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UBC authors and their books 2000 UBC Library 2001-03-31

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UBC AUTHORSaTHEIR BOOKS2000UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA LIBRARYANDOFFICE OF THE PRESIDENTAUTHORS’ RECEPTIONMARCH 200100xcUBC Authors Their BooksUBC Authors Their Books11thAnnual Authors’ Receptionach year the Library brings together the latest$1J3J productions by UBC scholars, reminding us of theinvaluable contributions to knowledge made bycolleagues from every part of the University. Theirpublications are celebrated in an annual exhibition that paystribute to their creativity, imagination, and hard work. Ourstudents are doubly fortunate, to have scholar-teachers whoare at the forefront of their research fields, and to reap thebenefit of centuries of scholarship in the form of one of thebest libraries in the country.The 150 or so works presented at the eleventh UBC Authors’Reception remind us of the great variety of researchconducted at UBC, and of the many forms it takes. Themodem university is at the forefront of the knowledgeexplosion, and we are proud to have so many scholars andresearchers who are pre-eminent in their fields and who havehelped to bring UBC international recognition.Our Library has played an essential role in making ourresearch successes possible. It has built up significantcollections in a wide variety of disciplines, from musictomicrobiology, from children’s books to early dictionaries.Through the hard work of dedicated scholars and librarians,often with the help of generous benefactors, the Library hasamassed unique holdings that make it an invaluable resourcefor our faculty and students, as well as for the manyresearchers who are drawn to UBC from around the world.I send my warmest congratulations to all colleagues whosework is represented here, and whose contributionswillmaterially advance our reputation as a leading researchuniversity.Martha C. PiperPresidentam very pleased to join President Martha Piper insponsoring the 11th Annual Authors’ Reception andcongratulating this year’s authors. With this event,we celebrate the accomplishments of more than 150 authorswhose published works represent over forty disciplines, tendifferent languages and a wide variety of media: print andelectronic books, videos, CD’S and CD-ROM’s. These worksare not only a testimony to the scholarship, research andcreative endeavours that take place at UBC, but also demonstrate how UBC scholars continue to make significantcontributions to the world’s treasury of knowledge and helpmake UBC one of the world’s leading research universities.The Library’s extensive array of print, electronic, andaudio-visual information resources provided thefoundation for the research of many of the authors whoare being honoured. Thus the Authors’ Reception providesan occasion to celebrate the role that the UniversityLibrary, its collection and staff, play in supporting learning,research and scholarship. These works of UBC’s authorsenrich the quality and depth of the Library’s collection,provide a basis for further study and research, anddemonstrate that a first-class research library truly is theheart of the academic enterprise.Catherine QuinlanUniversity LibrarianUBCAuthors & TheirBooksUBCAuthors & Their BooksALTINTAS, YUSUF. Manufacturing automation: metal cutting mechanics,machine tool vibrations, and CNC design. New York, Cambridge UniversityPress, 2000.BARER, MORRIS L., KAREN CARDIFF, CAROLYN J. GREEN, KIMBERLYN M.MCGRAIL, and LAURA WOOD, eds. Tales from the other drug wars. Vancouver,Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, 2000.BEATTIE, B. LYNN, ed. Oxford textbook of geriatric medicine. 2nd ed. Oxford,Oxford University Press, 2000.BESTBIER, G. REGINA, SANDRA BROWN, KEN HALL, HANS E. SCHREIER, and PAULZANDBERGEN. Urban watershed management. (CD-ROM.) Vancouver, Institutefor Resources and Environment, University of British Columbia, 2000.BINNING, SADHU and SUKHWANT HUNDAL Sangharash de sau vre: Kanedavich Panjabi pragatisheel lahar. (One hundred years of struggle: Punjabiprogressive movement in Canada.) Ludhiana, Chetna Parkashan, 2000.BLAKE, ROBERT W. and PAOLO DOMENICI, eds. Biomechanics in animalbehaviour. Oxford, BIOS Scientific, 2000.BOCIURKIW, MARUSYA. Unspoken territory. (Video.) Vancouver, Winds ofChange Productions, 2000.BOSE, MANDAKRANTA, ed. A varied optic: contemporary studies in theRamayana. Vancouver, Institute of Asian Research, University of BritishColumbia, 2000.BOTNICK, MICHAEL R., ed. Gay community survival in the new millenium. NewYork, Haworth Press, 2000.BRADLEY, ALEXANDRA E. and DENISE DALE. At your fingertips! a householdfiling system that works for you. Richmond, Streamline Information andOrganizing Services, 1999.BRADLEY, ALEXANDRA E. and DENISE DALE. At your fingertips in the office:information management for the small business. Richmond, StreamlineInformation and Organizing Services, 2000.BRAID, KATE. Emily Carr: rebel artist. Montreal, XYZ Publications, 2000.UBCAuthors a Their BooksUBCAuthors a Their BooksBRINTON, LAUREL J. The structure of modern English: a linguistic introduction.CHATMAN, STEPHEN. Prairie dawn:concerto for clarinet and string orchestraWith CD-ROM. Amsterdam, Benjamins, 2000.with harp. (Musical score.) Boston, HighgatePress, 2000.BROWN, SANDRA, G. REGINA BESTBIER, KEN HALL, HANS E. SCHREIER, and PAULCHATMAN, STEPHEN. Reconciliation: forTTBB chorus and flugeihorn.(MusicalZANDBERGEN. Urban watershed management. (CD-ROM.) Vancouver, Institutescore.) Boston, Highgate Press, 2000.for Resources and Environment, University of British Columbia, 2000.CHILANA, RAJWANT, comp. Dictionaryof Sikh names. New Delhi, UBS,2001.BURGESS, MIRANDA J. British fiction and the production of social order, 1740-1830. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2000.CHIU-DUKE, JOSEPHINE. To rebuild theempire: Lu Chih’s Confucian pragmatistapproach to the mid-T’ang predicament.Albany, State University of New YorkCAIRNS, ALAN C. Citizens plus: aboriginal peoples and the Canadian state.Press, 2000.Vancouver, UBC Press, 2000.CLARK, JO and VIRGINIA G. FEARING, eds.Individuals in context: a practicalCAMERON, MAXWELL A. and BRIAN W. TOMLIN. The making of NAFTA: howguide to client-centered practice. Thorofare,NJ, Slack, 2000.the deal was done. Ithaca, Cornell University Press, 2000.CLARK, PENNEY, PHYLLIS ARNOLD, andKEN WESTERLUND. Canadarevisited 8:CARDIFF, KAREN, MORRIS L. BARER, CAROLYN J. GREEN, KIM BERLYN M.confederation, the development of westernCanada, a changing society.MCGRAIL, and LAURA WOOD, eds. Tales from the other drug wars. Vancouver,Edmonton, Arnold, 2000.Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, 2000.CLEMENT, PHILIP B. and ROBERT H.YOUNG. Atlas of gynecologic surgicalCARPENTER, CHRISTINE, ISABEL DYCK, and KAREN W. HAMMELL, eds. Usingpathology. London, W. B. Saunders,2000.qualitative research: a practical introduction for occupational and physicaltherapists. Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone, 2000.COOPER, JOHN XIROS, ed. T. S. Eliot’s orchestra:critical essays on poetry andmusic New York, Garland,2000.CARTY, R. KENNETH, WILLIAM P. CROSS, and LISA YOUNG. Rebuilding Canadianparty politics. Vancouver, UBC Press, 2000.COREN, STANLEY. Cani e padroni:come trovare ii cane ideale per Iapropriapersonalita. (Why we love the dogswe do,) Milan, Oscar Saggi Modadori, 2000.CHALMERS, F. GRAEME. A 19th century government drawing master: the WalterSmith reader. Reston, National Art Education Association, 2000.COREN, STANLEY. How to speakdog: mastering the art of dog-humancommunication. New York, FreePress, 2000.CHATMAN, STEPHEN. Dryads’ bells: for SATB chorus unaccompanied. (Musicalscore.) Boston, Highgate Press, 1999.COURTRIGHT, PAUL and SUSANLEWALLEN. Collaboration with Africantraditional healers for the preventionof blindness. Singapore, World ScientificCHATMAN, STEPHEN. Due West. (Compact disc.) Toronto, CI3C Records, 2000.Publishing 2000.CHATMAN, STEPHEN and MIRIAM WADDINGTON. Five songs for soprano andCRAWFORD, ROBERT M. A.Idealism and realism in international relations:piano. (Musical score.) Boston, Highgate Press, 2000.beyond the discipline. London,Routledge, 2000.CHATMAN, STEPHEN. Gloria: for double SATB chorus unaccompanied. (MusicalCRAWFORD, ROBERT M. A. andDARRYL S. L JARVIS, eds. Internationalrelationsscore.) Boston, Highgate Press, 1999.— still an American social science?New York, State University of New YorkPress,2000.23UBCAuthors Their BooksUBCAuthors Their BooksFEARING, VIRGINIA G. and JO CLARK, eds. Individuals in context: a practicalCROOK, MARION. The face in the mirror: teenagers and adoption. Vancouver,guide to client-centered practice. Thorofare, NJ, Slack, 2000.Arsenal, 2000.FERRERAS, SALVADOR. Woodcuts: Sal Ferreras and the Southern Cross Quintet.DALE, DENISE and ALEXANDRA E. BRADLEY. At your fingertips! a household(Compact disc.) Vancouver, Skylark Music, 2000.filing system that works for you. Richmond, Streamline Information andOrganizing Services, 1999.FITZGERALD, J. MARK, ed. Evidence-based asthma management. With CD-ROM.Hamilton, Decker, 2001.DALE, DENISE and ALEXANDRA E. BRADLEY. At your fingertips in the office:information management for the small business. Richmond, StreamlineFREEMAN, NEIL, annotator. The folio texts lof William Shakespearej. Antony &Information and Organizing Services, 2000.Cleopatra/Hamlet/Henry IV, part 1/Henry IV, part 2/Henry the Eighth/King John!King Lear/Richard the Second/Richard the Third/The Taming of the Shrew/TitusDANIELSON, DENNIS RICHARD. The book of the cosmos: imagining the universeAndronicus/Twelfth Night. New York, Applause, 2000.from Heraclitus to Hawking. Cambridge, Helix, 2000.FRIEDMAN, JAN M. and JANINE E. POLIFKA. Teratogenic effects of drugs: aDE GRANDIS, RITA, ed. Eva PerOn. Ottawa, Canadian Association for Latinresource for clinicians (rERIS). 2nd ed. Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University Press,American and Canadian Studies, 1999.2000.DE GRANDIS, RITA and ZILA BERND. Unforseeable Americas: questioningFRIEDRICHS, CHRISTOPHER R. Urban politics in early modern Europe. London,cultural hybridity in the Americas. Amsterdam, Rodopi, 2000.Routledge, 2000.DE SILVA, CLARENCE W., ed. Intelligent machines: myths and realities. BocaFROST, PETER J., ARIE V. LEWIN, and RICHARD L DAFT, eds. Talking aboutRaton, CRC Piss, 2000.organization science: debates and dialogue from Crossroads. Thousand Oaks,Sage, 2000.DUFFEK, KAREN and BILL MCLENNAN. The transforming image: painted arts ofNorthwest Coast First Nations. Vancouver, UBC Press, 2000.GICK, BRYAN and FLOYD G. LOUNSBURY, trans. and ecis. HARVEY ANTONE andDEMUS ELM, storytellers. The Oneida creation story. Columbia, Yorkshire Press,DURANTI, LUCIANA. Arhivski zapisi — teorija i praksa. Zagreb, Hrvatski Drzavni2000.Arhiv, 2000.GOELMAN, HILLEL You bet I care! caring and learning environments: quality inDYCI ISABEL, CHRISTINE CARPENTER, and KAREN W. HAMMELL, eds. Usingchild care centres across Canada. Guelph, Centre for Families, Work and Well-qualitative research: a practical introduction for occupational and physicalBeing, University of Guelph, 2000.therapists. Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone, 2000.GOLDENBERG, S. LARRY and IAN M. THOMPSON. Intelligent patient guide toEICH, ERIC. Cognition and emotion. 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