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Cover and Contents Vice President Research, Office of the 2006-12-31

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Office of the Vice President Research  A Journal of Research and Discovery > Issue 02 > December 2006  MAN VS. MICROBE Waging war on infectious diseases  A CURE FOR CHRONIC PAIN? The real deal on a promising painkiller  GOING GREENER  Sustainability meets the real world  WEANED ON THE WEB Demystifying teen Internet use  A MESSAGE FROM THE VICE PRESIDENT RESEARCH Welcome to the second issue of frontier, the University of British Columbia’s journal of research and discovery. As one of Canada’s top research institutions, we at UBC are committed to fostering an environment that promotes and facilitates first-rate research dedicated to furthering intellectual pursuits, and benefiting our society in a positive and significant way. The fact is, research matters. University research has farreaching implications for our society, and our lives. From the greatest, most significant medical discovery of our day – such as Brett Finlay’s important work on infectious diseases – to gaining a broader understanding of the societal impact of technology – such as Jennifer Shapka’s research in to technology’s influence on adolescents’ social, physical and cognitive development – research enriches our lives, drives our economy, and contributes to greater global understanding. We are proud to have researchers spanning all disciplines, who are dedicated to engaging in important, meaningful and inspirational research. The examples in these pages are but a few of the many UBC researchers who impact our world. Enjoy this second issue of frontier.  Dr. John Hepburn, Vice President Research  IN THIS ISSUE > From Out of the Shell A new era of pain management could be on the horizon. How Terry Snutch turned snail venom into a multi-million dollar painkiller  03  The Smaller the Particles The Bigger the Questions Exploring the chasm between quantum mechanics and Newtonian physics, Josh Folk uncovers new possibilities in the murky world of subatomic particles  06  Seismic Shift Saving lives, securing critical infrastructure and avoiding business interruptions during earthquakes: Terje Haukaas looks to shift the future towards performance-based engineering  08  THE MICROSCOPIC MENACE The next disastrous pandemic could strike any time, anywhere. Brett Finlay is finding hope in the battle against infectious diseases  12  Art of Darkness Jodey Castricano investigates the role of stories in structuring our social and cultural reality  16  Mixed Messages The information technology revolution is spawning a generation of tech-savvy kids. Jennifer Shapka aims to document its influence – both positive and negative  18  The Green House Can sustainability work in the real world? John Robinson is determined to prove it with his forthcoming “greener than green” living laboratory  20  Cover and page three photos> Paul Joseph  SUBSCRIBE For your complimentary subscription to frontier, please call 604.822.1995 or email info.frontier@ubc.ca www.research.ubc.ca A Journal of Research and Discovery Published By Office of the Vice President Research, University of British Columbia Fax 604.822.6295 Email info.frontier@ubc.ca Writing and Design kaldor.com Circulation 5,000 All rights reserved Printed in Canada 10% post-consumer waste  Publications mail agreement no. 41268533 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: University of British Columbia Office of the Vice President Research Room 224, 6328 Memorial Road Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z2  


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