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Empirical and Numerical Investigation on the Influence of Fluid Injection Volume and Rate on Induced… Amini, Afshin; Eberhardt, Erik; Rogers, Steve; Venables, Stuart; Gaucher, Michelle 2020

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1  Empirical and Numerical Investigation on the Influence of Fluid Injection 1 Volume and Rate on Induced Seismicity in the Montney Formation, 2 Northeastern British Columbia 3  4 Afshin Amini1*, Erik Eberhardt1, Steve Rogers2, Stuart Venables3, Michelle Gaucher3 5 1 Geological Engineering, Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, University of British 6 Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada 7 2 Golder Associates Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada  8 3 British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission, Victoria, BC, Canada   9 * Corresponding author: Afshin Amini ( 10  11 Key points: 12 1. Injection volume and rate are both statistically associated with induced seismicity in 13 Montney Formation. 14 2. Injection rate is only associated with induced seismicity for wells in the upper parts 15 of the Montney.  16 3. Injection volume is associated with induced seismicity for wells that targeted middle 17 parts of the Montney. 18  19  20  21 


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