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Miaofa si (妙法寺) Anderl, Christoph; Shen, Lien Fan; Burdorf, Suzanne; Yan, Weiguang


Entrance to the temple complex [1]. Entrance to the temple complex, with an empty seat reserved for the founding deity of the temple [2]. Empty seat [3]. Pagoda of the temple [4]. View from the roof [5]. Altar on the lower level of the pagoda [6]. Deity of the altar of the lower level [7]. Bell above in the pagoda [8]. Image of the "founder", who is at the same time the main deity of the temple; she was a lay Buddhist and we were told she performed numerous over natural deeds during her life [9, 10, 11]. Image of the founder/main spirit of the temple [12]. 360˚ view of the temple [13].

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