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Production update 94 : A status report on the production of selected health personnel in the province… University of British Columbia. Health Human Resources Unit May 31, 1995

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PRODUCTION UPDATE 94A STATUS REPORT ON THE PRODUCTIONOF SELECTED HEALTH PERSONNELIN THE PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIAHHRU95:4HealthHumanResources UnitCentrefor HealthServices and Policy ResearchThe University of British ColumbiaVancouver, BritishColumbia V6T lZ3May 1995NationalLibraryof Canadacataloguing:Production (Vancouver, B.C.)Nov. 1975­Biennial."A statusreport on the production of selectedhealthpersonnel in the provinceof BritishColumbia".Supplements accompany somenumbers.ISSN 1199-4010.ISBN 1-896459-86-2 (update94)I. University of BritishColumbia. HealthHumanResoucesUnil II. Title: HealthHumanResourcesUnit research reports.RA41O.9.C2P8 610.69'09711'021 C94-301371-2HEALlH lillMAN RESOURCES UNITThe HealthHumanResourcesUnit (HHRU) of the Centrefor HealthServicesand PolicyResearchwas establishedas a demonstration project by the BritishColumbiaMinistryof Health in 1973. Since that time, the Unithas beencarriedon an ongoingbasis within the Ministry'sannualoperatingbudget The Unit undertakes a series ofresearchstudies that are relevant to healthhuman resourcesmanagementand to public policy decisions.The lllIRU's researchagendais determined through extensivediscussions of key current issuesand availableresourceswith themembersof the HealthHumanResources WorkingGroupof the Ministryof Health.Varioushealth care providergroupsparticipateindirectly, throughon-goingformaland informalcommunication withMinistryof Healthofficialsand with lllIRU researchers.Three typesof researchactivityare variously includedon the Unit'sresearchagendaand drawon differentskillsand researchexpertiseof its facultyand staff. In conjunction with the professionallicensing bodiesor associations,the HHRUdevelopsand maintainsa co-operative health humanresourcesdatabase. The Unit uses thesedata toproduceregular status reports thatprovidea basis for future in-depthstudiesand for healthhumanresourcesplanning. The Unit conductsin-depthstudies that have a particularpolicy relevanceor assess the impactofspecificpolicymeasures, based on secondary analyses of data from the co-operative database or primary datacollectedthrough large-scale surveys. The HHRUalso conducts specificprojectspertainingto the management ofhealth humanresourcesat local, regional,or provinciallevels.Copiesof studiesand reportsproducedby the lllIRU are available at no charge.HealthHumanResourcesUnitCentrefor HealthServicesand PolicyResearch429 - 2194 HealthSciencesMallVancouver, BritishColumbiaV6T lZ3 (604)822-4810ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSSpecialappreciation is extendedto thosepeople in colleges, universities, institutes, andhospitalsthroughout the province whotook timeto respond to the questionnaire andto the many additional questionsposedover the telephone. A list of the names of these peoplemaybe foundin Appendix D.PRODUCTION UPDATE 94 represents eightmonths of surveying, dataentry, text andtablepreparation, and proof-reading. Allyson MacDonald coordinated the project, and was responsible forsending out the surveys, telephone follow-up for missing surveysfmformation, dataentry,and reportpreparation. Kim McGrail assisted in sending out the surveys, telephone follow-up for missingsurveyslinformation, data entry,andfinalediting. LauraWoodalsoassisted with the final editing. Thedatabase programming and tableproduction for this editionweredoneby HaroldYip. Carlene Swanwasresponsible for preparing the reportfor printing. Tableswereproduced on a 486 mMTM compatible PCrunningunderDOS™ 6.0 andWindows™ v3.1 usingExcel™ 5.0. Text was producedusingMicrosoftWord™ 2.Oc. All printingwas done on a QMS815Postscript™laserprinter.Finally, financial supportfromThe University of BritishColumbia andthe BritishColumbia Ministryof Healthis gratefully acknowledged.THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIAHealth Human Resources UnltCentre for Health Services and Policy Research429 - 2194 Health Sciences MallVancouver, B.C. Canada V6T lZ3Tel: (604) 822·4810Fax: (604) 822-5690Ms. ChristineNichollsChair, HealthHumanResources Working GroupMinistry of Health1515 BlanshardStreetVictoria. B.C. V8W 3C8DearMs. NichollsIt is withpleasure that I transmitto youand to the membersof the HealthHumanResources WorkingGroupthe first editionof our PRODUCTION UPDATE series, PRODUCTION UPDATE 94.The PRODUCTION UPDATE seriesare interimreports on selected trainingprogramsfor health andhumanservices personnelin BritishColumbia. This editioncontains 181activeprogramofferingsof 97programs in elevenserviceareas. Therewereseventeen new programofferingsthis year. Communitycolleges offer 38.1percentof theprogram offerings, while21.5 percentare offeredby university-colleges,19.9percentby universities, and the remaining 20.4 percentare offeredby institutes. agencies, hospitalsand private institutions.The format for this report is similar to PRODUCTION 93. The statistical tablescontaindata on thenumberof applicants. enrolment, and graduates for the academicyears 1993/94to 1995/96. Wepersevered in our follow-up efforts this year in order to increasethe quantity and accuracy of theinformation presented, and the final response rate was 99.5 percent. The Okanagan ValleyCollegeofMassage Therapyand TheWestCoastCollegeof HealthCare weresurveyedfor the first time.Whilewe strive to providean accurate pictureof the situation, respondents sometimes noteddifficultyin estimating graduates for the currentacademic year (1994/95), and enrolmentand graduates for the nextacademic year (1995/96). Consequently, the reportedstatisticsare as accurateas the program directorscouldmake them,given the uncertainties inherentin suchprojections. The numbers are not official;estimates of applicants, enrolment, graduates, and plans for newprogramsare thosereportedby thevarious institutions.As always, we look forward to yourcomments and suggestions.S~1&1Arminee Kazanjian, Dr. Soc .Associate DirectorCentrefor HealthServices andPolicyResearchA Research Unit Funded by the Ministry of Health, British ColumbiaTABLE OF CONTENTSPageIntroduction . iIntroduction to the Chapters xxivProgram Offerings and Statistical Tables by Service Area:I. Administrative Services - Basic Level......... 1Health Information Science 2Health Information Services 2Health Record Administration............... ............... . 3Health Record Technician 3n. Dental Services - Basic Level 5Dental Assisting 6Dental Hygiene - Diploma 8Dental Technician 9Dentistry :............................ 9Denturist 10m. Dental Services - Post-basic Level 13Dental Hygiene - Baccalaureate : 14IV. Health Standards Programs - Basic Level......................... 17Environmental Health: Public Health Inspection.......................... 18Occupational Health and Safety 18V. Human Services - BasicLevel 21Community Support Worker 22I>evelopmental Disabilities 23Home SUPIX>rt Attendant . 24Home Support Attendant Upgrade 25Home SupportlResident Care Attendant 25Home SupportlResident Care Attendant Upgrade 27Human Service Worker 28Personal Assistant Working forPeople withDisabilities 29Resident Care Attendant 30Resident Care Attendant - E.S.L. 31Resident Care Attendant Upgrade 32SocialService Worker 32SocialWork - Baccalaureate 34Special Needs 35Substance Abuse Counselling 36Visual Language Interpreter 37VI. Human Services - Post-basic Level 43Care of the Mentally Fragile Elderly .. 44Community Support 44Geriatric Activity Coordinator 45Home SupportlResident Care Attendant Equivalency..... 45Social Services 46Special Needs for Social Service Workers 46Substance Abuse Counselling 47VB. Laboratory Services - BaslcLevel 49Biomedical Engineering Technology........ 50Cardiology Technology ....................................... 50Cytotechnology ! ••••••••••••• • • • • ••••••• ••••••••••••• • • • •• ••••• • 51Electroneurophysiology Technology ............ 51Medical Clinical Assistant .. 52Medical Laboratory Assistant 52Medical Laboratory Technology ........... 53Medical Radiography Technology................. 53Nuclear Medicine Technology ................................. 54Radiation Therapy Technology 54Respiratory Therapy 55VIII. Laboratory Services - Post-basic Level 59Advanced Diploma in Health Sciences (Medical Imaging) 60Anaesthesia Technology.... 60Cardiovascular Perfusion Technology 61Cardiovascular Technology.... 61Cytogenetics Laboratory Technology....................... 62Diagnostic Medical Sonography 62Echocardiography 63Health Science - Baccalaureate (Medical Imaging) 63Medical Laboratory Assistant Upgrade.. ...... 64Medical Laboratory Science- Baccalaureate 64IX. Medical and 'IreatmentServices - BasicLevel....................................................................... 67Combined M.D. and Ph.D. 68Medidne 68X. Mental Healthservices - Post-basic Level 71Clinical Psychology -Doctorate 72Clinical Psychology - Master's 72Counselling Psychology - Doctorate 73Counselling Psychology - Master's 73HumanNeuropsychology -Doctorate 74XI. Nursing Services - BasicLevel 77Nursing - Baccalaureate ~ 78Nursing - Combined RNIBSN 78Nursing - Diploma 80Nursing Access- I...PNIRN 82Nursing Access- RPNIRN 82Practical Nursing 83Psychiatric Nursing 84Psychiatric Nursing Access 84xn. Nursing Services - Post-basic Level 89Advanced Diploma in Health Sciences (Nursing) 90Advanced Diplomain Psychiatric Nursing 90Nursing - Post-RNBaccalaureate 91Health Science- Baccalaureate (Nursing) 92HealthScience- Baccalaureate (Psychiatric Nursing) 93Critical Care Nursing Specialty 93Emergency Nursing Specialty 94Neonatal Nursing Specialty 94Nephrology Nursing Specialty 95Neurosciences Nursing Specialty 95Obstetrical Nursing Specialty 96Occupational Health Nursing Specialty 96Operating Room Nursing Specialty 97Paediatric Critical Care Nursing Specialty 97Paediatric Nursing Specialty ,.................................................................................. 98Post-Anaesthetic Recovery Room Nursing 98Nursing Refresher 99Nursing Refresher - E.S.L. 100Practical Nursing Refresher 100Psychiatric Nursing Refresher 101xm. Nutrition and Dietary Services - BasicLevel 105Dietetics - Baccalaureate 106Human Nutrition - Baccalaureate..................... 106Nutrition & Food Service Management 107XIV. Pharmaceutical Services - BasicLevel 109Pharmacy - Baccalaureate 110Phannacy Technical Assistant 110'XV. Rehabilitation Services- BasicLevel................................................................................... 113Audiology and SpeechSciences - Master's 114Massage TIlerapy 114Music Therapy - Baccalaureate 115Occupational Therapy- Baccalaureate 115Physical Therapy - Baccalaureate 116Prostheticsand Orthotics Technology...... 116Rehabilitation Assistant 117Therapeutic Recreation... 117XXI. Rehabilitation Services- Post-basic Level 121Health Science- Baccalaureate (Physiotherapy) 122Appendices .. 125A Residents and RotatingInterns 127B. ProgramsSurveyedlNotSurveyedfor PRODUCTION UPDA1E 94 131C. Summaryof Program Changes 137D. SurveyRespondents, by ServiceArea,Program,and Institution 141E. Indexof ProgramOfferings by Institution 149F. Map of BritishColumbiaHealthRegions 155Reports of the HealthHumanResources Unit 159INTRODUCTIONPRODUCTION UPDATE 94 describes the training programsfor selectedhealth and human servicespersonnelin BritishColumbia. It is the first versionof a new series whichwill be producedin the interimyear, alternatingwith the regularbiennialPRODUCTION series whichdescribesthe trainingprogramsforall health and human servicespersonnel in BritishColumbia. Information for PRODUCTION UPDATE94 was collectedthroughquestionnaires mailedto approvedpost-secondary institutionsin the province,hospitals with knowneducationalprograms, and to selectedprivateeducational institutions. Thequestionnaires were maileddirectlyto selectedprogramdirectors, identifiedeither from responses inprevious years or throughuniversity/college calendars. The surveyquestionnaire was revised slightlythisyear to create three separate formats, one for Certificateprograms,one for Diploma and Degreeprograms,and one for DistanceEducationprograms.The surveyfor PRODUCTION UPDATE 94 was limited to selectedprograms(see AppendixB) whichare currentlyof specialinterest to healthhumanresourceplanners. Most of the programssurveyedwereBasic Level programswith some exceptions, particularlyin the areasof Human Services andNursingServices,two fields currentlyreceiving particularattentionfrom planners. Programs from two relativelynew privateinstitutionswere surveyedfor the first time (OkanaganValley CollegeofMassageTherapy,and West Coast Collegeof HealthCare). The graduate-level University scienceprograms,and somecontinuingeducationprogramswere amongthose programsnot surveyed.The response to the survey was extremelygood this year. The final responserate by program offeringwas 99.5 percent The only non-respondent programofferingwas: CommunitySupportWorker(UniversityCollegeof the Fraser Valley). Every attemptwas made to encouragesurvey responseandcollectionof completeinformation; large improvements were seen in both areas as a result of such effortsthis year.The value of PRODUCTION UPDATE 94,like that ofpreviouseditions,is chiefly in its listing ofavailableHealth and Human Services educationprogramsin this province. The data,especiallythose thatare projected,vary in reliabilitybecause they are sensitiveto budget changes,numbersof acceptableapplicants, and other factors. In addition, it is often difficult to accuratelyforecast the numbersofgraduates, sinceattritionand the lengthof time part-timeand DistanceEducationstudentswill take tocompletea programare subjectto considerable variation. While we counselcautionin using the reportednumbers, the contentsare as correct as we and the respondents could make them. We suggest that youclarify with the particularinstitutions those numbers about whichyou may have a specificconcern,iiiI. FORMATThisintroductory section is an overview of the information presented in the remainder of the report.Table 1 ("Summary Tableon SupplyFactorsfor HealthPersonnel in B.C.") beginsby presenting asummary of the level, duration of training, requirements for practice, andhumanresources category andsupplynumbers, by fieldof study, for the selected programs included in this report. The tablewhichfollows shows the "Location of Existing and Proposed Educational Programs in Healthand HumanServices in BritishColumbia, September 1994" (Table2). Table3 examines the distribution by sex ofgraduates for those programs whichprovided that information, whileTables4 and5 compare the B.C.graduate numbers for selectedprograms, to thosein the rest of Canada, and to the currentnumber of healthpersonnel in B.C., respectively.The mainbody of the reportcontains detailed descriptions of the healthprogram offerings arrangedalphabetically by programand servicearea. The Post-basic Nursing Services section is an exception; theprograms are arrangedso that the advanced diplomaprograms, post-basic baccalaureate programs,speciality certificate programs, andrefresher programs are eachgrouped together. The descriptions arefollowed by statistical tableswhichinclude applicants to eachprogram, enrolment (by yearwhereappropriate), and graduates for the academic years 1993/94to 1995/96.Appendix A includesa tablepresenting a detailed distribution of Post-graduate Medical Residentstraining in BritishColumbia. Twolists detailing the programs included in and excluded fromthis reportcanbe foundin Appendix B. Appendix C is a summary chartlistingdiscontinued program offerings andnewor added programofferings. A complete listingof participating educational institutions and thecontact persons whoweresentquestionnaires andprovided theinformation contained in this reportis foundin Appendix D. An indexof program offerings by institution appears as Appendix E, and Appendix Fcontains a map of BritishColumbia depicting the twentyHealthRegions.(a) Interpreting the Statistical TablesThe statistical tablesincludedata for theperiod between1993/94 and 1995/96. Programofferings aredescribed as full-time (Ff), part-time (P1), both (B), or distance education (DE); "both" is usedwhendataare combined for full-time and part-time andnot available separately. Whereseparate data are availablefor full-time, part-time, and/ordistance education, they are listedseparately. Alsoincluded in eachtableisthe breakdown of entrants, enrolment, and graduates by sex, where thesedata are available. Ifnotavailable, the total numberappears centredbetween the "Male" and "Female" columns. Enrolment data forDistance Education programs is oftendifficult to obtain, sinceenrolment can change on a day-to-day basisbecause students takea varying number of courses and a varying amount of timeto complete the courses.SomeDistance Educationprograms have therefore provided dataon the total courseregistrations ratherthan actual students; thesedata are footnoted in the tableswhentheyoccur.Since1985,entrantand graduate numbers for the tables in the PRODUCI'ION serieshavebeencollected andpresentedon an academic yearbasis(September I to August31), ratherthan a calendar yearbasis (January 1 to December31). Exceptions are made for a fewprogram offerings whichbegininAugust. The Augustentrants to these programs weretreatedas thoughtheywereseptemberentrants andincludedwith the following academic year,i.e. August 1994entrants werelistedunderthe 1994/95academic year. Datapresented in thismannerare footnoted in the tables. Wefound this adjustment madeit easierto read and interpretthe data in the tables across time.(i) Symbols* A star " *"in the tables indicates that the program offering did not yet existor was no longerofferedin the specified academic year.A dash " - " in the tables indicates that data were not appropriate or applicable. This is to bedistinguished from a '0',whichindicates data wereavailable but there were no applicants,enrolment, or graduates.nJa The symbol" nla " in the text or tablesindicatesthat no data were available or supplied. Thisis also to be distinguished from a " 0 ", whichindicatesdata were available but there were noapplicants, enrolment, or graduates.(Ii) DefinitionsBasicLevelProgram: Pre-employment programin a spedfic fieldPost-basic LevelProgram: Programtakenin additionto basic training in a fieldApplicants: The numberof qualified applications submitted to the program, from whichenrolmentwas selected.Enrolment: The numberof students in the program, by academic yearof studywhenever thedurationof the programexceeds one year.Graduates: The numberof students whosuccessfully completed all the program requirements.(iii) AbbreviationsillBBCITBSNBSWClFDEEICEKCCESLFFfLPNMUCMCNCOLAPTRNRPNSFU1WUUBCUCCUVicVCCWCCHCBoth full-time andpart-timeBritishColumbia Institute of TechnologyBachelor of Science in NursingBachelorof SocialWorkCompressed Ttme-FrameDistance EducationEmployment andImmigration CanadaEast Kootenay Community CollegeEnglishasa SecondLanguageFemaleFull-timeLicensedPractical NurseMalaspina University CollegeMaleCollege of NewCaledoniaOpen Learning AgencyPart-timeRegistered NurseRegistered Psychiatric NurseSimonFraserUniversityliinity WesternUniversityUniversity of BritishColumbiaUniversity College of the CaIibooUniversity of VictoriaVancouver Community CollegeWestCoast Collegeof HealthCareivn, PROVINCIAL SUMMARY(a) Supply Factors for Health Personnel In British Columb.laTable 1 containsa compendium ofstatisticsincorporating detailedtraining and practice informationthat is usuallyavailablefrom differentsourcesand presentedin separatereports. 'This table provides anaccurateand currentdescriptive summaryof the productionof healthhuman resourcesin the province. Itprovidesdetailedspecificinformation, by field of training,on leveland duration of training, numberstrained, statutoryrequirements for practice,personnelcategory,numberof activepersonnel,and numberofreportedDifJicuit-to-Fill 1 vacancies. The table is formatted for easy legibilityandquick reference. Thedottedlines indicatelengthof time requiredto completeprerequisites to a program. The informationcombinedtherein shouldbe of interest to planners andpolicy makers in education, health and the labourmarketThis table has been includedin the PRODUCTIONseriesofreports since 1985. When compared fromyear to year, it providesa quickpicture of changesand trends in the types of programsbeingoffered, thelengthsof these programofferings, and the numbersgraduating fromthem. Overallthis year,there havebeen few changesto the programs comparedto PRODUCTION93. A major trend in Basic NursingServicesprograms,however,is continuing. The NursingDiplomaprogramwas replacedthis year at onecollege(SelkirkCollege)by the new combineddiplomalbaccalaureate program(CombinedRNIBSN). InPRODUCTION93 thereweresix collegesluniversity collegeswhohad replacedthe Nursing Diplomaprogramwith the Combinedprogram. Approval is currentlypendingat othercolleges/university collegesin B.C. to switchto the Combinedprogramnext year.The numberof activepersonnelin each categoryallowsa quick viewof the numberof B.C.graduatesin relationto the numbercurrentlyworking in the field Some groupsshow a large increasebetween 1993and 1994 in the numberof personnelrelativeto the numberofgraduates duringthatperiod (seePRODUCTION93 for 1993 figures). For example, the numberof licenseddentalhygienists grewfrom1190 in 1993 to 1385 in 1994, while there were only 62 graduatesin B.C. in 1993/94. Somegrowth in thenumberof personnelmay comefrom reactivation ofpeople whohad droppedregistrationwith theCollegeof DentalSurgeonsof B.C.,but there also is dependence upon graduates of otherjurisdictionsto increasethe stock. The numberof directoryactive physicians only grew from 8143 in 1993 to 8220 in 1994,unlikethe situationin PRODUCTION93 whenthe numberof directoryactivephysicians grew from 7596 in 1991to 8143 in 1993. UBC graduated 112 physiciansin 1993/94, so the level of productionwas far greaterthan theincreaseseen in thenumberof personnel, whereasbetween 1991 and 1993 the increase inpersonnel was much larger than the level of production.b) Location of Programs and Institutions in British ColumbiaThe locationsof currentlyexistingand proposedprogramsin healthandhealth-related fieldsasreportedin PRODUCTION UPDATE94 are shownin Table 2. Programswhichwere not surveyedthisyear, whichare not currentlyoffered, or whichhave been discontinued are not includedin Table 2.Reference is made to programs whichare not currentlyofferedor havebeen discontinued in the text of thereport. Appendix B lists thoseprogramswhichwere, and were not. surveyedthis year. Appendix Ccontainsa list of the not currentlyofferedor discontinued programs, as well as a list of new or addedprograms.1 A survey to determine the number of difficult-to-fill positions in the health care industry is conducted on a quarterly basis bythe Health Human Resources Unit "Difficult-to-Fill" is defined as "vacant for thirty days, during which time there has been 'active but unsuccessful recruitment". The study was introduced in 1979 due to concerns about shortages of nursing personnelin B.C. It was designed to give an assessment of problem areas and examine the need for specific training programs in theprovince. It has since been expanded to include a large number of health care disciplines beyond nursing .Table I Summary Table on Supply Factors for Health PersoDDel In BrItIsb CoIumhIa:Level. Duration orTraInIng, Requirements for Practice, Personnel Category. and Supply Numbers. by FJeld orStudy1lI94I95 Jtesb:traIIoD' (Adift) D'l'F'EIItranbf IJceasun( HaIth~Gruap NIllllberJ MJIr.19M'PIeIcI Ca1IIIcate Diploma B8CClIIaureate Poa-Grdllate Gndoata' CertItIatIoa ..per Sept. 19M I_19MNo Yes RFP J ROLLCALL Ul'DATE J~clmillistratiH &nrku • BasicHeallhInfmmdon Science 1!un1v. 40m 25118 XHeAllh IcformationScrvlczs 69w 24110 X NO 110~crlltalS.nrkG • BasicDenta1 Assisting 10m 2851309 X YES Catified Denta1 AsalsIamII 4279DentalHYsiene- Diploma 20m 67161 X YES Denta1 Hyglm!slB 1385Denta1 Tecbnlcian 36m-1D1a X YESDentistry 3p~v; 126w .. 40140 X YES Dent!slB 2166- >-Denturist 24m· 1- X YES~crlltal Scrrm.s • Post-lNuicDeIu1 Hygiene. Baa:aIaurcale 20m 26w 412 X YES (sec Denta1 Hyglmhu)- - . -HClDltIr SImuIanIs . BasicEnvironmmtAI HeAlth: Public HealthInspection 70w 32/31 X YESOccupationalHCllth& Safety 70w 22115 X NO~"IIIQIJ &rriCClS • BasicColllllUD1ty SupportWorker 786h·4Sw 127178 XDeve1opmmtA1 Dlaabllhlcs ~ 157120 XHomeSupportAl1cIIdant 32-41 w 91/81 XHomeSupportAl!aldant Upgrade ~.3SSh 36161 XHomeSupp0rt/Rc81dent Care A!lmdmt ~w 4631373 XHomeSupport!RC8Idcut Care AtterldanlUpgrade ~ 010 XHI1JDll1I Suvlcc Work... 10s0h-3Bw 2031204 XPcnona1 CareAttaldanl for the Dlaabled ~ 15/15 XRClldcutCareADtndant ~.24W 4961460 XRC8Ident CareAttendant- B.S.l. ~ 1219 X"h" hounI ·w" weeD • m" tmnths "y. yeanPrepared by:HeaIh Humllll RCSOlm:l:S UnitThe UniversityofBriti&h Columbia <Table 1 continued Summary Table onSupply Fadon for Health Penounel In BrIUsh Columbia:Level, Duration of TraInlug, Reqafrements for Practice, Penounel Category, and Supply Numbers, by FIeld orStudylll94I95 RegIotntIonf (AdIYe) orr"Enlralda' Ucensunf Haith Penoand Group Namber' Mu.l9M'Field <AniIIClIte Diploma BIKCllIaarute I'ost-Gndaate Gnduata l CertUladlon • per Sept.1lI94 1_1lI94No Yes up' ROu.cAlL UPDATE'HIIIrIlm &nicn - &Isk cOIIti"".dResldalt CareA!laIdaDtUpgrade ~ 0/0 XSOCW ServiceWorker 3S- BOw 3311249 XSocWWork- Baccalaureate I) 1:2!~v. 2-3y 240/221 X NO 1/1SpecialNeals 378 -1096h 129/S4 XSubslanceAbuIe CouIlacllIna 16·18.Sm ~ 22/lS XVIsua11AJ:1suage Intreprcler 13m __ ~ 2y ) 14/11 X NO- -H__ &nicn - P08I-btukCareor the Mcntally fragile mderly ~b 14113 XComaJ.mity Support ~w 16/12GcriaIrIe Ac1ivity CoordInator ~ 18/14 XHomeSupportlResldmtCare A!laIdaDtEquivalmcy 1a 0/0 XSocW Savlc:a 6OOh·4lD 20110 XSpecialNccdR forSOCW Service Workers l096b Dla XSubslanceAbuae CouIlacllIna ~ 0/4 X YESlGboraJD" &nkn -lkzskBlo~EngIneering 70w 30/20 X NO 010CardIolosyTcchno1osY 3Sw 20/17 X YESCytoIccImology 1!~ 4/0 X YESmcclroDcUrophyaiology Tocbno1osY 18m 8/6 X NO 0/0Mcdk:al ClinIcal AIlalstant ~ 32122 XMcdlcal LaboratoryAaaiIlaDl r!426w 69/64 XMcdlcal uboralay Tocbnology 12Ow.2Om S8/S1 X NO 110McdlcaI R.adlograpby Tcdmology 2Sm 30/3S X YESNuclearMcdlclne Tocbno1osY 24m 11/9 X YES 0/0RadIatIon'lbcnpy Tcdmology If ) 27~ 9/11 X YES• h " bounI ·w· wcdaI • m' IIIlIlIba 'y' yC8l'llPrcpamfby:Heath Human RellOIIR:CI UnitThe Univcaity ofBritiah ColumbiaTable 1 conUnued Summary Table on Supply Factors for Health Persounel In British Columbia:Level, Duration of TralDlng, Requirements for Practice, Persounel Category, and Supply Numbers, by FJeld of StudyJJ905 ReptratIoaf (Actin) DTF'EnInDbf LlcellSlU'lf Health I'mIoIlllel Group Namber' Mu-.1lIH'FIeld Ca1lftcafe Diploma Bacealaureate Post-Gndaate Gnd..... ' Certlftcatlon .. per SepL1J94 Jnne1J94No Vel RFP s ROLLCALL UPDATE'LaIHmUo"S.rrkn • Basle COIlli""MRespirauxyTherapy 27m 48/37 X YBS 010lAboralo" S.rrk.. - Pod-baleAdvanced Diplomain HeahhSclencea(MedicalImagin ~ DlJ'I...l:~ 7321n1a X YBSADatlllhesia Technology 3l_~ 6/1 X NOCardIovascular PufuaIonTechnotosY D!p~ 2/2 X YBSCardIovascularTechnology D!PI~ 20/0 X NOCytogenct\c8 Laboralory TedmotosY Bach. 13m. 7/7 X YBS-~D1a8l108lic MedicalSonograpby Dpl~ 11/11 X YBS 010EdtocardIograPlY Dpl~ 8/8 X YBSHea1lh Scleocc- Baa:aIaureareIn MedicalImagiag DipL__~:.D.!P~Y 2/0 X YBSMedicalLalxratory Aaistant UPlll'ade ~ I 50/20 XMedicalLab.SciCIlCC · Bacc:alalll'C4lc 2_y __ _ ~ 64w ) 24/22 XMMIcal & TnallrN'" &rrkn • BasicCombined M.D.and Ph.D. Bacbela'lIIMaster'. 7y 110 X YBS } ~ 8220 }-- - - - - -MedIclnc 3y ___ ) 4y ) 121/120 X YBS PhyaI~ 1/0IM.IIIGI HnltIr &rrk.. • P,.l-bIuleClinicalPsychology - DocIDrat.e Bacbela'lIIMaster'. 5.6y ) 10116 X YBS Psycl1ologlln 738-------Clinical PsychotosY • Maatd. Bachelor'a 2y 411 X... ... ... ... ... - ... ...COUIllIeUins P.ycl101ogy - DocIDrat.e BacbeIor'a Master'. Apprm.6y >- - . - - - -, - • - -:> 6/2 X NOCouase1l1ng Psycl101ogy - Mutcr'. BacbeIor'. 25-5y 1591158 X NO- - ...............NfII'Si"6 &rrk.. • BasicNursing- BaccalaUl'C'alC 4y 1861100 X YBS26.5-32m/38-40m ,.Nursing- Combined RNlBSN 414/74 X YBSNuning. Diploma 85w-25y 380/416 X YBS Regialaa1 Numea 27952 8/10,. )NursIngAa:eaa - lJ'NIRN I:2! _ • S6w-19m 8114 X YBS• h· hours "w· wecb • m" IlIlIIIha . y . yeam••• e:t1tIIimIedPrepared by;Hcalh HiunlD RClKlUICCI UuitThe UDivenity ofBrilish Columbia ~:Table 1 continued Summary Table on Supply Factors for Health PersolDlel In British Columbia:Level, Dundon of TraIDIng, Requirements for PractIce, Personnel Category, and Supply Numbers, by Field of Study1J94I95 IteptntIoaf (Adln) DrF"Eutralb' Llcemani Haith PenoDDd GnJap Namber' Mar.UHPleld Ca1Iftcate Diploma Baccalaareate Pod-Gradaate Grad...... ' CeI1lfIcatfoa ..per Stpt.llIH JlIDelllHNo Yell RFP' ROLLCAlL UPDATE'Nlll'lling S.,.mn • Bask cOIJIiluIcdPracticalN1II8iDg 41-52w 162/124 X YES IJceDIICld I'nIctIcalN1II8eII 4704 010Psyc:blalril; Nuning 89w 62/72 X YES Res!stJ:rcd PaychIatric N1II8eII 22S7 (_RNI)Nrud"g &nit:" • Post-1Nult:Advanced DiplomaIn HeabhSclencea (NunIng) DIploma 2-6y ;) nla I '30 X YES (.... RNI)- - - >Advanced DiplomaInPlycblalrieNunlng Diploma 2-5y ;) 24S/15 X YES (.... RPNI)- - - >N1II8ing -I'alt-RN Baccalaureate _Dlyl!!D! _~ 52w-2; 576/345 X YES (.... RNI)HeaI1h SCialcc- Baa:alaureate (Nunlng) Diploma Adv. Dipl. ly 90/14 X YES (.... RNI)- - - ->- - - - - -HealthSCialce- Baa:aIaureare(PIychialricNIIl'Iina> Diploma Adv. Dip!. ly 21/0 X YES (see RPNI)- - - ->- - - - - -Post-Bule Nunlng Spccialillea' 49Sh-3 y nla/l28 X YES1N1II8ing Refresher 5-8m 114/66 X YES (.... RNI)Nuning RcfrelhcrB.Sl.. ~ 21/21 X YESPraclIca1 Nunlng RcfrCIher 6-8w 010 X YES (.... LPNI)~NIItritlo" " Dklor] S.nIt:" • BaskDleldicI- Baa:a1a1ll'C4le 4y- 26/32 X YESRegillmd DledtIaDI a:607 010NulritlonlsllHumm NutrldlJll - Baccalaureate 4y 14/20 XNutrldona:Food Sc:rvic:e Managemmt 1482h 21/13 X 010P1uImuIt:.llllcal &me" • lIDslcPbarmacy - Baa:aIaware I! .> 4y ;) 140/nla X YES PbannaclIlI 2345 0/1Pharmacy TechnicalAaaIJtatt ~ 57154 XR.1uIbUJlillio" Same" •&IsleAudIology and Spccch SCiencaI-Maata'i Bac:be1or'1 2O -36m 26/3 X YES- - - - - - -75w-2y,MalIIage'Ibcnpy S03 I 125 X YES MalIIage PractilllIllIft 836MuaIc'Ibmpy 2r _ 2.Sv 19/17 X YES0ccupaII0nal 'Ibaapy - Bachelor'l 11 _ 98w 35134 X YES 0ca1paIi0Dll'Ibl:npilll 685 3/8PhyaIca1 'Ibmpy - Bac:be1or'l I! _ 96w 30/35 X YES PhyIIlllhcnp!lll 1925 6/8• h· 1IllunI ·w· weeb • m· IImIIhI .y. years••• ctJIItiIuudI'1qIaml by:HcalhHummRClIOIIn:CI UnitThe Univa:aityofBritUh ColumbiaTable 1 condoued Summary Table on Supply Factors for Health PersoDllel In British Columbia:Level, Duration of TraInIng, Requirements for Practice, Personnel Category. and Supply Numbers, by Field of Study1lI94I95 RqWraIIOD' (AdIYe) DTF'EDtnalIf U<eIISIInf Health Penoauel Group NlIIDbcr' M8r.UM'PleW CcrtlIIcate Diploma BaceaJaareatc PoIt-Gl'lldufe Gndaala' CertlllcalioD • per Sept. UN JIIDCUNNo Ya. up' ROUCALL UPDATE'R.WUitlIIlo. Serric• • Bask eollli""gProsthedc lIIIlI OrtbodcTec!mology 70w 10/- X YES 011Rehabilitation Asaistanl 34 -41 w 43/33 XThtcepeutlc Reaeatim Teclmlcian 60w 27/2S X NOR.WiUtIIJIlo. Serric. - Ptllf~1JoskHealthScience - BaccaJaurclle(Physi0lherapy) 3r~p~o~ _ _ :J-2Y .. 5210 X YES (ace Phymotbrnplsla)• b" bounI ·w" wceb " m" IIIlDIba "y" yearsI Datashownare totAlsof availabledata for each program. The totAlsare ealculatedusingavailabledata fromthetablCIIlrlcludcd In each semoo lOClIou of tb\acloaImlm. Pleaseacetheappropriate 1OClI0Il 1mlIIIlIllIb1elI fer axn dctaIls.1 "Requiredfar Praclioo". Informatlon OIl practlcc{employment~wu 1lUppl\ed by rcspondema lIIIlIrepreaema lesal rcquIrem=lls mdlorlhdr~ of emp\ayl:rrequlreJIa1lL, Souroe: Table 2 "HealthPcrlIoJme1 in Britl.ob Coluailla by MandatoIyNolunlalyRcg\slrat1on by Employment Status, 1994"Inthe In!roduclIOIl of ROIl.CAlL UPDATB 94. 'lbae data do DOtincludepa'IOIIIId wholU'O\neUsfb1e !DreIqlloymemor DOt employedIn the flekL• Source:"DiffIaI1t-u>Fill lUJVeya" dated March 31. 1994ami June30, 1994., Th\ainc1udes the Post·baalcspecIaIIty Catificate programI: CiiticalCareNUI1lIng, EmcrgeocyNIUIIln& NOOIIlIIA1 NUI1lIng, Nephrology NIUIIln& NeurOllCI_ Nuniz>.a, Obstdrica1 NUI1lIng, 00cup0tIrma1 HealthNIIIBing,OperatIng RoomNUI1lIng, PaediatricCriticalCareNIIrIIlng, Paodlatric Nursing,aM Post-Aaae&tbeticRocovay RoomNunJoa.Prepared by:HcalhHum8a ROlIOU1CCS UnitThe UBivenit)' ofBrltiab Columbia >C.xPRODUCTION UPDATE 94 outlines 181 activeprogramofferings for 97 programs in elevenserviceareas. Thesenumberscannotbe directly compared to thosein previous editionsof PRODUcrION as notall programswere surveyedfor this report Ifwe compareonly the selectgroupof programs surveyed,therehas been a slight decrease in boththe numberof programofferings andthe numberof programs sincePRODUCTION 93 (182programofferings of 98 programsin the selectsurveygroup). The term "servicearea" refers to a group of relatedprogramssuch as Dentalprograms, whilethe term "program" refers to aparticulartype of programsuch as DentalHygiene,andthe term "program offering" refersto a particularoffering of a programsuch as the DentalHygieneprogramat Camosun College. Thereare seventeen newprogramofferings outlinedthis year,of whichfourteenare newprogramofferings, two areprogramofferings whichhavereplaceddiscontinued programofferings, andone is a cross-reference to anotherprogramoffering(see Appendix C or the maintext for detailedexplanations regarding eachprogramoffering).Of the 97 programsincludedin this report,25 (25.8%) are associated with Nursing Services areas, 21(21.6%)with HumanServicesareas, and 21 (21.6%)withLaboratory Servicesareas. The remaining 30.9percentof programs are in the other serviceareas. BasicLevelprograms accountfor S6 of the 97programs; the remaining 41 programsare at the Post-basicLevel. In contrast, 127of the 181individualprogramofferings are at the BasicLevel whileonly S4 are at thePost-basic Level. In addition, manyof thePost-basic level program offerings have verysmallenrolment numbers, so thoughPost-basic programspredominate in service areas, they represent a minorityof students enrolledin B.C.programs.The largest number of programofferings is offeredin community collegesettings (69 or 38.1%). Theuniversity-eolleges accountfor 39 (21.5%) of the programofferings and universities accountfor 36(19.9%). The remaining 37 (20.4%) programofferingsareofferedat the BritishColumbia Institute ofTechnology (27), the threeprivatecolleges (7), the BritishColumbia Cancer Agency (2), and St Paul'sHospital (1). Of the 27 programofferings at BritishColumbia Institute of Technology, 25 are availableonly at B.C.I.T. Theseprogramofferings includepreparation for suchdisciplines as MedicalRadiography, Cardiology Technology, the Post-basic Nursing Specialties, andProsthetics and Orthotics.Manylisted programs are,of course, offeredat more than one site. For example, whilethere is onlyone FacultyofDentistry in the province, thereare nine sitesat whichthe DentalAssisting programisavailable. The most frequently listedprograms are: 1) the DentalAssisting program., andthe SocialServiceWorkerprogram, both offeredat nine sites; 2) the HomeSupportlResident Care Attendantprogram,and the ResidentCare Attendant program, bothofferedat eight sites;and3) the Nursing ­Diplomaprogram,and the CombinedRNIBSN program,both offeredat sevensites.No programofferings from the Justice Institute weresurveyed for this report, so it is not included inTable 2 this year. Three new institutions weresurveyedfor the firsttime: the Okanagan ValleyCollegeofMassageTherapy, the University of NorthemBritishColumbia. andthe West CoastCollegeof HealthCare. In addition, LangaraCollegehas becomea separateinstitution, rather thana branchcampusofVancouver Community College.The map following Table 2 indicates the maincampuses of the institutions contained in this reportFor mostcolleges, additional campuscentres exist in adjacent towns(theseare not indicated on the map).In addition, the universities do, on occasion, offerspecificprograms in locations other than the location ofthe maincampus(thesetoo areexcludedfrom themap). Details about thespecificcampuscentresatwhichprograms areofferedare foundin the programdescriptions. An indexwith pagereferences forprograms offeredby each institution is included in Appendix E.xiTable 2Location ofExisting and Proposed Educational Programs In Health and HumanServices In British Columbia, September 1994 1EDUCATIONAL INSnnmONSI PROORAMSAdmfnJstradve SenicesBasIc LevelF=======-------IHealth Infcmnation ScicnceHealth Infcmnation ScmcesDental SenlcesBasIc LevelDentalAssisting X X xx X X X X XDental Hygiene - Diploma X X XDental Technician XDentistry XDenturist XDental SenlcesPost-BasIc LevelDental H • DC - BaccalaureateHealth SfaDdardsBasIc LevelCommunity Suppm WO(ker X X X X X XDevelopmental Disabilities XHome Suppm Attendant X X XHome Support Attendant UDIlI'lIde X XHomcS ident Carc Attendant X X XX X X X XHomeS ident Care Atten. UDIlI'lIde XHuman Service WO(ker X X X X XPersonal Care Attendant fO(the Disabled XResident Care Attendant X X X X X X X XResident Care Attendant - E.s.L XSocial Service WCl(Jcer X X X XX X X X XSocial Work - Baccalaureate X X X X XSpecial Needs X XSubstance Abusc CounseDinR X XVISWI1 Lanll\l8l!cIntenxeter X••• conlimuJdPrepared by:HelI1thHum... Resourca UnitThe Unlvenlty 01 British Celumbl.(xiiTable 2 continuedLocation ofExisting and Proposed Educational Programs InHealth and HumanServices In British Columbia, September 1994 1EDUCATIONAL INSmunONSI PROORAMSHIIIDAD ServIcesPost·Baslc LevelCare of the MentallyFnwle Elderly XConumnity Sappext XGeriatricAm¥ity Cocrdinallr XHomeSUOOCl1I Resident Care Atten.Eauivalencv XSocial Services X XSubstanceAbuseCounsellinx XLaboratory SenlcesBasIcLevelBiomedical En2ineetinR TcchnolORY XCardiolORY TcchnolORY XlOllY XElectroneurophysiology TedmolORY XMedicalOinical Assistant XMedicalT Assistant X XMedical' Tedu1ology X XMedicalRadiography Tedlnology XNuclearMedicineTedlnolORY XRadiationTherapyTechnolORY XR Therapy XLaboratory SenlcesPost·Basfc LevelAdv. Diplomain lDth Sci. (Medical1maKinx) XAnaesthesia Techno101!Y XCardiovascular PerfusionTechnology XCardiovascular Technology XICytogenetics ' TechnolORY XDi811nostlc MedicalSonOlUBPbY XEchocardiOlUBPbY XHealth Science-Baccalanreate (MedicallmaKinx) XMedicalT Assistant Upgrade XMedicalLab<ratcry Science- Baccalaureate XMedical and Treatment ServIcesBasic Level...;;.;;.;=;;.;;..=.;",;;;;;;,;;,;;.;;;;;;;;.;--------iICombined M.D.and Ph.D•Medicine... continuedPrepared by:Health Human Resources UnitThe University of British ColumbiaTable 2 continuedLocation or Existing and Proposed Educational Programs In Health and HumanServices In British Columbia, September 1994 1EDUCATIONAL INsnnmONSMental Health ServicesPost-BasIc: LevelaInical Psychology - Doc:toralc X X XOinical Psychology- Mastel's XCounsellinlZ PsvchotOfi - Dodontc XCounsel •- Mastel's X X XNIII'lIIDg ServlcesBasIc: LevelNursing - BaccallllJl'ellle X XNursinlZ - CombinedRNlBSN X XX X X X XNumnll - Diploma X XX XX X XNursingAccess- LPNIRN X XPractical Nursing X X X;PsychialricNursinll XNursing ServlcesPost-BasIc: LevelAdv. DiDloma in roth Sci. (Nursmll) XAdvanCed Diplomain PsychialricNursinll XNumnll - Post-RN Baccalaureate X X X XX XHealth Science- Baccalaureate(Nursing) XHealth Science- Baa:allllJl'ellle (Psych. Nursinll) XCritical Care Numnll Specialty XBrnetlIency NursinllSpecialty XNeonatal NursingSpecialty XNephrologyNursingSpecialty XNeurosciences NursingSpecialty XObstetricalNursinllSpecialty XOca1l)11tional Health NursinllSpecialty XIOperatingRoomNumng Specialty X XPaedialric CriticalCare NursingSpecialty XPaedialricNursingSpecialty XPast-AnaestheticRecoven Nursinll XNursinll Refresher X X XNursingRefresher- B.SL. XPractical Nursing Refresher X••• conlinlUtlPreparedby:Health Hmnan Resources UnitThe University or British CoImnblaxiiixivTable 2 continuedLocation of Exlstlng and Proposed Educational Programs In Health and HumanServices In British Columbia, September '19941EDUCATIONAL'lNsrrnmONSI PROGRAMSNutrition uad Dietary ServIcesBasIc LevelPbannaceotlc:al ServIcesBasIc Level~=~....;;;;.;;===------IRehabllitatlon ServIcesBasIc LevelAudiologyand SpeechSciences- Mastel's XMassageTherapy X XMusicTherapy XOcaJpationalTherapy - Baa:alamc:alc Xl'bysicalTherapy - Baccalaureate XProstheticsand OrthoticsTechnolORY XRehabilitation Assistant X XTherapeuticRecreation XRehabilitation ServicesPost-BasIc LevelHealth Science- Baccalaureate (Ph siothI Onlythose progI'IllllS which wae surveyed forPRODUCTION UPDATE 94 andareIlIiU offered are included in !histable. See Appendix B for Iislsof programswhich wrre included in and excluded fromsurveyforPRODtJCnONUPDATE 94.Prepared by:Hc:alth Human Resources UnitThe University of BriUsh ColumbiaV.HEALTHSTANDARDSPROGRAMSBASIC LEVEL1718 ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH: PUBLIC HEALTH INSPECTIONWorkforce Category Trained: PublicHealthInspectors, EnvironmentalHealthOfficersRequirement(s) for Practice: Certification, after a twelveweekpracticum, as a PublicHealthInspector (Canada) with the BoardofCertification for the Canadian Institute of PublicHealthInspectors- required for employmentBritish Columbia Institute of TecbnoJOJD'CredentialReceived: Diplomaof TechnologyPrerequisites: GradeTwelve withBiology11 (Biology 12preferred),Physics II, Chemistry 12, Math 12, and English 12Full-timelPart-time: Full-time onlyProgramLength: 70 weeks totalEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduationDate(s): JuneCampusCentre(s)Offered At: Burnaby campusComments: Studentswho are not successfulin coursework intheir first or secondyear may require an extra year to completethe program,during which they are consideredpart-time.!l p tii ,SPf emenzs ! IiOCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETYWorkforce Category Trained: Occupational Healthand SafetyWorkersRequirement(s) forPractice: Registration, afterthree yearsexperiencein the fieldand a written exam,as a Canadian Registered SafetyProfessional (C.RS.P.) with the Canadian Registered SafetyProfessionals - notrequired for employmentBritish Columbia Institute of TecbnoJouCredential Received: NationalDiplomaof Technology (OH&S)Prerequisites: Grade Twelvewith Chemistry II, Physics II, Math12, and English 12Full-timelPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgramLength: 70 weeks totalEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduationDatets): JuneCampusCentre(s)OfferedAt: BurnabycampusComments: A DistanceEducationofferingis presentlybeingdeveloped. They also offer a certificateprograminOccupational Health & Safety,whichincludesapproximately30% of the Diplomacurriculum.HEALTH STANDARDSBASIC Level Health Programs in British Columbiaby Program and institution1993194 1994/95 1995/96Prognun IIDd Edw:atioDBJ FTI AppH- EnroImeDt (by year): Gl'IId- AppH- EnroImmt (by year): Gl'IId- AppH- EDroImmt(byJ'fU}: Gl'IId-InslItuiIOD: PT CBDts: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th oates: CBDts: 1st 2nd 3nl 4th uates: C8Dts: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th uates:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FEnmulllDlDtuI HClIIIh:PuhIIcHaIth JmpectionB.C. Imlitutc ofTcdmology Fr 179 21 11 19 14-. .-18 13 217 23 9 19 10- -.-19 10 rJIa 32 rJIa . .-. rJIaPI'- -.- 2 0 . - . . 2 0 . - - - 1 1 - - - - 1 1 - - - - rJIa - - - - rJIaOccupatIonal Hralth &:SafetyB.C.lmlitutc ofTcdmology Fr nI. 17 3 10 6- - - -10 6 rJIa 11 11 14 2 - - - . 13 2 rJIa 11 11 11 11 - - - - 11 11• n1a· Data not available (or not supplicd).Pn:pamlby:Health HamanR_ thdtThe Unlven!tJ ~BrililhColumbia• _ . Data not approprilltc or not lIpPlicablc.20vu, HUMAN SERVICESBASIC LEVEL2122 COMMUNITY SUPPORT WORKERWorkforceCategoryTrained: Community Support Workers for thePhysicallyand MentallyChallenged, Residential Counsellors,Special Education AssistantsRequirement(s) for Practice:NoneCamosUD CoIl.. Malaspina Unlyerslty CoII=eCredentialReceived:CertifteatePrerequisites: English 12 or assessment; CPR/firstaid training; 80 hours volunteerexperience in thefield with persons with disabilitiesFull-timelPart-time: Both full-timeand part-timeProgramLength: 10 months total full-timeEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduationDate(s): JuneCampusCentre(s)Offered At: LansdowneComments: EIC funds approximately two to sixseats! intake. There is currentlya review ofpresent curriculum underwayin conjunctionwiththe development"of the part-timeofferingscheduledto begin in September 1995. Therehave been gender based enrolmentinitiativesforthis program. This programhas universitytransfercredits to the Schoolsof Child & YouthCare and Social Work at the UniversityofVictoria. Approximately 20% of graduateshavegone on to further education,such as Nursing orSocialWork.CredentialReceived: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Twelveor mature student statuswith English 12; volunteerexperiencein thefield; CPR/Fust Aid requiredby graduationFull-timelPart-time: Both full-timeand part-timeProgramLength: 45 weeks (1085 hours) total;includes33 weeks (675 hours) lectureand 12weeks (410 hours) clinica1l practicumEntry Date(s): September (full-time); January,May,and September (part-time)Graduation Date(s): DecemberCampusCentre(s)Offered At: New WestminsterComments: Studentshave a choiceof exiting thisCommunitySupport programafter threesemesterswith their Certificate, or continuingonand completinga fourth semesterto receive theirDiploma(please see the listing underCommunitySupportin the Post-basicHumanServicessection). The maximum enrolmentfor the full­time offering is 30 studentsfmtake, and there isno maximumfor the part-timeoffering. EICfunds approximately five to six seats/intake.Credential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: English 12 or equivalentFull-timeJPart-time: Part-time onlyProgramLength: 786 hours total; includes546 hourslectureand 240hours clinical/praeticumEntry Date(s): January and SeptemberGraduation Date(s):VariesCampusCentre(s)OfferedAt: Nanaimo, Cowichan,PowellRiver, and ParksvillalQualicumComments: Usually they only offer theprogramon apart-timebasis, but Canada Employmentsponsoredone full-timeofferingin 1994. Therewasno intake in January 1994 and none isexpectedin January 1995 either. There iscontinuous entrance and exit from the practicumat the end of this programso the actual date ofgraduationvaries, but usuallyoccurs inDecember or MaylJune.Credential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Twelve;CPR/fifSt aid trainingFull-timeJPart-time: Full-time onlyProgramLength: 42 weeks totalEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s):JuneCampusCentre(s)Offered At: DawsonCreekComments: This program is only offeredon demand.Currentlythere is more demandfor the SocialServiceWorkerprogramas the credits for thatprogramare transferableto the University ofVictoria's Bachelorof SocialWorkprogram.Selkirk Coll=eCredential Received: CertificateComments: The Special NeedsCareerprogramofferedby SelkirkCollegeis also a CommunitySupportWorkerprogram. Pleasesee the detailedlisting under Special Needs located later in thissection.... continuedCOMMUNITY SUPPORT WORKER· continuedUniversity ColI~e of the Fraser YalleyCredentialReceived: CertificateComments: Informationon thisprogramwas not supplied.II!DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES· SSTP CERTIFICATEWorkforceCategoryTrained: Social ServiceWorkersinterested inworkingwith individualswith mentaland/orphysical disabilitiesRequirement(s) for Practice:NoneCollege of New CaledoniaCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: Employment in field, or parentor primarycaregiver, or English 12 and volunteerexperiencein the fieldFull-timeIPart-time: DistanceEducationProgramLength: Six out of six (eightin September 1995)coursesareavailablethroughDistanceEducation(DE); studentsusuallytakeone to twocourses at a time,and requirefrom twoto five years to complete the programEntry Date(s): Januaryand SeptemberGraduation Date(s): May and DecemberComments: The maximumenrolmentin thisprogramis 160students/year, but thenumberof students in each coursevaries. The majority of studentshaveno intentionofcompleting the program.theyonly take the coursesrequiredbytheiremployer. The numberof coursesrequiredforcompletion of this programwill increaseto eight in 1995. Thenumberof availableclinicalseats will alsobe increasedin1995; thus they expectan increasein the numberof graduatesin 1995/96.2324 HOME SUPPORT ATTENDANTWorkforce Category Trained: Home SUpport Attendants, HomeSupport WorkersRequirement(s) forPractice: NoneCamosun Collep Open Learnlna Aaenc;yCredentialReceived: CertificatePrerequisites: English Assessmentby College;CPRlf11'St aid training; current employment in thefieldFull-timelPart-time: Part-time onlyProgramLength: 41 weeks total; includes 31 weekslecture and 36 weeks clinicallpmcticumEntry Date(s):SeptemberGraduationDate(s): JuneCampus Centre(s) Offered At Junction campus untilJune 1994, then at Lansdowne campusComments:NoneDouldas CoO="CredentialReceived: CitationPrerequisites: Grade 9 reading/writing;CPRlf11'St aidtraining completed before graduation; they are inthe early stages of PLA planningFull-timelPart-time: Part-time onlyProgramLength: Two semesters totalEntry Date(s): January and SeptemberGraduationDate(s): April and DecemberCampusCentre(s) Offered At New WestminsterandMapleRidgeComments: In September 1993 thisprogramswitchedfrom the former Home Support Worker(HSW)program to the new Home SupportAttendant (HSA) program. The last graduatesfrom the old HSW program were in January1994. No qualifIedapplicantshave been turnedaway.CredentialReceived:CertificatePrerequisites: English 10 comprehension; currentemploymentin the field; volunteerexperienceinthe fieldFull-timeIPart-time: Part-time onlyProgram Length: 32 weeks total part-timeEntry Date(s): VariesGraduation Date(s): VariesCampusCentre(s) Offered At VariesComments:This program is usually offered incooperationwith an employer in the employer'slocal area. OLA can't predict whether there willbe a demand for an offering in 1995.HOME SUPPORT ATTENDANT UPGRADEWorkforce Category Trained: HomeSupport AttendantsIWorkersRequirement(s) for Practice: None25Okanagan Unlyerslty CoII=eCredentialReceived: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Ten or mature student; readingcomprehension test; CPRIfust aid ttaioiog;current employment in the fieldFull-time/Part-time: Part-time onlyProgram Length: 355 hours total; includes 271 hourslecture and 84 hours clioical/praeticumEntry Date(s): VariesGraduation Date(s): VariesCampus Centre(s) Offered At: Kelowoa, Princeton,Penticton, Summerland, and ArmstrongComments: Future programs depend on need toupgrade Home Support Attendants. All seats inthis program aresubsidised through continuingeducation.vancouver Community CoII=eCredentialReceived: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Ten; must be employed as aHome SupportWorkerFull-time/Part-time: Part-time onlyProgramLength: 240hours totalEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduationDate(s): MayCampusCentre(s) Offered At: City CentreComments:Graduation months aredifficult topredict at this time because this program will beoffered as funding (and available FfEs) permitThey hope to offer at least one programper yearfrom September to May., 'MHOME SUPPORTIRESIDENT CARE ATTENDANT(formerly Continuing Care ~istant)Workforce Category Trained: Resident CareAttendants, HomeSupportAttendants, Continuing CareAssistants, LongTerm CareAidesRequirement(s) for Practice: NoneCollege of New CaledoniaCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade 8 reading level (In Fall 1995,aGrade 10 reading level will be required);volunteer experience in the field preferredFull-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgram Length: 510 hours total full-time; includes248 hours lecture and 262 hoursclioicallpracticumEntry Date(s): January and AugustGraduationDate(s): May and DecemberCampus Centre(s) Offered At: Prince George(regularbasis), Regional campuses (irregularbasis)Comments: In the Fall of 1995, they hope to switchto the provincial curriculum. The plans aretooffer a thirty-fiveweek program, which will startin September and finish in May. There will onlybe one intake/yearof 37 seats with the newcurriculum. Only the datafor the Prince Georgeofferings areincluded in the table.Emit Kootenay Community CollegeCredentialReceived: CertificatePrerequisites: Math 10,English 10, SocialStudies10; 15 hours volunteer experience in the fieldFull-time/Part-time: Full-time onlyProgramLength: 24 weeks total; includes 12 weekslecture and 12 weeks clioicallpracticumEntry Date(s):SeptemberGraduationDate(s): MarchCampusCentre(s) Offered At: Craobrook, CrestonComments: They currently offer only a full-timedualcertificate program, but arelooking forward topossibly developinga part-time program. EICfunds approximately two to three seatsfmtake.... continued26 HOME SUPPORTIRESIDENT CARE ATTENDANT· continuedMalaspina Unlyerslty CollegeCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: English 10; CPRlfll'Staid training;volunteer experience in the field preferredFull-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgram Length: 24 weeks total full-time; includes11 weeks lecture and 13 weeks clinicaIlpracticumEntry Date(s): February and AugustGraduation Date(s): February and SeptemberCampus Centre(s) Offered At Nanaimo, Parksville.Duncan, and Powell RiverComments: This program was 22 weeks in length,but as of February 1995 will be 24 weeks inlength. The class size in Nanaimo is 32studentsfmtake and 10 studentsfmtake at theother campuses. Usually EIC funds fourseatsfmtake in Nanaimo and up to 10 seatsfmtakeat the other campuses. Malaspina is currentlyrunning one offering (October 1994 to March1995) for FIrst Nations students which hasbeensponsored by a Ftrst Nations Band, and morehave been requested. In March 1995, acombined Continuing Care and E.SL. offeringwill begin in Cowichan.North Island CollepCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Ten; English Placement test;CPRlfll'St aid training; volunteer experience inthe field preferredFull-timelPart-time: Full-time only .Program Length: 22 weeks total; includes 12 weekslecture and 10 weeks clinicaIlpracticumEntry Date(s): January and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): February and JuneCampus Centre(s) Offered At Port AIberni,Campbell RiverComments: EIC usually purchases five to sixseatsfmtake, but in Campbell River they havepurchased entire extra program offerings in thepast (16 seats each in September 1993 andSeptember 1994). There is now some decrease inthe number of applicants in Campbell River,probably as a result of the two extra programsfunded by EIC.Northwest Community CoUegeCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade TenFull-timelPart-time: Full-time onlyProgram. Length: 6 months total; includes 4 monthslecture and 2 months clinicaI/practicumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): MarchCampus Centre(s) Offered At: Terrace, PrinceRupert, and SmithersComments: EIC funds approximately four to sixseats/intake. NWCC runs the HSIRCA programtwice/year, once at each of two differentcampuses. In 1993/94 the program was offeredin Smithers and Terrace, and in 1994/95 it wasoffered in Prince Rupert and Terrace.OkanaKun University CollepCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Ten; reading comprehensiontest; CPRIfll'St aid trainingFull-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgram. Length: 660 hours total; includes 325 hourslecture and 335 hours clinicaIlpracticumEntry Date(s): February and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): February and JuneCampus Centre(s) Offered At Kelowna, Penticton,Salmon Arm, and VernonComments: This program is offered twice/year inKelowna (September to February; February toJune), once/year in the North (Vernon or SalmonArm), and oncelyear in the South (Penticton). InSeptember 1995 the program will increase inlength from the current 22 weeks to 23 weeks.The number of EIC funded seats in Kelowna isusually 10rmtake, but varies at other campuses.A part-time clinical challenge offering of thisprogram with 25 students enrolled is currentlyunder way in Kelowna (March 1994 to February1995).... continuedSelkirk CoIl.eHOME SUPPORTIRESIDENT CARE ATTENDANT - continuedUniversity College or the Carlboo27Credential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: English 10, Math 10, Science 10, andSocial Studies 10; CPR/fllSt aid trainingFull-timelPart-time:Full-timeonlyProgram Length: 24 weeks total; includes 318 hourslecture and 330 hours clinicallpraeticumEntry Date(s): January and AugustGraduation Date(s): Februaryand MayCampus Centre(s) OfferedAt: Castlegar, and GrandFolks (every secondyear)Comments:This program is offeredonce/yearinCastlegar,and usuallyonce every secondyear inGrand Forks. The Castlegaroffering used tobegin in August (data is included with followingacademic year in table)and end in February. butwill begin in Septemberstarting in 1995. TheGrand Forks offering usuallybegins in Januaryand ends in May; the last offering in Grand Forkswas in January (to May) of 1993. Therewill beno intake in ,Orand Folks for January 1995,butthey may offer the programlater in 1995 if theyhave enough applicants. The class size is usually18 in Castlegar, and 16 in Orand Forks. EICfunds approximatelytwo to four seatsfmtake.CredentialReceived: CertificatePrerequisites: GradeTen; CAT Levell?; CPR/firstaid training; tour of a Long Term Care FacilityFull-time/Part-time: Full-timeonlyProgramLength:20 weeks totalEntry Date(s): Februaryand SeptemberGraduationDate(s):Januaryand JuneCampusCentre(s)OfferedAt: Kamloops, WilliamsLake. Ashcroft, Lilloeet, and 100Mile HouseComments: EIC funds eight seats in one intakeandfour seats in the other intake, for a total of twelveseats per year in Kamloops. All seats in theoutlyingareas (Williams Lake, Ashcroft,Lillooet,and 100Mile House)are fundedby EIC.It is difficult to predict future enrolmentin theoutlyingareas as theprogramis only offeredwhen fundingis availableand there is sufficientdemand in an area. Entrant and graduationmonths vary in the outlyingareas.HOME SUPPORTIRESIDENT CARE ATTENDANT UPGRADEWorkforce Category Trained: Resident CareAttendants, HomeSupport AttendantsRequirement(s) forPractice: NoneColi_ ofNew CaledoplaCredentialReceived:CertificatePrerequisites:Grade 8 readinglevel; currentemployment in the field; individualisedassessmentfor educationand experienceFull-time/Part-time: Part-timeonlyProgram Length: 8 months totalEntry Date(s):VariesGraduationDate(s): VariesCampus Centre(s) Offered At:VariesComments: This programis only offered when thereis sufficientdemand. When it is offered, it isfully funded by EIC. They do not expect to runthis program for a year or two, if it is run at allagain.University Call. or the CarlbooCredentialReceived: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Ten; CATLevel17; CPR/firstaid training; tour of Long Term CareFacilityFull-timelPart-time: Part-timeonlyCampusCentre(s) OfferedAt: KamloopsComments: This programhas not beenofferedforseveralyears. It is still available if there isdemandby an agencyand funding is available(usually throughEIe).28 HUMAN SERVICE WORKERWorkforce Category Trained: Human Service Workers, for bothcommunity supportandsocial services positionsRequirement(s) for Practice: NoneEast Kootenay Community CollegeCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Twelve with English 12;CPRIflI'St aid training; volunteer experience inthe field (current employment in the field forpart-time program) .Full-timelPart;.time: Both full-time and part-timeProgram Length: 1050 hours total; includes 690hours lecture and 360 hours clinicallpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): JuneCampus Centre(s) Offered At: Cranbrook (full-time);Crestonand Invermere (part-time)Comments: EIC funds approximately threeseatsrmtake. This program is offered on a full­time basis in Cranbrook:, and on a part-time basisin Invermere and Creston. Only the data for thefull -time program in Cranbrook were supplied.North Island CollegeCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Twelve with English 12 (orassessment test); volunteer experience in the fieldFull-timelPart-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: 38 weeks total; includes 26 weekslecture and 12 weeks clinicallpracticumEntry Date(s): September (Comox Valley)Graduation Date(s): June (Comox Valley)Campus Centre(s) Offered At: Comox Valley(regular program); Port Alberni, and Alert Bay(contract programs)Comments: This program normally offers a choice oftwo specialisations: Social Services (SS), orCommunity Support (CS). Currently, in AlertBay (see below) there is also a one time onlyoffering of a new specialisation - SubstanceAbuse (SA). The base-funded program is offeredin Comox Valley once/year, and has an intake of12 to 15 students in the SS specialisation and 12students in the CS specialisation. mc fullyfunds the offerings ofboth specialisations (SSand CS) in Alert Bay and Port Albemi on avarying basis. North Island College plans torequest further funding for another offering inPort Albemi (not included in projections); if theyreceive an increase in the number of base-fundedFIEs they plan to offer this program on anongoing part-time basis in Port Albemi. In AlertBay. the core courses (Semester I) were offered inNovember 1993. followed by the SS courses(semestermoffered in Spring 1994, and the CScourses (Semestermoffered in September 1994;the core courses (Semester I) were again offeredin Fall 1994. and the SA courses (Semester moffered in January 1995. The College would liketo get provincial funding for future offerings ofthe Substance Abuse courses.Okanagan Unlyerslty CollegeCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Twelve or equivalent withEnglish 12; CPR/first aid trainingFull-timelPart-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: 10 months total; includes 6 monthslecture and 4 months clinicallpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): JuneCampus Centre(s) Offered At: KLO - KelownaComments: This program offers a choice of twospecialisations: SOCial ServicelMental Health andCommunity Support. The maximum enrolmentin each specialisation is 18 students. and EICusually funds six seats per specialisation.Trinity Western UniversityCredential Received: Baccalaureate in Psychology orSocialSciences with a Certificate in HumanServicesPrerequisites: One year in the B.A. programFull-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgram Length: 122 semester hours total full-timeincludes 60 semester hours lecture and 312 hoursclinicallpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): AprilComments: Students may choose to take thisprogram as part of their Bachelor of Arts degreein either Psychology or Social Sciences. Aftercompleting their first year of studies includingspecified courses, interested students may applyfor entry to this program. The required courses(60 Semester hours) and practica (312 hours) forthis program make up approximately half of thecourse requirements for the B.A. (122 semesterhours).... continuedHUMAN SERVICE WORKER· continuedUnlyerslty CoU,. of the CarlbooCredentialReceived: CertificatePrerequisites: GradeTwelve withEnglish 12 or L.P.!.Level4 orEnglish060; volunteerexperiencein the field (SocialServicesspecia1isation); ,CPRlFJI'St Aid training (Community Supportspecialisation)Full-timeJPart-time: Full-timeonly (SocialServices); Both full ­time and part-time(Community Support)ProgramLength: 10months (36-38weeks) total full-time;includes8 months (696 hours) lecture and 2 months(414hours) clinicaIlpmcticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduationDate(s): JuneCampusCentre(s)Offered At: KamIoops and Williams Lake(SocialServices)'; KamIoops (Community Support)Comments: This program offers a choiceof three specialisations:SocialServices(SS),Community Support(CS),andCorrections Worker (not surveyed). The maximum enrolmentfor each specialisation is 24 students. EIC funds three to fourseatsrmtake. The programCoordinators for the CSspecialisation and the Teacher'sAssistantprogramaremeetingpresentlywith community advisorsto aligncurriculumin each program. Students musthave anacceptableand recognisedreasonfor completing the CSspecialisation on a part-timebasis.PERSONAL ASSISTANT WORKING FOR PEOPLE WITII DISABILITIESWorkforce Category Trained: Homemakers, LongTermCare Aides,FoodServices, Community ServicesRequirement(s) for Practice: NoneCapUano CollegeCredential Received: PersonalAssistantCertifieatelFood SafeCertificatePrerequisites: Grade Twelvepreferred; English 12;CPRlfJI'st aidtraining; volunteerexperiencein the field useful;desire toworkwith people withdisabilitiesFull-timelPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgramLength: 8 months totalEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s):AprilCampusCentre(s)OfferedAt NorthVancouverComments: EIC funds approximately four seats/intake. CapUanohopes to offer this programon both a full-timeand a part-timebasis next year (1995196). The fJI'St three coursesare coredwith theResident Care Attendantprogram. '2930 RESIDENT CARE ATTENDANTWorkforce Category Trained: Resident Care AttendantsRequirement(s) forPractice: NoneCamosun Collep Knntlen Collt¥eCredentialReceived: CertificatePrerequisites: English Assessmentby College; •CPR/fust aid training;volunteerexperience inthe fieldFull-timelPart-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length:20 weeks total; includes11 weekslecture and 9 weeks clinicallpracticumEntry Date(s): Februaryand SeptemberGraduation Date(s): January and JuneCampusCentre(s)Offered At: JunctioncampusuntilJune 1994, thenLansdownecampusComments: The numberof students sponsored byEIC varies.CapUano CoJIt¥eCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Ten; CPR/firstaid training;volunteerexperiencein the fieldFull-timelPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgram Length:20 weeks total; includes10 weekslecture and 10 weeksclinicallpracticumEntry Date(s): Januaryand SeptemberGraduation Date(s): Januaryand JuneCampusCentre(s)Offered At: NorthVancouver.Sechelt, and SquamishComments: The number ofEIC fundedseats varies.There were two classeswhichstartedin January1995(one with normal funding and one withfunding from the HealthLabourAccord).Doumas CoDt¥eCredential Received: CitationPrerequisites: Stanford Diagnostic Test - Grade 10level; CPRlf11'St aid trainingFull-timelPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgram Length: 20 weeks total; includes 294 hourslectureand 304hours clinica1lpracticumEntry Date(s): Januaryand SeptemberGraduation Date(s):January and JuneCampusCentre(s) OfferedAt: NewWestminsterComments: EIC fundsapproximately twoseatsfmtake. The enrolmentin September1995may increasebecauseRCAandRCA - E.SL.maybe combined.Credential Received:CitationPrerequisites: Reading comprehension test; CPRIfirstaid trainingFull-timeIPart-ume: Full-timeonlyProgram Length: 19 weekstotal; includes 9 weekslecture and 10 weeksclinicallpracticumEntryDate(s): Januaryand AugustGraduation Date(s): Januaryand MayCampus Centre(s) OfferedAt: SurreyComments: EIC funds approximately 10seatslintake. The data for the August intake isincluded with the following academicyear.Northern Lla:his ColleuCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Ten; CPR/firstaid trainingFull-timelPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgram Length: 16 weeks totalEntryDate(s): JanuaryGraduation Date(s):AprilCampus Centre(s)OfferedAt: DawsonCreek.andFortSl JohnComments: NoneUnlyerslty College or the Fraser VaDeyCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: GradeEleven withEnglish 11 (GEDor CPT with minimumscore of 48 alsoaccepted); volunteerexperience in the fieldFull-time/Part-time: Full-timeonlyProgram Length: 600 hours total; includes300hourslectureand 300 hours clinicallpracticumEntryDate(s): January and AugustGraduation Date(s):May and DecemberCampusCentre(s) Offered At: ChilliwackComments: EIC funds approximately 10seatsfmtake. Beginning in August 1993 thisprogram changedfrom the Long TermCare Aidecurriculum of 16 weeksin length to the ResidentCare Attendantcurriculumof 20 weeks in length.... continuedRESIDENT CARE ATI'ENDANT (continued) 31vancouver Community CollepCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: GradeTenFull-timeIPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgramLength:23 weekstotal; includes 12weekslectureand 11weeksclinical/practicumEntry Date(s): Februaryand AugustGraduation Date(s): February and JulyCampus Centre(s) OfferedAt City CentreComments: NoneWest Coast CoJlCie or Healtb CareCredential Received: Certificate (HealthCare Aide)Prerequisites: GradeTwelve;good communicationand interpersonal skillsFull-timelPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgramLength:24 weekstotal; includes9 weekslectureand 15weeksclinical/practicumEntry Date(s): January, March, and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): January, March, and SeptemberCampus Centre(s) Offered At: SurreyComments: This programconsistsof an 8 weekfoundation followed by 16 weeksof specificskills. Programs at WCCHC followa patternof8 weekblocksof study, sothatentryand .graduation dates will shift slightlyfromone yearto the next Students usuallyprefer to completetheirprograms withoutbreaks.7RESIDENT CARE ATTENDANT - E.SL.(LONG TERM CARE AIDE - E.S.L.)Workforce Category Trained: ResidentCare AttendantsRequirement(s) for Practice: None'Vancouver community CollepCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Ten;E.SL. LevelFull-time/Part-time: Full-time onlyProgramLength: 9 monthstotal; includes 12weeksfull-time and13weekspart-timeclinical/practicumEntry Date(s): JanuaryGraduation Date(s): SeptemberCampus Centre(s) Offered At CityCentreComments: This program wasrust offeredin January 1994;thus,there wereno graduates in 1993/94.32 RESIDENT CARE ATTENDANT UPGRADEWorkforce Category Trained: Resident Care Attendants, Long TermCare AidesRequirement(s) for Practice: Nonevancouver Community CollegeCredential Received: CertificateCampus Centre(s)Offered At: City CentreComments: This program was not offeredin 1994/95, as theydidnot receiveenough applicants. Theyhope to offer thisprogram in the near future.SOCIAL SERVICE WORKERWorkforce Category Trained: Social Service WorkersRequirement(s) for Practice: NoneCoJI=e of New CaledoniaCredentialReceived:Certificate in Youth& ChildCare or SpecialEducationAssistant; Diploma inChild Care & Family SupportPrerequisites: GradeTwelvewithEnglish 12;volunteerexperiencein the fieldFull-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgramLength: Certificate: 35 weekstotal full­time; includes27 weekslectureand 8 weeksclinicallpracticum. Diploma: 70 weekstotal full­time; includes54 weeks lectureand 16 weeksclinicallpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduationDate(s): JuneCampus Centre(s)OfferedAt: PrinceGeorgeComments:Students in this programhave the optionof exiting after one year witha Certificatespecialisingin either Youth & ChildCare orSpecial EducationAssistant; or exitingafter twoyears with a Diplomain ChildCare & FamilySupport. There are no separatedata for part-timestudents, who can take from one to three courses.There is no longer a separatePost-basic listingfor the Diploma portionof this program.Credential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: Volunteerexperiencein the fieldFull-timeJPart-time: Both full-timeand part-timeProgramLength: 12months total full-time; includes9 months lectureand 84 days clinicallpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): JanuaryCampus Centre(s) OfferedAt: NewWestminsterComments: The numberof seats funded by EICisvariable.Lanpra CollegeCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Twelveor equivalentwithEnglish12; evidenceof post-secondary ability;volunteerexperiencein the fieldFull-timelPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgram Length: 1268hours total; includes 720hours lectureand 548 hours clinicallpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): MayComments: EIC funds approximately eight to tenseats/intake.... continuedMalaspina Unlyerslty ColI=eSOCIAL SERVICE WORKER· continuedOpen Learnlnl Aleney33Credential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: GradeTwelve withMath 11,English12 or equivalent; either currentemployment inthe field or volunteerexperiencein the fieldFull-timeIPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgramLength: 9 months total full-time; includes7.5 monthslecture and 1.5monthsclioica1lpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): JuneCampusCentre(s)OfferedAt Nanaimo, andDuncan(twocoursesavailable)Comments: EIC funds approximately two seats!intake. Theyare going to beginoffering thisprogram00 a part-timebasis with limited entryin 1995,as well as on the current full-time basis.Northern Lights CollegeCredential Received: DiplomaPrerequisites: Grade Twelveor G.E.D;Englishplacementtest is requiredFull-timeIPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgramLength:·80 weeks total full-time; includes64 weekslectureand 16 weeksclioica1lpracticum. 160 weeks total part-time; includes144 weekslectureand 16 weeksclioica1lpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): June .CampusCentre(s) OfferedAt: DawsonCreekandFortSt JohnComments: Some studentschangefromfull-time topart-time status to completecoursestheyhavemissed. Approximately fIfty percentof thestudentswho enter the programeventuallygraduate.Northwest Community CollegeCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: English 12or GEDand placementtest; volunteerexperiencein the fieldFull-timeIPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgramLength: 10months total full-time; includes8 moothslectureand 2 monthsclioica1lpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): JuneCampusCentre(s) OfferedAt TerraceComments: EIC fundsapproximately ooeseat/intake.CredentialReceived: CertificatePrerequisites: GradeTen; English 106 andPsychology 102;volunteerexperience in the fieldFull-timelPart-time: DistanceeducationProgramLength:Ten out of ten coursesare availablethroughdistanceeducation(DE); studentsusually take from two to five years to completethe programEntry Date(s): ContinuousGraduationDate(s):ContinuousComments: NoneCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Twelve with English 12; 60hours volunteerexperiencein the fieldFull-timelPart-time: Both full-timeand part-timeProgramLength: 1133.5 hours total; includes818hours lecture and 315.5 hours clioica1lpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): JuneCampusCentre(s)OfferedAt: CastIegarComments: The studentstheyhave found to be mostsuccessfulin this programare those whohavebeen out of schoolat least one year and whohavea broad range of life experiences. Theyget 70 to75 applicantsper year for this program,of whichfour to sevenare males. They usuallyacceptallof the males whoapply. .Unlyerslty College of the Fraser YaDeyCredential Received: DiplomaPrerequisites: Grade Twelve withMath 12, English12; volunteerexperiencein the field. (plan touse PLA as possibleadmission requirements inthe future.)Full-timelPart-time: Both full-timeand part-timeProgramLength: 1296 hours total; includes896hours lectureand 400hours clioica1lpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): MayCampusCentre(s) OfferedAt Abbotsford andChilliwackComments: They only admit studentswhoareprepared to be full-time, but after the first yearmany of the studentscompletethe program00 apart-timebasis. The numberwho do this isdifficultto predict, but usuallyonly abouthalf ofthe first yearstudentsgo on to secondyeardirectly.34 SOCIAL WORK· BaccalaureateWorkforce Category Trained: Social WorkersRequirement(s) forPractice: Registration as a Registered SocialWorker (R.S.W.) from the B.C. Association of Social Workers ­notrequired foremploymentOkaPDpn UnJverslty Coli_Credential Received: Bachelorof SocialWork(B.S.W.)Prerequisites: Two yearscollege/university withSocialWork 200Aand 200B;volunteerexperiencein the fieldFull-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgramLength:64 weeks total; includes 43 weekslectureand 21 weeks clinica1lpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): MayCampusCentre(s)OfferedAt KL.O. campusandNorthKelownacampusComments: The number of part-timestudentswhowill graduatein 1995/96is unknown, as itdependson numerous factors including thenumberof courses they enrol in and whethertheyswitchto full-timestatus.University College of the CarlbooCredential Received: Bachelorof SocialWork(B.S.W.)Prerequisites: Two yearscollege/university;volunteerexperiencein the fieldFull-timelPart-time: Both full-timeand part-timeProgramLength: 24 months total full-time; includes65% lectureand 35% clinica1lpracticum;approximately 48 months totalpart-timeEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): JuneCampusCentre(s) Offered At KamloopsComments: They do not designatespots in theprogramfor full-time or part-time; the maximumenrolmentis 30 FfEs. Studentsmay choose tobe either full-timeor part-timeand sometimesswitchback and forth. Currently about 30% ofthe total enrolmentare takingcourseson a part­timebasis.UnJverslty of British ColumbiaCredential Received: Bachelorof SocialWork(B.S.W.)Prerequisites: Two yearscollege/university withcourses in SocialSciencesand Humanities, andStatistics;volunteerexperiencein the fieldFull-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgramLength:Two years total full-time; includes312 hours lectureand 364hours clinica1lpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): Mayand NovemberComments: The intake into this programwill be 40studentsas of September1995. All students haveselectedfull-time studyso far.UnJyerslty of Northerp British ColumbiaCredential Received: Bachelorof SocialWork(B.S.W.)Comments: This programwill not be availableuntilSeptember ~995.UnJyerslty of Ylctorla <regular progamlCredential Received: Bachelorof SocialWork(B.S.W.)Prerequisites: Two yearsCOllege/university withSocialWork 200Aand 200B;volunteerexperiencein the fieldFull-timelPart-time: Full-time,part-time,andDistanceEducationProgram Length: 14 months (two years)full-time; 11out of 13coursesare availablethrough DistanceEducation(DE)and studentsusuallytake threeand a half years to completethe programthroughDEEntry Date(s): July and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): Mayand NovemberCampus Centre(s) OfferedAt University of Victoriaand via DistanceEducationComments: Approximately 25%of the on-campusstudents are part-time. FIrstNationsstudentsenrolledon campusor in DistanceEducationprograms are includedin the data for thoseprogramsin the table.... continuedSOCIAL WORK-· Baccalaureate (continued)University of Ylctoria <FirstNations progarm)Credendal Received: Bachelorof SocialWork (B.S.W.)Prerequisites: Math 11; one year college/university; volunteerexperience in the fieldFull-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgram Length: 21 months (three years) full-timeEntry Date(s): July and SeptemberGraduation Datets): May and NovemberCampus Centre(s)OfferedAt: Nicola Valley InstituteofT~nm~yandNo~w~tBandAss~ooComments: Students in the First Nationsprograms take secondyear, third year and fourth year courses concurrently.SPECIAL NEEDSWorkforceCategoryTrained: Providersof care for mentaIly­handicapped children andadultsRequirement(s) for Practice: None35Okanagan University CollegeCredendal Received:CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Ten; CPR/fust aid trainingFull-timelPart-time:Part-time onlyProgram Length: 378 hours total; includes 258 hourslecture and 120 hours clinical/practicumEntry Date(s):SeptemberGraduation Date(s): AprilCampus Centre(s)Offered At: Armstrong, Kelowoa,Oliver, Penncton, Revelstoke, and Salmon ArmComments: This program canbe taken either at theBasic or Post-basiclevel.Selkirk CollegeCredendalReceived: Special Needs CareerProgramCertificate; ECE or SSW Special Needs OptionPrerequisites: Grade Twelve (basic level program)orcompletionof a previous program in ECEorSSW (post-basiclevel option); English 12 orequivalent;CPR/fust aid training; 60hoursvolunteerexperience in the fieldFull-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgramLength: 1096hours total; includes736hours lecture and 360hours clinical/practicumEntry Date(s):SeptemberGraduationDate(s): JuneCampusCentre(s)Offered At: CastlegarComments: This program is available as a Basiclevel certificateprogram (SpecialNeeds!CommunitySupportWorker) or as a Post-basicoption to the Social Service Worker (SSW)Certificateor the Early ChildhoodEducation(ECE) Certificate. There is one intake of 25students into the program as a whole. In1993/94,there were four studentswho completedthe program post-basic to their ECE certificateand one student who completed the programpost-basic to their SSW certificate. This programis no longer listed separately in the Post-basicHuman Servicessection, but it is cross-referencedunder CommunitySupport Worker. EYC fundsapproximately two seatsrmtake. Theyhavenoticed a growing demand for part-timeattendance.36 SUBSTANCE ABUSE COUNSELLING(ADDICTION RESOURCE WORKER)Workforce Category Trained: Addictions Workers, Substance AbuseCounsellors, AIcoho1lDrug WorkersRequirement(s) forPractice: NoneNorthwest Community CoD=eCredentialReceived: Certificateas AddictionResource WorkerPrerequisites:Grade Twelve with English 12, orABE with English 040, or OEDFull-timeIPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgramLength: 18.5 months total full-time;includes 13 months lecture and 5.5 monthsclinical/pmcticumEntry Date(s): JanuaryGraduation Date(s): JuneCampus Centre(s)Offered At HazeltonComments:EIC funds approximately three to fourseatsfmtake.University College of the Fraser YaDeyCredentialReceived:Diploma in SubstanceAbuseCounsellingPrerequisites: Grade Twelve; volunteerexperience orpaid work experience in the field; minimumoffour years sobrietyFull-timeIPart-time: Both full-timeand part-timeProgramLength: 16months total full-time; includes659 hours lecture and 400 bours clinical/pmcticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGmduationDate(s): JuneCampusCentre(s)Offered At AbbotsfordComments:The normal intake is 6 to 10 FTEs. In1994/95the second year of the programwas notoffered. Second year studentsweregiven otheroptions for completionor put on bold for oneyear. Students begin the programon a full-timebasis but many switch to part-time. Also. part­time students do not officiallyenter the programuntil they have completed four coursesin theprogram and are considering doing the firstpmcticum. Graduates are eligible, following2000 hours work experience, to apply forcertificationas a Certified Drug & AlcoholCounsellor (C.A.D.C.) with the AddictionsInterventionAssociation.VISUAL LANGUAGE INTERPRETERWorkforce Category Trained: Sign Language InterpretersRequirement(s) for Practice: Certification/registration is available,after a period of work experience and testing, from the Associationof Visual Language Interpreters - not required for employmentDouldas CollegeCredential Received: DiplomaPrerequisites: GradeTwelve;college/university levelEnglish. andLinguistics courses;fluent in ASL;minimum of 19 yearsold;suggestcompletion of Vancouver Community College- KingEdwardASLStudiesprogramFull-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgramLength: Two years total full-time; three to four yearspart-timeEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): JuneCampus Centre(s) OfferedAt NewWesbninsterComments: This is the first time this program has been includedin PRODUCTION, althoughit has existedfor sometime.This programbecameavailableon a limited part-timebasisthisyear (1994/95).37HUMAN SERVICESBASIC Level Health Prograrm In British Columbiaby Program and institution1993/94 1994I95 1995196Program IIIId EducatIcHW FTI Appll- Eurolmalt (by year): GI'IKI- AppH. EnroImaJt (by year): GI'IKI- AppII- EDroImr:Dt (by year): GI'IKI-IDstltudOD: PT caDis: lilt 2nd 3nl 4th lIBta: caDis: lilt 2nd 3nl 4th lIBta: caDis : lilt 2Dd 3nl 4th aab:lI:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FCommunItySupport WorkerCamosunCollege I Ff Dla 7 21· · - - · ·7 21 Dla 4 26· - - · - ·4 24 Dla 6 22· - · ·. 0 6 24rr * *Dla 4 20·0 0· -0 4 20Douglas College2 rr 10 70 2 28- - - · · -Dla 10 60 2 26- - - - - ·21 10 70 3 26·0- - - -23Pr DIa 9 30· · · - · ·Dla DIa 8 35 0- -0- -Dla DIa 8 3S-0- - - ·DIaMaIaspiDa UniversityCollege) Ff Dla 7 15 -· - - · · -.- - - - - - ·0- -7 15 .- - - ·0- · - - - -Pr 3 20 2 15 -· -0 "· ·0 0 6 26 3 23 - - - - 0 · 7 5 15 5 10 · - - · 0 · 32Nmhcm Lights College4 rr 0 0 0 0· ·- -·0 0 0 0 0 0 0- - - ·0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0· - - - - -0 0Deftlopmmtll1 Dlsabllitlts• SSTP CertIfIcateCollegeof NewCalcdooia DE 200 24 147 0· - · - ·0 14 200 20 137 0· ·0- -2 18 200 27 150- - - · - -27Home Support AttmdantCamosunCollege Pr DIa 0 30 -·- -· -0 30 DIa 0 30- - · ·0·0 30 DIa 0 30· - · - - -0 30DougIaa CoDese Pf DIa 0 47 -· ·-· -0 49 Dla 3 58· · - -0- 2 42 DIa 2 58·0· · - -2 58Open LeamiDg AgCDC)' , rr DIa 0 12 - - 0 - · · 0 10 DIa DIa · - 0 - - 0 0 7 DIa DIa · - · · . - DIaHome Support Attmdant UpgradeOlamaganUniversityCollege Pr Dla 1 52· -0- · -0 16 Dla 1 23- · ·0- -1 52 DIa DIa· - · · - ·1 23VancouvecCanm. College Pr Dla Dla· · - - · ·DIa Dla 0 12· · -0- ·0 8 DIa 2 14- - - - - -2 14Home SupportlRmldmt Care Au-.Collegeof New Calcdouia'7 B DIa 1 39- · - - · -1 26 DIa 1 19 0· - -0- 1 18 DIa 2 3S- - - - - -37East Kooo:nayCanm. College rr 0 16 0 16· ·- · · ·15 2 14 2 14 -· · -0-2 12 16 16· - · ·-·DIaMaIaspiDa Univenity CollegeI.' rr DIa 5 69· · · · · ·DIa DIa 106· -0·.- 0 43 Dla 42· - - ·0·DIa••• continuedPrepared by:Heallb HumanR_UDilThe Unlnnity ~BridobColumbiaHUMAN SERVICESBASIC Level Health Programs In British Columbiaby Program and Institution1993/94 1994I9S 1995I96Program aud EduaadoDal FTI Appll- F.DroImml(by year): Gl1Id- Appll- EDroImcDt (by year): Gl1Id- AppB- EDroImI:ut (by year): Gl1Id-lDlIdtutJon: PT cants : 1st 2nd 3rd 4th uater: cants: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th uatcs: cants: 1st 2Dd 3nl 4th aatcs:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FBSlRCA • contlDucdNmh IslaudCollege rr 20 6S 10 70· · · · - ·8 60 20 80 13 79- · · - - -10 72 IS 70 14 66- - · - - ·10 62NorthwestComm. College Fr Dla 2 30· · · - · -1 28 Dla 1 31· · - · - ·1 28 nIa 2 30 · - · - - - 1 28OkanaganUnivc:oityCollege 9 Fr nIa 6 82· · · · · ·8 9S Dla 80- - · - - -7S nIa 80- - - - - -7SPI' nIa 0 2S· - · · · · - -Dla- · - · · - -nIa .- - - - - - - - - - -Selkirt College• rr sr 1 17· - · · · ·1 14 4S S 13- - · - - -4 14 nIa 18- - - - - -3 ISUniv. Collegeof the Cariboo(Kamloops CamplS) Fr Dla 4 47· · - - · ·3 39 Dla 2 S4·- · - - -2 SO nIa S6· - · - - -S6(Regional Campuses) 5 rr Dla 0 14· - ·-· ·0 13 Dla 2 41· - · - ·1 40 nIa nIa · - - · - · nIaRome SupporURaldmt CereAtteDdaDt UPlPldeCollegeof New Caledonia PI' nIa 1 36· · - - · ·1 34 0 0 0 0- - · - ·0 0 0 0 0 0 - - - - - · 0 0RIIIDBD ScnIc:eWorkerEast Kootenay Comm. College 10 B nIa 6 14· · - - - ·6 23 Dla 2 16- - · - - -2 13 nIa 18- - - - - -nIaNmh IslaudCollegeSocialServiceSpccialis'n II Fr 6 30 8 41- - · · ·3 2S 18 40 S 23- - - · · ·4 31 3 13 2 10- · ·- - ·1 10Comm. SupportSpcciaJis'n 11.12 Fr 7 20 3 20· · · · -0 11 8 18 3 34· · - · · -S 40 3 12 1 11- · - - - ·1 11SubstaDce Abuse Spccialis'nI] rr nIa 12· · - · ·. nIa 10· · · · -22-. . .· · - · · -- -Ok'anagan UnivCPityCollegeSocial ServiceSpccialis'n Fr nIa 2 19· · · - · ·3 16 Dla 2 16· - ·1 16 Dla 4 14- - · - · -4 14Community SupportSpccialU'n rr nIa 3 16· - · · · -3 12 Dla 4 IS· -- -· -3 10 nIa 4 14- - - · - ·4 14TrinityWcstcm University B nIa 6 14- · · - · ·1 IS nIa 3 19- · - - · -2 10 Dla S IS- - - · - ·4 10Univ. Collegeof the CaribooSocialServiceSpccialis'Q Fr 14 74 4 20· · - · · ·3 18 17 S8 6 18·- - - - -6 16 nIa 24- - - - - -21CommunitySupportSpcciaJis'Q rr 3 44 2 22· - · · · ·1 IS 3 3S 1 23· · · · - ·1 20 3 60 3 21 · · · - · - 4 20PI' nIa 1 0· · · · ·0 2 Dla 1 2· · · - - ·1 1 nIa nIa· · - - · -1 1••• conlinuedPRparcdby:HealthRumanR_ UnItThe UDiftnilJ alBriIiab CalamldaHUMAN SERVICESBAS~C Level Health Programs In British Columbiaby Program and Institution1993194 1994195 1995/96Prognun BDdEduadlomll FTI Appll- EDrolmaJt (by year): Gnd- Appll- EDroImaJ1 (by year): Gnd- AppII- F.moImml (by,ar): Gnd-IDsdtutloD: PT cants: 1st 2Dd 3n1 4th uates: cants: 1st 2ad 3n1 4th lIBtes: cants: 1st 2Dd 3nI 4th uates:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FPenonal AIRbtaDtWorlduglorPeople with DIIabIIltiesCapil8llo Collegc rr 4 11 4 11· · - - · ·16 7 8 7 8- ·.- - -15 6 9 6 9- - - - - -15Resident Care AUaKlmtCamosunCollege Fr Dla 140· - · - · ·122 DIa 24 104- · - - - -120 DIa 28 100- - - - - ·120Capi18llo Collegc•• rr 4 75 1 38- - - · · ·1 37 3 80 0 58- - - - - -0 58 DIa 40- - - - - -40DouglasCollege Fr Dla 4 36- -· - · ·4 33 DIa 39-- - - - -38 DIa 44- - - - - -44KwantlenCollege' rr Dla 7 54· - · · - ·5 53 nla 5 55- - - - - -56 nla 6 54- - - - - -56NorthernLiBhts CoUegc rr 1 33 1 33· · · · ·- 1 33 1 'J:l 1 27- - - - - -1 27 5 35 5 35- - - - - -5 3SUniv. Collegeof the Fraser Valley• rr nla 5 54· - - - · -5 42 nla 1 60· -- -- -1 54 DIa 2 58 - - . · - · 2 52VIIIlCOIl~ Comm. Collegc• rr DIa 98- - - · · ·10 69 DIa 21 75- ·- - - ·18 67 DIa 96-.- - - -86West Coast CollegeofID1bCare Fr DIa 1 5· · · - ·- 0 0 DIa 6 20· ·- - - ·4 16 DIa 8 23 .- - - - -3 17Raldent Care AttatdaDt· E.S.L.VIIIlCOIl~ Comm. Collegc1.5 rr DIa 0 12· - - · - ·.-DIa 1 11· --.- -0 9 DIa 2 10 - - - · - - 0 10Soda! Senk:e WorlIrrCollegcof NewCalcdODiaCcrtificalc B Dla 5 32- · · - ·- 22 nla 7 30- - - - - -2S nla 10 27 .- - - - -22Diploma B Dla- -18- · · ·18 nla - - 17 - - - - 17 ' Dla - - 18 - - - - 16DouglasCollege rr nla· · · · ·- 24· -- - - -4 21 - - - - - -40 310 29 40 320 3 26 SO 3SC 5 2SPr DIa-· - - · -12- ·.-· -0 5- - - - - -LangaraCollegc rr 221 11 29- · - · · ·11 16 244 9 27- · -.· ·9 26 200 10 20- - - · - ·10 20MalaspiDa Univcnity College Fr 20 100 2 22· · - - · ·2 22 30 90 8 16· ·- - · -6 15 30 90 'J:l-.- ·-·zt... conl imudPrcpan:d by:Hatl1bIImaaD~UnitThe Unln:nIlJ ~BritbhCalamblaHUMAN SERVICESBASIC Level Health Programs In British Columbiaby Program and Institution1993/94 1994I9S 1995I9CiPrognun BDdEduadloDal FTI Appll- EmuImaJl {bJ year}: Gnd- AppII- EoroIDaJt(bJ J"IU'}: Gnd- AppII- EmuImaIt {bJ JaII'}: Gnd-1DstItudon: PT C8DtB: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th uata: c:ants: lit 2nd 3rd 4th uatar. ClIDtB: lit 2Dd 3rd 4th uatar.M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FSodal ScnIce Worker-e:omfnuedNmhem Lights CoUege 16 Fr 19 75 19 75 Dla- - - -7 43 7 43 40- - - -20 100 100 DIa- - - -Dfa6 20 40PT 7 23 7 23 Dla- - - -2 5 2 5 Dla- - - -5 10 DIa DIa - - - - DfaNorlhWQt Comm.College 16 rr 5 24 4 20- - - - · -2 13 4 23 4 20- - - - - -1 15 5 2S 24 - - - - - - 2 15PT Dla Dla- - · - · -Dla Dla 0 2- - -.- ·0 1 DIa DIa- - - - - -DfaOpen LearningAp.;y DE DIa 6 46- - · - -. 2 21 DIa 5 35· - - - - -2 10 DIa so- - - - - -4 18SelkirltCollege B 75 6 19·.- · · -3 16 75 4 20· - - - -- 3 20 75 24 - - - - - - DfaUniv. CoUege of the Fraser Vaney B 18 136 6 48 1 2- - · -3 30 DIa 8 43 2 28- - - -2 28 DIa 12 36 2S- - - -DfaSocIal Work· Baa:aIaureateObnagan University College rr Dla- - · -3 20 4 23 3 20 9 52- - - -5 37 2 20 2 20 10 SO- - - -5 2S 5 30 5 30PT DIa- - - -DIa DIa Dla DIa- - - -0 6 1 2 1 2 DIa- - - -0 5 0 6 DIaUniv.CoDese of1bcCariboo B 12 59- - - -6 35 0 26 0 20 11 58- - · -. 5 30 4 34 4 28 Dla- - - -30 DIa DfaUoiv. of BritishColumbia B 51 209- - · -7 51 12 52 11 49 28 248- - · -9 4S 7 47 7 4S 30 2S0- - -. 6 34 9 4S 8 43Univ. of Vu:toria 11On Campus ProgIlIm B 30 127-.·. 10 70 10 70 34 152 .- - -7 41 8 63 40 160 - - - - 10 40 7 4115 89 102 20 asDistaDce F.cIueatioo DE 10 46 .- - -7 32 21 80 18 60- - ·- 6 2S 28 as 2S 75 - . - - 10 40 23 59FI1'Jt NaliOlll-N.V.lT. B DIa - . 6 11 DIa 2 7 DIa .-2 15 40 2 6 DIa- -20 40 8FI1'Jt NatioDa - NWestBmd B Dla . 0 0 10 2 6 DIa- -1 6 13 0 2 Dla- -1 7 DIa 1 4SpedalNmdsObnaganUni~tyCollege II PT DIa 100· - - · ·35 20 80 20 80·.- - - ·15 20 20 80 20 80- - - - - -3SSelkirlt College rr 2 14 - - · - - - 2 14 0 24 - - - - - - 0 17 3 22 - - - - - -Dla 35 35 DIaPT 0 4- · · ·. 0 4 0 5- - - - - ·0 2 0 6 .- - - - -••. continuedPrepua1by:HeahhHaman R_lhaItThe UDlftrllllJCIIBr1ti1b CalumblaHUMAN SERVICESBASIC Level Health Programs In British Columbiaby Program and Institution1993/94 1994/95 1995/96Prognun BDdEduadlOIIIII FTI Appll- EoroImeut (by year): Grwl- AppJl,: EoroImeut (by year): Grwl- AppII- EIu:'llImI=m (by,ear): Gad-1DstItudoD: PT amts: 1st 2ucl 3rd 4th uafa: cants: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th uafa: ClIDtlI: bt 2nd 3rd 4th uaia:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FSubsbmce AblllleCoUDRlltagNorthwestComm. College It FI' DIa 7 8· - · · · ·DIa S 9 . . - · · · DIa . . - . · · - ·0 0 7 8 DIaPr DlI 0 2· · · · · ·DIa . . . . - · · · Dla . - . - · · . ·Univ. CoD. of the Frucr ValIey 20 B 4 6 2 2 2 4 - · · · 2 3 DIa S 3 0 0 . · - · 0 0 DlI S S 3 3 - · - · 2VIsuaII.aDpageIDterprderDouglas College11 Ff DlI 1 13· · · · · ·0 14 DIa 2 11 0 12 .· · ·0 11 DIa 2 14 2 11 - · . · 0 14Pr DIa DlI· · · · · ·. . DIa 0 1 0 1 - · · · 0 0 DIa 0 2 0 2 · · - · 0 0• Dla· DaIanot available (Quot supplied) . • •• DalaDOtappropri8lc ar not applicable. • •• Programdid not cxi5t, ar no long~ Cllista.The malclfemale ratio is averaged for 1995196.The pert-cime cmolmentdata IIrC rough cstimBlcs,lIIId no gradualcnumbeD lIl'C givCll far part-cimebecause Qfthe unpredictabilityin time required to completethe prognm.) There wasa special fiill-cime Clffering of this jrograJD from FcbnJary 1994to Dccan~ 1994 fundedby Ele. The 1995196 part-time CIU'ClImCDl ClII1y includesan cslimaIc of the Scptanbc:r intake IIIId Dotthe JIIIIII8r}' iDtake.• Thisprogram is ClII1yoff~ OIl demand, IIIId is not eJpCCtcd to be offcrc:d in 1995196., They were unable to pn:djctcmoImCllt and gradualca far 1995196, as this program is 0D1y offcrc:d on cIcmand., The August cnlraDls for this program _ included. thoughthey CIltcml in ScplaDbc:I', i.e. the August 1993 cnlraDIs _listcd UDder 1993194.1 Only the data for pogr_ offerings in PriDcc Ocorse m: inc:1uclcd in the table.I The caroImCllt data far 1995196 m: iDamplctc, • they dcpCDd on whichrcgiaaal camJWCS will otTerprognms. The graduaIc data given lIl'C a1Jo incanplete. as they wen: not all available. The data shown includean offeringfrom Octoba 1994to MardlI995 for 12 First Nations students, spaa.scnd by a Fnt NatiODS Band., Therewasa special put-cime cliniI:alc:ha11cnge ofl'criDg of thisprognm in Kclownafrom Mm:h 1994 to Fc:bIuary 1995.10 Only the d8Iafar the fiill-cime progr_ in Qsbrook was5IIpp1icd. The 1aIgenum~ of gradualca in 1993/94 includes two classes,aue which graduated in Dccan~ 1993 and OIIC whichgraduated in June 1994.II The 1995196 data 0D1y include estimates far the regular ComoxValley offering,and not for the COIItnICt offerings in AlertBay or PortAlbcmi.U In Alert Bay, the caR: CQIrSCS (Semcs= I) wereoffered in Fall 1993 (data notinclwlcdin table). Ed the CommunitySuppartCOlDCS (Scmcs= D) wereoffcrc:d in Fall 1994(datainclDclcd in table).P In Alert Bay, the com courses (Semester I) wereofl'~ in Fall 1993 and l18ain in Fall 1994 (data included in table), and the SubstaDcc Abuse COlDCS (Scmcs= D) m: offcrc:d in Spring 1995 (data inc:1uclcd in table).14 There weretwo classes whichstarted in JEUIll)' 1995 (ODC with ncmna1 funding and OIIC with funding from the Health Labour Aa:ord). thus the large c:uroImCDl and graduate numbers for 1994195.I' Thisprogram wasfiIst offcred in JanUlll)' 1994, thus then:wereDO graduates in 1993/94.16 They wen: unable to csUms1c the put-cime a:rolmCDl ar graduates far 1995196.11 In 1993,U.VIC. offcrc:d an OIl<lllllpU8 eveningprogram. thus the higherenroImCDl DlDDbeD for the OIl campus program in 1993194. The data appearingUDder third year for the distancecducatiOll (DE) program _theDewcnlraDIs to the DEprogram. while the data appearing under fourthyear lIl'C the continuing DE slUdcnls. FIISt NatioDs sludcntll CIll'01ed in on campus lIIdDEprogrlII1S m: incluclcd with these dalILThe daIa listcd1IIIdcr ICCClOd yearfar the two FIISt NatiODS programs m: the DewCDlraDIs to the programs, while 1hedata appcariDg und~ third and fourthyear _ the CODtinuing studcuta.II The cnrolmCllt lIId graduate DlDDbc:rJ for 1993194 and 1995/96 _ estimates as they do not keep statiaIicsexcept for the CUIrCIlt year.19 There wereDO CIllrllDts to thisprogram in JIIIIII8r}' 1993,thus there~ DO graduatIla in JlIDC of 1994. They wereUIIlIble to cslimaIc the 1995196 enroImCllt or graduatedalIL:II In 1994195, the saxmd year of the program wasnot otl'cRd. Second yearstudmta weregivenodI~ opQODS far completionar put OD hold for OIIC year.11 Thisprogram used to be ofI'Cl'Ild only ODCC evay saxmd year;thus there wereno saxmd year studentain 1993194.Pn:parcd by:HelI11h IImmmR_UnitThe UnlYa'lilJ afBritbb Calumblavuu. ~SERVICESPOST-BASIC LEVEL4344 CARE OF THE MENTALLY FRAGILE ELDERLYWorkforce Category Trained: Resident CareAttendants, HomeSupportAttendants, Continuing Care Assistants, LPNs, and RNsasPsychogerlatrlc Aides!AssistantsRequirement(s) forPractice: NoneMalaspina Unlyerslty Coli.CredentialReceived: CertificateComments:The new cuniculum for the HomeSupportlResidentCare Attendant (HSIRCA)program includes this program as part of the coreprogram, so students who have taken theHSIRCAprogram in the last two yearshavereceived this training as part of their basictraining. This program will thereforeno longerbe offered as a separateprogram. The lastgraduates from this program were in May 1993.Vancouyer Community CoIlqeCredentialReceived: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Ten; current employment in thefield as a Nurse Aide or AlliedHealth WorkerFull-f:imeJPart-time: Part-timeonlyProgramLength: 120 hours total; includes 90 hourslecture and 30 hours clinicaIlpracticumEntry Date(s): OctoberGraduation Date(s): FebruaryCampusCentre(s)Offered At: City CentreComments: This program wasnot offered in1993/94.iiiCOMMUNITY SUPPORTWorkforce Category Trained: Community Support Workers for thePhysically andMentally Challenged, Residential Counsellors,Special Education AssistantsRequirement(s) for Practice: NoneDouglas CoUegeCredentialReceived:DiplomaPrerequisites: Community SupportWorker CertificateorequivalentFull-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgram Length: 15 weeks (370 hours) total; includes 10 weeks(210 hours) lecture and 5 weeks (160hours) clinicaIIpracticumEntry Date(s): January, May, and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): JuneCampus Centre(s)Offered At: NewWestminsterComments: Students have a choice of exiting the CommunitySupportprogram with a Certificateafter three semesters(please see the listing under CommunitySupport Worker inthe Basic Human Services sectionalso), or continuing on andcompletinga fourth semester to receive their DiplomaStudents can also return at a later date to complete the fourthsemesterand receive their Diploma Graduates from the oldCertificateprogram (pre-1994)can return for Diploma studies,but dependingon when they graduated, the requirements forthe Diplomavary to some degree. The Diplomaportionof thisprogram first became available this year (1994/95). There isno limit to the number ofpart-time students,but spacedepends on seats available in each course.GERIATRIC ACTMTY COORDINATORWorkforce Category Trained: Geriatric Aides/CoordinatorsRequirement(s) for Practice: NoneUniversity College of the Fraser YaDeyCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade TwelvewithEnglish 11;ResidentCareAttendantcertificate; volunteerexperiencein the fieldFull-timelPart-time: Part-timeonlyProgramLength:276 bours total; includes 192bours lectureand84 bours clinical/pmeticumEntry Date(s): JanuaryGraduationDate(s): JanuaryCampusCentre(s) OfferedAt AbbotsfordComments: This programused to have two intakes/year; thus thelarger numberof graduateswhich OCCUlTed in 1993/94.HOME SUPPORTIRESIDENT CARE ATTENDANT EQUIVALENCYWorkforce Category Trained: Home Support Attendants, ResidentCareAttendantsRequirement(s) forPractice: NoneUniversity CoDege of the CaribooCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: GradeTen; CATLevel 17;CPR/firstaid trainingFu1l-timelPart-time: Part-time onlyProgramLength: NotavailableEntry Date(s): Not availableGraduation Date(s): Not availableCampusCentre(s) OfferedAt KamloopsComments: This programis a challengeprogram. It basnot beenofferedfor approximately 3.5 to 4 years. It is still available ifthere is sufficientdemandand funding is available.4546 SOCIAL SERVICESWorkforce Category Trained: Social Service Workers, Child& YouthCareWorkersRequirement(s) forPractice: NoneCollege ofNew CaledoniaCredentialReceived: DiplomaComments:This program is offered as an optionalsecond year in the Basic Social Servicesprogramleading to a Diploma in Youth & Child Care. .Please see the listing for Social ServiceWorkerin the Basic Human Services section.CredentialReceived: DiplomaPrerequisites: Completionof the CommunitySocialServicesWorker CertificateFull-timelPart-time: Part-timeonlyProgramLength: 4 months total; includes 3 monthslecture and 1 month clinicaJlpracticumEntry Date(s): January and SeptemberGraduationDate(s): January and JuneCampus Centre(s) Offered At: New WesbninsterComments: The first intake into this program was inJanuary 1995. The number of students who willgraduate will depend in part on funding availablefor these courses.Lanpra CollegeCredentialReceived: CoordinatedStudiesDiploma(Social ServiceWork)Prerequisites: Completionof the SocialServiceWorker CertificateprogramFull-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgramLength: 600hours totalEntry Date(s): January,May, and SeptemberGraduationDate(s):May and OctoberComments:Students in this program are officiallyenrolled in Arts& Sciences. By completing oneyear of academicstudies following the SocialServiceWorker Certificateprogram (see listingin Basic Human Services section), the studentsaregranted a Coordinated Diploma (SocialServiceWork) from Arts& Sciences,sonoseparate data are available for this program.!SPECIAL NEEDS FOR SOCIAL SERVICE WORKERSWorkforce Category Trained: Special Needs Social Service WorkersRequirement(s) forPractice: NoneSelkirk CollegeCredentialReceived:CertificateComments:This is part of the Special Needs Career program.Please see the detailed listing under Special Needs in theBasic Human Services section. In 1993194, there was onestudent who completed this programpost-basic to theirSSWCertificate.SUBSTANCE ABUSE COUNSELLINGWorkforceCategoryTrained:Substance AbuseCounsellorsRequirement(s) for Practice:Certification, following 2000 hours workexperience, as a CertifiedDrug and Alcohol Counsellor (C.AD.C.)with the Addictions InterventionAssociation - not required foremployment, but oftenrequestedby employersUnlyerslty ColI=e or the Fraser YalleyCredential Received: Substance Abuse Counselling CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Twelve; certificate or diploma in a relatedfield; current employment or volunteer experience in the field;minimum four years sobrietyFull-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgram Length: 383 hours total; includes 183 hours lecture and200 hours clinical/praeticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): JuneCampus Centre(s) Offered At Abbotsford .Comments: This program was not run in 1994195, so they expectto have a greater number of graduates than normal in 1995/96.Many students finish their practicum requirement up to twoyears after completing the program. and they are not includedin the data in the tables. It is difficult to predict when theywill graduate.47HUMAN SERVICESPOST-BASIC Level Health ProgralWlln British Columbiaby Program and Imtltutlonl.993194 1994/95 1995J9CiProgram IIIIIl EduadlODl1 FTI AppU- EuroImcut (by year): Grad- AppU- EnroJmeut(by year): Grad- AppU- EmoImaJt(bJyear): Grad-IDsIItutIoD: PT amts: lilt 2nd 3rd 4th uaks: ClIDts: lilt 2nd 3rd 4th Dates: ClIDts: lilt 2Dd 3rd 4th uata:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FCare aCtheMmtlllly Fragile FJdertyVlIIICOlIYer Camm. College Pf nJa 0 0- - - - -. 0 0 nJa 1 13- - - - - -1 12 nJa 1 17- - - - - -1 17CommuaItJ5upportDouglas CollegeI B * - - - - 1 15 - - - - 12 - - - - 2 T1 -.- -10Gatatrtc Adhlty CoordlDatorUDiv. Coil.of the Fraser Vallcy2 Pf nJa 0 14 .- - - - -0 24 nJa 0 18- - - - - -0 14 nJa 0 18- - - - - -0 18SocIalSenlc:a· DIplomaDouglas College Pf * 5 15 - - 5 15 - - -. 10 5 15- -5 15- - - -10SubstanceAbUlleCoUlllCl1lDgUDiv. Coil. of the Fraser Vallcy) B \1 14 9 14 . . .-. . 1 4 0 0 0 0- -. .- -2 2 10 14 10 14- - - - - -6 . 10• Dla· Dat..DOt availabh:(ell: notlupplied). • _. DataDOt approprl8Ic ell:not applicable. • • • Programdid not Cldst,ell:no lon8er exiats.1 The daIa in this table iDcludc the atudClll& in the DiplomaportioII of the program only. They wen:unable to estimate the full-time gradnatcs fell: June 1996,but did eslimatc that thl:rccouldbe tal part-time ItudcDIswhograduateDextyear.This program usedto have two intakes/year, thusthe largennmbcrof graduateawhich ocx:um:d in 1993194.This prouam was not nm in 1994J95, so they expect to have a grca= nnmbcr of graduatesthannormal in 1995196. MBIlY saudcnta fmish their practicumn:qairanmt up to two ycam aftercomplcting the programBIldthey m: not includedin the data.PR:pan:d by:Health HamanR_UnIt'!be UDJ'ftI'IIIly atBritbh ColumbiaIX. LABORATORY SERVICESBASIC LEVEL4950 BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGYWorkforce Category Trained: Biomedical Engineering TechnologistsRequlrement(s) forPractice: Certification (requires workexperience)as an Applied Sciences Technologistffechnician (A.Sc.T.) with theAppliedSciences Technologists & Technicians ofB.C. - notrequired foremploymentBrltfsb Columbia InsUtute of Tecbnolo,gyCredential Received: DiplomaPrerequisites: GradeTwelve withChemistry 11,Physics 11,English 12, and Math 12Full-timelPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgramLength:70 weekstotal; includes 65 weeks lectureand 5weeksclinicallpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduationDate(s): JuneCampusCentre(s)OfferedAt Burnaby campusComments: They find it difficult to predict the enrolmentandgraduatenumbers for 1995/96.It "US!!I""'I' '" ; ;CARDIOLOGY TECHNOLOGYWorkforce Category Trained: Cardiology Technicians, CardiologyTechnologistsRequirement(s) for Practice: Registered Cardiology Technologist(R.C.T.) with the CanadianSocietyof Cardiology Technologists ­not required foremployment, but oftenrequested by employersBritish Columbia InsUtute ofTecbnolo,gyCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: GradeTwelve withChemistry 11, Physics 11,Biology 12, Math 12, and English 12;CPRlflr8t aid training;volunteerexperiencein the fieldFull-timeIPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgramLength:35 weeks total; includes 25 weeks lectureand 10weeksclinicallpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): JuneCampusCentre(s) OfferedAt Burnaby campusComments: EIC funds approximately two seats/intake. Thisprogram will probablydownsize to an entryclassof 10studentsin September 1995. The numberof graduatesin June1996will dependon whethertheydownsize or notCYTOTECHNOLOGYWorkforce Category Trained: CytotechnotogtstsRequirement(s) for Practice: Registered Technologist - Subject:Cytology(R.T. (C.» with the Canadian Society of LaboratoryTechnologists - required for employmentBritlsb Columbia Cancer AuneyCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: One year college/university including Math.Biology. and ChemistryFull-timelPart-dme: Full-time onlyProgram Length: 23 months totalEntry Date(s): JulyGraduation Date(s): MayComments: This program increased in length from 20 to 23months, and the month of entry into the program changedfrom October to Iuly in 1993/94. Therefore there were noentrants in October 1993 and there will be no graduates inMay 1995.51nELECTRONEUROPHYSIOLOGY TECHNOLOGYWorkforce Category Trained: E1ectroneurophysiology TechnologistsRequirement(s) forPractice: Registered EleetroneurophysiologyTechnologist (R.E.T.) with the Canadian Boardof Registration inE1eetroneurophysiology Technology - not required for employmentBritlsb Columbia Institute of TecbnoJo.gyCredential Received: Diploma ofTechnologyPrerequisites: Grade Twelve with Chemistry II. Physics 11.Biology 12. Math 12. and English 12Full-timelPart-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: 18 months total; includes 13 months lecture and5 months clinica1lpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): IuneCampus Centre(s) Offered At Burnaby campusComments: The next scheduled intake into this program will be inSeptember 1996.52 MEDICAL CLINICAL ASSISTANTWorkforce Category Trained: MedicaVClinical AssistantsRequlrement(s) forPractice: NoneWest Coast CoIlqe ofHealth CareCredentialReceived: CertificatePrerequisites:Grade Twelve; good communication andinterpersonal skillsFull-time/Part-time:Full-time onlyProgramLength: 26 weeks total; includes22 weeks lectureand 4weeks clinicallpracticumEntry Date(s): January, March, and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): April, August, and NovemberCampus Centre(s)Offered At: SurreyComments: This program consists of an 8 week foundationfollowedby 18 weeks of specificskills. Programsat WCCHCfollow a pattern of 8 week blocks of study, so that entryandgraduation dates will shift slightly fromone year to the nextStudents usually prefer to complete theirprogram withoutbreaks. EIC may fund students on an individualbasis.MEDICAL LABORATORY ASSISTANTWorkforce Category Trained: Medical Laboratory AssistantsRequirement(s) forPractice: Nonevancouver Community CollegeCredentialReceived: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Twelve; typingFull-timelPart-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: 4 months total; includes 3 monthslecture and 1 month clinicallpracticumEntry Date(s): January, June, and AugustGraduation Date(s): April, October, and DecemberCampus Centre(s)Offered At City CentreComments:The number of seats fundedby EICvaries. The former March to June intake (lastoffered in 1993)hasbeen replaced by a June toOctober intake (beginning in June 1995).West Coast College or Health CareCredentialReceived: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Twelve; good communicationand interpersonal skillsFull-timeIPart-time: Full-time onlyProgramLength: 26 weeks total; includes22 weekslectureand 4 weeks clinical/practicumEntry Date(s): January, April, and SeptemberGraduationDate(s): April, August, and OctoberCampusCentre(s)Offered At VancouverComments: This program consists of an 8 weekfoundation followedby 18 weeksof specificskills. Programs at WCCHC followa pattern of8 weekblocks of study, so that entry andgraduationdates will shift slightly from one yearto the next Students usually prefer to completetheirprogram without breaks. In 1993and 1995there were/are January and Septemberintakes,while in 1994there were April and Septemberintakes. EIC may fund students on an individualbasis.MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNOLOGYWorkforce CategoryTrained: Medical Laboratory TechnologistsRequlrement(s) for Practice: Registered Technologist (R.T.)with theCanadianSocietyof Laboratory Technologists - not requiredforemployment53British Columbia InsUtute ofTecbnolom-CredentialReceived:DiplomaPrerequisites: GradeTwelve with Physics 11,Math12, Chemistry 12,Biology 12, and English 12Full-time/Part-time: Full-timeonlyProgram. Length: 120 weeks total; includes 64 weekslectureand 56 weeksclinicaVpmcticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduationDate(s):JuneCampusCenlre(s)Offered At Burnaby campusComments: This program. has been restructured, sothat the studentsentering in September 1994requiredGrade 12rather thanone year universityas a prerequisiteand they will take three ratherthan two academicyears to complete theprogram. There will thereforebe no graduatesinJune 1996.University con. of the CarlbooCredentialReceived: DiplomaPrerequisites: One year college/university includingBiology,Chemistry, English, Math, and Physics;tour ofclinical facility .Full-time/Part-time: Fun-time onlyProgramLength: 20 months total; includes8 monthslecture and 12 months clinicaVpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduationDate(s):JuneCampusCenlre(s)OfferedAt: KamloopsComments: There will be no intake for September1995. The next scheduled intake is September1996into a redesignedprogram.MEDICAL RADIOGRAPHY TECHNOLOGYWorkforce CategoryTrained: Medical RadiographersRequirement(s) for Practice: Registered Technologist in Radiography(R.T.R.) with the Canadian Association of MedicalRadiationTechnologists - not required for employment, but oftenrequestedby employersBrltbb Columbia InsUtute ofTechnolouCredentialReceived: DiplomaPrerequisites: Grade Twelvewith Biology 12,Physics12,Math12,and English 12; introductory computercourse;CPR/fIrStaid training;40 hours hospital volunteer experienceFull-time/Part-time: Fun-time onlyProgramLength: 25 months totalEntry Date(s): JanuaryGraduationDate(s): MayCampusCenlre(s)OfferedAt BurnabycampusComments: An intakeof 30 students/classseems to fit the currentjobmarket54NUCLEAR MEDICINE TECHNOLOGYWorkforce Category Trained: Nuclear Medicine TechnologistsRequirement(s) for Practice: Registered Technologist - NuclearMedicine (R.T.(N.M.» with theCanadian Association of MedicalRadiation Technologists - notrequired for employment, but oftenrequested by employersBritish Columbia institute of TechnolO£)'Credential Received: DiplomaPrerequisites: Grade Twelve with Biology 11, Physics 11,Chemistry 12, Math 12, and English 12; CPRlf1tSt aidtraining; orientation tourFull-timelPart-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: 24 months total; includes 14 months lecture and10 months clinicallpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): AugustCampus Centre(s) Offered At BurnabyComments: NoneRADIATION THERAPY TECHNOLOGYWorkforce Category Trained: Radiation TherapistsRequirement(s) for Practice: Registered Radiation Technologist withthe B.C. Association of Medical Radiation Technologists - requiredforemploymentBritish Columbia Cancer AplKYCredential Received: DiplomaPrerequisites: One year college/universityincludingPhysics;English; and Calculus; volunteer experience in a health care orcommunity organisationFull-timeIPart-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: 27 months total; includes 13 months lecture and14 months clinicallpracticumEntry Date(s): February or OctoberGraduation Date(s): January or MayCampus Centre(s) Offered At Vancouver Cancer CentreComments: This program has varied its start and graduation datesin recent years in order that graduates are available to startwork in the (new) cancer clinics soon after graduation. In1993/94, the program began in October. In 1994195, thestudents entered in February. The graduation date has variedbetween January and May, and will probablybe May in thefuture. They have not yet determinedhow many, if any,students will be starting the program in 1995/96. The lecturesand clinicallpmcticaIInstruction are alternated in two weekrotations.RESPIRATORY THERAPYWorkforce Category Trained: Respiratory TherapistsRequirement(s) for Practice: Registered Respiratory Therapistwith theCanadian Societyof Respiratory Therapists - not required foremployment, but oftenrequested by employersUniversity CoUep Qr the CarlbooCredential Received: DiplomaPrerequisites: GradeTwelvewithPhysics 11.Chemistry 12,Biology12. Math 12,and English 12;CPR/rust aid training;hospital tourFull-timelPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgram Length: 27 months total; includes16monthslectureand1~ monthsclinicaVpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): AprilCampus Centre(s) OfferedAt: KamloopsComments: None55LABORATORY SERVICESBASIC Level Health PrograIm In Brltlsh Columbiaby Program and Institution1993/94 1994195 19!J5/96I'rognuD BDCl Educademal FTI Appll- F.nroImaJt(by year): Gild- AppII- F.nroImaJt (by ymr): Gild- AppB- EmoImaIt (by,ar): GIld-IDBtituUoa: PT cantl: lilt 2nd 3rd 4th uata: cantl: lilt 2nd 3nl 4th uata: cantI: lilt 2Dd 3rd 4Ih aatrs:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FBlcJmedlad~g TedmologyD.C.lDslitulcofTcdmoIogy rr oJa 25 7 23 1· · · ·20 1 oJa 24 6 19 7· · · ·14 6 oJa 30 30- · -- JJIaCardIology TedmologyD.C.1DstitutcofTcdmology 1 rr 40 70 10 12· · · · · ·8 10 25 60 6 14· · - - - -17 30 40 4 6 -· · · - -oJaCytotec:booIogyD.C. Cancer AgC1lCY 2 rr 1 3 1 3· · · · - ·1 2 2 2 2 2· --· · ·0 0 2 2 2 2- · · · -- 1 3FJedI'oDelB'Opb,mology TedmologyD.C. IDslitulc ofTcdmoIogy Fr oJa 8 6· · · ·6 48 8 7- - · ·6 oJa 0 8- - - -8Mediad 0IDIad AaIstantWest Coast College ofIDlh C1Ilc Fr oJa 1 13· · · · · ·1 17 oJa 5 27· · - · - ·4 18 oJa 3 27- - - - - -4 28Meclad Laboratory A8dstaDtVlIllCOUYCr Comm. College 3 Fr oJa 3 33· - · - · ·1 28 oJa 54- · - - - ·43 Dla 54- · - - · -4SWest Coast College ofIDlh C1Ilc rr oJa 1 15- · · · · ·0 10 ilia 4 11· · · · - ·5 16 ilia 6 14- · · - · -3 7Mediad Laboratory TedmoIogyD.C.1Dslilutc ofTcdmology4 rr 16S 13 27 14 40· · · ·14 40 54 132 5 35 11 26· · - ·11 26 ilia 20 5 35 0 0- -0 0UDiv. College oflhc Cariboo5 rr oJa 3 11 2 17· · ·2 16 ilia 5 13 3 11· - · ·3 11 Dla 0 0 5 13- · - -5 12Mediad RadIography TedmoiogyB.C.lDslitulcofTcdmoIogy Fr 60 190 7 23 6 32· · - ·34 60 190 4 26 7 17· · - -35 60 190 30 4 26- · · -7 17••• continuedPrepared by:HealthHamanR_VultThe UDiftndlJ afBriIbh ColumbiaLABORATORY SERVICESBASIC Level Health Progranw InBrltlsh Columbiaby Program and Institution1993/94 1994195 1995/96Program BDdEducatloDll1 FTI AppJl. EaroImeDt (by year): Gnd- AppJl. EnroImaJt (by ,ar): Gnd- AppJI. EnroImaJt (by,ar): Gnd-InstItutIoD: PT cants: lit 2Dcl 3rd 4th uata: cants: lit 2Dd 3rd 4Ih uatar. cants: lilt 2Dd 3rd 4th uata:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FNuclearMedIcIne TedmologyB.C.lDstibllcofTcdmoIogy rr 60 90 6 6 6 8 - . - . 6 8 62 62 3 8 5 4 - - - - 5 4 60 70 4 8 3 8 . . . - 10RadIatIon Therapy TedmologyB.C.em.c.:r AgCIICY f rr Dla 1 9 0 12 Dla . - 2 7 Dla 0 9 1 7 0 11 - - 0 11 DIa DIa 0 9 2 7 - - 2 7RespInd.ory 'lbentpyUDiv. Conege of the Cariboo rr 37 32 32 28 24 19 17 15 .-16 15 16 47 9 39 29 2S 20 18 . . 19 18 35 3S 24 24 5 3S 77 23 - - 26 22• Dla· Dala not available (or not mpplicd). • _. Dala not appropriate or not applicable.I This program will probably downsizeto an entry class of 10 stndmts in September 1995. The numberof graduatca in June 1996 will dependClIIwhcthcrthcy downsize or not.2 'lbc:n: wc:n: no cntranIs in October 1993, 10 there will be no BJIIduate& in May 1995.~ The August cnlrants for 1hisprogram 8[C includedas thonghthey mtclal in Scplcmbc:r. Le, the AuguJt 1993cntranta 8[C Iistcdunder 1993J94.4 Thisprogram was rcstructII1'ed, 10 atudcntsc:ntcring in ScplCII1bc:r 1994 WiI1 takethree ratherthII1two lKl8dcmic ycam to complelc the program. Thc:rc will therefmc be DO gmduatesin June 1996­S Thc:n:will be no intake for September 1995. The nelli scheduled intake is ScpCanber1996 into a Rldcsigncd progl'8IIl.6 They haw:not yet determined how _y. ifany. stndc:nts will be ItIIrting the progmm in 1995196.PIqlared by:HealthHamanK_UnitTheUniftnitJ ~Bri1llhWombla58x. LABORATORY SERVICESPOST-BASIC LEVEL5960ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN HEALTH SCIENCES (Medical Imaging)Workforce Category Trained: Medical RadiographersRequirement(s) for Practice: Nonespecific to thisprogram. RegisteredTechnologist in Radiography (R.T.R.)with theCanadianAssociation of Medical Radiation Technologists - not requiredforemployment, but oftenrequested by employersBritish Columbia Institute orTecbpol«w'Credential Received: Advanced DiplomaPrerequisites: Diploma in MedicalRadiography; currentemployment in the fieldFull-timeIPart-time: DistanceEducationProgramLength: 15out of 15coursesare availablethroughDistanceEducation(DE); students usually take five to sixyears to completethe programEntry Date(s): January.April.and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): JuneCampusCentre(s) OfferedAt KaslositeComments: Many technologists do not completethe AdvancedDiplomabut use the individualcourses to increasetheir scopeof.knowledge and to advancein the workplace. The CanadianAssociation of MedicalRadiationTechnologists (C.A.M.R.T.)also offersa programconsisting of five coursesleadingto thedesignation AdvancedCertification in Radiography (A.C.R.).'I I tl !ANAESTHESIA TECHNOLOGYWorkforce Category Trained: Anaesthesia TechnologistsRequiremenl(s) for Practice: Registered Respiratory Therapist­Anaesthesia (R.R.T. (A» with the Canadian Society of RespiratoryTherapists - not requiredfor employmentUplyerslty CoUege or the CarlbooCredential Received: Advanced DiplomaPrerequisites: Diplomain Respiratory TherapyFull-timeIPart-time: DistanceEducationProgram Length:Four theorycourses (available through DistanceEducation), and one clinicalcourse(16 weeks full-time);students usuallytake one to two years to completethe programEntry Date(s): ContinuousGraduation Date(s):ContinuousComments: The clinical componentof this programis normally16weeksin lengthbut may be less depending on a student'sexperience. and is completedin Victoriaon a full-time basis.Spaceis limited to fourpeopleper year for the clinicalportion;a greater numberof studentsper yearcan completethe theoryportionof thisprogram. Thosestudentswho finish the theorycoursesand do not completethe clinicalare grantedaCertificaterather than the Advanced Diploma.CARDIOVASCULAR PERFUSION TECHNOLOGYWorkforce Category Trained: Cardiovascular Perfusion TechnologistsRequirement(s) for Practice: Certified Cardiovascular Perfusionist(C.C.P.) with the Canadian Society of Cardiovascular Perfusion ­not required for employment, but often requested by employersUnlyerslty CoU'¥e or the CarlbooCredential Received: Advanced DiplomaPrerequisites: Diploma in an AlliedHealth field, or a Bachelor ofScience degreeFull-timeIPart-time: Distance EducationProgram Length: Fourcore courses and sixsupport courses (allavailable through Distance Education), and oneclinicalcourse(48 weeks full-time); students usually taketwoyears tocomplete the program .Entry Date(s): ContinuousGraduation Date(s): ContinuousComments: The clinical portionof thisprogram is 48 weeks inlength andis completed at Vancouver Hospital on a full-timebasis. U.C.C. alsoadministers theDistance Education theoryportionof someprograms whichare offered outside of B.C.CARDIOVASCULAR TECHNOLOGYWorkforce Category Trained: Cardiology TechnologistsRequirement(s) for Practice: Registered CardiopulmonaryTechnologist - Cardiovascular (R.C.P.T. (C.» from the CanadianAssociation of CardiopulmonaryTechnologists - not required foremploymentBritish Columbia Institute orTecbnolOJ:YCredential Received: Post-Diploma in Cardiovascular TechnologyPrerequisites: Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor's degree,Master's degree, or professional degree; CPR/first aid training.(Applicants trained-on-the-job havea three yeargrandfatherclause in whichto challenge the program if theyhave noacademic background.)Full-timeIPart-time: Part-time and Distance EducationProgram Length: 84 weeks totalpart-time includes 64 weekslectureand 20 weeks clioica1lpracticum; fiveoutof eightcourses are available through Distance Education (DE);students usually take 18months to complete theprogramthrough DE.EntryDate(s): January, April,and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): JuneCampus Centte(s) Offered At: Burnaby campusComments: Thisprogram ran for one yearin 1993/94 as a full­timeprogram. Asof Fall 1994, it is offered via DistanceEducation.6162CYTOGENETICS LABORATORY TECHNOLOGYWorkforce Category Trained; Medical Laboratory Technologists inCytogenetics. Research AssistantsRequirement(s) forPractice: Registered Technologist-subjectCytogenetics (R.T. (CG.» withthe Canadian Societyof LaboratoryTechnologists·required foremploymentBritish Columbia InsUtute ofTechnologyCredential Received: DiplomaPrerequisites: Bachelor's degree including fourthyearcoursesincytogenetics. genetics, cellbiology. molecular biology andmoleculargenetics; volunteerexperience in the field; labexperience witha goodemployment recordFull-timelPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgram Length: 13 months total; includes 30 weeks lectureand25 weeksclinicaIlpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): OctoberCampus Centre(s) OfferedAt: Burnaby campusComments: NoneDIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL SONOGRAPHYWorkforce Category Trained: Diagnostic Medical Sonographers,Ultrasound TechnologistsRequirement(s) for Practice: Registered Diagnostic MedicaVCardiacSonographer with the American Registry of Diagnostic MedicalSonographers - not required for employment, but oftenrequested byemployersBritish Columbia InsUtute ofTechnol~Credential Received: Post DiplomaPrerequisites: Diplomaof Technology in an alliedhealthfield;recentrelevantclinicalexperienceFull-time/Part-time: Full-timeonlyProgramLength: 12 months totalEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): AugustCampusCentre(s) OfferedAt: BumabycampusComments: They also offer somepart-time continuing educationcourses for graduates.ECHOCARDIOGRAPHYWorkforce Category Trained: Diagnostic Medical Sonographerstrainedin EchocardlographyRequJrement(s) forPractice: Registered Diagnostic CardiacSonographer withthe American Registry of Diagnostic MedicalSonographers - not required for employment. but oftenrequested byemployersBritish Columbia Institute orTechnoJlW'CredentialReceived: AssociateCertificate in EchocardiographyPrerequisites: Completionof the DiagnosticMedicalSonographyprogram; current employment in the fieldFull-timelPart-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: 4 months total; includes 12 days lecture and 3.5months clioical/practicumEntry Date(s): January and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): April and DecemberCampus Centre(s)Offered At BurnabycampusComments:This is an evolving program whichhas been offeredtwice per year for two years. Beginningin the Fall of 1995itwill be offeredonce per year, from Novemberto February.HEALTH SCIENCE· Baccalaureate (Medical Imaging)Workforce Category Trained: Medical RadiographersRequirement(s) for Practice: Nonespecific to thisprogram. RegisteredTechnologist in Radiography (R.T.R.) withthe CanadianAssociation of Medical Radiation Technologists - not required foremployment, butoftenrequested by employersOpen Lgmlnl AuneyCredentialReceived:Bachelorof HealthScience (B.H.Sc.) inMedical ImagingPrerequisites: Diplomaof Technologyand AdvancedDiplomaFull-timeIPart-time: Distance EducationProgram Length: Ten out of ten courses are available throughDistance Education; the amount of time studentsusually taketo complete the program variesEntry Date(s): ContinuousGraduation Date(s): January, April, June, and SeptemberComments: None6364MEDICAL LABORATORY ASSISTANT UPGRADEWorkforce Category Trained: Medical Laboratory AssistantsRequirement(s) for Practice: NoneUniversity CQD= Qfthe CarlbooCredentialReceived: CertificatePrerequisites: Currentemployment in the fieldFull-time/Part-time: DistanceEducationProgramLength: Three theorycourses(availablethroughDistanceEducation), and a practicalskills evaluation module;the amountof timestudentsusually take to complete theprogram variesEntry Date(s): ContinuousGraduationDate(s):ContinuousComments: This programis new; there have been no graduatestodate. This programwas developed to providea certificationand upgrading opportunity for MedicalLaboratory Assistantswho arecurrentlyemployed in a laboratory, but arenotcertified.Ih IllallMEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE· BaccalaureateWorkforce Category Trained: Medical Laboratory Technologists,Medical LaboratoryScientistsRequirement(s) for Practice: NoneUnlyerslty ofBrltlsb ColumbiaCredential Received: Bachelor of Medical Labomtory Science(B.ML.Sc.)Prerequisites: Two yearscollege/university or Medical LaboratoryTechnology DiplomaFull-time/Part-time: Full-time, part-time, and DistanceEducationProgramLength: 64 weeks total full-time; 16out of 20 coursesareavailablethroughDistance Education(DE), studentsusuallytake five to seven years to completethe programthrough DEEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): MayComments: The DistanceEducation(DE) offeringbegan inSeptember 1991,and therehave been no graduates to date.Enrolmentin the DE offering is limited by resourcesat thistime to 30 students/course. The maximum part-timeenrolmentdependson the full-time enrolment.LABORATORY SERVICESPOST-BASIC Level Health Programs In British Columbiaby Program and institution1993194 1994I95 1995I96Program IIDdEducadODll1 FTI AppU. Eorolmmt (by yrar): GI'BlI- Appll- EaroImaIt (by yrar): GI'BlI- AppII- EaroImaIt{bJ~ GI'BlI-1D8tItutioD: PT cants: lit 2nd 3ni 4th aata: cants: lilt 2nd 3nl 4th aata: cants: lilt 2Dcl 3rd 4Ih aata:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FAdv. DIpIo_1n IImItb Scl_(Mediad imaging)D.C.IDstilUtc ofTccImoIogy DE Dla 923 totalcmoDed 2 DIa 732 total cmolled DIa DIa 750 totalcmolled MADaadJesla TedmologyUDiv.CoRcgcof 1hcCariboo DE Dla 3 4 -· - - · -0 1 Dla 3 3· · · ·.·1 0 DIa DIa .· -.- -MCanIo~ PcrfIulou Tech..UDiv.CoRcgcof1hc Cariboo DE Dla 2 2 -· · · ·- 2 1 Dla 2 0· · · ·-·2 0 M 2- -.- - -2CanlIoftlK2llar TedmologyD.C.Insti!uteofTcdmology I FT 4 4 S 4· - - · - -4 3 * *DE * DIa 17- 20 cmolled 0 0 M M - · - - - . MCytogmctlcs Lab. TedmologyD.C.IDstilUtc ofTcdmoiogy FT 2 S 2 S· - - · -2 S 3 4 3 4· · - · - ·3 4 7 7 -· - - - -7DiagDOldlc MedIcal SouograpbJD.C.IDstitu1l: ofTcdmoiogy FT 19 39 2 8· - · · ·. 2 8 14 36 1 10· · - ·.·1 10 15 40 10- - - - - -10EcbocardIograpbJD.C.lDstilUtcofTcdmoiogy FT 1 9 1 9· - - · - -1 9 1 7 1 7· · · · -1 7 DIa 6- - - -.-6HealthSdaK:e • BIIllClIIaunBtc(Mediad imaging)OpenLcaming AgCll/;y DE Dla . .· - · ·0 2 0 0 DIa-.· - - ·0 2 0 0 DIa- - - - - -DIa 0 0... continuedPrepared by:Beallb BIIJIUlIIR_UDitThe UDinnllJ ~Britllb CollDDbiaLABORATORY SERVICESPOST-BASIC Level Health ProgralWlln Brltlsh Columbiaby Program and !mUtution1993I94 1994I9S 1995/96Program md EdualIIoual FTI Appll- EnroImaJl (by year): GnU- Appll- EmoJmeat (byyear): GnU- AppU- EDroImmt(byyear): Gnd-1DstItudoD: PT amts: lilt 2Dd 3rd 4th lIB": CBDU: l ilt 2Dd 3rd 4th uates: cauU: lilt 2Dd 3rd 4th uates:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FMecIIClI1 Lab. AMmmt UpgradeUniv, College of tile Caribooz DE D!a 2S -·.-.- 0 0 D!a SO . - . - - - 20 D!a 30 · . . . . . rJaMedical Laboratory SdcDc:e·lIecealp"radeUniv. ofBritiahColumbia J rr D!a - . .·6 11 3 16 2 14 D!a . . . . 6 13 6 11 6 11 rJa . - · - 7 12 6 13 6 13PI" oJa-.-·3 4 1 2 1 0 oJa - - . 1 4 2 4 1 4 oJa - . · - 2 3 1 4 1 2• Dla· DataDOt awilable (ocDot aupplicd). • _. Data DOt approprildcOCDot app1icable. • •• Program did Dot c:Dst, OCDO loogcr cxist&I There were 17 studcDts coroI1cd in Pall 1994. and tlley cxpc:ct to have a total of 20 students c:mo1lcd in January 1995. EstimaIcsof mrolmeat or graduates for 1995196 are difficult to 1II1Ike.~ All DIDDbc:ra are cslimaIcs.as it is difficult to pRdict enrolment and gradDlllcs for a Distance Educationprogram.) Thisprogramis abo availablelhroughDistanceEdualtioa, with c:molmeat limitedto thirty students/coarse, and DO gradwdcsto datc.Pftpared by:HIllIIIh IIaDumR_VaitThe Uai__lJafBritllh Cclmn1liaXI. MEDICAL AND TREATMENT SERVICESBASIC LEVEL6168 COMBINED M.D. and PH.D.Workforce Category Trained; Medical Doctors with knowledge ofteaching and researchRequirement(s) for Practice: Registration and Licensure with theCollege ofPhysiclans & Surgeons of B.C. follows two additionalyearsof postgraduate training (internship'residency) - required forpractice as an M.D.Unlyerslty of British ColumbiaCredential Received: Doctor ofMedicine (M.D.) and Doctor ofPhilosophy (Ph.D.)Prerequisites: Bachelor's degree with honours or a Master'sdegree; must apply to and meet the requirements for both theM.D. program and the Ph.D. programFull-timelPart-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length : Approximately seven years totalEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): MayComments: The general flow through thisprogram is to take firstyear medicine, then a one to two year leave to work on thePh.D., then second year medicine, then maybe another yearleave, then the last two years of medicine. This is not set instone, so it is hard to say who is in which year of the program.It generally takes about seven years to finish; it depends onhow much work has been done on the Ph.D. before enteringthe program. There are six people in this program right now.One student started in the fall of 1994. The other five studentsbegan in 1993 or earlier. The last graduate finished in1992/93.MEDICINEWorkforce Category Trained: Medical DoctorsRequirement(s) for Practice: Registration andLicensure with theCollege of Physicians & Surgeons of B.C.follows two additionalyears of postgraduate training (internship'residency) - required forpractice as anM.D.Unlverslty of Brltlsb ColumbiaCredential Received: Doctor of Medicine (MD.)Prerequisites: Three years college/universityFull-timelPart-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: 153 weeks totalEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): MayComments: NoneMEDICAL AND TREATMENT SERVICESBASIC Level Health Programs in British Columbiaby Program and Institution1993f94 1994I9S 1995/96Program IIDlIEducatIoDal "I AppII- EnroImaIt (by yar): GI'IId- AppU. EnroImaIt (by yar): GI'IId- Appll- EmoImaJl (by yar): GI'IId-lDstltutIoo: PT cants: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th uata: cants: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th uata: cants: 1st 2nd 3Rt 4lh uates:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FCombined M.D. BOd Ph.D.UDiv. of Brlti.sh Columbia rr ilia 5lolal emoUed 0 0 nla 0 1 5 toIa1 emoDed 0 0 nla 6toIa1 emoDed 1 2MedicineUDiv. ofBriti.shColumbia rr 338 29S 55 66 66 55 68 54 73 39 73 39 388 30S 63 58 57 fiT 63 55 68 52 68 52 nIa 120 63 58 57 fiT 63 55 63 55" Dla" DIIla DOtavailable(ClC Dot IUppfied).PftpaJedby:HealthRomanR_UDilThe UDiftnity afBritlm ColumbiaDIIla DOtapproprillle or Dot applicable.70xm, MENTAL HEALTH SERVICESPOST-BASIC LEVEL7172 CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY· DoctorateWorkforce Category Trained: Clinical, Health, andForensicPsychologistsRequirement(s) forPractice: Registered Psychologist with the Collegeof Psychologists of B.C.- required for employmentSimon Fraser UniversityCredential Received: Doctor of Philosophy (ph .D.)Prerequisites: Master's degreeFull-time/Part-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: 52 hours lecture and 12 monthsclinical/practicumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Daters): May and NovemberCampus Centre(s) Offered At: Burnaby mountainComments: They were unable to estimate theenrolments or graduates for 1995/96.Unlyerslty ofBrWsb ColumbiaCredential Received: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)Prerequisites: Bachelor's degree or Master's degreeFull-time/Part-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: Six years total; includes 50%lecture and 50% clinical/praeticumEntry Date(s) : SeptemberGraduation Date(s): May and NovemberComments: The intake is five to six students peryear. There wer 35 students enrolled in theprogram as of November 1994.Unlyerslty of YlctorlaCredential Received: Doctor ofPhilosophy (Ph.D.)Prerequisites: Bachelor's degree or Master's degreein PsychologyFull-timeIPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgram Length: Five years total full-time includesthree years lecture and two years clinical/practicumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): MayComments: The official name of thisprogram isDoctorate in Clinical Psychology. Students canspecialise in either Neuropsychology or LifeSpan/Developmental Psychology. The separatelistings which occurred in PRODUCTION 93 forClinical (Hmnan) Neuropsychology - Doctorateand Clinical Psychology - Doctorate are nowcombined under this single listing. TheUniversity of Victoria has had an increasingnumber of applicants to the program sincetheprogram received APA-ePA accreditation twoyears ago. There are currently no part-timestudents.CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY· Master'sWorkforce Category Trained: Clinical, Health, andForensicPsychologistsRequirement(s) for Practice: NoneSimon Fraser UnIversityCredential Received: Master of Ami(M.A.)Prerequisites: Bachelor's degreeFull-timelPart-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: 16 months lecture and 4 monthsclinical/practicumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): May and NovemberCampus Centre(s) Offered At: Burnaby mountainComments: NoneCOUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY - DoctorateWorkforce Category Trained: Counselling PsychologistsRequirement(s) for Practice: Certification from the B.C. PsychologicalAssociation - not required for employmentUniversity of British ColumbiaCredential Received: Doctorof Philosophy (Ph.D.)Prerequisites: Master'sdegree; three years of counselling-relatedexperienceFull-timelPart-time:Full-timeonlyProgram Length: Approximately six years total; includesa 1600hour practicum and 210 hours of clinical supervisionEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): Mayand NovemberComments: NoneCOUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY - Master'sWorkforce Category Trained: CounsellorsRequirement(s) for Practice: Registered Counsellor with the CanadianGuidance and Counselling Association, and Qinical Counsellorwith the B.C. Association of Clinical Counsellors - neither requiredfor employment73Simon Fraser UnlyersltyCredential Received:Masterof Arts (M.A.)orMaster of Education(M.Ed.)Prerequisites:Bachelorof Arts with a Psychologymajor; volunteer experiencein the field;employment as a counsellorFull-timeJPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgram Length: 2.5 years total full-time; includes2years lecture and 2 semestersclinicallpracticum;4 years total part-timeEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): April, August, and DecemberCampus Centre(s) Offered At: Burnaby mountainComments: The maximumintake into thisprogramis 12 students/year.Unlyerslty of British ColumbiaCredentialReceived:Masterof Arts(M.A.)orMasterof Education (M.Ed.)Prerequisites: Bachelor'sdegree includingPsychology courses,CNPS 362,CNPS365,andStatistics; work experience. (The prerequisitesdiffer for the M.A. and M.Ed. degrees.)Full-timeJPart-time: Both full-timeand part-timeProgramLength: M.A.:45 credits total, includes507hours lecture and 76 days clinicallpracticum;M.Ed.:42 credits total, including468 hourslecture and 39 hours clinicallpracticumEntry Date(s): July and SeptemberGraduation Date(s):May and NovemberComments: None... continued74COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY· Master's (continued)Unlyerslty or VldorlaCredentialReceived: Master of Arts (M.A.) or Master ofEducation (M.Ed.)Prerequisites: Bachelor'sdegreeincluding Psychology/EducationalPsychology courses,and Individual and GroupCounsellingcourses;two yearsminimumfieldexperienceFull-timelPart-time: Full-time, part-time,and DistanceEducationProgramLength:Varies. approximately 39 weeks total full-time(M.A. studentsmust also complete a thesis); 11 out of 11courses areavailable throughDistance Education(DE);studentsusuallytake two to three yearsto completetheprogram throughDEEntry Date(s): July and SeptemberGraduationDate(s): May and NovemberComments: The DistanceEducation(DE)studentsusuallybeginin July and move throughthe programasa group,althoughthe length of the program variesfrom two to three yearsdepending on configurationof the program. Therearecurrently two DE programsrunning,from which they expectall students to graduate in August1995. There are no plansfor a DE intake in 1995/96. The Department of PsychologicalFoundationsalso offers a Ph.D. programin EducationalPsychology in which 10 students enrolledin 1993/94. Theyexpect another intake of doctoralstudentsin 1995/96.HUMAN NEUROPSYCHOLOGY· DoctorateWorkforce Category Trained: Clinical Neuropsychologists andClinicalPsychologistsRequirement(s) for Practice: See listing for Qinica1 Psychology ­Doctorate above.Unlyerslty of YlctorlaCredential Received: Doctorof Philosophy (Ph.D.)Comments: This program is nowlisted aspart of the ClinicalPsychology - Doctorateprogram(see listingabove).MENTAL HEALTH SERVICESPOST-BASIC Level Health Programs In Brltlsh Columbiaby Program and ImtltutloD1993194 1994/95 1995J96Program JUJd EducatloDB1 FTI Appll- EnroImmt(by year): GrwI- Appll- EoraImeDt (by year): GrwI- AppII- EDroImaIt(bJ year): GrwI-lDslftutIou: PT amw 1st 2Dd 3rd 4th 5th uates: amts: 1st 2Dd 3rd 4th 5th uaCcs: CIIDtr. 1st 2Dd 3nl 4th 5th Dates:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FObdc:all'Bycboiogy • DoctorateSimca FrMerUniv. rr 7 15 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 1 13 18 0 1 7 16 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 1 13 18 1 1 DIa DIa ilia ilia ilia ilia DIaUniv. ofBrltish Columbia1 rr 60 70 Dla 2 3 80 100 351Dtal enroUed 1 8 80 100 ilia DIaUniv. of VICtOria B 4S 5S 1 6 0 8 1 7 1 8 0 8 0 4 S3 68 0 5 1 6 0 8 1 7 1 8 0 S 86 IS 4 4 1 S 1 6 0 8 1 7 1 6CIDIcaI P!IycboIogy.Master'sSimca FrMerUniv. rr 46 70 2 6 0 7 1 3 2 5- -2 6 64 9S 1 3 2 6 0 7 1 3 - . 0 1 DIa 3 3 1 3 2 6 0 7 - - 2 SColllllld1lDgPsycbolOlJ• DoctorateUniv. ofBrltishColumbia rr 13 13 4 4 3 5 4 6 1 2 2 4 2 0 14 19 3 3 4 4 3 S 4 6 1 2 1 1 16 21 3 4 3 3 4 4 3 5 4 6 3 2CollllSelllDg PsycbolOlJ • Master'sSimca FrMerUniv. B 30 68 2 7 1 7 1 5 1 4 4 4 0 2 9S 2 8 2 7 ilia Dla Dla 2 4 100 2 10 2 8 ilia DIa ilia 2 4Univ. ofBrltish Columbia rr 61 179 20 S7 10 46 12 S2 10 40 7 30 16 39 S2 194 13 37 12 39 9 54 8 43 9 28 8 4S SO 190 22 67 14 SO 16 60 11 4S 9 36 5 46PT 12 58 12 S6 0 10 1 10 1 17 1 27 10 20 9 48 5 21 6 19 0 10 3 16 2 24 4 26 SO 186 3 2S 7 20 2 11 4 18 4 28 5 30Univ. ofVK:tDria 2 B 90 6 16 3SlolA! CD1'OUed 28 80 2 14 30totalenroUed 12 100 6 10 32 IDta1 emoUcd 2SDE 0 0 2 iea .t 21femaleaI eDI'O,ed 2 21 64 12r".ti femaleal1Dtal eDI'O,Ued 12 4S 0 0 Ollllll1eD1'OUed 0 0I I I I• Dla" Datanot avai1sblc (or not suwlicd). • • • Data not appropriate or not applicable.1 The intake is 5 to 6 students per year, but the Clt8Ctnumber C11XOUcd in each year is UDknown.2 ThCll: arc no plana for a DistaDcc Educatioo intake in 1995196.P:qlared by:BaldiB_R_UuitThe UuiftnllJ alBritiah CoImnbla76XIV. NURSING SERVICESBASIC LEVEL7778 NURSING· BaccalaureateWorkforce Category Trained: Baccalaureate NursesRequJrement(s) for Practice: Registered Nurse (R.N.) with theRegistered Nurses Association of B.C. - required for employmentTrinity Western UnlyersltyCredential Received: Bachelor of Science in Nursing(B.S.N.)Prerequisites: Grade Twelve with Chemistry 12,Biology 12, Math 12, and English 12Full-time/Part-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: Four years totalEntry Date(s): AugustGraduation Date(s): AprilComments: This program began in August 1993, sothe first graduates are expected in Apri11997.Unlyerslty of BriUsb ColumbiaCredentialReceived: Bachelor of Science in Nursing(B.S.N.)Prerequisites:Grade Twelve with Math II,Chemistry 12, Biology 12, and English 12;CPRnot requiredfor admission, but must bemaintained during programFull-timeIPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgramLength: Four academic years full-timeorsix academic years part-time, includes integratedlecture and clinical/praeticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduationDate(s): May and NovemberComments:NoneNURSING- Combined RNlBSNWorkforce Category Trained: Diploma or Baccalaureate NursesRequirement(s) for Practice: Registered Nurse (R.N.) with theRegistered Nurses Association of B.C.- required foremploymentCamosun ColI=eCredential Received: Diploma in NursingPrerequisites:Grade Twelve with Chemistry II,Math 11. Biology 12, English 12, and one Grade12 science ifno Biology 12Full-timelPart-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: Three academic years (Diploma)Entry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): AprilCampus Centre(s) Offered At LansdownecampuslUniversity of VictoriaComments:Camosun offers only the Diplomaportion of the Combined Nursing program.Students have the option of exiting with aDiploma from Camosun, or continuing on to theB.S.N. program at the University of VictoriaStudents wishing to obtain their B.S.N. wouldspend two years and four months at Camosunfollowedby two yearsat the UniversityofVictoria The graduate numbers listed are thoseexiting with a diploma from the new Combinedprogram; the remainder are expected to continueon to the Universityof VictoriaCredentialReceived: Diploma in NursingPrerequisites: Grade Twelve with Chemistry II,Biology II, Math II, English 12,and one Grade12 science (prefer Biology); CPRlfirstaidtraining;Language Proficiency IndexLevel IVFuIl-time/Part-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: 32 months total; includes 742hours lecture and 1754 hours clinical/practicum(Diploma)Entry Date(s): January and SeptemberGraduation Dilte(s): April and AugustComments:Langara currently offers only theDiplomaportion of the Combined Nursingprogram. Students have the option of exitingwith a Diploma.from Langara or continuing onto a Baccalaureate program. The ftrst graduatesfrom this program are expected to leave with aDiploma in April 1996. Langara usually accepts64 students into the September intake and 56students into the January intake for a total of 120new students/year.... continuedMalaspina Unlyerslty CollepNURSING· Combined RNlBSN (continued)Okapapn Unlyerslty Collep79CredentialReceived: Diploma in Nursing orBachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.)Prerequisites:Grade Twelve with Chemistry 11,Biology 11, Math 11, English 12, and one Grade12 science: CPR/first aid trainingFUll-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-time"ProgramLength: 27 months total full-time(Diploma);40months total full-time (B.S.N.)Entry Date(s):SeptemberGraduationDate(s): April (Diploma); December(B.S.N.)Campus Centre(s) Offered At: NanaimoComments:Malaspina offers both the Diplomaandthe Baccalaureateportion of this program. Thisprogram is availableon a full-time only basis tothe Diploma level, and then is available on both apart-time and full-time basis for the B.S.N.portion. The first Diploma graduates from thisprogram will be in April 1995. The first B.S.N.graduates will not occur until December 1996.This program also has a Post-RNB.S.N. accessoption (please see the separate listing in the Post­basic Nursing Services section).North Island Coil.CredentialReceived: Diploma in NursingPrerequisites: Grade Twelve with Chemistry 11,Math 11, Biology 12, English 12 or an EnglishPlacement test; CPR/first aid trainingFull-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgramLength: 27 months total full-time includes14 months lecture and 13 monthsclinicaVpracticum (Diploma)Entry Date(s):SeptemberGraduation Date(s): AprilCampus Centre(s)OfferedAt: Comox ValleyComments:North Island offers only the Diplomaportion of the CombinedNursingprogram.Studentshave the option of exiting with aDiploma after three years at North Island, orcontinuingon for two more years at theUniversityofVietoria for their B.S.N. The firstDiploma graduates from this program areexpectedin April 1996. Seats will notnecessarilybe availableat the UniversityofVictoria for all studentswho may wish tocomplete their B.S.N. Part-time is used in thecontext of encouragingstudentsto take first yearnon-nursingcourses prior to entry into theprogram.CredentialReceived: Diploma in Nursing orBachelorof Sciencein Nursing (B.S.N.)Prerequisites: Grade Twelvewith Chemistry 11,Biology 11,Math 11, English 12, and one Grade12 science; CPR/fIrstaid trainingFull-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgramLength: 26.5 months total full-timeincludes 24 months lecture and 2.5 monthsclinicaVpracticum (Diploma); 38 months totalfull-time includes32 months lecture and 6months clinicallpracticum(B.S.N.)Entry Date(s): SeptemberGraduationDate(s): April (Diploma); June (B.S.N.)CampusCentre(s) OfferedAt: K.L.O. campus,NorthKelownacampusComments: Okanaganoffers both the Diplomaportion and the Baccalaureateportion of thisprogram. This program is available on a full­time only basis to the Diploma level, and then isavailableon both a part-time and full-timebasisfor the B.S.N. portion. The second year "enrolment includesstudents entering from theLPN Access program. The first Diplomagraduates from thisprogram will be in April1995,and the first B.S.N. graduates areexpectedin June 1996.Selklrk Collm:eCredentialReceived: Diploma in NursingPrerequisites: Grade Twelve with Chemistry 11,Biology 11,Math 11,English 12, and one Grade12 science; CPR/f1l'St aid trainingFull-timelPart-time: Full-time only "ProgramLength: 105 weeks total; includes 83 weekslecture and 22 weeksclinicaVpracticum(Diploma)Entry Date(s): SeptemberGraduationDate(s): December(old diplomaprogram);April (new combined program)CampusCentre(s) OfferedAt: CastlegarComments: Selkirk offers only the Diplomaportionof the CombinedNursingprogram, which theybegan phasing in this year, with the first classentering in September 1994. Smdents have thechoice of exiting after three academic years atSelkirk with a Diplomaor continuing on to theUniversityof Victoria to complete theirBaccalaureate. The last class from the oldDiplomaprogram will graduate in December1995..., continued80 NURSING· Combined RNlBSN (continued)Unlyerslty CoUege or the CarlbooCredentialReceived: Diplomain Nursing or Bachelorof Sciencein Nursing(B.S.N.)Prerequisites: GradeTwelvewith Chemistty 11. Biology 11. Math11. English 12, and one Grade 12 scienceFull-time/Part-time: Full-timeonlyProgramLength:87 weekstotal; includes47.2 weekslectureand39.8 weeksclinicaVpmeticum (Diploma); 128 weekstotal;includes65 weeks lectureand 63 weeksclinicaVpmcticum(B.S.N.)Entty Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): April (Diploma); December(B.S.N.); August(Post-RN B.S.N.)CampusCentre(s)OfferedAt: Kamloops and Williams LakeComments: Cariboooffersboth the Diplomaportionand theB.S.N.portion of this program. The intake in Kamloops is 64students/year. and in WilliamsLake is 16 students/year. The1994/95 projectedgraduates are the first Diplomaexits fromthisprogram; the remainderwill continueon to their BSN andare expected to graduate in December1996. This programalsohas a Post-RNB.S.N.accessoption (pleasesee theseparatelisting in the Post-basic NursingServicessection).. NURSING· DiplomaWorkforceCategory Trained: Diploma NursesRequirement(s) for Practice: RegisteredNurse (R.N.) with theRegisteredNurses Associationof B.C. - required for employmentBritish Columbia Institute of TechnologyCredential Received: DiplomaPrerequisites: GradeTwelve(or GEDor BTSD) withChemistty 11. Math 11. English 12, and eitherChemistry 12 or Biology 12; volunteerexperience in the fieldFull-time/Part-time: Full-timeonlyProgram Length:Five semesters totalEntry Date(s): Januaryand AugustGraduation Date(s): Januaryand JuneCampusCentre(s) OfferedAt: BurnabycampusComments: The intake into this programdecreasedfrom56 studentslintake to 48 studentsfmtake inJanuary1995. The secondyear enrolmentsinclude an additional numberof students whohave transferred into the programaftercompleting the first year at an affiliatedcollege.Somestudentsmay takebasichealth sciencecoursesvia DistanceEducation during thesummerto lighten their load during the academicyear.Collegeof New CaledoniaCredential Received: DiplomaPrerequisites: Grade TwelvewithChemistty 12,Biology 12. and English 12; EMATalso requiredFull-timelPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgramLength: 86 weeks totalEntty Date(s): September(PrinceGeorge);December (Quesnel)Graduation Date(s): December(PrinceGeorge); May(Quesnel)CampusCentre(s) OfferedAt Prince George,QuesnelComments: Studentsalso transfer into this programafter one year at NorthernLights College.... continuedNURSING· Diploma (continued) 81Credential Received: DiplomaPrerequisites: Grade Twelve with Math II, English. 12, and Biology 11 or 12, or a mature studentwith English 12 or equivalent; CPR/first aidtraining .Full-timeIPart-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: 28 months total; includes 20-30hours/week lecture and 1533 hoursclinicaIlpraeticumEntry Date(s): March and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): January and JuneCampus Centre(s) Offered At: New WestminsterComments: NoneEast Kootenay Community CoD~eCredential Received: Transfer to B.C.lT. tocomplete DiplomaPrerequisites: Grade Twelve with Chemistry II,Math II, Biology 12, English 12; volunteerexperience in the field for very young applicantsFull-timelPart-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: 38 weeks total; includes 19 weekslecture and 19 weeks clinicaIlpracticumEntry Date(s): JanuaryGraduation Date(s): December (exit from E.K.C.C.)Campus Centre(s) Offered At: CranbrookComments: Students complete one year only at EastKootenay and then transfer to B.C.I.T. tocomplete the program, so no graduate numbersare given.Kwantlen CollegeCredential Received: DiplomaPrerequisites: Grade Twelve or 19 years old; twoGrade 11 sciences or one Grade 12 science or onecollege! university science; CAT test (Level 19);CPRlftrSt aid trainingFuD-timeIPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgram Length: 26 months total full-time; 4academic years total part-timeEntry Date(s): AugustGraduation Date(s): June and DecemberCampus Centre(s) Offered At: SurreyComments: Applicants who meet the prerequisitesare offered seats based on date of application, i.e.on a first-come-first-served basis. The full-timestudents graduate in December, while the part­time students graduate in June. Part-timeapplicants usually apply first and then completetheir prerequisites.Northern Llpts Coli.Credential Received: Transfer to the College of NewCaledonia to complete DiplomaPrerequisites: Grade Twelve with Math II,Chemistry 12, Biology 12, English 12; CPRIfirst. aid training; volunteer experience recommendedFull-timeIPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgram Length: One academic year total full-timeEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): N/ACampus Centre(s) Offered At: Dawson CreekComments: Students complete their first year of thisprogram at Northern Lights College and thentransfer to the College of New Caledonia tocomplete their Diploma Students can take theprogram on a part-time basis if there is spaceavailable in the class .Northwest Community CoDegeCredential Received: DiplomaPrerequisites: Grade Twelve with Chemistry 12,Biology 12, and English 12Full-timeIPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgram Length: 22.5 months total full-timeEntry Date(s): DecemberGraduation Date(s): AprilCampus Centre(s) Offered At: TerraceComments: All students begin thisprogram on afull-time basis, but are allowed to drop to part­time status later. Intake into the existingprogram was discontinued as of December 1994.Selkirk CollegeCredential Received: DiplomaComments: Selkirlc College began offering the flrstyear of the new Combined RNIBSN program inSeptember 1994. Please see the listing forNursing - Combined RNIBSN above.Unlyerslty College or the Fraser YaDe,)'Credential Received: DiplomaPrerequisites: Grade Twelve with Chemistry II,Math II, Biology 12, and English 12; CPR/firstaid training; volunteer experience in the fieldFull-timelPart-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: 2.5 years total; includes 587 hourslecture and 1528 hours clinicaIlpraeticumEntry Date(s) : January and AugustGraduation Date(s): May and DecemberCampus Centre(s) Offered At: ChilliwackComments: None82 NURSING ACCESS· LPNIRNWorkforce Category Trained: Diploma NursesRequirement(s) for Practice: Registered Nurse (R.N.) with theRegistered Nurses Association of B.C.- required for employmentDouglas CoUQle Okanagan Uplyerslty CollegeCredentialReceived: Diploma .Prerequisites: Completion of a PracticalorPsychiatricNursingprogram;currentLicenseasan LPN or Registration as an RPN; eightmonthswork experiencein the field; CPR/firstaidtrainingFull-timelPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgramLength: 56 weekstotal; includes569 hourslecture and 1169hours clinicallpraeticumEntry Date(s): Januaryand MayGraduationDate(s): Juneand DecemberCampusCentre(s)OfferedAt NewWestminsterComments: The studentsin this programenter intoSemestermof the GenericNursingDiplomaprogram. The formerAccessI and Accessmprogramsare now combinedas thisone accessprogram.Langan CoJIeuCredentialReceived: DiplomaFull-timelPart-time: Both full-timeand part-timeComments: This programhas not run since January1993.Credential Received: Diplomain NursingorBachelorof Sciencein Nursing(B.S.N.)Prerequisites: Completionof PracticalNursingprogram; current licensure as an LPN; sixmonthsfull-time employmentas LPN; CPRIfirstaid training; Math competencytest; college!university English 1111121 or 110/141, Biology113/123, and two other coursesFull-timelPart-time: Both full-timeand part-timeProgramLength: 19 months total full-time(Diploma); 30 months total full-time (B.S.N.)Entry Date(s): MayGraduation Date(s):April and JuneCampusCentre(s) OfferedAt K.L.O. campusComments: Studentsspend May-Juneand a Fallsemesterin a bridge-in and thenjoin the regularCombined RNIBSNprogramin the fourthsemester. This program is availableon a full­timeonlybasis to the Diplomalevel,and then isavailableon both a part-timeand full-time basisfor the B.S.N. portion.Unlyerslty CoUQleor the CarlbooCredential Received: DiplomaComments: This programis no longeroffered. Thelast classgraduatedin April of 1994. LPNsarenow assessedon an individualbasis for advancedplacement in the CombinedRNIBSN program.NURSING ACCESS· RPNIRNWorkforce Category Trained: Diploma NursesRequirement(s) forPractice: Registered Nurse (R.N.)with theRegistered Nurses Association of B.C.- required for employmentUnIversity CoUeu or the CarlbooCredential Received: DiplomaComments: This programis no longer offered. The last classgraduatedin April 1994. RPNs are now assessed on anindividualbasis for advancedplacementin theCombinedRNIBSN program.PRACTICAL NURSINGWorkforce CategoryTrained: Practical NursesRequirement(s) for Practice: Licensed PracticalNurse(L.P.N.) withthe B.C.Councllof licensed Practical Nurses- required foremployment83East Kootenay Community COU-=Credential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Twelve with Biology 11(recommend Biology 12).and English 12;CPRIf"lI'St aid training; typing; volunteerexperience in the fieldFull-timeIPart-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: 51 weeks total; includes 36 weekslecture and 15 weeks clinicaVpracticumEntry Date(s):FebruaryGraduation Date(s): FebruaryCampus Centre(s) Offered At CranbrookComments: In 1992/93. this program was offeredfrom September 1992 to August 1993. Thecurriculum was then cbanged and the programwas not offered again until February 1994. InFebruary 1994 they had a special intake of 22rather than 16 studentsbecause they picked upsome students from SelkirkCollege when thePractical Nursing program at Selkirk wascancelled.Malaspina Unlyerslty COlieuCredentialReceived:CertificatePrerequisites: Math 10. and English 11; CPR/fll'Staid trainingFull-timelPart-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: 12 months total; includes 29 weekslecture and 20 weeks clinicaVpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): AugustCampus Centre(s) OfferedAt Nanaimo; PowellRiver (January 1995)Comments: This program increased from 10 monthsto 12 months in length in September 1994.There will be a special EIC-fundedprogram runfor 10 students in PowellRiver from January1995 to December 1995. The number of seats inthe regular program offering in Nanaimo willincrease from the current 30 to 36 in September1995.Okanagan Unlyerslty CollegeCredentialReceived:CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Twelve with Biology 12;CPR/first aid trainingFull-timeIPart-time: Full-time onlyProgramLength: 41 weeks total; includes 20 weekslecture and 21 weeks clinicaVpracticumEntry Date(s): AugustGraduationDate(s): JuneCampusCentre(s)Offered At KLO - KelownaComments: EIC funds approximatelyfiveseatsrmtake. As of September 1995 therewill bea new curriculum for thisprogram. The programwill increase to 12 months in length, and willcommence in September and finish at the end ofAugustof the following year. The first fourmonths of the new curriculum will be a multi­disciplinary core program with other health carestudents. Self-directed learning will be the focus.Vancouver Community Coll-=CredentialReceived: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Twelve or GED. with Biology11;English test; CPR/fll'St aid trainingFull-timeIPart-time: Full-time onlyProgramLength: 48 weeks total; includes 16.5weeks lecture and 31.5 weeks clinicaVpracticumEntry Datefs): January and SeptemberGraduationDate(s): January and AugustCampusCentre(s) Offered At City CentreComments: mc funds approximately'one to tenseatsrmtake. V.C.C. accepts studentson a first­come.first-servedbasis when the pre-requisitesare completed. In January 1993. the programcbanged from 10 months to 12 months in lengthand intake cbanged from 30 students/intake to 40studentsfmtake.84 PSYCIllATRIC NURSINGWorkforce CategoryTrained: Psychiatric NursesRequirement(s) for Practice: Registered Psychiatric Nurse (R.P.N.)with the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of B.C. ­required for employmentDoualas CoUegeCredentialReceived: DiplomaPrerequisites: Grade Twelve or GED, with Biology 11or 12,andone other Grade 11 or 12 science;CPRIfirstaid training;volunteerexperiencein the fieldFull-timeIPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgramLength: 89 weeks total; includes 1332hours lectureand1404hours clinica1lpracticumEntry Date(s): January and SeptemberGraduationDate(s): April and DecemberCampusCentre(s)OfferedAt: New WesbninsterComments: NonePSYCIllATRIC NURSING ACCESSWorkforce CategoryTrained: Psychiatric NursesRequirement(s) for Practice: Registered Psychiatric Nurse (R.P.N.)with the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of B.C. ­required for employmentCredentialReceived: DiplomaFull-timeIPart-time: Full-timeonlyComments: ThisAccessprogramwas for students withone yearof generalnursing who wished to study Psyclliatric Nursing.As of the Fall of 1994,this programis no longeroffered.Interestedstudentsmust start the regular Psychiatric Nursingprogram(see above)at the beginning. Therewere no accessstudentsbeginning the PsychiatricNursingprogramin eitherthe September1994or January 1995intakes.NURSING SERVICESBASIC Level Health Programs In British Columbiaby Program and Institutionm3f94 1994195 1995/96ProgramBDdEduadIcmaI FTI Appll- EnroImmt (by JIllI'): GJWI. AppU- EuraImmt (by JIllI'): GJWI. AppII- EmoImaIt (by JIllI'): GJWI.ImtItutIOD: PT amtB: lilt 2nd 3n1 4th uata: CIIIItII: lilt 2nd 3nI 4th uata: ClIIItr. lilt 2nd 3nI 4th ...M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FNlII'IIIDg " Baa:aIaureateTrinity Wc:stcmUniversity I Ff nIa 0 34 . . - - - · - - nIa 2 33 2 33 - . - - . - Dla 2 33 2 33 2 33 · - - -Univ. of British Columbia Ff nIa 9 194 13 100 4 98 0 66 0 66 Dla 11 99 6 102 6 68 6 19 6 19 Dla nIa 8 97 6 102 6 68 6 68Pi" nIa nIa Dla Dla 41 21 34 75 75 nIa nIa 41 21 34 34NunlDg" CombInedRNIBSNCamOS1lD College 2 rr 17 145 12 116 6 58 - . - · · . 18 lOS 9 73 9 106 5 SO · · 18 - . 96 9 11 9 106 · · alaLangara CollegeCanbiDcd RNlBSNprogram, Ff nIa 114- - - - - · · -nIa 120 114 . -· - - -nIa 120 120 67- -2SOld Diplomaprogram rr 0 0 0 0 nIa Dla-·8 87 0 0 0 0 0 0 Dla - · 5 42*MalaspinaUniversity College 2;l B nIa 4 32 1 35- - · · - -nIa 3 29 4 28 0 24- -0 3 Dla 4 32 3 29 4 28 0 36 nIaNmh IaJaud College B 5 15 3 13 . . .- - · · -0 20 0 20 2 12- - · ·-. nIa nIa 0 20 2 12· ·nIaOkaDagau UniversityCoIJcgeCanbiDcdRNlBSNprogram2,S B 399 4 59 6 56- - · ·-. 299 4 58 6 54 7 49· -28 nIa 56 56 59 2S 55Old Dipkma program rr 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 57- ·9 56* *ScJkidl: CollegeCanbiucdRNlBSNprogram Ff*97 5 2S .- - - - -. . Dla 5 2S 5 22-.· ·. .Old Dipkma progr8ID Ff 108 nIa nIa 4 24- ·4 24 0 0 0 0 5 26 5 22· ·5 22 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 26· ·5 26Univ. College ofthc CaribooCanbiDcd RNlBSNprogram:L3 Ff 9 100 5 55 8 66-.-· -- 14 103 9 59 3 39 8 62· ·3 22 10 120 10 54 10 60 3 41 4 42 15Old Dipkmaprogr8ID rr 0 0 0 0 0 0 Dla· ·4 66* *NunlDg- DiplomaB. C. Insti1utl: ofTcdmology I rr nIa 112 120 106- - 100 527 104 112 lOS -·102 Dla 96 112 112· ·112College ofNew Caledonia Ff 3 61 3 64 5 41 2 39· ·2 38 3 68 3 52 3 68 5 38 - · 5 36 3 69 3 6S 3 68 3 40 - · 3 40... continuedPrepared by:Heallb IIammR_UnItThe UDiwnlty alBrfIW: ColumbiaNURSING SERVICESBASIC Level Health Programs In British Columbiaby Program and institution00011993/94 1994/95 1995/96Program BDd Educ:atIoDBI FYI Appli- EnroImaIt (bJ year): G-t- Appli- EDroImaJt (bJ JaU'): G-t- AppII- EnruImaIt (bJ yar): GnU-1Dsdtudcm: PT CBDtsl 1st 2IId 3nl 4th uata: C8DtII: lilt 2ad 3rd 4th uata: amtr. lilt 2ad 3nl 4th uata:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FNursing - DIploma (ClOII1lnuaf)Douglas CoIIcgc Fr 132 10 86 10 81- - - ·82 124 10 86 9 8S- - - -116 Dla 96 10 86 - - . - 120B.KooteIIay Cclmm. College, rr uIa 5 11- - - · · · - -6 19 1 13 .· ·.- - - -uIa 14- - - - - -.-Kw8DtleD College I Fr 37 390 1 29 2 27 2 24- -2 24 13 210 5 31 1 28 1 24 - - 1 24 12 214 4 28 5 Z1 0 28 - - 0 28Pr 17 278 2 2S 1 18 0 21 0 21 0 18 3 64 1 30 1 22 1 18 0 22 0 22 4 77 1 31 1 22 1 20 1 IS 1 ISNorthernLights College1 B 5 2S 0 16·-.- · - -. 2 20 1 12- - · --· - -1 20 1 15- - · - - -.-NOt1hwcst Cclmm. Collcge• Fr 1 23 1 23 2 9 1 13 - - 0 13 0 24 0 0 2 13 3 9 - - 3 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 13 - - 2 13Pr 0 0 1 2 1 2 0 0- - ala 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 - - uIa 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 - - 0 0UDiv. CoLor theFraserValley1 Fr 2 62 3 45 4 36 2 2S· -2 2S ala 3 28 3 44 1 24 - - 1 23 6 89 32 2 29 2 27- -2 Z1NIIl'IIiDgACCIelIIJ - LPNIRNDouglas CoIIcgc rr DI. 1 14 uIa- - · -13 uIa Dla uIa- - - ·14 Dla uIa Dla- - - -uIaOkanaganUDiv=sityCollege9 B 12 8 -· - · - · -. 14 1 7- - · - - ·- -uIa 9 - -· - -.- -UDiv. Collegeof theCariboo Fr uIa ala· - - - - -0 8* *Nursing AccelII- RPNIRN I I I I I IUDiv. Collegeoftbc Cariboo rr DI. ala· · - · - ·2 7* *Pnu:dcal NunIugB.KooteIIay Cclmm. College10 rr Dla 2 20· - - - - ·0 0 uIa 1 15- - ·.-·0 17 ala 1 15- · - - -1 13MaIaspiDa UDivClllity CollegeII Fr Dla 3 Z1 -· - - - -2 19 87 40 -· ·- - -2S Dla 36- - · - -. DlaOkanaganUDiv=sityCollege 1 Fr ala 4 22- - - - - -4 16 ala 4 22 -· · -.·4 18 Dla 5 21- - - - - -4 18VIIDCOUYCr Cclmm. College Fr Dla 13 67- - - - · -9 50 uIa 20 60- · - -- 60 ala 12 68 - - · . . - 60... cont inuedPreparedby:Health Hmnm R_lhdtTheUDiYCl'llity ~Brilillt ColumbiaNURSING SERVICESBASIC Level Health Programs In British Columbiaby Program and Imtltutlon1993194 1994I9S 1995J96Progrum aDdEd"...dnrwJ FTI Appll- EnroImaJt (by ,mr): GnKI- Appll- EoroImaIt (by year): GnKI- Appll- EDroImmt(by,mr): GnKI-lDstItudon: PT canw III 2Dd 3rd 4th uatal: cants: lit 2Dd 3rd 4th IIIItaI: cants: III 2Dd 3rd 4th IIIItaI:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FPsyddatrlc NursingDooglasCollege Fr DIa 13 68 12 S7- - - -14 54 DIa 8 54 10 59 . . . . 12 60 DIa 12 48 8 53 . . . - 11 56• oIa· Datanot available(or Dot supplied). • •• Datanot approprilIte or Dot applicable. • •• Program did Dot exist,or DO10I18a:emu.1 The August artrmta for 1hia program are included &1 though they CIItcrc:d in Sc:ptanbc:r. Le, the August 1993 entrants are listedunder 1993194.2 The estimated 199419S graduates will be Diploma graduates.) The estimated 1995196 graduates will be Diploma graduates.• The cstimatc:d 1995196 cmoImClltshownis the maximmnnumber of BSNstudcnta, includingboth l:GIItinuing Sid Post-RN 1ludcDU. They wereunable to emmatcthe number of Diplomagradualescxpcctc:d in 1995196.5 Access IludeDta are included in the data for this programafta theyC<lIDplctc their bridge-in. The estimated 1995/96graduates include30 exiting withDiplomas and 2S exiting with B.soN.a.StudCllta trllll8fa: to BClT to completeDiplcma, thereforeDOgradualcnumbers are given.StudCllta trlIDIfc:r to CNC to C<lIDplete Diploma, thereforeDOgraduate numbersarc given.• Intake into the elristing progrlm wascWcontinuecl as ofDllCCII1ber 1994.9 AccessIludeDts arc included in the data for the CombinedRNIBSNprogramafta they C<lIDplctc their bridgo-in.10 This program was offeml in September 1993and thennot again until Fcbr:uary 1994 (sec text), so there wereDOgradoldes in 1993194.II The 1994195 cmolmCllt includes lID additillllal EIC spon.soRd claal of 10students in Powell River (Janll&rY 1995 to December 1995).Prcpamlby:Haith BamanR_UDitThe UniftnllJ otBritUh Colombia88xv. NURSING SERVICESPOST-BASIC LEVEL8990 ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN HEALTII SCIENCES (Nursing)Workforce Category Trained: Specialised training in different areasof nursingRequirement(s) forPractice: Nonespecific to theAdvanced Diplomain Nursing. Registration as a Registered Nurse (RN) with theRegistered Nurses Association of B.C. - required foremploymentBritlsb Columbia bUrnte of Tecbnolom'Credential Received: AdvancedDiplomain HealthSciencesPrerequisites: NursingDiploma;current employment in the fieldFull-timelPart-time: DistanceEducationProgramLength: 45 credits required;all theorycoursesareavailable throughDistanceEducation;studentsusuallytaketwo to six years to completethe programEntry Date(s): January, April,and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): January and JuneComments: Studentsarenot admitted to the program,but registeron a courseby coursebasis, so no data on enrolmentareavailable. This programis available in variousspecialties(e.g.Emergencyor PaediatricNursing). Pleasesee theseparatelistings for the specialitieslater in this section.Us f !I i iPouela CollegeADVANCED DIPLOMA IN PSYCIllATRIC NURSINGWorkforce Category Trained: Registered Psychiatric Nurses andRegistered Nurses with specialisation in Psychiatric NursingRequirement(s) for Practice: Nonespecific to Advanced PsychiatricNursing. Registration as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse(RPN)with the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of B.C. ­required foremploymentCredential Received: Advanced DiplomaPrerequisites: Diplomain Nursingor PsychiatricNursing; currentor recentemployment; current registrationas RPN or RNFull-timeIPart-time: DistanceEducationProgramLength: Nineout of nine coursesareavailablethroughDistance Education; studentsusuallytake two to five years tocompletethe programEntry Date(s): Januaryand SeptemberGraduation Date(s): January and JuneCampusCentre(s) OfferedAt: New WestminsterComments: Eight of the nine courses needed to graduateareofferedby DouglasCollege,and theother courseis offeredbyB.Cl.T. Once studentsare acceptedinto the AdvancedDiplomaprogram, they can apply to the Open LearningAgency to articulateinto the degreecompletion component forthe Bachelorof HealthSciencein Psychiatric Nursing(seeseparatelisting in this section).NURSING - Post-RN BaccalaureateWorkforce Category Trained: Baccalaureate NursesRequ1rement(s) forPractice: None specific to a Baccalaureate inNursing. Registration as a Registered Nurse (RN) withtheRegistered Nurses Association of B.C. - required foremployment91Malaspina University Collq:eCredential Received: Bachelor of Science in Nursing(B.S.N.)Prerequisites: Nursing Diploma; practisingregistration with the RNABCFull-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgram Length: Approximately 2 yearsEntry Date(s): JanuaryGraduation Date(s): DecemberCampus Centre(s) Offered At: NanaimoComments: Students in this program enter theSpring semester of the third year of theCombined RNIBSN program (please see theseparate listing in the Basic Nursing Servicessection). The first Post-RN BSN students wereadmitted to the Combined program in January of1995. There are currently (March 1995) 19 part­time and 10 full-time Post-RN B.S.N. students.The maximum number of B.S.N. students(continuing and Post-RN) in the CombinedRNIBSN program is 36/year. The first B.S .N.graduates will be in December 1996.Okanugan Unlyerslty CollegeCredential Received: Bachelor of Science in Nursing(B.S.N.)Prerequisites: Nursing Diploma; practisingregistration with the RNABC; must meetUniversity of Victoria English requirementsFull-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgram Length: 16 months total full-timeEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): JuneCampus Centre(s) Offered At: North KelownaComments: As of 1994/95, the students complete abridge-in semester, then join the regular Nursingprogram (Combined RNIBSN) in semester VI.University CoU. of the CarlbooCredential Received: Bachelor of Science in Nursing(B.S.N.)Prerequisites: Nursing Diploma; RNABC practisingmembership; must meet University of VictoriaEnglish requirementsFull-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgram Length: 52 weeks total full-time; includes31.2 weeks lecture and 20.8 weeks c1inica1lpracticumEntry Date(s): January and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): April and AugustCampus Centre(s) Offered At: Kamloops andW1lliams LakeComments: This program is in transition becauseUCC implemented the Combined RNIBSNprogram in September 1992. (See listing forCombined RNIBSN in Basic Nursing Servicesalso.) The last intake into the old Post-RNprogram was in 1993/94. DiplomaRNs wishingto complete their BSN will now enter the .Combined RNIBSN program as access students.Part-time students may take from one to threecourses, and may take courses from differentmstitutions (UVic distance, OLA etc.).University ofBritish ColumbiaCredential Received: Bachelor of Science in Nursing(B.S.N.)Prerequisites: Grade Twelve or B.C. equivalency;Nursing Diploma; CPR/lust aid training;practising registration with the RNABCFuU-time/Part-time: Full-time, part-time, andDistance EducationProgram Length: Two academic years total full-time;includes integrated lecture and integratedclinica1lpracticum. Nine out of thirteen coursesare available through Distance EducationEntry Datefs): January, May, and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): May and NovemberComments: This program can be done in acombination of on-campus and DistanceEducation (DE). Part-time and full-time students(72 maximum) enter in September, while DEstudents begin in September, January or May.The average annual number of DE students is 17.... continued92 NURSING - Post-RN Baccalaureate (continued)UnIversity of Northern British ColumbiaCredential Received: Bachelor of Science in Nursing(B.S.N.)Prerequisites: Nursing Diploma; practisingregistration with the RNABCFull-timeIPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgram Length: Four semesters total full-time; upto five years total part-timeEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): MayComments: 1bis is a new program which began in.September 1994. The maximum class size basnot yet been established. Only some of thecourses are currently available through DistanceEducation.Uniyerslty of VictoriaCredential Received: Bachelor of Science in Nursing(B.S.N.)Prerequisites: Nursing Diploma; must meetUniversity ofVictoria admission requirementsFull-timelPart-time: Full-time, part-time, andDistance EducationProgram Length: 1209 hours total; includes 273hours lecture and 936 hours clinicallpracticumEntry Date(s): January, May, and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): May and NovemberComments: There is no limit to the enrolment in theDistance Education (DE) program, but there is alimit of 60 studentsfmtake for on-campus. Therewas no entry for on-eampus students inSeptember 1994. Students who are continuingon from colleges offering the combined RNIBSNprogram entered the University of Victoria'sportion of the combined program in January1995.• IIIHEALTH SCIENCE - Baccalaureate (Nursing)Workforce Category Trained: Nurses in various specialisationsRequirement(s) forPractice: Nonespecific to the Bachelorof HealthScience. Registration as a Registered Nurse (RN) with theRegistered Nurses Association of B.C. - required for employmentOpen Learning AgencyCredential Received: Bachelor of Health Science (B.H.Sc.) inNursingPrerequisites: Nursing Diploma; Advanced Diploma in NursingFull-timeIPart-time: Distance EducationProgram Length: Ten out of ten courses are available throughDistance EducationEntry Date(s): ContinuousGraduation Date(s): January, April, June, and SeptemberComments: NoneHEALTH SCIENCE· Baecalaureate (Psychiatric Nursing)Workforce Category Trained: Psychiatric NursesRequirement(s) for Practice: None specific to theBachelor of HealthScience. Registration as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN) withthe Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of B:C. - requiredfor employmentOpen Leamloa Apnc)'Credential Received: Bachelor of Health Science (B.H.Sc.) inPsychiatric NursingPrerequisites: Psychiatric Nursing Diploma; Advanced DiplomaFull-time/Part-time: Distance EducationProgram Length: Tenout often courses are available throughDistance EducationEntryDate(s): ContinuousGraduation Date(s): January, April, June,and SeptemberComments: None93!ll!ml!! 'Ii •••CRITICAL CARE NURSING SPECIALTYWorkforce Category Trained: Critical Care NursesRequirement(s) for Practice: None specific to Critical Care Nursing.Registration as a Registered Nurse (RN) with the RegisteredNurses Association of B.C. - required for employmentBritish Columbia Institute ofTechnolaUCredential Received: Certificate in CriticalCare NursingSpecialtyPrerequisites: Nursing DiplomaFull-timelPart-time: Distance EducationProgram Length: Fouroutof six courses are available throughDistance Education; students usually take three to six years tocomplete theprogramEntryDate(s): March, August, and DecemberGraduation Date(s): March, June,and DecemberComments: The four theory courses are completed throughDistance Education, whilethe two clinical courses arecompleted on a full-time basis. Theyallowa maximmn of 75students to begin thefirst theory courseat eachintake. Theyhavea 50 to 60 percentdrop-out rate in the first theory course.94 EMERGENCY NURSING SPECIALTYWorkforce Category Trained: Emergency NursesRequirement(s) for Practice: Nonespecific to Emergency Nursing.Registration as a Registered Nurse (RN) with the RegisteredNurses Association of B.C. - required foremploymentBritish Columbia Institute of Tecbnol=Credential Received: Certificatein Fmergency Nursing SpecialtyPrerequisites: Nursing Diploma;CPR/rust aid training; two yearsacute care nursing experienceFull-timelPart-time: Full-time, part-time, and DistanceEducationProgram Length: 536 hours total; includes 228 hours lecture and308 hours clinicaJlpracticum. Seven out of seven coursesareavailable through DistanceEducation (DE); studentsusuallytake two years to complete the program throughDEEntry Date(s): January, April, September, (and July - CfF only)Graduation Date(s): ContinuousComments: This program is available either throughDistanceEducation (DE) or througha Compressed Tune-Frame(ClF)option. The CfF option involves part-timeand full-timestudyas well as independentstudy periods. The last course in thisprogram is a preceptorshipfor which there are limited seatsand a waiting list Students can begin practice in anEmergency departmentbefore they complete theprogram(about seventy studentsper year do so).NEONATAL NURSING SPECIALTYWorkforce Category Trained: Neonatal NursesRequirement(s) for Practice: Nonespecific to Neonatal Nursing.Registration as a Registered Nurse (RN) with the RegisteredNurses Association of B.C. - required for employmentBritish Columbia Institute ofTecbnol=Credential Received: Certificatein Neonatal NursingSpecialtyPrerequisites: Nursing Diploma;CPR/first aid training;currentregistration with the R.N.A.B.C.Full-time/Part-time: DistanceEducationProgram Length: Five out of eight courses are available throughDistance Education; students usually take two to three years tocomplete the programEntry Date(s): January, April, and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): March, June, and NovemberComments: Thefive theory courses are completedthroughDistance Education, while the three clinical coursesarecompleted on a full-timebasis as close as possible to thestudent's home. Not everyone who enrols in the program will,or is expected to, finish the program.NEPHROLOGY NURSING SPECIALTYWorkforce Category Trained: Nephrology NursesRequirement(s) forPractice: Nonespecific to Nephrology Nursing.Registration as a Registered Nurse (RN) with the RegisteredNurses Association of B.C. - required for employmentBritish Columbia Institute QfTechnoJouCredentialReceived: Certificate in Nephrology Nursing SpecialtyPrerequisites: Nursing Diploma; two yearsworkexperienceFull-timelPart-time: DistanceEducationProgram Length: Six out of eight coursesare availablethroughDistanceEducation; students usually take two to six yearstocompletethe programEntry Date(s): January, April, and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): ContinuousComments:This is a newprogramwhichwas first offeredinSeptember1993. Therehave been no graduates to date. Thegraduatesfor 1995/96 are dependenton the offeringof thefinal two coursesin theprogramwhichhave not been fmalisedyetNEUROSCIENCES NURSING SPECIALTYWorkforce Category Trained: Neuroscience NursesRequirement(s) for Practice: Nonespecific to Neurosciences Nursing.Registration as a Registered Nurse (RN) with the RegisteredNurses Association of B.C. - required for employmentBritish Columbia institute ofTecbnoJouCredentialReceived: Certificate in Neurosciences NursingSpecialtyPrerequisites: Nursing Diploma; currentemployment in the fieldFull-timeIPart-time: Part-timeand DistanceEducationProgramLength: Six out of nine coursesare availablethroughDistanceEducation; studentswillprobably take two to sixyears to completethe programEntry Date(s): January,April,and SeptemberGraduationDate(s):ContinuousComments: This program is new, the first studentshavingenteredin September1994. The coursesare still underdevelopment,but theprogram willconsistof six theorycoursesand threeclinical/practical courses.9596 OBSTETRICAL NURSING SPECIALTYWorkforce Category Trained: Obstetrical NursesRequirement(s) for Practice: None specific to Obstetrical Nursing.Registration as a RegisteredNurse (RN) with the RegisteredNurses Association ofB.C. - required for employmentBritish Columbia lmUtute of TecbnoJouCredential Received: Certificate in ObstetricalNursingSpecialtyPrerequisites: Nursing Diploma; CPR/first aid training; typing;two years acute carenursing experienceFull-time/Part-time: Full-time, part-time, and DistanceEducationProgram Length: 36 weeks lecture and 13 weeksclinicaJIpracticum; three out of six courses areavailablethroughDistance Education (DE); students usually take 18 to 24months to complete the program throughDEEntry Date(s): January,February, April, and SeptemberGraduation Date(s):February, May, June, and AugustComments: The three theorycourses may be completedeitherthrough Distance Education (DE) or on a full-timebasisthrough a CompressedTlme-Frame (ClF) option. The threeclinical coursesare offered on a full-timebasis only. Studentstaking the program by DE canenter in September, January,and April, while those taking the program by CIF enter inFebruary and graduate in August only.I,.OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH NURSING SPECIALTYWorkforce Category Trained: OCcupational Health NursesRequirement(s) for Practice: Certification as a Certified OccupationalHealth Nurse (Canadian) - C.O.H.N.(C) with the Canadian NursesAssociation - not required for employment but often requestedBritish Columbia lmUtute of TecbnolouCredentialReceived: Certificate in Occupational Health NursingSpecialtyPrerequisites: Nursing DiplomaFull-timeIPart-time: DistanceEducationProgramLength: Nine out of twelvecoursesareavailablethroughDistanceEducation; studentsusually take up to three years tocomplete the programEntry Date(s): January, April, and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): ContinuousComments:There is no screeningprocess for studentsenteringtheorycourses; studentsare only screenedfor correctRNlicensure etc. when applyingfor clinical courses. The fmalcourse in this program is a preceptorshipwhich is individuallyarranged, so the date of graduationcan vary greatly.OPERATING ROOM NURSING SPECIALTYWorkforce Category Trained: Operating Room NurseRequirement(s) forPractice: None specific to Operating RoomNursing. Registration as a Registered Nurse (RN) withtheRegistered Nurses Association of B.C.- required for employment97British Columbia Institute ofTecbnol~CredentialReceived:Certificatein OperatingRoomNursingSpecialtyPrerequisites: NursingDiploma;current employmentin the fieldFull-timelPart-time: Part-timeand DistanceEducationProgramLength: 818 hours total part-time; includes182hours lecture and 636 hours clinicaVpraeticum. Four out of eight coursesareavailablethroughDistanceEducation (DE);studentsusually take four terms to completetheprogram throughDEEntry Date(s):January, April, and SeptemberGraduationDate(s): ContinuousComments: The majorityof studentsexit at Level Iof the programdirectlyto the workforce. Asmall numberof these return to completetheprogramafter one to two years.St. Paul's HospitalCredentialReceived:Diplomain OperatingRoomNursingPrerequisites: Grade Twelve;DiplomaorBaccalaureatein Nursing; CPR/first aid training;minimum two years experienceFull-timelPart-time: Full-time onlyProgramLength: 495 hours lecture and 595 hoursclinica1lpraeticumEntry Date(s): See commentsGraduationDate(s): See commentsComments: Entrance and graduationmonths varyfrom year to year depending on instructor'sschedule. Graduates from thisprogramwho donot alreadyhave their degreemay obtainuniversitycredits toward their degree. Becauseall aspects of operating room nursingare coveredduring the program, the graduatesare veryemployable in any size or complexity ofoperatingroom.PAEDIATRIC CRITICAL CARE NURSING SPECIALTYWorkforce Category Trained: Paediatric Critical Care NursesRequirement(s) for Practice: None specific to Paediatric Critical CareNursing. Registration as a Registered Nurse (RN) withtheRegistered Nurses Association of B.C. - required for employmentBritish Columbia Institute of TecbnolomrCredentialReceived: Certificatein PaediatricCriticalCareNursingSpecialtyPrerequisites: NursingDiploma;R.N.A.B.C.registrationrequiredFull-timeIPart-time: DistanceEducationProgramLength:Five out of seven coursesare availablethroughDistanceEducation; studentsusuallytake two to three yearstocompletethe programEntry Date(s):January,April,and SeptemberGraduationDate(s): March, June,and NovemberComments: The five theorycoursesare completedthroughDistanceEducation, while the two clinicalcoursesarecompletedon a full-timebasis at B.C. Children'sHospital.98 PAEDIATRIC NURSING SPECIALTYWorkforce Category Trained: Paediatric NursesRequirement(s) for Practice: None specific to Paediatric Nursing.Registration as a Registered Nurse (RN) with the RegisteredNurses Association of B.C. - required for employmentBritish Columbia Institute ofTecbnoJouCredential Received: Certificatein Paediatric Nursing SpecialtyPrerequisites: Nursing Diploma;R.N.A.B.C. registration requiredFuIl-timeIPart-time: Distance EducationProgram Length: Five out of seven courses areavailable throughDistance Education; studentsusually take two to three years tocomplete the programEntry Date(s): January, April, and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): March, June, and NovemberComments: The five theorycourses arecompleted throughDistance Education, while the two clinical courses arecompleted on a full-timebasis. The first course is closedcurrently, pending revisions.POST-ANAESTHETIC RECOVERY ROOM NURSINGWorkforce Category Trained: Post-Anaesthetic Recovery NursesRequirement(s) for Practice: None specific to Post-AnaestheticRecovery Nursing. Registration as a Registered Nurse (RN) withthe Registered Nurses Association ofB.C. - required foremploymentBritish Columbia Institute ofTecbnol~Credential Received: None, as this is not a complete SpecialtyCertificatePrerequisites: Nursing DiplomaFull-timeIPart-time: DistanceEducationProgram Length: 1bree out of eleven courses are availablethrough Dtstance Education; students usually take 18monthsto complete the programEntry Date(s): March, August, and DecemberGraduation Date(s): March, June, and DecemberComments: The theory courses in this program are completedthrough Distance Education, while the clinical courses arecompleted on a full-timebasis.NURSING REFRESHERWorkforce Category Trained: Registered NursesRequirement(s) for Practice: None99Kwantlen CoII_ Open Learning AgencyCredential Received:CitationPrerequisites: Nursing Diploma; CPR/rust aidtraining; must be eligible for registration with theRNABCFull-timeIPart-time: Distance EducationProgram Length: One out of two coursesareavailable through Distance Education; studentsusually require six to eight months to completethe programEntry Date(s): January and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): ContinuousCampus Centre(s) OfferedAt SurreyComments: This program consists of one theorycourse completed through Distance Educationfollowed by one clinical course which is onemonth in duration.Malaspina UnlYerslty CoIl_Credential Received:CertificatePrerequisites: Nursing Diploma; eligible forregistration with the RNABCFull-timeIPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgram Length: Five to eight months total full-timeEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): VariesCampus Centre(s) Offered At: NanaimoComments: This program is offered only on demand,and was not offered in 1994/95. The exit pointfor this program is very flexible; students usuallycompleteanywhere from January to April of theyes following their September entry. Malaspinadoes not know if there will be demand for thisprogram in 1995/96.CredentialReceived:Not applicablePrerequisites: Nursing Diploma;cpR/rust aidtraining;assessmentby RNABCFull-timelPart-time: DistanceEducationProgramLength: Two out of two courses areavailable through DistanceEducation; studentsusually require up to six months to complete theprogramEntry Date(s):ContinuouslyGraduationDate(s): ContinuouslyComments: Students must complete the first coursebefore enrolling in the second course. Mosteveryone who applies is acceptedinto thisprogram.100 NURSING REFRESHER · E.S.L.Workforce Category Trained: Registered NursesRequirement(s) for Practice: NoneKwantlen ColI_CredentialReceived: CertificatePrerequisites: RegisteredNursein country of origin; requireletterfrom RNABCstatingeligibilityFull-time/Part-time: Full-time onlyProgramLength: 38 weekstotal; includes26 weekslectureand 12weeksclinica1lpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduationDate(s): MayCampus Centre(s)OfferedAt: SurreyComments: The numberof seats fundedby EIC variesfrom yearto year. In 1994 theyfundedseven seats.PRACTICAL NURSING REFRESHERWorkforce Category Trained: Practical NursesRequirement(s) forPractice: NoneMalaspina Unlyerslty CollegeCredentialReceived: Recommendation for licensureby B.C.CL.P.N.Prerequisites: Practical Nursingprogram;recommendation ofB.C.C.L.P.N.Full-timelPart-time: Both full-timeand part-timeProgramLength:Two weekslectureand six weeksclinica1lpracticumEntry Date(s):VariesGraduationDate(s): VariesCampusCentre(s)OfferedAt: NanaimoComments: This programincludesboth full-timeand part-timecomponents. Prospectivestudentsplace their names on an applicantlist if they arerequired (or wish) to take a refresherprogram,and when MUCreceivesenoughapplications.they offer the program. In 1993however, theyhad 15 applicants, but only three studentsenrolled when the programbegan. ThereforeMUChas requested that theOLA look intooffering this program,as it is not feasible forMUC to run the programwith such smallenrolmentnumbers, and theycan not offer theprogramon a regularbasis.vancouver Community Colle~eCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: PracticalNursing programFull-time/Part-time: Full-time onlyProgramLength: Six weeks total; includestwoweekslectureand four weeks clinica1lpracticumEntry Date(s): VariesGraduation Date(s): VariesCampusCentre(s)OfferedAt: City CentreComments: Thisprogrammay be cancelled, as itneeds to be updatedfor currentneeds. Theyhopeto offer thisprogramthrough OLAin the future.PSYClUATRIC NURSING REFRESHERWorkforce Category Trained: Psychiatric NursesRequirement(s) forPractice: NoneCredential Received: DiplomaPrerequisites: Psychiabic Nursing DiplomaComments: This program was not offered in 1994/95. They arecurrently negotiating with the College Administration aboutthe best format in which to offer this program in the future (itwas offered through Distance Education in the past). It ishoped that it will be offered again in 1995/96.101NURSING SERVICESPOST·BASIC Level Health Programs In British Columbiaby Program and Institution....181993194 1994/95 1.99519CiProgram IUId Educ:aUoaal FTI Appll- EmuImaJt(by JCIII'): Gnd- Appll- EuroImaJt (by JCIII'): Gnd- AppII- F..nroImeDl (by year): Gnd-IustItu1Icm: PT ClIDIa: 1st 2Dcl 3rd 4th uatar. ClIDIa: 1st 2Dd 3rd 4th uata: ClIDta: lit 2Dd 3rd 4th uata:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FAdYIIIJadDIplomaIn HaIthSd_(NunbJg)B.C. Instituteof Tcc::hnology I DE Dla DIa 2 28 DIa DIa 0 30 Dla Dla 5 45AdYIIIJced DIploma In I I I I I I I I IPlJch1atric NunlugDouglas CollegeZ DE u/a u/a 5 u/a 245c:oursc regislrations 15 Dla 375c:oursc rcgistratioDS 20Nunlng. Pod-R.N•• Baa:alaurateOlamaganUniversityCollege3 FI' (f) A· · ·31 15 52· · ·- 17 1527 43 ala·-· ·30 30 30 30 alaPf 82 -· · ·48 18 55 -·- ·30 41Univ, College of the Cariboo 4 FI' DIa- ·-·0 20 2 13 2 13 ala· · · ·0 20 0 20 0 20 ilia A· · -0 30 0 30 0 20Pf DIa -·-·0 2S 0 2S ala ala- · -- 0 30 0 30 u/a Dla · · - - 0 35 0 35 rJaUnly. of BrltiahColumbia BIDE DIa· ·-·11 (f) (f) rJa· - · ·56 1 81 1 81 ilia·A· ·72 53 S3Unly. of Northcm Britiah Columbia FI'*u/a· · ·A 1 12 . . . . Dla· · · ·3 22 1 12 1 12·Pf*ala· - - ·2 14 - . . . ala · · · · 4 2S u/a u/aUnly. of VICtoria BIDE 343·A· ·13 390 6 2S4 176 320· · · -13 381 5 235 200 Dla· · - ·522 281 DIaHealthSc:Icnce • BIICCII1aurade(N1II'IIIoR>OpenLe8ming AgcDcy DE ala· - · ·.- 75 0 12 ala· · ·- -. 90 1 13 ilia ala DIaHealthSc:Icnce • BIKlClIIIIl1n'8te I I I(PIycblatrlc Nunlng)Open Le8ming AgcDcy DE Dla· · · ·. . 2 19 0 0 D!a· · ·-. . 2 19 0 0 ala ilia 0 0CrldcaI CareNunlug SpedBJity I I IB. C. In.stilDlI: ofTc:dmology 2.S DE u/a 120coursercgislrations 10 D!a 120c:oune regislratiOllS 10 u/a 120c:ourscrcgislratiODB 15I I I I I I I I I... continuedPrepared by:Healih IImnmll_UnitThe Unlftftlty of Britlsb ColumbiaNURSING SERVICESPOST-BASIC Level Health Progr8DL'J In British Columbiaby Program and IDstltutloD1993/94 ~ 1995J96Program aDdEdw:ational Ffl Appll- EaroIImot (bJ JBII'): GnKl- Appll- EaroIImot (bJ Jar): GnKl- AppUo EmaImaIt (bJJIlIr): GnU-1DItltudou: PT CBDU: lit 2nd 3rd 4th oates: CBDts: lilt 2Dd 3M 4th oates: ClIIIIII: 1lIt 2Dd 3n1 4th uates:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FEmergmCJ NunIDg SpedaIJtJB. C. Institute ofTcdmology 2,6 crs Dla 41 -·- - - ·30 Dla 36- - - - - -32 nIa 48- - - - - -36DE oIa 433 CClUZlItl registrations- - nIa 421 COtIlIIe registralions - - nIa 440COlIrlleregistratiDnl - -Neoaatsl NurslngSpedalltyB. C. Institute ofTcdmology 1 DE oIa 0 35 -·- -.·0 13 Dla 0 47- - - -.-0 4 nIa 0 56· - - - - -Dfa.Nepbrology NUJ'IlIng SpedaIJtJB. C. Institute ofTcclmology DE Dla 0 10 -·- -.-0 0 Dla 0 23- - - - - -0 0 nIa- - - - - - - -0 2Neurosd_ NuratDg SpecIaIItJB. C. Institute: ofTcdmology' DE * Dla 19 - · - - - . 0 0 nIa nIa - - - - . - 0 0ObsletdClll Nunlng SpecIaIItJB. C. Institute ofTcdmology 6 crs nIa 0 22- -.- - ·nIa 1 33- - - - - -nIa nIa- - - - - -0 18 0 32 0 32DE nIa 0 so -· -- -·Dla 1 44- - - - - -nIa 0 4S·- - - - -0ccupatI0DB1 Health NunlngSpeda1ltyB. C. Institute ofTcc1moIogy DE 1 37 1 37 -· - - - ·0 9 0 41 0 41- · - - -- 0 6 1 39 1 ~9 - - - - - - 1 8Operadng RoomNursing Speda1ltyB. C. Institute of Tcdmology Z DE 2 S69 210 CClUZlItlregiltralions 0 14 7 134 243 COtIlIIeregistratiODa 20 8 S60 258COIII'IC registrations 4 ISSt. paur. Hospital PI' nIa 3 17- · - - - ·3 17 Dla 1 19 .- - - -. 0 17 nIa 20- - - -.-20PaedIatric CrttlClll Care NundDgSpedalityB. C. Institute of Tcdmology , DE nIa 0 24 .- - - - -0 5 nIa 0 11- - - - - -0 1 nIa 0 18·- - - - -nIaPaedIatricNuniDg SpedaIJtJB. C. Institute:ofTcdmology , DE nIa 0 23 - - - - - · Dla nIa 0 20 - · - . - - 0 1 Dla 0 42 - - - - - - nIaPtqwedby:HealIhIlmtmDR_ UJdt'!be UDiftnily atBriIbh Calumbla,., contimud-SNURSING SERVICESPOST-BASIC Level Health Programs In Brltlsh Columbiaby Program and Institution-~1993f94 1994195 1995196Program BDd Edw:atIoua1 FTI AppII- EDroImem (by ,ear): GI'lId- AppU- EuroImeDt(by ,ear): GI'lId- AppII- EaroImaJt (by J'IU'): GI'lId-lDstItutIon: PT caats: lit 2nd 3nl 4th oates: ClIIIts: III 2nd 3nl 4th nates: e:auta: III 2nd 3nl 4th Data:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FP~ADaesthdic Rccoftl'1ROOII1NW'IIIagB. C. Ia.stiwteofTcdmology S FrIDI DIa 10 - - - - - - 5 Dla 10 - - - · - - 5 DIa 10 - - - - - - 5NIIJ'IIIJJg Ret.raberKWIDlka College DB 1 33 1 33 .- · - -. 17 DIa 34- - - - -. 'J:1 DIa 34- - - - - -32MaIaspiaaUaivcraity College 10 B DIa 0 8- - · - - -0 8 DIa 0 0· - - ·- -0 0 DIa Dla- - - - - -DIaOpen Leaming Agency DB Dla 1 82 - - · - - - 0 39 80 1 79 - - - · - - 2 37 80 1 79 - - - - - - 1 38Nunlng Rdraber - E.S.L.Kwaadea CoIlcgc Fr DIa 2 19- - -.-- 1 17 DIa 1 20· - - ·- -1 19 DIa 2 19-.- - · -2 19PradlCll1 Nuniag RerraberMaIaspiaaUaivcraity College 11 B DIa 0 0- - - - - -0 3 DIa 0 0· - - - - -0 0 DIa DIa- - - - · -DIaVlIIICOIIVl:[ Comm.Conege 11 Fr DIa 1 9- - ·.- -1 9 DIa 0 0· - - ·.-0 0 DIa DIa-.- - · -DIa• ala ' Data not avai1able (or not supplied) . • -' Datanot approprialeor not applicable. •• ' Programdid not exist, or no Iong~ exists.1 No scpar8lC data me availableon CII1'OImCllt in this program, as studCllts 8l'C emoI1cdwithin the various specialities (accscparalelistingsbelow) BDd not thisprogram. The gradlIlIIc nlDDbers given8l'C thosestudeDbwho have completed the rcquiled lIdclitional courses to ra:ei.ve1heirAdvanced Diploma.2 The Distaocc Bducatiem enrolmentdata givenme for courllC rcgislrations8IIdnot the nlDDba- of students.3 The dalalislM under 1993194 8l'C for the old program. The sraofuatc numbers lislM include bo1hfull-time 8Dd part-timestudents. The projcctcclcm:olmClltulDDbers for 1995J96 also iDc:ludc bo1hfuI1-time andput-time.• Part-timegraduates 8l'C dif6c:Wt to pcdict, all no data wcrc given.The August CIItraDts for this program Ie included as though they CIIacd In Septcmba-,I.e. 1heAugust 1993 ea1raDls 8l'C Iistcd under 1993194.The tcnn "CIF rcfcD to Compressed Tunc-Frame, in which BlUdcnl.s take: courses In a condco.sed fasblem (please ace text f<lr more details).They wereunable to mate prcdictiCJIII fur paduatcs pastMarch 1995 as not an slIldCllts cm:ol1cd In the programwill, or 8l'C expectedto, finish1heprogram. Thusthe gradualea 1IstccI for 1994J9S inc1adconly the Ncm:mba-l994 and March1995 gr.tuatcs, 8IIdnot 1heJUDe 1995 graduates.I Thcrc wcrcnine rcgislrantsin Sqmnba-I994. 8IIdtheyhopc for possibly teD new rcgiatrllDts in Spring 1995. Thcrc will be no gradualcs in 1994J9S, and DOIIC lib:ly in 1995196 cithcr., They wcrc 1IIIIIbIe to make prcdictiCJIII for gradualcs pastNovemba- 1994 as not an studcntl who enrol finish1heprogram. Thus1hegraduales lUted for 1994J95 inc1adcOII1y the Novemba-1994gradwdcs.10 ThIs programIsonly off~ emdemand. It was not offered In 1994J9S. BDd they do not know if It will be oll'crcdin 1995196.II ThIs programIaonlyoff~ CD dl2lUll1d. It wasnotoffcrcdin 1994J95, and it maybe ClUlCC1Icd.Prepared by:Health BanumR_UDltThe Unlftl'lli1JafBritbh ColumbiaXVI. NUTRITION AND DIETARY SERVICESBASIC LEVELlOS106nmTETICS • BaccalaureateWorkforce Category Trained: Dietitians, NutritionistsRequirement(s) for Practice: Registered DietitianlNutritionist (R.D.N.)with theCanadian Dietetics Association following a one yearpost­baccalaureate internship - notrequired for employment, but oftenrequested by employersUnlyerslty orBritish ColumbiaCredential Received: Bachelorof Science(B.Sc.) in DieteticsPrerequisites: GradeTwelvewithChemistry 11,Physics II,English 12, Math 12Full-timelPart-time: Both full-time and part-timeProgramLength: 32 months(fouracademic years)total full-timeEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): MayComments: None11HUMAN NUTRITION - BaccalaureateWorkforce Category Trained: NutritionistsRequirement(s) for Practice: NoneUnIversity orBritlsh ColumbiaCredential Received: Bachelorof Science(B.Sc.)Prerequisites: Grade TwelvewithChemistry 12,Biology 12,Physics 12,and Math 12Full-timelPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgram Length:Four academic years totalEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): May and OctoberComments: The studentsdo not declare their majoruntil theirsecondor third year, so no data is given for first year.NUTRITION & FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENTWorkforce Category Trained: Dietetic or Dietary Technicians, FoodService Supervisors or TechniciansRequirement(s) forPractice: NoneLaD.fa ColI_CredentialReceived:DiplomaPrerequisites: Glade Twelve;fieldexperiencein food servicesFull-timelPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgramLength: 1482hours total; includes 1092hours lectureand 390 hours clinical/practicumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGmduationDate(s): MayComments: None107NUTRITION AND DIETARY SERVICESBASIC Level Health Program<; In British Columbiaby Program and institution­o00199Y94 1994/95 1995/96Program 8DdEducatJm.l Frl Appll- Earolmmt (by ,ear): Gnd- Appll- EaroImmt (by ,ear): Gnd- AppII- EaroImmt (by,ear): Gnd-1usd1utIoD: PT canlB: lit 2Dd 3rd 4dI uatat CBDlB: 1st ZUd 3rd 4dI uata: cautB: lit 2Dd 3rd 4dI uata:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FDietetics· BaccalaureateUalv. ofBriWh ColumbiaI B 459 33 1 36 2 32 1 35 1 35 6S5 26 43 1 40 2 30 2 30 DIa DIa 26 43 1 40 1 40Bumau Nutrition·BaccalauradeUDiv. ofBriWh Cohunbia Z FI' Dla . - 3 11 4 22 3 10 2 9 Dla - . 2 12 8 24 3 17 3 17 DIa . - 4 12 9 27 6 21 4 17Nutrition ItFood SentceMauaganmtLangaraCollege FI' 45 23 8-.-. 7 47 21 17 . . . - 13 so 24 18 - - - . 22• Dla· DalB not available(or not supplied). • _. DalBnot uppropriatc or not applicable.I The sppIic:ant DUmbcrs shown arc forDietetics..d lIlme &oaomica canbined.Z The lltUdenta do not declan:their majoruntil their aecood or lhird year. 10 no dalBare given for fiat year.Plqmcdby:Health IIJmumR_ValtThe UDI__IJ alBritbb CalumblaXVID. PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICESBASIC LEVEL109110PHARMACY - BaccalaureateWorkforce Category Trained: PharmacistsRequirement(s) forPractice: Certification by thePharmacyExaminingBoardof CanadaandLicensing by the College of Pharmacists ofB.C.- the license is required for employment ,UnIversity or British ColumbiaCredentialReceived: Bachelorof Sciencein Pharmacy(B.Sc. (Pharm.»Prerequisites: One yearcollege/universityFull-timeIPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgramLength: Fouracademicyears total; includesten weeksclinicaVpraeticumEntry Date(s):SeptemberGraduationDate(s):Mayand NovemberComments: In 1993/94, there were 11males and 6 femalesenrolled in the one yearpost-graduate residency programofferedby the Facultyof Pharmaceutical Sciences. In1994/95,there were5 males and 10females enrolled in theresidencyprogram.PHARMACY TECHNICAL ASSISTANTWorkforce Category Trained: Pharmacy Technicians!AssistantsRequirement(s) for Practice: NoneVancouver Community CollegeCredentialReceived: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Twelve; typingFull-timelPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgramLength: 22 weekstotal; includes 17weekslecture and 5 weeksclinicaVpracticumEntry Date(s): Marchand SeptemberGraduation Date(s): March and AugustCampusCentre(s) OfferedAt King EdwardcampusComments: They sometimes haye students funded byEIC.West Coast College or Health CareCredential Received:Certif1catePrerequisites: GradeTwelve;goodcommunicationand interpersonalskillsFull-timeIPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgram Length:28 weeks total; includes 24 weekslectureand 4 weeks clinicaVpracticumEntry Date(s): January and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): April and AugustCampus Centre(s) OfferedAt VancouverComments: This programconsistsof an 8 weekfoundation followedby 20 weeksof specificskills. Programsat WCCHCfollowa patternof8 weekblocksof study,so that entryandgraduation dates will shift slightlyfromone yearto the next Studentsusuallyprefer to completetheirprogram without breaks.PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICESBASIC Level Health Programs In British Columbiaby Program and Institution1993194 1994195 1995I9CiProgramBDd EduadloDB1 Frl Appll- EnroImaJt (by yar): GrwI- Appll- EnroJmaJt (by yar): Gnd- AppII- EDroImmt (by J'SI'}: Gnd-lDstItudon: PT cantil : lilt 2nd 3rd 4th uata: cantil: lilt 2nd 3rd 4th uata: cantil: lilt 2nd 3nl 4th DIlts:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FPhamacy - Bacc8IauradeUniv. ofBrltiah Columbia I rr ilia 47 91 52 70 52 59 55 52 52 52 ilia 58 82 41 87 53 73 49 55 ilia DIa ilia DIa DIa DIa DIaPhamacy TedmlCBI Aall11BDtVIIIICOUvcr Camn. College Fr DIa 9 28 - . . - - 7 27 ala 6 33 - - - . . - 4 32 DIa 4 36 . . . - - - 4 36WestCoast CoIlcgeofIDth Care Fr DIa 5 14-.- - -. 5 14 ilia 3 15 .-. .- - 3 15 DIa 4 16 . . - - . - 4 16" nla " Datanot available(or not supplied). • - ' nata not appropriate or not applicable.I They weR UDwilling to catimarc the 1994.95 graduates, or the 1995196 cnrolmrnts and gradualCS.Prepared by:Health HmmmRaoaras Unit'!be Unlftnlit, ci'Britbh Columbia ---112xx. REHABILITATION SERVICESBASIC LEVEL113114 AUDIOLOGY & SPEECH SCIENCES· Master'sWorkforce Category Trained: Audiologists, Speech-LanguagePathologistsRequirement(s) for Practice: Registration with the B.C. Association ofSpeech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists, and Certificationwith the Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologistsand Audiologists - not required for employment, but often requestedby employersUnlyerslty of British ColumbiaCredential Received: Masterof Science(M.Sc.)Prerequisites: Bachelor's degreeincluding specific coursesorequivalentknowledge; volunteer experience in the fieldFull-time/Part-time: Bothfull-timeand part-timeProgram Length: 13 to 29 months lectureand 7 monthsclinicallpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): May and OctoberComments: There is currentlyonly one part-time student, who isincludedwith thefull-time data. The numberof graduates in1995/96 will dependon how many of the students currentlywriting their thesesactuallyffnish themnext year. The lengthof time spent in the programdependson undergraduatepreparationand whetherthe thesis optionis taken.MASSAGE THERAPYWorkforce Category Trained: Massage TherapistsRequirement(s) for Practice: Registered Massage Therapist (R.M.T.)with the College of Massage Therapists of B.C. - required foremployment 'Okanagan Yalley College ofMassage ThempyCredentialReceived: DiplomaPrerequisites: Grade Twelvewith Chemistry 12,Biology 12, and English 12; Introduction toMassagecourseFull-timelPart-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: Two yearstotal; includes50%lecture and 50%clinicallpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduationDate(s): JuneCampusCentre(s)OfferedAt VernonComments:This is a new program whichbegan inSeptember 1994. The Professional Standards arechanging, so theirSeptember1996 intakewillbeinto an expandedthree year (3000hour)program, and will requirefirst year college/universityBiology as a prerequisite.West Coast College ofMassage TheraPYCredential Received: DiplomaPrerequisites: Grade Twelvewith Biology12; Introto Massage Therapyworkshop; TOEFLor 1WEforESL students; receivetwomassage therapyand one hydrotherapy treatment (Chemistry 12will be requiredas of September 1995.)Full-time/Part-time: Full-time onlyProgram Length: 75 weekstotal; includes 1215hours lecture and 1319 hours clinicallpracticumEntryDate(s): January, April, and SeptemberGraduation Date(s): April, August, and DecemberCampus Centre(s) OfferedAt VancouverComments: In 1994/95, there will be only onegraduation (July 1995). As of January 1995 therewill be threeintakes/year, and as of September1995 therewill be three graduanons/year.MUSIC THERAPY· BaccalaureateWorkforce CategoryTrained: MusicTherapistsRequirement(s) for Practice: MusicTherapyAccreditation (M.T.A.)fromthe CanadianAssociation for MusicTherapy- not requiredfor employment, but oftenrequestedby employersCapUano Coli_Open LearnlDl Alfenc;yCredentialReceived: Bachelorof MusicTherapyPrerequisites: Two yearscollege/university in MusicandPsychologyFull-time/Part-time: Full-timeonlyProgram Length:Two years lecture and six monthsclinicaVpraeticumEntty Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): VariesCampus Centre(s)OfferedAt CapilanoCollegeComments:The graduationdate varies based on when studentscomplete their six month internship.OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY· BaccalaureateWorkforce CategoryTrained: Occupational TherapistsRequirement(s) for Practice: Certification as an OccupationalTherapistOT (C) withthe CanadianAssociation of OccupationalTherapists, and Registration as a Registered OccupationalTherapist(Reg OT (BC» withthe B.C. Society of OccupationalTherapists - not requiredfor employment, but oftenrequestedbyemployersUnlyerslty of British ColumbiaCredentialReceived: Bachelorof Science in OccupationalTherapy (B.Sc. (O.T.»Prerequisites: GradeTwelvewith Biology,Mathand Chemistty11or 12;one yearcollege/university including Biology,English,Psychology, Anthropology/Sociology, and Statistics;CPR/fll'St aid training; volunteerexperiencein the fieldFull-timelPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgramLength: 98 weeks total; includes 65 weeks lectureand 33weeks clinicaVpracticumEntty Date(s):SeptemberGraduation Date(s): May and NovemberComments: None115116 PHYSICAL THERAPY· BaccalaureateWorkforce Category Trained: Physical TherapistsRequirement(s) for Practice: Registration as a Physical Therapist withthe College of Physical Therapists ofB.C. - required foremploymentUnlyerslty of British ColumbiaCredentialReceived: Bachelorof Sciencein Physical Therapy(B.Sc. (p.T.»Prerequisites: GradeTwelvewith Physics11,and Biology, Math,and Chemistry11 or 12;one yearcollege/university includingBiology,Chemistry, English,Psychology, and Statistics;CPR/firstaid training; volunteerexperience in the fieldFull-timelPart-time: Full-timeonlyProgramLength:96 weekstotal; includes62 weekslectureand 34weeksclinicaIlpracticumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduation Date(s): Mayand SeptemberComments: NonePROSTHETICS & ORmOTICS TECHNOLOGYWorkforce Category Trained: Orthotists, ProsthetistsRequirement(s) for Practice: Certified Orthotist or Certified Prosthetistwith the Canadian Board for Certification ofProsthetists andOrthotists, following a three year post-graduate internship - notrequired for employment, but often requested by employersBritish Columbia Institute of TechnolOJaCredentialReceived: DiplomaPrerequisites: GradeTwelvewithPhysics 11and Math 12Full-timeIPart-time: Full-timeand distanceeducationProgramLength:70 weekstotalfull-timeincludes 63 weekslectureand 7 weeksclinicaIlpracticumEntryDate(s): September of even yearsGraduation Date(s): Juneof even yearsCampusCentre(s) OfferedAt BurnabycampusComments: Throughinter-provincial agreements, residentsofAlberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitobaare accepted into theprogramon a quotabasis.REHABILITATION ASSISTANTWorkforce Category Trairied: Activity Aides, Physiotherapy Aides,Occupational Therapy AidesRequirement(s) for Practice: None117Okagapn Uglyerslty ColI~eCredentialReceived: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade TwelvewithEnglish 12 orL.P.!. score of 24/40or better;CPR/rust aidtraining;volunteerexperiencein the fieldFull-time/Part-time: Full-timeonlyProgramLength:41 weekstotal; includes30 weekslectureand 11 weekscUnical/practicumEntry Date(s): SeptemberGraduationDate(s):JuneCampusCentre(s)OfferedAt: K.L.O.campus(Kelowna)Comments: NoneWest Coast College of Health CareCredential Received: CertificatePrerequisites: Grade Twelve;good communicationand interpersonal skillsFull-time/Part-lime: Full-time onlyProgramLength:34 weeks total; includes30 weekslectureand 4 weekscUnical/practicumEntry Date(s): Januaryand SeptemberGraduation Date(s): May and SeptemberCampus Centre(s) OfferedAt SurreyComments: This programconsistsof an 8 weekfoundation followed by 26 weeksof specificskills. Programsat WCCHCfollowa patternof8 weekblocksof study, so that entry dates andgmduation dates will shift slightlyfrom one yearto the next Studentsusuallyprefer to completetheirprogramswithout breaks.THERAPElITIC RECREATIONWorkforce Category Trained: Recreation Therapists, Special NeedsCo-ordinators, Activity DirectorsRequirement(s) for Practice: StudentLevel, Associate Level, orPractitioner Level withthe B.C. Recreation & Parks Association­Recreation Integration Branca- notrequired for employmentDouglas CoUegeCredential Received: DiplomaPrerequisites: Out of schoolfor more than one year;45 hoursvolunteer experiencein the field; minimumage of 19 yearsold; writingskills assessmentFull-lime/Part-time: Bothfull-timeand part-limeProgramLength: 60 weekstotal full-time includes45 weekslectureand 15 weeksclinicaVpraeticum; 4 yearstotal part-limeincludes 106weeks lectureand 15 weekscUnicaJJpracticumEntry Date(s): September(full-time), Januaryand September(part-lime)Graduation Date(s): June (full-lime), Januaryand June(part-time)CampusCentre(s) OfferedAt NewWestminsterComments: There is an employment requirementprior toregistration at the Associate or Practitionerlevel.but not forthe Studentlevel. It is difficultto estimategraduate numbersas studentsswitchbackand forthbetweenpart-timeand full­time status. There is a needfor more males trainedinTherapeutic Recreation.REHABn.ITATION SERVICESBASIC Level Health ProgrBlm in British Columbiaby Program and Institution--00l.993/94 1994195 1995/96Program BDdEducatIoDBI FTI AppU- EmoImeul(by year): Grad- AppU- EmoImeul(by year): Grad- AppU- EmoImeul(by year): Grad-lDstItuIIon: PT cants: 1st 2nd 3nl 4th 5th uatal: cants: 1st 2nd 3nl 4th 5th uatal: cants: 1st 2nd 3nl 4th 5th uataI:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FAudiology & SpeecbScIences· Master'.UDiv. of British Columbia B 89 2 23 1 2S 1 7 0 1 0 2 1 18 128 0 26 1 21 1 7 0 5- -0 3 140 1 26 0 24 0 4 - - - - 0 23MJusageTherapyOkanaganValleyCollege of FI' * D!a 10 27 - - - - - - - - - - D!a 12 28 11 29 - - - - - - 11 29MassageTh~apyWest CoastCollegeof FI' 79 281 53 121 4480- - - - - -28 35 77 271 46 420 47 126- - - - - -39 86 81 282 80 160 53 156 - - - - - - 46 119Massage Therapy 1Music Therapy. Baa:aIaUl'eldeCapilano CoIlegcl FI' 3 26 - - - . 2 18 2 16 2 14 1 16 6 32 - - - - 3 16 2 15 2 16 2 15 7 43 - - - - 4 15 3 15 2 15 2 160pa1Lcaming AgCDCY 2Occupational Therapy. BaClCBlaureateUniv. of BritishColumbia FI' 115 -·8 27 5 30 5 30- -4 30 156 - . 3 32 8 28 5 28 - - 6 28 D!a - - 35 3 32 8 29 - - 8 29Ph,.tcal Therapy.BaccalaureateUniv. of British Columbia FI' 189 -·10 2S 11 24 8 27· ·8 26 239- -14 16 10 2S 11 24- -11 24 D!a- -35 14 16 10 2S- -10 2SProstbdlcs & Orthotics TcdmoIogyB.C.1Dstitutc ofTcc:hnoiogy 3 FI'- -.· 8 2 . · - . · · 8 2 70 30 7 3 - - - - - . - . - - - . - . 7 3 - - . - - . 7 3RdJabIIItatlon AslIlstaDtOkanagan UniversityCollege FI' 48 3 18 . .- ·. .· -4 17 6S 3 18 . . .-.-.-3 18 10 6S 4 16 - . - - . . - - 4 16West CoastCollegeofHcalth Care 4 FI' nla D!a- - - · - - - ·4 3 D!a 5 17 . . .-. . . . 3 9 DIa 9 17 - . . - - - - - 6 14... continuedPrepared by:HeaIIh HumanResoun:aiUnitThe UnivcnityofBrilish ColumbiaREHABILITATION SERVICESBASIC Level Health Programs In British Columbiaby Program and Imtltutlon1993/94 1994I9S 1995/96Program BDd Educ:atIonBl FTI Appll- F..moImmt (by :JI8I'): Gnd- Appll- F'.nroJmeDl (bY1ear): Gnd- Appl!- EmoImaIl (by :JI8I'): Gnd-1DsUtutIcm: PT c:aDta: 1st 2nd 3n1 4th 5th uala: c:aDta: 1st 2nd 3n1 4th 5th uatcs: CBDta: 1st 2nd 3nI 4th 5th uata:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F1beIlIpeutIc RecreUloaDouglu College rr D!a 2 2S 1 26- - - -.-D!a. 4 23 1 23- - - -.-Dla 2 2S 2S- - - - - -2S 2S 2SPT D!a. 2 28 . - - - - . . . Dla 0 0 - - - - - . . . Dla 2 28 - - - - - - - -• Dla· Dala not available (or Dot IJUpplicd). • _. Datanot appropriate or Dot app!jcabIe. • •• PJogram did Dot exist,or DO longer ellista.I In 1994J9S, WCCMT will have only ODe gradualiOlL As of January 1995 there will be tbn:c intakcalycar.and as ofSc:ptcmbcr 1995 there will be three graduatiOll.llycar.2 The data li5lcd in fifth yeararc the 8tDdcula cnrollcd in their six mooth intcmship.) SIDdenta entcrtIUs program in SqlCcmbcrof IlIl even year(i.e. 1994) and graduate in JUDe of an eWIIyear(i.e. 1994).4 Tbercweregradualcs in February and NOYCIDbcr 1994who rcpr:csaIta few slUdcnts who began this program at various points before a fOlDlB1 program was in place (no enrolment data arc 1istcdfor these slUdcnta).Pftparcd by:Hea1thHuman Reaourcca UnitThe University ofBridahColumbia --10120XXI. REHABILITATION SERVICESPOST-BASIC LEVEL121122 HEALTII SCIENCE· Baccalaureate (Physiotherapy)Workforce Category Trained: Physiotherapists in seniorpracticepositionsRequirement(s) forPractice: Nonespecific to thisprogram. PriorRegistration as a Physical Therapist With theCollege of PhysicalTherapists of B.C.- required for employment as a physicaltherapistOpen Learning AgencyCredentialReceived: Bachelorof HealthScience (B.H.Sc.) inPhysiotherapyPrerequisites:Three yearDiploma in Physiotherapy; currentRegistrationwith the Collegeof Physical Therapists of B.C.Full-timeIPart-time: DistanceEducationProgram Length: Ten out of ten COUlleS are availablethroughDistanceEducation; the amountof timestudentsusually taketo completethe programis still undeterminedEntry Date(s): ContinuousGraduation Date(s): January, April, June,and SeptemberComments:NoneREHABll..lTATION SERVICESPOST-BASIC Level Health Programs InBritish Columbiaby Program and Institution1993194 1994195 1995/96ProgramBDd EduadloDBl Fr l AppII- EoroImmt(by year): Grwl- AppIl- EmoImaIt (by Jf'III'): Grwl- AppII- EaroImeDt (by Jf'III'): Grwl-IDsdtuIIoD: PT caatl: ht 2nd 3nI 4th uatcs: ClIIItI: ht 2nd 3rd 4th uatcll: caau: lit 2nd 3rd 4th uatcll:M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M F M FHealth SdeDc:e • BlK'lClIlaurade(Ph)'llotberapy)Open Lcaming Apcy DE nil . . . .- - 2S 0 0 DlI . . . . . 6 46 0 0 uIa . . . . . . nil 0 0• Dla· DataDOtavaiJable (or not supplied) .Prepandby:Heahh Human Raoarc:as UnitThe UDiVll'llily of BritiahColumbia• _ . Data not appropriare or not applicable.124APPENDICES125126APPENDIX ARESIDENTS AND ROTATING INTERNS127128129APPENDIX AResidents, by Specialty by Resident Level,in British Columbia, July 15, 1994 •Resident LevelSpecialty l&!d.l WillI LmllIl ~ Wd.Y I&m.Yl LeyeiVU Upknown ImalAnaesthesia 8 11 14 7 8 0 0 0 48Anatomical PatlDlogy 0 1 3 0 4 0 0 0 8Cardiology 0 0 0 0 3 4 0 0 7Cardiothoracic Surgery 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 2Community Medicine 0 1 1 4 2 0 0 0 8Critical Care 0 0 0 0 1 1 2 0 4Dermatology 1 0 2 4 1 0 0 0 8Diagnostic Radiology 6 3 3 5 6 0 0 0 23Fmergency Medicine 2 3 3 1 2 0 0 0 11Endocrinology 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1Gastroenterology 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 2General PatlDlogy 5 5 2 5 4 0 0 0 21General Practice 38 49 0 0 0 0 0 0 87General Surgery 2 9 6 3 4 4 0 0 28GeriatJic Medicine 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 2Haematological Pathology 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 2Haematology 0 0 0 0 4 1 0 0 5Infectious Diseases 0 0 0 0 3 1 0 0 4Intemal Medicine 8 19 24 21 3 0 0 0 75Medical BiochemisUy 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1Medical Microbiology 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 3Medical Oncology 0 0 0 0 2 4 1 0 7Nephrology 0 0 0 0 1 3 0 0 4Neurology 2 1 2 5 2 0 0 0 12Neuropathology 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 2Nenrosurgery 1 1 1 0 2 1 0 0 6Nuclear Medicine 0 1 1 0 2 0 0 0 4Ob. &; Gyn.lOncology 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1Obstetrics &; Gynaecology 6 · 7 5 5 6 2 2 0 33Opbtha1mology 2 1 2 3 4 0 0 0 12Orthopaedic SUlBery 4 2 2 4 3 2 0 0 17Otolaryngology 2 2 3 2 1 1 0 0 11PaedNeonataJlPerinatal M 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 2Paed General Surgery 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1Paediatric Patbology 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1PaediatJics 3 5 7 7 5 1 0 0 28Pbys Medicine &; Rebab 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 5Plasti c Sursery 1 1 1 2 1 1 0 0 7Psychiatry 8 7 11 10 10 0 0 0 46Radiation Oncology 2 2 5 1 4 0 0 0 14Respiratory Medicine 0 0 0 0 2 4 0 0 6Rheumatology 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 3Urology 1 1 3 2 1 0 0 0 8Vascular Surgery 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1TOTAL 103 134 102 93 104 37 8 0 581Rotating Interns 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01 SOU1CC: Office of the AssociateDean, PostgraduateMedical Education, Facultyof Medicine,The Universityof British Columbia.2 Effective July I , 1994 the one yearrotatingintanship W&<lreplacedby a two year postgraduateclinical requirement in Canada. The "intems"arc now included in the main table as residcntsin variousspecialitiesin LevelsIl11ld n.!'replInld by:BcaI1h Ba.... Re.vcu VallTIIcUalftralt)' or BrlC.... Cola..b.130APPENDIXBPROGRAMSSURVEYED~OTSURVEYEDFOR TIDS REPORT131132APPENDIXBPart I Programs Surveyed and Included in this Report133Administrative ServicesHealth InformationSciencesHealth Record AdministrationHealth Record TechnicianDental SerylcesDental AssistingDental Hygiene- DiplomaDental TechnicianDentistryDenturistDental Hygiene- BaccalaureateHealth Standards ProgramsEnvironmentalHealth: Public HealthInspectionOccupational Health & SafetyHuman SerylcesCare of the MentallyFragile ElderlyCommunitySupportWorker - Basic levelCommunitySupport - Post-basic levelDevelopmental DisabilitiesGeriatricActivityCoordinatorHome SupportAttendantHome SupportAttendant UpgradeHome SupportlResident Care AttendantHome SupportlResident Care AttendantUpgradeHome SupportlResident Care AttendantEquivalencyHuman ServiceWorkerPersonalAss'tWorking for Peoplewith DisabilitiesResident CareAttendantResident CareAttendant - E.SL.Resident CareAttendant UpgradeSocial ServiceWorker -Basic levelSocialServices - Post-basiclevelSocialWork - BaccalaureateSpecialNeedsSpecialNeedsfor Social ServiceWorkersSubstanceAbuseCounselling - BasiclevelSubstanceAbuseCounselling- Post-basic levelVisual LanguageInterpreterLaboratory SerylcesAdvancedDiplomain Health Sciences(MedicalImaging)Anaesthesia TechnologyBiomedical Engineering TechnologyR-qJarcd by:Health HUJDlIII ReIOurces UnitThe Unhenity atBritbb ColmnblaLaboratory Serylces • continuedCardiology TechnologyCardiovascular Perfusion TechnologyCardiovascular TechnologyCytogenetics Laboratory TechnologyCytotechnologyDiagnostic MedicalSonogmphyEchocardiographyEleclroneurophysiology TechnologyHealthScience- Baccalaureate (Medical Imaging)MedicalClinicalAssistantMedicalLaboratoryAssistantMedical LaboratoryAssistantUpgradeMedicalLabomtory Science- BaccalaureateMedicalLaboratory TechnologyMedicalRadiography TechnologyNuclearMedicineTechnologyRadiation TherapyTechnologyRespimtory TherapyMedical & Treatment ServicesCombinedM.D. & Ph.D.Medicine- M.D.Mental Health ServicesClinicalPsychology - DoctorateClinicalPsychology - Master'sCounselling Psych. - DoctorateCounselling Psych. - Master'sHuman NeuropsychologyNurslpg SerylcesAdvanced Diplomain Health Sciences(Nursing)AdvancedDiplomain PsychiatricNursingCriticalCare Nursing SpecialityEmergency NursingSpecialityHealth Science- Baccalaureate (Nursing)HealthScience - Baccalaureate(Psychiatric Nursing)Nephrology NursingSpecialityNeurosciences NursingSpecialityNeonatalNursingSpecialityNursing Access- LPNIRNNursing Access- RPNJRNNursing - BaccalaureateNursing - CombinedRNIBSNNursing- Diploma•.. continued134APPENDIX B (continued)Part I Programs Surveyed and Included in this ReportNursing Serylces - continuedNursing - Post-RNBaccalaureateNursing RefresherNursing Refresher- ESLObstetrical NursingSpecialityOccupationalHealth NursingSpecialityOperatingRoom Nursing SpecialityPaediatricCritical Care NursingSpecialityPaediatricNursingSpecialityPractical NursingPost-Anaesthetic RecoveryRoomNursingPractical NursingRefresherPsychiatricNursingPsychiatricNursingAccessPsychiatricNursingRefresherNutrltl~)Q & DietaO' SerylcesDietetics - BaccalaureateHuman Nutrition- BaccalaureateNutrition & Food Service ManagementPbarmaceutlcal ServicesPharmacy- BaccalaureatePharmacyTechnicalAssistantRebabllitatlon ServtcesAudiology & SpeechSciences - Master'sMassageTherapyMusic Therapy- BaccalaureateOccupational Therapy- BaccaIaureatePhysical Therapy- BaccalaureateProsthetics& OrthoticsTechnologyRehabilitationAssistantTherapeuticRecreationHealth Science- Baccalaureate (Physiotherapy)Prqlared by:Health HumanR_UDitThe University ofBrlllsb Coll_biaAPPENDIXB (condnued)Part II Programs Not Surveyed an~or Not Included in this Report135Administrative SermesContinuingHealth Care AdministrationDentalReceptionHealth Administration - Master'sHealthCare& Epidemiology -Master'sHealthCare& Epidemiology - DoctorateHealthCare Management IHealthCare ManagementITMedicaIlDental ReceptionMedicalOfficeAssistantMedicalReceptionMedicalSecretary/StenographerMedicalTranscriptionNursingUnit ClerkDental ServicesDental Science- Master'sOralBiologyOral MedicineOral PathologyOralRadiologyPeriodonticsHealth Standards ProgamsHealthScience- Master'sOccupational Hygiene - Master'sHuman SenicesChildrenwith SpecialNeeds - Post-basic ECEECE - IntegratedDiplomaGerontologyInstitutional AideInstitutional Aide - ESLPolicy & Practicein Health& SocialServices- Master'sSocialWork - Master'sSocialWork - DoctorateLaboratory ServicesBiochemistry - Master'sBiochemistry - DoctorateContinuing Educationfor the HealthSciencesMedical Laboratory Technology RefresherMedical Radiography RefresherNuclear Medicine Technology RefresherMedical & Treatment ServicesAnatomy - Master'sInparcdby:Health Human Resources UnitThe UnIvenity alBritllh CoImnbiBMedical & Treatment Services· continuedAnatomy - DoctorateEmergency MedicalAssistantIEmergency MedicalAssistantITEmergency MedicalAssistantill - ALSEmergency MedicalAssistantill - mExperimental Medicine- Master'sExperimental Medicine- DoctorateExperimental Pathology - Master'sExperimental Pathology - DoctorateGenetics- Master'sGenetics- DoctorateIndustrialFirst AidMedicalGenetics - Master'sMedicalGenetics- DoctorateMedicalMicrobiology - Master'sMedical Microbiology - DoctorateMicrobiology - Master'sMicrobiology - DoctorateNeuroscience - Master'sNeuroscience - DoctoratePharmacology & Therapeutics - Master'sPharmacology & Therapeutics - DoctoratePhysiology - Master'sPhysiology - DoctorateReproductive & Developmental Science- Master'sReproductive & Developmental Science- DoctorateSurgeryfor MDs- Master'sNursl~ ServicesCommunity Health- Master'sNursing - Master'sNursing - DoctorateNutrition & Dietary ServicesHumanNutrition- Master'sHumanNutrition- DoctoratePbarmaceutlcal ServicesPharmacology - BaccalaureatePharmaceutical Sciences- Master'sPharmaceutical Sciences- DoctoratePharmacy - DoctorateRebabllltation SenicesAudiology & Speech Sciences- DoctorateRehabilitation Sciences- Master's136APPENDIXCSUMMARY OF PROGRAM CHANGES137APPENDIXCSummary of Program ChangesDISCONTINUED PROGRAMS:....~00SpecialNeedsfor SocialServiceWodcem SeIkidc CollegeHomeSupportJResident Care AttendantUpgrade Collegeof New CaledoniaResidentCare AttendantUpgrade VancouverComm. CollegeSocialServices- Post-basic Collegeof NewCaledoniaService AreaAdministrative ServicesHumanServicesMentalHealthServicesNUIlIi.ng ServicesPrepared by:HaJIII BIIIDlIDa- UIIIIno U.......1lyof BrtlIsh CoIwDblaProIUWHealthReaml AdministrationHealthRecordTechnicianCareof the MentallyFragileEldedyClinicalNeuropsychology - DoctorateNursing- DiplomaNursingAccess - LPNIRNNUIlIi.ng Access - RPNIRNPmcticalNUIlIi.ng RefresherPsychiatric NUIlIi.ng AccessPsychiatricNursingRefresherInstitutionDouglasCollegeDouglasCollegeMalaspina University CollegeUniversity of VictoriaNorthwestComm.CollegeSeIkidc CollegeLangara CollegeUnivelllity CollegeeX the CarlbooUnivelllity College eX the CarlbooVancouverComm. CollegeDouglasCollegeDouglasCollege~PmIUWDiploma 67weeb Replacedby HealthInfOlDllltion ServicesprogramCertificate 39 weeks Replaced by HealthInfoanationServicesprogramCertificate 120houIs DiscontinuedCertificate 17.5weeks Not cnrrentlyofferedCertificate 270houIs Not cnrrentlyofferedDiploma 80weeb Replacedby singlelistingfor B5C levelSocialServicesWoIkerprogramCertificate 36weeb Replacedby singlelistingfor B5C levelSpecialNeedsprogramDoctorate Varied Replacedby singlelistingfor Clinical Psychology-DoctorateDiploma 22montbs Discontinued (Last intake was September1993)Diploma IOSweeb Replaced by Collaborative RNlBSNprogramin September1994Diploma Dla DiscontinuedDiploma 4Sweeb DiscontinuedDiploma 4Sweeb DiscontinuedCertificate 6 weeks Notcnnently offeredDiploma 60 weeks DiscontinuedNone 8 months Notcnnently offeredNEW OR ADDED PROGRAMS:APPENDIXCSummary of Program ChangesService AreaAdmini.strative ServicesHomanServicesLaboratot)' ServicesNl11lIing ServicesPbannsQ''1tical ServicesRebabilitation ServicesPreparedby:Hulda11_. Iluoanlos UDitThe UDiftnIt, or Brfdsh caamblaProgam Institution ~PmgamHealthInformation Services DouglasCollege Diploma ReplacesHealthRecord Tecbnician andHea1th Record Admini.stration programsCommunity SupportWolker Selkidl: College Certificate 1bis is a cross-reference to theSpecialNeedsprogramCommunity Support DouglasCollege Diploma 1bis is a new programResident CareAttendant West Coast Collegeof HealthCare Certificate 1bis is a newprogramSocialServices DouglasCollege Diploma Thisis a newprogramSocialWOIk - Bacralsnreate Univ.of NonhemBritishColumbia Baccalaureate 1bis is a newprogramVisualLanguageInterpreter DouglasCollege Diploma Thisis a newprogramMedicalainical Assistant West CoastCollegeofHealthCare Certificate 1bis is a newprogr1I1DMedicalLaboratory Assistant West CoastCollegeofHealthCare Certificate Thisis a newprogramNqilrology Nwsing acr.r. Certificate 1bis is a newprogramNearosciences Nwsing acr.r, Certificate 1bis is a newprogramNl11lIing - CombinedRNlBSN Selkidl: College DiplomalBSN ReplacedDiplomaprogram in September 1994Nl11lIing - Post RN Baccalaureate MalaspinaUniversity College Baa:alaureate 1bis is a newprogr1I1DUniv.of NonhemBritishColumbia Baoca1aureate Thisis a newprogramPbannacy Tecbnical ABsistant West CoastCollegeof HealthCare Certificate 1bis is a newprogr1I1DMassageThePIp)' OkanaganValleyCollegeof Diploma 1bis is a newprogramMassageThePIp)'Rfhabilitation Assistant WestCoastCollegeofHealthCare Certificate 1bis is a newprogr1I1D140APPENDIXDSURVEY RESPONDENTS141142APPENDIXDSurvey Respondents, by Service Area, Program, and institutionService Area & Prol:l'umAdministrative Services - Basic LevelHealth Infonnation Sciences - Bace.Health Infonnation ServicesDental Services - Basic LevelDental AssistingDental Hygiene - DiplomaDental TechnicianDentistryDenturistDeptal Services - Post-basic LevelDental Hygiene - Bace,Health Standards - Bsaic LevelEnvironmental Health: PublicHealth InspectionOccupational Health & SafetyHuman Services': Basic LevelCommunity Support WorkerDevelopmental DisabilitiesHome Support AttendantHome Support Attendant UpgradeHome Support!Resident Care AttendantInstitutiopUniv.ofVictoriaDouglas CollegeCamosun CollegeCollege of New CaledoniaDouglas CollegeEast Kootenay Comm. CollegeMalaspina Univ. CollegeOkanagan Univ. CollegeOpen Learning AgencyUniv. College of the Fraser ValleyVancouver Comm. CollegeCamosun CollegeCollege of New CaledoniaVancouver Comm. CollegeVancouver Comm. CollegeUniv. ofBritish ColumbiaVancouver Comm. CollegeUniv. of British ColumbiaB.C. Institute of TechnologyB.C. Institute of TechnologyCamosun CollegeDouglas CollegeMalaspina Univ. CollegeNorthern lights CollegeSelldrk CollegeUniv. College of the Fraser ValleyCollege of New CaledoniaCamosun CollegeDouglas CollegeOpenLearning AgencyOkanagan Univ. CollegeVancouver Comm. CollegeCollege of New CaledoniaEast Kootenay Comm. CollegeMalaspina Univ. CollegeNorth Island CollegeSuney RqpopdeptPaul FisherLaurie KenwardMarge RevealFran RichardsonDiana HiebertLinda Olm-KewDonna PearceFrances KirkpatrickDebbie PayneBettyNeetzSandra BaileyMarge RevealFran RichardsonLynnSmithJeanette McKayDr. M.A. BoydJeanette McKayBonnie CraigLorraineWoolseyLarsLarssonLily MaxwellRosemary LovePaul BestLaurie MarldingJanIJndsayDoyle Clifton*Beverley CurrieFaye FergusonShelagh Armour-GodboltDiane ReedKate SladenPat BawtinheimerGloria HeinzmanCatherine BlakeSharon DunniganLinda Ruehlen .PositionDirectorCoordinatorCoordinatorChair, Health SciencesCoordinatorProgramCoordinatorCoordinatorChaitpersonProgramSupervisorCoordinatorDepartment HeadCoordinatorChair, Health SciencesDepartment HeadDepartment HeadAssociate DeanDepartment HeadDirectorProgramHeadProgramHeadInstructor! Program LeaderCoordinatorCoordinatorDirectorof RecordsDepartment HeadProgramHeadFacultyCoordinatorCoordinatorAssociate DirectorChairpersonDepartment HeadCoordinatorInstructorCoordinatorAssociate Dean'" continuedAPPENDIX D (continued)Survey Respondents, by Service Area, Program, and institutionSenice Area & Proeram InstitutiOD Surve.YRespondept PositiopHome SupportJRcsident CareAttendant continued Northwest Comm. College Larisa Tarwick Prog. Support & Devel.Okanagan Univ. College Kate Sladen ChairpersonSelkirk College Jill Harrop Department HeadUniv.CollegeofilieCariOOo Maria MacIntosh CoordinatorHome Support!Resident Care Attendant Upgrade College of New Caledonia Gloria Heinzman CoordinatorUniv . College of the Cariboo Maria MacIntosh CoordinatorHuman Service Worker East Kootenay Comm. College Wendy Levine CoordinatorNorth Island College Linda Ruehlen Associate DeanOkanagan Univ. College Michael Douglas ChairpersonTrinity Western University Dr. Craig Seaton DirectorUniv. College of the Cariboo RoryMahood CoordinatorUniv. College of the Cariboo Marilyn Martin CoordinatorPersonal Assistant Worlcingfor People with Disabilities CapUano College JannGibbs CoordinatorResident Care Attendant Camosun College Faye Ferguson CoordinatorCapUano College Margot Rawsiliome CoordinatorDouglas College MIUYBcck CoordinatorKwantlen College Sarah Searl CoordinatorNorthern Lights College Laurie Markling Director of RecordsUniv. College of the Fraser Valley Janie Bion CoordinatorVancouver Comm. College Pat Bawtinheimer Department HeadWest Coast College of Health Care Daniel ChowneResident Care Attendant - E.S .L. Vancouver Comm. College Pat Bawtinheimer Department HeadResident Care Attendant Upgrade Vancouver Comm. College Pat B awtinheimer Department HeadSocial Service Worker College ofNew Caledonia Lana Coldwell CoordinatorDouglas College BobShebib CoordinatorLangara College Richard Vedan Department ChairMalaspina Univ. College George Philion CoordinatorNorthern Lights College Laurie Markling Director of RecordsNorthwest Comm. College BevKealty RegistrarOpen Learning Agency Rae Dixon SupervisorSelkirk College Jan Lindsay Department HeadUniv. College of the Fraser Valley Doyle Clifton Program HeadSocial Work: - Baccalaureate Okanagan Univ. College Vicki Bruce Acting DirectorUniv . College of the Cariboo Grant Larson Associate DeanUniv. of British Columbia Susan Cole Marshall Coordinator Student ServicesUniv . ofNorthern British Columbia Gordon Tcrnowetsky Program ChairUniv. of Victoria Marilyn Henigman Admissions CoordinatorUniv.ofVictoria Diana Ellis Administration OfficerSpecial Needs Okanagan Univ. College GaIyDickinson Dean, Continuing EducationSelkirk College Jan Lindsay Department HeadSubstance Abuse Counselling Northwest Comm. College Beverley Clifton ProgramCoordinatorUniv. College of the Fraser Valley DebiBlock Department AssistantVisual Language Interpreter Douglas College Jan Hmnphrey CoordinatorHuman Services - Post-basic LeyelCare of the Mentally Fragile Elderly Malaspina Univ. College Sharon Dunnigan CoordinatorVancouver Comm. College Pat Bawtinheimer Department HeadCommunity Support Douglas College Rosemary Love Coordinator... continued143144APPENDIX D (continued)Survey Respondents, by Service Area, Program, and InstitutionSerylce Area & ProJ:l"amGeriatricActivity CoordinatorHSIRCAEquivalencySocial ServicesSpecial Needs For SSWSubstance Abuse CounsellingLaboratoty Services - Basic LevelBiomedical Engineering Techn.CardiologyTechn.CytotechnologyElectroneurophysiology Techn.Medical Clinical AssistantMedical Laboratory AssistantMedical LaboratoryTechn,Medical RadiographyTechn.Nuclear Medicine Techn.Radiation Therapy Techn.RespiratoryTherapyLabo~toty Services- Post-basicLcyelAdv. DiplomaIn Hlth Sc.(Medical Imaging)Anaethesia Techn.CardiovascularPerfusionTechn.CardiovascularTechn.CytogeneticsLaboratoryTechn.DiagnosticMedical SonographyEcbocardiographyHlth Sci. - Baec. (Medical Imaging)Medical Lab. Assistant UpgradeMedical Lab. Science - Baec.InstitutionUniv, College of the Fraser Valleyliniv. College of the CaribooCollege of New CaledoniaDouglas CollegeLangaraCollegeSelkirk Collegeliniv. College of the Fraser ValleyB.C. Institute of TechnologyB.C. Institute of TechnologyBritish Columbia CancerAgencyB.C. Institute of TechnologyWest Coast College of Health CareVancouverComm. CollegeWest Coast College of Health CareB.C. Institute of Technologyliniv. College of the CaribooB.C. Institute of TechnologyB.C. Institute of TechnologyBritish Columbia Cancer AgencyUniv, College of the CaribooB.C. Institute of TechnologyUniv.College of the CaribooUniv. College of the CaribooB.C. Institute of TechnologyB.C. Institute of TechnologyB.C. Institute of TechnologyB.C. Institute of TechnologyOpen Learning AgencyUniv. College of the CaribooUniv, of British ColumbiaSumy RespogdentRon CoreauMaria MacIntoshLana ColdwellBobShebibRichard VedanJan LindsayDebiBlockDavid P.K.ChiuGaryCliftonMarianne KudakMichael YoungDaniel ChownePat BawtinheimerDaniel ChowneKaren NicolsonMargaret BangenAnn McMillenRandy SingerCarrie OkanoBryan Dalytrom DorvalAnn McMillenLawrence PrinsLawrence PrinsGaryCliftonFred BauderAnne RhodesAnne RhodesDiane ReedShari FeatherstoneJoanne WoutersePositionProgram DirectorCoordinatorCoordinatorCoordinatorDepartment ChairDepartment HeadDepartment AssistantProgram HeadProgram HeadSection HeadProgram HeadDepartment HeadProgram HeadChairpersonProgram HeadProgram HeadSenior Human Res. OfficerChairpcrsonJProgram CoordProgram HeadPost Diploma CoordinatorPost Diploma CoordinatorProgramHeadProgram HeadProgramHeadProgramHeadAssociateDirectorCoordinatorProgram AssistantMedical & Treatment Services - Basic LeyelCombined M.D. And Ph.D.MedicineUniv, of British ColumbiaUniv, of British ColumbiaLaurie SummersLaurie SummersCoord., Currie. & Stud. Mf.Coord., Curric. & Stud. Mf.Mental Health Services - Post-basic LeyelClinicalPsychology- Doctorate Simon Fraser Univ.Univ, of British Columbialiniv. of VictoriaDr.Ronald RoeschW.LindenCatherine MateerDirector of Clinical TrainingDirec. of Clinical Tr.Prof. & Direc. of Clinical Tr,... continuedAPPENDIX D (continued)Survey Respondents, by Service Area, Program, and Institution145Sen1ce Area & PrQmmClinical Psychology - Master'sCounselling Psychology- DoctorateCounselling Psychology - Master'sHuman Neuropsychology- DoctorateNursinCSeryjces - Basic Levc1Nursing - BaccalaureateNursing - Combined RNIBSNNursing - DiplomaNursing Access - LPNIRNNursing Access - RPNIRNPractical NursingPsychiatric NursingPsychiatricNursing AccessNursinCServices - Post-basic LeyelAdv. Diploma In H. Sc. (Nursing)Adv. DiplomaIn Psych. NursingNursing - Post-RN BaccalaureateHlth Sci. - Baec. (Nursing)Hlth Sci. - Baec. (Psych. Nursing)Critical Care Nursing SpecialityIpstltutlopSimon Fraser Univ.Univ. of British ColumbiaSimon Fraser Univ.Univ. of British ColumbiaUniv.ofVictoriaUniv.ofVictoriaTrinity Western Univ.Univ. of British ColumbiaCamosun CollegeLangara CollegeMalaspina Univ. CollegeNorth Island CollegeOkanagan Univ. CollegeSelkirk CollegeUniv. College of the CaribooB.C. Institute of TechnologyCollege of New CaledoniaDouglas CollegeEast Kootenay Comm. CollegeKwantlen CollegeNorthern Lights CollegeNorthwest Comm. CollegeUniv. College of the Fraser ValleyDouglas CollegeLangara CollegeOkanagan Univ. CollegeUniv. College of the CaribooUniv. College of the CaribooEast KootenayCoDim. CollegeMalaspina Univ. CollegeOkanagan Univ. CollegeVancouverComm. CollegeDouglas CollegeDouglas CollegeB.C. Institute of TechnologyDouglas CollegeMalaspina Univ. CollegeOkanagan Univ. CollegeUniv. College of the CaribooUniv. of British ColumbiaUniv. of Northern British ColumbiaUniv.ofVictoriaOpen Learning AgencyOpen Learning AgencyB.C. Institute of TechnologySuneJ' RespondeptDr.Ronald RoeschL.CochranM. Manley-CasimirBonita C. LongMax UhlemannCatherine MateerDr. Julia EmblenDr.KatharynMayBeverly LowsleyDarlyne FarrellErika BlakemanLinda RuehlenMargaret PerryJill HarropDiane R. WellsBernadet RatsoyFran RichardsonTmaPerretKate GreenawayJoan BelfryMargaret JerkeJohanne FortJoan BrownlJanice CorbeilJan FarrellDarlyne FarrellMargaret PerryDiane WellsDiane WellsSharon DixonJanet AllanLynn VanMontfoortPat HartleyMarie BelllRay FournierRay FournierMoira BametsonJohn CrawfordErika BlakemanMargaret PerryChinnama BainesDr. KatharynMayDavid FishDr. Anita MolzahnDiane ReedDiane ReedPauline O'ReillyPositionDirector of Clinical TrainingProfessorAssoc Dean, Graduate StActing HeadGraduate AdvisorProf. & Direc. of Clinical Tr.ChairpersonDirector,Schoolof NursingProg. Leaderffeam LiasonDepartment ChairCoordinatorAssociateDeanChairperson,NursingDepartment HeadChairpersonof NursingAssociate Dean, NursingChair, Health SciencesDepartmental AssistantDepartment HeadCoordinatorSenior InstructorCoordinatorProgramHead/AssistantCoordinatorDepartment ChairChairperson,NursingChairperson of NursingChairpersonof NursingInstructorCoordinatorInstructorDepartment HeadRecruitmentCoordlFacultyFacultyActing DirectorFacultyCoordinatorChairperson, NursingAssistant Deanof NursingDirector, School of NursingDeanDirector,School of NursingAssociate DirectorAssociate DirectorProgram Head... continued146APPENDIX D (continued)Survey Respondents, by Service Area, Program, and institutionService Area & PrommEmergency Nursing SpecialityNeonatal Nursing SpecialityNephrology Nursing SpecialityNeurosciences Nursing SpecialityObstetrical Nursing SpecialityOccup. Hlth Nursing SpecialityOR Nursing SpecialityPaed. Crit. Care Nursing SpecialityPaediatric Nursing SpecialityPostanaes. Rec. Room NursingNursing RefresherNursing Refresher - E.S.L.Practical Nursing RefresherPsychiatric Nursing RefresherInstitutionB.C. Institute of TechnologyB.C. Institute of TechnologyB.C. Institute of TechnologyB.C. Institute ofTechnologyB.C. Institute of TechnologyB.C. Institute of TechnologyB.C. Institute of TechnologySt. Paul's HospitalB.C. Institute of TechnologyB.C. Institute of TechnologyB.C. Institute of TechnologyKwantlen CollegeMalaspina Univ. CollegeOpen Learning AgencyKwantlen CollegeMalaspina Univ. CollegeVancouver Comm. CollegeDouglas CollegeSurvey RespondentCaroline HoweBeverly PisterCheryl IsaakMamie SimonReina Van LagenStephanie WilsonMamie SimonGloria StephensBeverly PisterBeverly PisterPauline O'ReillyBillie AskeyErika BlakemanKathyFukuyamaBrenda GoldmanJanet AllanPat HartleyRoberta BendPositionProgram HeadProgram HeadProgram HeadProgram Head, OR NursingProgram HeadProgram HeadProgram HeadNurse Clinician - ORProgram HeadProgram HeadProgram HeadCoordinatorCoordinatorProgram SupervisorCoordinatorCoordinatorDepartment HeadInstructorNutritioQ & DietaIy Services - Basic LeyelDietetics - Bace.Human Nutrition - Bace.Nutr. & Food Service Manag.Pharmaceutical Services - Basic LevelPharmacy -Bace.Pharmacy Technical AssistantRehabilitation Services - Basic LevelAudiology & Speech Sci. - Master'sMassage TherapyMusic Therapy - Bace.Occupational Therapy - Bace.Physical Therapy - Bace.Prosthetics & Orthotics Techn,Rehabilitation AssistantTherapeutic RecreationUniv. ofBritish ColumbiaUniv. ofBritish ColumbiaLangara CollegeUniv. of British ColumbiaVancouver Community CollegeWest Coast College of Health CareUniv. of British ColumbiaOkano VaUey Coil. of Massage Ther.West Coast CoIl. of Massage Ther.Capilano CollegeUniv. of British ColumbiaUniv. of British ColumbiaB.C. Institute of TechnologyOkanagan Univ. CollegeWest Coast College of Health CareDouglas CollegeDr.Susan BarrJoseph LeichterHelen ArmstrongDr.James OrrSusanAroDaniel ChowneDr.Judith JohnstonDoug FairweatherRenata HealyStephen WilliamsMarianne SchroederMarianne SchroederWilliam McGuinessHeather BrownDaniel ChowneLeeChamberlandAssociate ProfessorProfessorDepartment ChairAssociate DeanCoordinatorDirectorEducation DirectorAdmin. ManagerCoordinator~,StudentService8Coord., Student ServicesProgram HeadChairpersonCoordinatorRehabilitation Services - Post-basic LeyelHlth Sci. - Bace. (Physiotherapy) Open Learning Agency Diane Reed Associate Director• Indicates personto whom surveywas mailed, thoughDO completed surveywasreturned.Mailing Addresses and Phone Numbers of Institutions 1 ParticipatingIn the Training of Health Personnel In British ColumbiaI f -:J-1 '147British Columbia Cancer Agcncy600 West 10th AvcnucVancouver, B.C.V5Z4E6 Tcl. 8TI-6000North Island College1480 Elm StreetCampbell River, B.C.V9W 3A6 Tel. 286-8941University College of the Cariboo900 College Drive, P.O. Box 3010Kamloops, B.C.V2C SN3 Tel. 828-5000British Columbia Institute of Technology3700 Wi11ingdon AvcnucBurnaby, B.C.V503H2 Tcl. 432-8682Camosun Collcgc3100 Foul Bay RoadVictcxia, B.C.VSP 5J2 Tel. 370-3000Capitano Collcgc2055 Purcell WayNorth Vancouver, B.C.V7J 3HS Tel. 986-1911Collcge of New Caledonia3330 - 22nd AvenuePrince George, B.C.V2N IPS Tel. 562-2131Douglas CollegeP.O. Box 1503New Westminster, B.C.V3L 5B2 Tel. 527-5400Northern UghtB College11401 - 8th StreetDawson Creek, B.C.VI0402 Tcl. 782-5251Northwest Community College5331 McConnell Avcnue, P.O. Box 726Temce,B.C.V80 4C2 Tel. 635-6511Okanagan University College1000 Kl..O. RoadKelowna, B.C.VIY 4X8 Tel. 762-5445Okanagan Vslley College of Massage Therapy3317 - 30th AvenueVernon, B.C.VIT 2C9 Tel. 558-3718Open Learning AgencyP.O. Box 82080Burnaby, B.C.VSC 6J8 Tel. 431-3300University College of the FraserVslley33844 King Road, R.R.#2AbbotBfocd, B.C.V2S 4N2 Tel. 853-7441University of British Columbia2075 Wesbrook MallVancouver, B.C.V6T lZI Tel. 822-2211University of Nocthern British ColumbiaBox 1950, Station APrince Oeorge, B.C.V2L SP2 Tel. 960-5555University of VictoriaBox 1700VictOlia, B.C.vaw 2Y2 Tel. 721-7211Vancouver Community CollegeCity Centre CampJs150 West Pender StreetVancouver, B.C.V6B IS9 Tel. 443-8300East Kootenay Community College2700 College WayP.O. Box 8500Cranbrook, B.C.VIC SL7 Tel. 489-2751Selkirk College301 Frank Beinder WayBox 1200Castlegar, B.C.VIN3Il Tel. 365-7292Vancouver Community CollegeKing Edward Campus1155 East BroadwayVancouver, B.C.VSN 5T9 Tel. 871-7000West Coast College of Massage ThcrapyBox 12110Vancouver, B.C.Kwantlcn College9260 - l40th Street, P.O. Box 9030Surrcy. B.C.V3T S118 Tel. 599-2100Simon Fraser UniversityBurnaby MountainBurnaby, B.C.VSA 186 Tel. 291-3111 V6B4N4 Tel. 689-5261Langara College100 West 49th AvenueVancouver. B.C.VSY2Z6 Tel. 323-5511SL Paul's Hospital1081 Burrard StreetVancouver. B.C.V6Z lY6 Tel. 682-2344West Coast College of Health Care300 - 1030 West Georgia StreetVancouver, B.C.V6E 2Y3 Tel. 682-0781Malaspina University College900 - 5th StreetNanaimo, B.C.V9R 5S5 Tel. 753-3245Trinity Western University7600 Glover RoadLangley, B.C.V3A6H4 Tel. 888-7511I With the exception of Vancouver Community College, only the main campus centres have been listed.148APPENDIXEINDEX OF PROGRAM OFFERINGSBY INSTITUTION149150AppendixEIndex of Program Offerings by InstitutionBritish ColumbiaCancer Asepcy CapUanO CollcSePage PageBasic:LevelCytotechnology 51RadiationTherapy Technology 54British Columbia Institute of TechpoloaBasic:LevelBiomedical EngineeringTechnology 50CardiologyTechnology..... 50Electroneurophysiology Technology 51Environmental Health: Public Health Inspection 18Medic:al Laboratory Technology 53Medical RadiographyTechnology 53Nuclear Medicine Technology 54Nursing - Diploma 80OccupationalHealth and Safety............................ 18Prosthetics and OrthoticsTechnology 116Post-Basic LevelAdvanced Diploma in HealthSciences (Medic:al Imaging) .. 60Advanced Diploma in Nursing...... 90Cardiovascu1arTechnology 61Critical Care Nursing 93Cytogenetics LaboratoryTechnology ...... 62DiagnosticMedic:al Sonography 62Echocardiography 63EmergencyNursing 94Neonatal Nursing 94NephrologyNursing'" 95NeurosciencesNursing 95Obstetrical Nursing 96OccupationalHealth Nursing 96Operating Room Nursing 97Paediatric Critical Care Nursing 97Paediatric Nursing 98Post-AnaestheticRecoveryNursing 98CamOSUP Collc;&eBasic: LevelCommunitySupportWorker 22Dental Assisting 6Dental Hygiene - Diploma 8Home Support Attendant... 24Nursing - Combined RNIBSN 78Resident Care Attendant..... ........ 30Basic:LevelMusic Therapy 115Personal Care Attendant for the Disabled 29Resident Care Attendant 30ColIese of New CaledoniaBasic:LevelDental Assisting 6Dental Hygiene 8DevelopmentalDisabilities 23Home SupportlResidentCare Attendant 25Home SupportlResident Care AttendantUpgrade·· 27Nursing - Diploma 80Social Services WoIker 32Post-Basic:LevelSocial Services·· 46DouSlas ColIescBasic: LevelCommunitySupportWorker 22Dental Assisting 6Health InfOIDlation Services'" 2Health Record Administration·· 3HealthRecord Technician.· 3Home Support Attendant.. 24Nursing - Diploma 81NursingAccess - LPNIRN 82PsychiatricNursing 84PsychiatricNursing Access 84Resident Care Attendant .................. 30Social ServiceWoIker 32Therapeutic Recreation 117VisualLanguageInterpreter" 37Post-Basic:LevelAdvancedDiploma in Psychiatric Nursing............ 90CommunitySupport" 44PsychiatricNursing Refresher·· 101Social Services'" 46East Kootepl\Y Comm. ColleseBasic: LevelDental Assisting 6Home SupportlResident Care Attendant 25Human ServiceWoIker 28PageNursing - Diploma 81Practical Nursing 83Kwantlen ColleeeBasic LevelNursing - Diploma 81Resident C&IeAttendant 30Post-Basic LevelNursing Refresher.. 99Nursing Refresher - E.S.L : 100Laneara Co11eeeBasic LevelNursing - Combined RNIBSN 78Nursing Access - LPNIRN·· 82Nutrition & Food Service Management 107Social Service Worlcer 32Post-Basic LevelSocial Services . 46Malaspina University ColleeeBasic LevelCommunity Support Worker 22Dental Assisting 6Home SupportlResident C&Ie Attendant 26Nursing - Combined RNIBSN 79Practical Nursing 83Social Service Worker 33Post-Basic LevelCare of the Mentally Fragile Elderly (MentalHealth Support for the Elderly)·· 44Nursing - Post-RN B.S.N· 91Nursing Refresher*· 99Practical Nursing Refresher 100North Island ColleeeBasic LevelHome SupportlResident C&IeAttendant .. 26Human Service WoIker 28Nursing - Combined RNIBSN 79Basic LevelCommunity Support Worker 22Nursing - Diploma 81PageResident C&IeAttendant 30Social Service WoIker 33Northwest Comm·Co11eeeBasic LevelHome SupportlResident C&IeAttendant 26Nursing - Diploma 81Social Service WoIker 33Substance Abuse Counselling(Addiction Resource Worker) 36Okangan University Co1leeeBasic LevelDental Assisting 7Home Support Attendant Upgrade 25Home SupportlResident C&IeAttendant 26Human Service Worlrer 28Nursing - Combined RNIBSN 79Nursing Access - LPNIRN 82Practical Nursing. 83Rehabilitation Assistant 117Social Worlc - Baccalaureate 34Special Needs 35Post-Basic LevelNursing - Post-RN B.S.N 91Okanaean Valley CoUcec of Massaee TherapyBasic LevelMassage Therapy· 114QpegLearpineAeeg£YBasic LevelDental Assisting 7Home Support Attendan t... 24Social Service WoIker 33Post-Basic LevelHealth Science - Baccalaureate(Medical Imaging) 63(Nursing) 92(Physiotherapy) 122(Psychiatric Nursing) 93Music Therapy - Baccalaureate(see Capitano College) 115Nursing Refresher 99151".152Selkirk CoUCicPageBasic LevelCommunitySuppat WQrka* 22Home SupportlRcsidentCare Attendant.. 27Nursing - CombinedRNIBSN· 79Nursing - Diploma........ 81Social Service Worker 33Special Needs 35Post-Basic LevelSpecialNeeds for Social ServiceWorkers·· 46SjmQn Eraser UniversityPost-Basic LevelClinicalPsychology- Master's......... 72ClinicalPsychology- Doctorate 72Counselling Psychology-Master's 73St. Paul's HQspitalPost-Basic LevelOperatingRoom Nursing...................................... 97Trinity Western UniversityBasic LevelHuman ServiceProgram 28Nursing - Baccalaureate 78UniversitY CoUCie of the CaribooBasic LevelHome SupportlResidentCare Attendant............... 27Home SupportlResidentCare AttendantUpgrade 27Human ServiceWeIker 29MedicalLaboratory Technology 53Nursing - CombinedRNIBSN 80NursingAccess- LPNIRN·* 82Nursing Access - RPNIRN**.. 82RespiratoryTherapy.................. 55Social WQIk - Baccalaureate 34Post-Basic LevelAnaesthesiaTechnology 60Cardiovascular PerfusionTechnology 61Home SupportlRcsidentCare AttendantEquivalency 45MedicalLaboratoryAssistantUpgrade 64Nursing - Post-RN B.S.N 91Univmity CoUeie Qfthe Fraser ValleyPageBasic LevelCormnunity SupportWQrker 23Dental Assisting 7Nursing - Diploma 81ResidentCare Attendant 30Social ServiceWeIker 33SubstanceAbuse Counselling 36Post-Basic LevelGeriatricActivityCoordinator 45SubstanceAbuseCounselling 47UniVersity of British ColumbiaBasic LevelAudiQIQgy & Speech Sciences - Master's 114CombinedM.D. and Ph.D 68Dentistry 9Dietetics - Baccalaureate 106HumanNutrition - Baccalaureate 106Medicine............ 68Nursing - Baccalaureate .. 78Occupational Therapy - Baccalaureate 115Pharmacy- Baccalaureate 110PhysicalTherapy - Baccalaureate 116SocialWQIk - Baccalaureate 34Post-Basic LevelClinicalPsychology- Doctorate 72Counselling Psychology- Master·s 73Counselling Psychology- Doctorate....... 73DentalHygiene - Baccalaureate 14MedicalLaboratoryScience - Baccalaureate 64Nursing - Post-RNB.S.N 91Universityof Northern British ColumbiaBasic LevelSocialWeIk - Baccalaureate" 34Post-Basic LevelNursing- Post-RN B.S.N* 92UniversitY QfVictoriaBasic LevelHealthInformationScience - Baccalaureate 2SocialWeIk - Baccalaureate 34/35Post-Basic LevelHumanNeuropsychology - Doctorate*· 74ClinicalPsychology- Doctorate 72Counselling Psychology- Master's 74Nursing -PQstRNB.S.N 92'Vancouyer Communi1)' CollCllePageBasic LevelDentalAssisting ,. 7DentalHygiene 8DentalTechnician 9Denturist 10HomeSupport Upgrade 25MedicalLaboratory Assistant.. 52Pharmacy Technical Assistant 110Practical Nursing 83Resident Care Attendant 31Resident Care Attendant - E.S.L.. 31Resident Care Attendant Upgrade·· 32Post-Basic LevelCareof theMentally Fragile Elderly 44Practical Nursing Refresher·· 100West COast Collelleof Health CareBasic LevelMedicalClinical Assistant·.. 52Medical Laboratory Assistant· 52Pharmacy Technical Assitant· 110Rehabilitation Assistant· .. 117Resident Care Attendant (Health Care Aide)· 31Basic LevelMassage Therapy 114• Indicates a DCWprogram ora new~am listing••• Indicatea a program wbich is DO longeroffered orbasbeenlqllaccdby a newprogram.153154APPENDIXFMAP OF BRITISH COLUMBIAHEALTH REGIONS15515617157British ColumbiaHealth RegionsHEALTHREGIONS1 East Kootenay 14 North Island/MidCoast2 West Kootenay- Boundary 15 Cariboo4 North Okanagan 16 North West5 South Okanagan - Sfmilkameen 17 PeaceRiver - Liard6 ThompsonValley 18 Northern Interior7 Upper Fraser Valley 20 Vancouver9 South Fraser Valley 30 Burnaby10 Simon Fraser 40 North Shore11 Coast Garibaldi 50 Richmond13 Central Vancouver Island 60 Capital Health


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