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Interior wood structure, great hall of the three clarities (Sanqing dadian 三清大殿), Fengxian guan (奉仙觀) Liu, Jie; Wu, Sijia


Details of the wooden column, beams, brackets, and roof support of the Great Hall of the Three Clarities (Sanqing dadian 三大清殿) in the Fengxian guan 奉仙觀, a Daoist temple in Jiyuan, Henan, China. This five-bay wide hall is the main building of the temple complex, and the oldest, dating to 1184 (the first temple on the site was built in 685). The massive wooden beams and brackets are largely original. The walls and roof have been repeatedly renovated. The plaques on the beams and columns, added in the early twentieth century, describe the provenance and nature of the material used and its structural roles. They may date to a visit by the architectural historian Liu Dunzhen 劉敦楨 (1897-1968).

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