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Why do we need an Institute of Gender and Health? Bird, Chloe


Part of Innovations in Gender, Sex, and Health Research (2010 : Toronto, ON). Innovations in Gender, Sex, and Health Research will showcase excellence and innovations across all domains of gender, sex, and health research, including but not limited to biomedical, clinical, health services and policy, population and public health, and social science research. The conference will highlight how accounting for gender and sex leads to improvements in health interventions, policies, and outcomes. It will explore advances and challenges related to ethics and knowledge translation in gender, sex, and health research. The conference will bring together a multidisciplinary group of researchers with a shared interest in gender, sex, and health. It aims to promote networking and collaborative engagement among these researchers, as well as health care providers, policy-makers, community groups, and others with an interest in this topic. Innovations in Gender, Sex, and Health Research will foster training and educational opportunities for emerging gender, sex, and health researchers.

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