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Losing Patients Vice President Research and International, Office of the 2009-11-30

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9 FAnullnullnullnullnullnullR nullnullnullRnullnullRnullINnullINDInullNnullnullIDnullNnullInullnullnullsinull PnullnullienullsFew people relish a visit to the hospital, where even a modest health concern can trigger annullety about death and innullry. nullor many urban nullboriginal people, negative enulleriences in hospitals have made them mistrust institutionalinulled health care, making them resistant to future hospital visits, even if their health sunullrs as a result. nullndeed, a recent nullC nullkanagan nullnullnull study found that many nullboriginal people found their enullerience at hospitals to be invasive, and the institution unresponsive  to their needs. The conulluthors of the study – nullrof.  nullike nullvans, nullead of Community, Culture and nulllobal nulltudies, and nullsociate nullrofessor nullwrence nullerg – worked with nullCnullcolleagues and community partners to enullmine the relationship between urban nullboriginal people in the nullkanagan  nullalley and mainstream social services and health institutions. nullerg believes the current structure of the healthnullare system is not built to manullminulle positive health outcomes for nullboriginal people. nullnullat it shows is there are many very deep structural processes in place that unenullally anullct nullboriginal communities and white communities, so white people have the privilege of longer lives and better health outcomes,nullhe says.nullth nullvans and nullerg agree the issue of nullboriginal people’s health becomes one of cultural safety. nullis is about the institution policing itself to ensure it is a culturally safe institution for people other than white people,nullsays nullvans. nullat’s the twist on the cultural safety approach. nullt’s not about blaming a particular nurse or a particular doctor for being racistnullthat’s not productive. nullt’s about ensuring being responsive as an institution, and responsible as an institution for the provision of culturally safe care.nullThis research is funded by Canadian nullnstitutes of nullealth nullesearch nullnullnull and the nullocial nulliences and nullumanities nullesearch Council of Canada nullnullnullCnull  The Centre for nullocial, nullpatial and nullconomic nullustice is primarily funded by the Canada nulloundation for nullnnovation. nullesearch funding is also provided by Cnullnull the nullichael nullmith nulloundation for nullealth nullesearch, the nullnullis nullation of null, nullnullC, and the nullnited nullations.Unull Onullnagan’s centre nullor socialnullsnulltial and economic nullstice is a hub for social scientists undertanullng interdisciplinary research in the arts, humanities, health studies and social science. Conullirectors and principal researchers nullwrence nullrg, nulln Corbett and nullnulle Evans share a vision in which all peoples, regardless of their differences, are able to live free from marginalinulltion and oppression.  nullhe Centre wornull with social groups identifying as Aboriginal, disabled, economically disadvantaged, racialinulld, twonullpirited and queer. 


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