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Newsletter (Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences) : vol. 2, issue 2, May 1998 Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences May 31, 1998

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The Alberta Government, through the Alberta Science &Research Authority, has committed $110K for the 1998-99PIMS industrial and educational programs. The announce-ment was made by Dr. Lorne Taylor, Minister Responsiblefor Science, Research and Information Technology, andhighlights the increased support that PIMS is receiving todevelop its research infrastructure.  The funds will be usedto further the mission of PIMS  as an organization that pro-motes the integration of the mathematical sciences betweenthe research, industrial and educational communities. PIMSis already receiving financial support from the BC Govern-ment through the Information, Science and TechnologyAgency, the Natural Sciences and Engineering ResearchCouncil, the member universities, as well as various con-tributions from its industrial partners.Alberta Government Supports PIMS Industryand Educational Programsapplications of the mathematical sciences in five sectorsthat were deemed important for the Canadian economy,including  bio-medical technology, manufacturing, infor-mation technology, the financial sector, and the industrialcommercial  sector.   Planning for MITACS began in Octo-ber 1997.  In November, the institutes submitted a letter ofintent for the MITACS network; this was one of 74 lettersreceived by the NCE program.  At the end of January 1998,the NCE directorate announced that MITACS was one of11 groups whose letter was selected to proceed towards afull application.  With a total $9M available, 3-5 new net-works would be funded.The three math institutes made a national call for let-ters of interest by Canadian scientists.  There was an over-whelming response.                         . . . .  (Cont’d on page 7)NCE: PIMS Plays a  Pivotal Rolein Formulating the Vision of  theMITACS NetworkOn May 1, 1998 the three major Canadian mathematicalsciences institutes (PIMS, CRM, and Fields) jointly sub-mitted a proposal for  a new Network of Centres of Excel-lence (NCE) in Mathematics of Information Technologyand Complex Systems (MITACS).  The proposal is ambi-tious in  scope encompassing research themes focusing on “Much more recently mathematicians at UBC, SFU and UVicjoined forces to create PIMS, the Pacific Institute for the Math-ematical Sciences. They were joined by the two major uni-versities in Alberta. I think that PIMS will become a veryimportant institution, with an influence that extends far be-yond the first-class mathematical research done by its mem-bers.Mathematics has been called the language of high technol-ogy. It is part of the mission of PIMS to extend literacy inthat language to business and industry in all sectors of theeconomy, and in that way  to help them use the most moderntools in solving their problems. The organizers of PIMS havereceived NSERC support to try doing this, and based on theirsuccess to date I think that PIMS has the potential to raise bya couple of notches the level of technical competence in allsectors of business and industry in western Canada....”---Tom Brzustowski's speech at the Vancouver Board of Trade,April 16, 1998. The whole transcript can be read on the PIMSwebpage in the section “what's new” at:http://www.pims.math.caMay 1998Vol. 2  Issue 2Newsletter The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences,  May 1998NSERC’s President on“Mathematics and PIMS’’In his speech during the inaugural ceremony of the PIMSsponsored UBC-SunSITE, Stuart Culbertson, BC AdvancedEducation, Training and Technology Deputy Minister, em-phasized the BC government's desire to promote partner-ships between academic scholarship and industrial enter-prise, of which PIMS is a notable example. He praised thePIMS efforts in this direction and re-confirmed the govern-ment’s financial support for PIMS industrial outreach pro-grams.BC Government Renews its Sup-port for PIMS Industrial Program… Thefor the Mathematical  SciencesInstitutePacific http://www.pims.math.capims@pims.math.caDirector’s Notes:Nassif GhoussoubPIMS continues to  progress in its commitment toward``making  a difference’’ within the mathematical, industrialand educational sectors in the West and throughout thewhole of  Canada.  It has been a busy few  months; a lot hastranspired and for this I have a great many words of ap-preciation  for those individuals who have helped main-tain a standard  of energy  and excellence within our younginstitute.  I would like to take this opportunity to extend awarm gratitude to those of you that  helped along the way:• In  the last few months, PIMS put forth two major fund-ing  proposals. These exercises are not merely ``requestsfor money’’. They  can also provide great opportunities toreflect  and formulate the much needed long term visions.    The  PIMS Proposal  to NSERC’s research grant programwas  completed on  April 1.  Many thanks to   D. Austin,  D.Rolfsen, A. Gupta, C.  Laflamme, B. Alspach and A.Rhemtulla for their  help in the development and formula-tion of the PIMS vision and plans over the next four years.    The MITACS Proposal to the NCE program was com-pleted on May 1. Many thanks to the 80 participants fromPIMS’ affiliated universities for their contributions in flesh-ing out their teams projects.  Special thanks to  L. Keshet,and A. Peirce for their help in formulating  the global vi-sion in their  respective theme of interest, H. Huang, for hisexcellent industry liaison effort, D. Rygiel for her efficientorganizational work and of course, A. Gupta for his lead-ing role in coordinating the PIMS teams.  I will always begrateful to Alan Mackworth who came early on to our res-cue, when we were facing  an  accepted LOI and a com-plete ignorance of the task ahead. His valuable advice  andinformation -- based on  his extensive experience with  theIRIS NCE -- were very helpful in the development of theMITACS proposal.• Substantial financial support was provided by B. Bressler(VP-Research, UBC), B. Clayman (VP-Research, SFU), R.Marteniuk (Dean of Applied Sciences, SFU) and C. Jones(Dean of  Science, SFU) for the development of the MITACSletter of intent and of the proposal itself.  We are very grate-ful for their continuing support.• Thanks to  H. Morris (Chair of Board, Eldorado  Goldand of PIMS), S. Hossein (VP-Marketing, BC Tel) and  D.Glassco (President and CEO, FinancialCad) for agreeing tobe on the Board of Directors of MITACS.• Thanks to M. Margolis (Chief trader, Powerex) and  J.Kenna  (Ballard  Powersystems) for agreeing to  serve  onthe MITACS Research Management Committee.The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences,  May 1998• Thanks to B. McBride (VP-Academic and Provost, UBC)and F. Granot (Dean of  Graduate Studies, UBC) for pro-viding PIMS with adequate space for  its administrativecenter.• PIMS has received many letters expressing both gratituteand pleasure from the students who visited UBC  and SFUfor the Graduate Student Weekend.  It  was a great successdue to the commitment and efforts of  L. Keshet, K.Promislow,  A. Gupta, and many others.. . . .(More on the Grad Weekend   page 3)• A special thank you to P. Hagen for her efforts  in devel-oping the Math Unplugged Workshop Series and to M.Dubiel, K. Heinrich, and E. Perkins for their contributionsto the success of the Changing the Culture Workshop. . . . . (More on Educational  Workshops  on page 4).PIMS Preprint SeriesWe are in the process of establishing a PIMS PreprintSeries for papers in the mathematical sciences.  Contri-butions will be accepted from mathematical scientistsat each of the PIMS institutions.  In addition, we willdistribute papers presented at PIMS  events as well asour conferences and workshops proceedings.The preprints will be distributed in both paper and elec-tronic format.  Paper copies will be distributed to allPIMS sites and mathematical institutes worldwide.  Weare in the process of establishing reciprocal preprint ex-change agreements with a number of other institutes.Electronic copies of all of the preprints will be availablefrom a preprint server, which will be accessed throughour web page.Contributions should be in LaTeX format  and submit-ted by electronic mail.  The preprint series will be in fulloperation by September.  A more detailed announce-ment of the procedure for submitting papers will be madein July.PIMS Graduate Weekend:Enhancing Graduate Opportunitiesfor StudentsGala Opening of SunSITE at UBCThe Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences,  May 1998ProgramsMay 1998Vol. 2  Issue 2An innovative website, the Living Mathematics SunSITE,was officially inaugurated  on April 23, 1998.  PIMS isproud to be a co-sponsor of this project, along with SunMicrosystems.  In a festive celebration held at UBC, thesite, originally proposed by Bill Casselman and Djun Kimof the UBC Mathematics Department, is the 57th such in-stallation sponsored by Sun around the world, and the onlyone which is dedicated to mathematics. (Cont’d on page 6)From February 19 to 22, PIMS hosted the first PIMS Gradu-ate Weekend on the campuses of the University of BritishColumbia and Simon Fraser University.  Representing morethan 20 universities from all regions of the country, PIMSsponsored 45 of the best fourth year undergraduates to spendthree days with PIMS scientists learning about the manyresearch opportunities available at graduate departments atthe five founding PIMS universities.      The event kicked off with a party at Green College,UBC.  The students had a chance to meet each other andmany of the research faculty at UBC and SFU.  On Friday,February 20 the students heard about research opportuni-ties at UBC, UVic, and UAlberta.  In the afternoon theyhad a chance to interact one-on-one with individual facultyin Math, Applied Math, Computer Science, and Statistics.      The students spent Saturday February 21 on the SFUcampus where they heard about research initiatives at bothSFU and UCalgary.  They also had a chance to tour labs,discuss research possibilities with faculty and interact withgraduate students.  The weekend closed with a dinner atthe Diamond University Club, SFU.      This year's event attracted an additional ten students tothe PIMS universities.   PIMS worked closely with the Fac-ulty of Graduate Studies, the Department of Mathematicsat UBC, the School of Graduate Studies, and the School ofComputing Science at SFU to make the weekend possible.PIMS provided much of the logistic and financial supportfor the event.  Currently, plans call for the second grad week-end to be held in  Alberta.. . . .  (Cont’d on page 6)Following its mandate of supporting young scientists, PIMSoffered 26 Postdoctoral Fellowships, including five renew-als, for the 1998-99 academic year.  Chosen from over fortyhighly-qualified applicants, there were so many outstand-ing candidates that the Director of PIMS decided to offermore fellowships than originally budgeted, saying he waswilling to “gamble in the name of science”' that sufficientfunding would be available.     The PDF selection committee consisted of David Boyd(Chair), Pauline van den Dreissche (UVic), Pavol Hell(SFU), Robert Moody (UA), Nick Pippenger (UBC) andRex Wesbrook (Calgary).  Each candidate had been nomi-nated by a scientist at one of the PIMS universities.  PIMScontributes a $10,000 stipend for each candidate, the spon-sor is responsible for assembling additional support for theyear.  PIMS also provides an allowance of up to $500 percandidate for scientific visits to other PIMS sites.  See thecomplete list of  PIMS PDFs on Page 6.The following wereoffered PIMS PDF's but accepted positions elsewhere: EffratA., Nevins M., Kurganov A., Shi  J.,  Lewis T.  and Yuan, L.PIMS Awards 26 PostDoctoralFellowshipsPIMS 1998-99 PostDoctoral Fellowships . . . .Page 6… Thefor the Mathematical  SciencesInstitutePacific http://www.pims.math.capims@pims.math.caPIMS Education Panel is continuing to bring members ofthe scientific community and the community at large closertogether through an increasing number and variety of events.Events have continued during the 1997/98 academic yearin both BC and Alberta.•  The hugely successful Alternative Math Education nightshave continued in Victoria taking place at Hillcrest Elemen-tary on October 2nd, 1997 and  Cloverdale Elementary onMarch 3rd, 1998.  PIMS members involved in these eventsare K. Choo, M. Dubiel, R. Illner, D.  Leeming, M. Fel-lows, I.  Putnam as well as other staff.     Students and members of the math community were alsoworking together in  Alberta at Strathmore High School onApril 22nd, 1998.  At this very successful math night,  stu-dents on a series of maps in order to engage their problemsolving skills.  PIMS will continue to work in this mannerwith  students at Strathmore and other schools in Alberta.Organizers were  S. Carlson, I. Lagu of Mount Royal Col-lege, C. Laflamme,  and N. Morrison. These events bringstudents and parents together to enjoy and broader under-standing of mathematics.•  The First Annual Math Exhibition for the Victoria re-gion also took place earlier this year on February 24th, 1998,at Lambrick Park Secondary School, SD#61.  This eventwas targeted at students in G8-12 and involved the studentsdemonstrating unique methods of solving problems relatedto mathematics.  PIMS members worked with teachersWendy Swonnell and Duncan McDougall as well as stafffrom Camosun College and U. Vic.•  The PIMS-CMS Education Session in Victoria, fromDecember 14-17, 1998  has been viewed as one of the mostsuccessful education sessions in recent years. Organizedby M. Dubiel and M. Fellows, participants were able tohear from PIMS members about the mutual benefits of hav-ing students and those involved in the math communitybrought together to work on  meaningful and exciting math-ematics.Math Education:  Forging Closer Connections•  The first annual Changing the Culture conference of thePIMS Education Panel  took place at the SFU HarbourCentre from February 20-21, 1998.  Talks by Peter Taylor(Queens University) and Bruce Shawyer (Memorial Uni-versity) set an engaging tone for the Conference.  The smallgroup discussions that followed  looked at lowering thebarriers of more meaningful mathematics.  Through thisconference doors have been  opened ot bring closer tiesbetween math teachers, members of the math community,and students.• PIMS Education Panel's direct involvement with studentsand schools has  continued  at Westwood Elementary inPort Coquitlam. The second student math conference,Mathematics Unplugged  II, was held on April 22nd, 1998at Westwood and was coordinated by P. Hagen and the staffof Westwood Elementary.  Maria Klawe gave the keynoteaddress to students, staff and parents before the full day ofmath activities began.  Students were able to make priorselection of workshops to attend from the 18 availablechoices.  PIMS participants included M. Dubiel, C.  Koeand  Maria Klawe, as well as R. Froese from UBC's MathDepartment.  There has been a definite growth in mathawareness for both presenters and students involvedWestwood's event.• developments in the discussions between the PIMS Edu-cation Panel and SD#43 Coquitlam towards establishing aformal link between both parties to begin in the 1998/99school year.  This would be a first in the province for bothparties.• closer  interaction between the PIMS Education Panel andthe BCAMT.  Former President Carryl Koe has been askedto act as liaison between the two parties.• Dynamics for High School Students (I. Putnam - UVic)A  series of lectures and hands-on lab experience at UVicfor high schools students  involving dynamics on the realline and complex plane.• Math Olympiad Training Camp, June 30 - July 13, Uni-versity of  Calgary,  (B. Sands - UC, T.  Lewis and A.  Liu- UA). A PIMS sponsored training camp for students in-volved with the International Mathematical Olympiad tobe held in Taiwan.A Special Thank You to the Students atThe Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences,  May 1998A Special Thank You to the Students at WestwoodElementary for the Wonderful Posters that !Watch For:The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences,  May 1998PIMS Second  Annual IndustrialProblem Solving WorkshopFollowing the success of the first workshop in Vancouver,in August 1997, the Second PIMS Industrial Problem Solv-ing Workshop will be held in Calgary, June 1-5, 1998. Theorganizing committee consists of D. Calistrate (PIMS &Calgary), H. Huang (PIMS), M. Paulhus (PIMS & Calgary)and R. Westbrook (Calgary). This year's industrial spon-sors and participants are:  the Boeing Company (Seattle),the Computer Modeling Group (Calgary), TheGeomechanics Project (Petro-Canada, PanCanadian,Talisman and Western Atlas, all from Calgary), ItresResearch (Calgary), Powertech Labs (Vancouver) andVisionSmart (Edmonton). They will present six problemsfor the workshop, which deal with: optimal strategy formaintaining Boeing's excess capacity, modeling an under-ground petroleum resevoir for the Computer ModelingGroup, exploration seismology for the Geomech Project,image processing for Itres, predicting power cable torsionfor Powertech and characterizing egg shell structure forVisionSmart.     About fifty faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduatestudents from PIMS universities, other Canadian universi-ties and universities in the United States and the UnitedKingdom  have already registered for the workshop.PIMS Inaugural Industrial Math-ematics Modeling Workshop, SFUIn order to prepare graduate students for the Calgary indus-trial problem solving workshop, PIMS has organized a one-week graduate workshop to be held at Simon Fraser Uni-versity May 25-19, 1998. The organizers are A. Gupta(PIMS & SFU), H. Huang (PIMS) and K. Promislow (Chair,SFU). Five mentors (L. Goddyn, SFU; R. Kuske, Minne-sota; Y.-X. Li, UBC; C. Please, Southampton and D. Ross,Eastman Kodak) are invited. These mentors will imposeproblems arising from industrial, engineering or life sci-ence applications and will guide their teams of graduatestudents from a modeling phase to a complete resolution.The projects being proposed include optimal policies forqueueing systems/networks, computing two graph invari-ants, air impact moulding, gelation and intracellular cal-cium oscillations.  L. Scovell (Simons International Cor-poration) and A. Peirce (UBC) are also invited to give pres-entations on solving industrial problems. Many studentshave applied and about thirty seven of them from PIMSuniversities and other Canadian universities have been ac-cepted to attend the workshop.Applications for funding of  scientific projects and eventsmay now be  submitted bi-annually.  The deadlines are Sep-tember 1 and March 1.  For the September 1 deadline, thedecisions of the Scientific Review Panel will be announcedon October 15 and for the March 1 deadline, the decisionsof the Scientific Review Panel will be announced on April15. The deadline for  nomination of PIMS Postdoctoral Fel-lows, PIMS Industrial Fellows, PIMS Fellows and PIMSVisiting Fellows is February 1. The decisions of the Scien-tific Review Panel will be announced on  March 1.The guidelines for   submitting proposals  and  nomina-tions are available from:http://www.pims.math.ca/sections/opportunities/Timetable for  Applications toPIMS Scientific Review PanelPIMS Industrial Fellows1998-99  • P. Marechal, Medical  Imaging   Industrial partner: Siemens   Supervisor: J. Borwein (SFU)  • D. Li, Multiple Target Tracking    Industrial Partner: Lockheed Martin   Supervisor: M. Kouritzin (U.Alberta) • C. Jessop,   Multi-surface Geological Modelling   Industrial  Partner: Geological Survey of Canada   Supervisor: R. Blais (Calgary) •  Dan Calistrate, Computational Methods in Finance   Industrial partner: PanCanadian Petroleum Ltd.   Supervisor:  C. Laflamme (U.Calgary) • Petr Lisonek, Symbolic Analysis    Industrial Partner, Maple Software    Supervisor: M. Monagan (SFU) • David Maxwell, Java-Based Interactive Modules   Industrial Partner: Sun Microsystems   Supervisor: W. Casselman (UBC)The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences,  May 1998SunSITE Ceremony. . . . (Cont’d from page 3)Congratulations and encouragement for this unique programwere given by UBC Provost Barry McBride, also a mem-ber of the PIMS Board of Directors.  Mrs. Niki Gonzalezof Sun Microsystems outlined the purpose of the theSunSITE program, a worldwide system of high-qualityinternet sites -- the acronym stands for Software and Infor-mation Technology Exchange.   According to Dale Rolfsen,UBC site director of the Pacific Institute, the program  keepswith PIMS’mandate of fostering technology-based math-ematics communication by representing  a constructivecollaboration with industry.  Support for the SITE includesa significant equipment grant from Sun, salary and infra-structure provided through PIMS, with expertise and addi-tional support from the UBC Mathematics Department andother sectors of the academic community.The official inauguration was symbolized by a  ribbon-cut-ting ceremony led by Maria Klawe, UBC vice-presidentfor Student and Academic Services, who praised the poten-tial of the SITE in providing members of the universitycommunity and the general public with access and toolsthrough information technology.  Stuart Culbertson, BCAdvanced Education, Training and Technology DeputyMinister, emphasized the government's desire to promotepartnerships between academic scholarship and industrialenterprise, of which the SunSITE is a notable example.B. Casselman and D. Kim demonstrated some of the pro-posed features of the SITE, including the Electronic Math-ematician journal, a unique facility for publications whichrequire electronic media.  They have already begun to pro-vide online access to the complete works of noted math-ematician Robert Langlands (a UBC graduate), a unique19th century English edition of Euclid's elements, and ac-cess to instructional software being developed by UBC fac-ulty members, called the Living Mathematics Project.  Asample demonstration was a prize-winning Java applet,written by UBC graduate student Jim Morey, which givesan animated proof of the Pythagorean Theorem.Among the other fifty celebrants were Galen Greer andCalvin Shantz of the BC Information, Science and Tech-nology Branch, a number of local industrialists, UBC vice-president of Research, Bernie Bressler, and CICSR Direc-tor Rabab Ward. Acting Dean of Science David Measdayserved as Master of Ceremonies.The Graduate Weekend is just one of many PIMS' eventsgeared towards enhancing graduate studies at the PIMS uni-versities.  Starting May 24, PIMS will be hosting the firstGraduate Industrial Modeling Workshop at SFU.  More than35 Canadian graduate students will be exposed  to indus-trial mathematical modeling techniques.  PIMS is also com-mitted to sponsoring graduate student travel to all PIMSactivities, in particular the thematic events, and providesexplicit funding for this purpose.  For example, the stu-dents participating in the industrial modeling workshop willalso be sponsored to take part in the second PIMS Indus-trial Problem Solving Workshop at UCalgary from June 1to 5.Graduate Opportunities. . . . (Cont’d from page 3)PIMS Postdoctoral Fellow for 1998-99, with their host departmentsAbdesselam, Malek:   Math, UBCSponsor:  J. FeldmanBolle, Philippe:   Math, UBCSponsor:  N. GhoussoubBusawon, Krishna:   Eng.Sci, SFUSponsor:  M. SaifCentore, Paul:   Math.Sci, UASponsor:  P. AntonelliChoi, Stephen:   Math, UBC/SFUSponsor:  P. Borwein, D. BoydFulman, Igor:  Math, UCSponsor:  B. Brenken, M. LamoureuxGavrilova, Marina:   Comp.Sci, UCSponsor:  J. RockneGuo, Chun-Hua:   Math.Stats, UCSponsor:  P. LancasterHebber, Eldad:  Comp.Sci., UBCSponsor:  U AscherKallel,Sadok:   Math, UBCSponsor:  D. SjerveLewis, Geraint:  Physics Astr., UVicSponsor:  A. BabulLucet, Yves:  SFU/ UA/ UVicSponsor:  J. Borwein, Poliquin, YeMa, Chunsheng:   Stats, UBCSponsor:  H. JoeMurray, Rua:  Math, UVicSponsor:  C. BoseSchlottmann, Martin:  Math, UASponsor:  R. MoodyStevens, Brett:   Comp.Sci, SFUSponsor:  P. HellStockie, Michael:   Math & Stats, SFUSponsor:  R. RussellVartanian, Arthur: Math, UASponsor:  M. KovalyovWatmough, James:   Math. Stats UVic, Math UBCSponsor:  P. v d Driessche, L KeshetWatson, Bruce:  Math. Stats, UCSponsor:  P. Binding•  in a  short three weeks, 85 groups of scientists organizedthemselves  into  teams and answered the call.  Many ofthese groups were pan-Canadian, multi-disciplinary, andhad already contacted potential business partners.• After a rigorous evaluation process, 21 of these teamswere chosen to take part in the  MITACS proposal.  Theseteams represent more than 200 scientists in 22 universitiesand 50 companies from all regions of the country.   Amongthem are scientists of outstanding international stature, in-cluding 9 named or industrial Chairholders, 16 Fellows ofthe Royal Society of Canada, 6 Steacie and Killam fellowsand 11 winners of other major prizes.  Recognizing the valueof this team-based approach to solving extremely hard prob-lems, the corporate partners committed more  than $700,000in cash and $2,200,000 in-kind to the projects.• PIMS scientists played a key role through this process.Nine of the 21 projects are centered at PIMS universities(see box).  More than  80 PIMS scientists and 25 PIMSaffiliated companies are participating in the NCE. Thesecompanies committed over  $400,000 in cash and$1,000,000 in-kind to the initiative.  PIMS scientists helpedwrite much of the proposal, and will be central to the ad-ministration of MITACS.  Should MITACS be funded,PIMS will be one of three administrative centres and willprovide logistic and technical support for all projects witha Western component.PIMS plays a pivotal role in theMITACS NCE. . . . (Cont’d from page 1) PIMS Welcomes . . . .               PIMS Alberta:Two New Industrial Coordinators   • The new industrial coordinator at the University of Al-berta is Mr.  John Vardalas.  Mr. Vardalas has focused hisefforts on those faculty members who showed the most will-ingness to reach out to industry. Currently, the PIMS in-dustrial coordinator is pursuing collaborative opportunitieson five fronts. He arranged a meeting between  IPL offi-cials and  Gordon Swaters, Bruce Sutherland, and ShermRiemenshieder.   He arranged some contacts between SamShen and the Geological Survey of  Alberta. Dr. Bachu ofthe GSA will be speaking to department members on Fri-day, May 22. Another project with the Edmonton Spaceand Science Centre is also being pursued. The facultypaticipating are Jim Timourian, George Peschke andAndrew Liu.  He is also pursuing  an opportunity for par-ticipation in the European Union's Fifth Framework R&Dprogram. This opportunity stems from a Memorandum ofUnderstanding that was signed between Canada and the EU.Subsequent discussions with the EU's delegate to Canadaconfirms these opportunities. Mike Kouritzin is eager topursue this option.   • The new industrial coordinator at the University ofCalgary  is Doctoral student Marc Paulhus. Mark is re-placing  Dan Calistrate who is now a PIMS industrialpostdoctoral fellow. Mark used to be Dan’s assistant andthey are currently   coordinating jointly the  organizationalefforts for the second PIMS Industrial Problem SolvingWorkshop  at Calgary.SANDY RUTHERFORD APPOINTEDSCIENTIFIC COORDINATORA new position of Scientific Coordinator has been createdto ensure the success of the many scientific programs spon-sored by the Pacific Institute.  Director Nassif Ghoussoubannounced the appointment of Alexander (Sandy) Ruther-ford to the job.  Sandy is uniquely qualified, with a PhD inPhysics, a background as computer systems administratorfor the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) andexperience teaching university-level mathematics.  Sandyhas accepted the position on a part-time basis, so that hecan continue to pursue his interest in research in mathemati-cal physics. . . . (cont’d page 8)The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences,  May 1998The PIMS based MITACS Projects are:1. Facility Location Optimization(Project leader: B. Bhattacharya, SFU)2. Symbolic Analysis (Project leader: P. Borwein, SFU)3 .Mathematics of Resource Allocation and Scheduling(Project leader: P. Hell, SFU)4. Modeling, Trading, and Risk in the Market(Project leader: U. Haussmann, UBC)5. Mathematical Methods for Modeling, Verification andTesting in  Information Technology(Project leader: B. Kapron, UVic)6. Biomedical Models of Cellular and Physiological Sys-tems in Health and Disease(Project leader: L. Keshet, UBC)7. Prediction in Interacting Systems(Project leader: M..Kouritzin, UAlberta)8. Probabilistic Mathematical Models for Complex Indus-trial Systems  (Project leader:  M. Puterman, UBC)9.  Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computation(Project leader: B. Wetton, UBC)PIMS Contact ListDirector: N. GhoussoubAdmin. Asst: Shannon PhillipsPhone: 604-822-9328Fax     : 604-822-0883e-mail: director@pims.math..caUBC-site Director:  D. Rolfsen (Maths)Admin. Asst:  Emma MacEnteePhone: 604-822-1522Fax     : 604-822-0883e-mail: rolfsen@math.ubc.caUVic - Site Director: Ian Putnam (Math & Stats)Admin. Asst: Kelly ChooPhone: 250-472-4271Fax     : 250-721-8962e-mail: chook@math.uvic.caSFU-site Director: A. Gupta  (Comp.  Sci.)Admin. Asst: Dorota RygielPhone: 604-291-3393Fax     : 604-291-3045e-mail: arvind@cs.sfu.caUA-site Director:  A. Rhemtullah  (Math. Sci)Admin. Asst:  Patti MacDonaldPhone: 403-492-3396Fax     : 403-492-6826e-mail: pims-ua@math.ualberta.caUC-site Director: C. Laflamme  (Maths & Stats.)Admin. Asst:  Joanne LongworthPhone: 403-220-5203Fax     : 403-282-5150e-mail:  pims@acs.ucalgary.ca  The responsibilities of the scientific coordinator includeworking with organizers of scientific events on all aspectsof the programs, from the proposal stage to the publicity,planning and running of the meeting and the preparation ofa follow-up report.  In addition, he will be responsible forscientific publications.  The PIMS postdoctoral fellowshipprogram will also be overseen by the scientific coordina-tor.  His work will parallel that of the industrial facilitators,and it is expected that they will work together in areas ofoverlapping responsibility.  This addition to the PIMS man-agement structure will alleviate some of the supervisoryburden of the director and site directors, as well as the projectorganizers, so they can concentrate on scientific aspects oftheir programs. Having a working scientist in the positionwill ensure high-quality coordination of PIMS activities.Rutherford, scientific coordinator. . . . (Cont’d from page 7)The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences,  May 1998• The 1998 Canadian Operator Theory and Operator AlgebrasSymposium, U. Alberta, Edmonton, May 21-May 25, 1998. Con-tact: tlau@math.ualberta.ca (A. Lau, B. Marcoux)• Industrial Mathematical Modeling Workshop for Graduate Stu-dents, Simon Fraser University,  May 25-29 1998.Contact:kpromisl@cs.sfu.ca (K. Promislow)• Workshop on Network and Computer Security, Banff, Al berta,May 27-29, 1998.Contact: cleve@cpsc.ucalgary.ca    (R. Cleve)• Annual meeting of CAMS and Canadian Symposium on FluidDynamics, SFU Harbour center, May 28-31, 1998.Contact: gac@cs.sfu.ca (C. Graham)• Second PIMS Industrial Problem Solving Workshop, June 1-5,1998.Contact: calistra@math.ucalgary.ca (D. Calistrate)• Computation, Statistics and Visualization in PetroleumIndustry, Calgary, June 8-10, 1998.Contact: shen@cake.math.ualberta.ca (S. Shen)• Pacific Rim Geometry Conference,  UBC, Vancouver, June 28 -July 2, 1998.Contact: daustin@math.ubc.ca (D. Austin)• Fifth International Workshop on Mathematical Aspects of Fluidand Plasma Dynamics, Wailea, Maui, Hawaii, June 28- July 3rd,1998.Contact: rillner@math.uvic.ca (R. Illner)• Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, UBC, July9-12, 1998.Contact: kozdron@unixg.ubc.ca   (M. Kozdron)• Western Canada Linear Algebra Meeting (W-CLAM),      Uni-versity of Victoria, July 30-31, 1998.Contact: pvdd@math.uvic.ca (P. van den Driessche)• Workshop on Coding Theory, Cryptography, and ComputerSecurity,  Lethbridge, Alberta, August 3-7, 1998.Contact: hadi@cs.uleth.ca (H. Kharagani)• Microstructural Models of Rock Fracture, UBC, Aug. 10-12,1998.Contact: peirce@math.ubc.ca (A. Peirce)PIMS Thematic Summer 1998:Mathematical Economics and Financeat UBCContact:  PIMS Central OfficeUpcoming            PIMS scientific eventsEditor:  Tania Carpentier


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