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Bowen Island trip memories April, 2001 Carnegie Learning Centre (Vancouver, B.C.) Apr 30, 2001

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Bowen Island Trip Memories ' . April, 2001 ~"'" ~~~ 1+ I W~ ~~~~~~ 820.8 BOW ~,.' J Nt Bowen Island Appreciations the bowen island learner to learner class would like to thank: our financial supportt~l·s, the carneigie community centre association the capilano college foundation the learner to learner fund and also, howen lodge by the sea and pat our host the island pacific school the bowen island museum the carnegie centre for lending us the van the carnegie kitchen and all the other Let's Go! and Learning Centre participants who helped organize the trip! CARNEGIE BRANCH LIBRARY , 401 MAIN ST VANCOUVER, B.C. CANADA V6A 2n I'he take off wasn ' t too bad, with the tmck having a nat tire (Lucy probably planned it.) so late risers could have time for an'ivaI. 1 had enough time to get awake to the day, have a coffee, and join in on the loading of the van. I usually don't trust new driver's judgement, for enough good reasons of my own so I usually stay awake as long as the trip. I realized that we were in for a good day here in Vancouver anyway. I started to relax and enjoy the morning away from the good 01' Carnegie and out for a country drive to Horseshoe Bay, a very scenic place I might add. Our small voyage to Bowen Island was safe and uneventfuL When we landed it was destination CNIB Lodge. Things were a little mixed, for the first few minutes and we began to straighten ourselves out. Asking pertinent questions of our stay and arranging room assembly. My wants hadn' t been fulfilled. I was wanting of a cigarette and so I asked our lovely hostess where I could have one. Beautiful woman, then infornled that I should ask for room 10 as it had a porch and 1 would be able to have a cigarette on it. When asked if I would mind sleeping with Robert, 1 said I wouldn't if we could have room 10. The room was given to us from now on, well at least for this trip. Later we also discovered there was a coloured TV. Everyone was discussing where they wanted to go first. When decided, I asked if I could stay behind, (I usually can't sleep, right, on excursions of this type, this was an exception to the nature of me and was tired from the drive or whatever. I stayed at the lodge, slept for awhile and went out to see the scenery/landscape and whatever else there was to observe. The day was clement, Oile anyone would have wanted to approach. In the distance the cottages were few and far between lots of space, room to think of nothing, just gaze at nature there abouts. I noticed seagulls on the shoreline, funny they just seemed to be waiting for "room service". They never seemed to need anything just lounging in the wann springtime sunshine shoreline, like myself. I enjoyed the solitude, space, sights, sounds, and scenes of the shoreline. It brought a good feeling of quietness about myself where I started wondering about the other life around the island, and how the inhabitants looked after other animals and birds besides the fisheries. The chalet in the distance did it have an official bird watcher. Or the one on the point watch for ship in distress in stormy times. My mind was reeling with my imagination, it doesn't do it as much as when I first moved to and then inhabited Be. back in 1992. Then every second way of travel was yet another way for smugglers to move their cargos in and out of Be., just my imagination? What other animals were still here, I had heard of a mother bear and her baby coming from Bowen to Cam bier about two summers ago. It was indeed a picturesque bay for 1:1 wonderful day with the ±loat of the cloJds and the guide of the occasional heron. The crew was re-arriving at the lodge, the spell was over, I was happy to have my companions back within the shelter and was curious to what they had done, while journeying the island. They found a school and were invited to come inside for a look/see around the place where the students were involved in computer exercises. Michael wok several really good clear pictures of 1 2 the students and Carnegie bunch. That night there was some singing, small conversations a little about everything. We succeeded with the night and I was woken to get up for breakfast. lover slept but was in time for our second great meal of the lodge. The food couldn't have been better, it was the best. That day we went to Kalerney Lake and the fisheries, time was going like jets, way too fast for my liking. In no time at all we were returning to our places of abode, and back to our everyday lives. I had an outstanding time, and give my thanks for being able to get to see one more beautiful place on this earth of ours. We returned to Carnegie safely thanks to our most proficient driver, Lucy. Please come along with us next time. MJ. McCormack I enjoyed the peaceful shores as the tide flowed, seagulls padded along the shore, ducks floated along together. The slow and peaceful Island was quite the contrast to our city life we live. Donna. 3 4 Comparing and Contrasting Vancouver's Downto\vn Eastside with Howen Islands' Snug Cove Snug Cove is less densely populated, quieter, cleaner and slower paced than the DTES. When the car ferry unloads at Snug Cove, the traffic is like rush hour in the DTES ( for] 0 mins.) ~1any new craft stores look like Gastown "tourist traps" There is no "STREET DRUG l\1ARKEl'" in Snug Cove Mike Read 5 6 April 10 - I I, 200 I 12 peop;e and two staff lTleet at Carnegie for coffee and scans, We had a short delay as the van had a nail in the tire; therefore, we left Carnegie at 900 am We arrived at Horseshoe Bay at 930 am, We had 1/2 an hour to walk around Horseshoe Bay at 11 :30 am. We met Pat and the staff (Lucy) , Lucy and Pat assigned 2 people to a room. We ate our lunch which was sandwiches, pop, fruit and a date bars, At 1 :00 pm. we to the schooL Then we got to the lodge, We had dinner which was shishkabob (some were vegetarians) Velma had 2 bowls of corn chower, a club house sandwich and pie and ice cream, After dinner everyone relaxed in-front of the fire place and rosted marshmellows, ate cookies, chips, cheese balls, and drank hot chcolate and tea, Some people stayed up until 3 :00 am, chatting and gossiping, Others were sma11er and went to sleep. Our breakfast in the morning was eggs, toast, bacon, hash browns and orange juice, Afler breakfast we went to the wax rnuseum, 'rwo of us stayed behind, Ruth and Velma, slept until 12:00 noon. Then we had a lunch at noon, \vhich we started to put our belongings in the van 12:30 pm . and left the van at 1:30 pm. Some of us went to Kilarney Lake. Some of us went to the fish hatchery. We were able to explore the Island until 500 pm, until our ferry arrived and we arrived at Carnegie at 6 :30 pm, We helped unpacking the van then went home all excited yet tired out! Vel!na, Bowen Island trip 1\ly impression of Bowen Island is a quiet, scenic and laid back place. It's nice to visit but i wouldn't want to live there. I would miss Carnegie too much. The bowen Island Lodge is a very clean and pleasant place with good food and fl-iendly staff. The outdoor hot tub was very invigorating and .'elaxing to mind and body. This lodge is operated by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB). \Ve had an excellent guided tour of the Bowen Island lVluseum and Archives. History literally came alive as we looked at the historic photos, video and artifacts. In it's heyday, Bowen Island was the \Vhistler of it's day, with big family and company trips. The school, church and a."tisan square were all exper-iences in themselves. Architecture was vel-y contemporary but also utilitarian. All three had a timeless qU~llity. }\tty only disappointment was the closure of the Tacl\:y shop, Bowen Islands thrift shop. Unfortunatly,it is only open on weekend as itis part of a private residence, which is understandable. Perhaps next time it will be open, especially if we go on a weekend. It would be wonderful. Doronn Dalzell 7 8 Bovven Island Peace and serenity Con1pared to the hustle of the city To be atone\¥it11 nature Peace of the birds on the water edge. u Robert Leith QCfhe ?JUJ4l ?t<drh'Vt:;;lll tft0/ (/' ha/ve (YlJ(?ft betY)t/ O/ll, / a, walf 0/ t~/ ti), eke /)/)C, ??l{~l'k o/tod4/lf co~/d ~A/J!~~ aU PO/)Jt thl~ uJall 0/ t~. 8lettwl[f /ufih O~~ /ifJ ~y ~A/)tjU/;lll to, Jcela~{;. 9 10 It's been a very good event and a learning experience I've never been on a social outing that even con1es close to this. I learned that the CNIB Bowen Lodge by the Sea \vas part of the history of the Island. In talking with Dr. Ted Spear,Director, I learned about the history and values of the Pacific Island School. I was curious to find out what else is out there - fron1 the beginning of the road to the end. I hope to go beyond \vhere we went on the Island s0111etilne, like to the rest of KiJ larney Lake and the side roads. , Louanne Bradshaw II o/,- . II,'J;' .l? / C/'""tf")I{tJ/t'l" Mj:r£i( IH()~e (/)(;{C(J 7IU~ ,>11 (y/( 1 J /' .. ; ,l t) " The UBC Library and UBC Learning Exchange would like to thank the following participant for his contributions to digitizing this community-generated document: Joseph Sparovec This community-generated work was digitized and deposited to cIRcle, UBC's open access digital repository, as part of the Digitizing Community Memories project of the Making Research Accessible in the Downtown Eastside initiative (MRAi). In collaboration with the UBC Learning Exchange and UBC Library, the project provided training and support for community members in the Downtown Eastside to digitize and make openly available community-generated materials.  This project aimed to increase access to historic Carnegie Centre publications and preserve these unique materials for years to come.  For more information on this project and the UBC Learning Exchange, please visit learningexchange.ubc.ca. September 13, 2017 


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