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NEXUS portal, Vol. 2, issue 2 University of British Columbia. NEXUS Research Unit Apr 30, 2008

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Talking about diversity at the NEXUS Spring Institute NEXUS Portal Volume 2, Issue 2 April 30, 2008 On April 24th and 25th, 2008, NEXUS hosted its 5th Annual Spring Institute: The Future of Diversity and Health Research in Canada: Current Debates & New Frontiers. The two days of dialogue provided a tremendous learning and networking opportunity for everyone.      April 24th began with a panel discussion, co-sponsored by the BC Rural and Remote Health Research Network on Community Based Research - Urban, Rural & Aboriginal Perspectives.  Helen Brown, Assistant Professor, UBC School of Nursing; Mike Evans, Canada Research Chair in World's Indigenous Peoples, Associate Professor, UBC-Okanagan, and Heather Macdonald, PhD Candidate, UBC School of Nursing along with members of her community-based research team led a fascinating discussion about the complex nature of community- based research.  Many important issues were discussed regarding the development of meaningful research with and for the benefit of the communities with whom researchers work.      In the afternoon, Geertje Boschma, Associate Professor, UBC School of Nursing; Chris Richardson, Assistant Professor, UBC Department of Health Care and Epidemiology; Rick Sawatzky, To close Dr. Blye Frank, Professor and Head, Division of Medical Education, and Head, Department of Bioethics, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University, encouraged us to Mov[e] beyond the celebration of diversity: [to take] difference into account in health education and research.      There was enthusiastic dialogue throughout both days and we were very pleased to have an opportunity to join together to share ideas and enhance our understanding of diversity in the context of health research.    AWARDS & MILESTONES 2 NEW PROJECTS 3 NEW PUBLICATIONS 3 PROFILE: CREATIVE METHODOLOGIES 4 Inside this issue: U n i v e r s i t y  o f  B r i t i s h  C o l u m b i a  —  3 0 2 , 6 1 9 0  A g r o n o m y  R o a d  —  V a n c o u v e r ,  B C  V 6 T  1 Z 3 Assistant Professor, Trinity Western University and Sabrina Wong, Assistant Professor, UBC School of Nursing led us through a discussion on Examining diversity, ethnicity and place: methodological and theoretical challenges in the analysis of difference. This sparked an intriguing conversation about understanding and measuring diversity in quantitative research.      On April 26th we were joined by 50 people to continue our exploration of diversity and health behaviour research.  We had some excellent, thought-provoking presentations from NEXUS investigators, trainees and keynote speakers.      In the morning, keynote presenter Dr. Gina Higginbottom, Canada Research Chair in Ethnicity and Health, Associate Professor, University of Alberta, started the day by calling us to reflect upon Researching ethnicity and health: [as we move] forward into the 21st century. Vicky Bungay, Gilat L Grunau (NEXUS Trainees) and Bindy Kang (NEXUS Project Director) spoke about diversity issues in their health research.      In the afternoon, Emily Gard Marshall and Angela Wolff (NEXUS Trainees) and Lloy Wylie (Interdisciplinary Studies PhD Candidate) shared their research on diversity issues in health services and systems.  Page 2 NEXUS Portal Awards & Milestones Trainees Dr. Alison Brazier, a recent NEXUS alumna, accepted a Research Associate position with the Complementary Medicine Education and Outcomes Program (CAMEO). She will be working with Lynda Balneaves, Tracy Truant and Marja Verhoef to develop patient and practitioner education on complementary medicine that will provide decisional support for cancer patients and their families.  Dr. Elaine Chong, NEXUS Trainee Affiliate, received a MSFHR Post Doctoral Fellowship - Health Services for her research on “Defining ethnic populations in British Columbia: An analysis of cancer screening and prescription drug utilization among a population of Chinese women.”  Dr. Rebecca Haines, NEUXS Postdoctoral Fellow, was awarded a 2-year (2008- 2009) SSHRC post-doctoral fellowship for her project “A Critical Analysis of Youth Anti-Smoking and Substance Use Prevention Campaigns – 1960 to present.” Investigators Dr. Lynda Balneaves, NEXUS Lead Investigator, received a CIHR New Investigator award to support her work on “Complementary therapy decision-making processes of advanced cancer patients.” This 5 year career award will support Lynda’s research on supporting cancer patients and their families in making informed decisions about complementary medicine.  Dr. Lynda Balneaves and Ms. Tracy Truant, NEXUS Co- Investigator received fellowships to the 2008 Summer Institute on Informed Patient Choice. The Center for Informed Choice is the North American leader in patient decision support.  For more announce ments, news and  events read  the   NEXUS Biweekly  E-Newsletter or visit us on‐line  at   www.nexus.ubc.c a  Dr. Emily Marshall, NEXUS Trainee Affiliate, received a 2008-2009 CIHR Strategic Training Fellowship in the Transdisciplinary Understanding and Training on Research Primary Health Care (TUTOR-PHC) program a CIHR Strategic Training Program.  Azar Mehrabadi, NEXUS Trainee, was awarded a MSFHR Senior Graduate Studentship - Health Services for her project “Barriers to methadone maintenance therapy access in British Columbia.”   Zena Sharman, NEXUS PhD trainee, was awarded a BC Medical Services Foundation grant for “An exploratory investigation of factors contributing to the recruitment and retention of British Columbia’s rural and remote home support workers.”   Alicia Semaka, NEXUS trainee, passed the Canadian Genetic Counselling Certification exam. Dr. Annette Browne, NEXUS Co-Investigator, is the recipient of the College of Registered Nurses of BC Award for Excellence in Nursing Research.  Dr. Richard Sawatzky, NEXUS Co-Investigator, was awarded a MSFHR Post Doctoral Fellowship- Health Services for his work on “Validating a computer adaptive test for the measurement of health outcomes in adults with musculoskeletal disorders.” Volume 2, Issue 2 New NEXUS Projects FACET 3: Translating knowledge into tailored interventions for women and men to address tobacco use during pregnancy and postpartum Joan Bottorff (NEXUS Lead Investigator), John Oliffe (NEXUS Lead Investigator), Lorraine Greaves (NEXUS Lead Investigator), Patricia Hill, Nancy Poole (NEXUS Trainee) and Radhika Bhagat were awarded $200,000 for a CIHR Knowledge to Action grant to evaluate a women-centred tobacco reduction (TR) intervention targeting pregnant/postpartum women; develop and pilot test a men-centred TR intervention targeting new fathers and evaluate knowledge translation processes.  Knowledge to action: Changing the institutional response to tobacco use in the community mental health settings  Joy Johnson (NEXUS Lead Investigator), Kim Calsaferri, Sri Pendakur, Ric Procyshyn (NEXUS Lead Investigator), Pam Ratner (NEXUS Lead Investigator) and Christina Tonella were also awarded a CIHR Knowledge to Action grant for $196,657 to evaluate and improve an evidence-based strategy to address the issue of providing smoking cessation or reduction support to those with severe and persistent mental illness.  The British Columbia adolescent substance use survey  Chris Richardson (NEXUS Co-Investigator), Pam Ratner (NEXUS Lead Investigator), Joy Johnson (NEXUS Lead Investigator) and Kenneth M Prkachin received a CIHR grant of $1,014,012 to investigate emerging patterns of substance use in adolescents as they progress through secondary school. Depression and masculinities: The perspectives of elderly men  John Oliffe (NEXUS Lead Investigator), Joan Bottorff (NEXUS Lead Investigator), Paul Galdas (NEXUS Co- Investigator), John Ogrodniczuk (NEXUS Co- Investigator), Alison Phinney and Brian Rasmussen received $100,000 of funding from SSHRC to develop understandings about connections between elderly men's depression and masculinities.  Depression and masculinities: The perspectives of men and their partners  John Oliffe (NEXUS Lead Investigator), John Ogrodniczuk (NEXUS Co-Investigator) Ian Blue, Joan Bottorff (NEXUS Lead Investigator), and Paul Galdas (NEXUS Co-Investigator) were granted $97,070 from CIHR for a one-year pilot project to study how intimate partners and gender relations influence men’s health and depression-related behaviours.  Experiences with contraception among youth in northern BC: Examining the impact of gender, place and culture  Judith Soon (NEXUS Lead Investigator), Neil Hanlon, Joy Johnson (NEXUS Lead Investigator), Mary-Ellen Kelm and Jean Shoveller (NEXUS Lead Investigator) were awarded $181,734 over two years by CIHR to address the issue of unequal access to contraception among young women and men in rural, remote and northern areas.   Bottorff JL, Oliffe JL, Halpin M, Phillips M, McLean G, & Mroz L (2008). Women and prostate cancer support groups: The gender connect? Social Science and Medicine, 66. 1217-1227. Chen W, Bottorff JL, Johnson JL, Saewyc, Elizabeth M & Zumbo, BD (2008) Susceptibility to Smoking Among White and Chinese Nonsmoking Adolescents in Canada. Public Health Nursing. 25 (1). 18-27. Galdas PM & Ratner PA (2008) Arguments about which sex is the bigger ‘victim’ of heart disease do little to help inform nursing practice Canadian Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing 18(1). 28-30 Goldenberg S, Shoveller J, Koehoorn M & Ostry A (2007) Sexual Behaviour and STI Prevention among Youth in Northeastern BC. Final Report. Vancouver: Self-published. New NEXUS Publications Johnson, JL, Moffat, B, Bottorff, J, Shoveller, J, Fischer, B, & Haines, RJ (2008). Beyond the barriers: marking the place for marijuana use at a Canadian high school. Journal of Youth Studies, 11(1). 47-64. Sawatzky, R, Ratner, PA, Johnson, JL, & Marshall, S (2007). Toward an explanation of observed ethnic differences in youths’ tobacco use. Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse, 6(3/4). 95-112.  [Reprinted: Sawatzky, R., Ratner, P. A., Johnson, J. L., & Marshall, S. (2007). Toward an explanation of observed ethnic differences in youths’ tobacco use. In P. L. Myers (Ed.), Tobacco use and ethnicity (pp. 95-112). Binghamton, NY: Haworth Press.] Page 3 community (individuals living with mental illness and mental health care service providers).      Following the performance a cast members’ panel talked about their participation in the forum theatre project.  Beyond creating a space for dialogue on tobacco use and tobacco cessation, the theatre project also cut across traditional hierarchies within the mental health care setting.      Individuals who attended the performance were inspired by the enthusiasm, willingness, courage and openness of the cast members and were especially impressed with the connection engendered between the actors and the audience.  This event generated a great deal of interest in the use of creative methods as investigative and educational tools. One audience member was inspired to perform a jazz song on the piano that she had written while working with people living with mental illness and tobacco addiction in Victoria. Enthusiasm generates enthusiasm! displayed participants’ photos from two projects on tobacco – one that explored the views of young women who smoked (Smoke in my eyes) and one that explored the experiences of new fathers who smoked (FACET2).      Forum theatre is a highly interactive type of theatre that involves asking the audience to enter into a solution-focused dialogue about a specific topic. We highlighted the work of the CACTUS project, a study that aimed to understand the context of tobacco use in mental health settings in Vancouver.  Findings from the study were used to create a forum theatre piece, “Much Ado about Smoking”, that was performed within mental health community venues in Vancouver.  For Celebrate Research Week, one act from this piece was performed by members of Vancouver’s mental health Tobacco use and addiction is a highly personal and sensitive topic. It can be challenging to truly engage with individuals in ways that allow them to meaningfully share their experiences. Effectively and respectfully engaging with people for both research and knowledge translation requires not only care and attention but also creativity and skill.      At UBC’s Celebrate Research Week on March 12th, 2008, NEXUS hosted a multi-media event on the use of creative methods – photography and theatre – for research and knowledge translation. The two methods that we featured at this event were photovoice and forum theatre.      Photovoice is a research method that involves taking photos and reflecting on them. The intention of photovoice is to provide the opportunity for participants to be more meaningfully involved in the research process. We set-up a photovoice gallery, where we NEXUS gets creative: photography and theatre foster deeper understanding NEXUS is a community of academic and clinical researchers and graduate students pursuing health behaviour research from a variety of perspectives including Nursing, Public Health, Epidemiology, Health Promotion, Sociology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Geography. Its mission is to develop knowledge, interventions, and policy recommendations based on a critical analysis of the social contexts that 1) create barriers to health, 2) affect health seeking, and 3) influence system responses. NEXUS is building expanded research  programs related to these three themes in health behaviour using the analytical lenses of gender, diversity, and place. NEXUS is funded by NEXUS Lead Investigators Dr. Lynda Balneaves Dr. Joan Bottorff Dr. Jane Buxton Dr. Lorraine Greaves Dr. Joy Johnson Dr. John Oliffe Dr. Aleck Ostry Dr. Ric M. Procyshyn Dr. Pamela Ratner Dr. Jean Shoveller Dr. Judith Soon Dr. Annette Browne Dr. Joyce Davison Dr. Paul Galdas Ms. Sukhdev Grewal Dr. Su-Er Guo Dr. T. Gregory Hislop Dr. Mieke Koehoorn Ms. Martha Mackay Ms. Mary McCullum Dr. John Ogrodniczuk Dr. Birgit Reime Dr. Chris Richardson NEXUS Co-Investigators Dr. Carole A. Robinson Dr. Rick Sawatzky Ms. Tracy Truant Dr. Helen Ward Dr. Sabrina Wong Dr. Mary Lynn Young NEXUS Portal


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