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UBC authors and their books 1999 UBC Library 2000-03-31

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UBC AUTHORS&THEIR BOOKS1999UNIvER5rrY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA LIBRARYANDOFFICE OF THE PRESIDENTAUTHORS’ RECEP-nONMARCH 2000‘ ixl.flzrlcr3zUzDUBCAuthors & Their BooksUBCAuthors & Their BooksTenth Annual Authors’ ReceptionJJhe UBC Library is a major centre of researchfor scholars in every discipline. Since theUniversity’s founding 85 years ago, it hasbuilt up significant collections En a wide variety ofdisciplines, from music to microbiology, fromchildren’s books to early dictionaries. Through thehard work of dedicated scholars and librarians, oftenwith the help of generous benefactors, our libraryhas amassed unique holdings that draw researchersfrom around the world, and that have brought UBCinternational recognition. It is both a storehouse ofknowledge and a working laboratory, an essentialresource for the whole academic community.Each year the Library brings together the latestproductions by UBC scholars, reminding us of theinvaluable contributions to knowledge made bycolleagues from every part of the University. Theirpublications are celebrated in an annual exhibitionthat pays tribute to their creativity, imagination, andhard work. Our students are doubly fortunate, tohave scholar-teachers who are at the forefront oftheir research fields, and to reap the benefit ofcenturies of scholarship in the form of one of thebest libraries in the country.I send my warmest congratulations to all colleagueswhose work is represented here, and whosecontributions will materially advance our reputationas a leading research university.Martha C. PiperPresidentam very pleased to join President MarthaPiper in sponsoring the Tenth AnnualAuthors’ Reception. With this event, wecelebrate the accomplishments of more than 130authors whose published works in 1999 encompasssome forty disciplines in a variety of formats: printand electronic books, videos, CD’s and CD-ROM’s.These works are not only a testimony to thescholarship, research and creative endeavours thattake place at UBC, but also demonstrate how UBCscholars continue to make significant contributionsto the world’s fund of knowledge and help makeUBC one of the world’s leading research universities.The Library’s extensive print, electronic, and audiovisual information resources provided thefoundation for the research of many of the authorswho are being honoured. Thus the Authors’Reception provides an occasion to celebrate the rolethat the University Library plays in supportinglearning, research and scholarship. These works ofUBC’s authors enrich the quality and depth of theLibrary’s collection, provide a basis for further studyand research, and demonstrate that a first-classresearch library is truly the heart of the academicenterprise.Catherine QuinlanUniversity LibrarianUBCAuthors Their Books UBCAuthors Their BooksADAMS, ROBERT A. Calcolo differenziale 1.(single variable calculus.) 2nd ed.Milan, Casa Editrice Ambrosiana, 1999.ADAMS, ROBERT A. Calculus: a complete course.With Student’s solutionsmanual, Instructor’s solutions manual, Instructor’sCD-ROM. 4th ed. Don Mills,Addison-Wesley, 1999.ADAMS, ROBERT A. Calculus of several variables.With Student’s solutionsmanual, Instructors solutions manual. 4th ed.Don Mills, Addison-Wesley, 1999.ADAMS, ROBERT A. Single-variable calculus.4th ed. Don Mills, Addison-Wesley,1999,AKLUJKAR, ASHOK N. The theory of nipàtas (particles)in Yãska’s Nirukta. Pune,Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, 1999.ARNEIL, BARBARA. Politics and feminism. Oxford, Blackwell,1999.ARNOVICK, LESLIE K. Diachronic pragmatics:seven case studies in Englishillocutionary development. Amsterdam, Benjamins,1999.AUERBACH, KATHLEEN G. and JAN RIORDAN.Clinical lactation: a visual guide.Sudbury, Jones and Barlett, 2000.AYCOCK, SCOTT L., PATRICIA M. MARCHAK, and DEBORAHM. HERBERT.Falldown: forest policy in British Columbia. Vancouver,David Suzuki Foundation,1999.BADALI, SALVADOR J., ANNA M. KINDLER, and RENÉEWILLOCIC Between theoryand practice: case studies for learning to teach. Scarborough,Prentice Hall Allynand Bacon Canada, 1999,BARMAN, RODERICK J. Citizen emperor: PedroII and the making of Brazil, 1 825-1891. Stanford, Stanford University Press, 1999.BARNES, TREVOR J. and MERIC S. GERTLER, eds. The newindustrial geography:regions, regulation and institutions. London and NewYork, Routledge, 1999.BATES, TONY. Managing technological change: strategiesfor college anduniversity leaders. San Francisco, Jossey-Bass, 2000.UBCAuthors Their Books UBCAuthors& Their BooksBERNHARDT, BARBARA HANDFORD and JOSEPH P. STEMBERGER. Workbook in CHAPMAN, MARY MEGAN and GLENN HENDLER,eds. Sentimental men:nonlinear phonology for clinical application. Austin, Pro-Ed, 2000. masculinity and the politics of affect in American culture.Berkeley, University ofCalifornia Press, 1999.BORAKS-NEMETZ, LILLIAN. The sunflower diary. Montreal, Roussan, 1999.CLARK, PENNEY. Canada revisited 7. Calgary,Arnold, 1999.BOSE, MANDAKRANTA, ed. Faces of the feminine in ancient, medieval, andmodern India. New York, Oxford University Press, 1999. COREN, STANLEY. Aijou no iii, warui mu: shippaishinai mu erabi no kotsu.(Why we love the dogs we do.) Tokyo, Bungeishunju,1999.BOWEN, LYNNE. Robert Dunsmuir: laird of the mines. Montreal, XYZ, 1999.COREN, STANLEY. Din mntelligente hund.(The intelligence of dogs.)BOYD, PHILIP W. and PAUL JAMES HARRISON, eds. Canadian JGOFS IJointGlobal Copenhagen,Borgen, 1999.Ocean Flux Studyl in the NE Subarctic Pacific. Oxford, Pergamon Press, 1999.COREN, STANLEY and J. WALKER.Tetsugakusha ni natta mu? (What do dogsBOYD, SUSAN B., JOSEE BOUCHARD, and ELIZABETH A. SHEEHY. Canadian know?) Tokyo, Bungeishunju, 1999.feminist literature on law: an annotated bibliography. Toronto, University ofToronto Press, 1999. COREN, STANLEY. Die unausgeschlafene Gesellsch aft. (Sleepthieves.) HamburgRowholt, 1999.BOYLE, CHRISTINE, MARILYN T. MACCRIMMON, and DIANE MARTIN. The law ofevidence: fact finding, fairness, and advocacy. Toronto, Emond Montgomery, CREESE, GILLIAN LAURA. Contracting masculinity: gender,class, and race in a1999. white-collar union, 1944-1994. Don Mills, Oxford UniversityPress Canada,1999.BRINTON, LAUREL J. and MINOJI AKJMOTO, eds. Collocational and idiomaticaspects of composite predicates in the history of English. Amsterdam, John CURRIE, DAWN H. Girl talk: adolescent magazines and their readers.Toronto,Benjamins, 1999. University of Toronto Press, 1999.BULLOCK, MICHAEL H., trans. The city in the egg. (Cite dans I’oeuf.) IMichel CURRIE, NOEL E., KEVIN MCNEILLY, WILLIAM H. NEW, and WILLIAME.Tremblayl. Vancouver, Ronsdale Press, 1999. MESSENGER, eds. Currents: stories, essays, poems, and plays. 2nd ed.Scarborough, Prentice HaIl, 2000.BULLOCK, MICHAEL H. Erupting in flowers: poems. Vancouver, Rainbird Press,1999. DALE, ANN and iT. Pierce, eds. Communities, development, andsustamnabilityacross Canada. Vancouver, UBC Press, 1999.CALNE, DONALD B. Within reason: rationality and human behavior. New York,Pantheon Books, 1999. DAWSON, ANTHONY B., ed. Ardenonline (Arden Shakespeare3 series).(Computer file.) URL:http://ardenShakespeare.com/ardenonline/home.htmICARTER, BETTY JOYCE. Who’s to bIme? child sexual abuse and non-offending London, Thomson Learning Europe, 1999.mothers. Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1999.DE SILVA, CLARENCE W. Vibration: fundamentalsand practice. Boca Raton, CRCCHALYKOFF, LISA, SHERRILL GRACE, and EVE D’AETH, eds. Staging the North: 12 Press, 2000.Canadian plays. Toronto, Playwrights Canada Press, 1999.DICKINSON, PETER. Here is queer: nationalisms,sexualities, and the literatures ofCHAPMAN, MARY MEGAN, ed. Ormond, or, The secret witness. ICharles Canada. Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1999.Brockden Browni. Peterborough, Broadview Press, 1999.2 3UBCAuthors 8 Their Books UBCAuthors 8 Their BooksDU GAS, BEVERLY WITTER, LYNNE ESSON, and SHARON E.RONALDSON. HARRISON, PAUL JAMES and PHILIP W. BOYD, eds. Canadian JGOFSIioint GlobalNursing foundations: a Canadian perspective. 2nd ed. Scarborough,Prentice HallOcean Flux Study] in the NE Subarctic PacificOxford, Pergamon Press, 1999.Canada, 1999.HATCH, RONALD B. and JAIHIUN KIM, trans.Love’s silence and other poems.DURBACH, ERROL, translator and adapter and ALISON GREEN, illustrator. HenriklYong-un Han]. Vancouver, Ronsdale Press, 1999.Ibsen’s Peer Gynt in a new version. (Stage drama.) Vancouver, 1999.HAYCOCK, KENNETH ROY, ed. Foundationsfor effective school librarymediaEGAN, SUSANNA. Mirror talk: genres of crisis in contemporary autobiography.programs. Englewood, Libraries Unlimited,1999.Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press, 1999.HEALEY, MICHAEL, ed. Seeking sustainability in theLower Fraser Basin: issuesESSON, LYNNE, BEVERLY WITTER DU GAS, and SHARON E. RONALDSON.and choices. Victoria, WesternGeographical Press, 1999.Nursing foundations: a Canadian perspective. 2nd ed. Scarborough, Prentice HallCanada, 1999.HERBERT, DEBORAH M., PATRICIA M. MARCHAK,and SCOTT L. AYCOCKFalldown: forest policy in British Columbia.Vancouver, David Suzuki Foundation,FISHER, DONALD and THERESA R. RICHARDSON, eds. The development of the1999.social sciences in the United States and Canada: the role of philanthropy.Stanford, Ablex, 1999.HERTZMAN, CLYDE and DANIEL P. KEATING, eds.Developmental health and thewealth of nations. New York, Guilford Press, 1999.FLEMING, ANNE. Pool-hopping and other stories. Victoria, Polestar, 1998.HODGSON, ELIZABETH M.A. Gender and the sacredself in John Donne. Newark,FOSTER, JOHN WILSON, ed. Titanic. London, Penguin, 1999.University of Delaware Press, 1999.GLEASON, MONA LEE. Normalizing the ideal: psychology, schooling, and theHUMPHREY, ELAINE, SHAR LEVINE, and LESLIE JOHNSTONE.3-0 bees and microfamily in postwar Canada. Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1999.fleas. New York, Somerville House Books, 1999.GOETZ-STANKIEWICZ, MARKETA and PHYLLIS CAREY, eds. Critical essays onHUMPHREY, ELAINE, SHAR LEVINE, and LESLIE JOHNSTONE.3-D lungs and microVaclav Havel. New York, G.K. Hall, 1999.tongues. New York, Somerville House Books,1 999.GRACE, SHERRILL, ed. Satan in a barrel and other early stories. IMalcolm Lowry].HYMEL, SHELLEY and KEN J. ROTENBERG, eds. Lonelinessin childhood andEdmonton, Juvenilla Press, 1999.adolescence. New York, Cambridge University Press,1999.GRACE, SHERRILL, LISA CHALYKOFF, and EVE D’AETH, eds. Staging the North: 12INNES, JOHN L., MARTIN BENISTON, and MICHEL M.VERSTRAETE, eds. BiomassCanadian plays. Toronto, Playwrights Canada Press, 1999.burning and its inter-relationships with the climate system.Boston, KluwerAcademic Publishers, 1999.GREEN, ALISON, illustrator and ERROL DURBACH, translator and adapter. HenrikIbsen’s Peer Gynt in a new version. (Stage drama.) Vancouver, 1999.INNES, JOHN L. and J. OLEKSYN, eds. Forest dynamicsin heavily pollutedregions. Oxon, CABI, 1999.GRIFFITHS, ANTHONY J.F. Kidscience: real science your child can do. Vancouver,APASE, 1999.IRVINE, ANDREW D., JOHN WOODS, and DOUGLASWALTON. Argument: criticalthinking logic, and the fallacies. With Instructors manualand transparencyGRIFFITHS, ANTHONY J.F. Modern genetic analysis. New York, W.H. Freeman,masters. Toronto, Prentice HaIl, 2000.1999.45UBCAuthors Their BooksUBCAuthors&’ Their BooksIRWIN, RiTA 1. and ANNA M. KINDLER, eds. Beyond the school: community andLIGHTHALL, LYNNE and ELEANOR HOWE, eds. Unleash thepower! knowledge-institutional partnerships in art education. Reston, National Art Educationtechnology-diversity: papers presented at the third internationalforum onAssociation, 1999.research in school librarianship. Seattle, IASL, 1999.ISRAEL, ROBERT BRIAN. Calculus: the Maple way. 2nd ed. Don Mills, Addison-LINDSTROM, SANDRA C. and RITA M. O’CLAIR. North Pacificseaweeds. AukeWesley, 1999.Bay, Plant Press, 1999.JAMIESON, JANET R., ELIZABETH A. JORDAN, and MARION PORATH. Problem-LYNN, KYUNG-HEE, compiler. Taiheiyo e no Kakehashi: Kanadanishikaigan -based learning in inclusive education. Scarborough, Prentice Hall, 2000.wakamono no koe. (A bridge over the Padfic: young voicesof Canada’s WestCoast.) Vancouver, British Columbia Japanese Speech Contest,The TenthJOBE, RON and MARY DAYTON-SAKARI. Reluctant readers: connecting studentsAnniversary Publication Committee, 1999.and books for successful reading experiences. Markham, Pembroke, 1999.MACCRIMMON, MARILYN T., CHRISTINE BOYLE, and DIANEMARTIN. The law ofJOHNSON, GRAHAM EDWIN and GLEN D. PETERSON. Historical dictionary ofevidence: fact finding, fairness, and advocacy. Toronto, Emond Montgomery,Guangzhou (Canton) and Guangdong. Lanham, Scarecrow Press, 1999.1999.JORDAN, ELIZABETH A., JANET R. JAMIESON, and MARION PORATH. Problem-MACENTEE, MICHAEL I. The complete denture: a clinical pathway. Chicago,based learning in inclusive education. 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