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Zhentian gong (镇天宫) Chang, Pi-Chun; Travis, Travis; Chong, Eng Keat William; Li, Xinlu


This temple was founded in 1974. Exterior front of 镇天宫, Zhentian gong temple, with name plaque, and two pagodas to the sides of main temple structure [1, 2]. Name Plaque of temple, carved into wood with golden frame containing intricate carvings [3]. Interior of temple, with primary and secondary altars, altar tables and couplets on pillars [4]. Stone inscription completed in the year of 1999, explaining the historical development of temple, attesting to the founding of temple in 1974 by Mr. Liu Shui Wen (劉水文) [5]. Stone inscription completed in 1999, recording the name of contributors to the temple's founding in 1974 and the building of front shrine in 1994 [6]. Stone inscription in the temple, detailing the context and contributors to the rebuilding of the temple's primary shrine room [7, 8]. Panorama of temple's exterior [9]. Panorama of temple's interior [10]. Panorama of temple second level's interior [11]. 360-degree video of temple's interior [12].

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