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Map your happiness Ripple Lab Espinueva, Delane; Gasmen, Ruzzelle; Cakal, Sumeyye 2014-11-13

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 UBC Social Ecological Economic Development Studies (SEEDS) Student ReportDelane Espinueva, Ruzzelle Gasmen, Sumeyye CakalMap Your Happiness Ripple LabVOL 500November 13, 201411961697University of British Columbia Disclaimer: “UBC SEEDS provides students with the opportunity to share the findings of their studies, as well as their opinions, conclusions and recommendations with the UBC community. The reader should bear in mind that this is a student project/report and is not an official document of UBC. Furthermore readers should bear in mind that these reports may not reflect the current status of activities at UBC. We urge you to contact the research persons mentioned in a report or the SEEDS Coordinator about the current status of the subject matter of a project/report”.  Research question: The study aimed to identify where people feel most happy on UBC campus.  Participants: A total of 1397 participants from the UBC Vancouver campus took part in the survey. The participants included students, faculty, and staff on campus.  Survey methods: The survey included only one question: “Where do you feel most happy on UBC campus?” The participants provided their answers to this question by typing their responses on the computer. They were encouraged to be as specific as possible about the location. The survey started on September 22nd at the Ripple Lab (9/22-9/26) at Koerner Plaza on Main Mall, and finished on November 28th. Participants were recruited from booths during the Ripple Lab, or the Human Subjects Pool at the Department of Psychology.  Results: We grouped the happy places identified by the participants into general categories. Each category is a landmark on campus. The landmarks are listed in Table 1 below.  Table 1. The top 20 happiest places on UBC campus. Each place is a general landmark on campus. Specific places within the landmark are also identified. The frequency indicates the number of participants who indicated that they feel most happy in that place. Top 20 happy places General landmark Specific place within the landmark Frequency 1 Student Union Building Starbucks 132 2 Irving Ridington Room 130 3 Rose Garden  116 4 Martha Piper Plaza  65 5 Beach Wreck Beach 55 6 Main Mall Bench and Swings 44 7 Koerner Library Basement 37 8 Nitobe Garden  37 9 Totem Residence Ritsumeikan Residence 31 10 CIRS 1250 Lecture Hall 28 11 SRC Birdcoop 27 12 Ponderosa Collegia 26 13 The Village Starbucks 24 14 Sauder Library 23 15 Vanier Residence Dining Hall 23 16 Forestry Building 4th Floor 22 17 Buchanan A Block 21 18 Koerner Plaza Bean Bags 21 19 Aquatic Centre Bleachers 18 20 UBC Bookstore Starbucks 18   Some responses given by the participants did not include a specific landmark on campus. These unclassified places are listed in Table 2.  Table 2. The top 10 happiest, unclassified places on UBC campus. Specific reasons are given. The frequency indicates the number of participants who indicated that they feel most happy in that place. Top 10 happy places Unclassified places Specific reasons Frequency 1 Bedroom Comfort 59 2 With friends Social 27 3 Outdoors Nature 24 4 In class Education 20 5 Study spaces (non-quiet) Social  19 6 Bus stop, parking lot Going home 12 7 Restaurants, cafes Food 9 8 Starbucks Friends, study, coffee 7 9 Study spaces (quiet) Study 7 10 Sunny places Good weather 5   Subject HappySpot 1 rose garden 2 Buchanan 3 Anywhere near the ocean, on campus that would be wreck beach 4 wherever my friends are :D   or in bed 5 Beside the clock tower  6 At the second floor at Law Library in Allard Hall where the ocean view is spectacular  7 in the sub because that is where i usually buy my lunch 8 UBC  Totem Park 9 In my residence 10 Scarfe Library 11 When I am walking or running in Pacific Spirit Park  12 in class 13 On the UBC campus, I feel the most happy walking between classes. Mostly from either CIRS/SWNG to Buchanan.  14 WAR 15 The Rose Garden 16 Anywhere on campus, usually with my friends in the sun 17 Bus stop because it means I get to go home and relax.  18 at the bus loop when i am finished classes and I can go home. 19 Buchanan Building, third floor, in the lounge area where i can sit that has a big enough table for all my books to be open  20 In between Koerner and Irving, looking at the mountains behind the flagpole. 21 at my dorm 22 Outside doing something active or in the gym working out by myself 23 Walking between classes  24 in the old growth forest of the botanical gardens 25 Fountain 26 SUB, the tables I usually sit for lunch with my friends 27 I feel the most happy when I am at wreck beach on a sunny day with my friends.  28 With my friends in the SUB 29 walking west on University Blvd 30 The stain glass hallway in the chemistry building 31 In the sub with my friends when all of us are on a break 32 Walking from the starbucks in the sub with a coffee to the Student Office in the Student Recreation Centre. The Office is always filled with friendly people so its a very inviting, happy place and the walk over is always enjoyable.    33 Walking down Main Mall near the EOSC building and north of the Engineering Cairn. 34 In the Sub with my friends :) 35 Outside walking around campus 36 fountain 37 my dorm 38 I suppose that the place should be the basketball court in Student Recreation Centre. 39 on the north point by the museum of anthropology. 40 My apartment, Chancellor Place, or the Sigma Chi Fraternity. 41 I feel most happy in the SUB Ballroom, where all the dancing happens. 42 On the way to home along the Buchanan building 43 Marine drive residence 44 wesbrook village 45 Bookstore 46 totem park 47 CIRS 48 The Student Union Building 49 at my place in gage apartments 50 On the cliffs at wreck beach watching the sunset with my friends.  51 in my room, it feels like home where i can relax (i live on residence). 52 corner tables at the sub 53 I feel the near the waterfall on main mall, especially on sunny days when a lot of people are gathered around and soaking up the sun 54 the view from the rose garden  55 on the quidditch pitch 56 Koerner Library 57 dorm 58 rose garden 59 Walking by the blue whale 60 In the SUB (eating area). 61 Kenny room 2007 62 walking outside where there are lots of trees or other nature things 63 Student Union Building 64 Irving K Barber  65 In the library on a couch in my own corner  66 Walking on Main Mall near the chemistry building underneath all of the trees! 67 At the birdcoop gym. 68 rose gaeden 69 On the benches outside of the Earth and Ocean Sciences Building. 70 Abudul Ladha Science Center 71 irving 4th floor, especially at night. brings back alot of memories.  72 UBC Rose Garden 73 The Kenny Building 74 i feel the most happiest in the irving sitting on a table with my friends studying but yet having social interaction.  75 In the floor lounge of my residence, Dene House, 2nd floor. 76 In my Sorority Chapter Room, Panhellenic House location 77 in class, at irving k barbour, in my dorm 78 Wherever when the sun is out 79 UBC School of Music 80 The rose garden, by the benches where you are able to see the ocean. 81 The back of Irving K. Barber Center by the trees. 82 I can\'t think of a specific place. As long as I am with friends/people, I usually tend to feel happy. Preferably familiar places such as Wood. 83 wreck beach 84 In the  commonblock in the Place Vanier  85 Out front of Koerner Library 86 The beach 87 main mall 88 Rose Garden, the view on a sunny day, just before going down the stairs, right near the balcony where you can see the whole view of mountains one way, or the campus the other 89 neville scarfe library 90 Marine Drive Building 1 91 The coffee shop next to shoppers 92 LSK 462 93 Sub  building in front of the food 94 In my psychology class, Irving K Barbara, Victoria Learning Centre. 95 The rose garden  96 Sustainability building, seating area by the cafeteria,  Japanese garden 97 Wherever my friends are. That could be at Agora cafe in the bottom of MCML building or on a bench along main mall 98 the aquatic center 99 Rose Garden 100 Maple House, Ponderosa Commons 101 In my room in Greenwood Commons 102 Boulevard coffee roasting company with friends 103 starbucks at the bookstore 104 buchanan 105 Irving 3rd floor when I have a seat 106 at the swimming pool 107 At Wreck Beach 108 In collegia or the rose garden 109 The sub 110 In the Education Library there is a corner of the silent study area on the 2nd floor that has a wall of windows looking to the south east (approx). On the outside of the windows is bamboo and other green plants that cover the windows floor to ceiling, bathing the inside study area in a green light. On the inside of the windows some of the people whose offices are nearby have placed potted plants that spill over their resting place like a green waterfall. Happiest and most relaxing spot on campus. When the light filters through at the right time of day it\'s almost worth the $10,000 per year tuition. 111 UBC War Memorial Gym 112 In the Osbourne building in labs 113 the four-ways at the fountain 114 At the Student Union Building, on the lower floor where all the food places are. 115 At Irving 116 UBC Aquatic center (not in the water, above that level) 117 Pita Pit 118 Outside IKB (when it\'s not raining) 119 the forest behind vanier, across marine drive, looking out over the ocean 120 Skatepark 121 UBC forrest 122 Nitobe Garden  123 buchanan 124 In my bedroom in marine drive 125 The SUB, by Blue Chip 126 irving with my friends 127 Collegia (place/lounge area) for first year commuters! :) 128 Dorm. Kwakiutl 6 :) 129 Cabs Room at the Sub 130 fountain 131 In the SUB 132 Nitobe Gardens 133 aquadic center 134 woodward 135 SUB Main Floor 136 At home, Chaucer Hall. 137 Pride Office (Student Union Building) 138 Fairview 139 SUB during yoga class (party room or room 214) 140 Sauder CLC Library 141 Nitobe Memorial Garden 142 In The Gamma Phi Beta Chapter room in the panhelenic house  143 outside  144 Dining Hall 145 dance bootcamp class in ponderosa commons studio:) 146 greyhound cafe/coffee house 147 rose garden 148 At the SUB with friends at the club (located in the basement) 149 In the middle of pacific spirit forest  150 4th floor if Irving K Barber Learning Centre  Study rooms with glass windows. Studying with my friends there. 151 the sub 152 Reboot Cafe 153 Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Basement floor in one of the big rooms next to the lecture hall. 154 At my home - which is located on campus. 155 Sauder Building 156 dorm 157 ubc bookstore 158 Irving third or fourth floor, in either in the lounge area or in the general study area 159 Irving 160 Place Vanier 161 In my psyc 101 class, in study places with large windows (eg. the library in irving), starbucks 162 rose garden 163 ESB, on the seats near the cafe 164 On the fourth floor of the Forestry building 165 Starbucks in Marketplcae 166 Irving Learning Centre 167 The aquatic center - its both a fun and relaxing environment 168 Irving Library 169 Burchana 170 Irving  171 in Buch B studying  172 sub 173 the SUB 174 my friend\'s dorm room, marine drive building 5 175 on the 99 bus 176 Stir it up Cafe in Buch  177 I feel most happy sitting outside in the sun in grassy areas (for example: outside Woodward, or sitting on a bench outside Irving). When it is cool and sunny, it is peaceful and happy.  178 UBC Rec centre 179 in my bedroom in residence 180 I feel the most happy on UBC campus when I am with my friends anywhere when its sunny. 181 I feel most happy at the Bird Coop Gym in the Student Recreation Centre because I spend a significant amount of my time dedicated to weightlifting on a weekly basis. I work out roughly 10 hours a week at the gym with a training partner. I spend my work out sessions pushing myself to the best of my ability and lifting as heavy as I can for as much as I can in the pursuit of improving myself both physically and mentally. I also benefit from imparting my knowledge to others and helping others improve themselves, which brings me great gratification. 182 Sitting around the UBC fountain 183 I feel most happy at the student union building because that is the time of day when I get to meet up with all my friends and have a good time.  184 field hockey field 185 In my apartment (Thunderbird residence)  with my wife. 186 Wherever I am with my friends - usually eating lunch in the Sauder building 187 On the bench in the sun outside of Buchanan D 188 wherever I meet my closest friend 189 starbucks 190 First floor at the Gage Apartment loby 191 Seedlings, Cliffs, Any of the nice new buildings.  192 When I\'m hanging out with my friends at the SUB or the marine drive commons block. 193 Whenever  I am in my cozy dorm room at Place Vanier. 194 In Irving library, by the big windows, or in the Rose Garden looking out onto the ocean. 195 I feel most happy at the SUB beside Starbucks. 196 In my dorm 197 At my residence in my room, Totem Park Hemlesem 198 in the car going home 199 courtyard outside woodwards 200 I feel the most happy when I am in the Centre of Interactive Research in Sustainability. My favorite class is in there and I have friends to enjoy it with. 201 During class 202 Outside in the gardens or along the numerous pathways. 203 In the music building. 204 At the Aquatic Center  205 at the bus stop 206 bench beside the sub to the north west under a tree 207 I feel most happy at the square with the big pitch fork at the Music Building 208 Outside of Buchannan D with friends before class 209 around the sub :) 210 cirs 211 village 212 Marine Drive Commonsblock. 213 In my residence- Gage residence 214 The place I feel most happy on UBC campus is my dorm room in Totem park QLXN house, 215 In pearl fever located in the university village 216 Chapman Learning Commons 217 Starbucks. 218 By the UBC fountain on the main road 219 Walking on Main Mall in the evening 220 In my dorm, ponderosa.  221 Rose Garden 222 Main mall- when there is alot of sun. If not, outside of Marine Drive, along the trails.  223 the gym 224 woodward library 225 Rose Garden 226 At my best friends apartment. I knew her before I came here, shes a little older than me- like a big sister. Its at the end of Agronomy Road: beautiful location! 227 SUB 228 In booster juice getting a smoothie in the village! 229 My residence/floor  230 In the bleachers of the Aquatic Centre 231 In starbuks, next to the UBC bookstore 232 I most enjoy Gage Commons. At the commons, my friends and i gather to study and play pool as well as ping pong. No matter what we are doing we always have a good time filled with laughter. The games of pool and ping pong can also get competitive and quite interesting. 233 irving k barber 234 Outside near the fountain 235 Hennings building 236 Place Vnier Ross 210 B 237 Woodward Library 238 I feel most happy when I\'m in the SUB (student union building) with friends  239 place vanier sherwood lett house 240 Nitobe Memorial Garden 241 I feel most happy whenever I sit on one of the benches in front of Koerner library, especially on a sunny day. I like to spend my time there to think and have a peaceful time to myself. 242 in any sub room where dance practice is held EG: Ballroom/ partyroom 243 In library with friends 244 SUB 245 IKB library sitting at a table on the 4th floor that is directly against a floor length a window on the south side of the building. I like it best in the afternoon when it is raining outside! 246 The basement of Koerner library 247 The basement of Koerner library 248 On the third floor of Irving K Barber LEarning Centre 249 At my gage flat  250 The \'club\' rooms in the SUB 251 Irving  252 My room 253 lecture class 254 Irving K. Barber Centre at the front enterance, either on the field or one of the tables  255 the forest beside Dene house 256 by the fountain  257 wesbrook building across from bookstore 258 I feel most happy when I\'m walking down Main Mall, usually the strip between the Chemistry building and Henry Angus Building. There\'s a monument in the middle of the grass field between the two buildlings and that\'s where I usually most enjoy the sight.  259 Near the fountain at university boulevard and main mall 260 I feel most happy when i am at my residence which is at Walter Gage residence in UBC. 261 The SUB 262 rose garden 263 outside 264 Birdcoop Gym / Student Rec Center 265 At Abdul Ladha on the second floor  266 Rose Gardens 267 Walter Library, at a desk with a large window 268 ubc law library 269 Irving 270 Outside (ie. in field, by fountain) 271 Sub. Where there is food or a place I can rest up 272 Irving K Barber learning centre 273 Walter Gage Residences South Tower 14 Floor My Room 274 CIRS building, lounge outside the first-floor lecture hall 275 I have an apartment on campus (beside the Law School) and I feel the most happy there.  276 at the fountain on Main mall 277 Wreck beach 278 hockey rink 279 in the SUB rooms where we have Chinese Christian Fellowship time 280 Koerner\'s Pub  281 in the CIRS building 282 SUB and libraries 283 the gym  284 Mercante 285 Main mall walkway  286 SUB basement 287 bus loop 288 By the fountain 289 the fountain  290 the music building 291 Near the rose Garden on Main Mall (flag pole plaza) 292 sitting on a bench near the water fountain 293 Gamma Phi Beta Chapter room 294 irving k barber building, in the chapmain learning commons 295 Eating at the SUB 296 Thunderbird Stadium field 297 parking lot 298 Outside looking towards West Vancouver/ocean! Thus, near the flag pole area 299 around sub 300 Irving K. library 301 I feel most happy in volunteer workshop with other science students 302 Life Sciences Building Atrium 303 On Main Mall between the Sauder and Chemistry buildings 304 My friends\' room (with playing, cooking or drinking..) 305 At the Doug Mitchell Sports Arena where the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games took place.  On the Father Bauer Rink or the Thunderbird Rink. 306 UBC Bird Coop 307 Sauder Library 308 Top floor of Abdul Ladha 309 my room 310 ponderosa 311 sub ground floor 312 the bus loop 313 Collegia in the Ponderosa building 314 Stir it Up Cafe 315 SUB 316 At the rose garden 317 In my living room with my roommates 318 iriving 319 STUDENT UNION BUILDING  320 Buchanan A 321 Village 322 In familiar places such as Irving or the Sub 323 When im in work (Starbucks near the Village) or in my house!  324 SUB 325 Life Sciences Centre 326 CIRS Building  327 In my own faculty\'s building 328 UBC Village by Mcdonalds 329 Wreck beach 330 Book store 331 Irving Library 332 Rose Gardens 333 The Rose Garden  334 IKB Library 335 lying in the sun on one of the big rock benches outside of the Kenny building. 336  vanier,because it gives me the sense of belonging   337 The forestry building  338 Bus Loop 339 Main Mall 340 Marine Drive residence 341 I feel happy walking down Main Mall 342 cirs 343 Nitobe Garden and the Botanical Garden 344 Irving K. Barber (3rd and 4th floor) 345 I feel most happy at Irving because that is where I see most of my friends.  346 pacific spirt park trails (those closest to Spanish Banks, they sit above the road)  347 The pacific Spirit National Park (by spanish banks) 348 Buchanan B building, on the third floor in the study lounge that looks out at the clock tower near Irving.  349 at menchies because I love frozen yoghurt  350 dormitory 351 Irving K. Barber Library, 4th floor 352 woodward 353 CIRS 354 Aquatic Centre 355 bus stop  356 On the benches in front of the library 357 none 358 The ponderosa area in maple house 359 Wreck Beach 360 Irving 361 Pit Pub 362 I spend quite a lot of time in the SRC and I like the fact that I can play sports and exercise in between classes. 363 Rose Garden 364 with my friends at a coffee house or out for food.  365 Second floor of Irving, in front of the window 366 The cliffs by Place Vanier residence 367 Tim Hortons near Sauder 368 Loop cafe in CIRS 369 irving library, the swing on the trees 370 the campus is so beautiful and being here is so prestigeous it is a priviledge that i got in so i am always happy 371 The area walking towards the Rose Garden and passing by Irving, seeing the mountains in the distance. 372 test 373 water fountain 374 nitobe garden 375 village food court 376 REC second floor 377 the washroom in EOSC building since it\'s pretty nice 378 Sitting on a rock by the little stream at Nitobe Garden. 379 Woodward library 380 IKB Music Library, sitting by the windows facing the clock tower. 381 Scarfe Building 382 PONDEROSA COMMONS 383 CA hall 384 In my dorm room at the Salish house in Totem Park. 385 In any building that I can find a nice quiet place to set up my studying material and maybe have some food to eat while I study.  386 In a quiet space in either Koerner or Irving libraries. 387 West Mall, on the right side of the street, walking between Totem Park and CIRS. Also the study area in FSC for forestry students.  388 Lowest level of Irving K Barber library, in the study/group rooms. 389 My appartment 390 at gage resident commons and lounge where I meet all of my friends 391 rose garden  392 when I am outside & around others 393 At the library, near a cozy corner, beside a large window, overlooking the campus.  394 i feel the most happy when i am in my dorm room.  395 SUB building 396 At the classroom/auditorium in the Chan center where I have my film studies class. 397 Anywhere outside.  398 UBC Rose Gardens, atop the ledges overviewing the ocean and scenery. Preferably sunny outside, and just enough clouds to keep the weather moderated yet warm enough to take a nap 399 My room 400 at the table in front of the window in the undergraduate student lounge in EOSM 401 The place I feel the most happy on the UBC campus is standing over the Rose Gardens. 402 SUB 403 I feel happiest at the park next to Irving because I always pass by it with my friends on the way to class and it looks so peaceful and beautiful 404 In my room  405 Sitting outside behind the Irving Barber Learning Center with a view of the Walter Library  406 Playing basketball at the rec center 407 I feel most happy in Woodward building because that is where I like to spend my free time during breaks and lunch hours.  408 in the SUB 409 Walking down University boulevard by the fountain, because there are always people hanging out and looking happy.  410 The learning center and the kenny building 411 I feel most happy when I am sitting in my office in a comfortable rolling chair in the Stores Rd Annex looking out the window on a beautiful sunny fall day with a pumpkin spice latte in my hands.  412 Totem Park - Kwakiutl House 413 In main mall, surrounded by people rushing to and from different places! 414 In a Japanese Maple tree by the Parkade near Kenny Building 415 When I find a place to plug my laptop in. 416 At the Birdcoop or my residence 417 I feel most happy in Irving - main floor where the chairs are.  418 music room 419 The bus loop when about to go home  420 The sloping main walkway going from Swing Space all the way down to the Village. It has a running artificial river in the middle, and on a sunny day when walking down there\'s a great view of the students and the buildings.  421 nitobe garden 422 Right now, the Forestry building because that is where I can see my friends. If I am not with my friends there, it is not as happy to me. I also like the wood and the sunlight. I believe light is a vital factor in the emotion of humans.  423 the basement food court in the village!!! because there are FOOD! I recently hang out with my friends in the food court. just having dinner together, it\'s pretty sweet.    I also like Kenny. I always study here. and see my lab-mates pretty frequently. This is a place where I constantly work and think about my future. It\'s pretty meaningful for me. Well, i guess I\'m pretty happy while working.     I don\'t go to other places a lot.    it\'s basically work in Kenny and FOOD in the village.   That\'s my life. pretty happy. not really. but seriously. hehehe  424 At the center fountain  425 Anywhere with my boyfriend. In Kaiser (because he\'s a mech engineer), the sub, my work place in the Village or when he sits in my classes or I sit in his lecture in the morning. I like being able to be with him when our schedules demand so much of our time from each other. But if there is one place. Its on West Mall, the area between Kenny, Cirs and Swing Space; where for 3-5 minutes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I can be in his arms with a good morning hug! 426 In my classrooms (lectures), specifically the ones held in Irving K. Barber and Buchanan. 427 In the ergometer room at Thunderbird Stadium. 428 In my friend\'s dorm room that is only 1 minute away from my room. 429 Irving fourth floor, down the hallway with the study tables 430 Rose Garden at sunset. The bench above the rose garden.  431 Outside the Buchanan, on the way to home... 432 Where ever I am with my friends, be it my dorm, Irving, in class.  As long as I am with those that I care about, any where on UBC Campus can be a source of happiness. 433 In class. Compared to classes in highschool, University classes are much more interesting and engaging even though we are in classes of 300 or more. The environment where we study is very nice and enjoyable. 434 main mall 435 the asian food place under mcdonalds 436 walking outside along the main mall on campus 437 The Japanese Garden near Vanier Place 438 Giant beanbag chairs 439 CIRS 1250 (my psychology class) 440 Irving 441 outside 442 The Japanese Gardens  443 rec center playing badminton with friends or at birdcoop going to the gym with friends 444 in the engineering cheese (engineering hangout) 445 Book store 446 Osbourne Centre!  447 iriving k abrber 448 The law library - I feel happy when I go to study there because it is such a beautiful building and has a great view of the mountains and ocean. 449 Under the big tree in front of thew Hennings Building  450 Place Vanier 451 War Memorial 452 Student Union Building on the Main floor where all the couches are. 453 When I have a class with my friends in a classroom. It is the time we can share our emotion, thoughts, and knowledge. We either chatter about something gossipy or serious. It is just a happy time we can meet each other in a day.  454 seats beside Starbucks in Sub after I grab sth for myself... i guess... 455 Student Union Building 456 At home on campus  457 On the Main Mall near the rose garden where there are white sand bags to sit on.  458 the rose garden  459 I feel most happy sitting on my yoga mat at Hot Box Yoga. This facility is located in Wesbrook Village.  460 I do not spend a lot of time on campus.  But I feel most excited about being here when I am passing through the fountain on Main Mall.  It is exciting to see all the people and all the different \types\" of people conversing and being as excited about being here." 461 the fountain in the middle of the chemistry, biology building 462 irving basement 463 Ridington room 464 bus stop (especially the thunderbird bus stop) waiting for a bus to go home  465 Collegia, ponderosa building 466 Buchanan Tower 467 SRC Gym 468 marine residence  469 Dene House  470 SUB 471 In my room at Totem Park. 472 In my fairview house with my roommates.  473 The Riddington Room 474 sitting at the fountain plaza with my friends on a sunny day 475 Bookstore 476 Martha Stewart Plaza Fountain 477 Forestry Building 478 Tec De Monterrey fifth floor lounge 479 Irving 480 Seedlings Cafe 481 Sitting on a bench across from the old part of the chemistry building on a sunny day  482 At my dorm 483 I feel happiest on the double swing near the buchanan building.  484 The rose garden looking out to the mountains and ocean 485 On the bus ride home. So when I am going home I feel happiest 486 My room 487 Sometimes alone in a quiet environment such as the library, or louder with my friends 488 The place that I feel most happy on the UBC campus is at the Koerner Library. I find it very peaceful to do my work and I have met many of my friends here at UBC from there.  489 Ballroom at Student Union Building when there are dance classes going on 490 Pharmacy building because it is the nicest building that I go to when I have lunch with my friends. 491 Collegia (maple house) 492 My bedroom in my dorm, aka Ristumeikan-UBC house. 493 Thunderbird Soccer fields 494 Collegia!  495 Sigma Chi house 496 Collegia 497 Walking down Main Mall 498 I feel most happiest when I am walking along the ubc campus. I would be walking to my classes, to get lunch, or to the transit loop station. I enjoy the fresh air, relaxing atmosphere, and sun.  499 lecture rooms during class    500 The Rose Garden  501 ponderosa  502 The Fountain 503 the benches to the left of koerner inbetween the two trees.  504 CIRS, sprouts, the rose garden, the nitobe garden, the swings, 505 friendly environment 506 Wreck beach 507 Irving Library study table 508 erg room in Doug Mitchell Arena 509 law library 510 SUB 511 Collegia  512 Top floor Law library window seat at north. 513 library 514 UBC Intramurals office 515 Henry Angus Building, inside the lounge or the canaccord learning commons 516 Irving with my friends 517 In my dorm room 518 Rose Garden 519 In my room on campus.  520 outside the SUB at the benches 521 The Fountain  522 waiting for the 480 bus at the 2100 block stop 523 BC Binnings green room  524 starbucks near forestry building 525 The bookstacks at Irving 526 irving  k barber  527 by the main water fountain  528 Outside surrounded by the beautiful campus. I especially like the trees around the area.  529 By the fountain 530 mcdonalds 531 Rose Garden 532 in the rose garden  533 University Village  534 My Residence Room 535 I am not sure. But i really like the places under the big trees where there are many beautiful leaves falling. Maybe is the main mall... 536 ubc sub 537 rose garden  538 Student Union Building 539 village 540 SUB 541 Koerner Library 542 University Village 543 In the SUB 544 In the lobby of the Chan centre 545 SUB 546 Somewhere that sells food or quiet library space (Irving bookstacks) 547 Science Undergraduate Society Building Ladha 548 UBC SUB 549 rose garden 550 in class 551 tim hortons 552 Student Union Building 553 When I\'m in the sub 554 The rose garden 555 Usually when it is sunny, outside on the bean bags of main mall  556 At the student union building because that is where I can gather with my friends to talk 557 residence 558 In the music building stage during jazz band performance 559 Either Irving or in my building, wherever my friends are 560 Bean around the World  561 Japanese Garden 562 Irving K Barber 563 In my Sorority Chapter Room - Panhellenic Gamma Phi Beta 564 Allard Hall 565 The Redington room in Irving  566 In the cafeteria at Vanier eating with my friends 567 In class. Specifically in a computer science class, where I am learning about my current passion. 568 Irving K Barber Library 569 The main fountain or looking out towards Wreck Beach from the road or the cliffs nearby. 570 outside henning main entrance, the opening area facing Buchanan  571 At my dorm with my friends 572 Main Mall, around the fountain area 573 Irving K. the couches in the second level. It's my meeting spot, my friends are usually there waiting for me. It's nice and relaxing in comparison to going into the bookstacks where it's quiet and serious.  574 Allard Hall Library on a Sunday 575 In the CIRS building room 1250 during my afternoon class (because it is a large space with few students enrolled) 576 walking from my last class to the bus loop because I know I'm done for the day 577 Irving Library 578 spending a sunny day at the beach with friends 579 Either sitting facing the Buchanan complex on the 4th floor of Irving Library, or sitting on the benches facing the cool sculpture thingy in the Buchanan complex. 580 In my favorite professor's class,in the library or anywhere as long is with my best friend. 581 Rose Garden 582 In the Loop Cafe after the one course I am currently taking. 583 Sitting at a desk in Koerner Library or sitting down for lunch on the 2nd/3rd floor of Irving K. 584 I feel the most happy on UBC campus when I am at the dinning hall for dinner and having a great time with my peers.  585 when im sitting at the rose garden looking at the mountain on the other side of the water  586 Outside in a spacious area on a cool, sunny day. The grassy areas on Main Mall, between the Flagpole Plaza are great spots to sit when I have free time. 587 At sub or other relax places such as dinning hall, swimming pool, it depends on if my friends are there and we have the chance to talk. 588 In the around the bean coffee shop on thunderbird blvd.  589 In the SRC, inside the Birdcoop Gym and more exactly, the Climbing Cave. 590 Walking along the Main Mall. 591 In my room with my roommate, or in the Bird Coop gym.  592 At the UBC SUB. Most of my time is spent in a more social area whether its socializing, studying, or just killing a break. 593 I feel most happy at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre because it is where I hang out with my high school friends to work, eat or just chill out.  594 village (boba pleace), and wreck beach 595 cirs 596 rose garden 597 wreck beach 598 university village (for food) 599 Woodward Library 600 JBM conference rooms  601 The UBC fountain 602 In residence (where I live) - Ponderosa Commons  603 Forestry faculty building 604 Rose Garden 605 Sitting in the Sauder CLC, chilling on the couches, listening to brilliant people doing productive things.  606 Student Union Building 607 Near the water 608 Walking down past fountain from flag pole to flag pole 609 Natobi gardens 610 By the flag post, looking at the ocean view, 611 Koerner library 612 sub 613 when I walk on the university boulevard 614 Seedlings 615 Field near thunderbird residences 616 Marine Drive 617 Irving 618 Playing Ultimate at Spencer field. 619 rose garden 620 koerner's pub 621 The bus loop after all classes 622 the rose garden 623 In a quiet study room during finals season 624 marine drive 625 Wreck beach 626 Blue chip cookie 627 the sub 628 with my friends in totem 629 in biochem lecture 630 rose garden balcony 631 Beside the rose garden leading to the Chan centre- in the tall trees 632 The UBC Bus Loop 633 the bike kitchen! 634 the hill by the soci.anthro building!    and the labyrinth by the theology building 635 Sauder 636 Between Koerner library and the Irving K. Barber learning center, looking over the park towards the Barber. Very pretty view, especially in autumn. 637 The beanery 638 Bus Loop 639 In my apartment at Hampton Place 640 Sauder building Henry Angus studying area 641 Rose Garden 642 The Fountain by the Chemistry building 643 Main Mall between Koerner and Barber 644 back side of Irving K building 645 main mall 646 Rez  647 greek village 648 sub 649 Koerner 1st floor computer lab 650 Starbucks in the village 651 Totem Park aka my HOME  652 cirs 653 rose garden 654 wreck beach 655 Main Mall 656 The Museum of Anthropology and the MOA Cafe. 657 Sitting at the main fountain outdoors at UBC  658 Walking around the fountain  659 The Place Vanier cafeteria 660 I feel most happy in the Irving K. Barber Learning Center. I often go to the main sitting area before class to relax and drink my morning cup of coffee and I find it a great way to start a hectic day. 661 Main mall by the fountain 662 Bottom corner of Koerner Library facing Irving.  663 the SUB 664 at Irving library in the Harry Potter" room 665 Botanical Gardens 666 I am most happy when I am in my psychology classes at the CIRS building because I enjoy listening to my professors, especially Dr. Michael Souza. It is also a very comfortable place to be in with its cushioned seats, high roof and warm atmosphere. I am also happy at the Student Union Building where I have lunch and hang out with my friends. 667 Brock Hall 668 In my room in Tec (Vanier) or my friends rooms in Tec  669 q'elexen house, Totem Park Residence 670 With friends in class  671 library 672 SUB starbucks 673 The Chan learning center  674 SUB 675 outdoors where there is plants (trees). On the walk to class on the way home. (Specifically Main Mall) 676 My friends' rooms  677 I enjoy going to the Rose Garden at the far end of campus (by MOA). 678 Rose garden - It is a place where I can see the ocean and relax as I am a type of a person who needs to be in nature to calm myself. 679 the harry potter room in Irving K Library, in class 680 Irving 4th floor. I always end up studying there. My best friend and I spend a lot of time there together. 681 Bleachers at the Thunderbird swimming pool 682 In the rose gardens on campus in the summer time 683 In the EOSC building right next to the glass walls, on the black bench in the corner. 684 Irving K Barber's Riddington Room 685 starbucks in the bookstore 686 The UBC rose garden is one place that makes me smile and makes me feel very glad that I chose to come to UBC. I like to look at the ocean and sit in the garden, especially on sunny days.  687 If the weather is nice anywhere outdoors at UBC makes me happy. Otherwise I prefer to hang out in Irving to study and spend time with friends.  688 Inside the Sub 689 Ponderosa  690 Walking down main mall (especially when it's not rainy out), or another tree lined street. Seeing the change in colours of the tree's and the hustle and bustle of all the other students 691 Totem part residence dinning hall and my room  692 Right outside Regent College, in the outdoor seating area 693 Outside sitting on grass (on sunny days) 694 wreck beach 695 Bookstore 696 Irving Fourth Floor 697 In the Biodiversity Museum looking at the whale. 698 I feel most happy in my room in my residence. It is quiet and lonely, which I like. I have a fairly decent view and I am able to see the mountains, which is a bonus.  699 In front of the Koerner's library near the bean bags.  Outside the Neville Scarfe building there is one table with a few chairs.   In a friends basement room in Place Vanier.  The dining hall in Place Vanier.  Chapman Learning Commons.  700 On the long wooden benches near Tim Hortons  701 I feel the most happy when I am in a comfortable study spot. Upstairs of Koerner, sitting in one of the desks facing Irving. This probably where I feel the most happy, because I feel productive in doing work but not isolated.  702 riding bike on New Marine Drive 703 Buch D Lounge Area 704 Bird Coop (gym at UBC SRC) 705 forestry building in the study area 706 CVC Office 707 University Village 708 Westbrook mall 709 WALKING ALONG MAIN MALL ON A SUNNY DAY TO CLASS OR JUST TO TAKE A WALK. SITTIN GON A BENCH OFTEN OUTSIDE STARBUCKS  OR TOWARDS THE ROSE GARDEN, JUST SITTING AND LETTING TIME PASS. 710 Maple House study rooms 711 In the seating section in the SUB. 712 at the cafeteria or cafe  713 koerner library 714 My 7th Floor room in HMSM (Totem Park) Residence 715 Rose garden. 716 Irving K. Barber Library, The Reddington* Room 717 In my residence - Marine Drive 718 In the Gateway Area at the Irving K. Barber building because I like to be by myself when I do schoolwork and I can study with my classmates there.  719 MCLD 319 720 meeting different people in the campus  721 Centre for interactive research on sustainability  722 Buchanan student lounge (the one at the front of the A-wing main doors) 723 Place Vanier Commons Block 724 In a the middle of a lecture hall during class 725 In nitobe garden 726 Irving K. Barber cafe 727 I feel most happy walking towards Buchanan, heading towards the rose Garden with the view of the mountains and the trees lining either side of the pathway.  728 At Starbucks 729 On mail mall anywhere between Scarfe and the rose garden 730 SUB 731 I feel most happy in the UBC swimming pool, I love going there and sitting on the benches at the top. Just relaxing, studying or listening to water.  732 Place Vanier  733 outside irving k barber library on the grass  734 The bus loop because i get to go home. 735 The rose Garden 736 bookstore 737 At the rose garden, where you can see the mountains. 738 I feel most happy at my apartment on UBC campus which provides me with a great view. 739 marine drive apartment on campus 740 I feel most happy when I am on main mall looking out at the ocean. 741 The big fountain in the middle of the campus 742 I wouldn\'t say that I necessarily feel happy at a specific location on UBC campus because my mood mostly depends on the day\'s events; however, I would say that I feel most content when walking on the long concrete path that goes past the Henry Angus building and the water fountain just because there\'s so many trees and breeze (if it\'s not rainy). 743 At the birdcoop. 744 Anywhere - it can be any open area on campus (not in a building). 745 I have a six hour break every week and the place I\'m the happiest at is probably my chapter room in Panhellenic. On a red couch where I can just not move all day. Either that or a study room on the second floor of Irving.  746 Anywhere if I\'m having a good times with friends. If alone probably hanging out with friends at my dorm room on campus. 747 I feel happiest in Place Vanier - Ross House in the basement floor lounge.  748 I enjoy sitting in the Starbucks down at the village and just enjoying a good book or relaxing from school work  749 the hill at MOA 750 I feel the most happiest in lectures where I have friends in the class. 751 Pearl Fever 752 The outdoor patio of Koerner\'s, surrounded by friends on a sunny day! 753 When it\'s sunny out, I feel most happy being outside on one of UBC\'s athletic field, playing some flag football with friends. When raining, I love to be in a library studying and watching the rain out of the windows. 754 Health Sciences Building-IRC and Woodward 755 studying in irving  756 Ladha  757 I am happy because I really enjoy studying. After a couple years of working full time and upgrading school it is nice to just focus on studies. 758 outside anywhere pretty much  759 Walking on west mall across campus in the sun. 760 It\'s not a particular place on campus it\'s mostly about whether I am with people that make me happy. If I had a bad memory with a particular person/group at a specific place, I don\'t particularly find it too happy being there (e.g. first year residence) but other than that, I feel just the same anywhere else. 761 At residence when I get to hang out with friends 762 Mozart School of Music in Westbrook Village.  763 I feel the most happiest, when I am coming back to campus, and I drive along the road from west 10th. I like to see all the trees, and when it is sunny, it is beautiful.  764 Walking on main mall  765 In the SUB  766 Bus loop 767 male washroom in EOSC building, first floor 768 Walking outside down main mall on campus. The trees and buildings are wonderful to admire and I enjoy seeing all the bright and happy faces of the people walking to class 769 walking outside on main mall 770 Life Sciences Centre 771 in Irving with my closest high school friends 772 in the sub, having a snack 773 starbucks 774 The SUB 775 In the SUB during my break, usually eating with my friends. We usually find one of the longer tables, after you pay for your food. 776 Walking around the SUB area with friends, and other ubc students. Seeing people talk, have fun, study, etc. I\'m so proud to be a ubc student and I look forward to the future after I graduate.  777 My dorm with my roommate. It located in 010, Sherrwood-lett, Place Vanier. 778 I really enjoy collegia, which is in the ponderosa commons. It has a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, in contrast to the stressful vibe that classrooms give off. 779 rose garden, facing the sea 780 I like being in the sub or in my room. 781 the fountain.  with my friends. 782 Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter room at UBC Panhellenic House. 783 SUB 784 Aquatic Centre 785 Audain Art studio 786 Classroom 787 Outside of Irving  788 My dorm room, Haida House 789 Student Union building 790 in my own room  791 biology building 792 In the Irving K Barber building main floor at the seating area 793 I feel most happy in the SUB, where I spend time working on either homework or side-projects (e.g., recreational writing).  794 botanical garden and asian centre  795 Thunderbird Arena 796 If you include wreck beach as campus that is where I am quite happy, especially during sunset. If you do not include wreck than it would have to be the walks in-between classes, no specific place but I like the vibe and the natural beauty. Especially when I unobtrusively see some one enjoying there day, or hear laughter or see a couple in courtship. Those are happy fleeting moments that I enjoy reveling in. 797 walking down main mall 798 Korner Library  799 Just walking along main mall. 800 Marine Drive 801 Buchanan A 802 Triple O\'s  803 Outside the SUB 804 In my residence, Rits 805 outside of the library where the lawn is there 806 rose garden 807 buchanan A couch small couch area on the second floor by the stairs 808 In my dorm room in Gage residence 809 Gateway study space in Irving K. Barber Learning Center 810 the Cafe outside the dorm, which is in the Fairview Crescent 811 Koerner Library  812 Koerner Library, by the book stacks in the first floor, when I have found a book 813 Triple O\'s 814 the rose garden near the arts faculty  815 UBC bus loop 816 at the park by the beatch 817 my friends apartment by the north parkade or the area outside of Irving  818 Library, any library 819 The flower beds overlooking the other side of the city. 820 Outside, on Main Mall, where the bean bags are in the summer. 821 Irving Barbra Library  822 In my bed in residence 823 ubc sororites ( panhellenic house)  824 Wood 5 on thursday evenings. 825 in tim hortons 826 At the Student Union Building 827 behind Buchanan D, in the benches between the reeds  828 Irving Library 4th floor 829 Ponderossa Commons 830 Tim Hortons by Sauder school of business 831 Walking by the Martha Piper fountain 832 sauder 833 I feel most happy at the Rose Gardens at UBC 834 Sitting in a comfortable chair by the large windows of the Abdul Ladha building on a sunny day. 835 the rose garden 836 fairview crescent student housing 837 Vanier Commons, specifically my place in Okanagan. I guess I\'m happy there because I\'ve accepted it as a home, and it\'s somewhere I can relax and plan. 838 The cafeteria in the morning because it is quite.  839 Student Union Building 840 In the sub, past the food court and in the booths looking out at the bus loop 841 The SRC where I play futsol as a stress-reliever.  842 Irving K. Barber Library, the backroom on the 3rd floor of the book stacks. There are high ceilings and large portraits of past faculty on the walls. Big windows opening up a view to Buchanan Tower. 843 The swings on main mall 844 Koerner Library 1 floor down because its quiet there and I can focus on what i need to do. 845 fountain near the commerce building 846 UBC busloop where the new crosswalk is, it is next to the 99 station and there are usually people directing traffic there 847 REc beach 848 UBC water fountain 849 Cliffs by wreck beach  850 The location I feel the most happy at is Wreck beach at night with a bonfire. It is really relaxing and beautiful watching the sunset.  851 Tennis Centre 852 Woodward Library Basement Floor (Quiet Study Area) 853 koerner library 854 Water fountain and main mall area  855 Outside if it\'s a nice day. I usually don\'t stay in one place...just walking around. If it\'s not a nice day, anywhere warm. 856 At the village 857 Aquatic Centre 858 i feel most happy when i\'m in my dorm, alone, i live on marine drive residence on campus, building 2. 859 In the Museum of Anthropology 860 The fountain at main mall and university boulevard 861 That pathway by the forestry building that is by a cafe and there are cherry blossoms and it leads to these apartment buildings. That little plaza is lovely.  862 cafeteria (tables near starbucks) 863 collegia 864 Anywhere where I am outside in nature and there are no other people around. 865 Nitobe garden, on the little grassy area by the pond between the wooden structure (forgot what it\'s called. it\'s also right by the pond), a large cherry blossom tree and the stone steps that descend into the pond. 866 Woodward Building 867 The fountain 868 chapman learning center and arts auditorium in crrs building (psychology lecture)  869 My best friend\'s bedroom in Gage Residence  870 In my room 871 Starbucks 872 Greek Village 873 rose garden 874 Main Lecture Hall in CIRS 875 The Varsity Gym 876 the fountain in the middle of campus near the shoppers drug mart. I believe the road is university boulevard and the intersection is main mall. 877 osbourne 878 irving 879 the totem poles area behind the museum of Anthropology 880 the rose garden 881 rose garden 882 I feel most happy when I am in a quite environment, for example in a library, calm area. 883 sauder 884 Buchanan D room 222 885 In the large lecture hall with the skylights in CIRS (I think it\'s room 1250) 886 UBC Thurderbird skating rink 887 irving second floor 888 when I\'m running in the Pacific spirt park trails.  889 Totem Park Residence 890 At my apartment. I live across from Thunderbird stadium with three of my closest friends and right next door are my other immediate friend groups. The apartment is called Panhellenic House. 891 irving library 892 In classroom with my friends, swing 222  893 General not happy on UBC  894 In front of Koerner library 895 Woodward library  896 Main floor of Irving 897 wreck beach or north marine drive looking out to the ocean 898 The SUB 899 ubc bookstore 900 anywhere outside with lots of trees 901 iciccs building 902 By the drive along Southwest Marine Drive beside the water 903 Buchanan buliding 904 In the library in the Scarfe building next to Kenny, there are these three tables on the lower floor.  905 The benches in the rose garden where I can look over and see the mountains.  906 Student Union Building  907 At the Student Union Building 908 The Sub 909 When I can see the ocean 910 The area where I feel the most happy at the UBC campus, is wherever I can find good company and great food. 911 Forestry Building  912 SUB 913 Area around the Buchanan buildings. The layout of the courtyard and the setting is calming. Also, there is a nice view of the mountains 914 KUS (Kinesiology Undergraduate Society) office 915 Pharmacy building cafe area 916 Main Mall (Fountain Area) 917 Walter Gage 918 In the Botanical Gardens 919 SUB 920 Main Mall 921 Irving 922 Along Marine Drive 923 The CIRS building, specifically on the first floor.  There is a spot where the stairs are near the door.  I like to sit there. 924 Probably at the SUB, specifically downstairs at the sushi bar, very good sushi!  925 forestry building 926 Sauder 927 The Student Union Building 928 At the lookout point above the rose garden. 929 Fountain area near Sauder building 930 UBC Bookstore 931 Sorority Chapter Room 932 walking on main mall in the fall when it is not too busy 933 I feel most happy when I'm in my dorm room. 934 By the fountain next to Irving K. Barber library 935 Irving K. Barber Learning Centre 936 I feel most happy when I am out of class and hanging out with friends in the basement of the sub  937 Irving  938 I feel most happy in the place vanier commonsblock and dining hall, Irvin k. library. 939 There are two places that I feel most happy on the UBC campus.    One of which is the Koerner library. I really enjoy the dim and somewhat weary atmosphere of the studying area on the second floor. For reasons unknown, it gives me a sense of home and comfort which provides me with the peace and quiet to study alone and to work efficiently, considering that I am not a keener for libraries, at all.    The second place is actually the Biodiversity Museum. Not a lot of people frequent the area in and around the museum, let alone inside it. I had stumbled upon this place after acknowledging that my computer science lab has been cancelled and I have three hours to kill on a Wednesday morning. I have always had the mean to walk inside the place but it's somewhat mundane outer appearance forces me to keep walking. That Wednesday morning, I walked into the center yard behind the Museum, and I was immediately fascinated by the open area filled with waves and waves of September breeze. Even thought it rained that morning, but the wetness of the rain gave the place a brand new and refreshing atmosphere. 940 Sprouts 941 At the Forestry Tim Horton's on Friday mornings, when my friends and I get donuts and coffee every week before our 9 am classes 942 Irving's Harry Potter Room 943 Out on the grassy area between Irving and Koerner on a sunny day.  944 SUB 945 in my room at fairview residence 946 Seedlings in the Koerner penthouse 947 main mall 948 The Big Fountain 949 fairview 950 Koerner Plaza 951 Main Mall on the sidewalk and near the trees 952 The back of MOA 953 My own little spot on the cliffs overlooking wreck beach. 954 rose garden's view point 955 At keorner library because I really like the window seats on the 3rd floor. It makes me feel relaxed and happy as I get to look out the window while I study or do my homework.  956 Landscape design,the fact that no matter which building that I am in as long as I look out of the window I can see green. 957 test 958 at the gym (in the awuatic centre) 959 subway  960 FIRST NATIONS LONGHOUSE 961 deli at the sub 962 In the park by the Irving library 963 Woodward Basement 964 laundry room 965 koerner library 966 rose garden 967 BEATY Biodiversity museum 968 rose garden 969 wreck beach 970 Nitobe Garden by the waterfall! 971 forestry building 972 rose garden 973 schooplayrewrightwbsfk 974 the sub 975 bookstore 976 fountain 977 in Koerner Library 978 totem dinning hall, the tables outside in the balcony 979 outside the macmillian building on the benches 980 in classroom  981 Irving! 982 double swing set 983 In the Rose Garden  984 Behind the Asian Studies building, the trail linking that building and the Musuem of Anthropology. 985 4th floor sauder meeting room 986 Outside the Earth Sciences Building where the chairs are and when it's sunny! 987 Totem Park with my friends 988 house lounge 989 In Irving Library, the quiet study area. 990 Collegia, in Ponderosa Commons 991 At the Starbucks in University Village 992 I feel most happy at the bus loop going home because I'll have my classes finished by then.  993 In the quiet sections of Irving Library  994 Aquatic Ecosystem Research Laboratory, inside theatre 120. 995 walking along main mall when its not busy and the trees have leaves, closer to the engineering area or in the norm theatre when its pretty much empty. 996 The Mowfaghian Centre for Brain Health. 997 bird coop 998 my room in gage residence 999 Phi Delta Theta House- Fraternity Village 1000 On the first floor of Irving at the lounge and tables available, where it is not too quiet or crowded. 1001 Henry Angus Room in Irving's Book Stacks 1002 Forestry building 1003 When its not nice out, in my apartment on campus (mainly in my bed). When its nice out, just walking around outside makes me really happy. 1004 CIRS building, lecture hall  1005 Irving and Barber learning center; buchanan  1006 Bookstore, Starbucks, Irwing library 1007 Rose garden 1008 At my residence. It is on the first floor in QLXN. 1009 around the fountain on main mall 1010 at side table at the forestry building 1011 SUB 1012 Along Main Mall, there tall maple trees grow on both sides of the road.  1013 Tower Beach (a.k.a Anthropology Beach). In front of the Museum of Anthropology, there is a staircase to Tower Beach. The stairs are quite lengthy, however, that doesn't affect how happy the place makes me feel. At the bottom of the stairs, if you take a right and keep walking, you'll find a large stump (that is quite noticeable). That's MY stump. I call it the rock". On summer days 1014 By the rose garden over looking the water 1015 My dorm room in Walter Gage 1016 I feel most happy in the JBM building where I have my dental hygiene classes with all of my friends from my program.  1017 The UBC water fountain I pass by everytime I walk from the Irving building to the Psychology Kenny Building, because it's always sunny and populated with students 1018 CIRS 1019 The Boulevard Coffee Shop 1020 Areas around the newly built Earth Science building (In between the ocean biodiversity building and Kenny) 1021 Walking along main mall. Specifically at the UBC fountain. 1022 The Japanese Garden 1023 On Main Mall, by the Rose Garden 1024 Informal Study hall in Buchannon  1025 CIRS 1026 Wreck Beach 1027 Wreck Beach 1028 walking along main mall  1029 outside  1030 Walking along main mall (near the fountain) 1031 Place Vanier (My own dorm) 1032 My room in residence (Gage Towers, South Tower, 12th Floor, Unit C), by the UBC fountain (intersection at Wesbrook and Main Mall)  1033 Any of the libraries. 1034 I feel most happy when I'm at the irving library. This is due to the large amount of friends I see there. I went to a highschool fairly close to UBC, and a lot of my highschool friends tend to hang out at the Irving library. 1035 By the clock tower, because it is a peaceful area  1036 SUB Starbucks 1037 Triple Os 1038 kaiser 1039 SUB 1040 Rose Garden 1041 Either in my single room in Mawdsley House at Place Vanier, or sitting at the bar stools in the Starbucks attached to the UBC bookstore 1042 Generally in the dorms, although it depends more on the people i am around. (I see a lot of friends in the dorms of Totem Park) (shuswap) 1043 Rose Garden 1044 In my room sitting at my desk leaning back 1045 Birdcoop Recreation Center 1046 In my floor lounge, (5th floor HMSM - totem park residence) 1047 the rose garden 1048 UBC Forestry Building  1049 Irving, third floor, left side of the stairs, in front of the Info Center, where the bright lights hang. 1050 In an empty classroom in any building 1051 My sorority chapter room in panhellenic. 1052 My girlfriend's room in Walter Gage 1053 Koerner 1054 UBC Recreation Center Basketball Courts - Gym 3  1055 I feel happiest at the UBC fountain in the middle of campus. It is located at the intersection of main mall and university boulevard. 1056 Classroom in Buchanan, Rose Garden, Wreck Beach, Aquatic Centre 1057 2280 Wesbrook Mall (girlfriend's apartment) 1058 By the main fountain 1059 Totem Park Residence 1060 UBC Rose Garden when it isn't raining or snowing. 1061 KUS (Kinesiology Undergraduate Society) office 1062 My dorm (Ritsumeikan UBC-House) 1063 Residence commons block 1064 the rose garden 1065 Outside, walking on main mall. 1066 Walking along the near the fountain/in front of Sauder. 1067 Rose Garden, Koerner Library 1068 In irving K barber the second floor by the windows 1069 My apartment which is right next to the Allard Hall Law Libary (has a North-facing view of the water and mountains) 1070 In my bedroom of my dorm, 105C of Ritsumeikan. 1071 the stretch of road behind Irving between main mall and east mall. Around where the clocktower is. 1072 At the UBC farm, or Nass study room, in front of the window when its a beautiful day. 1073 My room located on the 9th floor of Marine Drive building 1, because I have a beautiful view of the ocean. 1074 piper plaza 1075 I feel most happy when I am at home on campus because I feel most relaxed at comfortable there.  1076 Ridington Room 1077 When I went to Village to eat dinner, I feel most happy. There are several Chinese restaurant where I can have a really good meal. I enjoy these restaurants so much. 1078 Near the fountain when I sit with my friends and have my lunch 1079 Woodward building 1080 Overlooking the ocean and mountains above the rose garden on the art's side of campus (above the MOA).  1081 Walking down main mall 1082 the road of Main mall facing the rose garden. I like walking along the area  1083 i feel most happy when i get on the bus to go home (so busloop) especially after an exam day or being really tired. 1084 Walking down main mall past the chemistry building 1085 In quite places. I feel pretty good in the library. More specifically in the back room with the paintings in Irving 1086 Sometimes 1087 The Sound Circle, by Buchanan and LASR 1088 Outside on a bench by the Ladner Clock Tower 1089 The swing outside the chemistry building 1090 Geography Building lower level male washrooms 1091 Geography Building lower level men's washrooms 1092 I feel most happy when I'm by the fountain next to Sauder Building.  1093 Collegia 1094 Quiet library or somewhere with food (cafe) 1095 wreck beach 1096 I.K.B learning centre library in the morning time with a warm drink 1097 I feel most happy at the CSI+C in Brock Hall.  1098 law building 1099 Irving K learning centre 1100 library 1101 Wherever I'm with friends, the location isn't as important to me as the people around me.  1102 The Sub 1103 CIRS  at the main lecture hall! 1104 Rose Garden 1105 I feel most happy when I am in the SUB, in one of the couches facing the construction of the new pool and the bus loop. 1106 Koerner Library 1107 I feel most happy when I'm in the cafe inside the CIRS building, I forget the name. I enjoy the food, drink and ambience of the building & it is followed by Psych101, which I like. 1108 Museum of Anthropology 1109 fountain 1110 Japanese gardens 1111 Koerner 1112 Environmentally friendly environment  1113 The rose garden 1114 Near the community garden by thunderbird 1115 The rose garden 1116 Rose garden 1117 Buchanan gardens 1118 I would say it's at the library 1119 Birdcoop 1120 In the Pharmacy building 1121 In my midwifery classes 1122 The campus is really big and beautiful. For example, Irving. 1123 The small alcove next to the clock tower. It's a great place to think. 1124 Second floor in the sub when I am with my club 1125 The cliffs behind vanier(past the wooden fence) 1126 The grass patch in front of McMillan  1127 Japanese garden near the lake 1128 The rose garden and the museum of anthropology 1129 Koerner Library, Marine Drive Commonsblock 1130 In the summer I sat near the Ike barber library on the outdoor seats ( behind library). I enjoyed the quiet, green space and seeing different people.  1131 The Harry Potter riddington room 1132 In my room or at the REC (taking physical act. classes there) 1133 Sommerset studios 1134 Pacific spirit park  1135 Rose garden 1136 Bird coop 1137 Walter gage 1138 Rose garden 1139 Ubc bus loop 1140 Koerner 1141 Beatty biodiversity museum 1142 Eosc main building - the globe room beside the gift shop 1143 Great Dane coffee shop :) 1144 AHVA gallery 1145 Biodiversity centre -how cool 1146 The library 1147 In the library - Koerner library. Taking time to study in a quiet place and reflecting on a day's learning.  1148 Rose garden 1149 Library 1150 The aquatic centre The cliffs Niobe memorial 1151 Forest sciences centre 4th floor lunchroom 1152 Nitobe Garden 1153 Nobel dental sciences bldg 1154 Rose garden 1155 The parking lot on my way home 1156 Yup in a tree with nature and peace  1157 Totem park residence, forestry building, gage residence 1158 Grad student pub 1159 Forestry building 1160 Square in front of Woodward library(by king George statue) 1161 Asian centre 1162 At Irving k barber. 4th floor. Room in the corner. It's bright, has a lot of people but is still quiet enough 1163 Irving  1164 The sub with my friends 1165 My happy spot is the beautiful rose garden. 1166 Where the swings are 1167 Sprouts Cafe 1168 In Chelsea's arms 1169 Nitobe gardens 1170 My happy place is anywhere on Camus where I can't sit with my friends 1171 The rose garden 1172 Reboot Cafe 1173 In the corner of koerner library at the bottom floor alone 1174 Sauder study room 1175 Irving 1176 Anywhere with my friends 1177 collegia 2.0 1178 Sub lots of food! 1179 Triple OS  1180 I like the Beaty museum  1181 Right here and no 1182 Library 1183 Library 1184 My room with house music 1185 My res (totem park) 1186 Wreck beach stairs 1187 Sub and in front of bookstore  1188 Martha Piper Plaza Flag Pole Plaza 1189 Japanese gardens 1190 The cliffs 1191 The look out spot cliff thing that I go smoke weed at and some day there will be a very bad landslide, because there already has been land slides there. Yup 1192 Library 1193 Irving 4th floor book stacks, facing the the clock tower  1194 The double swing set 1195 By the bookstore, near to the piano. 1196 In the sub  1197 Sub upstairs lounge 1198 SUB 1199 The benches facing the water next to Cecile Green house behind the MOA 1200 Koerner study booth 1201 Irving 1202 Chapman learning commons 1203 The Walter C. Koerner Library   1204 I feel happy in the Italian Cafe in ponderosa (mercante) because it's so cozy and warm with the fireplace on, and it smells delicious like pizza :) 1205 In the school dorm where does not have competition  1206 My room 1207 Wreck beach 1208 Wreck beach on a beautiful day 1209 Wreck beach 1210 Sitting on the bean bags in front of the library. 1211 Ubc quidditich happening on Tuesday and Thursday 1212 UBC hospital cafeteria 1213 Rose garden 1214 Rose garden 1215 Rose garden 1216 The sub courtyard 1217 The rose garden 1218 Sub  1219 UBC Cliffs 1220 The rose garden 1221 Library  1222 Rose garden 1223 Irving k barber library 1224 Aquatic centre 1225 Saucer building  1226 In the sun!!! But not in the rain... So undercover glass??? 1227 Earth science building. It's a nice building and I get good wifi connection do to my homework  1228 Cpa hall in SAUDER 1229 Fourth floor tables in forestry  1230 Rose garden (with a doobie) 1231 Sitting on a bench anywhere on main mall under the sun when everything glows, just the diversity of people walk by 1232 I feel most happy at the tables outside the bookstore when the piano is playin  1233 Saucer 1234 Rose gardens 1235 Silent areas where I can study in peace 1236 Tower beach 1237 Everywhere 1238 Regent library 1239 Magma Cafe  1240 REC 1241 Seedlings 1242 Cliffs over looking the ocean 1243 Dorm room 1244 The pillows in front of Koerner library  1245 At the UBC Aquatic Center 1246 Parking lot 1247 In forestry building 1248 On the white cushions in front of koerner when it's sunny 1249 I feel most happy in the global lounge due to the comfy chairs and modern design. 1250 Bookstore 1251 Abdul ladha science building 1252 IKB in the main staircase area 1253 At the bus stop going home 1254 Parties or wherever I'm with my friends 1255 Keorner library 1256 Wreck beach 1257 Main mall 1258 Irving 1259 Irving 1260 In the 5th floor lounge in tec 1261 Cclocktower areaa 1262 Triple Os 1263 My sororities  chapter room in the Panhellenic building  1264 Rose garden and around the Canadian flag. 1265 Any food service place 1266 Sub 1267 Regent college. I find the peaceful and friendLY nature of the people happy inspiring  1268 The cliffs 1269 The Nitobe gardens 1270 Wreck beach very early in the morning when nobody else is there or nitobe garden  1271 The nitobe garden in the spring and/or when it's sunny! 1272 Koerner 1273 Sitting outside the I K Barber library, where I can simultaneously study, eat, enjoy the sun and people-watch! 1274 The geography geogarden 1275 Wreck beach 1276 The sub 1277 Basement of the sub 1278 Below the trees 1279 The Student Union Building 1280 Wreck beach, round the corner (towards the North) where there are fewer people. 1281 Beside the fountain. 1282 My body 1283 Aquatic centre  1284 Nitobe garden 1285 Rose Garden  1286 Irving K 1287 Dorm room 1288 Sleeping in the aquatic centre bleachers 1289 At Niobe garden where I can be at peace and in tune with nature and escape the chaos and stress of being a student. 1290 boulevard coffee house 1291 Main mall 1292 In bed (sleeping) 1293 A place I'm able to study with food and drinks. Social space with computer access. Accessible most times of the day, I.e. open hours.  Somewhere similar to the learning commons but with a cafe, or my commons block in halls 1294 With reduced prices in studying building restaurants 1295 Korners pub 1296 Swing on main mall, pop rocks on main mall, place Vanier dining hall, ubc farm and my office in CIRS Building 1297 Koerner library 1298 Main mall by the fountain 1299 I feel happiest in the library at Sauder. I'm a second year transfer who hasn't spent much time anywhere else so maybe if I explored more, I might have a different opinion. 1300 The fountain  1301 With my friends  1302 Where I'm surrounded by trees - behind Moa 1303 In the sub because I'm surrounded by food 1304 The library 1305 Wreck beach 1306 I really like the sub because it's a place that you feel you can find anything there. 1307 Wreck beach 1308 Library 1309 Sociology building 1310 Ubc learning commons 1311 At seedlings the little cafe in the graduate building or anywhere I can look out and see the mnts and ocean 1312 In the woods (pacific spirit park)/on wreck beach 1313 Kore dr library 1314 The deli 1315 Nitobe garden, the place near forestry 1316 Outside, near the rose garden. 1317 Nitobe 1318 The forestry building is the most happy place I feel on campus because the atmosphere of the building is really harmonic and peaceful. 1319 Tim Hortons near the sauder building 1320 In nature. Ie the beach, Japanese gardens, botanical gardens, spirit park 1321 Around the museum of anthropology  1322 Totem park residence 1323 Outside of the bookstore because it's where I usually find my friends and I can actually sit down to do things. 1324 Peters wall cappuccino machine 1325 Rose garden 1326 Library 1327 Triple o 1328 Forestry building  1329 Sanskrit classes are quite fun. Community activity and clubs are incredible. 1330 Rose garden :) 1331 The walkway down main mall, starting at the fountain due south 1332 Wreck Beach during the nights 1333 Deli in the Sub 1334 Wreck beach 1335 The environment is so natural and the campus is ecologically built  1336 Main mall; corner plaza 1337 The couch zone in sub upstairs Rose garden Nitobe garden Fountain area Boulevard Cafe 1338 Chapman Learning Commons 1339 Rose garden 1340 rose garden  1341 Male washroom in eosc building 1342 Seedlings 1343 While hanging out with friends at white spot or the sub. 1344 In the forest area between Nitobe garden and the Asian studies building. It's so peaceful and calm, it allows me to reflect on things and be alone. 1345 The view point above the rose garden. 1346 In bed; I like the comfort it gives me. 1347 By the big whit cushions outside Koerner library 1348 Ping pong table totem commonsblock 1349 Library 1350 Thunder bird stadium 1351 Rose garden 1352 Near any water fountain 1353 Irving K 1354 At the rose garden 1355 The rose garden, Japanese garden, just sitting down outside anywhere or on a bench when it is sunny and people watching  1356 Marine drive right before the chan centre, on my bike, just completed the hill and am finally on campus! 1357 CIRS Building 1358 MOA, Helen bel kin gallery 1359 When I am sitting on the second floor of Irving and studying with others. 1360 Tim Hortons 1361 Outside! Like outside Irving on a sunny day  1362 The garden near totem  1363 Near the music building 1364 Chemistry D317 1365 Japanese garden 1366 My room 1367 Ik barber 1368 Koerner plaza on benches facing IKBLC 1369 Stairs of wreck beach and walking behind the Asian library 1370 At wreck beach 1371 Behind the museum of anthropology. 1372 Museum of anthro 1373 The beach     1374 In Koerner Library and the area outside it 1375 Dorm living room in ritsumeikan house despite the insects 1376 In the CVC office 1377 Keorner library 1378 At the bus loop after work waiting to leave and go home.   1379 Pizza place sauder building  1380 The blue whale in the biodiversity museum!! 1381 Sauder ha098 1382 Agora Café, in MCML! 1383 My office 1384 Wreck beach along the Rockwall at sunrise 1385 With my friends 1386 Reboot Cafe by the CS building 1387 With my friends at Irving k barber 1388 Rose garden 1389 Crane Library 1390 Nitobe Gardens 1391 Botanical gardens 1392 Near nature. Rose garden 1393 Rose garden 1394 Rose garden on a sunny day 1395 The village, the IKB learning centre,and the floor lounges. 1396 Close to the water, on the beach or at least somewhere with a good view of it. 1397 Fountain  Landmark General Frequency Landmark Specific Reasons Frequency  SUB 132 Unspecified: 97, Ballroom: 3, Cafeteria: 4, Basement: 2, Club room: 2, Office: 3, Starbucks: 5, Pit Pub: 1, Sprouts: 3, Bike Kitchen: 1, Deli: 3, Subway: 1, 2nd floor: 1, Couches: 2, Main floor: 5, Rooms: 1      Irving 130 Unspecified: 67 , Victoria: 1, Chapman: 6, Staircase: 1, Ridington: 1112, Stacks: 4, 2nd:, 5, 3rd: 5, 4th: 12, Gateway: 1, Ike's: 1, Basement: 3, Classroom: 1      Rose Garden 116        Martha Piper Plaza 65        Beach 55 Unspecified Beach: 4, Cliffs: 13, Wreck Beach: 36, Tower Beach: 2 chain (Tim Hortons) 3 *note: does not include specified Tim Hortons Main Mall 44 Unspecified: 40, Bench: 2, Swings: 2      Koerner Library 37 Unspecified: 31, Basement: 5, Computer Lab: 1      Nitobe Garden 37        Totem 31 Unspecified: 10, Hemlesem: 3, Rits: 5, Dene: 2, Garden: 1, Shuswap: 1, QLXN: 3, Dining Hall: 2, Haida: 1, Kwakiutl: 2, Salish: 1       CIRS 28 Unspecified: 14, Lounge: 2, 1250: 8, Loop Cafe: 3, Office: 1 study space (comfy) 2   SRC 27 Unspecfied: 5, REC: 5, Birdcoop: 15, Office: 2      Ponderosa 26 Unspecified: 7, Mercante: 2, Collegia: 13, Maple: 3, Studio: 1      Village 24 Unspecified: 13, Starbucks: 5, Pita Pit: 1, Pearl Fever: 2, Booster Juice: 1, Basment Food Court: 2      Sauder 23 Unspecified:, 14, Library: 4, Tim Hortons: 3, Study room: 1, CPA Hall: 1      Vanier 23 Unspecified: 9, Commonsblock: 3, Ross: 2, Sherrwood-Lett: 2, Dining Hall: 4, Mawdsley: 1, TEC: 2      Forestry 22 Unspecified: 15, 4th floor: 3, Study area: 2, Starbucks: 1, Tim Hortons: 1      Buchanan 21 Unspecified: 10, Cafe: 2, A:3, B:2, D: 2, Tower: 1, Study space: 1 laundry room 1  Koerner Plaza 21 Unspecified: 15, Benches: 1, Bean Bags: 5      Aquatic Centre 18 Unspecified: 15 2nd floor: 1, Bleachers: 2 active (pool) 1  Panhellenic House 16 Unspecified: 6, Unspecified Frat: 1, Unspecified: Sorority: 1, Gamma: 4, Sigma: 2, Kappa: 1, Phi: 1      UBC Bookstore 16 Unspecified: 11, Starbucks: 5 empty classroom 1  Bus loop 15  ocean 1  Gage Residence 15 Unspecified: 12, South Tower: 1, Commons: 2      Marine Drive Residence 14 Unspecified: 8, 1: 1, 2: 1, 5: 1, Commonsblock: 3      Woodward 14 Unspecified: 5, Library: 8, 5: 1      Pacific Spirit Park 13        Clock Tower 12 Unspecified: 11, Alcove: 1 study space (light/view) 3  MOA (outside) 9        Allard Hall 8 Unspecified: 2, Law Library: 6 active (gym) 2  EOSC 8 Unspecified: 1, Washroom: 3, Globe room: 1, Glass walls: 1, Study lounge: 1, Cafe: 1 workspace 1  Marine Drive 8 Unspecified: 7, By Chan Centre: 1    Abdul Ladha 7 Unspecified: 5, 2nd floor: 1, Top floor: 1 active 1  Beatty Museum 7   comfort (bed/res/room) 59  Botanical Gardens 7 Unspecified: 6, Growth Forest: 1 food 9  Fairview 7 Unspecified: 5, The Beanery: 2    MOA 7      Seedlings 7      Triple Os 7      Buchanan (outside) 6   new buildings 1  Irving (outside) 6 Unspecified: 4, Swings: 1, Back: 1    Main Mall north 6 Near chem: 6    Neville Scarfe 6 Unspecified: 2, Library: 4    Varsity fields 6      Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre 5 Unspecified: 3, Gyms: 2 walk between classes 3  Flag Pole Plaza 5      Koerner's Pub 5      School of Music 5      The Boulevard 5   grassy area 3  War Memorial Gym 5     Buchanan court 4  nature/outdoors 24  ICICS 4 Unspecified: 1, Reboot Cafe: 3    Kenny 4 Unspecified: 3, 2007: 1    SUB (outside) 4      UBC Bookstore (outside) 4   faculty building 1  Wesbrook Village 4 Unspecified: 1, Menchies: 1, Yoga: 1, Mozart Music: 1    Brock Hall 3 Unspecified: 1, CSI: 1, Crane Library: 1    Chan Centre 3 Unspecified: 1, Auditorium: 1, Lobby: 1 social 3  Hennings 3 Unspecified: 1, Outside: 2    Life Sciences 3 Unspecified: 2, Atrium: 1    Osbourne building 3     Pharmacy Building 3 Unspecified: 2, Cafe: 1    Thunderbird Stadium 3      West Mall 3      Asian Centre 2   away (bus stop/parking lot/not on campus) 12  Audain Art Centre 2      Bean Around the World 2      Chemistry Building 2 D317: 1, Stained glass hallway: 1 study space (quiet) 7  EOSC court 2     ESB 2 Unspecified: 1, Cafe: 1    Gage Apartments 2 Unspecified: 1, Lobby: 1    Geography Building 2 Garden: 1, Washroom: 1    Great Dane 2     JBM 2 Unspecified: 1, Conference Rooms: 1    Kaiser Building 2     Kenny (outside) 2     MacMilan 2      MacMilan court 2 Unspecified: 1, Benches: 1    Regent College 2 Unspecified: 1, Library: 1    School of Music court 2 Unspecified: 1, Pitchfork: 1    Thunderbird Crescent plaza loop 2      UBC Farm 2     University Boulevard 2     Woodward (outside) 2      Acadia Park 1 Garden: 1    Aquatic Ecosystem Lab 1      BC Binning Studios 1  chain (Starbucks) 7 *note: does not include specified Starbucks Beatty Museum (outside) 1  education (class) 20  Biology Building 1   electricity 1  Centre for Brain Health 1  sleeping 1  Chancellor Place 1   social (friends) 27  Chaucer Hall 1     Dorothy Sommerset Studio 1  volunteer 1  Echo Circle 1  weather (sun) 5  Global Lounge 1       Greenwood Commons 1       Hampton Place 1     Hospital 1 Cafeteria: 1    Keats Hall 1     Leonard S. Klinck 1 462: 1    Longhouse 1     Macleod Building 1 319: 1    Main Mall south 1 Near engineering E: 1    Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery 1        Nobel Building 1       Peter Wall Institute 1     Regent College (outside) 1     Sociology Building 1     Stores Rd Annex 1     Swing Space 1     Tennis Centre 1      The Cheeze 1  study space 19  Theology Labyrinth 1      Thunderbird Residence 1     Thunderbird Residence Field 1     UBC Skatepark 1     University Boulevard river 1      University Boulevard west 1     Wesbrook Building 1      Wesbrook Mall 1      


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