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1993 Annual Report Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia; Watts, Susan B. 1994-12-31

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19 9 3 Annual Report K  A  it...  fjggTt rSMBflZj  Faculty of Forestry The University of British Columbia Vancouver, B.C. Canada  FORESTRY ADVISORY C O M M I T T E E M r . T h o m a s A. Buell (Chair) President & CEO Weldwood of Canada Ltd.  M r . T . M . Apsey President & CEO Council of Forest Industries of B .C. M r . G e r r y Armstrong Deputy Minister Ministry of Forests M r . I.K. Barber President, Chair & CEO Slocan Forest Products Ltd. M r . S p e n c e r B. B e e b e President ECOTRUST Dr. P e t e r J.G. Bentley Chairman & CEO Canfor Corporation Dr. B . Berggren President & CEO Stora Group Executive Management M r . B o b Bird Vice-President Can wood M r . T e d Boswell President & CEO E.B. Eddy Corp. M r . Pierre Bourdages President Forest Engineering Research Institute Dr. G a r r y B r e w e r Dean, School of Natural Resources University of Michigan M r . J o h n Broadhead Director Earthlife Canada Foundation M r . B o b Chapman President Optimil Machinery Ltd. Dr. Ian d e la Roche President Forintek Canada Corp.  Mr. Harold Derekson President & Manager Intertribal Forestry Assn.  M r . G r a h a m Lea Secretary-Treasurer Truck Loggers Association  Mr. Bruce Devitt Executive Vice President Professional Foresters Assn. of B.C.  Mr. George Malpass President Primex Forest Products  Mr. L. Ron Erickson Executive Director The Nature Trust of B.C.  M r . J a k e Masselink Asst. Deputy Minister Min. of Environment, Lands & Parks  Mr. R.B. Findlay President & CEO MacMillan Bloedel Ltd.  Mr. Jack M u n r o Chairman BC Forest Alliance  Mr. Sandy Fulton President & CEO Pacific Forest Products  M r . Bill N e w n e s President Newnes Machines  Mr. Yvan H a r d y Asst. Deputy Minister Natural Resources Canada  Dr. Gordon H. Orians Professor Institute for Environmental Studies University of Washington  Mr. C.T. Hazelwood President & CEO Northwood Pulp & Timber Ltd. Mr. Kimi Ito President K. Ito & Associates Ltd. Dr. Asa Johal President Terminal Forest Products Mr. Chester Johnson Chairman of the Board Vancouver International Airport Mr. John Kerr Chairman & CEO Lignum Sales Dr. Winifred B. Kessler Chair, Forestry Program Natural Resources and Environmental Studies University of Northern B .C.  Ms. M a r i e Rauter President & CEO Ontario Forest Industry Assn. M r . Erkki Rautianen President Durand-Raute Industries M r . Ralph Roberts Director Forestry Section, CIDA Mr. Robert Stewart Chair, President & CEO Scott Paper Co. Mr. Gerry Stoney National President Western Canadian Reg. Council #1 IWA-Canada Mr. Horst W a g n e r Forestry Advisor World Bank  Mr. Henry H. Ketcham, III President & CEO West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.  George W e y e r h a e u s e r Jr. President & CEO Weyerhaeuser Canada  Dr. Walter Koerner Vancouver, B.C.  Dr. Peter E. W r i s t President Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada  Mr. Stuart L a n g President & CEO Crestbrook Forest Industries Ltd.  19 9 3 ANNUAL REPORT  F a c u l t y of  Forestry  University of British Columbia  April 1 , 1 9 9 3 - March 31, 1994  Editor: Desktop Publisher:  Susan B. Watts, Ph.D., R.P.F. Patsy Quay  ©1994, Faculty of Forestry University of British Columbia ISSN 1188-9837  Dean's Message  2  Office of the Dean Faculty and Staff  5  Forest Resources Management Department Faculty and Staff Achievements and Plans  6 9  TABLE OF  Forest Sciences Department Faculty and Staff Achievements and Plans  10 13  Wood Science Department Faculty and Staff Achievements and Plans  14 17  Offices, Awards and Distinctions  18  Sponsored Research  21  Faculty Publications  27  Special Lectures  34  University Research Forests  36  International Forestry Programs  37  Centre for Applied Conservation Biology  38  BC Forestry Continuing Studies Network  39  Programs of Study  40  Undergraduate Programs Enrolment Statistics Awards Graduation Statistics  41 42 43  Graduate Programs Enrolment Statistics Scholarships and Fellowships Degrees Granted  44 45 46  CONTENTS  "C1 ORESTRY in British Columbia — and in much of the rest of the world — faces profound upheaval. While much of the future is uncertain one feature is clear- forest conservation, forest management and forest products and production processes will all embody a far higher amount of knowledge than tliey do today. This 1993/94 Annual Report of the Faculty of Forestry describes how we are responding to the broad challenges of increasing the knowledge base for forestry. During last year, •  Undergraduate enrolment rose by 20.1% to 400 students. Students new to the Faculty numbered 176 — by far the largest entering class ever. The quality of the class (as measured by grade point average) was also the highest in the Faculty's history. Women comprised 29.5% of the undergraduate class, up from 21% last year and 14% the year before. Bill and Betty Backman generously provided new scholarships to support our Natural Resources Conservation program.  •  Our graduate program grew by 6.9% to 171 students. At about 4 graduate students per FTE faculty member, the Faculty has reached its planned capacity and can provide additional highquality graduate education only to the extent that the faculty complement expands. Total funding for graduate-student support increased to about $1.6 million, 20.4% above last year's level.  •  Based on such measures as success in competitive grants and the overall level of research activity, the Faculty continues to lead Canadian forestry schools. In many fields we rank with the best in the world. Funding for our extramural research program fell by 13.0%, with the bulk of die decline coming from reduced provincial government support. Funding from NSERC and other federal sources rose from 40% of the total last year to 52% this year. We are in die final stages of establishing a major NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Conservation Genetics, and the early stages of developing a Chair in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems. Widi levels of extramural R&D support per faculty member that are near die highest at UBC, our total research activity is not likely to expand much beyond its current level.  •  The BC Forestry Continuing Studies Network (which the Faculty helped establish in 1991) served over 10,000 participants during 1993/94. After two years of hard work and outstanding results, Cindy Pearce resigned as Director of the Network, and returned to die Kootenays. We were fortunate to recruit Dr. Patricia Plackett from die New Zealand Forest Research Institute as her replacement. This year die Network opened a new delivery center — its fifdi — at Nordiwest Community College in Smidiers. Widi the recent cutbacks in the FRDA II agreement and its imminent demise, developing stable financial support is a critical need for die Network.  •  To help draw die links between science and public policy related to forestry, the Faculty mounted several symposia. These included "Conflict in die Clayoquot" (jointly with die Faculty of Law and UBC Continuing Studies), the Centre for Applied Conservation Biology's workshop "Incorporating Biological Diversity in Forest Policy and Management Decisions," and die upcoming international workshop "Universal Measures of Sustainability for Green Labelling" (jointly widi die Faculty of Forestry at die Agricultural University of Malaysia). Through die generosity of the Leslie Scliaffer family, die families of Thomas E. Burgess and David E. Lane, and die II.R. MacMillan Family Fund we were able to bring to UBC several noted experts in various aspects of forestry from diroughout the world.  2  UBC Faculty of Forestry  •  Our nascent international programs have continued to grow. This year we initiated or signed Memoranda of Understanding with the Faculty of Forestry at the Swedish Agricultural University, the Faculty of Forestry at the Agricultural University of Malaysia, the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, and the New Zealand Forest Research Institute. We expanded our professional education work with Northeastern China, and are actively working to develop programs in Latin America and in the Russian Far East.  •  We established a new administrative position — First Nations Forestry and Natural Resource Conservation Coordinator — to help increase native enrolment and curriculum content in the Faculty. We are grateful to the Vancouver Foundation and the B.C. Ministry of Forests for the financial support that makes this position possible. In addition to their support, Ms. Janet Ketcham, the Association of B.C. Professional Foresters, and an anonymous donor have provided new scholarships targeted for First Nations students.  •  The Department of Wood Science has recently completed a major review of its curriculum. We assessed educational needs using a large, national survey as well as intensive focus group discussions with representatives from both the primary and secondary manufacturing industries. Based on the results from Uiis analysis, we are redesigning the curriculum to respond more directly to industry needs.  •  The forest operations faculty in the Department of Forest Resource Management are playing a central role in the dialog between the professional foresters and professional engineers and geoscientists concerning the education and experience needed to design forest roads and cut blocks.  •  The Faculty formally voted to offer the Silviculture Institute of B.C. (SIBC) advanced silviculture program as an official UBC diploma program, and we have reached agreement with the SIBC Board of Directors to do so. We hope we can have this new arrangement in place for the fall of 1994.  •  During this year we successfully recruited three new faculty members: Dr. Frank Lam in timber engineering (appointed jointly with Forintek), Dr. Susan Glenn in conservation biology, and Dr. Scott Hinch in fisheries (joint with the Fisheries Centre and Westwater Research Centre). In addition, we expect to conclude two additional searches this year, one in landscape architecture and one in sociology (joint with the Department of Anthropology and Sociology).  •  Final design for the new Pacific Forest Science Centre is almost complete. Construction on this 10,000 net m 2 building should commence very early in 1995.  •  We are in the midst of developing a 3-5 year strategic plan for the Faculty. Our first round of internal discussions is finished. The next step is to involve our external constituencies. During the next six months a subcommittee of the Forestry Advisory Committee and a group of alumni will vet this draft. Once we have concluded these discussions, we plan to distribute a summary of the plan widely. One outcome of the plan will be a statement of the resources needed to support our current and new initiatives. To help us find these financial resources, Mr. John Pennant joined the Faculty in February as our first Faculty Development Officer.  Most of the indicators noted above describe aggregate levels of activity in the faculty, and say little about quality or effectiveness. Such measures are more elusive, but perhaps more important. Indeed, high quality and excellence should distinguish all that we do at UBC. Some indicators of this dimension of our performance include: •  Last year Dr. Gene Namkoong, Head of our Department of Forest Sciences, won the prestigious Marcus Wallenberg Prize for "patlibreaking contributions to quantitative population genetics, tree breeding and management of genetic resources..." Dr. Fred Bunnell, Director of the Centre for Applied Conservation Biology, won this year's Outstanding Scientist Award given by the Northwest Scientific Association.  1993 Annual Report  3  •  The quality of our teaching, as evaluated by our students, is high and improving steadily. Each year we ask students to evaluate each course anonymously. The Figure below shows students' responses to a summary question about overall instructional effectiveness. On a six point scale (with 1.0 = "Excellent" and 6.0 = "Very Poor") the average class rating was 2.16 in 1993/94, close to the "Very Good" level. The steady upward trend in instructional quality has survived the large enrolment increases of the last few years.  81/82  83/84  85/86  87/88  89/90  91/92  93/94  Student Evaluations of Faculty of Forestry Teaching 1980/81 - 1993/94 •  The cost-effectiveness of the faculty has improved dramatically. The figure below shows that our cost/student has fallen by 33.5% in the last three years, and we expect about another 10% reduction next year. Our costs have declined as a result of enrolment increases, and as a result of significant improvements in operational efficiency. 6,000  -i  4,000  -  2,000  1  90/91  9 1/92  —  '  92/93  1  L J  93/94e  94/95e  -  $/Weighted Full Time Equivalent Student, Faculty of Forestry The margin of excellence that distinguishes UBC's Faculty of Forestry is increasingly squeezed between tight provincial budgets, inexorable inflationary pressure, and upward trends in our graduate and undergraduate enrolments. Sustaining our margin of excellence requires diversifying our base of financial support and reducing our near-complete reliance on the provincial government for support of our teaching programs. Our strategic plan articulates a long-term goal of funding half of our overall operating budget from endowment income. Achieving this target will not be easy, but will place us among the world's leading academic institutions in forestry. Our capacity to serve die people of British Columbia through excellence in forestry education and research requires nothing less. I am personally interested in your own thoughts about our programs and plans. You can reach me by telephone at (604) 822-2467, fax at (604) 822-8645, or e-mail binkley@unixg.ubc.ca. I look forward to hearing from you.  Clark S. Binkley Dean, Faculty of Forestry  4  UBC Faculty of Forestry  KOZAK, Antal (Tony) — B.S.F. (Sopron), M.F., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), D.Sc. Honoris causa (Sopron) Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs and Academic Affairs Responsible for administering academic programs including curriculum and calendar changes, admissions, transfers, advancements and for disciplining undergraduate students. Phone: (604) 822-3545 E-mail: kozak@unixg.ubc.ca  OFFICE OF THE DEAN  McLEAN, John A. — B.Sc., M.Sc. (Auckland), Ph.D. (Simon Fraser), F.R.E.S., R.P.Bio. Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research Responsible for administering all aspects of Forestry graduate and postbaccalaureate programs and for promoting externally-sponsored research activities. Phone: (604) 822-3360 E-mail: mclean@unixg.ubc.ca  FACULTY AND WATTS, Susan B. — B.Sc. (N. Wales), M.F., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), R.P.F. Coordinator of Special Projects Responsible for coordinating project proposal development, for assisting in die development of internadonal programs in forestry, for promoting research and for producing Faculty Newsletters and Annual Reports. Phone: (604)822-6316 E-mail: suwatts@unixg.ubc.ca  STAFF  GOSS, Donna E. — B.S.F. (Brit. Col.) Coordinator of Student Services Responsible for advising prospective and incoming undergraduate students, for school and college liaison, for undergraduate admissions, for job placement and for program public relations. Phone: (604)822-3547 E-mail: dgoss@unixg.ubc.ca  PENNANT, John D. — B.A. (Brit. Col.) Development Officer Responsible for working closely widi the Dean, Faculty members, Alumni and the Forestry Advisory Committee in establishing priorities, planning a campaign, identifying and soliciting financial support dirough a comprehensive development program. Phone: (604)822-8716 E-mail: jpennant@unixg.ubc.ca  ALIVOJVODIC, Barbara — Administrative Assistant COLE, Natalie — Graduate Programs Secretary HARTSON, Donna — Secretary to the Dean LAI, Charles — Clerk LIEW, Lily — Undergraduate Programs Secretary, B.A. (Brit. Col.) QUAY, Patsy — Editorial Assistant TURNER, Ron — Technician, B.A. (Brit. Col.)  1993 Annual Report  5  FOREST RESOURCES MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT Gordon Baskerville Head  Timothy Ballard  Clark Binkley  Alan Chambers  Peter Dooling  Jonathan Fannin  Douglas Golding  David Haley  Andrew Howard  Brent Ingram  Antal Kozak  Valerie LeMay  Peter Marshall  Don Munro  Peter Murtha  John Nelson  Peter Pearse  S.E. (Tim) Salcudean  Peter Sanders  David Tait  Casey van Kooten  Glen Young  BASKERVILLE, Gordon Professor and Head • Integrated Resources Management B.Sc.F. (1955), New Brunswick, M.F. (1957), Ph.D. (1964) Yale Phone: (604)822-3362 E-mail: basker@unixg.ubc.ca  BALLARD, Timothy M. Professor (Forest Resources Management, Soil Science) • Forest Soils, Management Impacts, Tree Nutrition, Forest Fertilization B.S.F. (1961), M.F. (1963), Ph.D. (1968) Washington Phone: (604)822-2300  BINKLEY, Clark S. Professor and Dean • Forest Economics A.B. (1971), M.S. (1976) Harvard, Ph.D. (1979) Yale Phone: (604)822-2467 E-mail: binkley@unixg.ubc.ca  CHAMBERS, Alan D. Associate Professor • Social Forestry, Integrated Resources Management B.S.F. (1964) Brit. Col., M . F (1967) Duke, Ph.D. (1971) Brit. Col., R . P F . Phone: (604)822-6582  DOOLING, Peter J. Associate Professor • Recreation, Landscape and Land Use Planning, Recreation Land Management, Recreation and Tourism Economics B.A. (Hons.) (1960), B.P.E. (Hons.) (1962), M.A. (1967) Alberta, Ph.D. (1973) Colorado Phone: (604)822-3540  FANNIN, R. Jonathan Assistant Professor (Forest Resources Management, Civil Engineering) • Forest Harvesting Transport B.Sc.(Hons.) (1983) Belfast, Ph.D. (1987) Oxford, P. Eng. Phone: (604)822-3133  GOLDING, Douglas L. Associate Professor • Watershed Management and Forest Hydrology B.Sc. (1953) New Brunswick, M.S. (1961) Purdue, Ph.D. (1968) Brit. Col., R.P.F. Phone: (604)822-4264  HALEY, David — Professor • Forest Economics, Forest Policy Analysis B.Sc. (1962) Aberdeen, M.F. (1964),' Ph.D. (1966) Brit. Col., R.P.F. Phone: (604)822-5634 E-mail: dhaley@unixg.ubc.ca  FOREST  HOWARD, Andrew F. Associate Professor and Director of International Forestry Programs • Forest Engineering Economics, Forest Planning  RESOURCES MANAGEMENT  B.Sc. (1976) Massachusetts, M.F.Sc. (1979), M.Sc. (1981), M.Phil. (1981), Ph.D.(1985) Yale Phone: (604)822-3794 E-mail: ahoward@unixg.ubc.ca  DEPARTMENT  INGRAM, G. Brent Assistant Professor (Forest Resources Management, Plant Science) • Landscape Architecture B.A. (1976) Evergreen State Coll., B.F.A. (1980) San Francisco Art Inst., M.Sc. (1980) Antioch Univ. West, Ph.D. (1989) Berkeley Phone: (604)822-5271 E-mail: brent@leco.plant.ubc.ca  FACULTY A N D  STAFF  KOZAK, Antal Professor and Associate Dean Dept. Phone: (604) 822-3482 Dept. Fax: (604)822-9106  • Biometrics, New Methodology for Forest Inventory B.S.F. (1956) Sopron, M.F. (1961), Ph.D. (1963) Brit. Col., D.Sc. Honoris causa (1989) Sopron. Phone: (604)822-3545 E-mail: kozak@unixg.ubc.ca  LeMAY, Valerie M. Assistant Professor • Biometrics/Mensuration B.Sc. (1981), M.Sc. (1982) Alberta, Ph.D. (1989) Brit. Col., R.P.F. Phone: (604)822-4770 E-mail: lemay@unixg.ubc.ca  MARSHALL, Peter L. Associate Professor • Growth and Yield, Forest Management B.Sc.F. (1976), M.Sc.F. (1979) Toronto, Ph.D. (1984) Brit. Col., R.P.F. Phone: (604)822-4918 E-mail: marshall@unixg.ubc.ca  MUNRO, Donald D. — Professor and Director of University Research Forests • Forest Yield Sciences, Inventory Design and Analysis B.S.F. (1960) Brit. Col., M.S. (1964) Oregon, Ph.D. (1968) Brit. Col., R.P.F. Phone: (604)463-8148 E-mail: munro@unixg.ubc.ca  1993 Annual Report  7  MURTHA, Peter A.  YOUNG, G. Glen  Professor (Forest Resources Management, Soil Science) • Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems, Forest Damage Detection and Evaluation, Land Classification  Associate Professor • Analysis of Cable Systems, Improving Value and Fibre Recovery  B.Sc.F. (1961) Toronto, M.Sc. (1964), Ph.D. (1968) Cornell Phone: (604)822-6452  NELSON, John D. Associate Professor • Timber Supply Planning B.S.F. (1980), M B.A. (1982) Brit. Col., Ph.D. (1988) Oregon State Phone: (604)822-3902 E-mail: nelson@unixg.ubc.ca  FACULTY AND STAFF Forest Resources Management Department  PEARSE, Peter H. Professor • Forest Economics and Policy B.S.F. (1956) Brit. Col., M.A. (Hons.) (1959), Ph.D. (1962) Edinburgh, R.P.F., C.M. Phone: (604)822-3169  SALCUDEAN, S.E. (Tim) Assistant Professor (Forest Resources Management, Electrical Engineering) • Robotics/control B.Eng. (1979), M.Eng. (1980) McGill, Ph.D. (1986) Berkeley  B.A.Sc. (1965), M.A.Sc. (1971) Brit. Col., P. Eng. Phone: (604)822-3728 E-mail: gyoung@unixg.ubc.ca  Honorary Research Associates BACKMAN, Charles A. — B.S.F., M.B.A. (Brit. Col.), M.A.I.S. (Washington)  Adjunct Professors BONNOR, G. Michael — B.S.F., M.S.F. (Toronto), Ph.D. (State Univ. of New York) COTTELL, Philip L. B.S.F., M.F. (Brit. Col.), Ph.D. (Yale), R.P.F. DEMAERSCHALK, Julien P. B.S.F. (Louvain), M.F., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) HALL, Thomas H. — B.A., M.Sc. (Indiana), M.Sc.F. (N. Brunswick), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), R.P.F.  Phone: (604)822-3243 E-mail: tims@ee.ubc.ca  ILES, Kimberley — B.S., M.Sc. (Oregon), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.)  SANDERS, Peter R.W. — Lecturer and Resident Silviculturist, Malcolm Knapp Forest • Silviculture, Forest Management B.S.F. (1974), M.F. (1982) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)463-8148  MITCHELL, Kenneth J. B.S.F. (Brit. Col.), M.F., Ph.D. (Yale), R.P.F. WILLIAMS, Douglas H. B.Sc. (Simon Fraser), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.)  E-mail: sanders@unixg.ubc.ca  TAIT, David E.N. Assistant Professor • Optimization Techniques, Forest Planning B.Sc. (1968), M.Sc. (1970), Ph.D. (1983) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-2997 E-mail: dtait@unixg.ubc.ca  VAN KOOTEN, G. Casey Associate Professor (Forest Resources Management, Agricultural Economics) • Economics of Natural Resources B.Sc. (1972), M.A. (1974) Alberta, Ph.D. (1982) Oregon Phone: (604)822-4518 E-mail: gerrit@unixg.ubc.ca  8  UBC Faculty of Forestry  Honorary Lecturers HEGYI, Frank — B.Sc.F. (Edinburgh), M.Sc.F. (Toronto), R.P.F. HOGAN, Daniel L. B.A., M.Sc. (Brit. Col.) SAUDER, Brent J. B.S.F., M.F. (Brit. Col.)  Staff AKAI, Heather — Administrative Assistant  ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1993-94 •  The operations group have been active in developing a better approach to forest road construction and maintenance widi effort directed towards the avoidance of landslides initiated by road construction acdvides.  •  Our Conservation Program again was oversubscribed.  •  Our GIS lab is playing an increasingly important role in die undergraduate program.  •  The Departmental Office has been reorganized in keeping with changes in work patterns.  AQUINO, David — Res. Assist /Tech. B.Sc.F. (National Agrarian), M.F. (Brit. Col.) COUCH, Mary Lou — Secretary GIZOWSKI, David Computer Research Analyst B.Sc. (Alberta) LAI, Charles — Departmental Clerk MAEDEL, Jerry Computer Systems Analyst B.F.A. (Victoria), M.Sc. (Brit. Col.) PHAM, Hong — Technician Forestry Dipl. Tech. (BCIT)  •  SHANNON, Tim — Research Analyst B.S.F., M.F. (Brit. Col.)  Promotions/Tenures FANNIN, R. Jonathan — promoted to Associate Professor and granted tenure effective July, 1994. LEMAY, Valerie M. -— promoted to Associate Professor and granted tenure effective July, 1994.  ACHIEVEMENTS  We now have an Administrative Assistant who carries most of the administrative load.  AND PLANS Forest Resources Management Department  PLANS FOR 1994-95 •  Work will continue on die development of a professional non-thesis MF program.  •  The Department will continue reviewing all programs as part of die Faculty strategic planning exercise.  1993 Annual Report  9  FOREST SCIENCES DEPARTMENT Gene Namkoong Head  Fred Bunnell  Philip Burton  John Carlson  Chris Chan way  Michael Feller  Robert Guy  J.P. (Hamish) Kimmins  Karel Klinka  Bart van der Kamp  Gordon Weetman  John Worrall  NAMKOONG, Gene  KIMMINS, J.P. (Hamish)  Professor and H e a d • Population and Quantitative Genetics B.S. (1956), M.S. (1958) SUNY, Ph.D. (1963) N. Carolina State Univ. Phone: (604)822-8275 E-mail: gene@unixg.ubc.ca  Professor • Forest Ecology, Nutrient Cycling B.Sc. (1964) N. Wales, M.Sc. (1966) Berkeley, M. Phil. (1968), Ph.D. (1970) Yale Phone: (604)822-3549  BUNNELL, Fred L.  Professor and V.J. Krajina/B.C. Forest Service Chair in Silvics and Silviculture • Forest Ecology, Silvics For. Eng. (1960) Prague, Ph.D. (1976) Brit. Col., R.P.F. Phone: (604)822-3047  FOREST  KLINKA, Karel Professor and Director of C e n t r e for A p p l i e d Conservation Biology • Wildlife Population Dynamics, Influences of Forestry Practices on Wildlife B.S.F. (Hons.) (1965) Brit. Col., Ph.D. (1973) Berkeley, R.P.Bio. Phone: (604)822-5928 E-mail: fbunnell@unixg.ubc.ca  BURTON, Philip J. Assistant Professor • Regeneration Ecology B.Sc. (1978) Saskatchewan, M.Sc. (1980) Hawaii, Ph.D. (1988) Illinois Phone: (604)822-6020 E-mail: burton@unixg.ubc.ca  CARLSON, John Assistant Professor (Forest Sciences, Biotechnology Laboratory) • Molecular Biology B.Sc. (1974) Pittsburgh, M.Sc. (1978), Ph.D. (1983) Illinois Phone: ( 6 0 4 ) 8 2 2 ^ 7 3 3 E-mail: jcarlson@unixg.ubc.ca  CHANWAY, Christopher P. Assistant P r o f e s s o r • Soil Microbiology B.Sc. (1978) Winnipeg, B.S. Ag. (1980) Manitoba, M.Sc. (1983), Ph.D. (1987) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-6019 E-mail: chris.chanway@mtsg.ubc.ca  FELLER, Michael C. Associate Professor • Fire Science and Water Quality B.Sc. (Hons.) (1968), M.Sc. (1969) Melbourne, Ph.D. (1975) Brit. Col., R.P.Bio. Phone: (604)822-3729  GUY, Robert D. Associate Professor • Plant Physiology B.Sc. (1977), Ph.D. (1984), Calgary Phone: (604)822-6023 E-mail: guy@unixg.ubc.ca  SCIENCES DEPARTMENT  MARTIN, Kathy M. Associate Professor • Forest and Grassland Birds, Avian Energetics and Demography B.Sc. (Hons.) (1970) Prince Edward Is., M.Sc. (1973) Alberta, Ph.D. (1985) Queen's Phone: (604)822-9695 E-mail: kmartin@unixg.ubc.ca  FACULTY AND STAFF  McLEAN, John A. Professor and Associate Dean • Forest Entomology B.Sc. (1965), M.Sc. (1968) Auckland, Ph.D. (1976) Simon Fraser, F.R.E.S., R.P.Bio. Phone: (604)822-3360 E-mail: mclean@unixg.ubc.ca  Dept. Phone: (604) 822-2507 Dept. Fax: (604)822-9102  SULLIVAN, Thomas P. Associate Professor • Forestry and Wildlife B.Sc. (Hons.) (1973), M.Sc. (1976), Ph.D. (1978) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-3543  VAN DER KAMP, Bart J. Associate Professor • Forest Pathology B.S.F. (1964) Brit. Col., Ph.D. (1967) Aberdeen Phone: (604)822-2728 E-mail: bart.john.van.der.kamp@mtsg.ubc.ca  WEETMAN, Gordon F. Professor • Silviculture B.Sc.F. (1955) Toronto, M.F. (1958), Ph.D. (1962) Yale, R.P.F., F. Eng. Phone: (604)822-2504  WORRALL, John G. Associate Professor • Tree Physiology, Tree Growth Mechanisms and Climatic Influence B.Sc. (1959) Durham, B.S.F. (1963) Brit. Col., M.F. (1964), M. Phil. (1967), Ph.D. (1968) Yale Phone: (604)822-3516  1993 Annual  Report  11  Research Associates GALINDO-LEAL, Carlos B.Sc. (U. Autonoma Metropolitana), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) • Animal Ecology. KOSHY, Mathew P. B.Sc. (1969), M.Sc. (1971) Kerala, M.Sc. (1987) Wales, Ph.D. (1993) Brit. Col. • Forest Genetics. MASSICOTTE, Hugues B. B.Sc.A. (Laval), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Guelph) • Mycorrhizal Fungi.  FACULTY AND STAFF Forest Sciences Department  PRESCOTT, Cindy B.Sc. (Brock), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Calgary) • Forest Nutrition. SILIM, Salim N. — B.Sc. (Makerene), M.Sc. (New Brunswick), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) • Tree Physiology. WANG, Gaofeng B.Sc., M.Sc. (China), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) • Forest Ecology.  VON EULER, Fredrik — B.Sc.F., Ph.D. (Swedish Univ. Agr. Sci., Uppsala) • Biodiversity Patterns. WIEBE, Karen L. — B.Sc. (Hons.) (Simon Fraser), Ph.D. (Saskatchewan) • Behaviour and Ecology of Birds.  Adjunct Professors ALFARO, Rene I. — B.Sc. (U. Chile), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Simon Fraser) AXELROOD, Paige E. — B.Sc., M.Sc. (Oregon State), Ph.D. (California) BARKER, John E. — B.Sc. (Brit. Col.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (California) DEROCHER, Andrew E. — B.S.F. (Hons.) (Brit. Col.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Alberta) DOST, Frank — B.Sc. (Washington), M.Sc. (Kansas), D.V.M. (Washington) EDWARDS, David George B.Sc. (Aberdeen), M.F., Ph.D. (Washington)  WATTS, Susan B. — B.Sc. (N. Wales), M.F., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), R.P.F. • Forest Entomology.  EL-KASSABY, Yousry A. — B.Sc. (Alexandria), M.Sc. (Tanta), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.)  Honorary Research Associates  HAWKINS, Christopher D.B. B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc. (Simon Fraser), Ph.D. (Aust. Nat. Univ.), R.P.Bio.  CARTER, Reid — B.Sc., M.Sc. (Brit. Col.) • Forest Ecology and Management. SIVAK, Bela — B.Sc.F., M.Sc. (Brit. Col.), Ph.D. (Saskatoon) • Forest Ecology.  Post-doctoral Fellows CHAN-McLEOD, Ann C. Allaye B.S.F., M.Sc. (Brit. Col.), Ph.D. (Alaska Fairbanks Univ.) • Physiological Ecology. DANG, Qing-Lai — B.Ag. (Ji Lin For. Coll.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Alberta) • Ecophysiology. DOBRY, Jaroslav — B.Sc., Ph.D. (Prague) • Dendrochronology. PETERSEN, Daniel J. — B.Sc. (Dallas), Ph.D. (William Marsh Rice Univ., Houston) • Molecular Biology.  12  UBC Faculty of Forestry  GROSSNICKLE, Steven C. — B.Sc. (S. Illinois), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Colorado State)  KLENNER, Walt — B.Sc., M.Sc. (Manitoba), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), R.P.Bio. KRANNITZ, Pamela G. B.Sc. (Hons.) (Guelph), M.Sc. (Western Ontario), Ph.D. (Queen's) LEADEM, Carole L. — B.Sc. (California), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), R.P.Bio. LESTER, Donald T. B.Sc. (Maine), M.F., Ph.D. (Yale) LOUSIER, J. Daniel — B.Sc. (Notre Dame U„ B.C.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Calgary), R.P.Bio. McLELLAN, Bruce N. B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), R.P.Bio. MILLER, Gordon E. — B.Sc., M.Sc., M.P.M., Ph.D. (Simon Fraser) MORRISON, Duncan J. — B.S.F., M.Sc. (Brit. Col.), Ph.D. (Cambridge) OTVOS, Imre S. B.Sc.F. (Sopron), M.S., Ph.D. (Berkeley)  PRESTON, Caroline M. — B.Sc. (McMaster), M.A. (Carlton), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.)  NEW, David — Res. Assist./Tech.  ROCHELLE, James A. — B.Sc., M.Sc. (Washington State), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.)  OLANSKI, Penny — Res. Assist./Tech.  SAFRAN YIK, Laszlo B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Brit. Col.)  RIPLEY, Claudia — Res. Assist./Tech.  SAVARD, Jean-Pierre — B.Sc. (Laval), M.Sc. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) SEIP, Dale R. — B.Sc. (West Ont.), M.Sc. (Simon Fraser), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.), R.P.Bio. SMITH, Nicholas J. — B.Sc. (N. Wales), M.Sc. (Brit. Col.), Ph.D. (Oregon State)  O'DONNELL, Fran — Res. Assist./Tech. PALMER, Sharon — Secretary SETO, Carrie — Administrative Assistant SPROUT, Sharon — Res. Assist./Tech. B.Sc. (Brit. Col.), M.Sc. (Saskatchewan) SREJIC, Zika — Res. Assist./Tech. B.Sc. (Univ. of Belgrade) STALEY, Candis — Res. Assist./Tech.  SPITTLEHOUSE, David L. B.Sc. (Nottingham), M.Sc. (Saskatchewan), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.)  TSZE, Min — Res. Assist./Tech.  SUTTON, Benjamin S. B.Sc. (Reading), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.)  Promotions/Tenures  VAN DEN DRIESSCHE, Robert J. — B.Sc. (N. Wales), M.Sc. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Wales) VAN SICKLE, G. Allan — B.Sc., M.Sc. (Brit. Col.), Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State), R.P.F. WHITE, Eleanor E. — B.Sc., M.Sc. (Brit. Col.), Ph.D. (Swedish Univ. of Agr. Sciences)  ACHIEVEMENTS AND  CARLSON, John — promoted to Associate Professor and granted tenure effective July, 1994.  PLANS  CHANWAY, Christopher P. — promoted to Associate Professor effective July, 1994.  Forest Sciences Department  SULLIVAN, Thomas P. — granted tenure effective July, 1994.  Staff BASSANI, Darcy — Laboratory Assistant  ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1993-94  BOYD, Jane — Res. Assist./Tech. CHASE, Zanna — Res. Assist./Tech. B.Sc. (McGill)  •  Developed a Departmental Strategic Plan.  •  Reorganized departmental office administration and hired Carrie Seto as administrative assistant.  •  Awarded over $590,000 in NSERC awards.  COWARD, LAURA — Res. Assist./Tech. B.Sc. (Hons.) (Carleton), M.Sc. (Brit. Col.) DAUST, Dave — Res. Assist./Tech. B.S.F. (Brit. Col.) DUPUIS, Linda — Res. Assist./Tech. B.Sc. (Hons.) (Carlton), M.Sc. (Brit. Col.)  PLANS FOR 1994-95  DYCK, Wanda — Secretary GILL, Michael — Res. Assist./Tech.  •  Hire assistant professor jointly with Fisheries and Westwater for fish/forestry research and teaching.  •  Hire assistant professor in conservation biology for research and teaching in Natural Resources Conservation.  •  Establish two NSERC/Industry Chair positions in quantitative and population genetics.  •  Start a Forest Sciences Faculty Research seminar series.  JOHNSON, Jacklyn — Office Manager B.S.Ed. (Minn.) KIDD, Joanne — Res. Assist/Tech. LA HAIE, Bruce — Res. Assist./Tech. B.S.F. (Brit. Col.) LEE, Eric — Departmental Clerk LOTZ, Sarah — Res. Assist./Tech. B.Sc. (Simon Fraser) NEGREIFF, Susan — Res. Assist./Tech.  1993 Annual Report  13  WOOD SCIENCE DEPARTMENT  David Barrett Head  Stavros Avramidis  Colette Breuil  Thomas Maness  Simon Ellis  Jack Saddler  David Cohen  Paul Steiner  BARRETT, J. David  PASZNER, Laszlo  Professor and H e a d • Wood Products Engineering B.A.Sc. (1965) Brit. Col., Ph.D. (1973) Berkeley, F.I.A.W.S., P. Eng. Phone: (604)822-5852 E-mail: dbarrett@unixg.ubc.ca  Professor • Chemical Utilization of Wood, Wood Products B.S.F. (1958) Sopron , M.F. (1963), Ph.D. (1966) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-2139  AVRAMIDIS, Stavros  PRION, Helmut G.L.  Associate Professor • Wood Physics and Drying B (For) (1981) Thessaloniki, M.S. (1983), Ph.D. (1986) SUNY, Syracuse Phone: (604)822-6153 E-mail: stavros@unixg.ubc.ca  Assistant Professor (Wood Science, Civil Engineering) • Engineered Timber Structures Design B.Eng. (Hons.) (1974) Stellenbosch, Ph.D. (1987) Toronto, P. Eng. Phone: (604)822-3864 E-mail: prion@civil.ubc.ca  Reconstituted  WOOD SCIENCE DEPARTMENT  BREUIL, Colette NSERC/Industrial Associate Professor • Forest Products Biotechnology B.Sc. (1971) Lyon, M.Sc. (1974) Ottawa, Ph.D. (1977) Lyon Phone: (604) 222-3200/loc. 421  COHEN, David H. Assistant Professor • Forest Products Marketing and Management Dipl. For. Tech. (1976) Selkirk, B.Sc. (1986) Idaho, Ph.D. (1989) Virginia Tech. Phone: (604)822-6716 E-mail: dcohen@unixg.ubc.ca  FACULTY  RUDDICK, John N.R. NSERC/Industrial Professor • Wood Preservation B.Sc. (1965), M.Sc. (1966) Newcastle, Ph.D. (1970) London Phone: (604)822-3736 E-mail: ruddick@unixg.ubc.ca  AND STAFF  SADDLER, Jack N. NSERC/Industrial P r o f e s s o r • Forest Products Biotechnology B.Sc. (Hons.) (1975) Edinburgh, Ph.D. (1978) Glasgow Phone: (604)222-3220  Dept. Phone: (604) 822-5303 Dept. Fax: (604)822-9104 E-mail: woodubc@unixg.ubc.ca  ELLIS, Simon C. Assistant Professor • Wood Anatomy and Adhesives B.Sc. (Hons.) (1983) N. Wales, M.Sc. (1986), Ph.D. (1989) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-3551 E-mail: sellis@unixg.ubc.ca  STEINER, Paul R. Associate Professor • Wood Adhesives and Composite B.Sc. (1966), M.Sc. (1969), Ph.D. (1971) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-5852 E-mail: psteiner@unixg.ubc.ca  Products  LAM, Frank Assistant Professor • Wood Mechanics B.A.Sc. (1982), M.A.Sc. (1985), Ph.D. (1992) Brit. Col. Phone: (604)822-6526 E-mail: franklam@unixg.ubc.ca  MANESS, Thomas Assistant Professor • Wood Products Processing B.S.F. (1979) West Virginia, M.Sc. (1981) Virginia Tech., Ph.D. (1989) Washington Phone: (604)822-2150 E-mail: maness@unixg.ubc.ca  1993 Annual  Report  15  Visiting Professors  Adjunct Professors  YOKOTA, Shinso B.Sc. (Hokkaido), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Kyoto) • Forest Products Biotechnology.  CHOW, Suezone — B.Sc. (Taiwan), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Brit. Col ), O.B.C. KELLOGG, Robert M. — B.Sc.F. (Maine), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Yale), F.I.A.W.S.  Research Associates WONG, Ken K.Y. — B.Sc. (Carleton), M.Sc. (Ottawa), Ph.D. (Laval) • Forest Products Biotechnology.  KIRBACH, Eberhard D. Dipl.-Holzwirt (Hamburg), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) SMITH, Roger S. — B.Sc., Ph.D. (London) VAROGLU, Erol — M.Eng. (Istanbul), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Stanford)  FACULTY AND STAFF Wood Science Department  Post-doctoral Fellows BICHO, Paul — B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc. (Guelph), Ph.D. (U. of Waikato, N.Z.) • Forest Products Biotechnology. BRISSON, Anne B.Sc., M.Sc. (Montreal), Ph.D. (Laval) • Forest Products Biotechnology.  Staff ANDREWS, Trevor — Res. Assist./Tech. B.Sc. (Calgary) BERNALDEZ, James — Research Engineer B.A.Sc. (Brit. Col.)  CHEN, Tao B.Sc. (Shandong), Ph.D. (Regina) • Forest Products Biotechnology.  BUX, Sheena — Departmental Secretary  GHARIBIAN, Serge B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc. (Hons.), Ph.D. (Hons.) (U. of Grenoble) • Forest Products Biotechnology.  FENG, Xiumei — Res. Assist./Tech. M.D. (Beijing), M.Sc. (Manitoba)  HANG, Tang B.Sc. (Peking), Ph.D. (Brit. Col.) • Wood Preservation.  HASTINGS, Diana — Res. Assist./Tech. B.Sc. (Brit. Col.)  HUANG, Jinzhou B.Sc., M.Sc. (Huanghong Agric. Univ.), Ph.D. (Dublin Univ.) • Forest Products Biotechnology. YU, Alex Hou-Cheong B.Eng. (McMaster), Ph.D. (Toronto) • Forest Products Biotechnology. ZHANG, Yichun B.Sc. (Northeast Forestry Univ.), Ph.D. (Wales) • Wood Physics and Drying.  CADMAN, Dayna — Departmental Clerk  FOLEY, Dallas — Res. Assist./Tech.  JOHNSTON, Wendy Administrative Assistant LIU, Fang — Research Engineer B.Sc. (Qingdao Inst, of Chem. Technol.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Dalian Inst, of Technol.) MYRONUK, Robert Research Support Services Supervisor Dipl. of Technology (BCIT) SIDHU, Avtar — Research Assistant B.Sc. (Brit. Col.) THOMPSON, Nancy — Secretary (Part-time) WANG, Yin Tang — Research Engineer B.Eng., M.Eng. (China)  16  UBC Faculty of Forestry  New Faculty Appointments LAM, Frank An appointment as Assistant Professor in Wood Mechanics funded in cooperation widi Forintek Canada Corp. Dr. Lam was formerly a Research Scientist widi Forintek Canada Corp. His research interests focus on the physical and mechanical behaviour of wood and die structural response of engineered wood composite systems.  ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1993-94 •  Wood Science Subcommittee of the Forestry Advisory Council established to review the Department's education programs.  •  The Department completed a survey to assess die education needs of the wood products sector.  •  The industry identified a need for a co-op undergraduate wood products program widi a strong emphasis on applied sciences, business management and advanced wood products processing technologies.  •  The industry identified a need for specialized professional Master's programs for science, applied science and business program graduates planning a career in the wood products sector.  Promotions AVRAMIDIS, Stavros — granted tenure effective July, 1994. COHEN, David H. — promoted to Associate Professor and granted tenure effective July, 1994. STEINER, Paul R. — promoted to Professor effective July, 1994.  •  A Draft Department Strategic Plan was completed.  •  Department members were awarded $1,182,865 in NSERC and otiier competitive awards and $638,234 in otiier externally funded research grants and contracts.  •  Graduate student funding from scholarships, research assistantships, teaching assistantships and other sources averaged more than $14,000 per student.  PLANS FOR 1994-95 •  Establish a permanent Advisory Committee for die Wood Science Department.  •  Complete the Draft Department Strategic Plan.  •  Establish a co-op undergraduate program in wood products manufacturing/wood technology.  •  Establish a National Centre for Wood Products Processing Education at UBC.  1993 Annual Report  17  ACHIEVEMENTS AND PLANS Wood Science Department  ALONGSIDE their teaching and research commitments, most Faculty members have committee responsibilities with off campus organizations and groups. These involvements are listed below together with various distinctions and awards bestowed on Faculty members during the past year.  OFFICES, AWARDS  AVRAMIDIS, S.  •  • •  •  •  AND  •  DISTINCTIONS  •  Fellow, Institute of Wood Science (U.K.). Member, Membership Committee, Society of Wood Science and Technology. Member, Moisture Meters Committee, American Society for Testing and Materials, D4444-D07.01.01. Secretary, Wood Drying Technical Committee., Forest Products Society. Member, Wood Physics Committee, Forest Products Society.  Member, NSERC Advisory Committee, Targeted Research Program. Member, Provincial Forest Sector Strategy Committee,  BREUIL, C. • • • •  Member, Review Committee, NSERC Strategic Grants Program. Member, CFS Grant Committee (Biotech). Member, BCIT Advisory Committee. Reviewer, FCAR Grant Committee.  BARRETT, J.D.  BUNNELL, F.L.  •  •  • • • • •  Member, NSERC/Forestry Canada Partnerships Program Grant Selection Committee. Member, Canadian Standards Association, Code for Engineering Design in Wood. Member, Standards Committee, National Lumber Grades Authority. Member, Forest Products Committee, SCBC. Member, Editorial Board, Wood Science and Technology. Member, 1997 Annual Meeting Planning Committee, Forest Products Society.  BASKERVILLE, G.L. • • • • •  •  Assoc. Ed., Canadian Journal of Forest Research and Forestry Chronicle. Chair, NSERC Committee on Centres of Excellence on Pulping Technology. Chair, Committee to evaluate National Forest Sector Strategy. Member, Forest Sector Advisory Council. Member, Northern Biosphere Observation and Modelling Experiment Steering Committee. Member, Forestry Canada Review Committee for the "State of Forests" report.  • • • • •  •  Outstanding Scientist, Northwest Scientific Association. Appointed Independent Chair, Clayoquot Scientific Panel. Member, Spotted Owl Recovery Team. Chair, Spotted Owl Biological Assessment Panel. Member, COSEWIC. Member, Coastal Biodiversity Guidelines and Interior Biodiversity Guidelines Committee Member, Vancouver Foundation Environment Committee.  BURTON, P.J. • • • • •  Member, SIBC Curriculum Committee. Member, Reforestation Info. Bank TAC. Member, B.C. Forest Land Use Liaison Committee. Member, Carmanah Valley Forest Management Advisory Committee. Member, B.C. MoELP, Reclamation Code Review Committee.  CARLSON, J. •  Member, GREAT Awards Selection Committee.  BINKLEY, C.S. • • • • •  • •  18  Member, Marcus Wallenberg Prize Cttee. Member, B.C. Council of Forest Research Organizations. Member, B.C. Forest Research Advisory Committee. Member, Advisory Board Ecotrust Inc. Member, Board of Directors: FERIC; Forintek Canada Corp.; Pacific Forest Products; West Fraser Timber Ltd. Member, Management Committee, Nelson Forests Joint Venture. Member, SIBC Board of Directors.  UBC Faculty of Forestry  CHAMBERS, A.D. • • •  Director, B.C. Wildlife Federation. Director, B.C. Conservation Foundation. Member, BC Forestry Continuing Studies Network, Provincial Board.  CHANWAY, C.P. • •  Elected to Executive Council, Vancouver Section of the CIF. Membership Chair, Vancouver Section of the CIF.  • •  Member, Expert Committee on Microbial Inoculants. Member, Canadian Society of Plant Physiologists (Western Region) Annual Meeting Organizing Committee.  COHEN, D.H. • • • •  Chair, Marketing Technical Interest Group, Forest Products Society. Chair, International Program Planning Committee, Forest Products Society. Member, International Nominating Committee, Forest Products Society. Deputy Leader (North America) for Marketing Project Group, IUFRO.  DOOLING, P.J. • • • • • • •  Visiting Professor, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. Science Advisor on Protected Areas, Ministry of Forests, Yangoon, Myanmar. Director, B.C. Outdoor Recreation Council. Member, Consortium for the Social Values of Natural Resources. Member, Commission on National Parks and Protected Areas of IUCN. Member, B.C. Resources Inventory Committee, Tourism, Recreation & Culture. Member, IUFRO Working Groups Landscape Ecology, Forest Recreation.  FANNIN, R.J. • • • •  Member, Organizing Committee, Geosynthetics '93 Conference, Vancouver. Member, Organizing Committee, Canadian Geotechnical Conference, Vancouver, 1996. Secretary, Geosynthetics Division, Canadian Geotechnical Society. Member, Forest Engineering Education Committee, APEGBC.  FELLER, M.C. • •  Member, Pinecone - Burke Protected Area Strategy study team. Member, Northwest Forest Fire Council Steering Committee.  GOLDING, D.L. • •  Chair, N. Pac. Region, Western Snow Conf. Assoc. Ed., Can. Journal of Forest Research.  GUY, R.D. • •  Western Director, Canadian Society of Plant Physiologists. Member, Forestry Grant Selection Committee, SCBC.  •  Chair, Organizing Committee Joint Meeting CSPP/University of Victoria Forest and Tree Related Research Colloquium.  KIMMINS, J.P. •  Moderator, National Forestry Round Table.  KLINKA, K. • • •  1993 University Teaching Prize. Co-chair, IUFRO SI.02-06. Deputy Chair, IUFRO SI.01-00.  LAM, Frank • •  Member, CSA086 Subcommittee on Sawn Lumber, Poles and Pilings. Member, ASTM Committee D-7 on Wood.  LeMAY, V.M.  OFFICES,  • •  AWARDS  • • •  Assoc. Ed., Forestry Chronicle. Chair, CIF Forest Measurements Working Group. Member, Canadian Forest Inventory Committee, Mensuration Subgroup. Member, Can. Standards Assoc. - Scaling. Membership Chair, Board of Directors, BCFA Coast Region.  AND DISTINCTIONS  MANESS, T. • • •  Student Chapter Trustee, Forest Products Society PNW Section. Vice-chair, Process Control Tech. Interest Group, Forest Products Society. Chair, Forintek/Laval University Evaluation Committee.  MARSHALL, P.L. • • • • • •  Chair, Forest Sciences and Technology Board, CIF. Member, Board of Examiners, ABCPF. Member, TAC, B.C. Forest Productivity Councils. Member, Steering Committee, Inland Northwest Growth and Yield Cooperative. Member, Modelling TAC, Stand Management Cooperative. Assoc. Ed., Forestry Chronicle.  MARTIN, K. •  Appointed Adjunct Professor, Behavioural Ecology Research Group, SFU.  McLEAN, J. A. • • •  Member, Gypsy Moth Committee (Interagency). Member, Forest Health Review Committee. Editorial Advisory Board, Forest Ecology and Management. 1993 Annual Report  19  MUNRO, D.D. •  Chair, Vegetation Inventory Working Group, Ministry of Forests.  MURTHA, P.A. • • •  Assoc. Ed., Forestry Chronicle. Member, Education Committee, American Society of Photogram. and Remote Sensing. Member, Education Advisory Board, Radarsat International, Ottawa.  •  • • •  SALCUDEAN, S.E. •  NAMKOONG, G. • •  Marcus Wallenberg Prize for Outstanding Contributions in Forestry Research. Honorary Doctorate from Swedish Agricultural University. Assoc. Ed., Silvae Genetica. Member, National Biodiversity Committee.  OFFICES,  • •  AWARDS  NELSON, J.D.  AND  •  DISTINCTIONS  •  Member, FERIC Forest Engineering Advisory Committee. Chair, Forest Harvesting Academic Standards Committee, ABCPF.  PASZNER, L. • • •  •  Member, B.C. Energy Council. Member, Ed. Board, Radiation Chemistry. Canadian Representative, COCVER, Int'l UNESCO Expert Council on Chemistry of Vegetable Resources. Member, Editorial Board, Holzforschung.  • • • • •  University Representative, Board of Directors, Vancouver Board of Trade. Member, Board of Directors, Law of the Sea Institute. Member, National Committee for the Man and the Biosphere Program (UNESCO). Member, Board of Directors, World Wildlife Fund Canada. Member, Board of Directors Western Centre for Economic Research. Member, Advisory Board for the Centre for Sustainable Regional Development, University of Victoria.  PRION, H. • •  1994 Civil Engineering Students Teaching Award. Member, Structural Stability Research Council.  RUDDICK, J . N . R . •  20  Vice-Chair, CSA 080 Wood Preservation Committee. UBC Faculty of Forestry  Technical Editor, IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation.  SADDLER, J.N. •  •  • •  Activity Leader, International Energy Agency Network, "Biotechnology for the Conversion of Lignocelluloses." Steering Committee, BIOFOR Network (ISTC Network), "Biotechnology for the Forest Industries." Member, EMR Renewable Energy Advisory Group. Member, Advisory Committee, Agriculture Canada Bioenergy Program.  STEINER, P.R. • •  Elected as Fellow of the International Academy of Wood Science. Chair, Organizing Committee for Pacific Rim Bio-based Composite Symposium.  SULLIVAN, T. •  PEARSE, P.H. •  Member, Wood Preservation Cttees., P3, P4, P5, P6, Research T l , T2, T4, T7, T8 (American Wood Preservers' Association). Vice-Chair, Committee T-7 Quality Control (American Wood Preservers' Association). Senior Ed., Material und Organismen. Vice President, International Research Group on Wood Preservation.  Member, UNBC/UBC Natural Resources Curricula.  TAIT, D.E.N. •  Member, Program Implementation Team Committee, McGregor Model Forest.  VAN DER KAMP, B J . • •  Member, Forest Pest Review Committee. Member, Malaspina Advisory Committee.  VAN KOOTEN, G.C. •  Nominated Vice-president of Western Agricultural Economics Association.  WEETMAN, G.F. • • •  Chair, Board Examiners, ABCPF. Director, Silviculture Institute of B.C. Member, TAC, McGregor Model Forest.  YOUNG, G.G. • •  Member, ABCPF/APEGBC Task Force on Forest Roads. Chair, Planning Committee for the 9th Int'l Mountain Logging and PNW Skyline Symp.  F U N D I N G for externally-sponsored research fell by 13.0% between 1992/1993 and 1993/1994. The bulk of die decline came from reduced R&D expenditures by provincial government agencies. Increased federal support for die Faculty partially offset tiiese reductions. Widi levels of extramural R&D funding per faculty member that are among the highest at UBC, our total research activity is not likely to expand much beyond its current level. ($000)  SPONSORED RESEARCH  Research per Faculty M e m b e r in $ 0 0 0  34  37  57  89  118  Operating budget, extramural research funds and research activity The table shows diat die sources of our research support are well distributed. The federal (NSERC plus other agencies) share rose from 40% of the total last year to 52% diis year. Extramural funding sources 1993/94 Source  $000  %  1,512 1,099  30 22  Provincial Ministry of Forests Odier  921 170  18 3  Private Industry Odier  938 406  19 8  5,046  100  Federal NSERC Other  Total  The following list reflects funded research a and March 31, 1994.  S. Avramidis Modelling of radio-frequency drying of wood -COFI $48,814 Moisture sorption studies in wood NSERC $15,000 Radio-frequency/vacuum drying and the pasteurization of wood COFI $47,250  136  120  1979/80-1993/94  The provincial government share fell from 34% last year to 21% diis year. Industry provided 19% of our extramural research budget in bodi 1992/1993 and in 1993/1994. Our location widiin a large, researchoriented University in close proximity to several major research institutions greatly enhances our broadly diversified research program. We have collaborative projects widi odier departments at UBC, and widi Forintek, Paprican, FERIC, and BC Research. Last year we expanded our cooperative research activities widi local environmental organizations to help diem deal widi such issues as die use of geographic information systems for die design of a system of reserves in B.C. We look forward to working with die new National Research Council Institute of Machinery Research which is being built on Soudi Campus.  in die Faculty of Forestry between April 1, 1993  Nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of water interaction in wood MacAlillan Bloedel $2,500  T.M. Ballard Estimating weatiierable potassium in soils BC MoF $19,000 Nematode diversity and distribution in forest soil - CFS $50,000  1993 Annual Report  21  J.D. Barrett Load configuration factors for MSR lumber CFS/NSERC/National Lumber Grades Auth. $40,000 Effect of test methods on bending strength of hemlock lumber - EIUDP $10,000 Hem-Fir CEN ingrade correlation study COFI $13,600 Reliability of wood-based materials NSERC $20,500  G. Baskerville Summary of comments on open houses and workshops for the Forest Practices Code BCMoF $25,366  SPONSORED RESEARCH  C.S.Binkley Evaluation of Russell NCREIF timberland index - NCREIF $10,000  C. Breuil Chair of Forest Products Biotechnology NSERC $27,840 Sapstain control by proteinase disruption NSERC $83,500 Immunoassay detection of wood preservatives NSERC/Forintek/Industry $96,988 Biological pre-treatment of wood extractives on wood chips before pulping CFS/NSERC/Industry $40,000 Controlling sapstain pigmentation CFS/NSERC/MacMillan Bloedel $28,000 Sapstain control by proteinase disruption Forintek $3,400 Biorational control of forest diseases network - CI S $15,000  F.L. Bunnell Management planning to maintain biodiversity in die boreal mixed wood forest Alpac $60,512 Biodiversity research in North Columbia Mountains - B.C. Hydro $47,460 Kluane National Park Reserve grizzly bear research program - Environ. Can. $45,000 Forest diversity program, habitat conservation plan; Fraser River basin sustainable management plan CWS/Environ. Can. $32,500  22  UBC Faculty of Forestry  Nordi Columbia Mountains biodiversity study - Environ. Can./Parks Can. $47,000 Multiple species habitat dependencies CFS $20,000 Workshop on measuring biodiversity for forest policy and management CFS $32,000 Evaluating the impacts of forest management on biological diversity BCMoF $75,000 Land use strategy for biodiversity and sustainable development Vancouver Foundation $ 1,366 Recovery of vulnerable and threatened grizzly bear populations in B.C. and nordiern Idaho - WWF $9,500 Publication of biodiversity workshop proceedings - BC MoF $11,400 Biodiversity in die Clayoquot Sound BCMoE $18,000  P.J. Burton Spatial model of boreal mixedwood dynamics (co-investigator) CFS $55,000 Experimental investigation of conifer germination ecology - BC MoF $34,900 Experimental determination of the interactive effects of soil moisture and light regime on conifer seedling shade tolerance and performance - BC MoF $28,900  J. Carlson Developmental biology and molecular genetics of trees - NSERC $29,000 DNA marker based genetic linkage map for Douglas-fir - NSERC $45,000 Biotechnological modification of lignin in poplar (co-investigators) - NSERC $40,000 Multi-locus and multi-genome molecular analysis of genetic diversity in western red cedar and Douglas-fir - CFS $12,000 Genetic diversity within and among populations of Pissodes strobi in B.C. (co-investigator) Green Plan CFS $12,000 DNA fingerprinting of trees in an operational spruce seed orchard CFS/NSERC $30,000  C.P. Chanway The influence of rhizosphere bacteria on plant competition - NSERC $25,000  D.H. Cohen Assessing North American architects and engineers attitudes towards structural materials - CPS $15,000 Assessing market potential for BC lumber in the California furniture industry CFS $5,000 Market research in forest products Various companies $1,500  S.C. Ellis Investigation of the efficiency of powdered phenolic resins in the production of waferboard - NSERC $18,500  R.J. Fannin Field work to validate a probabilistic model of debris flow runout - BC MoF $3,150 Soil/geosynthetic interaction in reinforcement and filtration applications NSERC $17,000 Debris flows: development of a risk assessment approach for hazard management SCBC $17,000 Long-term creep and durability of polymeric reinforcement - NATO $4,000  M.C. Feller Effects of partial tree removal on soil nutrient leaching MacMillan Bloedel $15,435 Germination of Engelmann spruce and subalpine fir in the ESSFwc subzone BC MoF $11,000 Ecological effects of coarse woody debris in ESSF forests - BC MoF $9,000 Effects of slashburning and mechanical site preparation treatments on productivity of Engelmann spruce - subalpine fir forests SCBC $16,216 Relationships between coarse woody debris, vegetation, soils, and small mammals NSERC $118,800 Effects of forest management practices on soils, vegetation, and streams and on ecosystem nutrient budgets - NSERC $15,036  D.L. Golding Hydrology research - GVRD watersheds GVRD $10,000  R.D. Guy Stable carbon isotopes to screen genotypes for improved drought tolerance and productivity in forest regeneration (co-investigator) - NSERC $20,000 Stable carbon isotopes as indicators of increased water use (co-investigator) SCBC $25,000 Causes of storage effects on white spruce seedling root growth Pacific Regen. Technol. $4,303 The comparative physiology of stress acclimation in conifers - investigations using stable isotopes - NSERC $35,715  A.F. Howard Operational and economic feasibility of three alternative harvesting systems in secondgrowth coastal forests of British Columbia BCMoF $83,380 Decision support systems for the forest industry - NSERC $17,500  J.P. Kimmins Calibration of FORECAST for aspen and spruce - BC MoF $15,000 Whistler biosolids forest fertilization program - Whistler Municipality $30,615 Birch biomass and photosynthesis in southcentral B.C. - BC MoF $25,000 Sustainable futures for the west coast forest and forest dependent communities: A focus on Vancouver Island - SSHRC $3,900 Simulation of forest ecosystem response to natural and management caused disturbance regimes - NSERC $34,257 GVRD sludge analysis - GVRD  $43,728  K. Klinka F.G. Dodd Operational Research Chair in silvicultural systems research BCMoF $60,000 Experimental Project 571: Site-height growtli analysis - BC MoF $25,000  1993 Annual Report  23  SPONSORED RESEARCH  Determination of the seedbed and light conditions for western red cedar in the CWHvm subzone - BC MoF $18,080 Intraspecific and interspecific variation in shade tolerance of major tree species of B.C. BC MoF $35,000 The relationship between white spruce, lodgepole pine, Englemann spruce and subalpine fir index and measures of site quality North wood l'ulp and Timber $15,000 Final synthesis of vegetation and environmental data for coastal B.C. BCMoF $10,000 Relationships between Engelmann spruce and subalpine fir site index and measures of ecological site quality BC MoF $39,900  SPONSORED RESEARCH  Dynamics of western red cedar - dominated forests - GVRD $16,459 Relationship between coarse woody debris, vegetation, soils, and small mammals (co-investigator) - NSERC $118,000 Shade tolerance of tree species NSERC $16,110  V.M. LeMay Estimation and characterization of decay in standing trees - NSERC $14,000  T. Maness Real time quality control systems Can. For. Prod. $3,000 Production planning for value-added lumber manufacturing NSER C/lndustry $34,900 Automated rip-chop sawing decision tool SCBC $50,795 Sawmill production monitoring system NSERC $22,000  P.L. Marshall  24  K. Martin Behaviour, energetics and reproductive physiology of ptarmigan NSERC $30,000 Spruce grouse demography and their role as alternative prey in relation to the snowshoe hare-lynx cycle in the boreal forest of the southern Yukon (co-investigator) NSERC $472,578 The effectiveness of Avian Monitoring Programs in NortJi America - CWS $5,000 Population regulation of mountain bluebirds in relation to forest management - NSERC/ CWS/Baillie Ornithological $6,000 Fraser Basin forest diversity study in the Shuswap-Salmon Ann District Environ. Can./BCCF $60,000 Population genetics and field endocrinology of marbled murrelets - CWS $5,000 Population and community dynamics of primary and secondary cavity nesters: an experimental study - CWS $1,500 Population ecology of grassland birds in the Chilcotin - NSERC/CWS $1,100  J.A. McLean Genetic diversity within and among populations of Pissodes strobi in B.C. Green Plan CFS $12,000 Evaluation of (lie 1993 ambrosia beetle levels in MacMillan Bloedel logs MacMillan Bloedel $62,780 Heat sum development model for Trypodendron lineatum NSER C/Ind us try $19,000 Population genetics of the eastern white pine weevil - CFS $12,000 Maintenance of spruce plantations in the Malcom Knapp Research Forest BCMoF $2,200  G. Namkoong  Response of uneven-aged Douglas-fir to alternative spacing regimes - CFS $43,000  Attendance of practical attachment trainee CFS $8,500  Impact of climate change on growth and yield, stand, and forest dynamics in the MacKenzie Basin - CFS $19,950  Genetic variation for climate change NSERC $70,000  UBC Faculty of Forestry  J.D. Nelson Impact assessment of coastal biodiversity guidelines - BC MoF $25,000 Timber supply and incremental silvicultural analsysis - BC MoF $34,710 Spatially constrained forest planning to aid integrated service management CFS $25,000 A tactical landscape analysis system (ATLAS) - CFS $45,000 Decision support systems for forest land use planning - NSERC $15,000  L. Paszner Fermentability of high sugar solid acid catalyzed organosolv saccharification (ACOS) hydrolysates EMR/CANMET $55,229  Steam pretreatment of softwood residues CANMET $16,750 High performance liquid chromatography system for anion-exchange chromatography NSERC $54,580 To describe a generic design for an enzymatic based biomass to etiianol process with reference to established acid hydrolysis plants - SNC Lavalin $4,000 The mechanism of xylanase prebleaching of kraft pulps - SCBC $59,860 Biological treatment of important components of Canadian bleached Kraft mill effluent - MacMillan Bloedel $18,000 Enhance die microbial treatment of bleach plant effluent CFS/NSER C/Ind ustry $96,000  SPONSORED  High yield catalysed solvent pulping of nonwood fibers - EIUDP $9,000  Effect of chlorine dioxide substitution on the treatability of bleached Kraft mill effluents Weyerhaeuser Canada $2,500  Allotropic transofrmations in processed cellulose fibres - NSERC $23,000  Application of enzymes to wood hydrolysis and bioconversion - CANMET $155,420  H.G.L. Prion Behaviour of light gauge timber connectors NRC $20,000 Seismic retrofit of building frames with grouted steel tubes - NSERC $17,000  S.E. Salcudean Force-reflecting teleoperation control of forestry machines & construction machines NSERC $69,000 Motion scaling teleoperation system for microsurgery - SCBC/IRIS $83,900  Seismic resistance of heavy timber connections (co-investigator) - Industry, Science & Technology Canada $50,000  Vibration isolation with active magnetic suspension - Can. Space Agency $90,355  Model verification of glulam beam program (co-investigator) Can. Wood Council $30,000  Force-reflecting teleoperation system design/ optimization-based controller design/ observer-based control - NSERC $27,000 Ilaptic interface control - BCASI  $20,000  J.N.R. Ruddick NSERC/Industrial Research Chair in wood preservation Various companies $230,633 Bioremediation of AAC-treated waste AKZO America $102,845  J.N. Saddler Senior Chair in Forest Products Biotechnology - NSERC $67,600  P.R. Steiner Wood composite research Various sources $2,400 Development of laminated veneer lumber made from BC softwoods, using a resin impregnation method - Forintek $16,982 Spatial structure of wood composites NSERC $24,000  NSERC Industrial Research Chair in forest products biotechnology Various companies $60,000  1993 Annual Report  25  RESEARCH  T.P. Sullivan Influence of vegetation management on diversity of plants, small mammals, and wildlife habitat - BC MoF $64,331 Use of synthetic predator odour repellents to protect coniferous plantations from black-tailed deer NSERC/Phero Tech. $31,150 Relationship of small mammal populations to uniform even-aged shelterwood systems BCMoF $40,000 Integrated management of forest mammal pests: Semiochemicals and diversionary foods - NSERC $100,700 Relationship between coarse woody debris, vegetation, soils, and small mammals (co-investigator) - NSERC $118,000  SPONSORED RESEARCH  Responses of small mammal populations to large-scale food supplementation NSERC $26,000  B J . van der Kamp Bridge-tree removal trial for treatment of Armillaria root disease in infected stands of Douglas-fir in the Interior Douglas-fir biogeoclimatic zone BCMoF $17,283 Management of root disease in the interior by inoculum removal and use of alternate species - CFS $9,450 Determination of MAI reduction due to root rot disease in the KH zone within the Kamloops Forest Region - CFS $26,600 Evaluating the resistance of western larch to Armillaria root disease (co-investigator) CFS $28,000 Variability and stability in native forest tree pathosystems during domestication of the host - NSERC $11,550  26  UBC Faculty of Forestry  G.C. van Kooten The economics of agricultural and wildlife interaction - Environ. Can. $10,000  G.F. Weetman Forest nutrition and fertilization studies NSERC $24,786 Nitrogen availability in coniferous forests: Examination of controlling variables NSERC $104,000  G.G. Young Estimating harvesting system productivity and cost in second-growth coastal sites FERIC $28,000 Operational and economic feasibility of three alternative harvesting systems in second-growth coastal forests of British Columbia (co-investigator) BCMoF $83,380  T H I S list includes documents published between April 1, 1993 and March 31, 1994. Names appearing in bold face type are those of UBC Forestry Faculty members. For further information on any of these publications (many of which are available in libraries), please contact the appropriate Faculty member directly. Abraham, L., A. Roth, J.N. Saddler, and C. Breuil. 1993. Growth, nutrition and proteolytic activity of the sapstaining fungus Ophiostoma piceae. Can. J. Bot. 71:12241230.  Ben-Dov, D. and S. Salcudean. 1993. 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Holzforschung 47(5):425-434.  1993 Annual Report  33  FACULTY PUBLICATIONS  SPECIAL LECTURES sponsored  by  THE CENTRE FOR APPLIED  SPECIAL  CONSERVATION BIOLOGY AND THE H.R. MACMILLAN FAMILY FUND  LECTURES •  Lecture by Dr. Wade Davis  Harvard-trained ethnobotanist Wade Davis, one of North America's leading advocates for the celebration of biological and cultural diversity, gave a public lecture at UBC on Friday, April 23, 1993. Dr. Davis' illustrated and highly enthusiastic lecture, entitled "Spirit of Place: Biodiversity and Ethnobotany," was enjoyed by a packed house of over 250 people.  •  H.R. MacMillan Lecture Series  During the fall term, several internationally known members of the scientific community were invited to UBC to participate in a new graduate course in conservation biology. The following speakers also gave public lectures during their visit to campus:  Dr. Stan Rowe New Denver, B.C. • Ecological illiteracy: Education's number one problem.  FACULTY SPONSORED FORUM •  Conflict in the Clayoquot: A Comprehensive Analysis  In January of 1994 the Faculties of Forestry and Law, in cooperation with UBC Continuing Studies, presented a day-long public forum to explore many of the controversies over logging in the Clayoquot Sound area. Speakers addressed the following topics: Dr. Clark Binkley Faculty of Forestry, UBC • Introduction and background. Dr. Gordon Weetman Faculty of Forestry, UBC • Silviculture and forest  management.  Mr. John Borrows First Nations Law Program, UBC • First Nations issues. Dr. David Cohen Faculty of Law, UBC • The costs of compromise. Mr. Gary Bowden Clayton Associates • The economic impact.  Dr. Gray Merriam  In the afternoon a panel discussed public policy issues, and addressed the question "Did the Process Fail?" Over two hundred people attended this event.  Environmental Science, Carleton University, Ottawa • Biodiversity: What is it?  BURGESS-LANE LECTURE  The H.R. MacMillan Lecture Series and the Wade Davis Lecture were made possible by a grant to the Faculty of Forestry from the H.R. MacMillan Family Fund.  34  UBC Faculty of Forestry  In November, 1993, Dr. Kent Kirk gave the fifteenth Burgess-Lane Memorial Lecture. Dr. Kirk is Director of the Institute for Microbial and Biochemical Technology at the Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin. The talk was entitled "Exigencies of U.S. Forest Products Research." Copies of the talk can be obtained by writing to the Faculty of Forestry at UBC. The Burgess-Lane Memorial Lectureship in Forestry was established in 1974 to honour Thomas E. Burgess and David E. Lane, Vice Presidents of long-standing with British Columbia Forest Products Ltd.  STUDENTS FOR FORESTRY AWARENESS PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES Students for Forestry Awareness (SFA) is an independent, student organization that has been in existence at UBC for ten years. Through periodic symposia and a continuing speaker series the SFA introduces a variety of philosphical, academic, environmental, and industrial perspectives on forestry related issues to students, faculty and the general public. During the fall and winter terms the speaker series takes place on Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. in MacMillan 166. Speakers and topics during the 1993-94 academic year included: Adriane Carr Western Canada Wilderness Committee • WCWC and Clayoquot Sound. Andy MacKinnon Research Branch, Ministry of Forests, Victoria • B.C. 's protected areas: Principles and practices. Bill Routley IWA-Canada, Port Alberni • IWA 's role in the community and the future of B. C. 's forest industry. Corky Evans MLA Nelson-Creston • Forestry in B.C. - 1993: Religion, politics or land use? Ben van Brimmelen Natural Resource Lawyer • Compromises ofB. C. 's endangered species legislation. Fred Lowenberger Interfor • Industry, tenure and land use policy.  Stan Rowe New Denver, B.C. • Forestry and the evolution of new paradigms. Panel Discussion with Government, Industry and Environmentalists • Forest Practices Code. Hamish Kimmins Forest Sciences Department, UBC • Can we use and sustain our forests? D'Arcy Davis-Case International Forestry Consultant • The significance and the seduction of international forestry.  SPECIAL  Leeroy James Campbell Editor of the Hempfest Times • The impacts of legalizing hemp on the forest industry. Peter Sanders Malcolm Knapp Research Forest, UBC • Community forestry and small-scale tenures. Janna Kumi MacMillan Bloedel Ltd. • Integrated resource management in the 1990's. Ray Travers Consulting Forester • Ecoforestry - Ecosystem management with a new approach. Monty Mosher B.C. Truck Loggers Association • Forest industry vs. environmentalistn: decisions for the '90s.  Tough  John Worrall Forest Scieces Department, UBC • Forestry education at UBC - Getting it wrong.  Gene Namkoong Forest Sciences Department, UBC • Biodiversity, genetics and ethics.  1993 Annual Report  35  LECTURES  UNIVERSITY RESEARCH FORESTS  MUNRO, Donald D. B.S.F., M.S., Ph.D., R.P.F. Director DAY, Ken B.S.F., R.P.F. Resident Forester, Alex Fraser Research Forest, Williams Lake. SANDERS, Peter B.S.F., M.F., R.P.F. Resident Silviculturist, Malcolm Knapp Research Forest, Maple Ridge. POWER, Cheryl B.S.F., R.P.F. Silviculture Forester, Malcolm Knapp Research Forest, Maple Ridge.  T" 1 HE UBC Malcolm Knapp Research Forest at Maple Ridge and the Alex Fraser Research Forest at Williams Lake are dedicated to research, education and demonstration in the practice of forestry. The forests are managed by die Faculty of Forestry as outdoor scientific laboratories for students and researchers and since 1949, more than 600 research projects have been initiated on the Malcolm Knapp Forest and over 75 research projects on die Alex Fraser Forest. Research projects not only yield valuable data, but are used extensively for education and demonstration. Two field schools arc held annually on the Research Forests, one for diird year students at Alex Fraser in the fall, and one for fourdi year students at Malcolm Knapp in the spring. Harvesting operations continue to play a major role in die management of bodi forests, and harvest volumes are maintained at sustainable levels consistent widi die needs for research, education and integrated use. Revenues from harvesting are used to partially finance the maintenance and operation of bodi forests. Continuing education programs in die form of short courses and field trips are offered at bodi forests and the professional staff all participate in teaching academic courses in die Faculty.  Donald D. Munro Director  Working Plan, Five Year Development Plans, Fire Pre-organization Plans, and die initiation of a Wildlife Plan. An additional plan for development of die Gavin Creek Demonstration Area has been written. We harvested approximately 5,000 cubic metres concentrating on salvage of insect damaged timber, with single tree salvage contributing approximately 30% of die total. Fifteen new research projects were initiated by graduate students and faculty from UBC, Ministry of Forests and private commercial concerns. The Ministry of Forests initiated two major projects using the Research Forest as a test case for the new Provincial Vegetation Inventory System including the use of large scale photography and digital frame cameras. Silviculture operations continued on areas harvested before the creation of die Research Forest, and planting of 100,000 trees on Ministry of Forests and UBC projects will complete die largest planting program since die inception of die Alex Fraser Research Forest.  ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1993-94 Malcolm Knapp Research Forest Our objectives for 1993-94 were to encourage initiation of significant research projects, complete harvesting commenced in 1992-93, initiate a more aggressive cost recovery program, and create new research opportunities. A total of 20 research projects were established by scientists from UBC, SFU, University of Washington and the Ministry of Forests. A Development Officer (funded 50% by die Research Forests) has been appointed by die Faculty of Forestry, and raising funds for renovation of Loon Lake Camp has a high priority. Harvesting of 4,000 cubic metres completed the three year harvesting program, and some 500 cubic metres of windblow timber was recovered.  Alex Fraser Research Forest Our activity in 1993-94 focused on planning, with the completion of the Management and  36  UBC Faculty of Forestry  PLANS FOR 1994-95 The highest priorities include a continuing emphasis on encouraging significant research projects, the development of long term funding strategies for die two forests tiirough die efforts of die Development Officer, endowments and cost recovery, and continuing flexible harvesting programs to respond to research, education and forest health needs. At the Malcolm Knapp Forest, an urban/forest interface management plan is in preparation in response to increasing pressure from subdivision construction. At Alex Fraser, we project diat the Wildlife Plan and Vegetation Inventory will be completed, and installation of further significant research projects will continue. Don Munro can be contacted at (604) 463-8148, fax (604) 463-2712 or e-mail munro @ unixg. ubc. ca.  Andrew F. Howard Director  Asian Development Bank, we are designing and delivering customized educational programs to Chinese foresters. The project is in die final stage in which eight mid-level managers and researchers from China are studying at the Faculty for six months. •  HE future success of B.C.'s forest sector is inextricably tied to die international marketplace both for products and ideas. As a consequence, for the Faculty of Forestry to serve British Columbia effectively, it must be involved internationally. In recognition of this fact we established our international forestry program four years ago. Dr. Howard replaced Dr. Munro as Director in July of 1993 at which time a comprehensive review of activities was begun with die goal of identifying means for increasing the institutional involvement of the Faculty internationally. Widi die help of die Forestry Advisory's subcommittee on International Programs, we developed an "options" paper to assist die faculty in identifying and prioritizing opportunities in die international arena. This document has evolved into a strategic plan for international programs. A key component of our efforts is in the establishment of Memorandums of Understanding widi a limited number of world-class research and training institutions with which we already have informal ties. These general agreements facilitate the exchange of students, faculty, and odier staff which we anticipate will lead to externally funded cooperative research and training projects. Our progress over the past year is summarized below: MEMORANDUMS OF UNDERSTANDING Anhui Agricultural University, Hefei, China. The New Zealand Forest Research Institute, Rotorua. The Forest Research Institute of Malaysia. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umea (negotiated, awaiting signatures). University of Pertanian, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia (under negotiation). Institute of Technology of Costa Rica (ITCR), Cartago (under negotiation). RESEARCH AND TRAINING PROJECTS • China Forest Education Project Objective — Provide training in silviculture, forest management, and economics to Chinese foresters. UBC participation (ongoing) — In cooperation with Sandwell Inc., under a contract with the  China Border Regions Research and Training Project Objective — Enhance die development of border regions in China by strengdiening institutions through integrated programs of research and training. UBC participation (proposed) — The Faculty has been named as one of die leading UBC units in a cooperative proposal to CIDA. We will collaborate widi the Northeast Forestry University in Harbin which has agreed to participate in die design and execution of the project. •  Malaysia Conference on Universal Green-labelling Objective — Contribute to die scientific and policy debate on metiiods for certifying that forest products originate from sustainably managed forests. UBC participation (ongoing) — In cooperation with the University of Pertanian Malaysia, we have obtained funds from External Affairs Canada to plan an international conference on measuring sustainability for universal green labelling of forest products. •  Russian Economics, Administration and Policy Project Objective — Improve management skills through academic training to encourage marketoriented reforms. UBC participation (proposed) — This project is designed to bring students to UBC for a 10month program including language training, academic courses and field trips. •  Costa Rica Regulation and Enforcement for Forest Management Project Objective — Restructure the forest sector dirough policy change, reorganization of the Forest Service, and establishment of research and training programs. UBC participation (proposed) — In cooperation with ITCR, we will build and train researchers in the use of an integrated natural resource supply planning system based on software developed by die Forest Operations Research Group at UBC. Andrew Howard can be contacted at (604) 822-3794, fax (604) 822-9106 or e-mail ahoward@unixg. ubc. ca. 1993 Annual Report  37  INTERNATIONAL FORESTRY PROGRAMS  HOWARD, Andrew F. B.Sc., M.F.Sc., M.Sc., M. Phil., Ph.D. Director  r  CENTRE FOR APPLIED CONSERVATION BIOLOGY  BUNNELL, Fred L. B.S.F., Ph.D., R.P. Bio. Director CHAN-McLEOD, Ann C. Allaye B.S.F., M.Sc., Ph.D. Acting Associate Director  Centre Associates BURTON, Philip CARLSON, John HARESTAD, Alton KLENNER, Walter KRANNITZ, Pamela LERTZMAN, Ken MARTIN, Kathy McLELLAN, Bruce NAMKOONG, Gene NELSON, John PITT, Michael ROWE, Stan SALWASSER, Hal SCUDDER, Geoffrey SHACKLETON, David SMITH, James VAN KOOTEN, Casey  T ' HE Centre for Applied Conservation Biology in the Faculty of Forestry promotes conservation of biological diversity while maintaining economic development. This Centre, established in 1991, is unique in its incorporation of a strong undergraduate program, broad definition of educational targets, close links between basic and applied disciplines, and focus on forested ecosystems where conflicts between biological diversity and economic activities are most contentious.  Education The educational program has three elements: an affiliated undergraduate program, a developing graduate program, and short courses. Target audiences are professional foresters, resource managers, the public, and the public media. We are currently filling at least one new position in conservation biology. We are closely linked to the new undergraduate B.Sc. (Natural Resource Conservation) program recently initiated by the Faculty of Forestry. That program includes a core of natural science courses in forest, plant, and animal ecology, conservation biology and landscape ecology, and a suite of social science and management courses in economics, political science and philosophy to translate natural process into human values. With the support of the H.R. MacMillan Family Fund, we are offering a new graduatelevel course, "Seminar in Biological Conservation."  Fred L. Bunnell Director  The director and three Centre Associates currently serve on the Scientific Panel for Sustainable Development in Clayoquot Sound.  Research Interdisciplinary, cooperative research is the key to answering the broad questions of conservation biology. The Centre brings together scholars from the university, the province, and even internationally to collaborate in research. We are testing conservation biology theories in the context of forested ecosystems, and will help apply this knowledge to managed forests, parks and natural areas. Recently, Dr. F.L. Bunnell received the "Outstanding Scientist" award of the Northwest Scientific Association for internationally recognized scientific accomplishments of outstanding importance to the Pacific Northwest. We are establishing major long-term research projects carried out by our own staff and a network of cooperating scientists from government, industry, and academia. Among efforts currently underway are: •  Extension The Centre's first major outreach program was a series of biodiversity workshops presented with the Forest Service in the southern interior of the province. We recently produced the first outreach pamphlet, "Approaches to Maintaining Biological Diversity in British Columbia's Forest." We sponsor conferences for scientists, resource managers and policy-makers to debate issues in conservation biology. The first conference, "Incorporating Biological Diversity in Forest Policy and Management Decisions," was held in February 1994 and was co-sponsored by the Centre, Canadian Forest Service, B.C. Ministry of Forests, and Wildlife Habitat Canada. Scientific papers from the conference will be published by UBC Press. We will also produce an executive summary targeted at resource professionals and policy-makers.  38  UBC Faculty of Forestry  •  •  •  A major, cooperative initiative in the boreal mixed wood forest that includes replicated fragments of different sizes, and appropriate harvest regimes across space and time (Dr. A.C.A. Chan-McLeod). A grizzly bear research program in Kluane National park directed at reducing bearhuman conflicts, while offering maximum conservation protection to what may be the last naturally regulated bear population in North America (Dr. F.L. Bunnell). A decision-support tool evaluating economic and biological consequences of forest planning at die landscape level; Uiis effort links with the Model Forests program (Dr. F. L. Bunnell). A large, integrated research program examining potential consequences to vertebrate diversity of forest management practices in die North Columbia Mountains (Dr. C. Galindo-Leal).  Fred Bunnell can be contacted at (604) 822-5928 or fax (604) 822-5410.  ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1993-94 Patricia A . Plackett Director  ' " P HE BC Forestry Continuing Studies Network was officially established in September 1991. It operates from its Provincial Office in the Faculty of Forestry at UBC and from five other institutions — Malaspina University College (Nanaimo), University College of the Cariboo (Kamloops), Selkirk College (Castlegar), University of Northern BC (Prince George) and Northwest Community College (Smithers). The Network was set up as an organization based at established institutions with forestry programs to coordinate the delivery of continuing education in forest resource management on a consistent and cost-effective basis throughout the province. The six key roles of the Network are: •  To assess forestry continuing education training needs on an ongoing basis.  •  To assist with strategy development for forestry continuing education programs.  •  To maintain databases for targeting advertising and identifying potential instructors.  •  To organize all aspects of continuing education activities throughout the province including scheduling, advertising, logistic arrangements, and evaluation.  •  To maintain an up-to-date scheduling calendar listing all current forestry continuing education activities in the province.  •  To produce two catalogues and calendars per year including a brief description of the activity and contact details for the organizer.  Our plans for the 1993-94 fiscal year included the addition of a fifth delivery centre in Smithers. The office was opened in September 1993 and a detailed training needs analysis was undertaken shortly thereafter to help design the training program for this delivery centre. During this fiscal year we have had nearly 10,000 participants attend Network-organized training events. This figure represents a significant increase from the 6000 participants in the previous year. In addition to our regular training program, we undertook one major initiative — the Forest Worker Training Strategy. This project, which was funded by the Ministry of Forests, included a survey of forest worker training in B.C. followed by a workshop. We carried out the survey from our five delivery centres; the survey audience included forest workers and their employers, training organizers, instructors, and training material developers. We examined current training and possible improvements. Our two-day workshop brought together representatives of stakeholder groups from around the province. The workshop participants reached agreement on a framework for forest worker training beginning with generic training topics and extending through to supervisory training topics in the areas of silviculture, preharvest work and harvesting. Other matters addressed by the working groups were training in remote locations, trainer training and certification/licensing/accreditation issues. There was also discussion on the roles of agencies interested in forest worker training and also possible ways of evaluating the effectiveness of training.  PLANS FOR 1994-95 Our highest priority is the identification of new opportunities for continuing education in forestry. We will also continue to work on improving the cost-effectiveness and increasing die range of our services. Patricia Plackett can be contacted at (604) 822-9278, fax (604) 822-3106 or e-mail plackett @ unixg. ubc. ca.  1993 Annual Report  39  BC FORESTRY CONTINUING STUDIES NETWORK  PLACKETT, Patricia A. B.A.(Hons.), M.A., Ph.D. Director YOCHIM, Dwight Dipl. For. Tech. Provincial Coordinator MERKENS, Markus B.Sc., M.P.M., R.P.Bio. Lead Coordinator SATO, Shirley B.A. Office Manager  Undergraduate Programs The Faculty of Forestry offers a 4-year degree program in each of the following five areas: • • •  PROGRAMS  • •  OF STUDY  Forest Resources Management — B.S.F. Forest Operations — B.S.F. Wood Science and Industry B.Sc. (Forestry). Forest Science — B.Sc. (Forestry). Natural Resources Conservation B.Sc. (Natural Resources Conservation).  Forest Resources  Management  This major focuses on the multidisciplinary aspects of forest resources biology and management to include resources such as timber, range, wildlife, recreation, fisheries and water. Studies deal with the unique characteristics of each resource, dieir interactions, and the manipulation of forests to yield a variety of desirable products in die context of the social and economic environment of Canadian society. The program prepares the graduate for a career in responsible integrated forest management as a professional forester.  Forest  Wood Science and Industry This major provides a strong technical background in wood as a material and a good understanding of wood products manufacture, marketing, engineering and utilization. There are three areas of concentration: business management and marketing; industrial process technology; and science, engineering and biotechnology.  Forest Science This major is for students interested in more specialized study of die scientific principles related to die growdi, development and ecology of forest species. Emphasis is placed on basic and interactional phenomena that influence die establishment, growdi and development of trees and other forest resources. These include genetics, soils, weather and climate, form, function,  40  Natural Resources  Conservation  This program is designed to prepare students for careers in the conservation of renewable natural resources, die management of protected areas, and planning for die integrated use of forests and associated wildlands. The program provides students widi an appreciation for die socio-economic environments in which decisions concerning the management of protected areas are made, and a working knowledge of technologically advanced tools and quantitative techniques available to renewable resource planners and managers.  Graduate Programs The graduate degrees available from the Faculty of Forestry are as follows: • • • •  Doctor Master Master Master  of of of of  Philosophy — Ph.D. Forestry — M.F. Science — M.Sc. Applied Science — M. A.Sc.  Operations  This major prepares die graduate for professional forestry responsibilities, with emphasis on planning, design and administration of forest harvesting operations. Areas of study include: design and construction of forest roads and drainage structures; selection, planning and supervision of logging systems; site protection and rehabilitation; and die development of computer applications for harvesting systems.  • • •  ecology, microbiology and odier foundation courses in entomology, patiiology, silvics, silviculture and wood science.  UBC Faculty of Forestry  PROGRAM CHANGES IN 1993-94 The new second and third year courses in die Natural Resources Conservation degree program were taught for die first time. A quota for first year entry in each of the Forestry and the Natural Resource Conservation programs was put in place. Sixty-five students were allowed into first year of die regular programs and 20 into first year conservation. This quota resulted in an entry level GPA from high school of 2.72 and 2.89 respectively.  PLANS FOR 1994-95 The fourth and final year of the Natural Resources Conservation degree program will be offered for die first time. A new diree year diploma program in Forest Operations for technical school graduates will be introduced. The Forest Operations program also will include the Forest Policy course, FRST 415, as per the recommendations of die Canadian Forestry Accreditation Board. A new fourth year integrated resource management course will be taught for die first time in both die B.S.F. programs.  Total Enrolment Figures Enrolment for undergraduate students (in all four years of the forestry programs) is up again this year from 333 students to 400 students. Recent trends in enrolments are illustrated by the graph below:  Resources Conservation program has the second highest enrolment. Distribution of students among 1993/94 Program  programs  Number enrolled  % of total  Forest Resources Management  169  42.3  Forest Operations  21  5.3  Forest Science  23  5.8  Wood Science  32  7.8  Natural Resources Conservation  64  16.0  Undeclared*  91  22.8  400  100  Total  UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS  ENROLMENT STATISTICS  •First year students.  Female students represented 29.5 per cent of the above total, up from 21 per cent last year and 14 per cent in 1990. Total enrolment and new enrolment 1977/78 -1993/94  The following chart shows the distribution of undergraduate students by year of program.  New Student Enrolments One hundred and seventy-six new undergraduate students entered die faculty during 1993-94. The numbers entering into the different years are tabulated below: New students entering the Faculty 1993/94 Year of study I  96  II  70  III  10  Total  1  2  3  4  Year of S t u d y  Enrolment by year of study for 1993/94 As seen in the following table, die majority of our undergraduates are enrolled in the Forest Resources Management program. The Natural  Number of new students entering  176  The average age of new students entering die undergraduate programs was 21.5 years. Thirty-five per cent of die new students entered directly from high school and 65 per cent from post-secondary institutions. Fifty-eight per cent of die incoming students came from institutions in the Lower Mainland, 6 per cent from Vancouver Island; 14 per cent from those in the southern interior, 7 per cent from the northern interior and 17 per cent from out of province.  1993 Annual Report  41  Scholarships and Fellowships Awarded, 1993 First Year Students Choi, E.C.M. Hayes, J.T. Pighin, E.D. Rensing, F.V. Stewart, B.M. Walsh, H. Wilson, S.R.  Charles and Jane Banks Foundation Scholarship. Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship. Ted Johnson Scholarship in Forestry. Charles and Jane Banks Foundation Scholarship. Charles and Jane Banks Foundation Scholarship. H.R. MacMillan Scholarship • Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship. H.R. MacMillan Scholarship.  Second Year Students Byng, D.A. Craigie, G.J. Cunnington, M.B.  AWARDS Undergraduate Programs  Gin, E. Harrod, K.M. Hashizume, R.Y. Illes, J.S. Kirkham, C.A. Law, S.S.Y. Rehwald, B.G. Robinson, J.A. Rooke, D.S. Spence, J.S. Walters, F.G. Wetherill, R.J. Ziegler, R.K.  James Russell Mills Memorial Award. Machinery & Supply Companies Group Forestry Scholarship • Truck Loggers Association Scholarship • Weldwood of Canada Limited Scholarship. Charles and Jane Banks Foundation Scholarship • Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship. Council of Forestry Industries Scholarship. H.R. MacMillan Scholarship • Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship. Charles and Jane Banks Foundation Scholarship. H.R. MacMillan Scholarship • Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship. Weldwood of Canada Limited Scholarship. H.R. MacMillan Scholarship • Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship. Charles and Jane Banks Foundation Scholarship • Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship. Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship. Tess Fenger Memorial Prize • Kapoor Singh Siddoo Scholarship. Charles and Jane Banks Foundation Scholarship. Northwood Pulp & Timber Limited Scholarship • Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship. Charles and Jane Banks Foundation Scholarship. Charles and Jane Banks Foundation Scholarship.  Third Year Students Andermatt, D.J. Brown, S.M. Douillard, D.J. Elstone, D.O. Fournier, B.J. Hislop, G.C. Joyce, A.E. Lawrence, K.E. Lewis, D.G. Little, K.A. Lowerse, D.A. Rouck, K.B. Swab, T.S. Temple, S.P. Wilson, S.D.  MacMillan Bloedel Limited Scholarship • John E. Bier Memorial Prize • J. Stuart I-Ianna Prize. Edwina Mary Marsh Memorial Scholarship. Henri J. Pigeon Bursary. Timberline Scholarship. Backman Scholarship in Forest Resource Management • Phil Haddock Prize. Charles and Jane Banks Foundation Scholarship. Charles and Jane Banks Foundation Scholarship. Charles and Jane Banks Foundation Scholarship. University of B.C. Forestry Alumni Division Scholarship. Barry English Memorial Award • Gait Elkington Memorial Scholarship • Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship. Charles and Jane Banks Foundation Scholarship. Malcolm Knapp Spring Camp Prize • Truck Loggers Association Scholarship • Oscar Soderman Memorial Scholarship. Charles and Jane Banks Foundation Scholarship. Robert J. Craig Memorial Scholarship • Robert E. Mills Memorial Award. John D. Beaty Memorial Scholarship.  Fourth Year Students Brown, C.G. Buss, C.T. Jessee, J.L. Lunoch, T.D. Spyksma, J.R. Stanczyk, K.J. 42  H.R. MacMillan Prize in Forest Harvesting. Best Graduating Thesis - Association of B.C. Professional Foresters. Best Graduating Essay - Association of B.C. Professional Foresters • H.R. MacMillan Prize in Forestry. Canadian Institute of Forestry Medal. Harry Hobson Memorial Prize. Gilbert Smith Prize.  UBC Faculty of Forestry  Degrees Conferred, M a y 1993 and November 1993 Congregations  B.S.F. Forest Resources M a n a g e m e n t M a j o r Allsopp, M.L. Angstadt, S.R. Armstrong, M.D. Arnett, T.C. Barker, T.J. Beckett, E.O. Bennett, J.R. Blumel, M.C. Borhi, R.J. Braybrook, D.R. Bucher, M.D. Burgert, M. Buss, C.T. Chambers, G.D. Chan, P.N. Chipman, G.E. Coughlan, M.W. Crampton, R.W. Cuzzocrea, S.I. Decker, A.S. DeCourcy, T. Dunsmore, R.A. Ehlers, T.D. Friesen, H.A. Gates, J.M. Gibbons, J.A. I-Iadikin, E. Hadikin, S.F. Jessee, J.L.  Jobst, J.T. Kalmokoff, J.C. Livesey, M.E. Lunoch, T.D. MacKay, A.G. MacPherson, D.N. Mathers, M.P. McKay, M.P. McQueen, J.E. Merritt, M.A. Nielsen, J. Nielsen, R.B. O'Grady, J. Opie, P.T. Paget, C.M. Poirier, J.R. Poirier, R.L. Qureshi, T. Ryan, T.A. Sakamoto, W.B. Spyksma, J.R. Stanczyk, K.J. Stewart, D.S. Thony, P.J.C. Underwood, D.L. Vinnedge, S.J. Whiting, K.J. Wicklund, M.  B.Sc. (Forestry) W o o d Science and Industry M a j o r  B.Sc. (Forestry) Forest Science Major  Khun Khun, R.S.M. Mah, J.T.C. Menning, M.A. Robertson, R.N. Steele, M.W. Szeman, M.S. Tyler, D.S. Untereiner, G.M.  Broad, P.J.  GRADUATION STATISTICS Undergraduate Programs  B.S.F. Forest Harvesting M a j o r Brown, C.G. Dodd, K.K. Johnson, G.R  1993 Annual Report  43  Enrolment Trends  GRADUATE PROGRAMS  The Forestry Graduate Program has grown in student numbers by almost 70 per cent over the past decade. Today diere are 171 graduate students registered in the Faculty. The distribution of these students between die different degree programs can be seen in die graph below. The greatest growth has been in the number of Doctoral students — in 1982 there were only 29 — today diere are 74 students enrolled in die program. In this same period the number of Masters students has risen from 74 to 97.  ENROLMENT STATISTICS  The proportion of graduate students from outside of Canada has remained fairly constant over die past few years and presently stands at 54 per cent of Doctoral and 20 per cent of Masters students. A total of twentythree countries are represented in die graduate student body.  Graduate Student Funding In the 1993-94 academic year, Forestry graduate students were awarded a total of $1,658,050, an increase of 20.4% over 1992-93 funding levels. This was made up from $757,417 in major scholarship funding, $164,947 in graduate teaching assistantships and $735,687 in graduate research assistantships. The research assistantships are made available by research supervisors from dieir research grants. Graduate student enrolment and funding No. graduate students  Total funding  Forest Resources Management  64  $408,361  Forest Sciences  63  $702,693  Wood Science  44  $546,997  Department  1  -  —  0- T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T'T' 1 ' I 83/84  85/86  87/88  Masters •  89/90  Ph.D. •  91/92  93/94  Total •  Graduate student enrolment 1983/84 -1993/94 The proportion of female Forestry graduate students is 28 per cent of die Masters and 15 per cent of die Ph.D. students, for an overall average of 22 per cent. The following table shows enrolment data for 1993-94. Graduate student enrolment Degree Ph.D. M.A.Sc.  Male  Female  Total  63  11  74  3  2  5  M.F.  10  2  12  M.Sc.  57  23  80  Total  133  38  171  As of October, 1993.  44  1993/94  UBC Faculty of Forestry  DOCTORAL STUDENTS  MASTERS STUDENTS  GREAT Abraham, L. NSERC Andison, D. GREAT Brown, G. GREAT Cherry, M. CIDA Defretes, Y. Forestry Faculty Eagen, R. CPBA, Forestry Faculty Fabris, S. UGF Gao, Y. GREAT Hartley, Ian CIDA Kinyua, P. GREAT Kiskchuk, B. Forintek, UGF Kozak, R. UGF Kreber, B. GREAT Lau, W. GREAT Li, K. MacMillan* Liu, R. UGF MacDicken, K. NSERC Markham, J. McPhee Martin, Vincent UGF Matakala, P. GREAT Mitchell, S. McPhee Mitchell-Banks, P. Mohammad-Nazhad, M. GREAT NSERC Nelson, K. McPhee Sahajananthan, S. McPhee Singh, R. Buckland Sun, L. CFP Sutherland, G. Forestry Faculty Temesgen, H. Commonwealth Thomas, L. GREAT Van Ham, M. McPhee Wang, J. MacMillan** Wang, Y. Fletcher* White, B. UGF Zhang, D. McPhee Zhong, A.  Atwood, L. Booth, I. Brett, R. Budge, S. Bullock, C. Chen, H. Christie, D. Courchene, T. Cumming, S. Daniels, L. Dodds, S. Duff, J. Fuchs, M. Goudie, D. Gregg, D. Gyula, G. Hoffert, C. Johnson, D. Lewis, K. Li, Min Liliefna, L. Lin, Y. Liu, G. Loeb, G. Mcintosh, R. Mengich, E. Roddan, C. Runciman, B. Rutherford, D. Smith, R. Thomas. K. Tyler, J. Varga, P. Vernier, P. Wind, E. Woods, A. Yawalata, D. Yee, H. Zabek, L.  UGF Forestry Faculty UGF UGF GREAT McPhee GREAT Lumber Tri-Council GREAT Fletcher** Commonwealth NSERC Forintek, VanDusen Forintek Forestry Faculty Heller, McPhee McPhee VanDusen VanDusen CIDA VanDusen McPhee McPhee VanDusen IDRC McPhee Johal McPhee GREAT Allen, Cochran McPhee Johal Thompson Hoffmeister NSERC CIDA Weverhaeuscr NSERC  Full Name of Award George S. Allen Memorial Scholarship. Don Buckland Memorial Scholarship in Forest Pathology. CFP - Canadian Forest Products Ltd. Fellowship in Forest Wildlife Management. CIDA - Canadian International Development Agency Scholarship. CPBA - Canadian Particle Board Association Scholarship. Ralph M. and Elizabeth E. Cochran Scholarship. Commonwealth Scholarship. Fletcher* Challenge Canada Ltd. Fellowship in Silviculture. Fletcher** Challenge Canada Ltd. Fellowship in Forest Resource Management. Special Forestry Faculty Scholarship. Forintek Canada Corporation Fellowship in Wood Science and Wood Products. GREAT - Graduate Research Engineering and Technology Awards.  Paul Heller Fellowship. Bert Hoffmeister Scholarship in Forest Wildlife. IDRC - International Development and Research Centre (Canada). Asa Johal Fellowship in Forestry. Lumber Inspectors' Benevolent Society Scholarship. MacMillan* Bloedel Limited Graduate Fellowship. MacMillan** Bloedel Limited Fellowship in Forest Mensuration. Donald S. McPhee Fellowship. NSERC - Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. James Robert Thompson Fellowship. Tri-Council Eco-Fellowship. UGF - University Graduate Fellowship. VanDusen Graduate Fellowship. Weyerhaeuser Fellowship in Wood Design Management.  1993 Annual Report  45  SCHOLARSHIPS AND FELLOWSHIPS Graduate Programs  Degrees Conferred, May 1993 and November 1993 Congregations  M.F. BACKMAN, Arvid (Non-thesis). SIMCOE, Alan (Non-tliesis).  Dr. D. Haley Dr. T. Sullivan  YEARSLEY, Karen Dr. M.C. Feller Forest floor seed banks and their response to slashburning in some forest ecosystems in south central British Columbia. ZIMERLING, Linda Dr. T. Sullivan Influence of synthetic mustelid semiochemicals on populations dynamics of the deer mouse.  Ph.D.  M.Sc. DEGREES GRANTED Graduate Programs  BALISKY, Allen C. Dr. P.J. Burton Root-zone soil temperature: Sources of variation and some effects on planted conifer seedlings in high-elevation forest openings in the interior of British Columbia. CHENG, Christine Dr. T. Sullivan The effects of a silvicultural sludge application on small mammal populations and the potential of Giardia contamination in a forest ecosystem. COWARD, Laura Dr.P.J. Burton Vegetation response to the application of municipal sewage sludge in the coastal western hemlock zone. HELEWA, Norman Dr.P.A. Murtha Creation of a geographic information system database of Pacific Spirit Park. HOLOWACHUK, Diane Dr. R.D. Guy Population differences in water-use efficiency for Pinus contorta Dougl. as indicated by stable carbon isotopic composition. LUNA-LOPEZ, Jose Dr. J.G. Worrall Family x site interaction in a progeny test of coastal Douglas-fir. McCUAIG, William (Non-thesis).  Dr. D.L. Golding  NEUMANN, Melody Dr. B. van der Kamp Seedborne Fusarium and root colonization of container-grown Douglas-fir seedlings. NORTON, Scott Dr. T. Maness A multiples period combined optimization approach to sawmill production planning systems. RUSCH, Dave Dr. B. van der Kamp Aspects relating to the spread and survival of Phellinus root rot.  46  UBC Faculty of Forestry  ALOO, Theresa Dr. G.B. Ingram Fuelwood and tree planting: A case study from Funyula Division in Western Kenya. KAARIK, Aili  Mr. F.L.C. Reed, Dr. B. van der Kamp  Implementing visions for sustainable development in regional land use planning: Case studies from Canada and Sweden. KEENAN, Rodney Dr. J.P. Kimmins Structure and function of western redcedar and western hemlock forests on northern Vancouver Island. KOSHY, Mathew Dr. D.T. Lester Genetic effects on wood shrinkage, relative density, grain angle tracheid length, and fibril angle in Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco). McLENNAN, Donald Dr. K. Klinka Growth and nutrient relations in black cottonwood in south-coastal British Columbia. MUHAIRWE, Charles Dr. V.M. LeMay Examination and modelling of tree form and taper over time for interior lodgepole pine. PONOY, Bundit Dr. J. Carlson Genetic variability in Douglas-fir based on molecular genetic markers and morphological traits. RUSSELL, Joh n Dr. D. T. Lester Genetic architecture genecology and phenotypic plasticity in seed and seedling traits of yellowcedar. WANG, Gaofeng Dr. K. Klinka Ecological site quality, site index, and height growth of white spruce stands in the sub-boreal spruce zone of British Columbia. WIELGUS, Robert Dr.F.L. Bunnell Causes and consequences of sexual habitat segregation in grizzly bears.  PRODUCTION  INFORMATION  This Annual Report was prepared on an IBM PC AT compatible computer using Microsoft Word for Windows Version 2.0. A final cameraready impression was produced using a QMS PS 815 printer.  Cover: Cornwall cover coated one side 10 pt. Text: Topkote dull coated two sides 80 lbs.  Questions concerning this report or requests for mailing list updates, deletions or additions should be directed to: Dr. Susan Watts Annual Report Editor Faculty of Forestry University of British Columbia 270-2357 Main Mall Vancouver, B.C. V6T 174 Phone: Fax: E-mail:  (604)822-6316 (604) 822-8645 suwatts@unixg.ubc.ca  Printed in Canada on recycled paper  


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