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NEXUS Poster Session 2008 - Presenter List Coen, Stephanie 2008

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Poster Session & Holiday PartyWednesday, November 26th, 2008, 4-6pmUBC School of Nursing, #203-6190 Agronomy RoadThe Complementary Medicine Education and Outcomes Program Lynda Balneaves (NEXUS Lead Investigator), Truant, T., Ross, B., Brazier, A., & Porcino, A.Lessons Learned from the SCORE Project: Effi cacy of an Outreach and Education Initiative Related to Safer Crack Use  Jane Buxton (NEXUS Lead Investigator), Malchy, S., Johnson, J., Bungay, V., Boyd, S., &    Loudfoot, J.The Infl uence of Care Provider Access to Structural Empowerment on the Provision of Individualized Care in Long-Term Care Facilities  Sienna Caspar (NEXUS Trainee), & O’Rouke, N.South Asian Women’s Experiences of Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment: Translating Evidence into Culturally Appropriate Health Care  Suki Grewal (NEXUS Co-Investigator), & Bottorff, J.L.Same-day Discharge Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: Self-care Behaviours and Predictors of Self-care Agency and Cardiac Self-effi cacy  Sandra Lauck (NEXUS Trainee), & Johnson, J.L.Concordance of Reported Initial Symptoms with Symptoms Reported During PCI Balloon Infl ation  Martha Mackay (NEXUS Trainee), Ratner, P.A., Buller, C.E., & Johson, J.L.Is Perceived Addiction to Tobacco Associated with Susceptibility to Smoking?  Chizimuzo Okoli (NEXUS Trainee), Richardson, C.G., Ratner, P.A., & Johnson, J.L.Connecting Place, Space and Masculinities Among New Fathers Who Smoke  John Oliffe (NEXUS Lead Investigator), Bottorff, J.L., Johnson, J.L., Kelly, M., & LeBeau, K.The Warning Signs of “Heart Attacks”: What Does the Public Know?  Pam Ratner (NEXUS Co-Director), Johnson, J. Mackay, M., Tu, A., & Hossain, S.Intermediate Alleles for Huntington Disease: Patient Understanding and Current Counselling Practices  Alicia Semaka (NEXUS Trainee), Balneaves, L.G., Hayden, M.R.


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