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Shimen jingang gong (石門金剛宫) Anderl, Christoph; Shen, Lien Fan; Burdorf, Suzanne; Yan, Weiguang


Entrance to the complex [1]. Entrance to the Monkey King temple [2]. Donors for the Monkey King temple [3]. Mixed deities at the entrance, including Guanyin 觀音 [4]. Donors [5]. Deities at the entrance [6]. "Frog General" deity (for acquiring fortune) [7]. Deities [8]. Simian fo 四面佛 statue on the altar (according to the informants a deity arriving from Thailand) [9]. Donors [10]. Close up of wrap around altar with Maitreya and two Buddhas on the first tier, and a mix of Buddhist and Taoist deities on the second [11]. Image of Guanyin Bodhisattva 觀音菩薩 on the altar [12]. Donor ledger [13]. The theme park contains a tunnel with the 10 Kings of the Netherworld, and scenes of torture of the culprits [14, 15]. 360˚ from the parking lot [16].

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