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Potato of the Pacific Vice President Research and International, Office of the 2009-11-30

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nullInullDInullRnullInull RnullnullARnull1null FAnullnullnullnullnullnullR nullnullPnullnullnullnullnull null nulle P nullciFicIt’s unlikely you’ll nulld breadfruit in your local supermarket – most nullorth nullericans have never even heard of it. Commonly compared to the potato, this fastnullrowing fruit has long been a dietary staple of nullndigenous peoples in the nullouth nullacinull. nullded by research at nullC nullkanagan, breadfruit is enulleriencing a revival in parts of the world where food security is an issue. nullt the Centre for nullpecies at nullsk and nullabitat nulltudies nullnullnullnull, nullrof. nullusan nullurch has been on a sinullyear mission to locally cultivate small breadfruit trees. nullsing sterile buds from mature trees at nullawaii’s nullational nullropical nulltanical nullarden, nullurch’s goal is to propagate breadfruit trees for distribution in parts of the world where there isn’t enough food, particularly in the wet tropics. The nullood and nullriculture nullrganinulltion null null estimates over a billion people globally are undernourished. null think it’s a wakenullp call and we need to think about how people in the world are eating,nullsays nullurch, who holds a Canada nullesearch Chair in nullatural nullroducts Chemistry. nullile most of the world relies on the four big crops of rice, potato, wheat and mainulle, nullurch believes that underutilinulled crops such as breadfruit provide real solutions for the world’s food needs. nulln its nullst four years, nullurch’s nulllant Chemistry nullnulliotechnology nullb cultivated nullnull0 trees for distribution. nullithin a month of distributing the nullst batch, she was inundated with renullests for over two million trees from organinulltions around the world, including nullacinull nullsland nations, nonnullovernment organinulltions and commercial enterprises. nullnullat we thought we were doing was understanding something about the science and the growth of a plant,nullsays nullurch, nullut what we were actually doing was breaking through a barrier that had been there for a couple of hundred years.nullnullo address the rising demand, nullurch’s lab has partnered to create nulllobal nullreadfruit, a company positioned to meet the demand for propagated trees. nullmportantly, the pronullct will return a percentage of pronulls as well as the traditional breadfruit varieties, propagated abroad, to their place of origin.nullurch’s research also involves an ecological and nutritional analysis of the hundred varieties of breadfruit, with an eye to determining which varieties are suitable for widespread distribution. This research will help to determine which varieties could eventually appear in supermarkets around the world, as an ingredient in common foods such as bread nullur or chips. nullether breadfruit becomes the  nenull nullpotatonullremains to be seen. nullor nullurch, what breadfruit does represent is one more possibility for the future of sustainable agriculture. nulllobal nullreadfruit is the result of a partnership between nullC nullkanagan, Cultivaris and the nullreadfruit nullnstitute at The nullational nullropical nulltanical nullarden in nulllaheo, nullawaii. The nulllant Chemistry nullnulliotechnology nullboratory and the Centre for nullpecies at nullsk and nullabitat nulltudies’ nullnullnullnull at nullC nullkanagan were established with funding from the Canada nulloundation for nullnnovation. Photo > Jack nullolnullord


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