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Branchlines, Vol. 22, no. 2 Watts, Susan B.; University of British Columbia. Faculty of Forestry


Redefining forestry (John L. Innes). Conservation students compete for Project Borneo 3D. World Forestry Day. Mid-career training India’s Forest Service. Forestry leaders summit. Three minute thesis competition. New appointments. Forestry Advisory Council. Our forest industry needs to change (David Gandossi). Exploring alternative production strategies for the coastal forest supply chain. Microfinance for small-scale forest enterprises in The Gambia. Fraser River sockeye and migration mortality. Can Africa’s Peace Parks bring hope for people and animals under threat? Mapping endangered Garry oak ecosystems. Visualizing climate change in Canada’s Arctic. Legality requirements and the Chinese wood products industry. The power of wind. Alumni news. Healthy forests – healthy communities. Annual Report. Electronic versus paper newsletter?

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