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Annual report, 1995 Watts, Susan B.; University of British Columbia. Faculty of Forestry 1996

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TREEPLANTti irfU too*"*®,' SAT SUNIOO FORESTRY ADVISORY COUNCIL The Forestry Advisory Council provides advice to the Faculty on curriculum matters and research priorities. Mr. G. Weyerhaeuser Jr. (Chair) President & CEO Weyerhaeuser Canada Mr. T.M. Apsey President & CEO Council of Forest Industries of B.C. Mr. Gerry Armstrong Deputy Minister Ministry of Forests Mr. I.K. Barber President, Chair & CEO Slocan Forest Products Ltd. Dr. Peter J.G. Bentley Chairman Canfor Corporation Mr. Bob Bird Vice-President Canwood Mr. Ted Boswell President & CEO E.B.Eddy Corp. Mr. Thomas A. Buell Chairman of the Board Weldwood of Canada Ltd. Mr. Ric Careless Regional Coordinator World Wildlife Fund Canada Mr. Art DeFehr President Palliser Furniture Dr. Ian de la Roche President Forintek Canada Corp. Mr. R.B. Findlay President & CEO MacMillan Bloedel Ltd. Mr. Sandy Fulton President & CEO Pacific Forest Products Ltd. Mr. Ian Gill Executive Director Ecotrust Inc. Dr. Yvan Hardy Assistant Deputy Minister Natural Resources Canada Mr. C.T. Hazelwood President & CEO Northwood Pulp & Timber Ltd. Mr. Kimi Ito President K. Ito & Associates Ltd. Dr. Asa Johal President Terminal Forest Products Mr. John Kerr Chairman & CEO Lignum Ltd. Dr. Winifred B. Kessler Chair, Forestry Program Natural Resources and Environmental Studies University of Northern B.C. Mr. Henry H. Ketcham III President & CEO West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. Mr. Stuart Lang Vice-Chairman of the Board Crestbrook Forest Industries Ltd. Mr. Graham Lea Secretary-Treasurer Truck Loggers Association Mr. George Malpass President Primex Forest Products Mr. Garry Merkel, R.P.F. Kimberley, B.C. Mr. Jack Munro Chairman BC Forest Alliance Dr. Gordon H. Orians Professor University of Washington Mr. Gilbert Faille President & CEO Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada Mr. Keith Purchase President & CEO TimberWest Forest Ltd. Dr. Marie Rauter President & CEO Ontario Forest Industry Association Mr. Erkki Rautianen President Point to Point Management Services Ltd. Mr. Ralph Roberts Director Forestry Section, CIDA Mr. Van Scoffield Executive Director Association of B.C. Professional Foresters Mr. Gerry Stoney President IWA-Canada Dr. Joseph D. Wright President & CEO Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada 19 9 5 ANNUAL REPORT F a c u l t y of F o r e s t r y University of British Columbia April 1, 1995-March31,1996 FRONT COVER PHOTOGRAPHS (Clockwise from top right) UliC OPEN HOUSE, October 13-15, 1995 • Teaching prize winner, John Worrall, answers forestry questions. • Team spirit is alive amongst student tree planters. • Rain does not deter the race schedule. • Students demonstrate proper technique during tree planting races. • Hard working volunteers take a well deserved break. • Young visitors get hands on experience. Photos: Sandy Thomson BACK COVER PHOTOGRAPH • Tree Trek '96. Students chimneying Sequoiadendron giganteum in Calaveras County, California. Photo: John Worrall TEXT PHOTOGRAPHS UBC Media Services Editor: Susan B. Watts, Ph.D., R.P.F. Desktop Publisher: Patsy Quay ©1996, Faculty of Forestry University of British Columbia ISSN 1188-9837 Dean's Message 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS STUDENTS AND TEACHING PROGRAMS Undergraduate Students 4 Programs of Study 4 Enrolment Statistics 5 Awards 6 Graduation Statistics 7 Graduate Students 8 Enrolment Statistics 8 Scholarships and Fellowships 9 Degrees Granted 10 FACULTY AND FACULTY RESEARCH Office of the Dean 12 Faculty and Staff 12 Forest Resources Management Department 14 Faculty and Staff 15 Achievements and Plans 17 Wood Science Department 18 Faculty and Staff 19 Achievements and Plans 21 Forest Sciences Department 22 Faculty and Staff 23 Achievements and Plans 26 University Research Forests 27 Offices, Awards and Distinctions 28 Extramural Funding and Sponsored Research 32 Faculty Publications 39 CENTRES, INSTITUTES AND TARGETED PROGRAMS First Nations Forestry and Conservation Programs 47 International Forestry Programs 48 Centre for Advanced Wood Processing 49 Centre for Applied Conservation Biology 50 BC Forestry Continuing Studies Network 51 Silviculture Institute of B.C. 52 Faculty Development Program 53 SPECIAL LECTURES 54  DEAN'S MESSAGE T P HE FACULTY OF FORESTRY continues to develop along the trends established in recent years. Undergraduate and graduate programs continue to grow as enrolments fill out against fixed first-year quotas. We continuously modify and improve our programs, with the new B.Sc. program in Wood Products Processing and revisions to the B.Sc. (Natural Resources Conservation) being the most significant examples in the past year. The federal and provincial governments along with Forest Renewal BC made substantial financial investments in the Faculty during the past year, as did our alumni. Construction on the new home for the Faculty — the Forest Sciences Centre — commenced in February. We opened the new Centre for Advanced Wood Processing this Spring. The environment for higher education remains volatile, and the Faculty continues to adapt to these changes by focusing on our mission: Serving the People of British Columbia through Excellence in Forestry — Conservation, Management, Products and Production Processes. Some highlights of the year include: • Undergraduate enrolment rose by 15.5% to 522 students. Year 1 enrolment was at our quotas for all programs, so the increase comes as a result of increased retention rates (an expected consequence of the steadily rising entry GPAs) and imbalances in the vintage structure of the students in (lie Faculty. We expect this rate of increase gradually to slow and to produce a total of about 600 students in 1996/97 — about the steady-state enrolment for the Faculty given our current program configuration, retention rates and entry quotas. Women comprised 33.9% of the undergraduate class, two and a half times the percentage five years ago which was on a far smaller base. Self-reported First Nations students numbered only five in the Faculty, far less than represented in the B.C. population as a whole. Placement of students both in summer positions and in full-time professional jobs after graduation remains at very high levels. • Our graduate program grew by 5.0% to 189 students. At about 4.5 graduate students per faculty member, we are probably close to our capacity to provide high-quality graduate education. Total funding for graduate-student support was SI.84 million, an 8.0% increase over last year's level. • This year sees the first graduates of our Diploma in Forestry (Advanced Silviculture) program, offered in collaboration with the Silviculture Institute of British Columbia. 'ITiis program brought the equivalent of about 53 full-time students to the Faculty this year, and we expect the number to rise by about 15% next year. Faculty participation in the program remains strong, and we are currently examining the possibility of offering a similar program focused on forest engineering. • Research activity — as measured by success in competitive grant competitions and the overall level of extramural funding — in the Faculty continues to lead Canadian forestry schools. Total extramural funding was $7.1 million, a 41% increase from last year's level. Grants from Forest Renewal BC helped offset the general nation-wide downward trend in research support, and we expect this source of support to increase in 1996/97. In addition, the Faculty is a major participant in the new Sustainable Forest Management NCE, has developed a major NSERC chair in population genetics, and received from KST Hokkaido, 1995 Annual Report 1 a Japanese housing company, a major grant for research on wood building design and construction. • The BC Forestry Continuing Studies Network (which the Faculty helped establish in 1991) served nearly 12,000 participants (over 65 person-years of training) during 1995/96, down from the 1994/95 peak associated with massive needs related to the then-new Forest Practices Code of B.C. • International programs took new directions in the Faculty. We financed (off budget) a coordinator for student exchanges, and she has successfully placed 12 of our under- graduates in programs throughout the world — the largest number of exchange students we have ever had. In addition, this year we began a program of work internships which will send two graduate students to Latin America this summer. We participated with our counterpart university in Malaysia to host a major international conference on certification of forest management practices as a means for assessing sustainable use. Early this year we signed a MOU with FachHochschule Rosenheim to institutionalize their collaboration with our new Wood Products Processing program, and are in the process of developing a similar agreement with the wood processing program at SISH in Biel, Switzerland. • Our faculty complement declined by four this year (Prof. Paul Steiner died on May 10, 1995, Prof. Glen Young and Prof. Don Munro took early retirement, and Prof. Phillip Burton resigned). We were successful in recruiting new faculty in Forest Resources Management — Prof. Younes Alila (engineering hydrology), Prof. Paul Wood (conservation policy) and Prof. Joe McNeel (forest operations, joint with the Forest Engineering Institute of Canada) — and Forest Sciences — Prof. Kermit Ritland and Prof. Sally Aitken for the new NSERC Chair in Population Genetics. In addition, we appointed two faculty members part-time in the Department of Forest Sciences (Y. El-Kassaby from Pacific Forest Products Ltd. and J. Richardson from the B.C. Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks) who serve at no direct cost to the Faculty but participate significantly in our education and research programs. • Each of our undergraduate programs has undergone intensive scrutiny resulting in some major changes in program structure and content. Senate approved the new B.Sc. program in Wood Products Processing (jointly developed by the Department of Wood Science and the Faculty of Applied Science) and major revisions to the B.Sc. (Natural Resources Conservation). A cross-faculty task force on our B.S.F. program is in the final stages of its work, and we expect to be considering a major revision of that program during the 1996/97 academic year. • The Faculty of Forestry campaign attained a considerable degree of success, and is poised to wind up in 1996/97. Alumni participation in the annual campaign is up dramatically, with 497 gifts (up from the low 100s in the late 1980s and early 1990s). Because our capacity to support students has risen little despite a threefold increase in undergraduate numbers, alumni donations are generally targeted on scholarship support. New awards were endowed in the names of John Worrall (a continuing faculty member and perennial teaching award winner), Paul Steiner (a recently deceased faculty member) and Emily and 2 UBC Faculty of Forestry Francis Binkley. The Centre for Advanced Wood Products and the Wood Products Processing program received a $14.5 million endowment from the Forest Renewal BC and the federal government, and $7 million from the provincial government for its new building (part of the Forest Sciences Centre). Forest Renewal BC provided $9.5 million for chairs in forest management, silviculture, applied conservation biology (two), and hydrology (two, both of which will be joint with the Department of Geography in the Faculty of Arts), and the University matched this grant with $4 million. Accommodating planned enrolment increases without diminishing instructional quality remains our most critical challenge. The number of additional undergraduate students in the faculty since the 1993/94 academic year is likely to exceed the total enrolment in 1989/90. Since that time, undergraduate enrolment has grown by a factor of three despite the imposition of first- year enrolment quotas and steadily increasing entry grade-point averages. At the same time, our graduate enrolment has increased by 50%, we have introduced a new diploma program which will enrol the equivalent of about 60 full-time students in 1996/97, and our extramural activities have expanded dramatically. The level of financial support we receive from the university per student is among the lowest in Canada (for forestry programs, about half the level at Laval and one third the level at the University of Toronto), and lags far behind our international counterparts. Sustaining instructional excellence in the squeeze between rising student numbers and a steadily declining operating budget requires the talent and imagination of our faculty and staff, and the thoughtful support of our constituents. Clark S. Binkley Dean, Faculty of Forestry 1995 Annual Report 3 UNDER- GRADUATE STUDENTS P R O G R A M S OF S T U D Y GOSS, Donna E. B.S.F., R.P.F. Coordinator, Student Services Phone: (604)822-3547 Fax: (604)822-8645 E-mail: dgoss@unixg ubc.ca MARSHALL, Peter L. B.Sc.F., M.Sc., Ph.D., R.P.F. Advisor, Forest Resources Management Phone: (604)822-4918 Fax: (604)822-9106 E-mail: marshall@unixg.ubc.ca HOWARD, Andrew F. B.Sc., M.F.Sc., M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D. Advisor, Forest Operations Phone: (604)822-3794 Fax: (604)822-9106 E-mail: ahoward@unixg.ubc.ca PASZNER, Laszlo B.S.F., M.F., Ph.D. Advisor, Wood Products Processing Phone: (604)822-2139 Fax: (604)822-9104 CHANWAY, Christopher P. B.Sc., B.S.Ag., M.Sc., Ph.D. Advisor, Forest Science Phone: (604)822-3716 Fax: (604)822-9102 E-mail: cchanway@unixg.ubc.ca CHAMBERS, Alan D. B.S.F., M.F., Ph.D., R.P.F. Advisor, Natural Resources Conservation Phone: (604)822-0951 Fax: (604)822-9106 E-mail: alchambe@unixg.ubc.ca THE Faculty of Forestry offers 4-year degree programs in each of the following five areas: • Forest Resources Management - B.S.F. This major focuses on the multidisciplinary aspects of forest resources biology and manage- ment of forested ecosystem for such products as timber, range, wildlife, recreation, fisheries and water. Students learn about the unique characteristics of each resource, their inter- actions, and the manipulation of forests to yield a variety of desirable products in the context of the social and economic environment of Canadian society. The program prepares graduates for careers in responsible integrated forest management as professional foresters. • Forest Operations - B.S.F. This major prepares the graduate for profes- sional forestry responsibilities, with an empha- sis on planning, design and administration of forest harvesting operations. Areas of study include: design and construction of forest roads and drainage structures; selection, planning and supervision of logging systems; site protection and rehabilitation; and the development of computer applications for harvesting systems. • Wood Products Processing B.Sc. (Forestry) The Wood Products Processing degree program provides graduates with a multidisciplinary knowledge in wood technology, advanced wood products manufacturing, computer control and process automation, marketing and business administration and laboratory experience with state-of-the-art wood processing equip- ment. Graduates also develop communication, problem solving and entrepreneurial skills needed for industry careers. Co-op and non co-op options are available. • Forest Science - B.Sc. (Forestry) This major is for students interested in more specialized study of die scientific principles related to the growth, development and ecology of forest species. Emphasis is placed on basic and interactional phenomena that influence the establishment, growth and development of trees and other forest resources. The core subjects include genetics, soils, weather and climate, tree form, tree function, ecology, entomology, pathology, silvics, silviculture, fire science. Donna E. Goss Coordinator Student Services • Natural Resources Conservation B.Sc. (Natural Resources Conservation) This program prepares students for careers in the conservation of renewable natural resources, the management of protected areas, and planning for the integrated use of forests and associated wildlands. Students leave the program with an appreciation for the socio- economic and biological environments in which decisions concerning the management of protected areas are made, and a working knowledge of technologically advanced tools and quantitative techniques available to renewable resource planners and managers. P R O G R A M C H A N G E S IN 1995-96 • Implemented a new broader-based admis- sions policy for applicants to the B.S.F. degree programs from high school. • Completed a review of the B.Sc. (Natural Resources Conservation) degree program - curriculum revisions will be implemented in 1996. • Admitted first and second year students to the new Wood Products Processing program and placed first group of co-op students in wood products industries. PLANS FOR 1996-97 • Continue with our broader-based admissions policy for the B.S.F. programs while moni- toring die success of students admitted. • Complete the review of the B.S.F. curricula with recommendations for program changes. • Implement (pending Senate approval) the first diree years of the revised curriculum for the B.Sc. (Natural Resources Conservation) degree program. • Implement Years 1, 2, and 3 of the new Wood Products Processing program. • Continue with plans to integrate First Nations content into specific core courses in die B.S.F. curricula. 4 UBC Faculty of Forestry Total Enrolment Enrolment for undergraduate students (in all four years of the forestry programs) is up again this year from 452 to 522 students. The graph below illustrates die past five years' trend in enrolments: 600 500 - 400 - 300 - 2 0 0 - 100 - 90/91 91/92 92/93 93/94 94/95 95/96 Total enrolment and new enrolment 1990/91 -1995/96 The following chart shows die distribution of undergraduate students by year of program. Distribution of students among programs 1995/96 1 2 3 Year of Study Enrolment by year of study 1995/96 Program Number enrolled % of total Forest Resources Management 180 34.7 Forest Operations 25 4.1 Forest Science 35 6.8 Wood Products Processing 50 9.6 Natural Resources Conservation 116 22.4 Undeclared* 116 22.4 Total 522 100 *First year students. Female students represented 33.9% of die above total, up from 31% last year and 14% in 1990. New Student Enrolment Two hundred and twenty-four undergraduate students entered die faculty during 1995/96. The numbers entering into die different years are tabulated below: New students entering the Faculty 1995/96 Year of study Number of new students entering I 134 n 81 m 9 Total 224 The average entering GPA from all padi- ways was 72%. Eighty-five per cent of die new students originate from B.C. 'Hie chart below illustrates die programs (by degree) which were entered by new students in 1995/96. E N R O L M E N T STATIST ICS Undergraduate Students B.Sc. (Natural Resources Conservation) 2 6 . 0 % As seen in die following table, die majority of our undergraduates are enrolled in die Forest Resources Management program. The Natural Resources Conservation program has the second highest enrolment. B.Sc. (Forestry) Programs entered by new students 1995/96 1995 Annual Report 5 Scholarships and Fellowships Awarded, 1995 FIRST YEAR STUDENTS THIRD YEAR STUDENTS A W A R D S Undergraduate Students Affleck, D.L. Ambus, L.M. Birtch, G.J. Buchanan, B.K. Hyndman, J. Nichols, P.J. Perrakis, D.D. Stewart, J.C. Wild, J.A. HRM1, ABCPF1 Banks Banks Banks Crist Banks HRM1, Banks Weld wood Banks SECOND YEAR STUDENTS Blasy, V.E. Buller, M.S. Campbell, H E. Comey, R.J. Corsi, E.A. Finall, S.A. Gabriel, P C. Galbraith, A.L. Gawalko, L.M. Leonard, E.M. Limacher, S.E. Richmond, G.S. Rimac, J.I. Ronalds, P.C. Scheck, D.C. Scott, R E. Simmons, E.N. Story, R.T. To, J.H. Vinnedge, R.B. Weber, A.A. Wenger, P-J.K. Soderman Soderman Banks Banks Soderman Soderman Soderman Johnson, Haddock, Siddoo HRM1, Little, Soderman Truck Loggers Banks Banks Soderman Soderman Soderman Banks R.E. Mills Well wood Soderman HRM1, Machinery Siddoo, Soderman ABCPF1,HRM1 Baker, J.D. Calabrese, M.D. Charlston, K. Harco, M.E. Hashizume, R.Y. Hebb, K.A. Housden, S.W. Maitland, S.K. Munroe, C.A. Palmer, A.M.J. Passeri, M.G. Robinson, J. A. Schroff, A.C. Sommerfeld, B.G. Walsh, H. Wills, N.F. Wilson, S.R. J.R. MUls Gait Elkington Soderman Backman, ABCPF1 Beaty Bier Knapp, ABCPF1, Hanna Soderman HRM1, Soderman, English, Machinery Backman, Haley, Soderman, Alumni Timbcrline Craig Northwood, Soderman Truck Loggers Soderman Craig Soderman FOURTH YEAR STUDENTS Dempster, M.B. Flintoft, J.D. Froese, R.E. Gin, E. Harrod, K M. Recknell, G.M. Rooke, D.S. Walters, F.G. Ziegler, R.K. ABCPF' History Canadian Honours, HRM2 Hohson Honours, HRM3 Honours, ABCPF3 CIF Medal Honours Full Name of Award ABCPF Scholarship.1 ABCPF Best Graduating Thesis.2 ABCPF Best Graduating Essay.3 UBC Forestry Alumni Division Scholarship. Backman Scholarship in Forest Resource Mgmt. Charles and Jane Banks Scholarship. John D. Beaty Memorial Scholarship. John E. Bier Memorial Prize in Forest Pathology. Canadian Forestry Equipment Ltd. Prize. Canadian Institute of Forestry Medal. Robert J. Craig Memorial Scholarship. ABCPF Norman B. Crist Memorial Prize. Gait Elkington Memorial Scholarship. Barry English Memorial Award. Phil Huddock Prize in Silviculture. Ken Haley Memorial Prize in Fire Science and Management. Stuart Hanna Prize. Forest History Prize. Harry Hobson Memorial Prize. Honours Standing. H.R. MacMillan Scholarship in Forestry.1 H.R. MacMillan Prize in Forest Harvesting.2 H.R. MacMillan Prize in Forestry.3 Ted Johnson Scholarship in Forestry. Malcolm Knapp Spring Camp Prize. David Bell Little Memorial Scholarship. Machinery and Supply Companies Group Forestry Scholarship. James Russell Mills memorial Award. Robert E. Mills Memorial Award. Northwood Pulp and Timber Limited Scholarship. Kapoor Singh Siddoo Scholarship. Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship. Timberline Scholarship. Truck Loggers Association Scholarship. Weldwood of Canada Limited Scholarship. Mary and Robert Wellwood Memorial Scholarship in Wood Science and Industry. 6 UBC Faculty of Forestry Degrees Conferred, May 1995 and November 1995 Congregations B.S.F. - Forest Resources Management Ahrens, R.N. Henning, D.P. Rooke, D.S. Anderson, S.B. Huebert, M.J. Ryznar, G.A. Antoniak, K M. Lalari, I. Sakakibara, M.C. Barbosa, F. Law, S.S.Y. Sivucha, M.J. Bennett, A.W. Leeson, M. Smith, G.G. Bontkes, R.P. Littlejohn, W.G. Smith, M.W. Bradford, F.K. MacDonald, T.M. Stafford, J.C. Byrne, S.M. Marriott, J.E. Steinke, A. Clark, A.G. McLeod, M.A. Thurston, J.M. Dougan, T.E. Muddiman, D.C. Wadlegger, J.R. Flintoft, J.D. Parks, S.M. Walters, F.G. Froese, R.E. Pighin, E.D. Ziegler, R.K. Grosicki, C.J. B.S.F. - Forest Operations George, D M. Gin, E. Klyne, R.M. Shook, J.G. B.Sc. (Forestry) - Wood Science and Industry Tsai, A.C.J. Fearing, S.C. Iwasaki, K M. B.Sc. (Forestry) - Forest Science Lindgren, P.M.F. B.Sc. (Natural Resources Conservation) Crawley, S.A. Cuthbert, R.J. Dempster, M.B. Flores, K.T. Recknell, R.J. Rehwald, B.G. Young, L.D. G R A D U A T I O N STATISTICS Undergraduate Students P e r m a n e n t l y E m p l o y e d 6 1 . 5 % U n e m p l o y e d 2 . 6 % A d v a n c e d S t u d i e s 5 . 1 % T e m p o r a r i l y E m p l o y e d 3 0 . 8 % Employment survey of 1995 graduates (39 of the 52 graduates responded) Number of Graduates 100 90 50 30 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 Number of students graduating 1985 - 1995 1995 Annual Report 7 GRADUATE STUDENTS Graduate Programs The Faculty of Forestry offers four graduate degrees: • Doctor of Philosophy - Ph.D. • Master of Forestry - M.F. • Master of Science - M.Sc. • Master of Applied Science - M. A.Sc. Enrolment Trends E N R O L M E N T STAT IST ICS McLEAN, John A. B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. Associate Dean Graduate Studies & Research Phone: (604)822-3360 Fax: (604)822-8645 E-mail: mclean@unixg.ti>c.ca LIEW, Lilly B.A. Graduate Secretary Phone: (604)822-6177 Fax: (604)822-8645 E-mail: gradfor@unixg.ubc.ca Enrolment in the Forestry graduate program has grown by 72% over the past decade. Today there are 189 graduate students registered in the Faculty. The graph below illustrates the distribution of these students between the different degree programs. The greatest growth has been in the number of Doctoral students - in 1985 there were only 41 enrolled in die program, whereas today there are 74 students. In this same period the number of Masters students has risen from 72 to 115. 200 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 i i r 85/86 87/88 89/90 91/92 93/94 95/96 Ph.D. Total • • Masters Graduate student enrolment 1985/86-1995/96 Women comprise 32% of our Masters and 12% of die Ph.D. students, for an overall average of 24%. The following table shows enrolment data for 1995/96. Graduate student enrolment 1995/96 Degree Male Female Total Ph.D. 65 9 74 M.F. 12 1 13 M.Sc. 61 35 96 M.A.Sc. 5 1 6 Total 143 46 189 As of October, 1995. The proportion of graduate students from outside of Canada has remained fairly constant over the past few years and presently stands at 32% of Doctoral and 28% of Masters students. A total of twenty-six countries are represented in die graduate student body. Graduate Student Funding In die 1995/96 academic year, Forestry graduate students were awarded support totalling $1,836,218, an increase of 8% over 1994/95 funding levels. This was made up from $726,550 in scholarship funding, $179,403 in graduate teaching assistantships and $930,265 in graduate research assistant- ships (provided by research supervisors from dieir research grants). Graduate student enrolment and funding Department No. graduate students Total funding Forest Resources Management 59 $335,855 Forest Sciences 82 $880,495 Wood Science 48 $619,868 8 UBC Faculty of Forestry MASTERS STUDENTS Atwood, Lynn VanDusen He, M. McPhee Savoie, A. Forintek Benowicz, A. McPhee Lake, R. McPhee Serrouya, R. NSERC Brewer, R. NSERC Lee, L. McPhee Sharp, N. NSERC Bull, J. Heller Li, M. Lumber Smets, P. McPhee Choi, J. Korean Lin, Y. VanDusen Vrzal, W. Cochran Dodds, S. B .C. Environment Lisgo, K. McPhee Wang, K. McPhee Dubois, J. McPhee McCormick, J. Hoffmeister, Yatich, S. McPhee, Edgar, C. Forestry Faculty McPhee World Bank Froese, R. Allen McKinnon, L. NSERC Yawalata, D. CIDA Fuchs, M. CFP Nicholson, D. NSERC Yong, T. K. CIDA Goh, S. VanDusen Oriente, D. TimberWest1 Zhi, J. McPhee Hafer, M. Backman, McPhee Parker, R. Bassett Zhong, J. Buckland, UGF Hanel, C. UGF Pavel, M. UGF Zhou, B. McPhee I lay ward, J. VanDusen Sanchez-Mayoral, C. Spanish DOCTORAL STUDENTS Clouston, P-L. Forintek Huggard, D. Tri-Council Mitchell-Banks, P. McPhee Craig, V. VanDusen Kayahara, G. GREAT Mooney, R. UGF Cumming, S. Tri-Council Kinyua, D.P. CIDA Nelson, K. VanDusen Davradou, M. Namkoong Lau, W. GREAT Ransome, D. GREAT DeFretes, Y. CIDA Li, K. GREAT Shishido, M. Japan Duralia, T. TimberWest' Lu, C. Weyerhaeuser Singh, R. UGF Eagen, R. GREAT Lu, J. UGF Sutherland, G Tri-Council Ells, A. UGF Mansfield, S. NSERC Teter, D. UGF Gao, Y. GREAT Industrial Thomas, L. Commonwealth Hailemariam, T. MacMillan Mcintosh, R. GREAT Van Ham, M. GREAT Hamann, A. McPhee Medina, E. NSERC Wang, X. GREAT Heinzelmann, F. Hanson, Mitchell, S. GREAT White, J.B. GREAT McPhee S C H O L A R S H I P S A N D F E L L O W S H I P S Graduate Students Full Name of Award George S. Allen Memorial Scholarship. Backman Scholarship in Forest Resource Management. B.C. Environmental Research Edward W. Bassett Memorial Scholarship in Reforestation. Don Buckland Memorial Scholar- ship in Forest Pathology. CFP - Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Fellowship in Forest Wildlife Management. CIDA - Canadian International Development Agency Scholarship. Ralph M. and Elizabeth E. Cochran Scholarship. Commonwealth Scholarship. Special Forestry Faculty Scholarship. Forintek Canada Corporation Fellowship in Wood Science and Wood Products. GREAT - Graduate Research Engineering and Technology Awards. Brenda Hanson Memorial Scholarship in Forestry. Paul Heller Fellowship. Bert Hoffmeister Scholarship in Forest Wildlife. Japan Scholarship. Korean Government Fellowship Award. Lumber Inspectors' Benevolent Society Scholarship. MacMillan Bloedel Limited Fel- lowship in Forest Mensuration. Donald S. McPhee Fellowship. Namkoong Family Fellowship in Forest Sciences. NSERC - Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Scholarship. NSERC Industrial - Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship. Spanish Ministry of Education and Science Scholarship. TimberWest1 Forest Limited Fellowship in Forest Wildlife Management. TimberWest2 Forest Limited Fellowship in Forest Science Tri-Council Eco-Fellowship. U G F - University Graduate Fellowship. VanDusen Graduate Fellowship. Weyerhaeuser Fellowship in Wood Design Management. World Bank Scholarship. 1995 Annual Report 9 Degrees Conferred, May 1995 and November 1995 Congregations D E G R E E S G R A N T E D Graduate Students M.F. BOGLE, Tim Dr. D.E.N. Tait The impact of using alternative risk views when setting harvest levels on an uncertain harvestable land base in British Columbia. HOFFERT, Cyrla Dr. C. Breuil Immunolocalization of a proteinase produced by the sapstaining fungus, Ophiostoma piceae. LIU, Guoliang Dr. J. Nelson Evolution programs, simulated annealing and hill climbing applied to harvest scheduling problems. STJERNBERG, Ernst Drs. R. Guy/C. Hawkins The effectiveness of reflective tarpaulins in protecting tree seedlings against heat stress. M.A.Sc. BULLOCK, Chris Dr. J. Saddler The influence of the high molecular weight fraction of bleached kraft mill effluent on the biological activity of activated sludge. M.Sc. BOOTH, Barry Dr. F. Bunnell The effects of thinning on forest bird com- munities in dry interior Douglas-fir forests. CRAIG, Vanessa Dr. F. Bunnell Relationships between shrews (Sorex spp.) and downed wood in the Vancouver water- sheds, B.C. DAUST, Dave Dr. J. Nelson Biodiversity and land management from concept to practice. GULYAS, Gyula Dr. D.L Golding Terrain stability assessment using logistic regression analysis for the Jamieson-Orchid- Elbow Creeks subdrainage, Seymour River Basin, British Columbia. JUKES, Warren Mr. G. Young Estimating harvesting productivity and cost on second growdi coastal sites in British Columbia. LEWIS, Kornelia Dr. J.A. McLean Genetic variation among populations of Pissodes strobi (white pine weevil) reared from Picea and Finns hosts as inferred from RAPD markers. NELSON, Sandra Dr. J. Saddler Xylanase prebleaching of kraft pulps derived from three softwood species. RODDAN, Christopher Dr. A. Chambers Bases for community participation in the management of the Busol Watershed, Baguio City, northern Philippines. ROUCK, Kerry Dr. J. Nelson Applications of spatially explicit timber harvest scheduling: Sustained yield unit size and corridor analysis. SPYKSMA, Randy Dr. P.J. Dooling Aquatic environment protection in protected areas: A comparative study. TYLER, John Dr. D. Golding Hillslope hydrology in the Rennell Sound area of die Queen Charlotte Islands. XIE, Changshi Dr. J. Ruddick Fixation mechanism of ammoniacal copper wood preservatives. ZABEK, Lisa Drs. J.P. Kimmins/C. Prescott Fertilization of hybrid poplar plantations in coastal British Columbia. 10 UBC Faculty of Forestry Ph.D. ABRAHAM, Linda Dr. C. Breuil Functions of a proteinase secreted by the sap- staining fungus Ophiostoma piceae. AWADEL-KARIM, Salah Dr. L. Paszner Mechanism of purification of cellulose in acidified aqueous acetone. BROWN, Garth Dr. J. Carlson Molecular cytogenetics in Picea. CHERRY, Marilyn Dr. G. Namkoong Genetic variation in western red cedar (Thuja plicata Donn) seedlings. DOYLE, Andress Dr. J. Ruddick Factors which influence the performance of akylammonium compounds as wood preservatives. KREBER, Bernhard Dr. C. Breuil The role of microorganisms in the pheno- menon of hemlock brownstain. MATAKALA, Patrick Dr. A. Chambers Decision-making and conflict resolution in co-management: Two cases from Temagami, northeastern Ontario. McNAY, Scott Dr. F. Bunnell The ecology of movements made by Columbian black-tailed deer. MOHAMMAD-NAZHAD, Mousa Dr. L. Paszner Fundamentals of strength loss in recycled paper. SAHAJANANTHAN, Sivaguru Dr. D. Haley Single and integrated use of forest lands in British Columbia - theory and practice. WANG, Yue Dr. V. LeMay Development and examination of sequential approaches for applicability testing of tree volume models. D E G R E E S G R A N T E D Graduate Students 1995 Annual Report 11 OFFICE OF THE DEAN BINKLEY, Clark S. A.B., M.S. (Harvard), Ph.D. (Yale) Dean Phone: (604)822-2467 E-mail: binkley@unixg.ubc.ca F A C U L T Y A N D S T A F F KOZAK, Antal (Tony) B.S.F. (Sopron), M.F., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), D.Sc. Honoris causa (Sopron) Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs & Academic Affairs Responsible for administering academic programs including curriculum and calendar changes, admissions, transfers, advance- ments and for disciplining undergraduate students. Phone: (604)822-3545 E-mail: kozak@unixg.ubc.ca Phone: (604)822-2727 Fax: (604)822-8645 McLEAN, John A. B.Sc., M.Sc. (Auckland), Ph.D. (Simon Fraser), F.R.E.S., R.P.Bio. Associate Dean, Graduate Studies & Research Responsible for administering all aspects of Forestry graduate and post-baccalaureate programs and for promoting externally- sponsored research activities. Phone: (604)822-3360 E-mail: mclean@unixg.ubc.ca WATTS, Susan B. B.Sc. (N. Wales), M.F., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), R.P.F. Assistant Dean, External Relations Responsible for directing external relations activities, for promot- ing research, for coordinating project proposal development and for producing Faculty Newsletters and Annual Reports. Phone: (604)822-6316 E-mail: suwatts@unixg.ubc.ca 12 UBC Faculty of Forestry GOSS, Donna E. B.S.F. (Brit. Col.), R.P.F. Phone: (604)822-3547 E-mail: dgoss@unixg.ubc.ca PREST, Gordon Phone: (604)822-0651 E-mail: gprest@unixg.ubc.ca Coordinator Student Services Coordinator First Nations Forestry and Natural Resources Conservation Programs BIRD, Beverly B.A. (Brit. Col.) Phone: (604)822-4728 E-mail: bbird@unixg.ubc.ca Coordinator First Nations Curriculum HOWARD, Andrew B.Sc. (Mass.), M.F.Sc., M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Yale) Phone: (604)822-3794 E-mail: ahoward@unixg.ubc.ca SCHINNERL, Sandra B.Com. (Brit. Col.) Phone: (604)822-9627 E-mail: sandra@unixg.ubc.ca Director International Forestry Programs Assistant Director International Forestry Programs F A C U L T Y A N D STAFF PENNANT, John D. B.A. (Brit. Col.), C.F.R.E. Phone: (604)822-8716 E-mail: jpennant@unixg.ubc.ca Development Officer ALIVOJVODIC, Barbara Administrator Phone: (604)822-5542 E-mail: alivoj@unixg.ubc.ca ATKINSON, Wendy Secretary Phone: (604)822-2176 E-mail: atkinso@unixg.ubc.ca HARTSON, Donna Secretary to the Dean Phone: (604)822-3542 E-mail: hartson@unixg.ubc.ca LAI, Charles Clerk Phone: (604)822-4312 LIEW, Lily B.A. (Brit. Col.) Graduate Programs Secretary Phone: (604)822-6177 E-mail: gradfor@unixg.ubc.ca QUAY, Patsy Editorial Assistant Phone: (604)822^1072 E-mail: quay@unixg.ubc.ca SCHOBEL, Karen Undergraduate Programs Secretary Phone: (604)822-2727 E-mail: forrecep@unixg.ubc.ca TURNER, Ron B.A. (Brit. Col.) Systems Manager Phone: (604)822-6793 E-mail: turner@unixg.ubc.ca 1995 Annual Report 13 FOREST RESOURCES MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT Gordon Baskerville Head Timothy Ballard Younes Alila Clark Binkley David Haley Peter Marshall Alan Chambers Andrew Howard Peter Murtha Jonathan Fannin Antal Kozak John Nelson Douglas Golding Valerie LeMay Peter Pearse S.E. (Tim) Salcudean David Tait David Tindall Casey van Kooten FOREST RESOURCES MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT BASKERVILLE, Gordon Professor and Head • Integrated Resources Management B.Sc.F. (1955), New Brunswick, M.F. (1957), Ph.D. (1964) Yale Phone: (604)822-3362 E-mail: basker@unixg.ubc.ca ALILA, Younes Assistant Professor • Forest Engineering Hydrology B.A.Sc. (1985), M.A.Sc. (1987), Ph.D. (1994) Ottawa Phone: (604)822-6058 E-mail: alila@unixg.ubc.ca BALLARD, Timothy M. Professor (Forest Resources Management, Soil Science) • Forest Soils, Management Impacts, Tree Nutrition, Forest Fertilization B.S.F. (1961), M.F. (1963), Ph.D. (1968) Washington Phone: (604)822-2300 BINKLEY, Clark S. Professor and Dean • Forest Economics A.B. (1971), M.S. (1976) Harvard, Ph.D. (1979) Yale Phone: (604)822-2467 E-mail: binkley@unixg.ubc.ca CHAMBERS, Alan D. Associate Professor • Social Forestry, Integrated Resources Management B.S.F. (1964) Brit. Col., M.F. (1967) Duke, Ph.D. (1971) Brit. Col., R.P.F. Phone: (604)822-0951 E-mail: alchambe@unixg.ubc.ca FANNIN, R. Jonathan Associate Professor (Forest Resources Management, Civil Engineering) • Forest Roads, Terrain Stability Assessment B.Sc.(Hons.) (1983) Belfast, Ph.D. (1987) Oxford, P. Eng. Phone: (604)822-3133 E-mail: jonathan.fannin@ubc.ca GOLDING, Douglas L. Associate Professor • Watershed Management and Forest Hydrology B.Sc. (1953) New Brunswick, M.S. (1961) Purdue, Ph.D. (1968) Brit. Col., R.P.F. Phone: (604)822^1264 E-mail: dgolding@unixg.ubc.ca HALEY, David Professor • Forest Economics, Forest Policy Analysis B.Sc. (1962) Aberdeen, M.F. (1964), Ph.D. (1966) Brit. Col., R.P.F. Phone: (604)822-5634 E-mail: dhaley@unixg.ubc.ca HOWARD, Andrew F. Associate Professor and Director of International Forestry Programs • Forest Engineering Economics, Forest Planning B.Sc. (1976) Massachusetts, M.F.Sc. (1979), M.Sc. (1981), M.Phil. (1981), Ph.D. (1985) Yale Phone: (604)822-3794 E-mail: ahoward@unixg.ubc.ca KOZAK, Antal FACULTY Professor and Associate Dean • Biometrics, New Methodology for Forest Inventory B.S.F. (1956) Sopron, M.F. (1961), Ph.D. (1963) Brit. Col., D.Sc. Honoris causa (1989) Sopron. Phone: (604)822-3545 E-mail: kozak@unixg.ubc.ca A N D STAFF LeMAY, Valerie M. Associate Professor . Biometrics/Mensuration Dept. Phone: (604) 822-3482 B.Sc. (1981), M.Sc. (1982) Alberta, Dep ' ' Fa*: (604) 8 2 2"9 1 0 6 Ph.D. (1989) Brit. Col., R.P.F. Phone: (604)822-4770 E-mail: lemay@unixg.ubc.ca MARSHALL, Peter L. Associate Professor • Growth and Yield, Forest Management B.Sc.F. (1976), M.Sc.F. (1979) Toronto, Ph.D. (1984) Brit. Col., R.P.F. Phone: (604) 822^*918 E-mail: marshall@unixg.ubc.ca MURTHA, Peter A. Professor (Forest Resources Management, Soil Science) • Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems, Forest Damage Detection and Evaluation, Land Classification B.Sc.F. (1961) Toronto, M.Sc. (1964), Ph.D. (1968) Cornell Phone: (604)822-6452 E-mail: murtha@unixg.ubc.ca 1995 Annual Report 15 NELSON, John D. Associate Professor • Timber Supply Planning B.S.F. (1980), M.B.A. (1982) Brit. Col., Ph.D. (1988) Oregon State Phone: (604)822-3902 E-mail: nelson@unixg.ubc.ca PEARSE, Peter H. Professor • Forest Economics and Policy B.S.F. (1956) Brit. Col., M.A. (Hons.) (1959), Ph.D. (1962) Edinburgh, R.P.F., C.M. Phone: (604)822-3169 SALCUDEAN, S.E. (Tim) Associate Professor (Forest Resources FACULTY Management, Electrical Engineering) • Robotics/Control A N D B EnS- (1979)> M.Eng. (1980) McGill, Ph.D. (1986) Berkeley STAFF Phone: (604)822-3243 E-mail: tims@ee.ubc.ca Forest Resources Management Department TAIT, David E.N. Assistant Professor • Optimization Techniques, Forest Planning B.Sc. (1968), M.Sc. (1970), Ph.D. (1983) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-2997 E-mail: dtait@unixg.ubc.ca TINDALL, David B. Assistant Professor (Forest Resources Management, Sociology) • Sociology/Conservation B.A. (1985), M.A. (1989) Vic, Ph.D. (1994) Toronto Phone: (604) 822-2550/2363 E-mail: tindall@unixg.ubc.ca VAN KOOTEN, G. Casey Professor (Forest Resources Management, Agricultural Economics) • Economics of Natural Resources B.Sc. (1972), M.A. (1974) Alberta, Ph.D. (1982) Oregon Phone: (604)822-4518 E-mail: gerrit@unixg.ubc.ca Sessional Lecturers MATAKALA, Patrick B.Sc., M.Sc. (Lakehead), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) • Community Resource Management and Conservation Planning KATZ, Geoffrey B.A. (Nova Scotia), M L.A. (Harvard) • Recreational Site Planning WILSON, Norma B.Sc., M.Sc. (Brit. Col.) • Recreation and Conservation Policy BRADLEY, Allen B.A.Sc., B.S.F. (Brit. Col.), R.P.F., P.Eng. • Forest Soil Mechanics Honorary Lecturers SANDERS, Peter R.W. B.S.F., M.F. (Brit. Col.), R.P.F. SAUDER, Brent J. B.S.F., M.F. (Brit. Col.), R.P.F. Adjunct Professors BONNOR, G. Michael B.S.F., M.S.F. (Toronto), Ph.D. (State Univ. of New York) COTTELL, Philip L. B.S.F, M.F. (Brit. Col.), Ph.D. (Yale), R.P.F. DEMAERSCHALK, Julien P. B.S.F. (Louvain), M.F , Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) HALL, Thomas H. B.A., M.Sc. (Indiana), M.Sc.F. (N. Brunswick), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), R.P.F. ILES, Kimberley B.S., M.Sc. (Oregon), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) McNEEL, Joseph B.S.F. (West Virginia), M.S., Ph.D. (Virginia Tech.) MITCHELL, Kenneth J. B.S.F. (Brit. Col.), M.F., Ph.D. (Yale), R.P.F. WILLIAMS, Douglas H. B.Sc. (Simon Fraser), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) WOZNOW, Ron B.Sc. (Alberta), Ph.D. (UNB) 16 UBC Faculty of Forestry Staff AKAI, Heather Administrative Assistant AQUINO, David B.Sc.F. (National Agrarian), M.F. (Brit. Col.) Research Assistant/Technician COUCH, Mary Lou Secretary GIZOWSKI, David B.Sc. (Alberta) Computer Research Analyst LAI, Charles Departmental Clerk MAEDEL, Jerry B.F.A., T.C. (Vic.), M.Sc. (Brit. Col.) GIS/RS Coordinator SHANNON, Tim B.S.F., M.F. (Brit. Col.) Research Analyst VERWOERD, Harry Research Assistant/Technician New Faculty Appointment In January, Dr. Younes Alila was hired as an assistant professor in the area of forest engineering hydrology. His research interests focus on planning and design of road drainage systems, rainfall and streamflow estimation for the design of culverts and bridges, and impacts of forest management practices on die overall hydrological cycle. Dr. Alila obtained his doctorate in Engineering Hydrology from the University of Ottawa in 1994. He joins the Department after 3Vi years as Project Engineer widi the Greater Vancouver Regional Districts' Sewerage and Drainage Department. Retirements MUNRO, Don Professor Munro redred after 34 years in the Faculty. Don was a long-time teacher in forest mensuration, and contributed significandy to the development of die University Research Forests while serving as Director for the past 10 years. YOUNG, Glen Professor Young retired after 26 years in die Faculty. Glen has been a true teacher who made an enormous contribution to die development of die Operations Program and to the maintenance of high quality in diat program. His balance between pracdcal wisdom and technical quality will be missed. ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1995-96 Searches for new academic staff were completed in four areas: • Dr. Younes Alila was appointed in die area of engineering hydrology in the Operations Program. • Dr. Paul Wood was appointed in die area of forest policy in die Conservation Program. • A candidate has been selected in die area of forest harvesting systems in die Operations Program (jointly with Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada). • A candidate has been selected (jointly widi Landscape Architecture) in the area of site level landscape design in die Forest Resources Management Program. • The Faculty obtained FRBC funding for two chairs in hydrology at the landscape level, and stream flow level (both joint widi Geography), and for a chair in forest management. A C H I E V E M E N T S A N D P L A N S Forest Resources Management Department PLANS FOR 1996-97 • Searches to fill the chairs in forest manage- ment and hydrology will be initiated. • The review of die undergraduate forest resources management curriculum will be completed. 1995 Annual Report 17 WOOD SCIENCE DEPARTMENT David Barrett Head Stavros Avramidis Simon Ellis David Cohen Thomas Maness Frank Lam Jack Saddler WOOD SCIENCE DEPARTMENT BARRETT, J. David Professor and Head • Wood Products Engineering B.A.Sc. (1965) Brit. Col., Ph.D. (1973) Berkeley, F.I.A.W.S., P. Eng. Phone: (604)822-5852 E-mail: dbarrett@unixg.ubc.ca AVRAMIDIS, Stavros Associate Professor • Wood Physics and Drying B.S.F. (1981) Thessaloniki, M.S. (1983), Ph.D. (1986) SUNY, Syracuse Phone: (604)822-6153 E-mail: stavros@unixg.ubc.ca BREUIL, Colette NSERC/Industrial Associate Professor • Forest Products Biotechnology B.Sc. (1971) Lyon, M.Sc. (1974) Ottawa, Ph.D. (1977) Lyon Phone: (604) 222-3200 loc. 421 E-mail: breuil@unixg.ubc.ca COHEN, David H. Associate Professor • Forest Products Marketing and Management Dipl. For. Tech. (1976) Selkirk, B.Sc. (1986) Idaho, Ph.D. (1989) Virginia Tech. Phone: (604)822-6716 E-mail: dcohen@unixg.ubc.ca ELLIS, Simon C. Assistant Professor • Wood Anatomy and Adliesives B.Sc. (Hons.) (1983) N. Wales, M.Sc. (1986), Ph.D. (1989) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-3551 E-mail: sellis@unixg.ubc.ca PASZNER, Laszlo Professor • Chemical Utilization of Wood, Reconstituted Wood Products B.S.F. (1958) Sopron , M.F. (1963), Ph.D. (1966) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-2139 E-mail: paszner@unixg.ubc.ca PRION, Helmut G.L. Assistant Professor (Wood Science, Civil Engineering) • Engineered Timber Structures Design B.Eng. (Hons.) (1974) Stellenbosch, Ph.D. (1987) Toronto, P. Eng. Phone: (604)822-3864 E-mail: prion@civil.ubc.ca RUDDICK, John N.R. NSERC/Industrial Professor • Wood Preservation B.Sc. (1965), M.Sc. (1966) Newcastle, Ph.D. (1970) London Phone: (604)822-3736 E-mail: ruddick@unixg.ubc.ca SADDLER, Jack N. NSERC/Industrial Professor • Forest Products Biotechnology B.Sc. (Hons.) (1975) Edinburgh, Ph.D. (1978) Glasgow Phone: (604)222-3220 E-mail: saddler@unixg.ubc.ca F A C U L T Y A N D STAFF Dept. Phone: (604)822-5303 Dept. Fax: (604)822-9104 E-mail: woodubc@unixg.ubc.ca WWW: http://wood.ubc.ca LAM, Frank Assistant Professor • Wood Mechanics B.A.Sc. (1982), M.A.Sc. (1985), Ph.D. (1992) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-6526 E-mail: franklam@unixg.ubc.ca MANESS, Thomas Associate Professor • Wood Products Processing B.S.F. (1979) West Virginia, M.Sc. (1981) Virginia Tech., Ph.D. (1989) Washington Phone: (604)822-2150 E-mail: maness@unixg.ubc.ca 1995 Annual Report 19 Visiting Professors ENAYATI, Ali B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Gorgan Agr. Sci. U„ Iran) • Wood Physics PENG, Jun-Peng B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Shenyang College of Pharmacy, PRC) • Lateral Product Chemistry SUZUKI, Shigehiko M.Sc. (Nagoya), Ph.D. (Tokyo) • Physical Properties of Wood Composites Adjunct Professors BEATSON, Roger B.Sc. (Exeter), Ph.D. (Western Ont.) CHOW, Suezone B.Sc. (Taiwan), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), O.B.C. KELLOGG, Robert M. B.Sc.F. (Maine), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Yale), F.I.A.W.S. KIRBACH, Eberhard D. Dipl.-Holzwirt (Hamburg), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) VAROGLU, Erol M.Eng. (Istanbul), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Stanford) F A C U L T Y A N D S T A F F Wood Science Department Post-doctoral Fellows BIERNACKI, Jack B.S. (Warsaw), M.S., Ph.D. (Berkeley) • Nondestructive Evaluation of Wood Products BOUSSAID, Abdel Ph.D. (Oregon) • Cellulose Hydrolisis BURGEL, Yochen M.Sc., Ph.D. (Vienna) • Microbiology CAI, Liping M.Sc. (NW For. Univ., China), Ph.D. (Michigan Tech.) • Wood Drying and Physics DE JONG, Edserd M.Sc., Ph.D. (Wageningen) • Forest Products Biotechnology KOZAK, Robert B.Sc., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) • Forest Products Utilization OUDJEHANE, Azzeddine B.Eng. (Ecole Nat. Polytech. d'Algeria), M.Sc. (INPG, France) Ph.D. (Univ. Blaise Clermont Ferrand, France) • Wood Composites SERREQI, Alessio B.Sc. (Brit. Col.), Ph.D. (McGill) • Forest Products Biotechnology TALEB, Fawzi Ph.D. (Leeds) • Molecular Biology in Genetics ZHANG, Lin B.Sc.E. (Tianjin U.), Ph.D. (Cambridge) • Wood Physics Staff CAMPBELL, Kathy Departmental Secretary FENG, Xiumei M.Sc. (Beijing), M.Sc. (Manitoba) Research Assistant/Technician FOLEY, Dallas Scientific Engineer FURST, Dayna Departmental Clerk HASTINGS, Diana B.Sc. (Brit. Col.) Research Assistant/Technician MUCCI, Blanche Administrative Assistant MYRONUK, Robert Dipl. Tech. (BCIT) Research Support Services Supervisor SIDHU, Avtar B.Sc. (Brit. Col.) Research Assistant WANG, Yin Tang B.Eng., M.Eng. (China) Wood Engineering Scientist Promotion/Tenure ELLIS, Simon - promoted to Associate Professor and granted tenure effective July 1, 1996. 20 UBC Faculty of Forestry ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1995-96 PLANS FOR 1996-97 • Wood Products Processing Degree - B.Sc. (Forestry) implemented: The Wood Products Processing (WPP) degree responds to a Canada-wide industry need for university level graduates with the wood science, wood processing, engineering, business knowledge and transferable skills necessary for management level positions in Canada's value-added wood products industries. Based on European education models - students take practical laboratories with state-of-the-art advanced secondary wood processing equipment. Students also have die opportunity to participate in the Wood Products Processing Coop Program which offers paid work experience in industry. Graduates of die WPP program will be highly sought after by the primary and secondary wood products manufacturing industry across Canada and diroughout die world. • National Student Recruitment Program implemented for WPP. • Scholarship and bursary programs - funded by the wood products industry across Canada - have been implemented to attract highly qualified students to the WPP program. • Knowledge transfer program implemented widi FachI Iochscliule Rosenheim (Germany) and the Swiss Institute of Wood Technology to acquire European experience and knowledge in wood products processing education. • Opening celebration on March 10, 1996 for the new Centre for Advanced Wood Processing and die Wood Products Processing Education Program. • Establish NSERC/Industry Research Chair in Wood and Fibre Composite Materials. • Implement 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of Wood Products Processing Program. • Design Professional Masters Program in Advanced Wood Processing. • Develop a proposal for die new Centre for Wood Building Design and Construction at UBC in co-operation widi Engineering and Architecture. • Implement a Wood and Fibre Science Professional Masters Program with an enrolment of ten students by September 1997. A C H I E V E M E N T S A N D P L A N S Wood Science Department 1995 Annual Report 21 Yousry El-Kassaby Fred Bunnell Michael Feller Chris Chanway Robert Guy FOREST SCIENCES DEPARTMENT Gene Namkoong Head Scott Hinch John McLean Tom Sullivan Karel Klinka Bart van der Kamp Kathy Martin Susan Watts Gordon Weetman John Worrall FOREST SCIENCES DEPARTMENT NAMKOONG, Gene Professor and Head • Population and Quantitative Genetics B.S. (1956), M.S. (1958) SUNY, Ph.D. (1963) N. Carolina State Univ., Dhe (Swedish Agric. Univ.) Phone: (604)822-8275 E-mail: gene@unixg.ubc.ca BUNNELL, Fred L. Professor and Director of Centre for Applied Conservation Biology • Wildlife Population Dynamics, Influences of Forestry Practices on Wildlife B.S.F. (Hons.) (1965) Brit. Col., Ph.D. (1973) Berkeley, R.P.Bio. Phone: (604)822-5928 E-mail: fbunnell@unixg.ubc.ca CARLSON, John Associate Professor (Forest Sciences, Plant Science, Biotechnology Laboratory) • Molecular Genetics B.Sc. (1974) Pittsburgh, M.Sc. (1978), Ph.D. (1983) Illinois Phone: (604)822^1733 E-mail: jcarlson@unixg.ubc.ca CHANWAY, Christopher P. Associate Professor (Forest Sciences, Soil Science) • Soil Microbiology B.Sc. (1978) Winnipeg, B.S. Ag. (1980) Manitoba, M.Sc. (1983), Ph.D. (1987) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-3716 E-mail: cchanway@unixg.ubc.ca EL-KASSABY, Yousry Professor (Pacific Forest Products Ltd.) • Quantitative Genetics B.Sc. (1970) Alexandra, M.Sc. (1976) Tanta, Ph.D. (1980) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-8101 E-mail: yousry@visual.net FELLER, Michael C. Associate Professor • Fire Science and Water Quality B.Sc. (Hons.) (1968), M.Sc. (1969) Melbourne, Ph.D. (1975) Brit. Col., R.P.Bio. Phone: (604)822-3729 E-mail: feller@unixg.ubc.ca GLENN, Susan M. Assistant Professor • Conservation Biology and Landscape Ecology B.Sc. (1983) Toronto, M.Sc. (1985) Guelph, Ph.D. (1990) Oklahoma Phone: (604) 822-4131 E-mail: sglenn@unixg.ubc.ca GUY, Robert D. Associate Professor • Plant Physiology B.Sc. (1977), Ph.D. (1984) Calgary Phone: (604)822-6023 E-mail: guy@unixg.ubc.ca HINCH, Scott G. Assistant Professor (Forest Sciences, Fisheries Centre, Westwater Research Centre) • Aquatic Ecology and Fish/Forestry Interactions B.Sc. (lions.) (1985), M.Sc. (1987) Western Ont., Ph.D. (1992) Toronto Phone: (604) 822-0500/9377 E-mail: shinch@unixg.ubc.ca KIMMINS, J.P. (Hamish) Professor F A C U L T Y • Forest Ecology, Sustainability of Managed Forests, Modelling Forest Ecosystems A N D B.Sc. (1964) N. Wales, M.Sc. (1966) Berkeley, M. Phil. (1968), Ph.D. (1970) Yale S T A F F Phone: (604) 822-3549 E-mail: kimmins@unixg.ubc.ca KLINKA, Karel Professor and V.J. Krajina/B.C. Forest Service Chair in Silvics and Silviculture • Forest Ecology, Silvics Dept. Phone: (604) 822-2507 For. Eng. (1960) Prague, Ph.D. (1976) Br i t . Col., Dept. Fax: (604)822-9102 R.P.F. Phone: (604)822-3047 E-mail: klinka@unixg.ubc.ca MARTIN, Kathy M. Associate Professor (Canadian Wildlife Service) • Forest and Grassland Birds, Avian Energetics and Demography B.Sc. (Hons.) (1970) Prince Edward Is., M.Sc. (1973) Alberta, Ph.D. (1985) Queen's Phone: (604)822-9695 E-mail: kmartin@unixg.ubc.ca McLEAN, John A, Professor and Associate Dean • Forest Entomology B.Sc. (1965), M.Sc. (1968) Auckland, Ph.D. (1976) Simon Fraser, F.R.E.S., R.P.Bio. Phone: (604)822-3360 E-mail: mclean@unixg.ubc.ca SULLIVAN, Thomas P. Associate Professor • Forestry and Wildlife B.Sc. (Hons.) (1973), M.Sc. (1976), Ph.D. (1978) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-3543 E-mail: toms@unixg.ubc.ca 1995 Annual Report 23 VAN DER KAMP, Bart J. Professor • Forest Pathology B.S.F. (1964) Brit. Col., Ph.D. (1967) Aberdeen Phone: (604)822-2728 E-mail: bart.john.van.der.kamp@mtsg.ubc.ca WATTS, Susan B. Lecturer and Assistant Dean • Forest Entomology B.Sc. (1973) N. Wales, M.F. (1976), Ph.D. (1981) Brit. Col., R.P.F. Phone: (604)822-6316 E-mail: suwatts@unixg.ubc.ca F A C U L T Y A N D S T A F F Forest Sciences Department WEETMAN, Gordon F. Professor • Silviculture B.Sc.F. (1955) Toronto, M.F. (1958), Ph.D. (1962) Yale, R.P.F., F. Eng. Phone: (604)822-2504 E-mail: gweetman@unixg.ubc.ca WORRALL, John G. Associate Professor • Tree Physiology, Tree Growth Mechanisms ind Climatic Influence 3.Sc. (1959) Durham, B.S.F. (1963) Brit. Col., M.F. (1964), M. Phil. (1967), Ph.D. (1968) Yale Phone: (604)822-3516 Sessional Lecturers ELLIOTT, Dave B.Sc. (Australia), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) • Tree Growth and Development LIHOU, Robin Forest Resources Tech. Dipl. (BCIT) • Fire Management MITCHELL, Steve B.S.F. (Brit. Col.) • Silviculture Research Associates DANIELS, Lori B.Sc.(Hons.) (Manitoba) M.Sc. (Brit. Col.) • Tree Population Dynamics/Stand Dynamics Dendroecology KOSHY, Mathew P. B.Sc., M.Sc. (Kerala), M.Sc. (Wales), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) • Forest Genetics PRESCOTT, Cindy B.Sc. (Brock), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Calgary) • Forest Nutrition QIAN, Hong B.Sc., M.S. (Anhui Agric. Univ., China), Ph.D. (Acad, of Sci. Shenyang, China) • Plant Ecology SILIM, Salim N. B.Sc. (Makerene), M.Sc. (New Brunswick), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) • Tree Physiology Honorary Research Associate CARTER, Reid B.Sc., M.Sc. (Brit. Col.), R.P.F. • Forest Ecology and Management Post-doctoral Fellows BRUNNER, Andreas M. B. Diplom-Forstwirt (Munich), Ph.D. (Freiburg) • Silviculture and Forest Ecology CHAN-McLEOD, Ann C. Allaye B.S.F, M.Sc. (Brit. Col.), Ph.D. (Alaska Fairbanks Univ.) • Physiological Ecology DOBRY, Jaroslav B.Sc., Ph.D. (Prague) • Dendrochronology FU, Yong-Bi B.Sc. (Nanjing For. Univ., China), M.Sc. (Lakehead), Ph.D. (Toronto) • Population/Forest Genetics LI, Xingdong B.S., M.S. (Shandong Univ., China), Ph.D. (East China Normal Univ., China) • Ecology MIN, Xiangjia B.S. (Eaiyang Agric. Col., Shandong, China), M.S. (Beijing Agric. Univ., Beijing, China), Ph.D. (Hawaii) • Plant Physiology PETERSEN, Daniel J. B.Sc. (Dallas), Ph.D. (William Marsh Rice Univ., Houston) • Molecular Biology REID, Donald G. B.Sc. (Hons.) (Guelph), M.Sc. (Calgary), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) • Animal Ecology 24 UBC Faculty of Forestry VON EULER, Fredrik B.Sc.F., Ph.D. (Swedish Univ. Agr. Sci., Uppsala) • Biodiversity Patterns WEI, Xiaohua B.Sc. (Jiangxi Agri. Univ., China), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Northeast For. Univ., China) • Forest Ecology/GIS Application WIEBE, Karen L. B.Sc. (Hons.) (Simon Fraser), Ph.D. (Saskatchewan) • Behaviour and Ecology of Birds XIAO, Guoping B.Sc. (Hunan Normal Univ., China), M.Sc. (Kunming Inst. Bot., China), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) • Mycorrhizal Fungi Adjunct Professors ALFARO, Rene I. B.Sc. (U. Chile), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Simon Fraser) AXELROOD, Paige E. B.Sc., M.Sc. (Oregon State), Ph.D. (California) BARKER, John E. B.Sc. (Brit. Col.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (California) BURTON, Philip J. B.Sc. (Saskatchewan), M.Sc. (Hawaii), Ph.D. (Illinois) COMEAU, Philip G. B.Sc. (Vic.), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) DEROCHER, Andrew E. B.S.F. (Hons.) (Brit. Col.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Alberta) DICKINSON, Thomas E. B.Sc. (Kingston), M.Sc. (Alberta), Ph.D. (Philadelphia) G ROSSNICKLE, Steven C. B.Sc. (S. Illinois), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Colorado State) HAWKINS, Christopher D.B. B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc. (Simon Fraser), Ph.D. (Aust. Nat. Univ.), R.P.Bio. HENRY, Charles L. B.S., M.S. (Oregon State), Ph.D. (Washington) KLENNER, Walt B.Sc., M.Sc. (Manitoba), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), R.P.Bio. KRANNITZ, Pamela G, B.Sc. (Hons.) (Guelph), M.Sc. (Western Ontario), Ph.D. (Queen's) KURZ,Werner A. Diplom Holzwirt (Hamburg), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) LEADEM, Carole L. B.Sc. (California), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), R.P.Bio. LESTER, Donald T. B.Sc. (Maine), M.F., Ph.D. (Yale) LOUSIER, J. Daniel B.Sc. (Notre Dame U., B.C.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Calgary), R.P.Bio. MacDONALD, John S. B.Sc. (Simon Fraser), Ph.D. (Ontario) McLELLAN, Bruce N. B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), R.P.Bio. MORRISON, Duncan J. B.S.F., M.Sc. (Brit. Col.), Ph.D. (Cambridge) OTVOS, Imre S. B.Sc.F. (Sopron), M.S., Ph.D. (Berkeley) PRESTON, Caroline M. B.Sc. (McMaster), M.A. (Carlton), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) ROCHELLE, James A. B.Sc., M.Sc. (Washington Slate), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) SAFRANYIK, Laszlo B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) SPITTLEHOUSE, David L. B.Sc. (Nottingham), M.Sc. (Saskatchewan), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) SUTTON, Benjamin S. B.Sc. (Reading), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) WANG, Qingli B.Sc. (Shenyang Agric. Univ., China), M.Sc. (Northeast For. Univ., China), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) WHITE, Eleanor E. B.Sc., M.Sc. (Brit. Col.), Ph.D. (Swedish Univ. of Agr. Sci.) Staff DUPUIS, Linda B.Sc. (Hons.) (Carlton), M.Sc. (Brit. Col.) Research Assistant/Technician GILL, Michael Research Assistant/Technician HORNER, Maxine Secretary F A C U L T Y A N D STAFF Forest Sciences Department 1995 Annual Report 25 \ C H I E V E M E N T S A N D P L A N S Forest Sciences Department JOHNSON, Jacklyn B.S.Ed. (Minn.) Office Manager KIDD, Joanne Research Assistant/Technician LEE, Eric Departmental Clerk NEW, David Research Assistant/Technician OLANSKI, Penny Research Assistant/Technician PALMER, Sharon Secretary SETO, Carrie AdministraUve Assistant SREJIC, Zika l.Sc. (Univ. of Belgrade) Research Assistant/Technician STALEY, Candis Research Assistant/Technician TSZE, Min Research Assistant/Technician WANG, Yuewei Laboratory Assistant • We appointed Dr. Yousry El-Kassaby as a part-time Professor in the area of Forest Genetics. Yousry is die Director of Applied Forest Research for Pacific Forest Products Ltd. l ie has been teaching part of die Forest Genetics course diis year and will help develop the Forest Genetics program with die new NSERC/Industry Chairs. This appointment is expected to strengdien both Pacific Forest Products Ltd. and UBC research links. • Graduate student enrolment continues to increase. We now have 39 Ph.D. and 48 M.Sc. students enrolled. We have graduated 3 Ph.D. and 5 M.Sc. students diis past year. • We were host to over 12 visiting scientists during die past year. • Dr. John Worrall is diis year's winner of die University Teaching Prize. In addition, die Bursary established for undergraduate scholarships in his name was successful in attracting die greatest funding for any bursary in die Faculty of Forestry. PLANS FOR 1996-97 ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1995-96 • Several members of the Department were successful in their first applications for Forest Renewal BC research awards. In the first round of funding, six department members received a total of almost $350,000 in awards. • We secured $4.5 million in endowment for die Applied Conservation Biology Program, and expect to fill one Senior Chair and one Junior Chair position. • We also secured $2.5 million in endowment for a Senior Silviculture Chair position. • Our NSERC Industrial Research Chairs in Population Genetics have been funded at about $400,000 a year. Dr. Kennit Ritland will be appointed to die Senior Chair position and Dr. Sally Aitken will be appointed to die Junior Chair position. • Appoint new faculty in silviculture. • Appoint new faculty in conservation biology. • Appoint Dr. John Richardson as a part-time Assistant Professor in die field of riparian zone ecology. Dr. Richardson is the senior scientist of the B.C. Ministry of Environ- ment, Lands and Parks. This appointment is expected to strengdien the MoELP and UBC research links. • Maintain high level of new proposals to Forest Renewal BC. 26 UBC Faculty of Forestry UNIVERSITY RESEARCH FORESTS Peter Sanders Director THE Faculty of Forestry operates two research forests; the UBC Malcolm Knapp Research Forest in the Fraser Valley at Maple Ridge and die Alex Fraser Research Forest in Williams Lake in the central interior of the province. We dedicate both of our Forests to research and demonstration in die practice of forestry. Together the Forests operate widiin five biogeoclimatic zones, three different tenure systems and provide for a wide array of research and education opportunities. The Directorship of the Research Forests changed during the year widi die retirement of Dr. Donald Munro. Dr. Munro contributed significantly to die development of die Research Forests while serving as Director. Peter Sanders has assumed the position of Director after 20 years of experience at Malcolm Knapp. The Research Forests serve as outdoor scientific laboratories. Since the inception of die Research Forest in Maple Ridge in 1949, and the Alex Fraser Research Forest in 1987, diese lands have supported more than 900 research projects. Two hundred of these projects are currently active. The growdi of demand for research sites has necessitated a "screening" process to ensure that all projects meet environmental standards. At bodi Forests, we use revenues from a sustainable harvesting program to offset staff and operating costs. We hold two field schools for undergraduate students each year. A Fall field school for diird year students at die Alex Fraser focuses on stand level processes. Spring field school for fourth year students at die Malcolm Knapp focuses on forest level management. Numerous continuing education programs are hosted by bodi Forests. Our professional staff also participate in teaching academic courses in the Faculty. ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1995-96 Malcolm Knapp Research Forest • Twenty-one research projects were initiated by scientists from UBC, SFU, local colleges and government. • Our renovation plans for Loon Lake camp continued widi a market survey, a site survey, and retention of an architect. • We put our planned timber harvest program on hold while we initiated a program to salvage 12,000 cubic metres of timber damaged by a major wind storm in February 1995. As a result, die annual harvest rose from 7,500 to 10,000 cubic metres. Alex Fraser Research Forest • We expanded office space and facilities to accommodate additional staff and increased management and education activities. • Our Five Year Development, Silviculture and Access Management Plans were completed and commitments secured from die Ministry of Forests for some of the scheduled silvicultural work. • We harvested approximately 4,450 cubic metres of timber (20% of Litis was bark beede salvage). • Nineteen new research projects were initiated. • T he Director's Advisory Committee met to address and respond to local research and education needs. • We have increased administration, planning and staff training as required to keep up to date and in compliance with the new Forest Practices Code legislation. PLANS FOR 1996-97 • Continue to emphasize significant research and education activities. • Furdier develop long-term funding mechanisms as the Forests move towards financial self sufficiency. • Acquire property to provide a site for an Alex Fraser Forest administration and education facility. • Continue our work widi die Malcolm Knapp Forest/Urban Interface Management Strategy, initiated in 1993, to help die forest accommodate increased public use. SANDERS, Peter B.S.F., M.F., R.P.F. Director University Research Forests E-mail: sanders®unixg.ubc.ca POWER, Cheryl B.S.F., R.P.F. Silviculture Forester Malcolm Knapp Research Forest, Maple Ridge E-mail: power@unixg.ubc.ca Phone: (604)463-8148 Fax: (604)463-2712 DAY, Ken B.Sc.F., R.P.F. Resident Forester Alex Fraser Research Forest Williams Lake E-mail: kenday@unixg.ubc.ca ATKINS, Bev Forestry Assistant Alex Fraser Research Forest Williams Lake E-mail: batkins@unixg.ubc.ca Phone: (604)392-2207 Fax: (604) 398-5708 1995 Annual Report 27 OFFICES, AWARDS AND DISTINCTIONS ALONGSIDE their teaching and research commitments, most Faculty members have committee responsibilities with off campus organizations and groups. These involvements are listed below together with various distinctions and awards (in bold-face type) bestowed on Faculty members during die past year. AVRAMIDIS, S. • Member, SCBC Forest Products Project Evaluation Committee. • Member, European Commission F.A.I.R. Projects Evaluation Committee. • Member, IUFRO Working Party on Wood Drying, S5-04.06. • Member, Moisture Meters Task Force, ASTM, D444-D07.01.01. • Member, Wood Drying TIG and Secretary, Wood Physics TIG, Forest Products Society. • Member, Planning Committee, Wood Drying Conference, FPS, Bellevue, WA. • Member, Planning Conference Committee, 2nd International Wood Science and Technology Conference, Sopron, Hungary. BARRETT, J . D . • Chair, Forest Products Society 1997 Annual Meeting Committee. • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Tropical Forest Products and Wood Science & Technology. • Board Member, International Academy of Wood Science, 1994 to 2000. • Member, NSERC/Forestry Canada Partner- ships Program Grant Selection Committee. • Chairman, CSA Sawn Lumber Subcomittee. • Member, CSA Main Committee. • Member, BCSC/FRBC Value-Added Committee. • Chair, ISO Characteristic Values Committee. • Member, FPRC 1997 Annual Meeting Committee. BASKERVILLE, G.L. • Honorary Member, ABCPF. • Chair, Wildlife Habitat Biodiversity, Technical Advisory Committee. • Member, Forest Practices Board. • Member, Enhanced Forest Management Pilot Project, B.C. • Member, CSA Executive/Technical Committees on Forest Management. • Member, FRBC Resources Working Group. • Member, National Committee to Review Model Forests. BINKLEY, C.S. • Member, Marcus Wallenberg Prize Committee. • Member, Federal Forest Sector Advisory Committee. • Member, Provincial Forest Sector Strategy Committee. • Member, NSERC Advisory Committee, Targeted Research Program. • Member, B.C. Forest Research Advisory Committee. • Member, Board of Directors: FERIC; Forintek Canada Corp.; Pacific Forest Products; West Fraser Timber Ltd. • Member, Management Committee, Nelson Forests Joint Venture. • Member, Advisory Board Ecotrust Inc. BREULL, C. • Member, NSERC Review Committee, Strategic Grants Program. • Member, BCIT Biotech Program Advisory Committee. • Member, Agro-Forestry Committee, University of Laval, Quebec. BUNNELL, F .L. • Independent Chair, Clayoquot Scientific Panel. • Member, Spotted Owl Recovery Team. • Member, Steering Committee, Enhanced Forest Management Pilot Program. • Member, Cooperative Design of Protected Areas Strategy Steering Committee. • Member, Long Beach Model Forest. • Member, FRBC/SCBC Biodiversity Technical Committee. • Member, Vancouver Foundation Environment Committee. 28 UBC Faculty of Forestry CARLSON, J.E. • Local Organizer, 1996 International Meeting of IUFRO Research Groups S2.04-1 and P2.05-05. • Member, Scientific Advisory Committee for Poplar Molecular Genetics Cooperative, University of Washington and Tree Genetic Engineering Research Cooperative, Oregon State University. CHAMBERS, A.D. • Chair, Forest Land Commission. CHAN WAY, C.P . • Member, Expert Committee on Microbial Inoculants. • Member, Canadian Society of Plant Physio- logists (Western Region) Annual Meeting Organizing Committee. COHEN, D.H. • Chair, International Program Planning Committee, Forest Products Society. • Member, Forest Products Society Committees - Planning for Industry Conferences - Annual Meeting Technical - Jury for Plenary Session on Forest Products marketing '96 - Planning for Annual General Meeting for '97 in Vancouver. • Associate Director, Canadian Wood Council. • Chair, Canadian Professors Conference. • Deputy Director, IUFRO Forest Products Marketing Group. • Coordinator, IUFRO 1997 Project Team Meeting. FANNIN, R.J . • Member, ABCPF/APEGBC Resource Roads Task Force. • Secretary, Geosynthetics Division, Canadian Geotechnical Society. • Member, Board of Examiners, Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of B.C. • Member, Organizing Committee, 1995 Canadian Geotechnical Conference. FELLER, M.C. • Member, B.C. Government Lower Mainland Protected Areas Public Advisory Committee. • Member, 2nd International Wildland Fire Symposium Steering Committee. • Member, Northwest Forest Fire Council Steering Committee. GOLDEMG, D.L. • Member, Selection Committee, John G. Bene Fellowship in Social Forestry. GOSS, D. • Editorial Board Member, Association of B.C. Professional Foresters. • Forests 11/12 Instructional Resource Package Review Team, Ministry of Education Skills and Training. GUY, R.D. • Western Director, Canadian Society of Plant Physiologists. • Deputy Chair, SCBC Forestry Grant Selection Committee. • Member, Local Organizing Committee for 1996 Joint Meeting of the Canadian Society of Plant Physiologists and the University of Victoria Forest and Tree Research Colloquium. • Member, Local Organizing Committee for 1997 Joint Meeting of the American Society of Plant Physiologists and the Canadian Society of Plant Physiologists. HALEY, D. • Chairman, Appeal Board appointed under Section 158 of the Forest Act. • Member, FRBC/SCBC Community Research Proposal Review Committee. HINCH, S.G. • Member, Fisheries and Aquatic Habitat Steering Committee, Fraser Basin Management Program. KIMMINS, J .P . • Member, MOF/MOE Coarse Woody Debris Committee. • Member, Scientific Review Board, Mystik Management, Saskatchewan. KLINKA, K. • Co-chair, IUFRO SI.02-06. • Deputy Chair, IUFRO SI.01-00. OFFICES, A W A R D S A N D DIST INCTIONS 1995 Annual Report 29 KOZAK, A. • Member, ABCPF Biometry Academic Standards Committee. LAM, F. • Member, CSA086 Subcommittee on Sawn Lumber and General Design, Canadian Standards Association. O F F I C E S , A W A R D S A N D D I S T INCT IONS LeMAY, V.M. • Chair, CIF Measurements Subcommittee and Member of Vancouver Section. • Co-Chair, IUFRO 4.02 Working Group. • Member, Provincial Cruising Task Force. • Member, ABCPF Mensuration Sub- committee. • Member, Canadian Forest Inventory Committee, Mensuration Subcommittee. • Member, CSA Scaling Committee. MARSHALL, P .L. • Chair, CIF Forest Sciences and Technology Board. • Chair, Board of Directors, Silviculture Institute of British Columbia. • Member, ABCPF Board of Examiners and Accreditation Team for UNBC. • Member, Canadian Forestry Accreditation Board. • Member, TAC, B.C. Forest Productivity Councils. • Member, SCBC Growth and Yield Grant Review Committee. • Member, Steering Committee, Inland Northwest Growdi and Yield Cooperative. • Member, Silviculture Technical Advisory Committee, Stand Management Cooperative. • Member, Forest Management Group, Canadian Pulp & Paper Association. MARTIN, K. • Member, 1996 Scientific Referee Panel, FRBC Biodiversity Research. • Associate Editor of the AUK. • Member, Research Advisory Committee, Wildlife Habitat Canada. • Member, Scientific Referee, Endangered Species Recovery Fund. • Scientific Critic, NSERC NCE Project on Riparian Biodiversity at University of Alberta. • Member, FRBC Coastal Montane Workshop. McLEAN, J. A. • Member, Forest Healdi Review Committee. • Member, FRBC Advisory Committee. • Member, FRDA Review Committee. • Member, SCBC Forestry Committee. MURTHA, P.A. • Val Shaw Memorial Award for Career Excellence from die Canadian Remote Sensing Society. • Liaison Officer, Canadian Remote Sensing Society and American Society of Photo- grammetry and Remote Sensing. • Member, Education Committee, American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. • Member, GIS Integration Committee, Canadian Remote Sensing Society. • Member, ADRO Committee, Canadian Space Agency. NAMKOONG, G. • Elected Swedish Royal Academy (Agriculture & Forestry). • Member, B.C. Tree Improvement Council. NELSON, J . D . • Member, FERIC Forest Engineering Advisory Committee. • Chair, Forest Harvesting Academic Standards Committee, ABCPF. • Co-chair, Pacific Northwest Skyline and International Mountain Logging Symposium. • Member, Decision Support Systems Review Committee, SCBC. PASZNER, L. • Member, USDA Office of Grants & Program Systems Research Proposal Review Board. 30 UBC Faculty of Forestry PEARSE, P.H. • University Representative, Board of Directors, Vancouver Board of Trade. • Member, Forest Practices Task Group, Private Forest Landowners Association. • Member, External Advisory Committee, Pacific Fisheries. SADDLER, J .N . • Chair, Biotechnology for the Forest Industries. • Member, Natural Resources Canada Bio- energy Advisory Group. • Member, Agriculture Canada Bioenergy Advisory Group. PREST, G. • Member, BCIT First Nations Advisory Committee. • Member, First Nations Advisory Comittee, Open Learning Agency. • Member, First Nations Forestry Program Management Comittee, Natural Resources Canada. • Member, B.C. Forestry Association Board of Directors. • Member, Vancouver Foundation Environ- ment Committee. • Member, Work Force Committee, Forest Renewal BC Research Program. SULLIVAN, T. • 1995 J.H. Berryman Institute of Wildlife Management Research Award, College of Natural Resources, Utah State University. TINDALL, D.B. • Member, FRBC Community Research Proposal Review Committee, SCBC. VAN DER KAMP, B J . • Member, FRBC Grant Evaluation Committee. • Member, BCMoF Forest Health Committee. • Member, SIBC Module Review Committee. OFFICES, A W A R D S A N D D IST INCTIONS PRION, H.G.L. • Member, Canadian Timber Design Code Committee. • Member, Structural Stability Research Council. RUDDICK, J . N . R . • President, International Research Group on Wood Preservation. • Vice Chair, CSA Wood Preservation Technical Committee. • Membership Chair, Canadian Wood Preservation Association. • Member, Executive Committee, American Wood Preservers Association. • Member, Advisory Conunittee of Career Preparation Program, Vancouver School Board. WATTS, S.B. • Member, ABCPF Biometry Academic Standards Conunittee. WEETMAN, G.F . • Director of Admissions, ABCPF. • Member, Alberta Forest Management Science Council. • Member, Technical Steering Committee, McGregor Model Forest. WORRALL, J. • Faculty Teaching Prize. SALCUDEAN, S.E. • Board Member, Medical Device Develop- ment Centre. • Member, Program Committee, International Medical & Computer-Assisted Surgery Conference. 1995 Annual Report 31 EXTRAMURAL FUNDING & SPONSORED RESEARCH EXTRAMURAL funding in 1995/96 totalled $7,141,000, a 40.1% increase over 1994/95. Major new funding has been obtained from the federal government, Forest Renewal BC (FRBC) and collaborating companies in the National Education Initiative to support the Centre for Advanced Wood Processing. Faculty were also successful in obtaining substantial research grant support in the first round of the FRBC research competition. ($ 000) 8,000 7 ,000 6,000 5 ,000 4 ,000 3 ,000 2,000 1,000 1979 /80 1981/2 1983/4 1985/6 1987/8 1989/90 1991/2 1993/4 1995/6 Ext ramura l F u n d s per Facul ty 3 4 Member in $ 0 0 0 " 37 57 89 118 136 120 188 •Not including BC Forestry Continuing Studies Network funding. "Calculated from operating budget supported Faculty members. Operating budget, extramural funds and research activity 1979/80 - 1995/96 The table below shows that the sources of funding are well distributed. The federal support is at about the same level as 1994/95. Increased funding from FRBC and the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks (MoELP) has more than doubled support from provincial sources as compared to 1994/95. International collaborations have Extramural funding sources 1995/96 Source $000 % Federal NSERC 1,360 19 Other 1,348 19 Subtotal 2,708 38 Provincial FRBC/SCBC 1,664 23 MoF 1,159 16 MoELP 146 2 Subtotal 2,969 41 Private Industry 990 14 Other 338 5 Subtotal 1,328 19 International 136 2 Total 7,141 100 been initiated and will continue to grow in the years ahead. Industrial support has increased this year and has been well leveraged in matching grant programs. Our location within a large, research- oriented University in close proximity to several major research institutions greatly enhances our broadly diversified research program. We have collaborative projects with other departments at UBC, and with Forintek, Paprican, FERIC, and BC Research. We receive valuable research support from endowments provided by Forest Renewal BC, Weyerhaeuser and MacMillan Bloedel, the Imajo Cedar Management Fund and the Kathleen and Sheldon Rothwell Research Fund. 32 UBC Faculty of Forestry The following list reflects funded research activi S. Avramidis • Radio frequency/vacuum drying and pasteurization of hay Glade Technologies $9,564 • Radio frequency/vacuum drying of eucalypts - CSIRO Australia $8,580 • RF drying of human biosolids Dayton & Knight Ud. $3,575 • Moisture sorption studies in wood NSERC $15,000 • Manipulation of wood composite structure to enhance performance (co-investigator) NSERC $78,650 • Fundamentals of coupled heat and mass transfer in radio-frequency/vacuum drying of wood -NSERC $91,878 T.M. Ballard Soil nematode diversity - FRDA $20,000 J.D. Barrett • Multiple input grading system for structural lumber (co-investigator) - NSERC $95,000 • Reliability of structural lumber in truss applications - Forintek $5,000 • Reliability of wood-based materials NSERC $17,700 • Hem-Fir CEN ingrade correlation study COFI $1,000 C.S. Binkley • An examination of options to include environmental objectives in forest management - CFS $18,000 C. Breuil • Junior Chair in Forest Products Biotechno- logy - NSERC/Industry $75,562 • Microorganism and enzyme treatments for reducing extractives present in wood chips or pulps - CFS/NSERC/Industry $80,000 • Development of antibody-based immuno- assays for resin acids in industrial process streams and effluents - NSERC $51,000 • Controlling sapstain pigmentation CFS/NSERC/MacMillan Bloedel $17,000 • A molecular genetic study of die pigmenta- tion of a sapstaining fungus (Ophiostoma piceae) - Forintek $3,000 between April 1, 1995 and March 31, 1996. F.L. Bunnell • Spatial analyses: monitoring of natural resources in Clayoquot Sound Long Beach Model Forest $100,000 • Cooperative design of protected areas strategy - Environ. Can. $131,473 • Riparian management and die tailed frog MoF $31,000 • Management planning to maintain bio- diversity in the boreal mixed-wood forest Alberta Pacific For. Ind. $62,500 • Evaluating the role of riparian and non- riparian habitat linkages on abundance and movements of vertebrates in managed forest landscapes (co-investigator) MoF $74,375 • Impact of forestry activities on die demography and ecology of tailed frogs (Ascaphus truei) in B.C. MoF/FRIiC $105,000 • Short-tailed weasel ecology and forest fragmentation in nordiem Alberta Alberta Pacific For. Ind. $15,000 • Kluane National Park Reserve grizzly bear research program - Environ. Can./UBC Northern Scientific Training Grant $49,500 • Multiple species habitat dependencies CFS $30,000 • Persistence of forest-dependent vertebrates in landscapes under alternative silvicultural treatments - FRBC $80,374 • Hydroriparian ecosystems and long term planning Long Beach Model Forest $75,605 • Assistance for implementation of Clayoquot Scientific Panel recommendations MoF $13,400 • Sustainable forest management planning and practices dieme - NCE $83,473 • Forest diversity program, habitat conserva- tion plan; Fraser River Basin sustainable management plan - Environ Can. $36,000 • Small mammal abundance and vascular plant distribution in die Interior Cedar/ Hemlock Biogeoclimatic Zone Vancouver Foundation $14,000 E X T R A M U R A L FUNDING & S P O N S O R E D R E S E A R C H 1995 Annual Report 33 E X T R A M U R A L F U N D I N G & S P O N S O R E D R E S E A R C H J. Carlson • Effect of pollination lime on paternal success in interior spruce - MoF $40,000 • DNA markers for terminal weevil resistance in spruce - MoF $83,000 • DNA-fingerprinting of trees in an opera- tional spruce seed orchard - CFS/NSERC/ BC Research Inc. $45,000 • Multi-locus and multi-genome molecular analysis of genetic diversity in western red cedar and Douglas-fir - CFS $12,000 • Tree improvement - genedc linkage mapping and marker-assisted selection FRBC $65,000 • Karyotyping conifers by fluorescence in situ hybridization - FRBC $45,000 • Characterization of microsatellite sequences in trees - FRBC $46,000 • Developmental biology and molecular genetics of trees - NSERC $29,000 C.P. Chanway • Soil microcosms for validating field trials of genetically engineering microorganisms Can. Inst, of Biotech. $8,000 • Conifer root associated bacteria: Diversity and influence on seedling growth and competition - NSERC $25,000 • Root-endophytic and rhizosphere coloniz- ing plant growth promoting rhizobacteria for pine and spruce - NSERC $80,300 D.H. Cohen • Market research in forest products Maritime Lumber Bureau $2,000 • Taxonomy for wood products (co-investigator) - CFS/MoF $10,000 • Japanese market for sawn softwood CFS $15,000 • Establishing technology benchmarks in Canadian sawmills for processing quality control and training needs (co-investigator) SSHRC $38,000 Y. El-Kassaby • Population variation in adaptive attributes in Sitka alder Pacific Forest Products $30,000 S.C. Ellis • Characterization of die wood quality of lodgepole pine resources with respect to wood composites - NSERC $20,000 • Steam pretreatment of softwood residues (co-investigator) - CANMET $49,211 • Taxonomy for wood products (co-investigator) - CFS/MoF $10,000 R.J. Fannin • Soil/geosynthetic interaction in reinforce- ment and filtration applications NSERC $17,000 • Soil reinforcement with geogrids - construction specification and approval BC Min. Transportation & Highways $16,000 M.C. Feller • Relationships between coarse woody debris, vegetation, small mammals, and forest soils (co-investigator) - MoF/NSERC $40,000 • Influence of forest harvesting on nutrient status of ESSF ecosystems - MoF $20,000 • Regeneration of Engelmann spruce and subalpine fir from seed in die ESSF forests MoF $3,000 • Influence of alternative timber harvesting regimes on nutrient leaching dirough soil MacMillan Bloedel $10,000 • Effects of silvicultural systems on organic matter decomposition and nutrient leaching in a Montane forest (co-investigator) CFS $20,000 • Fire history and ecology of Douglas-fir forests in die interior Douglas-fir zone FRBC $63,970 • Fire behaviour and effects on vegetation of prescribed burning of forests Green Plan CFS $18,000 • Influence of alternative timber harvesting regimes on nutrient leaching through soil NSERC $9,400 • Effects of forest management practices on soils, vegetation, and streams and on eco- system nutrient budgets - NSERC $15,036 34 UBC Faculty of Forestry S.M. Glenn • Modeling for biologically effective designs of riparian corridors as linkages between protected areas - FRBC $33,075 • Analysis of riparian corridors in the Cariboo/Chilcotin - Lignum Sales $77,921 • Synthesis of riparian research in British Columbia and identification of critical questions for riparian management BC MoELP $30,000 R.D. Guy • Seasonal ecophysiology of western redcedar under a red alder canopy: Sunfleck use of efficiency and rhodaxandiin accumulation FRBC $16,922 • Alternative thawing regimes and associated handling procedures for freezer-stored plantation stock - FRBC $31,796 • Nitrate and ammonium uptake in forest seedlings - preferences and stress inter- actions (co-investigator) - FRBC $29,232 • Environmental controls on die stable iso- tope composition of marine phytoplankton (co-investigator) - NSERC $142,507 • A pulse-modulated chlorophyll fluorometer for studies of photosyndietic acclimation in conifer seedlings - NSERC $16,282 • Comparative physiology of stress acclima- tion in conifers: Water-use efficiency and root respiration - NSERC $35,715 A.F. Howard • Certification of forest management practices - CIDA $100,000 • Sustainable forest management in the Peten of Guatemala -1DRC $10,000 • Decision support systems for die forest industry - NSERC $17,500 • Operational and economic feasibility of alternative harvesting systems in second- growth coastal forests of British Columbia FRBC $40,545 • Sustainable forest management in the neotropics - Conservation Int'l $67,095 J.P. Kimmins • Stand dynamics following large-scale versus small-scale disturbance: UBC Research Forest - MoF $11,802 Whistler biosolids fertilization trial, field data collection - MoF $9,950 Mixture study - MoF $5,000 Comparison of different hemispherical image analysis methods for purposes of light estimation in forest stands MoF $6,840 Development, calibration and evaluation of Forecast and Fortoon for mixed wood management simulations - FRBC $78,700 Hemispherical photographs as a tool to characterize understory light environments and regeneration success under various canopy covers - FRBC $11,000 Development of self-guided forest ecology interpretive trails in Pacific Spirit Park, Vancouver, B.C. - CFS/MoF $14,000 Evaluation of die effects of whole-tree har- vesting on the sustainability of forest eco- system productivity- NSERC/MoF $49,600 Modelling the effect of natural disturbance and forest management practices on die long-term sustainability of forest ecosys- tems (co-investigator) - NSERC $90,000 Simulation of forest ecosystem response to natural and management caused disturbance regimes - NSERC $34,257 E X T R A M U R A L FUNDING & S P O N S O R E D R E S E A R C H K. Klinka • The V.J. Krajina/B.C. Forest Service Chair in silvics and silviculture - MoF $105,000 • Inventory of western hemlock root biomass in closed canopy stands - MoF $14,920 • Results of shade tolerance and dendro- chronology studies - MoF $12,000 • Study stands on Vancouver Island and soudieni coastal mainland - MoF $54,970 • Productivity of western larch - MoF $5,000 • The relationship between white spruce, lodgepole pine, Englemann spruce and sub- alpine fir index and measures of site quality Northwood Pulp <6 Timber $15,000 • Complete a vegetation survey in nine installations of EP1013, SMC type III MoF $33,500 • Growth-light relationships in tree species NSERC $14,700 • Relationships between aspen site index and measures of ecological site quality MoF $49,500 1995 Annual Report 35 E X T R A M U R A L F U N D I N G & S P O N S O R E D R E S E A R C H • Western hemlock zone report summarizing vegetation, biogeoclimatic, and site classifi- cations and ecological relationships in the z o n e - M o F $10,000 • Location of sample plots and finalization of stem analysis and site-index-environmental databases - MoF $40,000 • G.F. Dodd Operational Research Chair in silvicultural systems research MoF $24,000 • Inter- and intraspecific variations in shade tolerance of major tree species in B.C. MoF $45,000 • Chronosequence of humus forms on zonal sites: biological activity and related chemical properties - FRBC $31,800 • Regeneration and productivity of western larch - Crestbrook Forest Ind./NSERC/ Weyerhaeuser Canada $36,000 • Relationships between coarse woody debris, vegetation, small mammals, and forest soils (co-investigator) - MoF/NSERC $40,000 • An investigation into the effects of decaying wood on some mineral soil chemical properties - TimberWest Forest Ltd. $3,000 F. Lam • Multiple input grading system for structural lumber (co-investigator) - NSERC $95,000 • Comparison study on bending strength properties of French and Canadian grown Douglas-fir - Interfor $10,500 • Shear strength of full size laminated veneer lumber - Willamette Industries $6,818 • Lateral resistance of wood based shear wall (co-investigator) Structural Board Association $25,000 • Size and fatigue effects on shear strength of laminated Douglas-fir panels Fouquet Shanks $15,000 • Organization of wood elements in a composite mat - CFS/NSERC/MacMillan Iiloedel $20,969 • Test fixtures for strength properties of wood products - NSERC $10,368 • Manipulation of wood composite structure to enhance performance (co-investigator) NSERC $78,650 • Mechanics of wood-based composites Forintek/NSERC $101,204 V.M. LeMay • Production of equations to estimate decay in standing trees by species/BGC Zone MoF $17,427 • Foliage distribution in hybrid spruce tree c r o w n s - M o F $6,951 • Estimation and characterization of decay in standing trees - NSERC $14,000 T. Maness • The B.C. Wood Specialties Group Graduate Research Assistantship in secondary wood manufacturing B.C. Wood Specialties Group $20,000 • Quality control in lumber drying Canadian Forest Products $55,680 • Timber sale area log allocation model NSERC $14,000 • Establishing technology benchmarks in Canadian sawmills for processing quality control and training needs (co-investigator) SSHRC $38,000 • Real time target size control NSERC $26,850 P.L. Marshall • Assessing height growth and site quality in mixed-species stands - MoF $15,000 • Uneven-aged interior Douglas-fir stand development and factors influencing tree and stand growth - CFS/MoF $5,000 K. Martin • Vancouver Island white tailed ptarmigan inventory - MoF $12,000 • Life history, energetics and conservation of alpine, forest and grassland birds NSERC $13,800 J.A. McLean • Dispersal and behaviour of the white pine weevil Pissodes strobi (Peck) in an interior spruce plantation at the Kalamalka Research Station - FRBC/Green Plan CFS/Vernon Seed Orchard $40,005 • Relationship of weevil incidence to silvi- culture system and stand composition (co- investigator) - Green Plan CFS $20,000 36 UBC Faculty of Forestry P.A. Murtha • Radar Imaging Natural Systems (RAINS) Can. Space Agency $17,632 G. Namkoong • Genecology of Douglas-fir in die submari- time seed zone: Testing seed transfer guidelines - MoF $33,720 • Tree improvement - rapid breeding for tracheid characters in interior spruce FRBC $37,500 • Tree improvement - impact of forest opera- dons on genedc diversity of understory species - FRBC $42,500 • Impact of disturbance on species and genedc interactions - FRBC $85,000 • Tree improvement - resource use efficiency response in varying environments and its role in maintenance of genedc variance in fitness related traits in lodgepole pine FRBC $34,000 • Tree improvement - utilization and management of red alder genetic resources in B.C. -FRBC $61,500 • Managing forest tree genetic variance for climate change - NSERC $70,000 J.D. Nelson • Evaluating die role of riparian and non- riparian habitat linkages on abundance and movements of vertebrates in managed forest landscape (co-investigator) MoF $74,375 • Revelstoke caribou habitat analysis MoF $9,762 • Golden TSA forest planning - strategic research plan for development of a forest planning decision support system MoF $6,800 • Modelling forest harvesting to approximate natural landscape disturbance patterns FRBC $29,500 . The landscape project - FRBC $245,070 • A Tactical Landscape Analysis System (ATLAS) - CFS $40,000 • Decision support systems for forest land use planning - NSERC $18,000 L. Paszner • Fermentation of alcoholic spent pulping liquors - CAN MET $17,677 • Allotropic transformations in processed cellulose fibers - NSERC $23,000 C.E. Prescott • Installation of litter traps under western hemlock, western red cedar, Douglas-fir, and Sitka spruce - MoF $9,741 • Litter input/decomposition Mount Seven MoF $9,225 • Litter decomposition in mixed stands in die ICH zone - MoF $4,375 • Lodgepole pine fertilization - MoF $9,189 • Influence of species mixtures on litter de- composition in forests of British Columbia FRBC $6,262 • Predicting rates of organic matter decom- position in forests and silvicultural systems in B.C. - FRBC $21,322 • Modelling the effect of natural disturbance and forest management practices on the long-term sustainability of forest ecosys- tems (co-investigator) - NSERC $90,000 • Mineralization and leaching of nitrogen at die Montane alternative silvicultural systems project - CFS/MoF $13,000 E X T R A M U R A L FUNDING & S P O N S O R E D R E S E A R C H H.G.L. Prion • Seismic behaviour of steel plate shear walls NSERC $143,500 • Probabilistic design of glulam beams (co-investigator) Can. Wood Council $30,000 • Retrofit of beam to column joints widi grouted steel tubes - NSERC $14,000 • Seismic behaviour of dowel type timber connections (co-investigator) Industry $51,400 • Lateral resistance of wood based shear wall (co-investigator) Structural Board Association $25,000 J.N.R. Ruddick • Industrial Research Chair in wood preservation NSERC/various companies $96,987 1995 Annual Report 37 N. Saddler • Senior Chair in Forest Products Biotech- nology - NSERC/Industry $72,553 • Steam pretreatment of softwood residues (co-investigator) - CANMET $49,211 • Modification of morpholigical and optical properties of mechanical pulp fibers using enzymes - MacMillan Bloedel $67,500 • Improved biomass yield and granulation in UASB reactors, treating BCTMP pulp mill waste water Quesnel River Pulp Company $35,000 • Use of cellulase enzyme components to determine limitations in hydrolysis of cellulosic substrates - NSERC $82,000 • Enzymatic removal of colour and colour precursors from diermomechanical pulps derived from Douglas-fir and western red cedar - CFS/NSERC $23,000 R E S E A R C H S.E. Salcudean • Optimization-based controller design/ teleoperation control - NSERC $27,000 • Fellowship in robotics and telerobotics BCASI $50,000 • Vibration isolation widi active magnetic suspension - Can. Space Agency $122,000 • Medical robotics/medical devices IRIS NCE $55,000 . Haptic interfaces - IRIS NCE $50,000 • Partial autonomy in mobile machines IRIS NCE $42,000 T.P. Sullivan • Influence of vegetation management on diversity of plants, small mammals, and habitat structure - MoF $25,000 • Minimizing cattle damage to young forest plantations - Weyerhaeuser $10,405 • Influence of commercial diinning on flying squirrel populations in spotted owl con- servation areas (SOCAS) - FRBC $42,000 • Relationships between coarse woody debris, vegetation, small mammals, and forest soils (co-investigator) - MoF/NSERC $40,000 • Population dynamics and habitat preference of northern flying squirrels and bushy- tailed woodrats - Canadian Forest Products/NSERC $40,170 E X T R A M U R A L F U N D I N G & S P O N S O R E D D.B. Tindall • Jobs versus trees: Intergroup relations in the conflict over wilderness preservation and forest policy development in B.C. SSHRC $13,300 • Gender inequality and alternative oppor- tunity structures for affecting social change: Women in die conservation movement and forestry-based communities SSHRC $11,900 B.J. van der Kamp • Armillaria root disease in die Cariboo MoF $15,000 • Pathology of conifer seed and seedlings in natural and disturbed forest floor seedbeds in interior, spruce dominated stands MoF $22,600 • Resistance of western larch to Armillaria root disease - CFS/MoF $9,000 • Variability and stability in native forest tree padiosystems during domestication of the host - NSERC $11,550 S.B. Watts • Background study for the updating of the Forestry Handbook for B.C. MoF $19,587 G.F. Weetman • Growth response of western hemlock and Douglas-fir to fertilization: A study of response mechanisms - MoF $55,164 • Nutrient speciation in western hemlock and Douglas-fir - MoF $8,975 • A comprehensive study of western hemlock nutrition - FRBC $44,851 • Forest fertilization and nutrition studies NSERC/Western Forest Products $26,286 38 UBC Faculty of Forestry FACULTY PUBLICATIONS THIS list includes documents published between April 1, 1995 and March 31, 1996. Names appearing in bold-face type are those of UBC Forestry Faculty members. For further informa- tion on any of these publications (many of which are available in libraries), please contact die appropriate Faculty member directly. Abraham, L. and C. Breuil. 1995. Character- ization of the cleavage specificity of a subtilisin-like serine proteinase from Ophiostoim piceae by liquid chromato- graphy/mass spectrometry and tandem MS. FEBS Letters 374:208-210. Abraham, L. and C. Breuil. 1995. 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Prest Coordinator i J i f i k NO W H E R E in Canada are First Nations perspectives and issues adequately address- ed in university-based forestry and natural resources conservation curricula. Yet, First Nations people were the first humans to occupy many forested landscapes and still rely on forests for cultural, economic and spiritual support. In British Columbia, settlement of die aboriginal land question as well as all of the in- terim measures put in place prior to that event will 110 doubt, profoundly affect the practice of forestry and the role of the professional forester. Not only is there a great need to have First Nations people enter into forestry and conserva- tion sectors as professionals, but it is equally critical that all students learn about die most critical forest land issues related to aboriginal rights and tide being faced by professional foresters in today's world. At the Faculty of Forestry we have begun to respond to diese issues by developing a strategy to increase First Nations enrolment into forestry and conservation programs as well as to incor- porate First Nations perspectives and issues into existing courses and new curricula in order to learn more about aboriginal rights, culture and land ediics. We have developed the following initiatives: • We appointed Gordon W . Prest as Coordi- nator for First Nations. Mr. Prest is of Coast Salish ancestry from die Sto:lo Nation and comes with over 30 years of related experience as a Forest Ranger and Manager widi the Ministry of Forests and as a First Nations Educator widi die Nicola Valley Institute of Technology. • We appointed Beverly Bird from die Tl 'az t 'enne Nation as die First Nations Curricu- lum Coordinator. Ms. Bird comes widi exten- sive experience working widi First Nations organizations. She has worked with Northern Native Broadcasting; die Carrier-Sekani Tribal Council; Department of Indian and Nordiern Affairs development; National Aboriginal Forestry Association as well as the Assembly of First Nations in Ottawa. Beverly will be developing a new course on First Nations issues as a regularly offered fourth year course beginning in September 1996. She will also be working closely widi individual professors to incorporate First Nations perspectives into existing curriculum. The most effective way to ensure that all students learn about critical forest land issues related to aboriginal rights and title is to incorporate die relevant material into existing courses. ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1995-96 • During die year, five First Nations students were enrolled in the Faculty tracking to- wards degrees and RPF status. An additional five First Nations students are expected to enter in September 1996. • First Nations Council of Advisors appointed for the Faculty of Forestry. • First Nations Curriculum Coordinator appointed in December 1995. • New course "Perspectives on First Nations and Forest Lands" developed and delivered as a pilot, January 1996. The course will be delivered as a regularly offered fourdi year course in September 1996. • The UBC First Nations Professional Sciences Access Program was started in August 1995. PLANS FOR 1996-97 • Continue to incorporate First Nations perspectives in existing curriculum. • Coordinate and deliver a two-day interna- tional conference bringing togedier key players in aboriginal forestry education to critically review what has been done to date. • Expand articulation agreements for university transfer credit programs to offer first and second-year forestry university transfer courses at die community college level. We are starting discussions widi Malaspina University College - Cowichan Campus and die University College of die Cariboo - Williams Lake Campus on offering diese courses to First Nations students. PREST, Gordon W. Coordinator First Nations Forestry and Natural Resources Conservation Programs Phone: (604)822-0651 Fax: (604) 822-8645 E-mail: gprest@unixg.ubc.ca BIRD, Beverly B.A. Coordinator First Nations Curriculum Phone: (604)822-4728 Fax: (604) 822-8645 E-mail: bbird@unixg.iijc.ca 1995 Annual Report 47 INTER- NATIONAL FORESTRY PROGRAMS HOWARD, Andrew F. B.Sc., M.F.Sc., M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D. Director International Forestry Programs Phone: (604)822-3794 Fax: (604)822-8645 E-mail: ahoward@unixg.ubc.ca SCHINNERL, Sandra B.Com. Assistant Director Phone: (604)822-9627 Fax: (604)822-8645 E-mail: sandra@unixgubc.ca THIS past year, International Forestry Programs has succeeded in gaining signi- ficant momentum and interest within die Faculty. Our success is especially rewarding since die program operates on a full cost recovery basis. This year we had enough international project funding to hire Sandra Schinnerl as Assistant Director of International Programs and she has been an integral part of developing the student programs which have been the basis of our recent growth. We have three major program areas: International Student Programs, Research and Training Projects and International Visitor l ours. This year emphasis was placed on developing programs which would provide students with international forestry experience. The project has diree components: internships, student exchanges, and die development of a joint degree program in International Forestry. The response has been overwhelming, and indicates a significant demand within the student body for exposure to international forestry issues. ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1995-96 International Student Programs • Nine International students joined our undergraduate program diis year. • Twelve diird-year undergraduate students were selected for a one-year exchange at die following universities: Australian National University, University of Melbourne, Lincoln University, University of Los Banos, University of Helsinki, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, University College of Nordi Wales, University of Aberdeen. • Work internship positions were found for two graduate students in Bolivia and two undergraduate students in Finland. • A grant by die British Council will enable International Programs to visit and make formal student mobility agreements widi leading European Forestry Institutions. Research and Training Programs • UBC-UPM Conference on Certification of Forest Management Additional funding to make this Conference possible was attained dirough die Canadian Forest Service, the Canadian Coalition of Sustainable Forest Management, die Forest Andrew F. Howard Director Stewardship Council, the International Tropical Timber Organization and the BC Ministry of Forests. A total of $200,000 was raised. Seven graduate students and seven Faculty members from UBC will accompany the Canadian contingent to the Conference in Malaysia in May 1996. • International Sustainable Forest Manage- ment in the Neotropics Research has been conducted in Bolivia, Brazil and Guatemala on the economic viability of forest management compared to competing land uses and die ability of forest policy to encourage investment in sustainable management. We obtained a grant from Conservation Inter- national, Washington, DC to work on each of the case studies. PLANS FOR 1996-97 International Student Programs • Develop an International Forestry degree program as another degree option for interested undergraduate students. • Increase the number of international intern- ships and work opportunities for students. • Increase die number of bodi incoming and outgoing students on international exchange. Research and Training Programs • Position UBC to be a centre for up-to-date information on proceedings and research in die issues of certification of forest manage- ment practices. • Continue to bid for international forestry projects which require die research skills and expertise of die UBC Forestry Faculty, our research associates and graduate students. • Organize a new research project on Land Tenure Systems recently awarded to us by die Food and Agriculture Organization of die United Nations. 48 UBC Faculty of Forestry CENTRE FOR ADVANCED WOOD PROCESSING Thomas Maness Director (Acting) THE Faculty of Forestry established die Centre for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) to promote value-added manufacturing of Canada's most important natural resource. National in scope, a unique partnership involv- ing the Canadian forest products industry, die provincial government, the federal government and Forest Renewal BC funds die Centre. The Centre's mission involves participation in the new Wood Products Processing undergraduate education program - die only one of its kind in North America - graduate education, continu- ing education, applied research program and extension. Education The Centre contributes to the undergraduate Wood Products Processing program through teaching and laboratory support and manage- ment of a unique Cooperative Education Program widi Industry. During 1995-1996, we developed the rules and procedures to manage die Co-op program effectively. The Co-op Coordinator contacted employers across Canada, linked students with employers, and placed the first class of co-op students in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario in primary and secondary wood pro- cessing plants for die summer. These students will be involved in quality control projects, time and motion studies, production costs evaluations and analyses, and will gain hands- on experience on production lines. The Co-op program also has an international component and will be responsible for develop- ing student exchange programs and placing Canadian students in the European Industry, and vice versa. During 1995-96, our Co-op Coordinator placed four students from the Swiss School of Engineering for the Timber Industry in Canadian industry. In addition, die Centre has been actively involved in curriculum development of die new Wood Products Processing program and coordination of faculty exchanges with European Wood Processing programs and industry partners. As a result, strong linkages have been developed widi die European equipment manufacturing industry and with several European schools. Continuing Education Our continuing education program will provide unique training and advanced technical services for value-added wood product industry to develop the skills required to keep pace widi technology developments and advances. The program will include seminars, workshops, certificate programs and diploma programs. Workshops and seminars will be delivered regionally across Canada. Industry Extension Program We will provide firms widi access to cost effective and unbiased technical support through relevant advanced scientific and technical capacities strongly linked to our education and research programs. Extension programs currently underway are: • Wood Products Quality Control Council of B.C. We will develop a certification system and provide direct support to B.C. value- added manufacturers to improve dieir product quality, productivity and cost performance. • Advanced Tooling and Machining Support. We will offer specialized support in diis area. • Computer Integrated Manufacturing Support. We will offer support to firms developing new capabilities in advanced manufacturing, promoting die integration of design, manufacturing and marketing of Canadian value-added products. Applied Research and Development Program Our research will focus on die development, new uses, and practical application of cost- effective advanced systems and technologies for the wood products manufacturing industry. We will work closely with odier research institutes to promote the integration of technology into the industry. Research projects currently targeted for 1996-97 involve improving advanced sawing optimization systems for value-added manu- facturing, lumber drying and quality control practices, and production planning systems. MANESS, Thomas B.S.F., M.Sc., Ph.D. Director (Acting), Centre for Advanced Wood Processing Phone: (604)822-2150 Fax: (604)822-9159 E-mail: maness@unixg.ubc.ca FORGET, Christine B.Eng., M.A.Sc., M.Eng. Cooperative Education Coordinator Phone: (604)822-4793 Fax: (604)822-9159 E-mail: forget @unixg.ubc.ca WRAY, Tom Facility Manager Phone: (604)822-6131 Fax: (604)822-9159 E-mail: twray@unixg.ubc.ca JOHNSTON, Wendy Program Assistant Phone: (604)822-2150 Fax: (604)822-9159 E-mail: wendyj@unixg.ti>c.ca 1995 Annual Report 49 CENTRE FOR APPLIED CONSERVATION BIOLOGY THE Centre for Applied Conservation Biology in the Faculty of Forestry promotes conservation of biological diversity while maintaining economic development. This Centre is unique in its incorporation of a novel undergraduate program, broad definition of educational targets, close links between basic and applied disciplines, and focus on forested ecosystems where conflicts between biological diversity and economic activities are most contentious. Education BUNNELL, Fred L. B.S.F. (Hons.), Ph.D., R.P. Bio. Director Centre lor Applied Conservation Biology Phone: (604)822-5928 Fax: (604)822-5410 E-mail: fbunnell@unixg.ubc.ca CHAN-McLEOD, Ann C. Allaye B.S.F., M.Sc., Ph.D. Associate Director Phone: (604)822-5442 Fax: (604)822-5410 E-mail: allaye@unixg.ubc.ca Centre Associates BURTON, Philip CARLSON, John GLENN, Susan HARESTAD, Alton HINCH, Scott KLENNER, Walter KLINKENBERG, Brian KRANNITZ, Pamela KREMSATER, Laurie LERTZMAN, Ken MARTIN, Kathy McLELLAN, Bruce NAMKOONG, Gene NELSON, John PITT, Michael RICHARDSON, John ROCHELLE, Jim SCUDDER, Geoffrey SHACKLETON, David SMITH, James TAIT, David VAN KOOTEN, Casey The educational program has three elements: an affiliated undergraduate program, a rapidly growing graduate program, and short courses for target audiences such as professional foresters, resource managers, the public and the media. We are closely linked to the Faculty's under- graduate B.Sc. (Natural Resources Conserva- tion) program. That program includes a core of natural science courses in forest, plant, and animal ecology, conservation biology and landscape ecology, and a suite of social science and management courses in economics, political science and philosophy to translate natural process into human values. The "Seminar in Biological Conservation " series supported by the H.R. MacMillan Family Fund combines graduate-level instruction and public lectures on important conservation issues. (See the Special Lectures section in this report.) Extension This year's outreach employed a variety of approaches. The Centre hosted larger work- shops involving a range of parties, including First Nations and environmental non-govern- ment organizations, to deal with specific issues such as conservation of grizzly bears in south- west Yukon. With support of the Canadian Wildlife Service, the Centre produced a pam- phlet on the importance of deciduous trees to maintaining biodiversity; 20,000 copies of our previous pamphlets on approaches to maintain- ing biodiversity and the importance of downed wood to biodiversity were reprinted. More than 30 talks were given by Centre members to various professional groups in Asia, North America, and Europe. Specifically focussed outreach permitted research associates and graduate students to live directly in small communities such as Nehalliston, Yalakom, Fred L. Bunnell Director and Hot Springs Cove (Hesquiaht First Nation). Centre members also were involved in clarifica- tion and implementation of the Clayoquot Scientific Panel's recommendations. Research Interdisciplinary, cooperative research is the key to answering the broad questions of conserva- tion biology. The Centre brings together scholars to collaborate in such research. We are testing conservation biology theories in the context of forested ecosystems, and aim to apply this knowledge to managed forests, parks and natural areas. Among the larger projects currently underway are: • Leadership within the Sustainable Forest Management Network of Centres of Excellence, a national research program focussed on Canada's boreal forests (Drs. F. Bunnell and D. Tait). • Inventory and research on the ecology and genetics of tailed frog find Pacific giant salamander populations as these are influenced by forest practices (Drs. F. Bunnell, J. Carlson, J. Richardson). • A decision-support tool evaluating econo- mic and biological consequences of forest planning at the landscape level, including a system for enhancing community partici- pation in land and resource planning (Drs. F.L. Bunnell and J.D. Nelson). • Definition of hydroriparian zones and analysis of effectiveness of riparian corri- dors (Drs. S.M. Glenn and A.C. Chan- McLeod). • Models and experimental testing of species movements through landscapes (Dr. S.M. Glenn). • Energetics, behaviour, physiology and life history of white-tailed ptarmigan, and a collaborative project on the role of spruce grouse as alternative prey in relation to the snowshoe hare-lynx cycle in the boreal forest (Dr. K. Martin). 50 UBC Faculty of Forestry BC FORESTRY CONTINUING STUDIES NETWORK Patricia A. Plackett Director THE BC Forestry Continuing Studies Network was established as an independent organization nearly Five years ago to provide provincial coordination and delivery of continu- ing education to forestry practitioners. Concerns about fragmented training delivery, duplication of effort, inconsistent training quality and in- sufficient tracking provided the impetus for the creation of the organization. Our operations have grown from two offices at die outset to six offices today. Ihe offices are affiliated with post-secondary institutions widi forestry/natural resource programs: • University of British Columbia Vancouver • Selkirk College, Casdegar • University of Nordiern British Columbia, Prince George • University College of the Cariboo, Kamloops • Malaspina University College, Nanaimo • Northwest Community College, Smithers. The Provincial Office in die Faculty of Forestry at UBC is responsible for overall management of the organization and coordination of province-wide services. The five Delivery Centres are responsible for organizing training activities around die province. The Network's Provincial Board and five Delivery Centre Boards provide input to die operation of die organization. The Network continues to operate in two main areas: • Organizing training delivery. • Providing provincial training coordination. Our delivery is provided on a cost-recovery basis in line widi die original intent that train- ing delivery costs would be shared by all users, both public and private sector. Our provincial coordination services have been provided with support from the Ministry of Forests and, until 1995-96, die FRDA II program. Forest Renewal BC provided funding for the work of die Provincial Office related to these services over die past fiscal year. Provincial coordination is recognized as key to the long-temi success of die training delivery in B.C. We produce two catalogues of training opportunities in natural resource management each year (distributed free-of-cliarge to about 11,000 readers), coordinate provincial schedul- ing of training, maintain provincial databases and provide an advisory service on training opportunities. Anodier important task is our interaction with advisory board members and odiers at a local level to allow for broad-based input from stakeholders diroughout the province on continuing education priorities. In July 1995, we held a Strategic Planning Workshop for the Network. The vision and mandate of the organization were discussed in detail and a number of strategic objectives were developed. Subsequently, our Business Plan was updated and financial projections prepared for die next five years. One of our major planning issues is long-term funding for provincial training coordination. ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1995-96 During diis past year, we provided training for over 12,000 registrants in Network-organized courses. We have been involved in a continu- ation of training related to die Forest Practices Code. Ihe Network Director was asked to serve as die Secretariat for the development of die Forest Practices Code skills training for forest workers developed under die guidance of die FPC Indus- try Training Steering Committee. We will be delivering diis training package to all interested Small Business Forest Enterprise Program Registrants and Woodlot Licence Holders. In die past year there was a continuation of die Network's role in training coordination for die Watershed Restoration Program. Network staff helped to plan and coordinate die ABCPF's Annual Policy Review Seminars and organized die Ediics and Discipline Work- shops diroughout B.C. in addition to a wide range of odier forestry training courses, workshops and conferences. PLANS FOR 1996-97 The highest priority remains die identification of new opportunities for continuing education, taking into account the upcoming introduction of mandatory continuing education for ABCPF members and die increasing focus on forest worker training. We will continue to focus on improving die cost-effectiveness of our services PLACKETT, Patricia A. B.A.(Hons.), M.A., Ph.D. Director BC Forestry Continuing Studies Network Phone: (604)822-9278 Fax: (604)822-3106 E-mail: plackett@unixg.ubc.ca SATO, Shirley B.A. OHice Manager Phone: (604)822-5874 Fax: (604)822-3106 E-mail: sato@unixg.ubc.ca 1995 Annual Report 51 SILVICULTURE INSTITUTE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA PARSONS, Candace E.B. B.S.F., R.P.F. Executive Director Silviculture Institute of British Columbia E-mail: claird@unixg.ubc.ca PICKFORD, Joanne D. B.S.F., R.P.F. Executive Assistant HALL, Mary J. B.A. Administrative Assistant Phone: (604)224-7800 Fax: (604)822-3106 THIS year, the Silviculture Institute of British Columbia (SIBC) celebrated ten years of excellence in die development and delivery of continuing education programs in advanced silviculture. We currently offer three main programs: the professional program has been offered to Registered Professional Foresters (RPFs) for ten years, the technical program to forest technologists and technicians for two years, and the Silviculture 1 & 2 correspondence courses to Association of B.C. Professional Foresters' Foresters-in-Training and Forestry Pupils for three years. The objective of all SIBC programs is to enhance the level of silvicultural practices in B.C. dirough continuing education in advanced silviculture. On October 19, 1994, the University of British Columbia (UBC) Senate approved our professional program for diploma status; it is currently titled die UBC Diploma in Forestry (Advanced Silviculture). The first graduating class to receive diis diploma is actually die ninth class to complete die professional program. This class of 18 graduates will be recognized at die UBC Convocation on May 31, 1996, and their names will join our list of 123 foresters who have also successfully completed diis program. There are currently a furdier 168 students enrolled in diis program. The professional diploma program consists of six, two-week modules taken over a three- year period. Students are practising professional foresters employed by government, industry, and consulting from all parts of die province. There is extensive pre-course reading required prior to each module, and die program con- cludes with preparation of a comprehensive silviculture prescription which is orally defend- ed before a panel of experienced silviculturists, followed up by a written report. Instructors (many of whom are volunteers) are drawn from academia, government, industry, and consult- ing. We are grateful to the following people from die UBC Faculty of Forestry for dieir involvement and support: Gordon Baskerville, Clark Binkley, David Cohen, Michael Feller, Hamisli Kimmins, Karel Klinka, John McLean, Peter Marshall, John Nelson, Cheryl Power, Peter Sanders, Tom Sullivan, Bart van der Kamp, and Gordon Weetman. Financial assistance is provided by the B.C. Ministry of Forests. Candace E.B. Parsons Executive Director Board of Directors Director (Alternates) P.L. Marshall, Chair (E. Van Scoffield) G.F. Weetman, Secretary/ Treasurer (C.S. Binkley) G.L. Kennah (L.R. Bedford) R . E . Carter G.E. Lester (M.D. Larock) C. Opio (W. Kessler) E. Teske Representing: Association of B.C. Professional Foresters University of B.C. Ministry of Forests Forest industry Students & graduates Univ. Northern B.C. Canadian Forest Service ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1995-96 In 1995-96, seven professional modules were offered to 155 students, and five technical modules were offered to 106 students, for a total of 2,080 person-days of advanced silviculture education. In addition, 49 students were enroll- ed in die Silviculture 1 & 2 correspondence courses. In June, a meeting was held to review over- all program objectives and the content of the individual modules. Many modifications were proposed to keep die program at the "leading edge" and to ensure the smoodi addition of the new module (Module V: Forest Analysis). Modules are in the process of being revised accordingly. PLANS FOR 1996-97 A pilot session of our new Module V: Forest Analysis will be held October 28-November 8, 1996 in Prince George for SIBC graduates plus selected non-SIBC students to whom this topic is timely and relevant in dieir work. If demand is sufficient, diis targeted session will be held annually. Commencing in 1997, we also plan to develop and offer a "refresher module" for graduates who completed the professional program over five years ago. Any input from students, graduates, instructors, or other interested parties is welcomed. 52 UBC Faculty of Forestry FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM John D. Pennant Development Officer Asuccessful development program requires support from the Dean, faculty and most importandy, the community. Behind every dollar raised are people dedicated to increasing knowledge about forestry, and supporting our students and faculty. This report recognizes those who have contributed to another success- ful year for die Faculty of Forestry development program, as die University motto says, "tuum est - it's yours!" ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1995-96 We have once again increased endowment support for forestry education and increased our support from alumni and corporations. The Alumni Campaign, led by Vice-Chair, Mr. W. Gerald Burch, has had an extremely successful year. Class leaders include Dr. Vidar Nordin and Glen Patterson (pre-1947 gradu- ates), Vem Wellburn and Gerry Burch (1948- 59) Jack Toovey (1960-69) and Reid Carter (1975-90) and John Palkovics (Sopron Alumni). In turn die class leaders recruited class repre- sentatives in each graduation class. Personal follow-up as well as telepledge nights were organized around the province. The net result of this hard work is diat our number of alumni donors has increased over last year (see below). Total donations $50,000 - $40,000 - $30,000 - $20,000- $10,000- 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 Year Forestry Alumni past giving 1989-1995 A number of awards were created during die year including die Emily and Francis Binkley Award, die Paul Steiner Scholarship and die John Worrall Bursary. Dr. Paul Steiner passed away in 1995 and to recognize his many contributions, family, friends, forest companies and faculty members created a special scholarship for Wood Science students. There continues to be a great deal of support for this newly endowed award and currently over $38,000 has been raised in recog- nition of Dr. Steiner and his contribution to the field of wood science. Support for die John Worrall Forestry Bursary was overwhelming. The award was established in recognition of John Worrall's continuing teaching contribution to the Faculty. No other award recognizing an individual at the University has received so many gifts from so many people. Over 300 people gave over $20,000. Such a response clearly shows diat Dr. John Worrall has made a tremendously positive impact on many former and current students. Our corporate campaign, led by Campaign Chair, David Mclnnes, (Chair, Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd.) and Campaign Vice Chair, George Richards, (President and CEO of Weldwood of Canada Ltd.) has resulted in increasing financial support from die forest sector. Recently, International Forest Products Ltd. Chair & CEO and UBC Chancellor, Mr. William Sauder and President & COO, Robert Sitter announced an invesunent of $250,000 in die new Forest Sciences Centre. Construction has already begun on die new Centre. Forest Renewal BC has recently announced a major gift of $9.5 million to the University which will support academic Chairs in Applied Conservation Biology, Forest Management, Hydrology and Silviculture. In addition, die University will contribute a furdier $3 million endowment dirough die President's Opportunity Fund. Our forestry volunteers have done an out- standing job and we are very grateful to diem and of course, our donors, for dieir support. PENNANT, John D. B.A., C.F.R.E. Development Officer Phone: (604)822-8716 Fax: (604) 822-8645 E-mail: jpennant@unixg.ubc.ca PLANS FOR 1996-97 • Complete industry campaign. • Further build a strong volunteer and donor base for forestry education. • Continue through naming opportunities, to fund equipment and furnishings for our new Forest Sciences Centre. • Increase support for our students. 1995 Annual Report 53 SPECIAL LECTURES H.R. MACMILLAN LECTURE SERIES During the fall and spring terms, several inter- nationally known members of the scientific community were invited to UBC to participate in Conservation 500, a graduate seminar course in conservation biology. Dr. K. Martin organized the lecture series and taught the course. The following speakers to this course gave public lectures on a diversity of topics: Mr. Len Thomas Ph.D. student, University of British Columbia • Workshop on population monitoring in conservation biology - problems and opportunities. Dr. Christine Schonewald University of California, Davis • Conceptualizing reserve design and associated disciplinary and scaling issues. Dr. Tom Martin University of Montana, Missoula • Habitat selection and species co-existence: Theory and conservation implications. Mr. Don Russell Canadian Wildlife Service, Yukon • International conservation and management of the Porcupine Caribou herd; is it enough? Dr. Anne Gunn Renewable Resources, Yellowknife, N.W.T. • Perry Caribou - practical conservation and cooperative management. Dr. Chadwick Oliver University of Washington, Seattle • Achieving conservation goals - integrating biology, economics and strategic planning into forest management. Dr. Peter Stacey University of Nevada, Reno • The role of demographic rescue in maintain- ing metapopulations. Dr. Dawn Bazely York University, Toronto • Restoration ecology, the impact of deer browsing on Carolinian Forest in Canada. Dr. Caryn Vaughn University of Oklahoma • Regional patterns of riverine mussel species distribution and abundance, and implica- tions for conservation. Dr. Bill Newmark University of Utah • Stability and extinction probabilities of vertebrate communities in National Parks and reserves. Dr. Francis Juanes Department of Forestry and Wildlife, University of Massachusetts • Conservation of marine ecosystems. Dr. Lisle Gibbs McMaster University, Hamilton • Conservation genetics of snakes and neotropical birds in Canada. The H.R. MacMillan Lecture Series is made possible by a grant to the Faculty of Forestry from die H.R. MacMillan Family Fund. THE LESLIE L. SCHAFFER LECTURE This year's Schaffer lecture was given on November 22, by Mr. John A. Gleed, Director of Tasman Biotechnology Limited in New Zealand. The lecture was held in conjunction with a Faculty Research Evening and attracted close to 100 interested individuals. Copies of Mr. Gleed's talk "Incorporating Biotech- nology into a Forest Program - A New Zealand Example" are available from the Faculty of Forestry at UBC. The Leslie L. Schaffer Lectureship in Forest Sciences was established in 1981 by Mrs. Kato Schaffer in memory of her husband, Leslie L. Schaffer, former executive vice-president of Western Plywood Co. Ltd. This fund provides for the dissemination of scientific information and achievement among forestry students, professional foresters, scientists and the public. 54 UBC Faculty of Forestry STUDENTS FOR FORESTRY AWARENESS Public Lecture Series Students for Forestry Awareness (SFA) is an independent, student organization diat has been in existence at UBC for over ten years. Through periodic symposia and a continuing speaker series die SFA introduces a variety of philosphical, academic, environmental, and industrial perspectives on forestry related issues to students, faculty and die general public. Speakers and topics during die 1995/96 academic year included: Gordon Prest First Nations Coordinator UBC Faculty of Forestry • First Nations and forestry. Kathleen Pitt Supervisor, Production Services UBC Computing Sciences Department, and Michael Pitt Associate Dean UBC Faculty of Agricultural Sciences • Three seasons in the wind. Greg Chin Regional Planner, BC Parks • Park planning. Bob Cavill Administrator, Watershed Management Division, GVRD • Changing times - Changing toolboxes: Watershed management - a case in point. Tom Wright Former Dean of Forestry, UBC • Woodlot management. Alan Vyse Head, Research Section B.C. Ministry of Forests, Kamloops • Silviculture systems used in the Kamloops forest region. Trevor Swan Enforcement Branch B.C. Ministry of Forests, Victoria • Enforcing the Forest Practices Code. Linda Coady Vice President, Environmental Affairs MacMillan Bloedel Ltd. • How many female senior executives does it take to put in a BC forest industry lightbulb? Anne Bishop Education Coordinator, CANFOR Ltd. • Public education in forestry. Fred Bunnell Professor, UBC Faculty of Forestry Co-Chair, Clayoquot Scientific Panel • The conclusions of the Clayoquot Scientific Panel. Vicky Husband Conservation Chair, BC Sierra Club • Past and fiiture forest management in the coastal temperate rain forests of B.C. Jack Munroe Chair, Forest Alliance of BC • The role of the Forest Alliance in land use debates. Mike Morton Share BC • The role of rural communities in the forest debates. Val Schaefer Ecology instructor, Douglas College • Urban Ecology. Steward Culbertson Commission on Resources and die Environment • The purpose of CORE. Ben Parfitt Freelance reporter • The role of rural communities in the forest debates. Bill Stanbury Professor, UBC Faculty of Commerce, and Mike MacCallum IVice Waterhouse • Recent B.C. government forest policy and land use initiatives. Carmen Purdy Crestbrook Forest Industries Ltd. • The effects of forest management on the biodiversity and ecology in the interior dry belt. S P E C I A L L E C T U R E S 1995 Annual Report 55 PRODUCTION INFORMATION This Annual Report was prepared on an IBM PC AT compatible computer using Microsoft Word for Windows Version 6.0. A final camera- ready impression was produced using a QMS PS 815 printer. Cover: Cornwall cover coated one side 10 pt. Text: Resolve coated matte 80 lbs. Questions concerning this report or requests for mailing list updates, deletions or additions should be directed to: Dr. Susan Watts Annual Report Editor Faculty of Forestry University of British Columbia 270-2357 Main Mall Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z4 Phone: (604) 822-6316 Fax: (604) 822-8645 E-mail: suwatts@unixg.ubc.ca Printed in Canada on recycled paper UBC Faculty of Forestry Home Page Location: http://www.forestry.ubc.ca/ Netscape - [UBC Faculty of Forestry - Home Page] First Nations Initiatives Departments and Affiliated Programs V i e w UBC File Edit View Go Bookmarks Options Directory http://wv»w.forestry.ubc.co/ Location: a t p f t g i f i t- , -"•.iVil.-r-.'ia.Vî -̂ mMm timwm The Faculty of Forestry World Wide Web site features: • academic program details; • department and allied program descriptions; • online Faculty newsletters and special event announcements. Any comments or suggestions about our World Wide Web site can be addressed to Ron Turner, Systems Manager, at (604) 822-6793 or e-mail turner@unixg.ubc.ca. Faculty of Forestry University of British Columbia 270-2357 Main Mall Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z4 CANADA Phone Fax: 06/96/6500


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