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Cameras, knowledge, action: The potential for participant produced photographs to inform smoking cessation.. FACET 3 Team 2009

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Cameras, Knowledge, Action: The potential for participant produced photographs to inform smoking cessation interventions amongst new fathers Bottorff J, Oliffe J, Greaves L, Bhagat  R, Dauphinee  A, Hill T, Hussein R, & Poole N. Men, fatherhood & smoking ¾ masculinities and tobacco ¾ fatherhood ¾ men’s health practices Participant produced photographs: “smoking through the eyes of fathers” ¾ new fathers who cohabitated with female partner, smoked during partner’s pregnancy and post-partum ¾ 308 photographs, series of semi-structured individual interviews Cameras Smoking on the job Bifurcated domestic sphere Solitary confinement Knowledge Paltry • does not = • adjective 1. meagre, petty, trivial, trifling, beggarly, derisory, measly, piddling (informal) inconsiderable << OPPOSITE considerable • adjective 2. insignificant, trivial, worthless, unimportant, small, low, base, minor, slight, petty, trifling, Mickey Mouse (slang) piddling (informal) Knowledge to action: developing tailored interventions ¾understanding audience ¾engaging potential end users ¾building relationships ¾mutual learning Action Knowledge broker-facilitated group consultation sessions: innovative practices Action Finding a Place to Smoke What might work for fathers: ¾ $ ¾ support groups ¾ competition ¾for someone else Next Steps… ¾partner, health professionals and service provider perspectives ¾re-focusing the fathers groups on interventions ¾distribution Thank you


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