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Office of the Vice President research & international A Journal of Research and Discovery > Issue 07 > Fall/Winter 2009 A PlAce in the world Exploring fundamental questions of diversity and identity, from generations to genomes A PArtnershiP of PeoPles Unveiling a commitment to collaboration at the Museum of Anthropology disAPPeAring Act Sustaining biodiversity at the new Beaty Biodiversity Centre integrAted living The benefits of raising children in economically diverse neighbourhoods cAnAdA foUndAtion for innovAtion Keeping Canadian research competitive on the international stage 1 FAll/WInTeR 2009 One of the most appealing aspects of conducting research in Canada is the sheer diversity of our country’s population. A diverse population provides researchers with a wide audience and a broad scope of issues to serve. Equally important, it is the wellspring of a thriving research community with many cultural and ideological influences. Accordingly, a good deal of research at UBC investigates issues of diversity and identity – the theme of this issue of Frontier. Under this broad banner we offer articles on anthropological research in partnership with Aboriginal peoples, breakthroughs in DNA sequencing, and efforts to understand our planet’s complex biodiversity. Special thanks to our colleagues in UBC Public Affairs for their stellar contributions to this issue. Much of the research described in this issue has received funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation. Since 1997, CFI has lent unparal- leled support to the Canadian research enterprise by funding up to 40 per cent of major research infrastructure projects. In partnership with prov- incial authorities such as the British Columbia Knowledge Development Fund, CFI has fostered a national research climate that embraces and promotes diversity in innovation. Against the multifaceted backdrop of Canadian society, and with organizations like CFI and BCKDF setting the stage, it’s no wonder that Canada and UBC are acclaimed hubs for research in areas such as anthropology, genomics and biodiversity. It’s in our nature. Dr. John Hepburn Vice President Research & International 03 Newswire  04 Awards FEAtUrE: PrESErvINg INDIgENOUS IDENtIty 05 Linking Living History the Museum of Anthropology unveils its renewal project, showcasing a working research partnership with Indigenous peoples. 09 Losing Patients Lawrence Berg and Michael Evans explore the cultural differences that leave many urban Aboriginal people feeling marginalized by mainstream health care. 10 Mapping identity Jon Corbett is using digital maps to help a dispersed Aboriginal community in Northern B.C. redefine their territory. BIODIvErSIty rESEArCH 11 Disappearing Act the new Beaty Biodiversity Centre offers researchers and the public a place to explore biodiversity issues under one roof. 13 big bones the reconstructed remnants of a gigantic blue whale provide a majestic entrance to the new Beaty Biodiversity Museum – and a rare research opportunity. 14 small Wonder In Patrick Keeling’s tiny universe, the study of microbes reveals the mechanisms of evolution on our planet. 15 Potato of the Pacific there are more than a billion undernourished people in the world. Susan Murch is propagating breadfruit as a potential food source for developing nations. 16 survival of the smallest For Dolph Schluter and his research team, studying one of the world’s smallest fish provides powerful insights into the emergence of new species. gENOMICS rESEArCH 17 The DNA Hunter Andre Marziali and Lorne Whitehead pioneer a revolutionary new way to extract DNA from small or highly contaminated samples. DIvErSIty IN tHE COMMUNIty 19 integrated Living richard Carpiano and Jennifer Lloyd suggest that living in an economically diverse neighbourhood can offer children a developmental head start. 21 back to basics Being ready for kindergarten takes more than knowing your ABCs. A new mapping project compares the developmental readiness of school-age children across B.C. POStSCrIPt: INtErvIEW 22 reversing the brain Drain Eliot Phillipson explains why the Canada Foundation for Innovation has played a critical role in elevating Canadian research over the past decade. IN tHIS ISSUE A MessAGe FrOM THe Vice PresiDeNT reseArcH & iNTerNATiONAL cONTeNTs  Fall/Winter 2009 T U R N O U R I S L A N D C R A C O F T  I S L A N D QUEEN CHARLOTTE STRAIT cONTeNTs 05 16 15 10 09 19 21 13 11 14 17 22 subscribe For your complimentary subscription to frontier, please email your address information to info.frontier@ubc.ca www.research.ubc.ca A Journal of Research and Discovery Published by Office of the Vice President Research & International The University of British Columbia Fax 604.822.6295 email info.frontier@ubc.ca Design & illustration kaldor.com Writing kaldor.com, UBC Public Affairs circulation 5,000 All rights reserved Printed in Canada Publications mail agreement no. 41268533 return undeliverable canadian addresses to: University of British Columbia Office of the Vice President Research & International Room 224, 6328 Memorial Road Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z2 This magazine is printed on 100% post-consumer fibre that uses 2,963 lbs. of post-consumer waste instead of virgin fibre. Environmental savings: Number of trees saved 18; Water (gallons) 15,102; Net greenhouse emissions reduced (lbs.) 3,107; Wood saved (lbs.) 10,271; Landfill reduced (lbs.) 1,602; Energy reduced (BTU)(000) 20,445


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