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NEXUS portal, Vol. 2, issue 1 University of British Columbia. NEXUS Research Unit Jan 31, 2008

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NEXUS 5th Annual Spring Institute The Future of  Diversity and Health Research in Canada: Current Debates & New Frontiers NEXUS Portal Volume 2, Issue 1 January 31, 2008 The NEXUS Spring Institute is a two-day event featuring workshops and presentations.  At this year’s Spring Institute, we will focus on diversity (defined as forms of social difference) and health research.  The conference aims: • To underline how components of diversity, defined as forms of social difference, simultaneously influence health and health behaviour.  • To highlight and disseminate knowledge from new, ongoing and completed research exploring the social contexts of health behaviour. • To explore diverse and innovative ways of translating research into action. • To discuss methodological issues pertaining to research in diversity and health. • To bring together scholars, researchers, service providers and students with a view to networking and learning. The 5th Annual NEXUS Spring Institute  When: April 24—25, 2008  Where: St John’s College   (UBC Point Grey) Registration will open in March - watch the website for details. NEXUS Up-coming Events Day one of the Institute consists of an interactive workshop and a panel discussion. Day two features keynote addresses by leading diversity and health researchers and invited paper presentations by NEXUS trainees and investigators. AWARDS & ACCOLADES 2 SPRING INSTITUTE KEYNOTES 2 NEW TO NEXUS 3 NEW PUBLICATIONS 3 NEXUS PROFILE: YOUTH SEXUAL HEALTH TEAM 4 Inside this issue: U n i v e r s i t y  o f  B r i t i s h  C o l u m b i a  —  3 0 2 , 6 1 9 0  A g r o n o m y  R o a d  —  V a n c o u v e r ,  B C  V 6 T  1 Z 3 February 27, 2008 Seminar Going home alone: Managing chronic illness following short term hospitalization by Sandra Lauck (NEXUS Trainee)  March 12, 2008 Celebrate Research Week: Panel discussion, photo exhibit & screening Creative methodologies in tobacco and health behaviour research: Using photography & theatre to foster deeper understandings by FACET & CACTUS research teams UBC Robson Square 800 Robson Street Vancouver, B.C. 5:00 to 7:00 PM  March 26, 2008 Seminar Modeling health service development; diffusion of innovation and community readiness by Peter Hutchinson (NEXUS Postdoctoral Fellow) Page 2 NEXUS Portal Awards & Accolades Trainee Milestones Yvonne Bombard successfully defended her PhD dissertation The nature and extent of genetic discrimination among persons at risk for Huntington disease. Congratulations Dr. Bombard!  Yvonne now has a CIHR fellowship with Apogee-Net, a network to support policy-making in genetics.  Michele Bowers completed her Postdoctoral work with NEXUS and ICEBERGS. She is currently wrapping up some projects with ICEBERGS before moving onto work in clinical psychology.  Alison Brazier has finished her postdoctoral fellowship with NEXUS.  She is currently working with Dr. Lynda Balneaves on the Complementary Medicine Education and Outcomes Program (CAMEO).   Shira Goldenberg successfully defended her MSc thesis entitled, Sexual behaviour and barriers to STI testing among youth in Northern BC. Congratulations, Shira! Shira is now conducting a four-month internship to develop a campaign to promote sexual health, reduce stigma, and increase access to STI testing for youth in Fort St. John, BC.  Chris Richardson recently finished a Postdoctoral Fellowship under the supervision of Dr. Joy Johnson. He is now an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Care and Epidemiology at UBC and a new NEXUS Co-Investigator. Zena Sharman, was recently awarded a BC Medical Services Foundation operating grant for An exploratory investigation of factors contributing to the recruitment and retention of British Columbia’s rural and remote home support workers. She also is the new Assistant Director of the CIHR Institute of Gender and Health (IGH). Trainee Awards Key Note Speakers: NEXUS Spring Institute  Dr. Blye Frank (Professor and Head, Division of Medical Education, and Head, Department of Bioethics, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University) researches the Sociology of Men’s Health with a particular focus on diversity. With a national research team funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Dr. Frank has developed a theoretical framework, Health, Illness, Men and Masculinities (HIMM), which informs his research. Recognized nationally and internationally for his work, Dr. Frank received the May Cohen Award in 2006 from the Association of Faculties of Medicine in Canada (AFMC) for his contribution to issues of equity and diversity. Dr. Gina Higginbottom (Associate Professor, University of Alberta) holds a Canada Research Chair in ethnicity and health. She is Visiting Professor at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK and affiliated Associate Professor at the University of Karolinska in Stockholm, Sweden. Her research has included collaborations with researchers in the UK, Sweden and other EU nation states. She has worked with many different communities as research partners, including the African Caribbean, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Somali communities . Dr. Higginbottom is Assistant Editor of the journal Ethnicity and Health. This year’s Spring Institute will feature leading scholars in health and diversity research. A Collaborative Team Building Award from the British Columbia Rural and Remote Health Research Network (BCRRHRN) has been awarded to develop The Rural and Northern Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth Sexual Health Team. The team, led by NEXUS Lead Investigator, Dr. Jean Shoveller, also includes NEXUS investigators Drs. Joy Johnson and Aleck Ostry.  The aim of this multi-disciplinary team is to investigate how gender, culture and place interact to affect the sexual health of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youths. The team plans to develop new research capacity to inform LGBT youth sexual health interventions. The aim is to reduce health and social disparities experienced by rural, northern and remote LGBT youth in British Columbia (BC). The BCRRHRN team building award of $6,000 will provide support to engage community partners and key LGBT youth sexual health stakeholders from across rural, northern and remote BC. Youth Sexual Health Team Receives Funding Page 3 Volume 2, Issue 1 New to NEXUS For more announcements, news and events read the   NEXUS Biweekly E-Newsletter or visit us on‐line at   www.nexus.ubc.ca  Trainees Welcome to the new NEXUS Trainees. New NEXUS Publications Chen, W., Bottorff, J.L., Johnson, J.L., Saewyc, E.M., & Zumbo, B.D. (2008). Susceptibility to smoking among white and Chinese nonsmoking adolescents in Canada. Public Health Nursing, 25 (1), 18-27.  Goldenberg S., Shoveller J., Koehoorn M., Ostry A. (2007). Barriers to STI testing among youth in a Canadian oil/gas community. Health and Place (Accepted November 26, 2007).  Goldenberg S., Shoveller J., Ostry A., Koehoorn M. (2007). Youth sexual behaviour in a ‘Boomtown’: Implications for the control of sexually transmitted infections. Sexually Transmitted Infections (Accepted December 6, 2007).  Okoli, C.T.C., Browning, S., Rayens, M.K., & Hahn, E.J. (2008) Secondhand tobacco smoke exposure, nicotine dependence, and smoking cessation. Public Health Nursing, 25 (1). 46-56. Sharon J. Lockie (Trainee; Supervisor Joan Bottorff) is a MSN Student at UBC-O, Kelowna. Sharon will be investigating the experiences of rural and remote family palliative caregivers who commute with a family member for advanced cancer care at an urban centre. Dr. Gilat Linn Grunau (Postdoctoral Fellow; Supervisor Pamela Ratner) is studying the effects of depression on outcomes following coronary artery bypass graft surgery. Welcome to the new NEXUS Co-Investigators. Co-Investigators Dr. Su-Er Guo is an Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing at the University of Victoria. Her areas of interest include self-care and health behaviours for chronic disease, particularly lung disease; smoking and second hand tobacco smoke exposure; HIV/AIDS care and clinical management; trans-cultural nursing; and quantitative research.  Ms. Tracy Truant is a Regional Professional Practice Leader, Nursing for the BC Cancer Agency. She works with Dr. Lynda Balneaves to examine how people experiencing cancer, and their significant others, make decisions to use complementary therapies in the context of conventional cancer treatment and care.  Dr. Chris Richardson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Care and Epidemiology at UBC. His research interests include measuring emerging tobacco dependence and using structural equation modeling to examine the psychosocial determinants of adolescent substance use trajectories. He is currently working on developing a web-based survey of adolescent substance use in BC and investigating gender differences in emerging patterns of tobacco dependence. Dr. John Ogrodniczuk is an Associate Professor and Associate Director (Research) of the Psychotherapy Program in the Department of Psychiatry, UBC.  His research has involved a variety of psychotherapies and patient populations, however, he has a particular interest in studying group therapies. Dr. Ogrodniczuk is a recipient of the Outstanding Early Career Achievement Award that is presented annually by the International Society for Psychotherapy Research.  He is currently collaborating with Dr. John Oliffe to study men's mental health. Dr. Mary Lynn Young is an Associate Professor with the UBC Graduate School of Journalism.  She is a former national columnist with The Globe and Mail. Her research interests include media coverage of marijuana, online nutrition content and the economics of online health providers, media credibility in Canada, and new journalism models for the media coverage of sensational crime stories. She is currently working with Dr. Joy Johnson on The media discourse related to marijuana use project.    5: POST DOCTORAL 22: DOCTORAL 6: MASTER’S 4: AFFILIATES 21: ALUMNI NEXUS TRAINEES sexual health needs of youth in rural and remote communities of BC. At the moment the YSHT has six on-going projects, each involving two or more NEXUS investigators. These projects are related to contraception; developing new participatory research methods that meaningfully engage youth; STI infections and testing; and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth sexual health.  The YSHT is also involved in training and has hosted workshops and a summer school to discuss sexual health issues affecting young people and the communities they live in.  To learn more visit: www.youthsexualhealth.ubc.ca • federal and provincial health agencies • community partners from educational, social services and non-profit sectors  The aim of the Youth Sexual Health Team (YSHT) is to address sexual health disparities. The YSHT examines how factors related to gender, culture and place (e.g., power imbalances within sexual relations; limited control over lives and resources; reduced access to timely and youth-centred sexual health services) both transform sexual health outcomes and can themselves be transformed to improve youth health and social wellbeing.  Much of the research being conducted is focussed on understanding and addressing the The Youth Sexual Health Team, led by NEXUS Lead Investigator, Dr. Jean Shoveller, brings together a team of fifteen investigators, including four from NEXUS (Drs. Joy Johnson, Mieke Koehoorn, Aleck Ostry and Judith Soon).  The team is made up of faculty and trainees from: • six universities (University of British Columbia, University of Northern British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, Queen's University, Dalhousie University) Youth Sexual Health Team—Taking NEXUS Collaborations to a new level NEXUS is a community of academic and clinical researchers and graduate students pursuing health behaviour research from a variety of perspectives including Nursing, Public Health, Epidemiology, Health Promotion, Sociology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Geography. Its mission is to develop knowledge, interventions, and policy recommendations based on a critical analysis of the social contexts that 1) create barriers to health, 2) affect health seeking, and 3) influence system responses. NEXUS is building expanded research  programs related to these three themes in health behaviour using the analytical lenses of gender, diversity, and place. NEXUS is funded by NEXUS Lead Investigators Dr. Lynda Balneaves Dr. Joan Bottorff Dr. Jane Buxton Dr. Lorraine Greaves Dr. Joy Johnson Dr. John Oliffe Dr. Aleck Ostry Dr. Ric M. Procyshyn Dr. Pamela Ratner Dr. Jean Shoveller Dr. Judith Soon Dr. Annette Browne Dr. Joyce Davison Dr. Paul Galdas Ms. Sukhdev Grewal Dr. Su-Er Guo Dr. T. Gregory Hislop Dr. Mieke Koehoorn Ms. Martha Mackay Ms. Mary McCullum Dr. John Ogrodniczuk Dr. Birgit Reime Dr. Chris Richardson NEXUS Co-Investigators Dr. Carole A. Robinson Dr. Rick Sawatzky Ms. Tracy Truant Dr. Helen Ward Dr. Sabrina Wong Dr. Mary Lynn Young Picture from Summer School 2007 NEXUS Portal


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