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Newsletter (Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences) : Vol. 1, Issue 1, June 1997 Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences Jun 30, 1997

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NSERC Supports PIms Outreach ActivitiesPacificJune 1997Vol. 1 Issue 1Institutefor the Mathematical Sciencesmailto:pims@pims.math.cahttp://www.pims.math.caPIms received $400,000 of funding for  the nexttwo years from NSERC’s Research ParnershipsProgram under the University--Industry collabo-rative activities component.  This will allow usto continue carrying on the important scientificactivities compatible with a vision of outreach toother disciplines and sectors. The funds will beused to further the mission of PIms as an organi-zation that promotes the integration of the mathOf great importance was the decision of NSERC tofollow the recommendation of the Canadian MathReview Panel and allow PIms access to the Math-ematics Institute envelope for its core funding.  Thisallows PIms to receive the same consideration forgrants as the Fields Institute in Toronto and theCRM in Montreal and should greatly strengthenthe mathematical sciences community as a nationalpresence in Canada. The  three  institutes are tosubmit their applications before April 98  for the1999-2003 funding cycle.PIms Organises OxfordStudy ProgramJuly 1-August 31,1997PIms will be holding an Oxford study programin the summer of 1997 to develop a study groupmodel in Canada based on the highly successfulOxford model  for bringing mathematical scien-tists and industrial problems together  in a crea-tive and productive forum.  This initiative is partof the PIms industrial strategy to establish on-going contacts and collaborations between PImsacademic and industrial members.The coordinator of  the study program, Dr.Gordon Semenoff (Physics, UBC) has invited  DrTim Myers of Cranfield University in the UK andDr Barbara van der Fliert of the University ofLeiden, both members of the Oxford StudyGroup, to come to BC  and Alberta to  act  asconsultants in putting together the PIms studygroup.  Drs Cranfield and  van der Fliert will  becollaborating  with Drs Doug Beder and DanPIms to gain access toNSERC’s envelope forMaths InstitutesIn collaboration with the Centre for Integrated Com-puter System Research (CICSR) and Communica-tions and Information Technology Ontario (CITO*),the Fields institute and PIms are in the process ofdeveloping the National Network for Mathemati-cal Sciences in Industry:  Finance, Technology,Health  and Environment. On June 1st,  the direc-tor of the Fields institute, Dr. Don Dawson submit-ted a letter of intent to NSERC’s research networkprogram outlining the project.  The main researchtopics that the network will  develop are: FinancialMathematics, Communication and InformationTechnology, Signal Processing, Health and Environ-mental Science and Technology based Mathemati-cal Sciences.(*) CITO  will  begin operations January 1, 1998  from a mergerof  the two present Ontario Centres of Excellence ITRC andTRIO.Fields and PIms launch aNational Research Network                      (continued Page 3)ematical sciences between the research, indus-trial and educational communities.NewsletterTHE PACIFIC INSTITUTE FOR THE MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES NEWSLETTER…Director’s NotesNassif Ghoussoub, FRSCI am pleased to report that the Pacific Institute forthe mathematical sciences (PIms) has reached a suc-cessful end to its inaugural year.  As part of Cana-da's third institute for the mathematical sciences,PIms' scientists have worked tirelessly to build aunique institute within Canadian mathematics andto secure funding to insure its continued existence.The outlook is indeed positive: it is now clear thatPIms is here to stay as an integral part of the Cana-dian scientific and international mathematical com-munity.Our vision for PIms is to coordinate the activitiesof mathematical scientists at the five founding uni-versities in western Canada---the Universities ofAlberta, British Columbia, Calgary, Victoria andSimon Fraser University---and to link them moreclosely with mathematical scientists in the rest ofCanada and the world.PIms has an ambitious mandate to further themathematical sciences by supporting basic re-search, developing closer working relationshipswith colleagues in other academic disciplines andin industry, and forging deeper connections witheducators.  At the end of our first year, most of ourplanned intellectual activities are underway andmany exciting new projects are in development.While these efforts are briefly described in thisnewsletter, we offer here the following summary.1. More than 50 scientific workshops, confer-ences and summer schools have either beenorganised or are in the planning stages.Topics range from bio-mathematics to grouptheory and high performance computing.2. Our educational panel has been particularlydynamic organising, among other things,“Evenings in Mathematics” with schools andsummer workshops for high school mathteachers.3. Our industrial programs are underway withfour PIms industrial facilitators already inplace BC and Alberta.  They are organisingthe Industrial Oxford study program comingthis summer and have also connected ourscientists with various scientific projects in theprivate and public sectors.4. Six PIms Industrial PDFs have been awardedwith matching funds coming from variousindustrial projects.5. Twelve Interdisciplinary PDFs have beenawarded to young scientists going to work ineach of the 5 founding universities.6. Several Technology-based math projects will beawarded soon, to young scientists working ontopics ranging from interactive mathematics to elec-tronic publishing.7. Three upcoming thematic summers have beenplanned in collaboration with the Fields Institute.The themes are Probability and Applications in1997, Mathematical Economics and Finance in 1998,Mathematical Biology in 1999.In addition, we are working closely with the FieldsInstitute to coordinate the activities of mathemati-cal scientists at a national level.  We view this as afirst step towards the development of a single, trulynational mathematical institute which would uniteall Canadian mathematical scientists and provideoverall direction on a national scale.While there have been setbacks along the way, PImsnow has the funds available to support these worth-while projects.  NSERC  has provided $400,000 fromthe University-Industry Collaborative Activitiescomponent of their Research Partnerships Program.In addition, NSERC has recognized the national im-portance of PIms by allowing PIms equal access,along with the two older Canadian mathematics in-stitutes, to the NSERC  math institutes envelope.  Inwestern Canada, the founding universities in Al-berta and British Columbia have renewed theirfunding committments for PIms.  Furthermore, boththe Alberta Science Research Agency and the Brit-ish Columbia Ministry for Employment and Invest-ment have expressed interest in supporting our ini-tiatives and discussions with them are currentlyunderway.That PIms is already able to support such a widearray of scientific, industrial, educational and tech-nology-based mathematical activities  is testimonyto the strength of our vision and the dedication ofdozens of distinguished scientists.  Through theirvolunteer efforts, we are developing the Canadianscientific infrastructure and creating exciting oppor-tunities for the following generations of mathemati-cal scientists.  In the coming year, we look forwardto enjoying further the benefits of their work.Vancouver, May 25, 1997THE PACIFIC INSTITUTE FOR THE MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES NEWSLETTER(Oxford Group at PIms, continued)Calistrate (Calgary) in visiting local industry inBC and Alberta in July and August.. A multi-dayworkshop (August 25 - 29 ) will then be organ-ised with participants from industry and univer-sities under the guidance of the director  of theOxford group, Dr. John  Ockendon. Those wish-ing to participate in this study group  can get fur-ther information by e-mail at pims@pims.math.caor beder@physics.ubc.ca.PIms appoints 6 IndustrialPostdoctoral FellowsCentral to the PIms industrial strategy is the es-tablishment of industrial contacts and industrialresearch projects. Jointly supervised by PImsscientists working in concert with their indus-trial counterpart,  PDFs will split their time be-tween the university and the company, carry-ing intellectual ideas between these two do-mains. PIms has already identified sixpostdoctoral fellows as key players in the fol-lowing  projects.1. IRIS 3 Core Thrust Project, UBC2. Noise Reduction of digitally compressedvideo signals, UBC3. Numerical Simulation of Flow in PorousMedia,  U. Alberta4. Acoustic Oil-well Soundings, U. Calgary5. Medical Imaging, SFU6. Algorithmic Optimization, SFUPIms awards 12 PostdoctoralFellowships in the Math-ematical SciencesThe selection of PIms postdoctoral fellows in themathematical sciences were made by the “lo-cal” subset of PIms’ Scientific Review Panel con-sisting of D. Boyd, UBC (Chair), N. Pippenger(UBC), A. Lachlan (SFU), B. Moody (Alberta),G. Slade (McMaster).The following young scientists were awardedPIms Postdoctoral Fellowships for the academicyear 97/98:Zalman I. Balanov (Alberta), Devraj Basu (Vic-toria), Tirthankar Bhattacharyya (Calgary),Stephen Kwok-Kwong Choi (SFU, UBC), SadokKallel (UBC), David A. Krebes (UBC), YvesLucet (Alberta, SFU, Victoria), Oleg N. Smirnov(Alberta), John Michael Stockie (SFU), HolgerTeismann (Victoria), Meijun Zhu (UBC),Kazuhisa Makino (SFU).PIms sponsors sessionsat CMS meetingsPIms will contribute to the scientific activitiesof the Canadian Mathematical Society by spon-soring and organizing super-sessions at boththe Winter and Summer meetings of the CMS.For this year, PIms is supporting :   -- a Workshop in Group Theory and Topol-ogy at the CMS Summer meeting in Winnipegon June 10-11, 1997. Dale Rolfsen is the mainorganizer while the list of speakers include S.Boyer (UQAM), G. Cliff (Alberta),  M. Davis(Ohio State U), M. Dunwoody (Southampton),R. Fenn (Sussex),  S. Gersten (Utah), C. K.Gupta (Manitoba), N. Gupta (Manitoba), J.Howie (Heriot-Watt), S. Matveev(Chelyabinsk), A. Nicas (McMaster U),   L.Paris (Bourgogne), I.B.S. Passi (Panjab), D.Sjerve (UBC) and P. Zvengrowski (UC).   -- a  Workshop  on Partial Differential Equa-tions during the  CMS  Winter meeting in Vic-toria, BC . on Dec. 14-17, 1997. The organisersare N. Ghoussoub and C. Gui and the list ofspeakers include A. Chang (UCLA),  P. Yang(USC), L. Evans (Berkeley),  F.H. Lin (Chicago),N. Alikakos (Tennessee), H. Tehrani (LasVegas),  J. Xin (Arizona),  J. Feldman (UBC), R.Froese (UBC),  I. Sigal (Toronto), C. Sulem (To-ronto),  M. Zhu (UBC), G. Fang (UBC), J. Chen(UBC-MIT),  S. Alama (McMaster), W. Alle-gretto (Alberta), K. Promislow (SFU),  R. Illner(Victoria),  P. Bates (BYU) and  X. Chen(Pittsburg).THE PACIFIC INSTITUTE FOR THE MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES NEWSLETTEREditor:  N. Ghoussoub,Design and Layout: T. UphillEducation:  a PIms PriorityMathematical Scientists at all of PIms memberinstitutions have a deep commitment to math-ematics education.  Part of the PIms mandateis to support activities which forge closer linksbetween these scientists and the public schoolsystem.  We also want to support projects whichcontinue the tradition of bringing mathemati-cal sciences alive for students.   On January 23, PIms hosted an evening on Alter-native Math Education at McKenzie ElementarySchool in Victoria. Organizer: David Leeming   On May 9, PIms organised jointly with the AlbertaMinistry of Education a Math Leaders Symposiumin Calgary, Alberta. Organizer: Claude Laflamme  On May 30, PIms initiated Mathematics Un-plugged, a student mathematics conference atWestwood Elementary School, Port Coquitlam, B.C.Organizer: Pamela Hagen   Watch for the upcoming Conference onChanging the Culture to be held at SFU on No-vember 7 - 8, 1997 featuring talks by PeterTaylor (Queen’s University) and BruceSchawyer (Memorial University).  Participantswill include those from the mathematics com-munity, mathematics teachers and people fromindustry.  Two main themes for discussiongroups will be “What sort of mathematics do wewant to see in the school setting?” and “Doingmathematics with Children.”  PIms expects thatideas for future PIms programs will emergefrom these discussions.PIms and HPC-net supportTechnology-based mathsci.In collaboration with the High PerformanceComputing Network (HPC-net), PIms will besponsoring through The Polymath Group atCECM, The Living Math Group at UBC andseveral qualified scientists in Alberta,  the de-velopment of new tools for teaching, learning,promoting and doing mathematics with com-puters.Fields and PIms organisejoint thematic yearsThe Fields insitute and PIms are planning todevelop and organize jointly their thematicyears. Most of the winter thematic activitieswill happen at the Fields institute while thesummer activities will be at any of the fivesites of the Pacific Institute. The first joint the-matic year will be in 1998/1999 where thetopic will be Probability theory and Math-ematical Biology.  The 1999/2000 year is atthe development stage and will focus onComputational Combinatorics.PIms Contact ListDirector: N. Ghoussoub (UBC)Admin. Asst: Thomas UphillPhone: 604-822-3922Fax     : 604-822-0883e-mail: pims@pims.math..caSFU-site Director: A. Gupta (School of Comp.  Sci.)Phone: 604-291-3349Fax     : 604-291-3045e-mail: arvind@cs.sfu.caUVic-site Director: R. Illner (Dept. of Maths & Stats)Admin. Asst: Kelly ChooPhone: 250-472-4271Fax     : 250-721-8962e-mail: chook@math.uvic.caUBC-site Director: G. Semenoff (Dept. of Physics)Admin. Asst: Tina TangPhone: 604-822-9328Fax     : 604-822-0883e-mail: pims@math.ubc.caUA-site Director: N. Tomczak-Jaegermann, (Dept. ofMath. sciences)Admin. Asst:  Liz CunninghamPhone: 403-492-3396Fax     : 403-492-6826e-mail: lcunning@pims1.math.ualberta.caUC-site Director: J. Sniatycki (Dept. Maths & Stats.)Admin. Asst:  Joanne LongworthPhone: 403-220-5203Fax     : 403-282-5150e-mail:  jlongwor@acs.ucalgary.caTHE PACIFIC INSTITUTE FOR THE MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES NEWSLETTER


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