! Cherish trees instead of cars; Earth must not end up like Mars! ® Page 2 \ PS . The writer of this poem was kill~d by a car exactly one year after she completed this masterpiece. Irene Schmidt PEDESTRIAN REVOLT BY IRENE SCHMIDT Vancouver's population has mushroomed overnight with no planning to accomodate these people. Less services and more residents make a deadly combination. It is the same as having too many animals in the jungle and they begin to fight each other. In Vancouver we see condos, monster houses and ugly high rise buildings everywhe re we look. This city is becoming a millionaire's ghetto. Vancouver has more cars per capita than Los Angeles and the majority of our streets have become freeways. The exhaust fumes from vehicles is nauseating and then we endure the noise pollution as well. During the hot summer we are unable to listen to the radio or television due to the steady stream of noise from heavy trucks and other vehicles. Why do a lot of the new cars make the most noise? I can't take it anymore. Residents in our neighbourhood including mys e lf hav e received a great d ea l of static because we opposed t he Indy 500 moving to Hastings Park. They do not know the many hours we spent working on the plans to create this oasis which is surrounded by a sea of traffic. Besides both the Parks Board and City Hall ap prov ed our plans in February, 1996 . This is just a brief history of our fight to regain Hastings Park. The province tried to gain control of Hastings Park, however the city won out. With the No Differance Party track record we could not trust them. I 1 i ve on the corner of ~cGill and Nanaimo and the Indy 500 goes by my apartment every day of the year with traffic coming to and from the Second Narrows bridge and the Cassiar Defector. McGill Street used to be a trail, but now it is a freewa y in a residential neighbourhood. We already had a lengthy battle to obtain a pedestrian light on our corner and a barrier in the middle of the street to stop numerous head on collisions. We also managed to get the bus stop moved as motor ists used to drive right into it when they rounded the corner. Now it is much safer for pedestrians. We would find it most difficult to cross the street when we came off the bus. What r eal ly burned us up was when motorists gave us the finger. We were so annoyed we threatened to put a blockade right across McGill Street. Motorists would not be so resented if they had respect f or other n e ighbourhoods . Last summer it was a nightmare in our neighbourhood when they were paving the Seco nd Narr ows bridge. We had the inco nvenience of having our water shut off at regular intervals, plus th e motorists were using all of our side streets as freeways. This made it most dif£icult to walk to and from our shopping centre at Hastings and Nanaimo. There used to be a house on our corner where the park is . A lovely Italian family lived there and became fed up with cars continually coming through their house. The final straw came when a car drove thr ough th e ir basem e nt aft e r th ey just finished bottling the wine. continued next page cont'd Pedestrian Revolt by Irene Schmidt These people said, "That's it. We are moving to a quiet neighbourhood." We lost half an acre of New Brighton Park for a roadway, also some of Rupert Park. This neighbourhood is sick and tired of making sacrifices. The smallest park in Vancouver is situated at the foot of Nanaimo Street, but I use it as a retreat. My son, Wayne used to go to Meditation Park to play his guitar when he was living at home. One time a tourist gave him twenty dollars just to play one song. Then there are the extremely reckless drivers. My son and I had to run like the dickens twice when vehicles drove right up on the sidewalk. Next there are the yahoos who continue to drink and drive while tossing objects including rocks at pedestrians. There was a rock thrown at me and I had a badly bruised arm. The drivers are becoming worse with each passing year . A person may appear to be perfectly normal, but as soon as they get behind the dri~er's wheel they go completely insane and act like maniacs. I am furious over losing so many friends and their children due to inconsiderate motorists. A friend of mine was killed by a car on January 4, 1997 . A year before June died she wrote a poem about how it felt to be a pedestrian. Her son was killed by a drunk driver twenty-three years ago. Why is everything geared to meet the needs of the motorists? In closing I would like to say that I can hardly wait until we run out of gas and oil. Only then will we be on equal footing. Irene Schmidt PS . The exhaust fumes from t he vehicles stop me from enjoying the fragrance of the beautif u l flowers and Japanese cherry blossoms in the spring. Irene My greatest gift I received this morning is the gift of life. VISION QUEST Vision is more than what it seems -It's past, future and what's in between It gives you answers thru your dreams and tells you what those messages mean It helps use words to paint a scene to make ideas so crisp and clean and through it all there is a gleam of a future that's not quite so lean Yesterday is gone Today is reality RW Cherokee decent Tomorrow is a Mystery Terry Flamond Terry Flamond The Story of The People On Vancouver Streets and the Homeless I am writing a story about the Carnegie Centre. I am student in the !earing centre and 1 am happy. 1 have· being coming to the centre for \ 17 years and it has helped me to learn to read, my writing and math. The Carnegie centre \ is a good place to come to learn for the people in Vancouver on the east side which is the hard side of the streets . 1 have been on the street all my life and it has been hard on me to see the people sleeping on the streets and dieing on the streets. 1 have seen babies on the streets and in the rooms, or the babies left in the rooms when the parents run away and leave them. The people in Vancouver that live on streets have no hope because the governments will not help them and that is when the Carnegie centre cames in handy for the people that came to the centre for help and to learn to read and write. The people who came to the learning centre, do whatever it takes to start them on the right road and it helps them. The woman that come to the learning centre help out as well as the men. Living on the streets is hard but we make it day by day, the people, and especially young people have a heard time to live and if the M.S.S . will not help them, then the young people look for help when . they government will not and they come to the learning centre . Between the people and me, we are the people that have see all the pain on the streets and it is not a nice place to be. The government closed the doors on me and the people so I moved and moved to hotel and I was only a pony girl. The young people have the voice but no power to have them heard. We all have hearts and minds. The first nations native people are looking for help also and around the world the native people are having· a hard time. The native on the streets also, and the young native people sleep on the streets also. And the native childen ·also sleeps on the streets, and the young native people are in jail also and dieing in the hotel rooms. And the native woman are also selling their bodys for money and their drugs and the young woman are having babies and are leaving them in the rooms and running away, the babies die in the rooms also. It isn't right for the people to live like that and the government knows and will not do anything abut it. They do not care for the people if they did care for the people they would help them. Yours truly Florence Jean Green t; -POEM BY SHEILA BAXTER -.. Spring flows through darken alleys littered with broken glass. Used needles, traces of blood drying, drying and dying, like the user. The struggling dandelion yellow, not too strong tries to survive the darkened lane. A bird lays her eggs on the ledge that overlooks the garbage bin. Instant food for her young. The Spring brings, bare arms, bare legs, scars and sores are no longer hidden. Just the pain, the pain, that is buried so deeply, so deep, that the high of the fix covers it for but a spell. Spring in the alleys is there if you can look straight up you brief may see a piece of blue sky. Spring comes, just as the sun will rise and set each day it comes always but One day I will not be there to see it. .\, . ./ ~_J-Spo.c-e f"o~ ;ou fh-e_ reaolexs )hou~kJs ~ SPRING/SUMMER THANKS TO ALL WRITERS AND HELPERS The UBC Library and UBC Learning Exchange would like to thank the following participant for her contributions to digitizing this community-generated document: Brookes Bayfield This community-generated work was digitized and deposited to cIRcle, UBC's open access digital repository, as part of the Digitizing Community Memories project of the Making Research Accessible in the Downtown Eastside initiative (MRAi). In collaboration with the UBC Learning Exchange and UBC Library, the project provided training and support for community members in the Downtown Eastside to digitize and make openly available community-generated materials.  This project aimed to increase access to historic Carnegie Centre publications and preserve these unique materials for years to come.  For more information on this project and the UBC Learning Exchange, please visit learningexchange.ubc.ca  September 13, 2017 


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