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Branchlines, Vol. 23, no. 3 Watts, Susan B.; University of British Columbia. Faculty of Forestry


Dean's message (John L. Innes). Undergraduate enrolment at an all-time high! Wood Products Processing alumni employment survey. New appointments. Is cultural diversity essential for biodiversity? (Kate Kirby). Relating shape to human aesthetic evaluations. (Angela Liu). Glacier retreat and its downstream consequences. The role of urban trees in campus sustainability. (Ira Sutherland). Woodfuels and native forest degradation in Chile. (Rene Reyes). A stressful tale, Intergenerational effects of stress in sockeye salmon by (Natalie Sopinka). Working with Indigenous communities. Is beauty always in the eye of the beholder? Lightweight and looks great! Development & alumninews: Urban futures research project receives foundation support. Paul Heller Fellowship – 25 years of support continues. Creating an exciting new nexus for Indigenous forestry. Reunions and events. Alumni in action. New course-based masters is off to a great start.

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