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Knowledge exchange in the context of harm reduction for crack cocaine smoking: Learning from cross Canadian.. Buxton, Jane; Malchy, Syd 2009-04-30

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Knowledge Exchange in the Context of Harm Reduction for Crack Cocaine Smoking Learning from Cross Canadian Experience  Background „ „  „  High prevalence of crack cocaine Many harms related to unsafe crack cocaine use Gap in services exists  KE context „ „  „  Anti-harm reduction ideology Current safer-crack use services are fragmented Legal and policy issues do not reflect research-based evidence  Goals „  „  „  To provide a knowledge exchange venue To generate discussion and begin to develop guidelines To promote and build national networks  Safer Crack use “Think Tank” March 31st/April 1st 2009 Toronto Canada  Participants „  Diverse sectors academic ‹ policy ‹ legal ‹ public health ‹ frontline services providers ‹ users of frontline services ‹  Setting the agenda „  „  What I want to learn from others in the field in Canada What I want to share with others in the field in Canada  Was it a KE success? „  „ „  Knowledge generation and exchange Identify needs and gaps Start to prioritize work and delegate tasks  Safer Crack Use Coalition of CANADA A new Canadian movement!  Take Home Message „  „  KE difficult in a culture where public health services are fragmented, and provision of care is heavily influenced by moral scrutiny and misinformation The continuation of KE activities are all the more important in this context in order to raise awareness and build momentum  


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