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Branchlines, Vol. 22, no. 1 Watts, Susan B.; University of British Columbia. Faculty of Forestry


Dean's message (John L. Innes). New Forest Biomaterials and Biochemicals Research Network. Hosny El-Lakany elected to CIFOR Board. Minister of Forests addresses students. Doctoral student wins prize. Forestry Advisory Council welcomes two new members. An extraordinary experience in Japan. Conserving coastal giant salamanders. Observing biodiversity from space. Extreme disturbance, reclamation and forest resilience. Online profiles. Fostering climate change adaptation. Human choices impact native birds and plants. Promoting sustainable management of Cameroon’s Model Forests. Driving innovation in the advanced wood products industry. A new course in visualizing climate change. UBC’s Research Forests: the business of change. Alumni news. Making a difference. Electronic versus paper? International Year of Forests 2011.

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