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UBC authors and their books [1991] UBC Library 1992-10-31

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W3CJ4utliorsqijeir3oosUNIvERSIm’ OF BRITISH COLUMBIA LIBRARYOFFICE OF THE PRESIDENTAUTHORS’ RECEPTIONOCTOBER 1992V3CAuthors& ¶Vefr BooiQsUNIvERsIm’ OF BRITISH COLUMBIALIBRARYANDOFFICE OF THE PRESIDENTAumos’ RECEPTIONOCTOBER 1992VBCAuIwrs 1992¶The Libranj has on &sp&ig a selection ofV’BCLthranj materiaL acquiretitluringtlieyear 1991. ‘They are éiverse insu6ject,format anépurpose. Without icüntifijirigany single item as the three millionthacquisition, this display is meant to showthe variety, depth andspecialization ofthe Vniversity Libranj collection as itpasses the 3,000,000th milestone.In Celebrationof¶The 9ar of‘The .hree 9v(iffionth¶BooICYut69. Ptnrick TIED.‘University LikarianUBC LIBRARY‘lJBCiut1zors 1992ciBci4ii.t(wrs 1992Dietrich, Dr. The German Emigrants; or, FrederickWohigemuth’s Voyage to California. Guben, F. Fechner,[ca.1850]. SP HR F864 D56 1850z. Special Collections.Fractals: An Animated Discussion. New York, W.H.Freeman, 1990. QA 614.86 F722 1990 video. Sedgewicklibrary.Geological Survey of Canada. Evolution and HydrocarbonPotential of the Queen Charlotte Basin, British Columbia.Paper 90-10. Ottawa, Ministry of Supply and Services, 1991.QE185A11 v.90:10. Main library.Note: Same text available in Mlcrokg mictvfiche ceilection. AW5M5254. 91-05448. Government Publications & MicroformsDivision.Items in tile W[BCLitrarzj Disp(ay.UBC LIBRARYThe Adult Spine: Principles and Practice. New York, Raven,1991. WE 725 A384 1991 vol. 1-2. Hamber and BiomedicalBranch Libraries.Campbell’s survey on well-being in Canada, 1988. [Computer file]? Principal investigator, Canadian Fitness and LifestyleResearch Institute, Ottawa. Ottawa, Canadian Fitness andLifestyle Research Institute [distributor], (1991?). Data Library.Canadian Journal of Education: Revue canadienne del’éducation. Vol. 16, No. 1, Winter 1991. Humanities?SocialSciences Periodicals and Curriculum Laboratory.continuel...qJ.Bc.14utfiors 3992 ‘TJfBCAutIwrs 1992Hartt, Frederick The Sistine Chapel. New York, Knopf inassociation with Nippon Television Network Corporation, 1991.ND 623 B9 H2883 1991 vol. 1-2. Fine Arts Library.INSPEC ondisc. Science Division.Jones, Douglas Gordon. A Thousand Hooded Eyes: Poems.Vancouver, Editions Lucie Lambert, 1990. PR 9286 063 T481990. Special Collections.Kaisha Nenkan (Nikkei: annual corporation reports). Tokyo,Nihon Keizai Shinbunsha, 1991. Ref. HF 3823 K3voI.1-2. AsianLibrary.Ustopad ‘89. Praha, Odeon, 1990. DB 2238.7 L57 1990. MainLibrary.Middle East Crisis (map). Maplewood, N.J., Hammond, 1991.G7421 S4 1991 H3. Map Library.Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Requiem. New York, Barenreiter,1990. M 2.8 M69 K626 1990. Music Library.Note: Compact disc version available in Music Library. AV 1.2M69 R4 1983.PiusNet2. Woodward, Hamber, St. Paul’s and Biomedical BranchLibraries.Swan, James. Letterbook, Vol. 4. Manuscript, SpecialCollections.ABERLE. DAVID F. The Peyote religion among the Navaho, Norman. Oklahoma.University of Oklahoma Press. 1991. 2nd ed.ADAMS. ROBERT A. Calculus of several variables, Don Mills. Addison-Wesley, 1991.2nd ed.ADAMS, ROBERT A. Calculus of several variables; instructor’s solutions manual. DonMills, Addison-Wesley. 1991.ADAMS. ROBERT A. Calculus of several variables; student solutions manual. Don Mills,Addison-Wesley, 1991.AKLUJKAR. VIDYULLEKHA. Yathã Kstham ca Kâstham ca. Rifle, India, Deshmukh &Co. 1991.AKLUJKAR. ASHOK, Sanskrit: an easy introduction to on enchanling language.Richmond. B.C. Svadhyaya Publicaflon/Author. 1991.ALLAN. JOHN and BEVERLEY HOWDEN. Canng and sharing: facilitaling moraldevelopment in the elementary school. Toronto. Lugus. 1991.BARMAN. JEAN and LINDA HALE. Bñtish Columbia local histories: a bibliography.Victoria, B.C. Heritage Trust. 1991.BARNES. TREVOR J. and JAMES S. DUNCAN. Writing wods: discourse, text andmetaphor in the representation of landscapes. London,Roufledge. 1991.BLAKE. D.E.. R.K. CARTY. and L.R. ERICKSON. Grassroots politicians: party activists inBritish Columbia. Vancouver, U.B.C. Press. 1991.BLAKE, IDE.. R.K. CARTY. and L.R. ERICKSON. Leaders and parties in Canadian politics.Toronto. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. 1992.BLAKE, ROBERTW. Concepts of efficiency in animal physiology. Cambridge. Eng..Cambridge University Press. 1991.BOSE, MANDAKRANTA. Movement and Mimesis; the idea of dance in the Sanskritlctradition. Dordrecht. Kiuwer Academic Publishers, 1991.BOSE. MANDAKRANTA. Nartananirnava. by Pundarika Vitthala. Calcutta, GeneralPrinters and Publishers. 1991.BROWN. DANIEL J. Decentralization: the administrator’s guidebook. Newbury Park,CA. Corwin Press, 1991.BULLOCK. MICHAEL. The burning chapel. Victoa. Ekstasis. 1991..UBC LIBRARY1VBCut1iors 1992 QBCijLt1wrs1992BURNS. PETER, Criminal injuries compensation. Markham, Ont., Butterworths, 1992.2nded.BURRIDGE. KENELM. in the way. Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press. 1991.CAIRNS, ALAN C. Disruptions: constitutional struggles from The Charter to MeechLake. Toronto, McCleliand & Stewart. 1991.CALAM, JOHN, ed. Alex Lord’s British Columbia: recollections of a rural schoolinspector. 1915-1936. Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press. 1991.CARTY, R.K., D.E. BLAKE and L.R. ERICKSON, Grassroots politicians: party activists inBritish Coiumbia. Vancouver. U.B.C. Press. 1991,CAPTY, R.K.. L. ERICKSON. and D.E. BLAKE. Leaders and parties in Canadian politics.Toronto, Harcourt Brace Javanovich, 1992.COCHRAN, LARRY R. Ufe-shaping decisions. New York. Peter Long. 1991.COREN. STANLEY. The Ieft-honder syndrome; the causes and consequences of lefthandedness. New York. The Free Press. 1992.CORRIGALL, MELODIE and ROOPCHAND SEEBARAN. Community mobilization toprevent alcohol and other drug problems. Vancouver. PJcohol-Drug EducationService. 1991.CREESE. GILLIAN. NEIL GUPPY and MARTIN MEISSNER. Ups and downs on the ladder ofsuccess: social mobility in Canada. Offawa. Statistics Canada. 1991.CRUIKSHANK. JULIE. Readng voices: DOn DhO Ts’edeninlth’e. Vancouver. Douglas &MclntyTe. 1991.DORCEY. ANTHONY H. J.. HANDMER. J.W. and SMITH. D.Z. Negotiating water: conflictresolution in Australian water management. Canberra. Australia. CFRES. AustralianNational University, 1991.DORCEY. ANTHONY H. J., ed. Perspectives on sustainable development in watermanagement: towards agreement in the Fraser River Basin. Vancouver. WestwaterResearch Centre. 1991.DORCEY. ANTHONY H. J.. ed. Water in sustainable development: exploring ourcommon future in the Fraser River Basin. Vancouver, Westwater Research Centre.1991.DUKE. MICHAEL S. Worlds of modern Chinese fiction. Armonk, N.Y., ME. Sharpe/EastGate Books, 1991.2DURBACH, ERROL. A Doll’s house; Ibsen’s myth of transformation, Boston, G.K. Hall!Twayne, 1991.ECHARD. SIAN and CLAIRE FANGER. The Latin verses in the Confessio Amanlis: anannotated translation. East Lansing, Michigan, Colleagues Press, 1991.ELIOT. KATIE M. Under Conis Major. Vancouver. Zenith Press. 1991.EVANS. J.A.S. and R.W. UNGER. eds. Studies in medieval and renaissance history, Vol.XII. New York, A.M.S. Press, 1991.FISHER. DONALD. The social sciences in Canada: fifty years of national activity by TheSocial Science Federation of Canada. Wateoo. Wilfrid Laurier University Press. 1991.(also published in French)FOSTER. JOHN WILSON. Colonial consequences: essays in Irish literature and culture.Dublin, Ulliput Press, 1991.FOSTER. JOHN WILSON. ed. The Reid Day anthology of Irish writing. Deny. Field DayTheatre Company/Faber. 1991.FOSTER. JOHN WILSON and GERALD DAWE. eds. The poets’ place: Ulster literatureand society. Belfast. Institute of Irish Studies. 1991.FREEMAN. DAVID S. Mulligeneralional family therapy. New York. Haworth Press. 1991.FROESE. VICTOR. A language approach to reading. Scarborough. Nelson Canada.1991.FROST. PETER. ROBERT MARX and TODD JICK. Management live! the video book.Englewood Cliffs. NJ.. Prentice Hail, 1991.FROST. PETERJ.. LARRY F. MOORE, et al. Reftaming organizational culture. NewburyPork,CA.Sage. 1991.GASKELL. JANE S. and ARLENE TIGAR McLAREN. Women and education. Calgary.Detselig Enterprises, 1991. 2nd ed.GENZ. HENNING and ROGER DECKER. Symmetrie und syrnmetniebrechung in derphysik. Braunschweig. Vieweg, 1991.GREEN. LAWRENCE W. and MARSHALL W. KREUTER. Health promotion planning: aneducational and environmental approach, Mountain View, CA. Mayfield. 1991.GREGG. ROBERT JOHN. WALTER S. AVIS. MATTHEW HENRY SCARGILL and ROSEMARYCOURTNEY. Gage Canadian dictionary. Toronto, Gage Educational Publishing Co.,VBCi4ut1zors 19929JBCj4ILt(WrS 19921991 2nd ed. (also published in French)GUPPY. NEIL. GILLIAN CREESE and MARTIN MEISSNER. Ups and downs on the adder ofsuccess: social mobility in Canada. Ottawa, Statistics Canada. 1991.HANSEN, KATHRYN. Grounds for play: the Nautanki Theatre of North India. Berkeley,University of California Press, 1991.HART, PAULA and RONALD JOBE. Canadian connections; experiencIng literature withchildren, Markham, Ond.. Pembroke. 1991.HAYES. MICHAEL, SHARON MANSON WILLMS and DAVID HULCHANSKI. Choice.voiceand dignity: housing issues and options for persons with HIV infection in Canada.Vancouver. Centre for Human Settlements. U.B.C., 1991.HEAD. IVAN L. On a hinge of history. Toronto, University of Toronto Press. 1991.HILL. PHILIP G. and CARL R. PEIERSON. Mechanics and thermodynamics of propulsion. Readng. Mass.. Addison-Wesiey Publishing Company. 1991.HOAR. MYRA M. and WILLIAM S. HOAR. A Hebridean hentage. Vancouver. TangledRoots Press, 1991.HOAR, WILLIAM S. and MYRA M. HOAR. A Hebridean heritage. Vancouver. TangledRoots Press, 1991.JAN, JAMES E.. ROBERT G. ZIEGLER and GIUSEPPE ERBA. Does your child haveepilepsy? Austin. Texas. Pro-Ed.. 1991. 2nd ed.JOBE. RONALD and PAULA HART. Canadian connections; experiencing literature withchildren. Markham. Ont., Pembroke. 1991.INKADE. M. DALE. cornp. Upper Chehalis dcflonary. Missoula. Montana. University ofMontana. 1991.KLEINKNECHT, RONALD A. Mastering anxiety: the nature and treatment01’ anxiousconditions. New York. Plenum Press. 1991.LASKOWSKI. J.S. and J. RALSTON, Colldd chemistry in mineral processing. Amsterdam.Elsevier, 1992.MACAREE. DAVID. Daniel Defoe’s political writing and literary devices.New York,Edwin Mellen Press. 1991.MARCHAK. M. PATRICIA. The integrated circus; the new right and the restructung ofglobal markets, Montreal. McGIll-Queen’s. 1991.4McGEE. T.G.. NORMAN GINSBURG and BRUCE KOPPELL, eds. The extended metropolis: settlement transition in Asia. Honolulu. University of Hawaii Press. 1991.McLAREN, ARLENE TIGAR and JANE S. GASKELL. Women and education. Calgary.Detselig EnterprLses, 1991. 2nd ed.McWHIRTER. GEORGE. A Bad day to be winning. Ottawa. Oberon. 1991.McWHIRTER. GEORGE. The Listeners. Ottawa. Oberon. 1991.MEISSNER, MARTIN. GILLIAN CREESE and NEIL GUPPY. Ups and downs on the ladder ofsuccess: social mobility in Canada. Ottawa. Statistics Canada. 1991.MESSENGER, WE. and WILLiAM H. NEW. Active vokze. Toronto. Prenlice-HdI, 1991.3rd ed.MILLER. ROBERTA. W.M. THURLBECK. NESTOR MULLER and E. ROSENOW. Diffusediseases of the lung: a team approach. Philadelphia. B.C. Decker/Mosby. 1991.MOORE. LARRY F.. PETER J. FROST. et al. Reframing organizational culture. NewburyPark. CA.. Sage. 1991.MULAR. ANDREW. RICHARD POULIN and RIMAS PAKALNIS. Computer applications inthe mineral industry. Vancouver, U.B.C. and Canadian Institute of Mining. Metallurty& Petroleum. 1991.MULLER. NESTOP. W.M. THURLBECK. ROBERTA MILLER and E. ROSENOW. Diffusediseases of the lung: a team approach. Philadelphia. B.C. Decker/Mosby. 1991.MULLER NESTOR L.. W. RICHARD WEBB AND DAVID P. NAIDICH. High-Resolution CT ofthe lung. New York. Raven Press. 1991.MUNTON. DONALD and HANS RATrINGER. Debating national security: the publicdimension. Frankfurt. Peter Lang. 1991.NANTON. ISABEL and MARY SIMPSON. Adventuring in Brish Cumbia; a Serra Clubtravel guide. Vancouver, Douglas & McIntyre. 1991.NEW, WILLIAM H. and WE. MESSENGER. Active voice. Toronto. Prentice-Hall, 1991.NEW. WILLIAM H. and HERBERTJ. ROSENGARTEN. Modern stories in English. Toronto.Copp-Clark Pitman. 1991.3rd ed.NEWrON. JUDY. The complete guide to vegetables for amateurs and experts. NorthVancouver. Whitecap Books. 1991.51JBCJ4ut1wrs 1992qJBcju.t1zors 1992NICHOLLS, WILLIAM M., WILLIAM J. MUSSELL and MARGARET TERRY ADLER. Makingmeaning of mental health. Chilliwack. Sal’i’shan Institute Society. 1991.O’BRIAN, PARKER. ALBIN WAGNER and JOHN T. PHILLIPS. Software directory ofautomated record management systems. Prairie Village. Kansas. ARMA International.1991.OSOBA. DAVID.ed. Effect of cancer on quality of life. Boca Raton, Fla., CRC Press,1991.PAKALNIS. RIMAS. RICHARD POULIN and ANDREW MULAR. 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KENNETH MENDOZA. and DALE GOWEN. eds. Textuality and subjectivity:essays on language and being. Columbia. Camden House. 1991.TOMSICH, MARIA G. trans. Love customs in eighteenth-century Soain. by CarmenMartin Gaite. Berkeley. University of California Press. 1991.7TiBCi4ut1iors 1992qjBcj4ut1wrs 1992TSURUTA, KINYA and SUI<EHIRO HIRAKAWA. Nihon bungaku no tokushitsu (Specialfeatures of Japanese literature) Tokyo. Meiji Shoin. 1991.!J/j,te.sUNGER. RICHARD W. The art of medieval technology: Images of Noah the shipbuilder. New Brunswick, N.J.. Rutgers University Press. 1991.UNGER, R.W. and J.A.S. EVANS, eds. Studies in medieval and renaissance history. Vol.Xli. New York, A.M.S. Press, 1991.VERRICUR. PATRICK and CAROLE TARLINGTON. Role drama - a teacher’s handbook.Toronto. Pembroke Press, 1991,WAGNER, ALBIN, PARKER O’BRIAN and JOHN T. PHILLIPS. Software directory ofautomated record management systems. Prairie Village. Kansas, ARMA International,1991.WEINBERG. CHARLES B. and G.H.G. McDOUGALL. 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