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The future of diversity and health research in Canada Frank, Blye 2008-04-25

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NEXUS Spring Institute 2008April 24-25, 2008The Future of Diversity and Health Research in Canada: Current Debates & New Frontiers.2Thank You!To the organizing committee and NEXUS for inviting me.3`Halifax HarbourHalifax at NightThe Bluenose on the Halifax Harbourfront6PresenterBlye Frank, PhDProfessor & Head, Division of Medical EducationHead, Department of BioethicsFaculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University5849 University AvenueHalifax, NS, B3H 4H7Phone:  902-494-1852Fax:  902-494-2278blye.frank@dal.ca7Halifax, NS8Sir Charles TupperMedical School9Clinical ResearchCentre Today10VancouverHalifax11Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada1213Recognizing the land on which we do our work todaySt. John College- UBC-Point Grey CampusFriday, April 25th, 20083:15pm – 4:15pmMoving Beyond the Celebration of Diversity: Taking Difference into Account in Health Education and Research15EducationResearchTwo Main Areas16Current DebatesNew Frontiers17You don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note-Doug Floyd1819Framing my Presentation and our Discussion21IndividualInstitutional and ProfessionalSocialCultural CompetencePracticeAttitudes / BeliefsCultural SafetyHealth Disparities3 LevelsLocation! Location! Location!IndividualWe all Come from Somewhereas Educatorsas LearnersOURSELVES!The Greatest Research Project is:Institutional / Professional“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and inhumane.”-Martin Luther King Jr.SocialHealth DisparitiesPakistanPakistanPeshawar, PakistanThe OrdinaryThe EverydayThe Routine31Istanbul, Turkey32TanzaniaMoving from…The 5 D’s of Multiculturalism�Dress�Diet�Dance�Dialect�DrummingAnd Beyond…A Celebration of DiversityTo…Taking Difference into AccountRACERELIGIONREGIONABILITYSEXUALITYAGEGENDERCLASSOTHER37Taking Difference into Account in Education ClimateLanguageCurriculumPedagogy PolicyEducational Model39Taking Difference into Account in Research in Health40Not a talk about Diverse Populations41Aim:� To interrogate the research process� To think about ways of infiltrating that process with “taking difference in account”42Hauling complex lives into textTexting is a social process43AttitudesSkillsKnowledgeResearch44What is needed is rigorous scrutiny of our assumptions that shape the meaning of research itself.45Raises intensely personal questions about ourselves as raced, classed gendered actors in the research process.Current Debates New FrontiersWorking Together(Partnerships)Social AccountabilityDeliverables (KT)To the Research CultureTo the community47PartnershipsOn the team (multidisciplinary)Cross PillarsKTThroughout the processKnowledgeSkillsAttitudesCapacity Building48Two Stories:�Cole Harbour- team�A large grant- team49ClimateLanguageCurriculumPedagogy PolicyResearch Model50Rather, the focus is on:� Language we use� Pedagogy of method- how? (women on the street)� Curriculum of methods (what is included)� Policy  (knowledge translation, knowledge   transfer, knowledge exchange)51Essentially asks:“How literate are we as researchers about the research process at many levels with regard to difference”52Explodes….Creates a perch…53Knowledge is…�Socially constructed…�Temporal�Contextual54The GathererThe MethodAlways 2 major concerns for me:55MethodMethodology56MethodThe MechanicsThe How To57Methodology�Theory�Politics�Philosophy58How we know what we know?59Who’s knowledge?60Knowledge Transfer, Translation, & ExchangeCafé Scientific61In Conclusion:…..and before I fly back to Halifax62VancouverHalifax63Culturally Competent Research64Cultural Safety in Research and Culturally Safe Research65Moving to Cultural Competency and on to Cultural Safety66Social AccountabilityFor us as Educators and Researchers67Research is messy, complex and full of pitfalls, and our challenge is surely to not collapse difference, but to hold it central in our work.68Thank You!69Consider� Challenges� Questions� Concerns70PowerPoint Production and Animation By                 Charles Hsuen


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