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Knowledge exchange in the context of harm reduction for crack cocaine smoking: Learning from cross Canadian.. Buxton, Jane; Malchy, Syd 2009

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Knowledge Exchange in the Context of Harm Reduction for Crack Cocaine SmokingLearning from Cross Canadian ExperienceBackground� High prevalence of crack cocaine� Many harms related to unsafe crack cocaine use� Gap in services existsKE context� Anti-harm reduction ideology � Current safer-crack use services are fragmented� Legal and policy issues do not reflect research-based evidenceGoals� To provide a knowledge exchange venue� To generate discussion and begin to develop guidelines� To promote and build national networksSafer Crack use “Think Tank”March 31st/April 1st 2009Toronto CanadaParticipants� Diverse sectors � academic� policy� legal � public health� frontline services providers � users of frontline services Setting the agenda� What I want to learn from others in the field in Canada� What I want to share with others in the field in CanadaWas it a KE success? � Knowledge generation and exchange� Identify needs and gaps� Start to prioritize work and delegate tasksSafer Crack Use Coalition of CANADAA new Canadian movement!Take Home Message� KE difficult in a culture where public health services are fragmented, and provision of care is heavily influenced by moral scrutiny and misinformation� The continuation of KE activities are all the more important in this context in order to raise awareness and build momentum


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