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A qualitative investigation of community health nurses’ adaptation to systems change Lounsbury, Kathleen 2013

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A Qualitative Investigation of Community Health Nurses? Adaptation to Systems ChangeKathleen Lounsburya, RN, MSN StudentaTrinity Western University, Langley, BCBackground: The implementation of the newly formed First Nations Health Authority presents opportunities and challenges for the expanded role of the Community Health Nurses (CHNs) who work with the First Nations communities in British Columbia. A clear theoretical approach will assist these changes to increase the leadership capacity of these CHNs. Purpose: The purpose of this abstract is to present an evidence-based approach in a qualitative study to enhance leadership knowledge and skills for the CHNs and support their expanded role.  This approach will encompass quantum leadership theory and the complex adaptive leadership model. Implications: The imminent proposed system changes create an urgent need to provide increased clarity in the identified body of CHNs' roles and responsibilities. The author hopes the proposed study will discover an emergent shared vision of role-clarity and an empowered voice to speak out constructively for CHNs and for the First Nations Communities. Conclusions: This oral presentation of this thesis study hopes to present a compelling rationale to foster leadership for CHNs to work at full scope and develop greater clarity in all domains. Participants in this session will learn about key components of the proposed study and how this author hopes augment the CHN?s engagement in organizational change. This approach will be presented as it relates to the current situation in British Columbia, and how the new information generated by this study can be utilized and adapted in public/community/community health across Canada. UBC Nursing Student Journal, Vol.2, Issue 1. 18


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