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NEXUS Poster Session 2007 - Presenter List 2009

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     NEXUS Poster Session & Holiday Party November 28, 2007 4:00 to 6:00 PM  Presenters   Lynda Balneaves Treatment Decision Making and Complementary and Alternative Medicine: One Model Does Not Fit All!   Exploring the Social Contexts of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Decisions  Yvonne Bombard  Experiences of Genetic Discrimination are Common Among Persons at risk for Huntington’s Disease  Michele Bowers Life Review in Women with Breast Cancer – A Pilot Study  Paulien Brunings Feasibility of and responses to point of care (POC) STI testing and rapid HIV screening by outreach workers for indoor commercial sex workers (CSW) in Vancouver, Canada  Weihong Chen Understanding Culture in Youth Smoking Prevention: Findings from a Qualitative Study with Chinese-Canadian Adolescent Nonsmokers  Rebecca Haines Smoke, In My Eyes – A photographic research project with young women smokers  Peter Hutchinson When is a Community Ready?  Developing Métis Specific Health Services  Lise Ohlsen Parental Safety Behaviours And Related Factors: A Systematic Review  Zim Okoli Effects Of Smoke-Free Laws On Indoor Air Pollution  Angela Wolff Examining Diversity Within The Nursing Workforce 


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