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Shi ba wang gong miao shan shang (十八王公廟 山上) Lin, Peiying; Buckelew, Kevin; Seymour, Kelsey; Wu, Jinhui


The earliest mention of this temple dates from 1987. Second floor altar [1]. Primary altar. These are the seventeen men who died in a shipwreck. When they were buried, their loyal dog jumped into the grave. The dog is worshiped as the central figure in this group, and considered the eighteenth lord [2]. Main Hall. This temple is considered a ghost temple (yinmiao 陰廟) [3]. Exterior. To the right of the main temple structure is a giant dog statue which commemorates the loyal dog at the center of this cult [4]. Side altar. This altar is dedicated specifically to the dog [5]. 360 video [6].

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