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Stories of women who support trans men : an autoethnographic novel Merryfeather, Lyn 2013

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Stories of Women Who Support Trans Men: An Autoethnographic NovelLyn Merryfeathera, RN, BSN, PhD StudentaUVIC School of Nursing, Victoria, BC Lyn Merryfeather, a doctoral student in the School of Nursing at the University of Victoria and a transally, will present her work on a dissertation entitled, ?Stories of women who support trans men: An autoethnographic novel?. Lyn?s experience and her research have provided her with rich material to bring to light hidden aspects of the role of women who love and support trans men. Lyn will share her ?found poetry?, which is profound and deeply moving and illustrates the invisibility and marginalization experienced by women partners/intimate supporters of trans men. The poetry was derived from the scant research conducted to date in disciplines other than nursing. She will also read from the novel in progress and invite response and discussion from the attendees. The material for the novel comes from her personal experience as well as that of the participants she has interviewed for her research. The experiences are ?true? but the characters are all fictional.The findings of this research will bring to light, in an evocative and moving way, what it is like to be in relationship with people who identify variously as masculine transgender, trans men, or FTM. There is a lack of information for nurses regarding such experiences and Lyn?s work will help to bridge that gap.UBC Nursing Student Journal, Vol.2, Issue 1. 33


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