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Men's health: Bodies, minds, and masculine ideals University of British Columbia. NEXUS Research Unit, UBCO-TV


Differences in men’s and women’s health issues extend beyond the physiological and anatomical characteristics of men’s and women’s bodies. The diverse social and cultural meanings, norms, and expectations with which society understands the roles and behaviours of men and women must also be considered in approaches to health and illness. The everyday behaviours of men, including those that impact on health, are influenced by societal views of what constitutes masculine practices. This panel explores the relationships between men’s health and masculinity by presenting research on men’s experiences with depression, smoking, and heart health, and explores how young men are represented in research on sexual health and risk. Panellists: Dr. Joan Bottorff, Professor and Chair in Health Promotion and Cancer Prevention & Director, Centre for Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Prevention, UBC Okanagan; Co-Director, NEXUS*** Dr. Paul Galdas, Assistant Professor, UBC School of Nursing; Co-Investigator, NEXUS; Co-Investigator, Centre for Nursing and Health Behaviour Research (NAHBR)*** Dr. John Oliffe, Associate Professor, UBC School of Nursing; Lead Investigator, NEXUS; Co-Investigator, Centre for Nursing and Health Behaviour Research (NAHBR)*** Jennifer Matthews, Project Director, Stigma and Resilience Among Vulnerable Youth Consortium (SARAVYC), UBC School of Nursing

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