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Ziyunyan (紫雲巖) Anderl, Christoph; Shen, Lien Fan; Burdorf, Suzanne; Yan, Weiguang


Front view of the temple [1]. Entrance to the temple [2, 3]. Incense burner of the temple [4]. Altar with "Guanyin fozu 觀音佛祖", supposedly coming from 西雲寺; the caretaker of the temple showed us photograph of the sky with cloud formations, and explained to us that Guanyin arrived in the cloud-shape of a dragon. 主神為觀音佛祖,自西雲寺請來,廟公向我們展示了龍形的雲的照片,觀音在這裡顯示了神跡。[5]. Close-up of the Guanyin statue [6]. Altar with Guanyin statue [7]. Close-up of the Guanyin statue [8]. Side-view of the altar, possibly with an Arhat statue to the left, and another Guanyin statue to the right [9]. Possible Taishang laojun 太上老君 statue to the right of the main altar [10].

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