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Sanctuary of Malophoros, also known as “Sanctuary of Demeter Malophoros” Minniti, Kate


The Sanctuary of Malophoros ('fruit-bearer') is an extraurban sanctuary dedicated to a fertility goddess usually identified with Demeter. It is situated on the Gaggera Hill, west of the Greek city of Selinunte in Sicily, and separated from the urban center by the Modione River. The sanctuary consisted of a large temenos whose access was a propylon flanked by a precinct dedicated to Hecate and a portico. Inside the sacred enclosure were a large altar, a stone channel with water flowing from a nearby spring, and the main temple of the goddess. The northern part of the temenos consisted of a field of stelae, an altar, a portico, and a temple dedicated to Zeus Meilichios, a chthonic form of the god.

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