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1992 Annual Report Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia; Watts, Susan B. 1993-03-16

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Faculty File Copy (DO NOT REMOVE) 1 9 9 2 Annual Report Faculty of Forestry The University of British Columbia Vancouver, B.C. Canada 1 9 9 2 ANNUAL REPORT F a c u l t y of F o r e s t r y University of British Columbia April 1, 1992 - March 31,1993 Editor: Desktop Publisher: Susan B. Watts, Ph.D., R.P.F. Patsy Quay ©1993, Faculty of Forestry University of British Columbia ISSN 1188-9837 Dean's Message 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Office of the Dean Faculty and Staff 5 Forest Resources Management Department Faculty and Staff 6 Achievements and Plans 9 Forest Sciences Department Faculty and Staff 10 Achievements and Plans 13 Wood Science Department Faculty and Staff 14 Achievements and Plans 17 Offices, Awards and Distinctions 18 Sponsored Research 21 Faculty Publications 27 Special Lectures 34 University Research Forests 36 International Forestry Programs 37 Centre for Applied Conservation Biology 38 BC Forestry Continuing Studies Network 39 Programs of Study 40 Undergraduate Programs Enrolment Statistics 41 Awards 42 Graduation Statistics 43 Graduate Programs Enrolment Statistics 44 Scholarships and Fellowships 45 Degrees Granted 46 ESPITE a difficult budget climate, the Faculty of Forestry has continued to make significant progress in all aspects of our operations. Enrolments continue to trend upward, educational innovation remains vibrant, and research activities - already significant - are expanding. This annual report - our second - covers the period from 1 April, 1992 through 31 March, 1993. Individual sections describe each of the three departments (Forest Resources Management, Forest Sciences, and Wood Science), and the four significant additional program areas (University Research Forests, International Forestry Programs, Centre for Applied Conservation Biology, the BC Forestry Continuing Studies Network). This year's report includes expanded sections on Sponsored Research and on Special Lectures. The report concludes with some information on our programs of study, student enrolments, awards, and graduates. Highlights of the year include: Enrolment This year we sustained a 16.8% increase in undergraduate enrolment and a 19.4% increase in graduate enrolment. With 311 undergraduates in our "traditional" (Forestry, Forest Science and Wood Science and Industry) programs, we are close to our target of 350. Enrolment in the new B.Sc. program in Natural Resources Conservation is exceeding our expectations. While we still accept all qualified transfer students from B.C. universities, colleges and technical institutes, we anticipate hitting our quotas for first-year enrolment from high school next year. Graduate student enrolment equaled 177 as of 1 January, 1993, so we are close to our overall target of 200 for M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs. Educational Programs and Student Services Because of significant student interest, we initiated years 1 and 2 of our new Natural Resources Conservation program Uiis year instead of year 1 alone as we had originally planned. The later years of the program require courses in areas outside the current range of faculty capability. To handle these additional needs we are planning on hiring several new faculty members during the 1993-94 academic year, and will contract the delivery of one course (in public communications and conflict resolution) with a local firm with considerable practical experience in this area. We implemented the second year of our revised B.S.F. program this year. The faculty has devoted considerable attention to improving the integration of instruction across the various courses and years. While a fully integrated, team-taught, problem- and field-based term does not appear feasible, we have identified several, less radical ways to insure that students see each course as part of a larger whole that relates to actually solving forest management problems. Six students enrolled in our new three-year Forestry degree program option for forestry technician graduates from BCIT and other similar programs. The Canadian Forestry Accreditation Board recently accredited this program for a full six years commencing 1 July, 1993. The Wood Science and Industry program now includes a cooperative learning option where the student spends one year in a job in conjunction with the four-year university program. To improve program effectiveness and enrolment levels, we have initiated a detailed but broadly conceived review of Uiis course of study. The review is considering a wide range of options including creating 2 UBC Faculty of Forestry a wood science stream in the UBC engineering programs, and focussing more strongly on professional and academic graduate instruction. The review will be completed during 1993-94. This year we also improved student services significantly. Ms. Donna Goss joined the Faculty about a year ago as Coordinator of Student Services and brings considerable talent and enthusiasm to the position. She organized the first ever "Career Fair" bringing alumni working in various aspects of forestry and natural resources conservation to UBC to discuss career options with students. Next year we plan to continue this successful event, and to combine it with a workshop for students on techniques for job interviews and effective CVs. We also worked hard to improve the climate for women in the Faculty of Forestry. These efforts included several faculty-wide discussion sessions on the subject, a diagnostic survey, and revisions in our standard teaching evaluation form to track gender-related issues in the classroom. We hope to hire a First Nations Forestry Coordinator next year to help us increase participation by First Nations people in the Faculty, and to assist in bringing First Nations issues into our curriculum. The BC Forestry Continuing Studies Network put on a total of 204 sessions - over twice the number anticipated in the original business plan developed when we initiated the Network last year. The Network now includes a provincial office at UBC and delivery centres at Malaspina College, Selkirk College, University College of the Cariboo and the University of Northern British Columbia. During 1993-94, we plan to establish a new delivery centre at Northwest Community College to provide service in this area. Our international forestry program continues to expand. This year we completed a forestry training program with the People's Republic of China. In collaboration with one of the international consulting firms in Vancouver (Sandwell), we successfully competed against the major forestry education institutes in the world for an Asian Development Bank project providing institutional support to the forestry faculties in Harbin and Beijing. We are currently working on projects in the Russian Far East, Chile and Malaysia, and are developing MOUs with research organizations and education institutions in Taiwan, China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Chile and Sweden. Research Extramural support for research in the Faculty of Forestry climbed 6.8% this year, and now stands at about $141,000/faculty member. Although the audited financial information for the rest of the University is not yet available, this level of activity will no doubt sustain our leadership position within the University as a whole. The research support is well distributed among federal, provincial and private sources. The UBC Faculty of Forestry was again by far the most successful of any forestry faculty in Canada in the prestigious, highly competitive NSERC strategic grants program. This outstanding performance reflects the efforts and excellence of individual faculty members here. They are without equal in Canada, and rank with the best in North America and Europe. This year Dr. John McLean assumed the new position of Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research. His activities include developing a new computer-based tracking system for our large and growing number of graduate students. Once fibre-optic cabling is completed in the MacMillan Building (scheduled for this summer), we plan to initiate a decentralized research services "node" in the Faculty to provide better, more timely administrative support to faculty members seeking extra- mural support. John also organized our very successful symposium "Gypsy Mollis in the Lower Mainland" this spring. Faculty Administration This year we completed external reviews of all three departments. As a result of these reviews, we reorganized the Faculty by merging the Forest Operations group with the Department of Forest Resources Management. This greatly strengthens our capacity to deal with forest-level management and planning questions, and with watershed hydrology. In addition, the new Department of Wood Science can now focus more clearly on its own strengths in the areas of forest products, production processes and the basic sciences related to wood products. This year we were able to recruit new Heads for each of our departments. Dr. Gordon Baskerville from the University of New Brunswick will head the Department of Forest Resources Management, and Dr. David Barrett from our own Faculty will lead the new Department of Wood Science. Dr. Gene Namkoong joined us from North Carolina State University and the USDA Forest Service to head the Department of Forest Sciences. Each of these individuals has an outstanding international reputation in academic and research leadership. 1992 Annual Report 3 This year we initiated a new Forestry Advisory Committee to provide strategic and operational advice to the University and to the Faculty of Forestry. The Committee, chaired by Mr. Tom Buell, includes about 40 high-level leaders from the provincial, national and international forest products industry, environmental NGO community and governmental natural resources agencies. Dr. Walter Koerner has kindly agreed to serve as honourary chair of the Committee. Pacific Forest Sciences Centre Planning for the new Pacific Forest Sciences Centre continues on schedule. This 10,000 m2 build- ing will house the Faculty of Forestry, several UBC centres and institutes related to forestry, and space specifically designed to encourage faculty from all departments at UBC to engage in inter- disciplinary work on forestry problems. The building will also include 11 modern classrooms, a major lecture theatre and 8 teaching laboratories. Completion is scheduled for the beginning of the 1996-97 academic year. Inadequate, poor quality space is by far the single most important constraint on improving forestry education and research at UBC. We are grateful that the provincial government has included this project in their budget this year. Plans for 1993-94 During the 1993-94 academic year, we plan to revise our draft strategic plan. This plan will chart our course over the next three years with adequate recognition of longer term trends and needs. Although the planning process will begin by identifying the key issues facing the Faculty, some of them are already apparent: (i) Our capacity to meet the ever-expanding demands on the Faculty will be limited by the tight provincial budget situation. As a result, increasing program efficiency and raising significant amounts of external support for the Faculty will be major activities during the next few years. (ii) The demands on foresters will continue to increase. The need for effective problem-based instruction will not abate, the need for high-quality continuing education will expand, and the desirability of master's-level professional forestry and forest products education will become ever more apparent. Our challenge is to respond to these needs in the context of a declining real budget for the University as a whole. (iii) Technologically advanced, environmentally sound wood products and processing tech- nologies will play a larger role in the forest products industry. Our Department of Wood Science will play a central role in developing these processes and products, and in educating industry managers and research leaders. Our success in this area will depend heavily on collaboration with other departments at UBC, with Forintek, FERIC and PAPRICAN, and with the forest products industry itself. Only through aggressive, innovative leadership will our Wood Science program avoid the difficulties that similar university-based programs throughout North America have suffered. (iv) The management of forests, parks and preserves will rely ever-more strongly on eco- system concepts and applied conservation biology, despite the weak empirical basis for some of the prescriptions derived from these approaches. Providing timely research needed to support rational application of these important ideas will comprise a major challenge for us all. I am personally interested in your own thoughts about our programs and plans. You can reach me by telephone at (604) 822-2467, fax at (604) 822-8645, or e-mail at binkley@unixg.ubc.ca. I look forward to hearing from you. Clark S. Binkley Dean Faculty of Forestry 4 UBC Faculty of Forestry te-i KOZAK, Antal (Tony) — B.S.F. (Sopron), M.F., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), D.Sc. Honoris causa (Sopron) Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs and Academic Affairs Responsible for administering academic programs including curricu- lum and calendar changes, admissions, transfers, advancements and for disciplining undergraduate students. Phone: (604)822-3545 E-mail: kozak@unixg.ubc.ca OFFICE OF THE DEAN McLEAN, John A, — B.Sc., M.Sc. (Auckland), Ph.D. (Simon Fraser), F.R.E.S., R.P.Bio. Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research Responsible for administering all aspects of Forestry graduate and post-baccalaureate programs and for promoting externally-sponsored research activities. Phone: (604)822-3360 E-mail: mclean@unixg.ubc.ca FACULTY AND STAFF WATTS, Susan B. — B.Sc. (N. Wales), M.F., Ph.D. (Brit. Col ), R.P.F. Coordinator of Special Projects Responsible for coordinating project proposal development, for assisting in promoting research and for producing Faculty Newsletters and Annual Reports. Phone: (604)822-6316 E-mail: suwatts@unixg.ubc.ca GOSS, Donna E. — B.S.F. (Brit. Col.) Coordinator of Student Services Responsible for advising prospective and incoming undergraduate students, for school and college liaison, for undergraduate admissions, for job placement and for program public relations. Phone: (604)822-3547 E-mail: dgoss@unixg.ubc.ca AKAI, Heather — Secretary to the Dean ALIYOJVODIC, Barbara — Administrative Assistant COLE, Natalie — Graduate Programs Secretary LAI, Charles — Clerk LIEW, Lily — Undergraduate Programs Secretary, B.A. (Brit. Col.) QUAY, Patsy — Editorial Assistant TURNER, Ron — Technician, B.A. (Brit. Col.) 1992 Annual Report 5 FOREST RESOURCES MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT Antal Kozak Acting Head Timothy Ballard Clark Binkley Alan Chambers nil Peter Dooling Andrew Howard Don Munro Jonathan Fannin Brent Ingram Peter Murtha Douglas Golding Valerie LeMay John Nelson David Haley Peter Marshall Peter Pearse S.E. (Tim) Peter Sanders David Tait Casey van Kooten Glen Young Salcudean FOREST RESOURCES MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT KOZAK, Antal — Professor, Associate Dean and Acting Department Head • Biometrics, New Methodology for Forest Inventory B.S.F. (1956) Sopron, M.F. (1961), Ph.D. (1963) Brit. Col., D.Sc. Honoris causa (1989) Sopron. Phone: (604)822-3545 E-mail: kozak@unixg.ubc.ca BALLARD, Timothy M. — Professor (Forest Resources Management, Soil Science) • Forest Soils, Management Impacts, Tree Nutrition, Forest Fertilization B.S.F. (1961), M.F. (1963), Ph.D. (1968) Washington Phone: (604)822-2300 BINKLEY, Clark S. — Professor and Dean • Forest Economics A.B. (1971), M.S. (1976) Harvard, Ph.D. (1979) Yale Phone: (604)822-2467 E-mail: binkley@unixg.ubc.ca CHAMBERS, Alan D. Associate Professor • Social Forestry, Natural Resources Management B.S.F. (1964) Brit. Col., M.F. (1967) Duke, Ph.D. (1971) Brit. Col., R.P.F. Phone: (604)822-6582 DOOLING, Peter J. — Associate Professor • Recreation, Landscape and Land Use Planning, Recreation Land Management, Recreation and Tourism Economics B.A. (Hons.) (1960), B.P.E. (Hons.) (1962), M.A. (1967) Alberta, Ph.D. (1973) Colorado Phone: (604)822-3540 EIDSVIK, Harold K. — Sessional Lecturer • Recreation, Landscape and Land Use Planning B.S.F. (1957) Brit. Col., M.F. (1964) Michigan FANNIN, R. Jonathan Assistant Professor (Forest Resources Management, Civil Engineering) • Forest Harvesting Transport B.Sc.(Hons.) (1983) Belfast, Ph.D. (1987) Oxford Phone: (604)822-3133 GOLDING, Douglas L. Associate Professor • Watershed Management and Forest Hydrology B.Sc. (1953) New Brunswick, M.S. (1961) Purdue, Ph.D. (1968) Brit. Col., R.P.F. Phone: ( 6 0 4 ) 8 2 2 ^ 2 6 4 HALEY, David — Professor • Forest Economics, Forest Policy Analysis B.Sc. (1962) Aberdeen, M.F. (1964), Ph.D. (1966) Brit. Col., R.P.F. Phone: (604)822-5634 HOWARD, Andrew F. Associate Professor • Forest Engineering Economics and Sawmill Operations Analyses B.Sc. (1976) Massachusetts, M.F.Sc. (1979), M.Sc. (1981), M.Phil. (1981), Ph.D.(1985) Yale Phone: (604)822-3794 INGRAM, G. Brent — Assistant Professor (Forest Resources Management, Plant Science) • Landscape Architecture B.A. (1976) Evergreen State Coll., B.F.A. (1980) San Francisco Art Inst., M.Sc. (1980) Antioch Univ. West, Ph.D. (1989) Berkeley Phone: (604)822-5271 E-mail: brent@leco.plant.ubc.ca KOSHY, Mathew P.— Sessional Lecturer • Biometrics, Forest Mensuration, and Forest Genetics B.Sc. (1969), M.Sc. (1971) Kerala, M.Sc. (1987) Wales, Ph.D. (1993) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-3694 LeMAY, Valerie M. — Assistant Professor • Biometrics/Mensuration B.Sc. (1981), M.Sc. (1982) Alberta, Ph.D. (1989) Brit. Col., R.P.F. Phone: (604)822-4770 E-mail: lemay@unixg.ubc.ca FACULTY AND STAFF Dept. Phone: Fax: (604)822-3482 (604) 822-9106 MARSHALL, Peter L. Assistant Professor • Growth and Yield, Forest Management B.Sc.F. (1976), M.Sc.F. (1979) Toronto, Ph.D. (1984) Brit. Col., R.P.F. Phone: (604)822-4918 E-mail: marshal]@unixg.ubc.ca MUNRO, Donald D. — Professor, Director of University Research Forests and Director of International Forestry Programs • Forest Yield Sciences, Inventory Design and Analysis B.S.F. (1960) Brit. Col., M.S. (1964) Oregon, Ph.D. (1968) Brit. Col., R.P.F. Phone: (604)463-8148 E-mail: munro@unixg.ubc.ca 1992 Annual Report 11 FACULTY AND STAFF Forest Resources Management Department MURTHA, Peter A. — Professor (Forest Resources Management, Soil Science) • Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems, Forest Damage Detection and Evaluation, Land Classification B.Sc.F. (1961) Toronto, M.Sc. (1964), Ph.D. (1968) Cornell Phone: (604)822-6452 NELSON, John D. — Assistant Professor • Timber Supply Planning B.S.F. (1980), M B. A. (1982) Brit. Col., Ph.D. (1988) Oregon State Phone: (604)822-2072 E-mail: nelson@unixg.ubc.ca PEARSE, Peter H. — Professor • Forest Economics and Policy B.S.F. (1956) Brit. Col., M.A. (Hons.) (1959), Ph.D. (1962) Edinburgh, R.P.F., C.M. Phone: (604)822-3169 SALCUDEAN, S.E. (Tim) Assistant Professor (Forest Resources Management, Electrical Engineering) • Robotics/control B.Eng. (1979), M.Eng. (1980) McGill, Ph.D. (1986) Berkeley Phone: (604)822-3243 SANDERS, Peter R.W. — Lecturer and Resident Silviculturist, Malcolm Knapp Forest • Silviculture, Forest Management B.S.F. (1974), M.F. (1982) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)463-8148 E-mail: sanders@unixg.ubc.ca TAIT, David E.N. — Assistant Professor • Optimization Techniques, Forest Planning B.Sc. (1968), M.Sc. (1970), Ph.D. (1983) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-2997 E-mail: dtait@unixg.ubc.ca VAN KOOTEN, G. Casey Associate Professor (Forest Resources Management, Agricultural Economics) • Economics of Natural Resources B.Sc. (1972), M.A. (1974) Alberta, Ph.D. (1982) Oregon Phone: (604) 822-4518 WOOD, Paul M. — Sessional Lecturer • Environmental Ethics B.Sc. (1973) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-5092 YOUNG, G. Glen — Associate Professor • Analysis of Cable Systems, Operations Research, Microcomputers in Logging and Forest Management B.A.Sc. (1965), M.A.Sc. (1971) Brit. Col., P. Eng. Phone: (604)822-3728 E-mail: gyoung@unixg.ubc.ca Honorary Research Associates BACKMAN, Charles A. — B.S.F., M B. A. (Brit. Col.), M.A.I.S. (Washington) Adjunct Professors BONNOR, G. Michael — B.S.F., M.S.F. (Toronto), Ph.D. (State Univ. of New York) COTTELL, Philip L. B.S.F., M.F. (Brit. Col.), Ph.D. (Yale), R.P.F. DEMAERSCHALK, Julien P. B.S.F. (Louvain), M.F., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) HALL, Thomas H. — B.A., M.Sc. (Indiana), M.Sc.F. (N. Brunswick), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), R.P.F. ELES, Kimberley — B.S., M.Sc. (Oregon), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) MITCHELL, Kenneth J. B.S.F. (Brit. Col.), M.F., Ph.D. (Yale), R.P.F. WILLIAMS, Douglas H. B.Sc. (Simon Fraser), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) Honorary Lecturers HEGYI, Frank — B.Sc.F. (Edinburgh), M.Sc.F. (Toronto), R.P.F. HOGAN, Daniel L. B.A., M.Sc. (Brit. Col.) SAUDER, Brent J. B.S.F., M.F. (Brit. Col.) Staff AQUINO, David — Res. Assist /Tech. B.Sc.F. (National Agrarian), M.F. (Brit. Col.) COUCH, Mary Lou — Secretary 8 UBC Faculty of Forestry GIZOWSKI, David Computer Research Analyst B.Sc. (Alberta) LAI, Charles — Departmental Clerk MAEDEL, Jerry Computer Systems Analyst B.F.A. (Victoria), M.Sc. (Brit. Col.) RAE, Kuochi — Technician B.A. (Chung Hsing), M.A. (Tokyo) SHANNON, Tim — Research Analyst B.S.F., M.F. (Brit. Col.) TURNER, Ron — Departmental Technician B.A. (Brit. Col.) WONG, Sally — Departmental Secretory B.A. (Hons.) (Hong Kong) New Faculty Appointments BASKERVILLE, Gordon B.Sc.F. (1955) New Brunswick, M.F. (1957), Ph.D. (1964) Yale Formerly with the University of New Brunswick Faculty of Forestry (1975 to 1993) and Dean of the Faculty from 1982-1991. Dr. Baskerville served a two-year term as Assistant Deputy Minister of Forest Resources with the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources from 1980-1982. He will join the Department as Professor and Head in May, 1993. Promotions/Tenures MARSHALL, Peter L. — promoted to Associate Professor effective July, 1993. NELSON, John D. — promoted to Associate Professor and granted tenure effective July, 1993. Retirements REED, F. Leslie C. Professor Les Reed retired on August 31, 1992 after eight years in the NSFRC/lndustry Chair of Forest Policy. During his service to UBC Professor Reed took a leadership role in the analysis of forest policy as practiced in B.C. and Canada. His activities embraced such issues as Canada's trade policy, research and development efforts, and tax treatment of forestry related business. His research chair was supported by NSERC, forest companies, industry associations, and two unions — International Woodworkers of America and Canadian Paperworkers Union. Professor Reed helped to raise the profile of the Faculty of Forestry with the govern- ment, industry and public. In his role as an undergraduate teacher, he will be remembered for his introduction of the humanities to forestry education. ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1992-93 During the 1992-93 academic year, first and second year students started our improved Forest Resources Management Program. We launched a new Natural Resources Conserva- tion (B.Sc.) Program in September 1992. Seventeen students registered in the first year, of the program and five students registered directly to the program's second year. Effective November 1, 1992, the Forest Harvesting Group (Professors Fannin, Howard, Nelson, Salcudean, Tait and Young) of the Department of Harvesting and Wood Science changed their name to the Forest Operations Group and merged with the Department of Forest Resources Management. This merger significantly strengthened the Department's research activities, and increased the Depart- ment's responsibilities in undergraduate and graduate teaching. ACHIEVEMENTS AND PLANS Forest Resources Management Department PLANS FOR 1993-94 Members of the Department will continue to work on the development of a professional non- thesis M.F. program to be launched in September 1994. Further plans and departmental programs depend upon policies developed by the incoming Department Head, Dr. Gordon Baskerville. 1992 Annual Report 9 FOREST SCIENCES DEPARTMENT Philip Burton Edith Camm Gene Namkoong Head John Carlson Fred Bunnell Chris Chanway Robert Guy John McLean J.P.(Hamish) Kimmins Tom Sullivan Karel Klinka Bart van der Kamp Michael Feller Kathy Martin Gordon Weetman John Worrall FOREST SCIENCES DEPARTMENT NAMKOONG, Gene Professor and Head • Population and Quantitative Genetics B.S. (1956), M.S. (1958) SUNY, Ph.D. (1963) N. Carolina State Univ. Phone: (604)822-8275 E-mail: gcne@unixg.ubc.ca BUNNELL, Fred L. Professor and Director, Centre for Applied Conservation Biology • Wildlife Population Dynamics, Influences of Forestry Practices on Wildlife B.S.F. (Hons.) (1965) Brit. Col., Ph.D. (1973) Berkeley, R.P.Bio. Phone: (604)822-5928 BURTON, Philip J. — Assistant Professor • Regeneration Ecology B.Sc. (1978) Saskatchewan, M.Sc. (1980) Hawaii, Ph.D. (1988) Illinois Phone: (604)822-6020 CAMM, Edith L. — Assistant Professor (Forest Sciences, Botany) • Biochemistry B.Sc. (Hons.) (1966) Queen's, M.Sc. (1968), Ph.D. (1973) Brit. Col., R.P.Bio. Phone: (604)822-5223 CARLSON, John — Assistant Professor (Forest Sciences, Biotechnology Laboratory) • Molecular Biology B.Sc. (1974) Pittsburgh, M.Sc. (1978), Ph.D. (1983) Illinois Phone: (604)822-4733 CHANWAY, Christopher P. Assistant Professor • Soil Microbiology B.Sc. (1978) Winnipeg, B.S. Ag. (1980) Manitoba, M.Sc. (1983), Ph.D. (1987) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-6019 FELLER, Michael C. Associate Professor • Fire Science and Water Quality B.Sc. (Hons.) (1968), M.Sc. (1969) Melbourne, Ph.D. (1975) Brit. Col., R.P.Bio. Phone: (604)822-3729 GUY, Robert D. Assistant Professor • Plant Physiology B.Sc. (1977), Ph.D. (1984), Calgary Phone: (604)822-6023 E-mail: guy@unixg.ubc.ca KIMMINS, J.P. (Hamish) Professor • Forest Ecology, Nutrient Cycling B.Sc. (1964) N. Wales, M.Sc. (1966) Berkeley, M. Phil. (1968), Ph.D. (1970) Yale Phone: (604)822-3549 KLINKA, Karel Professor and V.J. Krajina Chair in Silvics and Silviculture • Forest Ecology, Silvics For. Eng. (1960) Prague, Ph.D. (1976) Brit. Col., R.P.F. Phone: (604)822-3047 MARTIN, Kathy M. Associate Professor • Forest and Grassland Birds, Avian Energetics p A p | 11 T V and Demography r A O U L I Y B.Sc.(Hons.) (1970) Prince Edward Is., M.Sc. (1973) A M n Alberta, Ph.D. (1985) Queen's U Phone: (604)822-9695 E-mail: kmartin@unixg.ubc.ca ^ ' ' McLEAN, John A. Professor and Associate Dean • Forest Entomology B.Sc. (1965), M.Sc. (1968) Auckland, Ph.D. (1976) Simon Fraser, F.R.E.S., R.P.Bio. „ . ... Dept. Phone: 604 822-2507 Phone: (604)822-3360 ^ ^ ^ E-mau: mclean@unixg.ubc.ca SULLIVAN, Thomas P. Associate Professor • Forestry and Wildlife B.Sc. (Hons.) (1973), M.Sc. (1976), Ph.D. (1978) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-3543 VAN DER KAMP, Bart J. Associate Professor • Forest Pathology B.S.F. (1964) Brit. Col., Ph.D. (1967) Aberdeen Phone: (604)822-2728 WEETMAN, Gordon F. — Professor • Silviculture B.Sc.F. (1955) Toronto, M.F. (1958), Ph.D. (1962) Yale, R.P.F., F. Eng. Phone: (604)822-2504 WORRALL, John G. Associate Professor • Tree Physiology, Tree Growth Mechanisms and Climatic Influence B.Sc. (1959) Durham, B.S.F. (1963) Brit. Col., M.F. (1964), M. Phil. (1967), Ph.D. (1968) Yale Phone: (604)822-3516 1992 Annual Report 11 Research Associates Adjunct Professors FACULTY AND STAFF Forest Sciences Department GALINDO-LEAL, Carlos B.Sc. (U. Autonoma Metropolitana), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) • Animal Ecology. KAYAHARA, Gordon J. B.Sc. (Toronto), M.Sc. (Brit. Col.) • Forest Ecology. MASSICOTTE, Hugues B. B.Sc.A. (Laval), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Guelph) • Mycorrhizal Fungi. PRESCOTT, Cindy B.Sc. (Brock), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Calgary) • Forest Nutrition. WATTS, Susan B. — B.Sc. (N. Wales), M.F., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), R.P.F. • Forest Entomology. Honorary Research Associates CARTER, Reid — B.Sc., M.Sc. (Brit. Col.) • Forest Ecology and Management. Post-doctoral Fellows CHAN-McLEOD, Ann C. Allaye B.S.F., M.Sc. (Brit. Col.), Ph.D. (Alaska Fairbanks Univ.) • Physiological Ecology. DANG, Qing-Lai — B.Ag. (Ji Lin For. Coll.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Alberta) • Ecophysiology. DOBRY, Jaroslav — B.Sc., Ph.D. (Prague) • Dendrochronology. HONG, Yong-Pyo — B.Sc., M.Sc. (Korea), Ph.D. (Oregon State) • Molecular Forest Genetics. QIAN, Hong — B.Sc. (Anhui Ag. Coll.), M.Sc. (NW For. Coll.), Ph.D. (Chinese Acad, of Sci.) • Forest Ecology. SILIM, Salim N. — B.Sc. (Makerene), M.Sc. (New Brunswick), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) • Tree Physiology. ALFARO, Rene I. — B.Sc. (U. Chile), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Simon Fraser) AXELROOD, Paige E. — B.Sc., M.Sc. (Oregon State), Ph.D. (California) BARKER, John E. — B.Sc. (Brit. Col.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (California) DOST, Frank — B.Sc. (Washington), M.Sc. (Kansas), D.V.M. (Washington) EDWARDS, David George B.Sc. (Aberdeen), M.F., Ph.D. (Washington) EL-KASSABY, Yousry A. — B.Sc. (Alexandria), M.Sc. (Tanta), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) GROSSNICKLE, Steven C. — B.Sc. (S. Blinois), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Colorado State) HAWKINS, Christopher D.B. B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc (Simon Fraser), Ph.D. (Aust. Nat. Univ.), R.P.Bio. KLENNER, Walt — B.Sc., M.Sc. (Manitoba), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), R.P.Bio. KRANNITZ, Pamela G. B.Sc.(Hons.) (Guelph), M.Sc. (Western Ontario), Ph.D. (Queen's) LEADEM, Carole L. — B.Sc. (California), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), R.P.Bio. LESTER, Donald T. B.Sc. (Maine), M.F., Ph.D. (Yale) LOUSIER, J. Daniel — B.Sc. (Notre Dame (B.C.)), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Calgary), R.P.Bio. McLELLAN, Bruce N. B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), R.P.Bio. MHXER, Gordon E. — B.Sc., M.Sc., M.P.M., Ph.D. (Simon Fraser) MORRISON, Duncan J. — B.S.F., M.Sc. (Brit. Col.), Ph.D. (Cambridge) OTVOS, Imre S. B.Sc.F. (Sopron), M.S., Ph.D. (Berkeley) PRESTON, Caroline M. — B.Sc. (McMaster), M.A. (Carlton), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) ROCHELLE, James A. — B.Sc., M.Sc. (Washington State), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) SAFRANYIK, Laszlo B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) SAVARD, Jean-Pierre — B.Sc. (Laval), M.Sc. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) 12 UBC Faculty of Forestry SEIP, Dale R. — B.Sc. (West Ont.), M.Sc. (Simon Fraser), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), R.P.Bio. SMITH, Nicholas J. — B.Sc. (N. Wales), M.Sc. (Brit. Col.), Ph.D. (Oregon State) SUTTON, Benjamin S. — B.Sc. (Reading), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) VAN DEN DRIESSCHE, Robert J, — B.Sc. (N. Wales), M.Sc. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Wales) VAN SICKLE, G. Allan — B.Sc., M.Sc. (Brit. Col.), Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State), R.P.F. WHITE, Eleanor E, — B.Sc., M.Sc. (Brit. Col.), Ph.D. (Swedish Univ. of Agr. Sciences) Staff BURWASH, Michael — Laboratory Assistant B.Sc. (Brit. Col.) CHANG, Joseph — Res. Assist./Tech. B.A. (Washington), M.B.A. (Brit. Col.) DAUST, Dave — Res. Assist./Tech. B.S.F. (Brit. Col.) DYCK Wanda — Secretary JOHNSON, Jacklyn — Office Manager B.S.Ed. (Minn.) KIDD, Joanne — Res. Assist./Tech. KREMSATER, Laurie — Res. Assist./Tech. B.S.F., M.Sc. (Brit. Col.) KWAN, Ying — Programmer Analyst B.Sc. (Taiwan), M.A. (Math), M.Sc. (Brit. Col.) LEE, Eric — Departmental Clerk LOTZ, Sarah — Res. Assist./Tech. B.Sc. (Simon Fraser) MERKENS, Markus — Res. Assist./Tech. B.Sc., M.P.M. (Simon Fraser) NEW, David — Res. Assist./Tech. O' SHEA - STONE, Maureen Res. Assist./Tech. B.A., M.A. (Colorado) OLANSKI, Penny — Res. Assist./Tech. SETO, Carrie — Departmental Secretary SHAO, Qingling — Laboratory Assistant SPROUT, Sharon — Res. Assist./Tech. B.Sc. (Brit. Col.), M.Sc. (Saskatchewan) SREJIC, Zika — Res. Assist./Tech. B.Sc. (Univ. of Belgrade) STALEY, Candis — Res. Assist./Tech. THOMAS, Keith — Res. Assist./Tech. B.Sc. (Brit. Col.) TSZE, Min — Res. Assist./Tech. VAN HAM, Michael — Program Manager B.Sc. (Alberta) New Faculty Appointments MARTIN, Kathy M. A joint appointment as Research Scientist with the Canadian Wildlife Service, Pacific and Yukon Region and Associate Professor in the Forest Sciences Department. Dr. Martin was formerly Assistant Professor of Zoology at the University of Toronto. Her research interests focus on behavioural ecology, demography, reproductive physiology and energetics of monogamous precocial birds, and forest and grassland birds. Promotions/Tenures GUY, Robert D. — promoted to Associate Professor and granted tenure effective July, 1993. CHANWAY, Christopher P. — granted tenure effective July, 1993. ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1992-93 • Implemented a new undergraduate Forest Sciences degree program. • Established the Centre for Applied Conservation Biology. Dr. Michael Feller completed a 7-month term as Acting Department Head prior to Dr. Gene Namkoong's arrival in January, 1993. PLANS FOR 1993-94 • Revise offerings in population and quantita- tive genetics. • Establish departmental goals. • Develop a University program on bio- diversity. 1992 Annual Report 13 ACHIEVEMENTS AND PLANS Forest Sciences Department WOOD SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Paul Steiner Acting Head Stavros Avramidis David Cohen David Barrett Simon Ellis Colette Breuil Thomas Maness Jack Saddler WOOD SCIENCE DEPARTMENT STEINER, Paul R. — Associate Professor and Acting Department Head • Wood Adhesives and Composite Products B.Sc. (1966), M.Sc. (1969), Ph.D. (1971) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-5852 AVRAMIDIS, Stavros Assistant Professor • Wood Physics and Drying B (For) (1981) Thessaloniki, M.S. (1983), Ph.D. (1986) SUNY, Syracuse Phone: (604)822-6153 E-mail: stavros_avramidis@mtsg.ubc.ca BARRETT, J. David Professor • Wood Engineering B.A.Sc. (1965) Brit. Col., Ph.D.(1973) Berkeley, F.I.A.W.S., P. Eng. Phone: (604)822-6109 E-mail: dbarrett@unixg.ubc.ca PASZNER, Laszlo Professor • Chemical Utilization of Wood, Reconstituted Wood Products B.S.F. (1958) Sopron , M.F. (1963), Ph.D. (1966) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-2139 PRION, Helmut G.L. Assistant Professor (Wood Science, Civil Engineering) • Engineered Timber Structures Design B.Eng. (1974) Stellenbosch, Ph.D. (1987) Toronto Phone: (604)822-3864 E-mail: helmut_prion@mtsg.ubc.ca RUDDICK, John N.R. NSERC/Industrial Professor • Wood Preservation B.Sc. (1965), M.Sc. (1966) Newcastle, Ph.D.(1970) London Phone: (604)822-3736 FACULTY AND STAFF BREUIL, Colette NSERC/Industrial Associate Professor • Forest Products Biotechnology B.Sc. (1971) Lyon, M.Sc. (1974) Ottawa, Ph.D. (1977) Lyon Phone: (604)222-3200 SADDLER, Jack N. NSERC/Industrial Professor • Forest Products Biotechnology B.Sc.(Hons.) (1975) Edinburgh, Ph.D. (1978) Glasgow Phone: (604)222-3220 Dept. Phone: Fax: (604) 822-5303 (604) 822-9104 COHEN, David H. Assistant Professor • Forest Products Marketing and Management Dipl. For. Tech. (1976) Selkirk, B.Sc. (1986) Idaho, Ph.D. (1989) Virginia Tech. Phone: (604)822-6716 ELLIS, Simon Assistant Professor • Wood Anatomy and Composites B.Sc.(Hons.) (1983) N. Wales, M.Sc. (1986), Ph.D. (1989) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-3551 E-mail: sellis@unixg.ubc.ca MANESS, Thomas Assistant Professor • Wood Products Processing B.S.F. (1979) West Virginia, M.Sc. (1981) Virginia Tech., Ph.D. (1989) Washington Phone: (604)822-2150 1992 Annual Report 15 FACULTY AND STAFF Wood Science Department Visiting Professors BROWN, David — B.Sc. (Brit. Col.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (California) • Forest Products Biotechnology. MASUDA, Minoru — B.Ag., Ph.D. (Kyoto) • Wood Engineering. YAMAMOTO, Koichi — B.Ag., M.Ag., Ph.D. (Hokkaido) • Wood Preservation. Research Associates WONG, Ken K.Y. — B.Sc. (Carleton), M.Sc. (Ottawa), Ph.D. (Laval) • Forest Products Biotechnology. QUINDE, Augusto B.Sc. (National Agravian), M.Sc. (New York), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) • Wood Chemistry. YOKOTA, Shinso B.Sc. (Hokkaido), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Kyoto) • Forest Products Biotechnology. YU, Alex Hou-Cheong B.Eng. (McMaster), Ph.D. (Toronto) • Forest Products Biotechnology. ZHANG, Yichun B.Sc. (Northeast Forestry Univ.), Ph.D. (Wales) • Wood Physics and Drying. ZHUANG, Jun-Ming B.Sc. (Fudan), M.Sc. (Shanghai Org. Inst.), Ph.D. (Simon Fraser) • Wood Adhesives and Composite Products. Post-doctoral Fellows BICHO, Paul — B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc. (Guelph), Ph.D. (U. of Waikato, N.Z.) • Forest Products Biotechnology. CHEN, Tao B.Sc. (Shandong), Ph.D. (Regina) • Forest Products Biotechnology. CUI, Futong — B.Sc. (Nankai Univ.), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) • Wood Preservation. HANG, Tang B.Sc. (Peking), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) • Wood Preservation. HUANG, Jinzhou B.Sc., M.Sc. (Huanghong Agric. Univ.), Ph.D. (Dublin Univ.) • Forest Products Biotechnology. LIU, Fang B.Sc. (Qingdao Inst, of Chem. Technol.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Dalian Inst, of Technol.) • Wood Physics and Drying. LIU, Jing — B.S. (Nanjing Forestry Univ.), M.S. (Iowa State), Ph.D. (Maine) • Wood Physics and Drying. McBAIN, Adam — B.Sc., Ph.D. (Strathclyde) • Wood Preservation. Adjunct Professors CHOW, Suezone — B.Sc. (Taiwan), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), O.B.C. KELLOGG, Robert M. — B.Sc.F. (Maine), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Yale), F.I.A.W.S. KIRBACH, Eberhard D. Dipl.-IIolzwirt (Hamburg), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) SMITH, Roger S. — B.Sc., Ph.D. (London) VAROGLU, Erol — M.Eng. (Istanbul), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Stanford) Staff BERNALDEZ, James — Res. Assist /Tech. B.A.Sc. (Brit. Col.) CADMAN, Dayna — Departmental Clerk CHESTER, Michael — Res. Assist /Tech. B.Sc.(Hons.) (Waterloo) DUBOIS, Joel — Res. Assist /Tech. B.Sc. (Laval), M.F. (Brit. Col.) FOLEY, Dallas — Res. Assist/Tech. HARTSON, Donna — Secretary 16 UBC Faculty of Forestry HASTINGS, Diana — Res. Assist./Tech. B.Sc. (Brit. Col.) ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1992-93 HE, Qiyi — Res. Assist./Tech. B.Eng. (China), M.Eng. (Brit. Col.) JOHNSON, Robert — Elec./Auto. Analyst Dipl. of Technology (B.C.I.T.) JOHNSTON, Wendy Administrative Assistant LAM, Frank — Scientific Research Engineer B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) LAU, Wilson — Wood Mechanics Engineer B.A.Sc. (Windsor), M.A.Sc. (Brit. Col.) LEE, George — Res. Assist./Tech. B.Sc. (China), M.Sc. (Oregon State) LENZ, Richard — Res. Assist./Tech. B.Sc. (Victoria) MYRONUK, Robert Research Support Services Supervisor Dipl. of Technology (B.C.I.T.) ROTH, Aaron — Res. Assist./Tech. B.Sc.(Hons.), M.Sc. (Brit. Col.) SIDHU, Avtar — Research Assistant B.Sc. (Brit. Col.) THOMPSON, Nancy — Secretary (Part-time) WANG, Yin Tang — Research Assistant B.Eng., M.Eng. (China) XIONG, Pingbo — Research Assistant B.Agric., M.Eng. (China), M.Sc. (Brit. Col.) • A full external review of the Department was undertaken during the summer of 1992. • On the recommendation of this review committee, the Forest Operations group was transferred to the Forest Resources Management Department. • The Department's name was officially changed to Wood Science. • The NSERC/Industrial Chair in Wood Preservation was renewed for a second five-year term. • A Co-op program option was introduced into our Wood Science and Industry undergraduate program. • Co-operative linkages were established with Forintek. • Dr. Barrett was appointed as Department Head effective July, 1993. PLANS FOR 1993-94 • Complete a Strategic Plan for the Wood Science Department. • Develop a professional Masters program in forest products marketing and wood building design and construction. • Establish a program in wood construction and design. Promotions AVRAMIDIS, Stavros — promoted to Associate Professor effective July, 1993. ACHIEVEMENTS AND PLANS Wood Science Department 1992 Annual Report 17 ALONGSIDE their teaching and research commitments, most Faculty members have committee responsibilities with off campus organizations and groups. These involvements are listed below together with various distinctions and awards bestowed on Faculty members during the past year. OFFICES, AWARDS AND DISTINCTIONS AVRAMIDIS, S. • Membership Committee 1992-93, Society of Wood Science and Technology. • Member, Moisture Meters Committee 1992-93, American Society for Testing and Materials, D4444-D07.01.01. BARRETT, J .D. • Member, NSERC/Forestry Canada Partnerships Program Grant Selection Committee. • Member, Editorial Board, Wood Science and Technology. • Member, American Society for Testing and Materials Committee on Wood. • Member, Canadian Standards Association, Code for Engineering Design in Wood. • Member, National Lumber Grades Authority. • Member, Forest Products Committee, Science Council of B.C. • Member, Eurocodes Committee, COFI. • Member, Wood Award Committee, Forest Products Society. • Canadian Standards Association Certificate of Achievement for outstanding contributions to CSA in furthering standardization in the field of Engineering Design in Wood. BINKLEY, C.S. • Member, Marcus Wallenberg Prize Committee. • Member, B.C. Forest Research Advisory Committee. • Member, B.C. Council of Forest Research Organizations. • Member, Advisory Board Ecotrust Inc. • Member, Board of Directors: West Fraser Timber Ltd.; Forintek Canada Corp.; FERIC. • Member, Management Committee, Nelson Forests Joint Venture. • Member, SIBC Board of Directors. • Member, NSERC Advisory Committee, Targeted Research Program. BREUIL, C. • Member, Review Committee, NSERC Strategic Grants Program. BUNNELL, F .L. • Member, COSEWIC. • Member, Coastal Biodiversity Guidelines and Interior Biodiversity Guidelines Committee. • Member, Interministry Biodiversity Working Group. • Member, Spotted Owl Recovery Team. • Member, Policy Committee, Association of B.C. Professional Foresters. BURTON, P.J . • Member, S.I.B.C. Curriculum Committee. • Member, Reforestation Information Bank Technical Advisory Committee. • Member, B.C. Forest Land Use Liaison Committee. • Member, Carmanah Valley Forest Management Advisory Committee. CARLSON, J. • President, Canadian Society for Plant Molecular Biology. • Member, GREAT Awards Selection Committee. CHAMBERS, A.D. • Chairperson, Forestry Committee, B.C. Wildlife Federation. • Member, B .C. Forest Land Use Liaison Committee. • Member, BC Forestry Continuing Studies Network, Provincial Board. CHANWAY, C.P. • Elected to Executive Council, Vancouver Section of the Canadian Institute of Forestry. COHEN, D.H. • Chairperson, Marketing Technical Interest Group 1991-94, Forest Products Society. • Chairperson, International Program Planning Committee 1992-93, Forest Products Society. • Member, Ad hoc Committee for Structural Reorganization, Forest Products Society. • Liaison Officer, Joint UBC/Forintek Seminar Series. 18 UBC Faculty of Forestry • Deputy Leader (North America) Marketing Project Group, International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO). DOOLING, P.J . • Appointed Visiting Faculty Member, Natural Resources Program, Asian Institute of Technology, Bankok, Thailand. • Director, Outdoor Recreation Council of British Columbia. • Member, Resources Inventory Committee, Province of B.C. • Member 1991-94, Commission on National Parks & Protected Areas for World Conservation Union (Gland, Switzerland). • Member, IUFRO Working Group S1.01 -05 Landscape Ecology, S.06 Forest Recreation. FANNIN, R.J . • Chairperson, Editorial Board for Document on Sampling Practice, Canadian Geotechnical Society. • Member, Subcommittee on Geosynthetics, Canadian Geotechnical Society. FELLER, M.C. • Member, Northwest Forest Fire Council Steering Committee. • Sierra Club Award of Appreciation for Outstanding Achievement in Contributing Scientific Expertise to the Sierra Club's Watershed Campaign. GOLDING, D.L. • Chairperson, North Pacific Region, Western Snow Conference. GUY, R.D. • Member, Forestry Committee, Science Council of B.C. • Member, B.C. Stock Quality Working Group. HALEY, D. • Director, Discipline, Association of B.C. Professional Foresters. • Elected Member to Council, Association of B.C. Professional Foresters. HOWARD, A.F. • Member, Forest Sector Strategic Planning Committee, Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mines, Forest Service Government of Costa Rica. INGRAM, G.B. • Member, IUCN Technical Group on in situ Conservation. • Member, CIDA Awards for Canadians Scholarship Committee. KIMMINS, J .P . • Chairperson, National Forestry Round Table. • Member, NSERC Grant Selection Committee 018, Evolution and Ecology. • Domtar Award for Best Paper on Environment at CPPA Meeting, Montreal, 1991. KLINKA, K. • Member, Working Group on Forest Site Classification, Forestry Canada. KOZAK, A. • 1992 University Teaching Prize. LeMAY, V.M. • Chairperson, C.I.F. Forest Measurements Working Group. • Member, Board of Directors, BCFA Coast Region. MANESS, T. • Student Chapter Trustee, Forest Products Society, PNW Section. • Vice Chairperson, Process Control Technology Interest Group, Forest Products Society. • Commendable Section Performance Award, Forest Products Society. MARSHALL, P.L. • Chair, Forest Sciences and Technology Board, Canadian Institute of Forestry. • Member, Board of Examiners, Association of B.C. Professional Foresters. • Member, Technical Advisory Committee, B.C. Forest Productivity Councils. • Member, Steering Committee, Inland Northwest Growth and Yield Cooperative. • Member, Modelling Technical Advisory Committee, Stand Management Cooperative. McLEAN, J. A. • Member, B.C. Plant Protection Advisory Committee. OFFICES, AWARDS AND DISTINCTIONS 1992 Annual Report 19 OFFICES, AWARDS AND DISTINCTIONS MUNRO, D.D. • Chairperson, Inventory Task Force, Ministry of Forests. • Member, Discipline Committee, Associa- tion of B.C. Professional Foresters. MURTHA, P.A. • Member, Education Committee, American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. • Member, Education Advisory Board, Radarsat International, Ottawa. NAMKOONG, G. • Member, Research Steering Committee, International Centre for Forestry Research. NELSON, J .D . • Appointed to the Advisory Committee, B.C. Institute of Technology Forest Resources Program. • Member, FERIC Forest Engineering Advisory Committee. • Chairperson, Forest Harvesting Academic Standards Committee, Association of B.C. Professional Foresters. PASZNER, L. • Member, Editorial Board, Holzforschung. • Member, COCVER - UNESCO Expert Council of Chemistry of Vegetal Resources. PEARSE, P.H. • President (and Member of the Organizing Committee), Forest Summit Conference, Vancouver, 1992. • Appointed Director, World Wildlife Fund Canada. • Appointed Member, External Advisory Committee for the Centre for Sustainable Regional Development, University of Victoria. • Canadian Confederation Medal, October 1992. RUDDICK, J . N . R . • Vice-President, Instructional Research Group Wood Preservation. • Executive Member, Canadian Wood Preservation Association. • Editor, Material und Organismen. • Vice-Chairperson, CSA 080 Wood Preservation Committee. • Technical Member Trilateral Talks (Japan, USA, Canada) in Tokyo, and Vancouver, COFI. • Committee Member, Special Research Committee (American Wood Preservers' Association). • Vice-Chairperson, Committee T-7 Quality Control (American Wood Preservers' Association). • Member, Technical Committee, Canadian Institute Treated Wood. • Certificate of Achievement Award, Canadian Standards Association. • Plaque Award for Service, Canadian Wood Preservation Association. SADDLER, J .N. • Member, Interim Board of Directors, B.C. Biotechnology Alliance. • Activity Leader, International Energy Agency (IEA) Network, "Biotechnology for the Conversion of Lignocelluloses." • Steering Committee, BIOFOR Network (ISTC Network), "Biotechnology for the Forest Industries". • Senior Reviewer/Consultant, U.S. DOE Renewable Energy Program, Member of Executive Committee. • Member, Advisory Committee, Agriculture Canada Bioenergy Program. STEINER, P.R. • Member, Western Forest Products Administrators Committee. • Member, Forintek/UBC Task Force. VAN DER KAMP, B J . • Member, FRDA II - Forest Health Technical Advisory Committee. VAN KOOTEN, G.C. • Member, Advisory Council, Western Agricultural Economics Association. WEETMAN, G.F. • Director, Silviculture Institute of B.C. • Director, Soil Conservation Canada. YOUNG, G.G. • Member, Organizing Committee for the 8th International Mountain Logging and PNW Skyline Symposium. • Co-Chairperson, Organizing Committee for the 9th International Mountain Logging and PNW Skyline Symposium. 20 UBC Faculty of Forestry SPONSORED RESEARCH EXTERNALLY -SPONSORED research activities (measured in nominal dollars) have grown by a factor of ten since 1978/79 to a level of above $5.8 million/year this past year. These extramural funds now exceed — by over one-third — the budget provided to the Faculty by the University. Our research activities amount to more than $141,000 per faculty member per year, a figure that exceeds the level for all faculties which teach undergraduates, and trails only the Faculties of Medicine and Graduate Studies. ($000 7,000 6,000 1978/9 1960/1 1962/3 1984/5 1986/7 1988/9 199(yi 1992/3 Research per Faculty Member 33 34 40 74 104 132 141 in $000 Operating budget, extramural research funds and research activity 1978—92 As the table shows, the sources of funding are well distributed. A collection of agencies in the federal government currently provides forty per cent of the total. Agencies within the provincial government provide just over one- third of the total extramural funding. Private organizations (ranging from the forest products industry in B.C. to international pharmaceutical firms, to the World Wildlife Fund) provide one quarter of the funding. Our large, broadly diversified research program is enhanced by collaborative research agreements with other departments at the University of British Columbia, FERIC, Forintek, PAPRICAN and BC Research. The following list reflects funded research Extramural funding sources 1992/93 activities in the Faculty of Forestry between April 1, 1992 and March 31, 1993. Source $000 % Federal NSERC 1,535 26 Other 838 14 Provincial Ministry of Forests 1,291 22 Other 693 12 Private Industry 1,109 19 Other 337 6 Total 5,803 100 S. Avramidis Dielectric properties of softwoods COFI/MBR $5,000 Radio-frequency/vacuum drying of wood COFI $80,250 The effect of presteaming on drying quality of thick Pacific coast hemlock (co-investigator) - Forintek $36,173 T.M. Ballard Relationship between soil fauna and soil pollutants - For. Can. $18,700 Nematode diversity and distribution in forest soil - For. Can. $50,000 Nutritional sustainability of timber harvesting - BC MoF $40,000 1992 Annual Report 21 J.D. Barrett Advanced grading technology for structural lumber - SCItC $244,845 Performance of laminated wood plates under fatigue loading - NSERC/ For. Can./Ainsworth Lumber $20,093 Lumber Handbook Can. Wood Council $41,000 MSR lumber grade yield study COFI/Can. Pacific Forest Prod. $13,200 Interior - MSR grade yield study COFI/Interfor $14,500 Reliability of wood-based materials NSERC $20,500 Hem-Fir CEN in-grade correlation study SPONSORED C O F I $20>000 RESEARCH C.Breuil Jr. Chair of Forest Products Biotechnology (co-investigator: J.N. Saddler) NSERC/Forintek $34,540 Chair of Forest Products Biotechnology (co-investigator: J.N. Saddler) NSERC/Novo Nordisk/Paprican/ Weyerhaeuser, Can. & U.S. $187,600 Sapstain control by proteinase disruption (co-investigator: J.N. Saddler) NSERC $111,000 Biological pre-treatment of wood extractives - NSERC/For. Can./Forintek/ Paprican $40,000 Biocond network: Inhibition of extra- cellular enzymes of sapstaining fungi For. Can. $15,000 Application of enzymes to wood hydrolysis and bioconversions (co-investigators: J.N. Saddler and T. Warren) EMR $145,583 F.L. Bunnell Assessing impacts on biological diversity BCMoF $61,000 Influence of vegetative management practice on small vertebrate diversity (co-investigator: T.P. Sullivan) BCMoF $61,000 Impacts of forestry practices on biodiversity CWS $110,000 Integrating wildlife habitat relations into managed forest ecosystems (co-investigators) - For. Can. $88,100 Land use strategy for biodiversity and sustainable development Vancouver Foundation $57,000 North Columbia Mountains ecosystem: integrated landscape management (co-investigator: C. Galindo-Leal) Parks Can. $50,000 Spatial dynamics of black-tailed deer NSERC $27,000 Grizzly bears of Kluane National Park Parks Can. $47,900 Developing extension packages for biodiversity - BC MoF $18,000 Resource management planning in the Nehalliston - BC MoF $20,000 Conservation mapping analysis project Earthlife Canada Foundation $33,000 P.J. Burton A spatial model of boreal mixedwood dynamics (co-investigators) Canada/Alberta Partnership Agreement in Forestry $50,000 Computer workstation (co-investigators) Alberta Pacific Forest Industries $22,330 Effects of cold storage duration and soil temperature on seedling quality (co-investigators: E. Camm, R. Guy and D. Lavender) - NSERC/For. Can./Pacific Regeneration Technologies $70,000 Experimental investigation of conifer germination ecology to evaluate natural regeneration potential - BC MoF $25,000 Experimental determination of the inter- active effects of soil moisture and light regime on conifer seedling shade tolerance and performance - BC MoF $25,000 Quantitative screening of the competitive pressure experienced by seedlings of three conifer species - BC MoF $11,250 E.L. Camm Effects of cold storage duration and soil temperature on seedling quality (co-investigators: P.J. Burton, R. Guy and D. Lavender) - NSERC/For. Can./Pacific Regeneration Technologies $70,000 Photosynthesis by stored and naturally overwintering white spruce / The perennial photosynthetic apparatus in evergreen conifers - NSERC $25,000 22 UBC Faculty of Forestry J. Carlson S. Ellis Population genetics of the eastern white pine weevil, Pissodes strobi (co-investigator: J.A. McLean) Green Plan For. Can. $7,000 Developmental biology and molecular genetics of trees - NSERC $29,000 DNA markers for weevil resistance SCBC $98,500 Genetic linkage map Douglas-fir NSERC $45,000 Multi-locus and multi-genome molecular analysis of genetic diversity in western redcedar and Douglas-fir For. Can. $12,000 DNA fingerprinting of interior spruce seed orchard - BC MoF $15,000 Biotechnological modification of lignin in poplar (co-investigators) NSERC $40,000 A.D. Chambers Community-based resource management: The case of the Wendaban Stewardship Authority - Wendaban Stewardship Authority $50,000 C.P. Chanway The influence of rhizosphere bacteria on plant competition - NSERC $25,000 Microbial inoculation of conifers (co-investigator) - SCBC $73,566 Salal competition at SCHIRP sites (co-investigator) - NSERC/Western Forest Products $22,500 Availability of N and P in forest floor of cedar/hemlock cutovers in coastal B.C. (co-investigator) - NSERC/For. Can./ Western Forest Products $60,000 D.H. Cohen Assessing the State of the Art in published information on value added manufacturing FEPAJFRDA II $15,000 Market potential in Japan for fingeijoined and MSR lumber from B.C. - FEPA $3,500 Analysis of North American specifiers of materials in commercial construction Can. Wood Council $3,000 P.J. Dooling Natural areas planning and management in South East Asia - CIDA $27,000 Investigation of the efficiency of powdered phenolic resins in the production of waferboard - NSERC $18,500 R.J. Fannin Soil/geosynthetic interaction in reinforced soil structures - NSERC $19,800 GeosynUietic core drains for leak detection systems in waste containment facilities SCBC $39,850 Geosynthetics for stabilization of road subgrades - NSERC/PolyfeWTensar Earth Technologies/Texel $26,500 New debris flows to supplement the existing landslide database - BC MoF $4,000 Long-term creep and durability of polymeric reinforcement - NATO $4,000 M.C. Feller Relationship between coarse woody debris, vegetation, soils, and small mammals (co-investigators: K. Klinka and T.P. Sullivan) - NSERC $116,000 Ecological effects of forest management practices - NSERC $15,036 Ecological effects of slashburning SCBC/BCMoF $80,036 Seed germination requirements BCMoF $41,400 C. Galindo-Leal North Columbia Mountains ecosystem: integrated landscape management (co-investigator: F.L. Bunnell) Parks Can. $50,000 D.L. Golding Jamieson Creek experimental watershed GVWD $17,000 Slope hydrology, Queen Charlottes BCMoF $7,500 R.D. Guy The comparative physiology of stress acclimation in conifers - investigations using stable isotopes - NSERC $35,715 Effects of cold storage duration and soil temperature on seedling quality (co-investigators: P. Burton, E. Camm and D. Lavender) - NSERC/For. Can./Pacific Regeneration Technologies $70,000 SPONSORED RESEARCH 1992 Annual Report 23 Stable carbon isotopes as indicators of increased water use efficiency and productivity in white spruce (co-investigator) - SCBC/AGAR $74,200 Stable carbon isotopes to screen genotypes for improved drought tolerance and productivity in forest regeneration (co-investigator) - NSERC $64,200 D. Haley Structure of markets for pulp chips in the B.C. Interior - FEPAJB.C. Interior Lumber Manufacturers $28,000 Institutions for sustainable development of forests in B .C. - SDRI $16,000 SPONSORED A F H o w a r d Alternative harvesting practices for tropical RESEARCH rain forests - WWF $21,950 Decision support systems for the forest industry - NSERC $17,500 Appropriate technologies for harvesting and manufacturing timber from forest plantations in Costa Rica - NSERC $4,000 Collaborative research on the forestry sector of Costa Rica US Int'l Org. Migration $1,500 Harvesting systems to meet alternative silvicultural objectives (co-investigator: G.G. Young) - BC MoF $40,000 Production study for Franklin River long- line timber harvesting systems MacMillan Bloedel $40,000 G.B.Ingrain Geographic information systems for biosphere reserves in subtropical China IDRC $21,620 Biodiversity and GIS of eastern islands of Indonesia - BC Min. Adv. Ed. $5,000 J.P. Kimmins Sludge recycling in forests: Haney Phase II GVRD/SCBC $220,000 Ecophysiological study of competition in early plant succession - NSERC $15,000 Study of birch and aspen biomass and nutrient content - BC MoF $50,000 Nutritional aspects of sludge recycling at the Whistler Demonstration Forest BC MoF/Whistler Municipality $20,000 Sludge recycling in forests: Island 6 and Port McNeil (co-investigator: C. Prescott) SCBC/SDRI $40,000 Studies of old growth and second growth on northern Vancouver Island NSERC/MacMillan BloedeUWestern Forest Products $38,000 K. Klinka Relationship between coarse woody debris, vegetation, soils, and small mammals (co-investigators: M.C. Feller and T.P. Sullivan) - NSERC $116,000 Shade tolerance of tree species of B.C. NSERC $16,110 Operational silvicultural research in the Prince Rupert Forest Region BCMoF $92,500 Dynamics of western redcedar stands in the GVWD watersheds - BC MoF $14,380 Shade tolerance of tree species of B.C. (plantation experiments) BCMoF $35,000 Site index of Engelmann spruce and subalpine fir in the ESSF zone of B.C. BCMoF $35,000 Operational decision-making for western hemlock - SCBC $40,000 V.M. LeMay Development of a dynamic taper function SCBC $16,960 T. Maness Sawmill production monitoring NSERC $22,000 Production planning for interior dimension mills - Northwood Timber $20,000 Production planning in coastal sawmills NSERC/For. Can./MacMillan Bloedel $20,000 P.L. Marshall Development of biometrics software SCBC $24,052 Climate change impacts on stand and forest dynamics in the Mackenzie Basin FRDA II $15,000 Response of uneven-aged Douglas-fir to alternative spacing regimes FRDA II $2,600 24 UBC Faculty of Forestry Response of uneven-aged Douglas-fir to alternative spacing regimes FRDA II $2,600 J.A. McLean Population genetics of the eastern white pine weevil, Pissodes strobi (co-investigator: J. Carlson) Green Plan For. Can. $7,000 G. Namkoong Dynamical behavior for population genetic models - US NSF $45,000 Biodiversity in the Southern Appalachians US For. Serv. $125,000 J.D. Nelson Spatially constrained forest planning For. Can./FRDA II $25,000 Decision support systems Green Plan For. Can. $57,000 Revelstoke TSA landscape planning BCMoF $25,000 Cost of harvest regulations FEPA/Queen's Univ. $10,000 Decision support systems for forest land use planning - NSERC $15,000 L. Paszner Isolation and characterization of fermenta- tion inhibitory compounds in ACOS hydrolysates - EMR/DSS $150,091 Waste paper recycling fundamentals NSERC $23,000 Mechanism of simultaneous ketal derivati- zation and hydrolysis of cellulose and starch in acidified aqueous acetone NSERC $23,000 C. Prescott Sludge recycling in forests: Island 6 and Port McNeil (co-investigator: J.P. Kimmins) SCBC/SDRI $40,000 Nitrogen availability in coniferous forests (co-investigator: G.F. Weetman) NSERC $121,000 SCHIRP - Salal/cedar/hemlock integrated research program (co-investigator: G.F. Weetman) - NSERC/MacMillan Bloedel/Western Forest Products $44,000 H.G.L. Prion Behaviour of light gauge timber connectors NRC $20,000 Seismic retrofit of building frames with grouted steel tubes - NSERC $17,000 Seismic resistance of heavy timber connections (co-investigator) - Industry, Science & Technology Canada $50,000 J.N.R. Ruddick Chair in Wood Preservation NSERC/14 companies from Canada, Germany, U.K., U.S. $200,000 Bioremediation of PCP treated waste Bell Canada $150,000 J.N. Saddler SPONSORED Chair of Forest Products Biotechnology n r c p A p r u (co-investigator: C. Breuil) r i t o t A H U n NSERC/Novo Nordisk/Paprican/ Weyerhaeuser, Can. & U.S. $187,600 Jr. Chair of Forest Products Biotechnology (co-investigator: C. Breuil) NSERC/Forintek $34,540 To enhance the treatment of bleach plant effluent - NSERC/For. Can./MacMillan BloedeVNoranda $62,000 Sapstain control by proteinase disruption (co-investigator: C. Breuil) NSERC $111,000 The mechanism of xylanase prebleaching of kraft pulps (co-investigator: K.K.Y. Wong) SCBC $52,500 Biobleaching of Canfor pulps Canfor $7,500 Biotechnology network - IEA $58,000 Application of enzymes to wood hydrolysis and bioconversions (co-investigators: C. Breuil, T. Warren) -EMR $145,583 S.E. Salcudean Force-reflecting teleoperation of forestry machines; hydraulic motion platform NSERC/BCASI $75,000 Pneumatic teleoperation master SCBC/BCASI $40,900 Vibration isolation with magnetic levitation Can. Space Agency $47,180 Sensing and digital control for scanning funneling microscopes BC ASI/Quantum Vision $12,000 1992 Annual Report 25 SPONSORED RESEARCH Force reflecting teleoperation system with magnetically levitated master and wrist NSERC $6,000 Motion-scaling teleoperation system for microsurgery - IRIS $10,000 Optimization-based controller design and tuning - NSERC $13,000 Identification of parameters and environ- ment impedance - BC ASI $2,000 P.R. Steiner Spatial organization of wood composites NSERC $18,000 Wood-plastic bonding - Canfor $11,000 T.P. Sullivan Responses of small mammal populations to large-scale food supplementation NSERC $26,000 Influence of mustelid semiochemicals on vole damage in forest plantations NSERC/For. CanJNorthwood Pulp & Timber/Houston Forest Products/ Phero Tech. $40,500 Long-term responses of small mammals and vegetation to herbicide use in sub-boreal spruce forests - BC MoF/North wood Pulp & Timber $30,600 Shelterwood silvicultural systems and small mammals - BC MoF $39,000 Population dynamics of voles and related small mammals in forest plantations BCMoF $31,000 Influence of vegetation management practice on small vertebrate diversity (co-investigator: F.L. Bunnell) BCMoF $61,000 Relationship between coarse woody debris, vegetation, soils, and small mammals (co-investigators: M.C. Feller and K. Klinka) - NSERC $116,000 Integrated management of forest mammal pests: semiochemicals and diversionary foods - NSERC $106,000 Population monitoring of voles in forest plantations in the Vancouver region BCMoF/Western Forest Products $68,708 B.J. van der Kamp Population structure of western gall rust using molecular biology techniques (co-investigators) - NSERC $11,550 Effect of juvenile spacing on stem rusts and cankers of lodgepole pine FRDA II $11,200 Relative susceptibility of lodgepole and Scots pine to North American stem rusts and other pathogens (co-investigators) Bo Rydin, Sweden $5,000 Impact of hemlock dwarf mistletoe FRDA II $6,950 Resistance of western larch to Armillaria root disease (co-investigator) FRDA II $28,000 Ecology of Armillaria root disease in the ICH - FRDA II $26,600 Management of Armillaria via inoculum removal and alternate species BC MoF/FRDA II $26,000 G.C. van Kooten Sustainable agriculture on the Canadian prairies - SSHRC $16,660 Soil erosion in Peace River BCAASC $4,660 Multiple forest use (co-investigators) FEPA/Green Plan For. Can. $30,000 G.F. Weetman Nitrogen availability in coniferous forests (co-investigator: C. Prescott) NSERC $121,000 SCHIRP - Salal/cedar/hemlock integrated research program (co-investigator: C. Prescott) - NSERC/MacMillan Bloedel/Western Forest Products $44,000 Silviculture systems review BCMoF $4,000 K.K.Y. Wong The mechanism of xylanase prebleaching of kraft pulps (co-investigator: J.N. Saddler) SCBC $52,500 G.G. Young Incorporating value information into forest operations - SCBC $57,000 Harvesting systems to meet alternative silvicultural objectives (co-investigator: A.F. Howard) - BC MoF $40,000 Second-growth harvesting systems FERIC $14,000 26 UBC Faculty of Forestry FACULTY PUBLICATIONS THIS list includes documents published between April 1, 1992 and March 31, 1993. Names appearing in bold face type are those of UBC Forestry Faculty members. 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Dr. Myers' talk was entitled "Sustainable Development of Tropical Forests and Conser- vation of Biological Diversity: Are They Compatible7" Over 250 people attended the lecture and a smaller group continued discussions with Dr. Myers at a wine and cheese reception following the talk. • H.R. MacMillan Lecture Series During the spring term, several internationally known members of the scientific community were invited to UBC to give public lectures and to participate in a new course in conservation biology. This lecture series was made possible by a grant to the Faculty of Forestry from the H.R. MacMillan Family Fund. Speakers and topics in the public lecture series included: Dr. Jim Pojar Ministry of Forests, Smithers, B .C. • Natural history of the Tatshenshini area. Dr. Gordon Orians Department of Zoology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA • Landscape aesthetics: Why are some trees prettier than others? Dr. Bill McComb Department of Forest Science, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR • Managing stands for multiple use in the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Jeffrey McNeely IUCN, The World Conservation Union, Switzerland • New approaches to protected areas management. Dr. Karl Miller School of Forest Resources, University of Georgia, Athens, GA • Neotropical migrant bird declines: What is the story? This lecture series will be continued in the fall term of 1993 and is open to the general public. FACULTY SPONSORED PANEL DISCUSSION • Gypsy Moths in the Lower Mainland: A Panel Discussion In February of 1993 the Faculty of Forestry sponsored a panel discussion and open public debate on the gypsy moth problem in the Lower Mainland. Panel members addressed the following topics: Dr. William Wallner U.S. Forest Service, Hamden, CT • Why should we be concerned about Asian Gypsy Moths? Mr. Alan Oliver Food Production and Inspection Branch, Agriculture Canada, New Westminster • The challenge of keeping the Port of Vancouver open and the urban treescape healthy. Dr. Michael Noble Department of Pathology (Medical Microbiology), UBC • Health effects ofBtk on the community and ground spray workers. Dr. Judith Myers Departments of Zoology and Plant Science, UBC • Eradication: Costs, benefits and feasibility. Dr. John Borden from Simon Fraser University and Dr. Murray Isman from UBC responded to the panel presentations. A video tape of this panel discussion is available for loan from many public libraries or from the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia. 34 UBC Faculty of Forestry STUDENTS FOR FORESTRY AWARENESS PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES Joe Garner Author • Never under the table. Students for Forestry Awareness (SFA) is an independent, student organization that has been in existence at UBC for close to ten years. SFA attempts to introduce a variety of perspectives and policy developments in the areas of forest management and land use to students, faculty, and the general public through periodic symposia and a continuing speaker series. Speakers and topics during the 1992-93 academic year included: Philip Halkett Deputy Minister of Forests • Challenges facing the forest sector in B. C. David Handley B.C. Representative on National Working Group on Professional Standards • Professional standards for Canadian foresters. Sandy Peel Forest Resources Commission • Future of our forests. Mark Haddock Sierra Legal Defense Fund • Planning for non-timber forest resources: A legal perspective. Gary Merkel Ktunaxa/Kinbasket Tribal Council • Political, social and legal movements in aboriginal land management. Ray Addison Ministry of Forests • Timber supply review. Stan Coleman MacMillan Bloedel • TFL management with changing goal posts. Fred Bunnell Forest Sciences Department, UBC • Old growth, biodiversity and forestry. Boh Nixon Forest Planning Canada • Administrative fairness: A need for integrity in the Ministry of Forests. Merv Wilkinson Wildwood Tree Farm • Sustained selection logging in coastal Douglas-fir. SPECIAL LECTURES Mike Feller Forest Sciences Department, UBC • Logging and water quality in Vancouver's watersheds. Wink Sutton Forestry Canada • Land use conflicts: The New Zealand solution ? Steven Owen CORE • Process toward land use strategy. Herb Hammond Consulting Forester • Seeing the forest through the trees. Robert Prescott-AHen IUCN - The World Conservation Union • Sustainable development strategy: What process, what product? John Foster University of Oregon • The spotted owl controversy in the Pacific Northwest: Jobs vs. preservation ? Clark Binkley Faculty of Forestry, UBC • Crossroads in B. C. 's forests. The SFA also organized a two-day public forum in January of 1993 on "The role of forests in community stability." 1992 Annual Report 35 UNIVERSITY RESEARCH FORESTS MUNRO, Donald D. B.S.F., M.S., Ph.D., R.P.F. Director DAY, Ken B.S.F., R.P.F. Resident Forester, Alex Fraser Research Forest, Williams Lake. SANDERS, Peter B.S.F., M.F., R.P.F. Resident SilvicuKurist, Malcolm Knapp Research Forest, Maple Ridge. POWER, Cheryl B.S.F., R.P.F. Silviculture Forester, Malcolm Knapp Research Forest, Maple Ridge. 'T 1 HE UBC Malcolm Knapp Research Forest at Maple Ridge and the Alex Fraser Research Forest at Williams Lake are dedicated to research, education and demonstration in the practice of forestry. The forests are managed as outdoor scienti- fic laboratories for graduate students and researchers. Since 1949 more than 600 projects have been initiated on die Malcolm Knapp Forest, and since 1987 over sixty projects have been initiated on the Alex Fraser Forest. These projects serve as a foundation for education and demonstrations. A late summer field school is held annually at the Alex Fraser Forest for second year undergraduates while a spring field school is conducted at die Malcolm Knapp Forest for third year undergraduates. Harvesting operations are a part of the management of both forests. We maintain har- vest volumes at sustainable levels consistent with the need for research reserves and integrated use. We use revenues from the sale of forest products to partially finance the main- tenance and operation of both forests. Continu- ing education programs in the form of short courses and field trips are offered at both forests, and the professional staff all participate in teaching academic courses in the Faculty. ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1992-93 Malcolm Knapp Research Forest Our objectives for 1992-93 were to establish significant research projects, to implement harvesting strategies to respond to research needs and to create research opportunities. A total of 24 new research projects were initiated, primarily by scientists and graduate students from UBC, SFU and the B.C. Ministry of Forests. Harvesting was planned to take advan- tage of an improved log market in late 1992 and early 1993. Approximately 16,000 m3 was harvested from 14 separate mini-openings, all in second-growth stands. Alex Fraser Research Forest Our objectives for 1992-93 included the installation of significant research projects, and completion of final revisions on the Management and Working Plan for the Research Forest. Twelve new research files were opened by a variety of government, private, and academic Donald D. Munro Director institutions. Of particular value to the forest were projects conducted in Knife Creek by the Ministry of Forests Research Branch and Forestry Canada, which will be useful in future planning and research. In addition to new projects, maintenance and development of existing projects continued. Since the creation of the forest in 1987, a total of 65 research files have been opened. Timber harvest for die year amounted to 8,967 m3, and consisted of clearcutting, shelter- wood harvesting, salvage of insect damaged timber, and timber harvested from the forest in trespass. A neighbouring private land owner harvested three hectares in trespass on the Research Forest, which was discovered before the logs were shipped. This was the final year in the first five year cut control period, and the harvest for the forest was balanced over the period with a 0.05% undercut carried forward into the next period. Work on the Ministry of Forests outstanding silviculture obligations continued with approxi- mately $80,000 of funding for tree planting, site preparation, and survey work. Additional fund- ing was secured for further development of public trails and brochures. PLANS FOR 1993-94 Our highest priority for the Research Forests continues to be to install and maintain signifi- cant research projects. We will follow manage- ment and harvesting strategies that permit flexibility to respond to research needs and to create research opportunides. In response to continuing budget cuts and the University re- positioning strategy a policy of aggressive cost recovery from Research Forest users will be completed and the initial phase-in commenced in early 1994. Don Munro can be contacted at (604) 463-8148, fax (604) 463-2712 or e-mail munro@unixg.ubc.ca. 36 UBC Faculty of Forestry INTER- NATIONAL FORESTRY PROGRAMS jV/jr EMBERS of the UBC Faculty of Forestry possess a considerable breadth of expertise that is often in demand international- ly. This knowledge base extends from forest economics, policy, marketing and management, to remote sensing, geographic information systems, ecology and integrated resource planning and management and associated subjects. This expertise is coordinated and made available to interested parties through International Forestry Programs in the Faculty of Forestry. Services include, but are not limited to, providing experts for short-term foreign assignments, designing and delivering individualized study programs on the Univer- sity campus or in the host country, and organiz- ing conferences, seminars and field trips. The focus of International Forestry Programs is on Pacific Rim projects particular- ly those dealing with large scale land manage- ment issues, and involving collaborative agreements or memoranda of understanding with educational and research institutions. Projects recently completed or currently underway include: INTEGRATED INTENSIVE FOREST MANAGEMENT (PHASE II) • China Forest Management Project Objectives — To provide technical assistance to Chinese professionals in integrated intensive forest management. UBC participation (completed) —The Faculty, in cooperation with T.M. Thomson, Division of Sandwell Inc., provided theoretical and practical training to nine Chinese foresters sent to Canada under the terms of a CIDA- China project. Personalized instruction and programs were developed and delivered in GIS, plant physiology, tree improvement and silviculture. • Chile Sustainable Development Project Objectives — To develop institutional linkages with Chilean Forestry Faculties and to initiate cooperative research programs in environ- mental management and natural resource sustainable development. UBC participation (underway) — The Faculty, in cooperation with the North-South Institute, participated with scientists from Chile, Simon Fraser University and the B.C. Ministries of Forests and Environment in a working group meeting in Vancouver to design a cooperative research program. • Southeast Asia University Linkages Objectives — To develop institutional linkages to foster cooperative research projects and exchanges of graduate students and faculty. UBC participation (underway) — The Faculty, in cooperation with the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, has joined a consortium of S.E. Asian Universities to foster cooperative research and exchanges of graduate students and faculty. • China Forest Education Project Objectives — To provide training in silvi- culture, forest management and economics to Chinese foresters. UBC participation (underway) — The Faculty, in cooperation with T.M. Thomson, Division of Sandwell Inc., under a contract with the Asian Development Bank is designing and delivering an educational program for Chinese foresters. UBC Faculty members will teach short courses in China and several Chinese forestry professors will spend six months at UBC. • Russian Economics, Administration and Policy Project Objectives — To improve management skills through academic training to encourage market- oriented reforms. UBC participation (proposed) — This project is designed to bring students to UBC for a 10-month program including language training, academic courses and field trips. • ASEAN Institute of Forest Management, Malaysia Objectives — To train institute staff to improve forest management skills. UBC participation (proposed) — The B.C. Ministry of Forests is the Canadian Executing Agency for Phase II of the ASEAN Institute of Forest Management project sponsored by CIDA. The Faculty is proposing to assist the Ministry in the design and delivery of special education programs for institute staff sent to Canada for training. Don Munro can be contacted at (604) 463-8148, fax (604) 463-2712 or e-mail munro@unixg.ubc.ca. MUNRO, Donald D. B.S.F., M.S., Ph.D., R.P.F. Director 1992 Annual Report 37 CENTRE FOR APPLIED CONSERVATION BIOLOGY BUNNELL, Fred L. B.S.F., Ph.D., R.P. Bio. Director CHAN-McLEOD, Ann C. Allaye B.S.F., M.Sc., Ph.D. Acting Associate Director Centre Associates BURTON, Philip CARLSON, John HARESTAD, Alton KLENNER, Walter KRANNITZ, Pamela LERTZMAN, Ken MARTIN, Kathy McLELLAN, Bruce NAMKOONG, Gene NELSON, John PITT, Michael ROWE, Stan SALWASSER, Hal SCUDDER, Geoffrey SHACKLETON, David SMITH, James SULLIVAN, Tom VAN KOOTEN, Casey r * ONSERVING biological diversity while sustaining robust economic development is a core problem facing British Columbia today. To respond to this problem the Faculty of Forestry created the Centre for Applied Conservation Biology to focus UBC's resources on the management of parks, natural areas and other kinds of forested landscapes where conservation values are pre-eminent. This new Centre is unique in its incorpora- tion of a strong undergraduate program, broad definition of educational targets, close links between basic and applied disciplines, and focus on forested ecosystems where the conflicts between biological diversity and economic activities are most contentious. Education The educational program has three elements: an affiliated undergraduate program, a developing graduate program, and short courses. The target audiences are professional foresters, managers of parks and natural areas, the public, and the public media. The Centre is closely linked to the new undergraduate B.Sc. (Natural Resource Conservation) program recently initiated by the Faculty of Forestry. That program includes a core of natural science courses in forest, plant, and animal ecology, conservation biology and landscape ecology, and a suite of social science and management courses in economics, political science and philosophy to translate natural process into human values. With the support of the H.R. MacMillan Family Fund, we are offering a new graduate course, "Issues in Biological Conservation." The course will be jointly listed with the Departments of Botany and Zoology. The Centre's first major outreach program was a series of biodiversity workshops presented with the Forest Service in the southern interior of the province. Policy Conferences The University provides neutral territory to bring together the parties in the heated policy disputes that characterize resource conflict in British Columbia and elsewhere in the world. We are adapting a model developed by the Dahlem conferences for dealing with complex social/scientific issues. In these conferences, papers are drafted prior to the meeting and form the starting point for discussions occurring in plenary and smaller groups. Fred L. Bunnell Director We are seeking funds for these conferences to be matched by one or more participating agencies, government or private. We believe that joint financial sponsorship is critical for attracting the kind of high-level attention that we seek. Sponsored by Forestry Canada, we are currently planning the first such conference, "Measuring Biological Diversity for Forest Policy and Management," for the 1993-94 academic year. Research Interdisciplinary, cooperative research is the key to answering the broad questions of conservation biology. CurrenUy, the necessary expertise is scattered throughout the university, the province, and even internationally. The Centre brings these scholars together to assist collaboration and cooperation, thus hastening advances in research. The Centre is testing conservation biology theories in the context of forested ecosystems, and will help apply this knowledge to managed forests, parks and natural areas. The Centre is establishing major long-term research projects carried out by its own staff and a network of cooperating scientists from government, industry, and academia. Four such efforts are currently underway: • A major, cooperative initiative in the boreal mixed wood forest that includes replicated fragments of different sizes (Dr. A C.A. Chan-McLeod). • A major effort to establish a system of experimental forests (Prof. G.F. Weetman). • A decision-support tool evaluating econo- mic and biological consequences of forest planning at the landscape level; this effort links with the Model Forests program (Prof. F. L. Bunnell). • A large, integrated research program examining potential consequences to vertebrate diversity of forest management practices in the North Columbia Mountains (Dr. C. Galindo-Leal). Fred Bunnell can be contacted at (604) 822-5928 or fax (604) 822-5410. 38 UBC Faculty of Forestry BC FORESTRY CONTINUING STUDIES NETWORK Cindy Pearce Director HE BC Forestry Continuing Studies Network (FCS Network) was established in July, 1991 through funding from the B.C. Forest Service and FRDA II via Forestry Canada. The FCS Network was created to provide quality adult education in sustainable forest resource management throughout B.C. Our initial objectives have been to: 1. 2. 3. Encourage cooperation and partnerships among the existing providers of forestry continuing studies activities in B.C. to develop coordinated programs. Provide quality education activities through- out B.C. to meet the needs in local areas. Provide leadership in continuing education for professional and technical personnel in forest resource management. The FCS Network includes Delivery Centres at cooperating educational institutions that offer formal forestry education, a Provincial Office at the Faculty of Forestry at UBC and broad-based Boards to direct each program. 1992-93 was a whirlwind year for the FCS Network. Delivery Centres were established at two more institutions, bringing the total to four Delivery Centres and allowing us to provide services throughout the province. The demand for our coordination and organization services far exceeded our expectations. A total of 204 sessions of 32 different forestry continuing studies activities were organized — over twice the number that had been anticipated. We diverted our resources at the Provincial Office and hired additional staff to help meet this demand. This change of priorities has meant that our plans to initiate provincial coordination projects have been delayed. We intend to refocus our attention on these projects during 1993-94. ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1992-93 • Secured $630,000 funding from the B.C. Forest Service, and FRDA II through Forestry Canada. Established Delivery Centres and Boards to direct programs at UCC in Kamloops and Malaspina College in Nanaimo. Distributed 5000 catalogues of forestry continuing studies activities in September and 7000 in March. Delivered 204 sessions of 32 different continuing studies activities. Developed a database of descriptions of forestry continuing studies activities. Developed a database listing experts in designing, producing and delivering forestry education activities. Organized 12 workshops to train instructors and facilitators for forestry audiences. Assisted committees designing forestry education materials. Prepared training strategies for timber supply analysis and visual landscape management and completed a needs assess- ment for professional and technical training in the Vancouver Forest Region. PLANS FOR 1993-94 • Revise the 1992-97 Business Plan to secure $950,000 funding from existing sponsors. • Organize a workshop for representatives of employers, educators and associations of professional and technical forestry personnel to develop a strategy for continuing educa- tion for this audience. • Where appropriate, facilitate cooperative projects to address the priority topics identified in the above strategy. • Develop a curriculum to train instructors and facilitators for forestry audiences; design and deliver the most needed activities. • Establish a Delivery Centre at Northwest Community College in Smitliers and create a Board to direct this program. • Continue to assist Delivery Centres to organize activities. • Organize major provincial activities occurring in the Lower Mainland. • Continue to diversify our funding sources. • Assist lead organizations to develop a strategy for forestry worker training in B.C. Cindy Pearce can be contacted at (604) 822-9278, fax (604) 822-3106 or e-mail pearce@ un ixg. ubc. ca. PEARCE, Cindy Dipl. For. Tech., B.Sc., R.P.F. Director YOCHIM, Dwight Dipl. For. Tech. Provincial Coordinator SATO, Shirley B.A. Office Manager 1992 Annual Report 39 PROGRAMS OF STUDY Undergraduate Programs The Faculty of Forestry offers a 4-year degree program in each of the following five areas: • Forest Resources Management — B.S.F. • Forest Operations — B.S.F. • Wood Science and Industry — B.Sc. (Forestry). • Forest Science — B.Sc. (Forestry). • Natural Resources Conservation — B.Sc. (Natural Resources Conservation). Forest Resources Management This major focuses on the multidisciplinary aspects of forest resources biology and manage- ment to include resources such as timber, range, wildlife, recreation, fisheries and water. Studies deal with the unique characteristics of each resource, their interactions, and the manipula- tion of forests to yield a variety of desirable products in the context of the social and economic environment of Canadian society. The program prepares the graduate for a career in responsible integrated forest management as a professional forester. Forest Operations This major prepares the graduate for profes- sional forestry responsibilities, with emphasis on planning, design and administration of forest harvesting operations. Areas of study include: design and construction of forest roads and drainage structures; selection, planning and supervision of logging systems; site protection and rehabilitation; and the development of computer applications for harvesting systems. Wood Science and Industry This major provides a strong technical back- ground in wood as a material and a good understanding of wood products manufacture, marketing, engineering and utilization. There are three areas of concentration: • business management and marketing; • industrial process technology; and • science, engineering and biotechnology. Forest Science This major is for students interested in more specialized study of the scientific principles related to the growth, development and ecology of forest species. Emphasis is placed on basic and interactional phenomena that influence the establishment, growth and development of trees and other forest resources. These include gene- tics, soils, weather and climate, form, function, ecology, microbiology and other foundation courses in entomology, pathology, silvics, silviculture and wood science. Natural Resources Conservation This program is designed to prepare students for careers in the conservation of renewable natural resources, the management of protected areas, and planning for the integrated use of forests and associated wildlands. The program provides students with an appreciation for the socio-economic environments in which decisions concerning the management of protected areas are made, and a working knowledge of technologically advanced tools and quantitative techniques available to renewable resource planners and managers. Graduate Programs The graduate degrees available from the Faculty of Forestry are as follows: • Doctor of Philosophy — Ph. D. • Master of Forestry — M.F. • Master of Science — M.Sc. • Master of Applied Science — M. A.Sc. PROGRAM CHANGES IN 1992-93 A new three year degree program was intro- duced for B.C. forestry technology graduates. The new program serves to standardize the entrance requirements and exemptions for technician applicants. A new forestry course giving first year students a general overview of forestry was introduced as a requirement in the B.S.F. and B.Sc. (Forestry) programs. PLANS FOR 1993-94 In the Forest Resources Management program, a new core third year course in mathematical programming is to be introduced. The third year of the Natural Resources Conservation program will be implemented, with new courses taught at the second and third year levels. The Wood Science and Industry major is planning to implement a wood science co- operative option for outstanding students. The Forest Harvesting program becomes the Forest Operations program, with its name change effective for the 1993-94 academic year. 40 UBC Faculty of Forestry UNDER- GRADUATE PROGRAMS Total Enrolment Figures Enrolment for undergraduate students (in all four years of the forestry programs) is up again diis year from 285 students to 333 students. Recent trends in enrolments are illustrated by the graph below: Total enrolment and new enrolment 1977/78-1992/93 The following chart shows the distribution of undergraduate students by year of program. The first and second year figures were influ- enced by the introduction of years one and two of the new Natural Resources Conservation program. 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 Enrolment by year of study for 1992/93 1 2 3 4 Year of Study As seen in the following table, die majority of our undergraduates are enrolled in the Forest Resources Management program: Distribution of students among programs 1992/93 Program Number % of enrolled total Forest Resources Management 196 58.9 Forest Operations 19 5.7 Forest Science 16 4.8 Wood Science 23 6.9 Natural Resources Conservation 22 6.6 Undeclared* 57 17.1 Total 333 100 *First year students. Female students represented 21 per cent of the above total, up from 14 per cent a few years ago. ENROLMENT STATISTICS New Student Enrolments One hundred and six new undergraduate students entered the faculty during 1992-93. The numbers entering into the different years are tabulated below: New students entering the Faculty 1992/93 Year of study Number of new students entering I 58 II 42 III 6 Total 106 The average age of new students entering the undergraduate programs was 21.5 years. Twenty-eight per cent of the new students entered directly from high school and 72 per cent from post-secondary institutions. Sixty- two per cent of the incoming students came from institutions in die Lower Mainland/ Vancouver Island; 13 per cent from those in die southern interior, 8 per cent from die northern interior and 17 per cent from out of province. 1992 Annual Report 41 AWARDS Undergraduate Programs THIS list reflects scholarships and fellowships awarded at the end of the 1992 academic year. First Year Students Craigie, G.J. Harrod, K.M. Johnson, E.S. Kirkham, C.A. Law, S.S.Y. H.R. MacMillan Scholarship • MacMillan Bloedel Limited Scholarship. H.R. MacMillan Scholarship • Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship. Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship. Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship. Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship. Second Year Students Andermatt, D.J. Brown, S.M. Campbell, C.L. Carter, D.S. Goodison, I. Hislop, G.C. Joyce, A.E. Little, K.A. Temple, S.P. Kapoor Singh Siddoo Scholarship. Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship. Truckloggers Association Scholarship. Weldwood of Canada Limited Bursary. Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship. Charles A. and Jane C.A. Banks Foundation Scholarship. H.R. MacMillan Scholarship • Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship. H.R. MacMillan Scholarship • Tess Fenger Memorial Prize • James Russell Mills Memorial Award. David Bell Little Memorial Scholarship • Forestry Alumni • Charles A. and Jane C.A. Banks Foundation Scholarship. Third Year Students Borhi, R. Charles A. and Jane C.A. Banks Foundation Scholarship. Bradley, B. Charles A. and Jane C.A. Banks Foundation Scholarship. Brewer, R. Phil Haddock Prize in Silviculture • Monsanto • Galt-Elkington Memorial Scholarship. Brown, C. Truckloggers Association Scholarship. Cuzzocrea, S. Barry English Memorial Award • Weldwood of Canada Limited Bursary. Dodd, K. Truckloggers Association Scholarship • James Russell Mills Memorial Award. Evans, M.D. Charles A. and Jane C.A. Banks Foundation Scholarship. Friesen, H. Charles A. and Jane C.A. Banks Foundation Scholarship. Gibbons, J. Charles A. and Jane C.A. Banks Foundation Scholarship. Jessee, J. Kapoor Singh Siddoo Scholarship • Council of Forestry Industries Scholarship. Jorimann, R. Ted Johnson Scholarship in Forestry. Lunoch, T. Charles A. and Jane C.A. Banks Foundation Scholarship • Timberline Scholarship. Mac Kay, M. MacMillan Bloedel Limited Scholarship • Machinery and Supply Companies Group Forestry Scholarship. MacPherson, D. Charles A. and Jane C.A. Banks Foundation Scholarship. Paget, C. Backman Scholarship in Forest Resource Management. Rouck, K. Charles A. and Jane C.A. Banks Foundation Scholarship. Spyksma, R. John D. Beatty Memorial Scholarship • Charles A. and Jane C.A. Banks Foundation Scholarship • Hanna. Stanczyk, K. Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship • Charles A. and Jane C.A. Banks Foundation Scholarship. Fourth Year Students Flinton, J.A. Best Graduating Essay - Association of B.C. Professional Foresters. McLennan, C.M. Forest History Prize. Pope, J.S. Ken Haley Memorial Prize in Fire Science and Management. Scherer, R.A. H.R. MacMillan Prize in Forest Harvesting. Smith, R.R. Canadian Institute of Forestry Medal • H.R. MacMillan Prize in Forestry • Best Graduating Thesis - Association of B.C. Professional Foresters. Trevor, M. Gilbert Smith Prize. 42 UBC Faculty of Forestry THIS list reflects degrees conferred in the May 1992 and November 1992 Congregations. B.S.F. Forest Resources Management Major Amies, B.D: ' Audet, CM*-"" Bauche, N.Jr^ Blueschke, A.P. Cairns, S r ^ Catton, R. ET Chisholm, K.T"* Cookman, J .Rr^ Dubois, G.Wr~- Dunn, R.H. Flinton, J.A. Flinton, R.H.-~ Frazer, S.Ar"" Girard, R.Dr^ Gunn, B.J.Dr Hall, M.L.Rr^ Hatalcik, S.CT" Inwards, A.R. Kempe, N.L. Ksinan, G.J. McDonald, D.S. McLennan, C.MT" McLennan, S .H^" Markovich, P. Mosumgaard, V. Neill, E. Palmer, R.G. Parkinson, Y.Mr"" Peter, B.K. Pope, J .S^- Prpic, S.K. Shipp, M.A. Skinner, J.Dr" Thomas, M.J. Trevor, M. Vanderberg, A.L:—1 Watt, D.J.- GRADUATION STATISTICS Undergraduate Programs B.Sc. (Forestry) Wood Science and Industry Major Allanson, B.S. Chow, G.R. Courchene, T.R. Louwers, R.N. Smith, R.R. B.Sc. (Forestry) Forest Science Major Delong, H.B. B.S.F. Forest Harvesting Major Bennetti, R. Hedberg, M.R7 Quinn, S.J. «—" Russo, R.L. Rutherford, D.Ar" Scherer, R.A.-— EMPLOYMENT SURVEY OF RECENT GRADUATES Results of the 1992 employment survey of recent graduates are presented below (39 of the 48 graduates responded to the questionnaire). Other Employment 3 Advanced Education 3 Unemployed 4 1992 Annual Report 43 GRADUATE PROGRAMS ENROLMENT STATISTICS Enrolment Trends The Forestry Graduate Program has grown in student numbers by almost 60 per cent over the past decade. Today there are 160 graduate students registered in the Faculty. The distri- bution of these students between the different degree programs can be seen in the graph below. The greatest growth has been in the number of Doctoral students — in 1982 there were only 29 — today there are 72 students enrolled in the program. In this same period the number of Masters students has risen from 74 to 88. 180 82/83 84/85 86V87 88V89 9CV91 92/93 Masters Ph.D. Total • • • Graduate student enrolment 1982/83 -1992/93 The proportion of graduate students from outside of Canada has remained fairly constant over the past few years and presently stands at 54 per cent of Doctoral and 20 per cent of Masters students. A total of twenty-three countries are represented in the graduate student body. Graduate Student Funding In the 1992-93 academic year, Forestry graduate students were awarded $651,650 in scholarship funding, $168,950 in teaching and $556,272 in graduate research assistantships. These research assistantships are made available by research supervisors from their research grants. Graduate funding sources 1992/93 Scholarships $651,650 Graduate teaching assistantships $168,950 Graduate research assistantships $556,272 Total $1,376,872 The proportion of female Forestry graduate students is 25 per cent of the Masters and 15 per cent of the Ph.D. students, for an overall average of 21 per cent. The following table shows enrolment data for 1992-93. Graduate student enrolment 1992/93 Program Male Female Total Ph.D. 61 11 72 M.A.Sc. 2 1 3 M.F. 9 1 10 M.Sc. 55 20 75 Total 127 33 160 As of September, 1992. 44 UBC Faculty of Forestry DOCTORAL STUDENTS MASTERS STUDENTS Abraham, L. GREAT Booth, B. GREAT Andison, D. Forestry Faculty Brett, R. McPhee Bae, H. VanDusen Budge, S. Allen Balisky, A. Fletcher* Bullock, C. GREAT Beckman, D. Heller, McPhee Christie, D. GREAT Brown, G. GREAT, NSERC Courchene, T. Lumber Cherry, M. GREAT Craig, V. GREAT Dai, D. Weyerhaeuser Daniels, L. GREAT, UGF Doyle, A. McPhee Dodds, S. McPhee Gao, Y. VanDusen Feng, Y. CPA Gaston, C. McPhee Goudie, D. Forintek Glaubitz, J. GREAT, NSERC Kohler, C. McPhee Hartley, I. GREAT Lewis, K. GREAT Hudson, R. Jeffrey MacKenzie, K. GREAT Jeong, C. McPhee Patterson, T. McPhee Keenan, R. McPhee Ransome, D. VanDusen Kiskchuk, B. GREAT Runciman, J. CFP Kozak, R. Forintek, UGF Rusch, D. Buckland, McPhee Kreber, B. VanDusen Smith, B. UGF Lau, W. Forestry Faculty Song, X. McPhee Leclerc, M. VanDusen Thomas, K. GREAT, McPhee Leitch, J. McPhee Tyler, J. McPhee MacDicken, K. McPhee Varga, P. UGF Markham, J. NSERC, UGF Vernier, P. Cochran, McPhee Matakala, P. Fletcher** Warren, F. McPhee Mohammad-Nazhad, M. GREAT Zabek, L. NSERC Robinson, R. McPhee Shishido, M. UGF Wang, Y. MacMillan Wang, J. VanDusen Wang, G. Forestry Faculty Wielgus, R. GREAT Wood, P. Johal Xu, W. Johal Zhang, D. UGF Zhou, X. VanDusen SCHOLARSHIPS AND FELLOWSHIPS Graduate Programs Full Name of A ward George S. Allen Memorial Scholarship. Don Buckland Memorial Scholarship in Forest Pathology. CFP - Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Fellowship in Forest Wildlife Management. Ralph M. and Elizabeth E. Cochran Scholarship. CPA - Canadian Particle Board Association Scholarship. Fletcher* Challenge Canada Ltd. Fellowship in Silviculture. Fletcher** Challenge Canada Ltd. Fellowship in Forest Resource Management. Special Forestry Faculty Scholarship. Forintek Canada Corporation Fellowship in Wood Science and Wood Products. GREAT - Graduate Research Engineering and Technology Awards. Paul Heller Fellowship. Walter W. Jeffrey Memorial Scholarship in Forest Hydrology. Asa Johal Fellowship in Forestry. Lumber Inspectors' Benevolent Society Scholarship. MacMillan Bloedel Limited Fellowship in Forest Mensuradon. Donald S. McPhee Fellowship. NSERC - Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. UGF - University Graduate Fellowship. VanDusen Graduate Fellowship. Weyerhaeuser Fellowship in Wood Design Management. 1992 Annual Report 45 THIS list reflects degrees conferred in the May 1992 and November 1992 Congregations. DEGREES GRANTED Graduate Programs Ph.D. M.Sc. BRACK, Chris Knowledge-based approaches to forest operations scheduling problems. Dr. P L. Marshall CHAISURISRI, Kowit Aspects of the seed biology of orchard- produced sitka spruce seeds. Drs. D.T. Lester/D.P. Lavender DeMONTIGNY, Louise An investigation into the factors contributing to the growth-check of conifer regeneration on northern Vancouver Island. Dr. G.F. Wee tman LAM, Frank Performance of laminated veneer wood plates in decking systems. Dr. D.J. Barrett WANG, Qingli Ecological and height growth analysis of some sub-boreal immature lodgepole pine stands in central British Columbia. Dr. K. Klinka BEALE, Jeffrey Laminated root rot: ecological relationships and stand productivity impacts in coastal Douglas-fir ecosystems of British Columbia. Dr. B.J. van der Kamp CHOMBA, Bernard Carbon dioxide enrichment and the role of carbohydrate reserves in root growth potential of cold-stored Engelmann spruce (Picea engelmanii Parry) seedlings. Dr. R.D. Guy DEMARCHI, Michael Influence of the thermal environment on forest cover selection and activity of moose in summer. Dr. F.L Bunnell KAYAHARA, Gordon Ecological site quality and productivity of western hemlock ecosystems in the coastal western hemlock zone of British Columbia. Dr. K. Klinka KNEESHAW, Daniel Tree population dynamics of some old sub- boreal spruce stands. Dr. P.J. Burton M.F. COURTIN, Paul The relationship between the ecological site quality and the site index and the stem form of red alder in southwestern B.C. Dr. T.M. Ballard GEMEINHARDT, Katharina (Non-thesis). Public participation in the allocation of forest resources. Dr. D. Haley MEREDITH, Gregory 1991 north by northwest regional visitor survey. Dr. P.J. Dooling O'NEILL, Gregory Ecological specificity of growth promoting bacteria for interior spruce (Picea glauca x Picea engelmanii). Dr. C.P. Chanway PEARSON, Audrey Relationships between site index of sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carr.) and measures of ecological site quality in the eastern Queen Charlotte Islands. Dr. K. Klinka SHANNON, Tim An investigation of single channel, global positioning system receivers for forestry applications. Dr. J.D. Nelson SZIKSZAI, Tibor (Non-thesis). Testing the assumptions of regression analysis using EASY REG. Dr. V.M. LeMay THOMSON, Robert An analysis of the influence of male age and sex ratio on reproduction in British Columbia moose (Alces alces L.) populations. Dr. F.L Bunnell 1992 Annual Report 46 


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