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UBC Authors and Their Works Program, 1991-2006 Diers, Bailey; Friesen, Margaret 2010-02-28

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Summary and highlights (Friesen – UBC Authors)1UBC Authors and Their Works Program, 1991 – 2006(includes BC in Print Exhibits; Our Province@150/ Our University@100 Exhibit 2008)Margaret Friesen, Chair, UBC Authors Committee (1992 – 2006)Isabel Pitfield, Chair, UBC Authors Committee (1991 and 1992)Quotes:President Strangway: "Each work should be regarded and celebrated in its own right",March 1997.President Piper: "We tend to take so much of this for granted ....Yet in doing so weoverlook the insight, the originality, the sheer brilliance of so many of our colleagues",March 2006.Outline:1. Goals2. Scope3. Formats4. Impact5. Partners6. Committee members7. Reception invitees8. Highlights and special events9. Facts and figures10. Communications11. Venues1. GoalsThe goals, formulated in large part in 1991 and continued throughout the program, were: to project a positive image of the library within the university to cultivate good relations with the faculty to celebrate the contribution of the library to the publications to provide means for liaison between library staff and faculty to publicize faculty output within the library system and beyond to educate the university and the wider community about the publications of UBCauthors to provide a means for faculty authors to meet their peers across the disciplines2. ScopeThe program identified and celebrated UBC authors and their works annually for 16years. A booklet listing authors and their titles was compiled and distributed to theauthors and guests at the annual Reception and Exhibit. Two brief introductions to thebooklet were written by the University President and the University Librarian. TheUniversity President and University Librarian each made a brief speech at theReception/Exhibit, congratulating all the authors.Summary and highlights (Friesen – UBC Authors)2The works covered were published/created/produced between 1990 and 2005 and theAuthors Reception was held in the following spring, from 1991 to 2006. Eventually theevent became known as UBC Authors Week, with special additional events programmed.From 2002 to 2005, virtual exhibits were also created and featured on the library's webpage.A special "BC in Print Exhibit" was also mounted in the Koerner Library (and virtuallyonline). This exhibit displayed a subset of the works from the year's roster that includedcontent about British Columbia. Sometimes these were chapters in books or case studieson BC topics, information about BC that could otherwise not have been easily discoveredthrough the library catalogue. The exhibit also included books published by UBC Presson BC subjects and award-winning books from UBC Press.Although the UBC Authors program had ceased by then, the library also curated a "BC inPrint" exhibit in April 2008 in the Ridington Room to celebrate the University’s 100thanniversary, the Province's 150th anniversary and the opening of the Irving K. BarberLearning Centre. Title of exhibit:Our Province@150 / Our University @100 / Lifelong LearningRidington Room, Level 4, North Side, IKBLCCurated by Margaret Friesen and Pauline Willems with assistance from UBCPress (Kerry Kilmartin) and Ann Doyle, Glenn Drexhage, Aleteia Greenwood,Katherine Kalsbeek, Merry Meredith, Simon Neame, Jill Pittendrigh3. FormatsThe UBC authors lists included printed books, e-books, e-reference works, CD’s, CD-ROMs, videos, virtual exhibits (Museum of Anthropology), exhibition catalogues (Morrisand Helen Belkin Art Gallery), music scores, theatre scripts, conference proceedings,edited works, web publications.All academic disciplines were represented: about 25% of the works covered thescience/engineering/health sciences disciplines and 75% the arts/humanities/socialsciences disciplines. The works were written/created by UBC faculty, staff, emeritifaculty, in dozens of languages and published all over the world.In the final year of the program, the 2005 UBC authors (reception in 2006), the finalcount of UBC authors was 158 and unique titles was 166. The majority were books, with7 titles published as an e-book only or in parallel print/e-book versions. The list alsoincluded 4 music scores, 7 CD’s (music performances) and 6 DVD videos. The libraryreceived over 40 of these titles as donations from the authors. About 25% of the titlescovered BC topics, either in their entirety or in chapters or cases.Exhibit: for the display itself, the Library brought 65% of the titles to the venue(temporary loans or donations from the authors), with the Bookstore providing theremaining 35%.Summary and highlights (Friesen – UBC Authors)34. Impact Recognition of UBC creators and their works by the University and the press Visibility of library as the value-added knowledge creator (compiling the annuallist, discovering BC content) Forum for authors to meet faculty members from other disciplines (frequentfaculty feedback from the event) Library/author relationships were strengthened and good will fostered Library received many donations of works from these authors, some fabulous,unique, rare, contributing depth of content in many different disciplines The President, Board of Governors, requested copies of the booklist to use in theirdiscussions with governments and the Senate Library Committee recommendedrepeating the event (source: 1991 post-event assessment)5. PartnersCo-sponsors: UBC President’s Office, UBC LibraryPartners: Ceremonies Office, UBC Bookstore, UBC Press, Association of ProfessorsEmeriti (Alumni Association), UBC Reports6. Committee members (over the years)Sponsors: President David Strangway, President Martha Piper, University Librarian RuthPatrick, University Librarian Catherine QuinlanCeremonies: Eilis Courtney, Nancy Hermiston, Liz King, Basil WaughLibrary: Anita Bidinosti, Jeremy Buhler, Yvonne Chan, Margaret Friesen, KimberleyHintz, Paul Lesack, Tina Louie, Merry Meredith, Jill Pittendrigh, Timothy Shew, PaulineWillemsUBC Bookstore: Debbie Harvie, Clare Kenny, Michael Roth, Greg WillettUBC Press: Kerry Kilmartin, Peter Milroy, Jean Wilson7. Reception inviteesUBC authors and their guests, selected University and community VIP's, Board ofGovernors, Senate Library Committee, President's Advisory Committee on the UniversityLibrary (PACUL), representative library branch heads, selected student representatives,BC Bookworld.8. Highlights and special eventsa. The UBC Authors Reception and Exhibit, 1991-2006 1992 included the UBC Library Display in celebration of the Year of the ThreeMillionth Book. Fifteen titles were displayed, including books, journals, a datafile,video, Canadian government publication, computer diskette, map, music scoreand CD, manuscript. 1994 Innovation Showcase, Canadian Library Association, June 14-18,Vancouver, 1994 (a selection of works by UBC authors curated by PaulineWillems) 2000 A definition of "electronic book" was developed for the purpose ofestablishing eligibility for this eventSummary and highlights (Friesen – UBC Authors)4 2003: Year of the University Press (6 UBC authors were published by UBC Pressin this year) 2005: included UBC Okanagan authors for the first timeb. BC in Print Exhibits2002 UBC Books of 2002. 27 books.Case 1: A Salute to UBC Press: Award WinnersCase 2: A Salute to UBC Press and the UBC Authors of 2002Case 3: The Power of the WordCase 4: Close to HomeCase 5: Green SpacesCase 6: Then & Now2003 UBC Books of 2003 and a Salute to UBC Press, March 2004The Year of the University Press, designated by the Association of ResearchLibraries and the Association of American University PressesCase 1: Ways of knowingCase 2: In word and songCase 3: Looking back, looking forwardCase 4: A Salute to UBC Press and the UBC authorsCase 5: A Salute to UBC Press: Award Winners and Shortlisted Awards for 20032004 UBC Books of 2004, March 2005The 40th year of the Creative Writing Program at UBCCase 1: Theatre, Film and Creative Writing: Creative Writing ProgramCase 2: Theatre, Film and Creative Writing: Theatre ProgramCase 3: British Columbia: Close to HomeCase 4: British Columbia: Close to HomeCase 5: UBC Press publishes UBC AuthorsCase 6: UBC Press Award Winners2005 BC in Print: Selections from the UBC Books of 200543 titles in the virtual display:http://www.library.ca/authorsweek/2005/BCinPrint.html29 titles in the Koerner Library displayCase 1: Green SpacesCase 2: Then and NowCase 3: The Power of the WordCase 4: Close to HomeCase 5: UBC Press publishes UBC authorsCase 6: UBC Press award winnersc. Other special events Friday Noon Hour @ Main Library: a Salute to the UBC Authors,Composers, and Performers of 2001, 2002Summary and highlights (Friesen – UBC Authors)5 Ways of Seeing: the UBC Filmmakers Showcase - Recent Productions.Presented by Raymond Hall, Prof. Emeritus, Theatre, Film & Creating Writing,The UBC Library and The Media Group, March 14, 2002 UBC Authors from A-Z, featuring two University Killam Professors, William H.New and Peter Hochachka William H. New “Walking with a Bicycle: the Encyclopedia of Literature inCanada Project, March 10, 20033. Four Virtual Exhibits (created by Paul Lesack)2002: UBC Authors & Their Works 2002: A Celebration of CreativeAchievements/The Arts/The Humanities/The Sciences/The Social Sciences andfeaturing The Encylopedia of Literature in Canada by William H. Newhttp://www.library.ubc.ca/authorsweek/2002/2003: UBC Authors of 2003: 148 authors, 167 new works --- Year of the UniversityPresshttp://www.library.ubc.ca/authorsweek/2003/2004: Local Authors, Global Issues: UBC Authors, 2004http://www.library.ubc.ca/authorsweek/20042005: Pacific Perspectives: UBC Authors & their Works, 2005http://www.library.ubc.ca/authorsweek/9. Facts and FiguresReceptionDateNumber ofauthorsNumberof worksReceptionattendeesBC in Printnumbers ofauthors1991 150? 1601992 1201993 1101994 1151995 128 1531996 108 114 1301997 123 1201998 109 100 1411999 133 135 962000 135 135 1652001 150 138 1272002 161 1352003 143 167 272004 148 167 322005 165 182 312006 158 166 108 43Summary and highlights (Friesen – UBC Authors)610. CommunicationsUBC Reports, including several years where the entire list of authors was published.March 5, 1992 (photo only)April 22, 1993 (photo only)March 9, 1995 (author list and profiles)March 21, 1996 (author list only)March 6, 1997 (feature)March 18, 1999 (feature)March 9, 2000 (feature)March 22, 2001 (feature)March 2, 2006 (article)The Vancouver SunMarch 23, 200111. Venues: Receptions/Exhibits1991 (March 18): Graduate Student Centre Ballroom1992 (October 15): Cecil Green Park1993 (April 7): Graduate Student Centre Ballroom1994 (March 16): Cecil Green Park1995 (March 16): Cecil Green Park1996 (March 21): Cecil Green Park1997 (March 11): Cecil Green Park1998 (March 24): Cecil Green Park1999 (March 23): Library Square (Vancouver Public Library)2000 (March 21): Sty-Wet-Tan Great Hall, First Nations House of Learning2001 (March 22): Sty-Wet-Tan Great Hall, First Nations House of Learning2002 (March 12): Robson Square2003 (March 12): Sty-Wet-Tan Great Hall, First Nations House of Learning2004 (March 17): Sty-Wet-Tan Great Hall, First Nations House of Learning2005 (March 15): Life Sciences Centre, West Atrium2006 (March 30): Life Sciences Centre, East AtriumAppendices:Some highlights (from the Booklist introductions)Files: Folders 1-21Summary and files prepared by:Margaret Friesen and Bailey DiersFeb. 2010


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