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Branchlines. Volume 21, number 2 Watts, Susan B.; University of British Columbia. Faculty of Forestry


Dean's message (John L. Innes): future directions for the Faculty of Forestry. Commonwealth Forestry Congress. The Asia Pacific Forestry Net. Commonwealth Forestry Association. The Faculty of Forestry at IUFRO 2010. Workshop on traditional forest knowledge. Forestry Advisory Council welcomes two new members. Capacity building with India’s Forest Service. Forestry students to help protect the Sumatran elephant and tiger populations. Science meets entertainment. New course-based programs. Haida Gwaii Semester breaking new ground in forestry education. Climate change adaptation, facilitating action on the ground. Forests are about people! The Meldrum Creek Fire: observations from the Alex Fraser Research Forest. HIV / AIDS and forest resources in Malawi. Understanding the effects of climate change on freshwater ecosystems. The International Energy Agency’s Bioenergy Task 39 and its role in forestry. IUFRO Scientific Achievement award winners Yousry El-Kassaby and Shawn Mansfield. Alumni news. Award profile.

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