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Shimen shenghe gong (石門聖合宮) Anderl, Christoph; Shen, Lien Fan; Burdorf, Suzanne; Yan, Weiguang


Front view of the temple [1]. Incense burner of the temple [2]. Image of the temple cat [3]. View of the main altar with Mazu 媽祖, Tianshang shengmu 天上聖母 and Yuhuang shangdi 玉皇上帝 [4]. Side altar of the temple, altar for the Wuying 五營 (Five Generals protectors) [5]. At the temple there was a workshop for the "deity doctor", the son of the caretaker of the temple. She explained to us that he repairs the images, etc., in addition to producing and painting masks for the processions. 此匾是廟婆兒子的榮譽,他的工作是修復神像,且技術高超,所以被人稱讚“神醫醫神” [6]. Bell of the Temple [7]. Close-up of the Wuying 五營 (Five Generals protectors) [8]. After giving a donation, the name will be recorded on this device, providing good luck for the whole year [9]. Altar with many manifestations of Mazu 媽祖 [10]. Donor ledger [11]. Workshop of the "deity doctor" [12,13].

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