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Branchlines. Volume 23, number 2 Watts, Susan B.; University of British Columbia. Faculty of Forestry


Dean's message (John L. Innes). MegaFlorestais 2012. Maja Krzic receives Soil Science for Society Award. Undergraduate enrolment and graduation at an all-time high. Forests and floods: Decades of scientific investigation gone awry. Legality requirements and the Chinese wood products industry. Measuring a tree’s carbon footprint. Aboriginal forestry: Visioning and payment for ecosystem services in Canada. Navigating a path through climate change. A day in the life of a field biologist (by Martha Essak). Estimating moose habitat suitability from satellite-derived indicators. 2 degrees, 2 years, 2 countries and twice the experience. Development & alumninews: Start a Knowledge Evolution with Research. John Richardson and Forest Management. Nicholas Coops and Remote Sensing. Jack Saddler and Biofuels. Private philanthropy can help. Reunions. Events. Class of 1961 creates a legacy program student award. Making a difference. A tribute to Irving (Ike) K Barber 1923 – 2012. (by Bill Bourgeois).

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